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Date Posted:10/08/2007 01:05:10Copy HTML

Caspersen Beach is just south of Venice, FL. The southern part of it is friendly to thongers. I was there yesterday in a thong and there were about 30 others, most spread out widely. Most of the men were in thongs and a few women were present with thongs and some topless. There was no patrol during the approx 2 hours that I was there and I am told that this beach is an accepted, if little known thonging area.
okeemm #1

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:10/09/2007 08:56:18Copy HTML

I have been going here for years. Its my next best place to Fort De Soto

shs92645 #2

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:10/09/2007 07:49:37Copy HTML

This is why this board is so valuable....I've been in that area before but had never heard of Casperson Beach...looked it up and it looks like a nice beach...and now I know it can be added to the list of Florida places to wear my g-string!!
JM_Runs #3

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:10/10/2007 12:08:48Copy HTML

From the WEB:

Caspersen beach park is located about a quarter mile south of the Venice fishing pier on Harbor Drive, which is about a 5 minute drive from Venice Avenue. It is a very quiet beach and there are no houses or or other buildings located anywhere near the beach. Parking is free and there are clean public restrooms and water fountains. There is a boardwalk along the beach for a short distance and plenty of vegetation. At the south end of the boardwalk, the beach stretches as far as the eye can see. There are no homes or buildings to be seen. This beach is very quiet and rarely gets crowded.

Caspersen beach does have a lot of vegetation and woods above the beach, so on a still summer day, insects can sometimes be a problem. If you are visiting in the summer, bring your insect repellent AND sun block.

The sand is generally a light gray, with patches of nearly black sand near the water. This is caused by the presence of fossilized material mixed in with the sand and shell. This beach, along with most of the Venice beaches are great places to look for fossilized sharks teeth. The sand is quite soft, unlike the firmer, whiter beaches to the north on Siesta Key. The water tends not to be as clear here as on some beaches and it drops off a bit more quickly than most.

During the months of May through July, lots of sea turtles lay their eggs here. You can see the nests marked by wooden stakes and yellow tape, and sometimes covered by chicken wire to fend off the raccoons. You may even see the turtles tracks coming up out of the water, looking very much like a bulldozer track.

In the past there was some nudity on Caspersen beach, and more recently some problems, or perceved problems with gay crusing.  Thong responsably and don't bring a bad repute to the beach.  


qpro4inc #4

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:10/11/2007 08:37:23Copy HTML

Thanks JM_Runs. Excellent write up especially for us snowbirds.

I was there yesterday. There were a half dozen or so male thongers on a mostly deserted beach. Water was beyond incredible.

Do you know if Sarasota County considers female toplessness lewd or unlawful?
sarasotajt #5

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:10/12/2007 12:54:55Copy HTML

topless is illegal in public areas in Sarasota County. Beaches are considered public.

Caspersen beach is beautiful, though and has the appearance of an "unspoiled Florida" because the beachfront land is undeveloped.

I used to thong down there 2 or 3 times a year but haven't been in a while. As JM indicated, it has had a history of nude use and also a history of inappropriate sexual behavior. The City of Venice and Sarasota County continue to struggle with law enforcement issues there. Once while walking the shore in my thong I was followed by a guy up in the woods. It was creepy.

I would say go and enjoy it but stay out in the open and keep your thong on. And, ladies, keep your top nearby in case beach patrol approaches on a 4-wheeler.

thongingbill #6

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:10/19/2007 12:05:19Copy HTML

This is one of my favorite beaches in FL.  I have the opportunity to get there a couple times a year and I always enjoy my time there. 



qpro4inc #7

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/19/2008 11:55:02Copy HTML

 I am back in FL for the Winter and have been going to Caspersen beach several times a week. You have to walk south almost a mile to get away from the family portion. Once there, you will usually find a mostly empty beach where some of the small number of sun-bathers are thonging. There are beach walkers looking for shells or the preshistoric sharks teeth that caspersen is famous for.

