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sarasotajt #101

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/02/2010 01:46:05Copy HTML


"Unwanted beach nudity"
Regarding Caspersen Beach:When I first moved to Venice over a year ago, I was so thrilled to find such a unique and beautiful beach. Almost daily, I would walk as far south as my legs would carry me, and I would just feel so blessed and at ease as I returned home. Often, I would tell my family, "I can't wait for you to see this beach."Well, a few months ago, I was startled to see a completely nude man lying on a towel right where I was walking along the water. (I hear from other locals that this has been ongoing for years.) Shortly after that it seemed that one after another there were men with thongs on -- bare bottoms everywhere.Now I've been around the world and know this is common in certain countries, private beaches and resorts. I'm even an artist who has many times had nudes as models. This has never bothered me. But, recently, there was not only the nude man again and the thong wearers, but a topless girl.Who is checking our "family" beaches here? Is public nudity now politically correct in Venice? Can I ever bring my family or grandchildren there again without them getting an education in anatomy, etc. that they don't need as children?I hope others who are offended by this will write. The rest, well, you've made your point!
Mary Groves - Venice


"Bare minority in control"
Regarding the Monday letter on nudity at Caspersen Beach:I, too, am disappointed. I went to Caspersen Beach for the first time about a week ago, because I had heard so much about its beauty. Instead, I found a plethora of middle-aged men in jockstraps ( who do they think they're impressing?).Rather than enjoying the beach, I spent my energies on averting my eyes and apologizing to my visitors. When we left, I remarked to my husband that this was a beach we were going to have to avoid, especially when our grandchildren visit. What a pity that a minority of exhibitionists can ruin it for the rest of us. Perhaps, for the sake of tolerance, a small portion of a more remote beach could be set aside for those who feel the need to expose themselves, with signs, of course, to warn the rest of us.
Kathleen Catrini - Venice

"Don't remark on nudity"
To the letter writer bemoaning a few thongs and a topless lady on Caspersen Beach:I submit that if she takes her grandchildren to that area and does not comment on those free spirits, her grands will not even notice or react.
M. Inge Johnstone - Punta Gorda

My thoughts:
It is noteworthy that both of the negative letters are from relatively recent newcomers to the area. Odds are they are midwesterners, though there is nothing in their letters specifically suggesting where they are from.
Still, it emphasizes how men must adhere to the law regarding nudity and coverage. It also suggests that gathering in groups of male thongers, whether it is at Caspersen or North Lido, or at Ft. Desoto Park, is doing ourselves a disservice. Dispersing ourselves throughout the beach crowds, wearing suits with full front coverage, and staying out of the dunes (unless it is windy) will help us. Essentially, behave normally while sunning your buns.
JM_Runs #102

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/02/2010 03:34:57Copy HTML

I agree that the letter writers appear to be newcomers.  I think that, along with the traditional tolerance of nudity and near nudity should be stressed.  When you move to a more liberal place you are likely to meet all sorts of people, including liberals.

It is a good idea to respond when you see this sort of thing. Write letters and have others write too. Letters to the editor should show support for tolerance.  Stress that the beach is for locals, not to impress your visitors.  Stress things like the traditional usage and that people have been wearing thongs and going topless for many years. You may say that it is not a problem and locals hardly notice. The answer that if you don't draw attention to it your grand kids won't be concerned is excellent. 

One of the reasons we live in Florida and not in Utah, Texas or Ohio is because we don't all share the same political or social values and want to live in a comunity where diversity of thought and action is not stifled.  Not based on the opinion of some grandmother from another state who wants to tell us how we should dress.

The appeals to "what will the children think" or "what will out of state visitors think" is just an attempt to push the emotional buttons.  Push back a bit.  Make your case for traditional use, long time locals not harming anyone. Make your case publicly, politely and in writing.

The suggestion to spread out and mingle in with the regular beach goers is eclent. Staying out of the dunes and not being restricted to one zone  helps too.
DoreFan #103

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/02/2010 05:31:59Copy HTML

 It's frightening that people can get so upset just because of human anatomy. Get over it, it's just a butt and boobs. Everyone's got them.

owh7153 #104

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/03/2010 11:03:55Copy HTML

Although this argument has been attempted before...

