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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:09/04/2012 08:02:04Copy HTML

Hi folks, 
Im looking to visit Cape Verde this December after being disaapointed with the weather in the Canaries. As many of you already know the Canaries is rather liberal with very lax attitude to thonging which is why it has been my winter go to gor the last three years.
Has anyone any experience of thonging in Cape Verde? Is it fairly uncommon, frowned upon etc?
I have heard that the beaches are stunning and you can walk for kilometres wthout meeting a single soul. Sounds ideal for thonging to me.....
Any info/experiences welcome.
Thanks, Zilla83
thonguk #1

Re:Cape Verde

Date Posted:02/23/2016 09:05:46Copy HTML

 Hi, are there any experiences from Cape Verde, I am heading to the Cape Verde island Sal later this year, I'm hoping it is ok to thong there.
Let me know how it was for you if you have been.
Nrstorm1980 #2

Re:Cape Verde

Date Posted:10/09/2016 07:32:03Copy HTML

 Hi I am off to Cape Verde next week (13th October) I will be wearing a thong on the beach at the Melia Dunas hotel by my research I don't think it will be a problem just keep a low (ish) profile. I won't worry as it is not illegal (from what I see) but if anyone has any experience with the island of Sal would be great to hear about
Thanks Nick
rled1982 #3

Re:Cape Verde

Date Posted:10/26/2016 07:53:53Copy HTML

Anything to report Nstorm1980? I'd be interested in hearing what it was like as I was thinking about it as a possible thonging destination.
danny108 #4

Re:Cape Verde

Date Posted:10/28/2016 10:43:02Copy HTML

 Would be also good to hear about this as I'm thinking of thong friendly places for 2017
Nrstorm1980 #5

Re:Cape Verde

Date Posted:10/31/2016 01:52:39Copy HTML

 Hi guys, was on the beach fine only man in a thong some women in thongs a few looks from people but hey. I would recommend the quiet part of santia Maria beach (up towards the building work and club RIU hotels) very quiet. Great for sunbathing not much else to do tho.
SkyFireGhost #6

Re:Cape Verde

Date Posted:11/01/2016 05:50:51Copy HTML

Nice to hear.We are planning to go in January to Boa Vista Club Hotel RIU Karamboa. Seem that it also is nice for kite surfing.
limetree #7

Re:Cape Verde

Date Posted:11/01/2016 11:19:36Copy HTML

We went to the Riu Karamboa hotel last January (a great place for a winter holiday, as the temperature is around 26 to 28 degrees).  I didn't see any thongs, but you would probably be ok if they were not too extreme.  Most of the people there were 50+, and bear in mind that this is a fairly conservative Catholic country, but bikinis for women were common, as were swim briefs for men.  The American influence of long shorts has not made a major impact here yet!
If you intend to wear a thong, you'd probably find that the beach rather than the pool area is a better place.  And the beach is superb - very long, with white sand.
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