Generally the beach is very cool and the visitors are content with whatever bathing attire they favor, from board shorts to g-strings. Generally the men outnumber the women by a large majority but there are some women in thongs and even topless. An occasional visitor challenges the authorities by going totally nude. Generally, no-one seems to care but a report of nudity to the Sarasota Sheriff's dept will generate a walking inspection of the beach. They don't harassas or even care about thongers.

There are a small number of gay men trolling by displaying themselves. Regulars just ignore them and they disappear into their holes. 

Sometimes people will arrive in boats and sun in the nude with a rapid exit to legally being nude in their boats.

Overall Caspersen is a quiet, sparsely occupied beach where thongers can sun, stroll the beach and bathe in peace.
qpro4inc #8

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/12/2008 12:26:27Copy HTML

Caspersen is still one of the best beaches in SW Florida. I have been going back a day or two a week since the weather turned in Feb. Once you go about half a mile south of the parking areas, the beach is mostly empty. You will see bathers spread out 50-100 yards apart. On a busy weekend, like today, there will be a few clusters of sunbathers but mostly singles. Some of the clusters are couples and some of the women are in thongs and topless. The singles are mostly men in thongs and a few daring ones are nude. There are walkers from the clothed section but no one seems to care what the clothing is or isn't.

I have seen sheriffs deputies walking and on mounted patrol twice in the last four months. They just ignore the thongers, like me.

All in all, it is a great, unspoiled beach. The regulars would like it go go totally nude but realize that this is not going to happen and settle for peaceful thonging.
barebunz #9

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/24/2008 01:36:34Copy HTML

I went to Casperson this morning and found my new favorite beach!  Unlike Turtle (or Apollo for that matter), the sand is firm enough to make the half mile walk to find the thongers fairly easy.  Once you get past the groups with beach umbrellas, bikinis are pretty much the largest suits on guys and you don't have to go very far before thongs are the norm.  Virtually no board shorts except as apparent coverups.

The gay "curiosity" was less subtle than I've seen at Apollo and I was certainly checked out by two or three, but with no reciprocal interest on my part, it faded quickly.

Loved the look of the place - palm woods right down to the sand and bright blue water that belonged in a painting.  The only drawback was that the water, while gorgeous, was not swimmer friendly with some pretty strong rip currents.

I'm uneasy thonging in public where I'm not sure how accepted it might be, but this place is very comfortable.
thongingbill #10

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/27/2008 10:20:58Copy HTML

Glad you found paradise, now don't tell anyone.  Just kidding.  How does this place copmare to Turtle Beach, do you like it better or worse, for thonging acceptance?

barebunz #11

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/28/2008 02:25:10Copy HTML

Bill,  I can't say I have a feel for Turtle beach one way or the other from personal experience as when I've been there I've been pretty much alone.  At Casperson, once you  leave the family area, pretty much anything is okay.  And even when the families wander down the beach looking for teeth, they don't seem to care.  I'm definitely more comfortable there, but maybe that's more me than the beach.

And don't worry - mum's the word.
bigbuzz #12

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/01/2008 12:15:32Copy HTML

We are thinking of heading down there one day this weekend.  We normally go to FOrt Desoto but were looking for a little change in scenery and also figured we could do a little shark toothing. Wife is curious if she can go topless like at Fort D. Being cautious and respectful of those with kids and the ones that look like prudes. I will be thonging for sure. Is it hard to get a parking spot after noon time?  Appears we need to walk down about 1/2 mile to a mile to get to the thongers. Is this true? Guess we just walk until we find thongs and a topless woman and realize we are close to where we need to be. Any input would be appreciated.
qpro4inc #13

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/01/2008 11:50:45Copy HTML

One of Caspersen's claims to fame is that it has good shark toothing. In fact, the sign at the entrance features a shark tooth. Caspersen other unique feature is its pristine wildness. There are few people there even on the weekends. Compare to Sandy Hook, NJ where there are thousands. There is NO development on the spit of land that comprises the beach and wildlife is plentiful, including tortoses, ospreys, great blue heron and assorted shore birds.