Florida has 1,197 miles of coast line, 663 miles of beach.  About 70 to 80 million people visit Florida from all over the world a year and haul along about 55-60 billion dollars to spend (StateofFlorida.com) on tourism. 

I wish I could get absolute facts on this but I'd heard that about 400,000 visits come to Pasco County nudist resorts in a year.  That would translate to over 30 million dollars in tourism revenue.  Statewide even more and finally there is a substantial population of nudists in the state as well. 

Yet less than one mile of beach is designated for nude use in the entire state and that's in the far south of the state (Haulover).  There are other national beaches where nudists are marginally tolerated but not truly "legal" by all federal, state and county entities.  By rights nudists should have at least 7 miles distributed around the state. (yeah, there's some moderately fancy math in the background).

The judgemental and intolerant have 99.999% of all the state's beaches and 99.9992% of the total shoreline and they still aren't satisfied, even if it is a detriment to a major portion of their economy.

I've been visiting Casperson for 30 years in the "thong" section and visits by children 1.25 miles from the public beach access is so very rare as to be unmentionable in the first place.  So, (sarcasm slathered on) definitely prohibit nude or partially nude use to a sizeable group of people....JUST IN CASE a kid wants to trod across that part of the beach.  Kids live in our Pasco nudist resorts and go to our public schools.  They're not only not affected by nudity but are soooooo much more tolerant of people regardless of how they look.  They don't have to surf the web to find out how the other gender (or their gender for that matter) looks.  Way more wholesome.  Too bad these people have to display their ignorance and intolerance so publicly. 
rickvt #105

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/11/2010 01:23:07Copy HTML

Another news item on Caspersen...


FlaGuy #106

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/14/2010 10:57:31Copy HTML

I would like to add a bit of info about this Elsa lady who is creating a big stir at Caspersen Beach. According to this news video, http://www.wtsp.com/video/default.aspx?bctid=672461184001, I recognize her as my friend and I saw her one day walking up to a guy laying on his towel. The guy did not have his bathing suit on but completely covered his private with some sort of towel or shirt. We couldn't see his private part during the hour we were there. Anyways, she walked up to him saying something like he can't be laying naked on the beach and he told her he was not naked and he was covered. After a few minutes, she splashed her bottle of water on him but he didn't do anything. Then, she harassed him by taking his cover off and threw it in the water! At this point, we saw him looked at us in shock. Just to show you this lady is not very nice and may harass you even when you are covered. She should be the one being reported by harassing people and now from the video, she's trashing the parking lot with flyer on cars.
JM_Runs #107

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/15/2010 01:22:27Copy HTML

Oh the contreversy if only they would just be happy thongin. Its not right for her to do what she is accused of but it might be a good idea for people who do go this wonderful beach that you just cant be naked. There are ofcourse more peacefull ways to get her point accross.
sailor250 #108

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/15/2010 02:39:36Copy HTML

Pulling clothes off someone after throwing water on them is assault and battery.  I hope someone gets her on video doing something like that! She may not be happy but that's ridiculous.  I do hope they fine her for littering the parking lot.
bigbuzz #109

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/15/2010 11:05:02Copy HTML

It only takes one or two freaks to ruin it for everybody. Here comes a lady that believes she has the right to tell everybody else what to do.  I guess it should be her dictatorship controlling the beach. There is no reason in the world she cannot walk the other way down the beach with her family. She is just pissed because she probably caught her husband looking at a topless lady. Wonder what she would do if the land was sold to a developer that made it a private beach for his development.  They should get her for littering, soliciting without a license, and harrassment.  If you see her out there just start holding up your cell phones like you are taping her. She will get scared then to do anything stupid.
bigbuzz #110

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/17/2010 09:52:43Copy HTML

They arrested 6 people on Tuesday for being naked on the beach. They had undercover officers on the beach.
Here is the article.

sarasotajt #111

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/18/2010 12:46:46Copy HTML

 Well, that was predictable. A citizen causes a stir in the local papers and the authorities step up enforcement. People shouldn't be going nude there. Wear thongs and stay out on the open beach away from the dunes, trees, etc.  The Bay News 9 article clearly states that sex was involved with at least two of these six. This adds ammunition to the battle being fought by the lady to clear the beach of nudists.

sailor250 #112

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/18/2010 02:30:57Copy HTML

And more than being naked!

