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JM_Runs #51

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/22/2009 06:44:48Copy HTML

Having once been a young man in a town that has lots of gay men I can attest to how offensive and off putting some of the inappropriate advances are towards young men.  I have noticed that the level and intensity of such advances are significantly less now that I am middle aged. I can fully understand how you would be horrified at such behavior. 

Folks, this is why we have to personally tell such offenders that their behavior is outrageous.  We must tell them a beach, even if it is nude friendly,  is not an excuse for approaching and embarrassing other people.  Tell them to leave and if they ever come back we will be looking to get a photograph of them and file a police report.

It's a real problem when one person can so ruin the beach experience of another that they feel they will not return unless they have someone with them for protection.  

Next time this happens whip out your camera and take a couple of photos of the offender.  Even if your phone does not have a camera, pretend it does. Then call the police telling them in a lowed voice the description of the perp. 

Don't let these jerks run you off the beach, run them out of the county instead !!
barebunz #52

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/22/2009 07:20:44Copy HTML

Airstuff, sorry to hear about your morning.  I was there, too, but fortunately missed that guy. On my visits so far, I've been obviously scouted a couple of times, but my lack of interest (probably combined with my lack of youth and conditioning) has seemed enough for them to move on.  
I do wonder if he might have been reported, as a little before noon a 'black helicopter' - perhaps cops, I couldn't be sure - made a run along the beach.  Like Ft. Desoto, this is too great a beach to let a few weirdos ruin it.  
I liked JM suggestion about the camera, too.
Ex_Member #53

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/22/2009 10:20:54Copy HTML

Maybe you saw an abandoned beach towel. I wouldn't even pick it up. I left it there :)

As far as "protection"... I'm a former bodybuilder (retired 2 years) but still maintain my conditioning... NO problem taking care of myself. What I meant - half joking - was that the first time I was there, I met a woman (I'm new to the area) and while hanging out with her, noone came even close. It was each time that I went by myself that "cruising" abound. The only thing I'm looking for is to get a full body tan. That's it. And honestly... even though I fully support the naturist lifestyle... I'd prefer not to be around naked dudes :)

You know... I'll bet that's a pickup line a woman hasn't heard before and it just might score points for originality (or get me slapped REALLY hard): "Hi... You want to go thongin' some time?" :)

I'm going to post in the other section and see if I can get someone to go with me. Maybe if the "regulars" see me with a woman a few times, I'll have peace next time I go alone. Thank you for the support. Pretty cool people here. I've read a lot of the threads.
bigbuzz #54

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/22/2009 10:41:10Copy HTML

Slingshot and marbles. Works every time. Those new air pistols that shoot the rubber bb's look to much like a real gun. Tag them with a small white marble from a slingshot and it won't take long before you will be left alone. Hell I stopped two from having sex in the water at Fort Desoto and they went by the rangers office leaving. They reported me as a bully that hated gays.  I told the ranger it was anybody having any type of sex on the beach and yes I would say something to them.  If a guy was playing with himself on my towel it would have been me, him, and law enforcement. They could test the towel and prove it was not me.
Ex_Member #55

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/22/2009 10:51:01Copy HTML

Hmmm... Slingshot... marbles... a camera from the earlier suggestion... How big do you people think my thong is?
bigbuzz #56

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/22/2009 11:37:19Copy HTML

Don't need to hit the thong with the marble. It will hurt anywhere it hits. But I feel you have the right to do that if someone is obviously playing with themselves looking at you or around your stuff. You are really being raped in someones mind.  Would you fight your way out of being raped?

Now if you are talking about where to keep the stuff. Keep it in your bag you bring out. I am sure you carry some type of bag with water, sunscreen, a towel.
Ex_Member #57

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/23/2009 12:18:17Copy HTML

Whoa, dude... I thought you were kidding. Nahhh... I'd rather chalk it up to "not my kind of place" and find a more suitable one. It just seems ludicrous to me to come live in the "sunshine state" with hundreds of miles of beaches and have to go to a tanning salon to get a full body tan. I'm sure there are plenty of people who've had more pleasant experiences there than I did.
JM_Runs #58

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/23/2009 12:31:20Copy HTML

Marbles could take an eye out or even kill someone, remember David and Goliath..
Use words and cameras, not projectiles !  They probably fear going to jail again more than anything else.