Contrary to another poster's comments about rip tides, I have found the swimming great there. Note that there have been a series of rip tides along the Sarasota/Naples coast because of recent weather patterns.

Sarasota county prohibits female toplessness. However, it seems to be common. Or, at least as common as a practically empty beach allows. Be aware that the county sheriff's department patrols occasionally both on foot and on 4 wheel ATV's. They ignore the thongers. I don't know what they do about toplessness. Local lore has it that they patrol when someone reports full nudity although that is seen there also.

Most people on the beach are in thongs or g's. Some topless. Rarely fully nude. Because of its shark toothing and shelling there are many walkers from the more clothed sections. In my experience, aside from a few glances, they pay practically no attention to the thongers. Most thongers are friendly and commonly wave to each other as they walk the beach or look for their own special sunning spot.

All in all it is a sparsely occupied, unspoiled beach that is the best I have found in SW Florida.
swflaguy #14

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/02/2008 11:38:06Copy HTML

 I've been just north of the thong area and the beaches are very nice. I hope to make it up during the week soon and will be glad to give a trip report. I enjoy wearing as little as possible at the beach so it's always nice to find a place where you're not a spectical. From past experience at nude beaches I recommend having a pair of binnoculars handy so you can keep an eye on what/who's coming down the beach. If you are nude and 'textile' folks are coming is best stay on your towel, cover up and not be walking around looking to upset someone.
swflaguy #15

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/14/2008 02:19:30Copy HTML

 Ok, the wife and I went to Casperson today. It was very quiet - not many people around...but mostly men. I saw 4 women down past marker 36 around the boardwalk steps sitting in the shade of the umbrellas and a tree. Other than that only men in thongs or gstrings. I wore a black micro thong and the wife wore a turquoise bikini. We found a bunch of shark teeth. The surf was huge...3 and 4 foot waves crashing the beach and the under tow was very powerful. Great day, got a nice amount of sun on my toosh. Those we saw walking were very friendly with big smiles. Ran into a guy from Polland who asked where I was from and was surprised I was from America. He said Americans all wear shorts down to their needs....mine didn't even cover my butt. I couldn't help but notice people ( mostly women ) were very friendly to me. All in all it was a great way to spend my birthday. When I got home I got a new Ovation Balladeer and we went out for a fabulous sushi/shashimi feast. The saki was great. It's been a good day.
Ex_Member #16

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/14/2008 12:53:20Copy HTML

What a great way to celebrate your birthday -- on the beach in a thong with your wife.  Congrats on a day well spent.  Gets me thinking my big day in early November (my 65 is just as significant as your 60, I think) ought to be spent somewhere warmer than Connecticut.  Bermuda comes to mind.  If I buy the trip, maybe my wife will buy the dinner -- we have our favorite restaurant there for celebrations like this, Waterlot Inn, a grand watering hole dating from 1670.  And their Rusty Nails pack a good punch, too.  Thanks for the idea, Swflaguy!  Got to get busy planning.
bigbuzz #17

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:09/03/2008 06:48:26Copy HTML

Anything change or is it still okay to wear thongs? Appears the south end is where to enjoy more freedom. Can someone help us out here.
swflaguy #18

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:09/03/2008 07:06:35Copy HTML

 There was no problem on my last visit there in August.
barebunz #19

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:09/04/2008 03:23:16Copy HTML

 Nor was there any problem on my last visit there - this morning.