Sarasota sheriff's deputies arrested six men, who they say were looking for more than fresh air at Caspersen Beach Park, south of Venice, reports WTSP News in Tampa Bay.The men's ages: 81, 76, 75, 64, 62 and 37.Some suspects reportedly propositioned an undercover deputy for oral sex. And here is the DUH excuse of the day: According to reports, one suspect repeatedly touched the undercover officer's genitals and after his arrest, told the deputy "I didn't touch you, I fell," reports WTSP News.Sarasota sheriff's investigators say they conducted the sting after complaints of sexual activity just off the wooded trails in the public park
FlaGuy #113

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/18/2010 06:41:36Copy HTML

There is a difference between people fighting for a legal nude beach and people going to public places seeking for sex. There is nothing wrong with having a designated nude area at Caspersen Beach for those who likes to enjoy simple nude tanning and such. Simple nudity is not vulgar, indecent, lewd, or lascivious according to Suncoast Naturist definition of the nudity law. People going to Caspersen Beach for sex SHOULD be arrested. People going to ANY public places for sex SHOULD be arrested too. These recent arrests has nothing to do with catching someone laying out on the beach simply nude close to or far away from the families enjoying a day at the beach. These recent arrests are from people hiding in the wooded trails or other part of the beach where most people do not go.
sarasotajt #114

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:11/18/2010 09:39:51Copy HTML

 We are generally in agreement, but let me explain my stance.
The reason I have the opinion that people should not go nude at Caspersen is because even simple nudity for sunbathing purposes is presently against the law. People doing this is stirring up public angst and could result in a county-wide ban on T-back swimwear simply because many folks consider them to be indecent exposure even though we on this message board emphasize the distinction. Such is the case in Manatee County, Flagler County and others. Locally it already exists within the city limits of Sarasota and Venice municipalities. I don't want the intolerance of T-back swimwear to spread!
Haulover is arguably a successful nude beach because it is in a public location. Sure, dunes and plantings separate the beach from the roadway and parking lot, but nothing separates the nude beach from the textile beaches to the north and south except a couple of signs. Also, the dunes are fenced and posted with "keep out of the sea oats" signs to keep people out of them. Haulover has lifeguards and is routinely patrolled by law enforcement on horseback and the local clothing-optional beach activists. They squelch illegal activity before it can become a big problem. Heck, the park improvements made a couple of years ago even added a shower area on the beach side of the dunes so you can now walk to it and rinse off without first putting on your swimsuit.

Such a situation does not exist at Caspersen, North Lido, nor really at the "thonger area" of Ft. Desoto Park. These areas of coastline are too far removed from surveillance and law enforcement and have too many dunes, nature trails, and other hiding areas where documented illicit and illegal activities occur.

A better location for a Gulf Coast clothing optional beach would be north of the parking lot at Caspersen Beach Park, between Caspersen and Brohard Beach dog park. The reason is because there are few areas to hide and it could be readily patrolled by law enforcement, making it safe for tourists and locals seeking a legitimate c/o beach experience without the problem of illicit activities. Unfortunately, this segment of beach I believe is within the Venice municipality where even thongs are in violation of city ordinance.

orlcpl #115

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:02/15/2011 07:58:53Copy HTML

Tomorrow I will be out there during the afternoon, its too nice not to be working on my tan.  Anyone been out lately?
mack_back #116

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:02/16/2011 01:55:39Copy HTML

Just came from a bit north of Siesta Key beach from my vacation found it bit cool with the temperatures in the 70's.
Found the sand pretty cool even when the sun was shinning i don't ever think i worked up a sweat. Didn't see anyone wear less then dork shorts out on the shoreline as i walked along.
I was only guy in a speedo type swimwear. Had some couple comment to one another that, i was already burned and how stupid people are..etc.. Can't understand why people even care when your trying to get a tan always trying to make some sort of comment..
On my last day on the beach with the dense fog in the morning i felt looking over the gulf with the wind blowing with nobody around only the seagulls looking over the water and hard waves rolling in was like the ending of the movie Point Break. "Just waiting for my set come in...
orlcpl #117

