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Chrish217 #451

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/24/2018 11:13:37Copy HTML

 Red tide update?
nudude2000 #452

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:10/22/2018 11:06:41Copy HTML

No red tide smell or dead fish on Saturday
sunup #453

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/04/2018 10:36:24Copy HTML

Spent a few days this past week at Caspersons. The red tide was not as bad as Ft. Desoto, I was there on Oct 29 and there were several dead fish, but the rangers were taking care of the problem. At Caspersons. there were no dead fish, but there was an odor which resulted in a cough or sneeze every now and then. On Wed., the gulf was crystal clear but the other days it was sort of murky. Lots of sun with a good east breeze which bought a few flies. There were very few walkers and several thongers and a few in the nude. Saw a few ladies topless looking for shells or teeth. Planning to spend a few more days there this week.
orlcpl #454

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/07/2018 11:25:59Copy HTML

Went by today, it smelled pretty bad. Dead fish every 6 feet. I didn't see anyone really in bikinis not to mention thongs or topless. Hopefully it goes away (again) soon
sunup #455

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/10/2018 11:36:47Copy HTML

The red tide seemed worse this week compared to last. I saw more dead fish, the smell was more intense, and the water actually had that tint of red. Today there were a few walkers mainly from the ferry, and a few thongers, a far cry from the normal Sat. crowd. Maybe next week will show improvement with the cooler weather forecast. One benefit of this mess is the fact that I can easily find a parking spot near the showers.
941forfun #456

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:01/05/2019 10:17:49Copy HTML

Looking for a thong friends at caspersen Sunday
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