It's Wednesday so there were fewer than 100 people spread up and down the beach and all were pretty much doing whatever they came for, shelling, sunning, even a couple of skinnydippers.  I was also there Monday and folks seemed a little more inhibited, more by the crowd than any official presence.  But the uninhibited still had no problems.
Ex_Member #20

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:10/02/2008 12:08:08Copy HTML

 any recent reports from this beach i'm definatly going to check it out
Bruce42 #21

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/14/2008 04:33:52Copy HTML

Went to Casperson Beach yesterday afternoon and was there from about 1 to 4PM.  The weather was great and the walk down to the thonging area was easy as there were probably only 150 people on the entire beach, mostly clustered near the parking area.  There was one couple just beyond the family area who were thonging and she was topless and they employed a screen fence to achieve some privacy.  They were up near the trees but still relatively close to the parking area.   Going south from there the beach was sparsely populated.  At about a 15 minutes walk down the beach, the population clearly became entirely thong wearers or naked men.  I did not see any women except for some older women shark tooth hunting while walking and one family about three quarters of a mile down the beach.  In all I'd say that there were about ten thongers and three nudes.  Very peaceful.  Very pleasant.  Quite comfortable.
Ex_Member #22

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/14/2008 06:05:55Copy HTML

Bruce, sounds a lot like my favorite beach, East Beach in Charlestown, RI.  In season, of course!  Get away from the parking lot/life guard area and you can pretty much do your own thing, as there's lots of space and folks are pretty tolerant.  Nude is not allowed, so that's taking a risk, though weekdays late in the season even that is often manageable without offending anyone.  I like to get there early, find an open spot, strip to my string and enjoy the whole day sunning and swimming.  Others who set up nearby later presumably have no problem with my attire.  I'm comfortable and never hassled, and it feels good to be among regular folks, rather than all men, only thongers.  Simply more natural that way.  Thanks for the report on Caspersen -- I hope we can get there sometime when we're in Florida.  
Ex_Member #23

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:12/05/2008 10:19:20Copy HTML

 i had a excellent time thonging at this beach even got my picture taken by a few girls
qpro4inc #24

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:12/11/2008 12:50:42Copy HTML

 I was at Caspersen today as the temp was over 80 and sunny. One of the few times I have seen the Sheriff's people actually haul someone off the beach. There were 20-30 people in the thonging section until the word got out about the sheriff. Suddenly, I was almost alone on the beach! I had walked it earlier wearing a string and had seen what I believed to be a deputy on over watch. He did not bother me. Shortly thereafter, a man came by and warned everybody that the deputies were on the move.

Later when they marched the miscreant off the beach they came right in front of me still in my string. They completely ignored me. A few people came back and I talked to some of them. It seems that the unwritten rules are thongs and strings are OK. Completely bare is forbidden but most of the time you will get a tongue lashing and told to dress. Exceptions for women. The unwritten rule for women seems to be that anything, (or is it nothing?) goes. In most cases the patrol is called out because someone complains about a naked man.

Most of us regulars believe that men can be naked if you are not plainly trolling or grossly exhibitionist, whatever that means. But don't parade down the beach, just go from your towel to the water and no one will bother you.

So, visitors to Caspersen, keep your privates covered and keep the beach for thonging. It is one of the few unspoiled, undeveloped beaches in the US that allows, by unwritten rule, thonging. Granted, we should have a few clothing optional public beaches on the Florida West Coast but a little bit is better than nothing!

Happy thonging.
Bruce42 #25

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:12/11/2008 01:57:42Copy HTML

I was at Casperson yesterday too, and you are right it was a great beach day.  With the warm weather, the beach was much more active than usual, both in good ways and not so good ways.

As a frequent visitor to Casperson, I recognized the guy that got escorted off the beach by the deputies. I arrived shortly before the arrest occurred and was walking to the south when I saw the deputies prepare to take action against the offending man.  They seemed to know exactly WHO they were looking for and crouched behind some bushes waiting for activity by which to act.  As I walked closer and closer down the beach, the gentlemen slowly pulled his suit down to his ankles and then off while laying face up on his towel.  He was away from the water up by the trees.  There were almost no other people around as I walked along the shore past this man.   I was not able to warn him since the deputies could see me clearly and I did not want to interfere in a police action.  I also wasn't sure that I wanted to warn him.