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:02/17/2011 01:49:33Copy HTML

nothing great today - never saw so many old people on the beach at once - it was like they were giving away bingo cards.
mrbunz #118

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:02/17/2011 03:46:21Copy HTML

 Are thongs still okay there. What about that lady who was stirring up trouble recently?
sarasotajt #119

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:02/18/2011 09:01:08Copy HTML

 Yesterday I took my dog to Brohard Park dog beach which is just a couple hundred feet north of Caspersen. I walked to the southern edge of the dog area and spread my towel up near the dune line. I laid out in my thong for almost 3 hours and walked my dog down to the water once. I did endure some ridiculing remarks from two school-aged boys walking down the beach. I just ignored them. That was the only negative comment.  I saw no other thongers, but there were a few young ladies wearing average to skimpy bikini bottoms. One girl was wearing one of those swim bikinis styled to look like lace panties with the elastic gathers up the tush giving her a really sexy look. I think other folks were talking about her suit; one boy mistakenly though she was wearing underwear.
Excellent beach day with the canines!
hidrive #120

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:02/23/2011 07:11:07Copy HTML

That brings back pleasant memories from a very long time ago...longer than I like to admit.  I remember sitting on the sand at Lido Beach and seeing young girls...looked like high school age...wearing thongs that were very frilly and had a almost gauze like piece of cloth attached to the vertical string in the back.  They were definitely thongs and very feminine and sexy.  They were common back then...almost like a fad at that time.  Haven't seen them since.
JM_Runs #121

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/03/2011 01:44:35Copy HTML

 Hello, new to this site and thonging but really enjoying the freedom. I was at Lido lastweek and am now looking to go to a place that I can thong freely and rent a little place for 2 nights this weekend. Im coming from Tampa so I would like to stay on West Coast. I would like a little night life as well, any suggestions?
beachfolks #122

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/03/2011 05:35:14Copy HTML

 Any of the travel motels are OK, Suggest Fort DeSoto for thonging. Go north of the Fort, park along the roadway and walk to the beach. Walk farther north along the beach for tiny suits.

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/10/2011 12:54:23Copy HTML

Candid thong
sarasotajt #124

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/23/2011 01:21:22Copy HTML

 Conduct yourselves in a manner in keeping with the law folks. This is why we must behave appropriately and wear opaque swimwear that meets the coverage requirements of local ordinances.
There was a sting on homosexual activity at Caspersen Beach park recently.

I'm not saying that those arrested were thong wearers; only that we must set a good example in our behavior.
orlcpl #125

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/23/2011 03:24:57Copy HTML

Thanks I was actually planning a trip there in an hour, i will drive to Lido instead
orlcpl #126

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/23/2011 07:30:30Copy HTML

i feel like that was a waste - we really need a better place to thong in the sarasota area.
qpro4inc #127

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:04/11/2011 11:18:21Copy HTML

Went to Caspersen Saturday. Weather was perfect. Water was 75 and a little cloudy. There were two couple and 3 or 4 single men thonging. There was one couple where the male half wore dork shorts and the female switched between a bikini, topless and nude. No beach patrol.

Low traffic of walkers men in dork shorts women mostly in dork shorts and halters or tank suits with dork shorts. On the main part of the beach most men in dork shorts and a lot of women in the skimpiest of bikinis. Strange.
qpro4inc #128

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:04/11/2011 11:18:37Copy HTML

Went to Caspersen Saturday. Weather was perfect. Water was 75 and a little cloudy. There were two couple and 3 or 4 single men thonging. There was one couple where the male half wore dork shorts and the female switched between a bikini, topless and nude. No beach patrol.

Low traffic of walkers men in dork shorts women mostly in dork shorts and halters or tank suits with dork shorts. On the main part of the beach most men in dork shorts and a lot of women in the skimpiest of bikinis. Strange.
lindros #129

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/14/2011 03:15:39Copy HTML

Can anyone provide directions on where to park for Caspersen Beach?

Do I drive in from the north, park on Harbor Drive, and then walk south?