If you did hit someone or even attempt to hit someone with a projectile you would face fairly serious charges of assault with a weapon and it would not matter what they were doing, you would be on your way down town for sure.

On the other hand you may want to look into some of the squirt guns that shoot anoying but harmless water.
It would still be considered assault but honestly I don't think they would arrest you if you used a super-soaker.
Bruce42 #59

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/06/2009 01:41:45Copy HTML

I made a couple of trips to Casperson over the last few days and I'd like to report that I saw no evidence of any cruising or inappropriate behavior, in fact, quite the opposite.

My wife and I went on Saturday and spent the better part of the middle of the day enjoying the clear water and calm seas.  We saw probably the most thongs ever.  There were several couples relaxing in thongs, guys walking the length of the beach in thongs and even some boaters who pulled up to the shore in minimal swimwear.   It really was pleasant and everyone seemed to be minding their own business.  Perhaps it was just too busy for the miscreants to be there.

I also went by myself on Tuesday afternoon and the beach was quite deserted.  I did encounter a few people in thongs, and one woman topless sunbathing beyond the public beach (she was camped out on private beach of a house that was clearly closed up and shuttered for the season).  There were some storms threatening in the late afternoon, but they never made to the beach, although the proximity of the thunder and storm clouds may have frightened many people off of the beach.   By four pm the beach was mostly deserted with only a couple of casual strollers walking the beach.  The only people that emerged from the woods in the thonging area for te entire time I was there was a couple - she had on a small bikini and he wore board shorts.  They jumped into the water and hung around for a bit and then retreated to the woods.  Didn't see them again after that.

Oh, and the fossilized shark teeth were abundant.  I came home with quite a few nice sizedmspecimens of a variety of different shark teeth.  Overall, both trips were highly enjoyable and my tan lines are well established.

It's sad to hear that others have had some bad experiences at this beach.   In my experience, because of it's seclusion and unspoiled state (there's NO trash and the beach is NOT groomed), it's a great place.  Hopefully the oddballs will be staying away.
zaully #60

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/06/2009 04:04:00Copy HTML

Well the wife and I mostly go on Sat and Sun. Allthough there may be some people of the alternative lifestyle people we have had no proplems what so ever.... We walk down on Sat. and kayak on Sun. Always have had a nice visit down there, people always wave and smile or look straight ahead and keep walking...

always looking forward to the weekend!!!

zaully #61

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/06/2009 08:55:35Copy HTML

Oh.. and let me add that we are not bias against anyone for any reason.... unless your evil...lol

SunBoy #62

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/07/2009 03:31:22Copy HTML

I was out there for the 1st time yesterday. I also didn't see any inappropriate behavior. I was down at the end for the most part of the afternoon and didn't hardly see anyone. Maybe a dozen people after you get pass the familes. It's a perfect place for relaxing and seclusion. I will go back again. One word of note. The sand is very HOT the farther you are from the shore.

swflaguy #63

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/14/2009 11:35:34Copy HTML

 Wife and I were at Caspersen Thursday the 13th ...my annual trek there on my birthday....I'm now 61 thank you and still thonging strong in my Joe Snyder Rio. The weather was great and we found 58 shark's teeth. My goal was for 61 shark teeth but the thought of a pitcher of cold beer back at Sharkey's was more impelling than my desire to find 3 more teeth. There were a few people out - we saw one couple - guy was wearing a g-string and looked great - his wife was in a nice bikini but no thong. They waved and smiled as we walked by - looked like a nice couple. My wife is not a thonger but enjoys going to the beach with and I appreciate the company. There were maybe 6 or 8 single guys out thonging, didn't see anything at all that seemed inappropriate.
orlcpl #64