I did a little research on the county website and it appears that they booked him for Disorderly Conduct (so at least it's not a sex crime requiring registration).  I won't mention his name, but I recognized him as someone who frequents the beach, and is not a thonger.  In my humble opinion, and unlike other nude sunbathers that I've encountered, his behavior is creepy.  Hopefully with this situation he will not return and give the beach a bad name.

I sincerely hope that the authorities view these incidents as random and not requiring any organized action, because clearly there are few unspoiled beaches that allow personal freedoms like Casperson Beach.  Let's keep the conduct clean and unoffending so we can continue to enjoy these freedoms!

JM_Runs #26

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:12/11/2008 04:29:01Copy HTML

Thanks Bruce42 for the first person report. 

I think this clarifies things for people.  I too hope that such stakeouts will not be a regular feature at any beach, but was just in response to someone who pushed the limit too far by going nude.

You said he frequents the beach but is not a thonger, maybe he will now become one, and learn to keep his thong on.

I echo your last line "[B]Let's keep the conduct clean and un-offending so we can continue to enjoy these freedoms![/B]"

Modern police reports are all geo-coded so that they know where incidents took place.  From this they can produce maps of the city showing where the crime was that month.  To help them analize this data most modern crime mapping software has a report that produceds a neat map that shows not only the total amount of incidents in a zone, but also the change compared to past periods. 

So from our point of vew, as users of the beach where normaly nothing of intrest to the police happens, it does not take but one or two incidents in what is normally quiet zone for it to be falged as a sugnificant percentage increase, and someone to then say, "Do we have a problem there?" and "What can we do about it?" 

Some systems even have fun analysis tools that identify relationships and clustering. If there are a number of incidents clustered at a paticular mall or traffic junction the force can respond by putting on extra coverage, until the location returns to normal leveles.  The unfortunate side affect of assinging more attention to something is that it initialy boots the police reports in that location becuase of the extra scruteny. This tends to cause a feedback loop until the problem is fully cured.

This is why, in a somewhat delicate situation, you don't want people starting the snowball rolling becuse that can cause an avalanch of police attention.   Bruce42  is right "[B]Let's keep the conduct clean and un-offending so we can continue to enjoy these freedoms![/B]"


bigbuzz #27

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:12/12/2008 07:25:54Copy HTML

We have a friend that I saw yesterday but lives in Venice. He told me the police ride motorcycles down Casperson Beach once or twice a day. We never saw them when we were there. Never saw ant tracks either. But it sounds to me as if they were looking for this one person if they staked him out and waited.

Bruce- Were there any topless women down on the beach when you were there? Sounds as if the cops got a call or swa a certain vehicle or something. It just appears this was a rare case as our frined has said he has seen the cops let many a people get dressed ad just give them a warning.
qpro4inc #28

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:12/12/2008 07:33:38Copy HTML

Have been to Casperson many times and have seen a mounted patrol only once. It was a pair of four wheel dune buggys. Foot patrols are only occasional.

I was on the beach at the time the sherrif's deputies picked up the man. They marched him right in front of me, emptying the beach! I saw only one woman in the area and she wore a thong and a top.

Bruce42 #29

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:12/12/2008 07:51:29Copy HTML


There were no topless women before or after the event that I saw.  There were other men in thongs, but not as many as usual.  As I arrived, several were walking north, which was away from the eventual police action zone.  I thought that was  a little odd since the weather was so nice, but once the events went down it all made a little more sense.

About an hour afterwards there were two more naked men in the same area.  One was extremely discrete and ,in a brief discussion I had with him, mentioned that he is there rather often in a thong.  I mentioned the earlier bust and he commented, "You can't do anything any more."  The other person was far less discrete as he strolled down the beach in a shirt with no pants for a few hundred yards and then retreated to the woods.  That also seems to be pattern amongst some of those who prefer to dare to offend - quick exposure and then retreat to hiding somewhere.