Or do I drive in from the south, park on Manasota Key road, and then walk north to Caspersen?

Also, what about thonging on Manasota Key beach?
sarasotajt #130

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/14/2011 11:13:43Copy HTML

 You approach Caspersen from the north - Harbor Dr. at the Venice airport.
Click #11 on this map:

Regarding other beaches:
I changed things up yesterday and visited Nokomis beach. This is on Casey Key midway between Siesta Key and Venice Beach to the south. It is a less populated beach than the others and because it is located within the unincorporated portion of Sarasota County there are no city ordinances prohibiting thongs.
I laid out south of the crowd in front of the pavilion. Eventually, I walked the shoreline south almost to the jetty and back. This was very enjoyable because it doesn't require parading past lots of people.
While I didn't see any other thongers, I heard no comments and I did walk past two lifeguard stations. I have seen thongs during previous visits; previous years so I know they are not entirely taboo.
qpro4inc #131

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/14/2011 05:27:23Copy HTML

I go to Nokomis beach frequently. Generally I position myself well north of the lifeguard area where there are few people. In the years that I have been going I have seen only one thong and on a man. I did see one topless woman at the top of the beach.

Mostly women in skimpy two pieces, teen age girls in minimal bikinis and men in dork shorts. A very few wear short shorts and even fewer wear speedos. I am the only one in a skimpy bikini.
gulfgull #132

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/19/2011 02:05:50Copy HTML

I live near downtown Venice and go to Caspersen frequently. Was there yesterday. It was cool for this time of year about 78degress with a west wind. The water was a little rough but not too bad. Since the snowbirds have flown back north and the kids are not out of school yet there were very few people anywhere on the beach.There is a lot of construction going on in the parking areas because the county is building two new restrooms, both of which will have City water and sewer connections for the first time. Also they are extending the Venetian Waterway Trail, which now ends at the back parking lot, to Harbor Drive at the front lot. By the way the Waterway Trail, 8 ft, wide concrete, is a good way to get to Caspersen by biking or walking from the parking area off US 41 Bus. on the airport side of the Circus (south) Bridge. It's 1.7 miles.        From what I see in the local papers the controversy seems to have died down for the moment. It resurfaces every few years usually from newcomers.  People who haved lived here for a length of time basically take a Ho Hum attitude except when the gay sex thing gets bad. Then there's a crackdown like the Nov. sting operation. I'm a nudist, not gay, who has lived in the area for 25yrs. As long as people keep their thongs on, don't have sex straight or gay, and strip to their thongs only on the more isolated south end of the beach, there's really not going to be a problem. Enjoy the Beach! 
gulfgull #133

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/24/2011 01:47:21Copy HTML

How did the postings for Caspersen Beach get so shuffled up and out of sequence between 2010 and 2011 posting?
Willbtan #134

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/29/2011 02:47:13Copy HTML

 I went to Casperson Beach today and it was a great day. Walked south and found many thongers. Some walked up and down the beach. I was in and out of the water in a thong. I spent time looking for sharks teeth. People passing by gave no indication that it was a problem. I saw no out of the way activity or behavior. No beach patrol or cops. It was just a very enjoyable day. My wife commented that it seemed everyone had a -live and let live- attitude. Wish we could see more of that.
lindros #135

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/31/2011 03:22:09Copy HTML

 I spent last week in SW Florida visiting the following beaches: Caspersen, Siesta Key, Turtle Beach, and Bowman's Beach. This report is about Caspersen, the other reports will appear in their respective folders in due time.

Overall I had mixed feelings about Caspersen Beach.

On the positive side, I felt totally comfortable wearing a thong at the beach. I spent 3 separate days on the beach, each day the crowd was light so I set up probably only 1/3rd of a mile down from the main entrance, or only about 200 yards from the end of where the "families" stay. There were others set up much farther south, but I could not tell their state of dress or undress. I sliced my foot the first time entering the water (more details below) so I had issues walking the beaches. However, the beach combers and passers-by couldn't care less about my attire. There were no beach patrols observed on any day. Also on the positive side were the showers located on the boardwalk. I had no issues stripping to the thong and showering off before leaving (I hate going home with sand on me). On two occasions somebody walked by: one was a French woman who waited to rinse off and she didn't care, the other a British chap who commented "your suit looks comfortable".