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/23/2009 12:35:40Copy HTML

I will be here Thursday if any one can join me, otherwise I might try Lido
Ex_Member #65

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:09/23/2009 11:17:18Copy HTML

I went to Caspersen on a weekday after an afternoon thunderstorm passed through.  I was the first one back on the beach.  Walked down near the end in a thong.  Managed to catch a quick skinny dip before any one else was close.  Covered up (in a thong) and walked farther south.  A few guys were hanging around the trails close to the parking lot, but nothing overtly creepy.
Bruce42 #66

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:09/24/2009 12:11:25Copy HTML

I was at Casperson yesterday morning.  The weather was great, and the water was warm, calm and clear.  Lots of shark teeth at low tide and not a whole lot of people.  I'd guess that there were eight or so people in thongs relaxing and enjoying the beach.  I left around noon, and there were still more people coming to the beach so I'm sure it got a little more busy during the afternoon.  I didn't notice any creepy behavior at all.   Overall, it was very pleasant clean and wholesome.  I highly recommend the tranquility and natural beauty of this area.
I'll be back there next Wednesday too and I'll post a report afterwards. 
Bruce42 #67

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:10/15/2009 11:47:07Copy HTML

Made another visit to Casperson yesterday afternoon as I had some appointments nearby that made it convenient to end my day at the beach.  As luck would have it a small patch of rain was slowly moving on shore at Casperson as I arrived around 2PM.  I checked my iphone for the radar and it showed that it would pass, so I continued on down the beach to hopefully catch some sun on my buns.  The beach was pretty deserted but I could see a few people in the distance, so I knew that I wouldn't be alone.  Around 230PM the rain was getting a little heavier so I followed a shaded path in the wooded section to take advantage of the dryness in the shadow of the palm trees. After the rain passed, I walked all the way down to the South Venice boardwalk and didn't see a single person in a thong.  In fact, I only saw three other people and they weren't wearing anything (and were up at the edge of the woods). 
So I can say that yesterday afternoon, for the first time, I was the only person at Casperson in a thong, and quite frankly I was the most clothed!
Bruce42 #68

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:10/22/2009 08:44:22Copy HTML

Today was a really nice day at the beach.  It's just starting to get a little more crowded during the week, but I'm not sure if it's because the weather is perfect (85 and sunny) and the water is too, or if it's the snow birds that are starting to come back.  The street I live on is certainly more populated as the northerners arrive for the winter here is Florida. 

Anyway as soon as I walked a little beyond the family area I encountered a young couple. She was in a micro g and he was in board shorts.  Go figure!  I walked a little farther down and encountered a middle aged couple and again, the women was wearing the micro bikini and had a rocking hot body.  Her man was also wearing a tiny g.  I walked all the way down to South Venice Ferry boardwalk and virtually everyone was wearing a thong or g string.  It was awesome.  I didn't see any indication of any unacceptable behavior and most people were quite friendly as I and they were walking up and down the beach.   I really love days like today!

I've also noticed that the beach is once again getting larger.  The winter storms really took a toll on the width of the beach all the way up to the beginning of summer,  but today at low tide, the beach had to be 30 to 50 yards wider than in June.  It's good to see the Gulf redeposited sand without the need for a renourishment project. 

Again, I really recommend the beach for a calm, relatively unpopulated and friendly beach for thonging.

Regards and Happy Thonging!
thongingbill #69

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:02/03/2010 08:09:55Copy HTML

Anyone been recently?  I'm feeling the need for a visit.
beachboy39 #70

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/10/2010 11:21:53Copy HTML

 We were there my wife and I Feb 15 2010, windy cold but we walked 2 miles plus. Can not really say until warmer winds blow. I beach with one of the cops and loves going there, dudes it's about money and tickets. He said it should be ok for thonging, Florida Law states no private parts or sexual acts. We'll be going there with see through suits.  
JM_Runs #71

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/10/2010 11:50:48Copy HTML

See through suits are not legal under Florida law, except on legally nude beaches when you don't need them anyway.