The weather is supposed to be warmer again next week, so I'll probably be there again next Tuesday and/or Wednesday to see how things are going to once again enjoy the feeling of the sun on my thong clad body.

Bruce42 #30

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:01/15/2009 03:38:25Copy HTML

Since my last post on Caspersen Beach a month ago, the weather has been quite nice in SW Florida,  with lots of beach going days available.  However, I've had to travel quite a bit and haven't been at Caspersen much during that time.  Kind of bums me out that I've missed some great weather, and now it's gotten quite cool.

Anyway, I have been to the beach about five or six times at various times of the day in the last month and walked the full length of the beach.  I have to say that, at least when I've been there, there have been very few thongers around.  Usually no more than two or three the whole length of the beach.

There was one windy day where I walked the length of the nature path down to the South Venice Beach boat ramp and didn't see a soul.  It was early afternoon and about 75 degrees, but not very sunny.  When I emerged onto the beach at the farthest southern end (just north of the flagpole at the dune walkover for the boat ramp), there was asbolutely no one around, as far as I could see in all directions.

Despite my comments in earlier posts about remaining in a thong so as to keep thonging legal, I couldn't help but feel that I had just landed on a deserted beach.  So despite my usual feelings about such activity, I dropped my thong and proceeded to walk north.  I walked nearly the entire length of the beach (nearly two miles) before I could see some people coming to the beach from the parking lot.   At this point I discretely put my towel down, put my thong back on and laid down on my towel.   I started reading and waited for the people to pass by.  They didn't seem to mind or notice me one it.  Once they were well past, I stood back up and walked in my thong all the way to the end of the beach.  I put my cover shorts back on before entering the parking lot. 

In all, despite being nude for a large part of the walk, it was rather discreet.  I know I wasn't bothering anyone, nor being offensive to anyone, since no one was present.  And it was rather nice to walk along the beach, and despite the clouds, get a little sun on the untanned parts of my thong line.

This feels like a confession, and I doubt I'll ever really have this chance again since I haven't seen this each completely empty with reasonably good weather before.  But I think it was nice that I had the opportunity this one time and I'm grateful that I took it.
Ex_Member #31

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:01/16/2009 04:08:18Copy HTML

Bruce42, your experience is similar to the ones I've enjoyed at my favorite RI beach on rare occasions, usually late in the season on a weekday.  Sometimes it's a buff run at water's edge, puncuated by a skinny dip or two, other times just walking, or sunning.  Like you, I'm very concerned about being discreet, but I don't feel I'm confessing anything.  IMHO, my behavior is normal, natural and healthy, and I don't worry that people know about it.  My two guiding principles are don't offend people and don't get in trouble -- respect their sensitivities and protect myself.  Just as you did, when people approach, I put on my suit, however brief, for it's simply impolite to get in their faces with my nudity if it's a venue where that is not the accepted practice.  I go bare because it feels good and it's not hurting anybody.  I'm glad to hear Caspersen is worth a stop when we're in Florida next.  A true clothing optional beach is even better, of course, like on St. Bart's -- offence and trouble just not issues, relax and enjoy, it's the normal, natural, healthy, accepted custom.  And the folks are good looking, both clothed and unclothed.  Can't wait to get back.  You'd love it, ever been?       
Bruce42 #32

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:01/16/2009 01:33:23Copy HTML


The reason I mentioned that I felt that I was confessing was underscored by a JM_Runs post later in the day.  He said that he's a little touchy about extreme behavior (see through suits for instance) causing the loss of rights for thonging.

With everything that's going on at Fort DeSoto/Pinellas, and an earlier post that I made against going nude on a thong-friendly beach, I still feel that I've been a little hypocritical.  I realize that I did no harm and happy for the opportunity, so I'm not wracked with guilt, but maybe a little more self aware and seeing more gray in what was previously a black/white issue for me.