If you don't want tan lines wear a small thong, maybe even micro thong, but not see through thong. Wearing a see through thong will get you arrested just as if you were nude.  Even if you are not arrested other people observing a see through suit may think badly of thongers as just sexual exhibitionists.

If you wear an obviously see through thong you stand to get arrested, or at the very least bringing thonging into disrepute.

There are some excellent thongs with fully opaque coverage, (not see through), with very narrow straps that can give you just as much sun exposure for the rest of your body with out burning your privates.

It is better that you wear a thong in which you can fearlessly walk past the rangers and cops without worry, rather than something see through which leads you to turning away or scurrying for cover when a person of athority comes by. 

Even if you don't get arrested on the day, ranger incident reports reports and complaints from the general public may filter back, which may start the wheels of government to turn.  While you may not be arrested on the spot, you may end up ruining a good beach for the rest of us.

There have been problems and incidents at this beach, which in some cases lead to arrests, hence the ranger patrols popping up to checkup on people.  Therefore time to play it cool and safe.

Knowing that this beach has a history, and that we want to keep it as a good beach for thong wearers, Please be a good ambassador for the thong wearing public and don't wear obviously see through thongs on a beach where nudity is not allowed.
beachboy39 #72

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/11/2010 12:25:14Copy HTML

OK OK OK, It is not a see through big mesh, it is a pattern tan through material that you can not see private parts, so it would comply with Florida Law and common sense. I understand your compassion.
JM_Runs #73

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/11/2010 04:15:30Copy HTML

 Good ! 
Tan through and not see through should work just fine.
JM_Runs #74

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/13/2010 08:54:20Copy HTML

I went to Caspersen late Wednesday afternoon.  Unfortunately, it had cooled off from the mid 80's to mid 70's by the time I got there.

Most of the beach is now covered with darker sand.  The sand has eroded almost to the tree line in the middle section.

There wasn't much activity at the south end and no other thongers.
orlcpl #75

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:04/01/2010 01:01:42Copy HTML

I am thinking about going tomorrow early afternoon, but I am leaning towards Lido a bit too.
JM_Runs #76

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:04/03/2010 12:44:06Copy HTML

I went to Caspersen this afternoon.  Today it stayed warm all day.

All of the sand that was missing in March has returned.  I don't know if it was an extremely high tide the day I was there or what.

There were a only a few other thongers that I saw.
largermike #77

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:04/10/2010 02:38:12Copy HTML

Going tomorrow.  Can't wait.  Hope to see some women there.  Anyone one else?
gooddayman #78

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/02/2010 01:11:23Copy HTML

I was told by the Venice police dept. that thongs(t-backs) are not legal in Venice and that all the beaches are in Venice. Thus, I assumed that they are not legal on Caspersan. Is Caspersan not under Venice laws? Or do they not inforce it there?
hidrive #79

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/05/2010 08:50:51Copy HTML

I sure would like to hear that clarified.  Is Casperson a Venice city beach or is it a Sarasota County beach?  If it is a county beach, then thongs are probably legal. But don't take my word for it.

Based on earlier posts, it sounds like there is a lot of thonging going on at the south end.

Would like to hear from some who have been there recently.
sarasotajt #80

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/05/2010 09:31:47Copy HTML

 I suspect Caspersen falls into the same category as Lido beach. Both are physically located within municipalities (Venice and Sarasota respectively), but are maintained by the County because these parks serve regional populations. Officially, exposing the anal cleft is illegal on Lido but I've never seen it enforced. The City of Venice Code of Ordinance has similar language (www.municode.com) defining exposure of the anal cleft as "nudity" which is of course prohibited. So yea, it seems the only legally safe beaches are those on Siesta Key.
hidrive #81