Haven't been to St Barts yet.  I did just get back from the Turks and Caicos.  It was wonderful, but on Grace Bay I did not see a single thong.  Renting a car got us to some secluded coves for nude sunbathing, but that's another story.  I'm just starting to get into the nude part and suppose the swimwear trend for me has been from shorts to bikini style to thong to nude whenever possible.   Of course, at home, I do my best to sunbathe nude in the pool (discretely when the neighborhood is quiet.
Bruce42 #33

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/11/2009 03:40:30Copy HTML

Wow, can't believe that I've been away from the board for a such a long time -- I think it's been a couple of months.

Anyway, I was thinking about spending some time at Casperson in the coming week since the weather is going to be nice.  I'm going to enjoy sunning my buns.

By the way, I checked into the Sarasota county website for police activity and noticed that there was an arrest on Monday (3/9/08) at 4:06PM of a retired 64 year old man for indecent exposure (exposure of sexual organs). 

Was anyone on this board there to witness this?  Was this a citation of a thonger?  What has been the mood of the beach lately?

I'll report back after I go there tomorrow or Friday.

Bruce42 #34

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/16/2009 12:42:29Copy HTML

Another arrest for indecent exposure on Friday around 230PM.   Seems like there is a concerted effort by the police lately.
JM_Runs #35

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/16/2009 01:53:36Copy HTML

Does anyone know the detailes of the arrests for indecent exposure ? 
I assume this was for people going nude and not in thongs.
Bruce42 #36

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/08/2009 07:54:19Copy HTML

Made it out to Casperson yesterday for the first time in about a month.  Wow, what difference a month makes.  The water has gone from 71 to 80 degrees.  The air temp in the afternoon is the upper 80's, and the sun is very strong.  At the same time, the beach going population has plummeted.  I was there from about 1pm to 430pm and saw many fewer people at all areas of the beach.  The nature trail was deserted.  The thonging area only had about five or six guys in it and maybe twenty people walked through the area the entire time.  Even the parking lots were quite deserted.  I guess the snowbirds have gone away.
In general, just about everyone was friendly and said hi as they were walking by.  Although it seems that there is still a fair amount of leering that happens from a  few people, which can become a little annoying when they just stop and stare, it's still a VERY comfortable and accepting place to thong.
I hope more of you FLA West Coasters can make it out there.
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Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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Looking for information regardin g the status of Casperson for day trip from Pinellas County.  Seems like an easy trip for a day of sunning and exploration.  Interested in thonging/g-strings friendliness and new place for shelling and different atmosphere. 
Will be much appreciated. 
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Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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 About 120mi round trip from the bayway. We have thonged there many times but Siesta key is closer and much preferred and just as thong friendly even though more beachgoers.  Casperson has a reputation for shark's teeth in the sand.
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Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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Thank you for the information.  Will weight them up.  Close to the Bayway myself.  Figured roughly 140 so not so far off.  Yes, heard shelling good, including shark teeth.  Black sand at coast line from fossil remains. 
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Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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I'd say it's pretty much an hour each way from the Bayway, which makes it an easy trip. 
These days the beach is pretty empty during the week, with not more than a couple to five thongers on any given day.  There are still lots of sharks teeth, especially at low tide.  Unlike Siesta, there aren't many amenities and are no lifeguards. It is however, virtually untouched by development and really feels like you are far away from civilization.   I like the relaxed attitude.
The north end of the beach has seen a lot of erosion over the last six months and the city has closed off some of the north beath boardwalks.  If you're thonging though, you'll probably head south away from the families and kids who are typically at the north end of the beach anyway.
The sea turtles have been very busy nesting this year and many nests have been marked with yellow posts and covered with mesh cages to protect the eggs.  I've seen a few of the nests washed out, which is sad, but there are still very many nests all along the shore.
I highly recommend Casperson for its unspoiled pristine condition, laid back attitude and fossilized shark tooth hunting.
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Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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I suppose I am becoming an ambassador for this beach at this point.   Here is an excerpt from The Observer on the 20 Best Deserted Beaches in the world, which listed Casperson as #6 in the world:

The Americas & The Caribbean 6 Casperson Beach
Sarasota, Florida Windswept, untouched and covered in shells - and a few pre-historic sharks' teeth - Casperson Beach on the Gulf Island of Sarasota, off Florida's west coast feels like it's a million miles away from the region's theme-parks and shopping malls. A nature trail leads from the beach to freshwater and saltwater marshes, mangrove swamps and tidal flats. Sarasota has plenty of theatres, museums and nature parks too. Details from Sarasota and Florida's Gulf Island tourism (020 7681 6275; www.sarasotaandfloridasgulfislands.co.uk). Flights to Tampa with United Airlines from Heathrow cost from £440 at Flight Centre (0870 499 0040). Seven nights at the Inn at the Beach (00 1 800 255 8471; www.innatthebeach.com) cost from £484 for a double.

If you'd like to read the entire article, it's here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2006/may/07/restandrelaxation.observerescapesection
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Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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  Just a bit of negative-I occasionally see bits of black stuff on the beach which look to me like coal. I believe the black sand is really just the remainder of an old coaling station. My ligtht green swimsuit quickly became dark on this beach.
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Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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I'm sorry to hear that your swimsuit was darkened by some unknown dark substance.  I've seen no reference to an old coaling station in the area, and it would surprise me if one did exist at some point.  There isn't much need to coal-fired heating in this part of Florida.
Usually the sand is darkened by ground-up fossilized sharks teeth, which are typically black, by the way.  It's just like black sand in Hawaii.  I've worn white swimsuits which return to white after a quick jump into the water.  Perhaps you encountered some other substance that washed ashore from boaters or commercial shipping.  If so, you can be sure that it's gone by now.
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Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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 No-It's all over Casperson. The coal was for the old Steamboats or just being transferred onshore.
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Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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 I should say the coal black and steamboats theory is my opinion from observations while tanning at the beach and a lot of time on my hands also  while tanning, not any hard historic information-sorry if I misled anyone.
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Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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Hey guys: beachfolks and Bruce42, thanks for the information.  Sure got a lot more than I need.  Will soon be going down there and testing the waters so to speak.  Appreciate it immensely.  Got plenty -  and -  I had heard that ground fossil theory before I asked for some assistance -- must have read it somewhere. 
Will give Siesta Key a go on another try.  No doubt run into you all in the process.  Be the new guy on the block. 
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Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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Hello everyone...New to the group.   For the last two Sundays the wife and I paddled our kayaks down to the shores of Caspersen and we really enjoyed ourselves down there.

Last week the wife got brave enough to go topless at our towel. This week she even walked down and got in the water topless.

As for me, she will be ordering a thong for me.  I can' wait :). Just wish I had the body of my youth, Oh well.  

We have lived in Venice for 6 years now and really love the place and I think the weekends will be great no that we are going to Caspersen.
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Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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 Welcome to the board Zaully - I've been to Caspersen several times and enjoy it more each time. Hope to make it this weekend.
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Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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Spent the afternoon at Casperson.  Just saw one other thong, but then I didn't go very far down the beach and it was Monday.  Zaully, you've probably noticed that one of the nice things about Casperson is there's no pressure to be a youthful Adonis.  I know that's not really necessary other places as long as you're presentable, but Casperson is so sparse I'm most comfortable there at my current weight.

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Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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Just got back from Caspersen. It is a terrific beach. But a word of CAUTION is in order. If you're a younger male in decent shape and are NOT gay... You will probably leave horrified... as I did. "Gay cruising" is relentless and down-right disgusting. Last few times, these guys would NOT take a hint nor a polite "leave me alone". But today was just sick. While I was in the water, a guy comes out of the bushes and begins... ummm... pleasuring himself onto my towel. I started yelling at him and he just kept going. Utterly REPULSIVE.

So now I'm thinking that I need to bing a female with me next time I go. May be that will make it obvious enough. Any lady-thongers in Sarasota area? I need protection :)
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