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/19/2010 05:19:50Copy HTML

I had a little time to kill late yesterday afternoon (very little) and so walked way south on Casperson.  It was like about 5:30 and very few people out which is no surprise since it was so late.  Saw two thongers.  So I am thinking if there are two that late, there must have been more earlier.  On the other hand, maybe not because there are so few comments on this board.  Sure would like to get  some updates.
srqthong #82

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/20/2010 05:30:25Copy HTML

The south end of Caspersen is probably the most liberal place in Sarasota County for thonging. On the week-end you will find 2-3 couples and half a dozen single males. I'm pretty sure Caspersen is a county park and not part of the city of Venice. For myself, Caspersen and south Turtle Beach (Palmer Park) on Siesta are the best places for minimul thongs in the area.
sarasotajt #83

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/20/2010 10:04:13Copy HTML

 I looked at a map posted at the City of Venice, FL website today. You are right. Caspersen Beach is outside city limits so County law (which allows thongs) prevails there. The boundary is along the south side of the airport and extends out to the Gulf, so beaches further north - including Brohard (dog beach), the Pier, and Venice Beach are all within the municipal boundary so the ordinance banning thongs applies there.
So, walk south, not north from the Caspersen Beach parking lot...
beachfolks #84

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/20/2010 10:36:12Copy HTML

 We've thonged many times at Casperson. Casperson is a long narrow beach with trees on the land side. Just behind the trees at Casperson there are trails with easy access to the beach at any location. We have seen the sheriffs patrol these trails and understand they are quick to pick up nudes.
owh7153 #85

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:06/27/2010 02:35:00Copy HTML

Casperson is a thonger's paradise.  People readily accept thongers who generally walk south along the beach away from the beach ramps, parking and families.  I've seen Europeans use the beach topless and with thongs even close to the family areas during the winter months.  There is a standard gay contingent but they tend to be pretty benign.  Saturdays and Sundays usually sport families and groups in thongs and sometimes topless.  This is my favorite beach.  I rate it high for comfortable, fun, quiet, great fossil hunting and often very good snorkeling.  Bring lots of water and an umbrella.
beachfolks #86

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:06/27/2010 02:46:13Copy HTML

owh-Don't forget the bug repellant. We're not so content with the dark sand, black lumps in the sand, lots of beachwalkers etc. but  have never been bothered by anyone, so can't complain. It's not our favorite.
largermike #87

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:06/27/2010 11:01:36Copy HTML

I see topless and even nude women their all the time.  I think as long as people respect each other, then nobody has a problem.  I recommend it highly.
owh7153 #88

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:06/28/2010 09:55:40Copy HTML

I'm looking forward to visiting this week.  The dark sand is a lot hot on the feet this time of year so foot thongs are necessary, too.  The fossil hunters (shark teeth) do wander up and down the beach quite a bit so walk by traffic some days can be persistent.  Generally that doesn't affect the thonging experience.  I'm not sure what the reference to black lumps are but there are a number of black rocks which are generally fossils.  I regularly pick up fossilized turtle and tortoise shell, dugong rib bones and fossilized teeth from a variety of animals.  I've even found a fossilized whale vertebrae as well as lots of fossilized shark teeth.  Fossil hunting is a great excuse to use the rotisserie method (walking up and down the beach) of tanning.  Tan your back by laying in the surf zone with a mask and snorkel looking for teeth.  Since I love amateur paleontology this beach gives me something to do while thonging.  Trunks would be aweful since they'd fill with sand and shells.
beachfolks #89

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:06/28/2010 09:14:43Copy HTML

 The lumps do not seem to have any structure, sort of greasy black substance, my guess is remnants of  a former shore coaling station.
owh7153 #90

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:06/29/2010 06:10:38Copy HTML

A blacktop road used to run the length of the beach and much of it got eroded 30 or more years ago.  Would they be chunks of old blacktop?  I have found pieces of that around there.  I recall some info being posted on this board about speculation of a coaling station.  If I can get past my pneumonia I'll check it out when I'm there this week.  Time for some sun (although 60% chance of rain).
beachfolks #91

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:06/29/2010 08:28:01Copy HTML

 Yes, since you mention it they are likely blacktop, but most chunks are pretty small now-1/4 in or so. Shows how the salt and sun can deteriorate any mixture of oil and sand like the oil spill may become.
owh7153 #92

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/01/2010 08:21:03Copy HTML

I went to Casperson yesterday, Wednesday.  I arrived about 10:00 AM.  The bulk of the people on the beach were the turtle watchers who mark the nests (and there seems to be a bumper crop of nests!).  They were on their way off the beach when I arrived and after my typical 1 mile walk south I set up camp in a favorite spot and, with the exception of 4 or 5 other thongers over a 1/4 mile area had the beach to myself.  The waves were spot on for body surfing.  Maybe one passer-by per hour and once the clouds rolled in after 1:00 they went home, too.  Inspiring day until a cloud burst hit.  No lightning fortunately.  The rain rinses off the salt water and is not pleasantly warm.  I take a large beach umbrella so I hid out under that.  Clothes, books and towels were dry in g-bags but it was still a very humid walk out.  Found only one shark tooth but it was a beaut.  Contemplating another trip next week or getting up the courage to kayak out to Shell Key at the Fort.
owh7153 #93

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/15/2010 07:12:14Copy HTML

Twice more to Casperson.  One Wednesday and again last Saturday with my wife.  Saturday saw a substantial crowd of thongers as is usual.  One drunk guy showed up and was parading up and down the beach nude.  One of the thongers told him in no uncertain terms to leave.  He moved south down the beach but apparently was aggrivating enough to get a complaint filed and a sheriff showed up with binoculars about 5 PM.  I didn't see anyone hauled off but wish they'd taken that guy away.  Otherwise it was an absolutely perfect day and the shark teeth were in abundance.
briankay #94

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/15/2010 08:47:35Copy HTML

"Yes, since you mention it they are likely blacktop, but most chunks are pretty small now-1/4 in or so. Shows how the salt and sun can deteriorate any mixture of oil and sand like the oil spill may become."

If you don't mind waiting 30 years. 
orlcpl #95

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/17/2010 07:17:29Copy HTML

We drove out there today but it might have been too early, left around 2 and only saw a few other couples.  It has been a long time since we visited this beach but always enjoy it.  We might try again tomorrow.  If any of the couples that were out there today are on this board, you both looked great in your thongs.  Men and Women.
orlcpl #96

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/19/2010 12:56:02Copy HTML

Another beautiful thonging day out there today about 4 or 5 couples and maybe 5 single (perhaps gay) men as well.  One stunning lady in a yellow thong sitting with 2 guys really caught my eye.  Perfection!
JM_Runs #97

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:09/12/2010 01:10:23Copy HTML

Went out on Labor Day evening.  An approaching thunderstorm chased off most of the people.  I hadn't planned on being down there so I had nothing appropriate (thong, swimsuit, etc.) with me to wear.  Once I passed the few remaining people about 1/4 of the way down, I dropped my shorts and walked to near the south end in the nude.  This was very liberating.  I took a short swim in the water and began to walk back.  It was very pleasant to air dry before putting clothes back on.  Somehow the rain held off and there were a few minutes of sunset to watch.  I put my shorts back on for the walk to the parking lot.  I didn't see anyone in thongs.
venicefl #98

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:09/18/2010 03:26:25Copy HTML

Can anyone tell me what happens if i keep walking south down the beach.  Do you end up at Englewood beach?.  I've only ever walked down so far.

orlcpl #99

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:09/23/2010 07:16:04Copy HTML

was there today before the rain, nice topless german girl right by ramp---nobody told her anything. I enjoyed the view.  No thongs today
Bruce42 #100

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:09/24/2010 12:39:14Copy HTML

If you keep walking down the beach you will get to see many great residences along Manasota Key.  All three Englewood beaches will be encountered and you can keep going all the way to Stump Pass Beach State Park.  On one occasion, I've run from Middle Beach to the ramp at Casperson and then back.   That was a very tiring run!
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