On the negative side, Caspersen has a creepy feeling which will be heightened if you're a single straight male. On the first day, no sooner than 10 minutes after laying down on my blanket some gay cruiser starts circling around my blanket 10-15 feet away coughing intermittently so as to draw attention. Then an hour later some other guy basically steps right over my blanket and again coughs as he goes by to get my attention. When these incidents happened there was nobody set up within 100 yards of me, so for them to stalk so close was uncalled for. On the 2nd day when I set up there was this guy who was in a chair about 200 yards away from me, then he moved to 100 yards, then to 50 yards, then to 25 yards, and then tried to strike a conversation. On another day an old creepy guy set up about 15-20 paces away (there was nobody else within 200 yards at the time ... I don't know why gays don't respect people's space sometimes). Anyway, this guy would sometimes put on a show by pulling his g-string below his genitals and would walk around like that (like I'm really going to be turned on by that, LOL). Also on that day when I was swimming I noticed a naked guy in the wooded trails behind the beach who would occasionally poke his head out from the trees and stare at people walking by on the beach (while choking his chicken at the same time). On the last day, two guys in g-strings set up fairly close to my blanket. One of them would get up from his chair and intentionally walk to the water directly in front of someone when they were passing by (like he couldn't wait 30 seconds for them to walk by). One time he walked right through the middle of a family (husband, wife, 10 year old son). The dad was pissed and they quickly reversed directions.

Also on the negative side I didn't think the beach quality was that good. It's a fairly narrow beach with not the best sand quality in the world. The sand gets blazing hot in the afternoon, you will need sandals to go from blanket to water. You also have to exercise care when entering the water. Depending on the tide there can be a fairly steep drop where the sand is lined with jagged shells. The first time in the water I was not expecting this and I sliced the side of my left foot, which made walking very painful for the rest of the trip. However, this appears to be an issue on many of the Gulf beaches in SW Florida as I later found out.

So bottom line, I think Caspersen is a good thong beach if you're a couple, and it's probably paradise if you're gay or a perv. However, if you're a straight single male like myself Caspersen can be creepy at times. In the end, however I actually visited Caspersen the most last week because it required the shortest walk for my hurting foot.
John Howard #136

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/31/2011 08:23:11Copy HTML

 hey lindros, I know what you mean about these creepy guys desperate for attention....It has happened to me a few times;  try wearing your ipod while sunbaking, at least they would realise you are not listening to the noises they make.Or try taking a book or magazine, it might let them realise you are more interested in your book than looking at them or making eye contact with them.
On some occasions I have tried to engage into a casual conversation with anyone around me who looks normal and not a perv like them.  All these things I think could help to let them understand that even you are wearing a thong, you are not gay or at least you are not interested.
I mean, they have the right to try, but at the same time they should move on when they see that you are not interested or paying attention to them.If the contrary happens, then it becomes annoying.
Once I told one of these characters "hey mate, I'm not interested, would you mind leave me alone?" when I was coming back to my towel from a swim.It worked because he disappeared in a flash.
sarasotajt #137

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/31/2011 02:24:33Copy HTML

The perv factor is precisely why I don't bother going down there anymore.
I've also encountered it at North Lido which is why I don't go up there much either.
I've found it best to wear a more conservative thong and lay out near the main crowd. You may hear a few remarks, but you're not likely to get cruised.
gulfgull #138

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:06/08/2011 05:57:02Copy HTML

Yesterday an undercover sheriffs detective investigating reports of indecent activities at Caspersen arrested a 39 yr. old Catholic priest, who joined him on a trail, grabbed the deputy's genitals, exposed himself and proposed a sexual act. PLEASE!!! NO SEXUAL ACTIVITES ANYWHERE at Caspersen, which after all is a public park. Meet people OK, but then leave to go elsewhere to have sex. Leave the beach including the paths and trails to those of us who are law abiding, so we can enjoy the benefits of getting as close to full nudity as legally possible.
lindros #139

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/19/2011 08:50:47Copy HTML

Sunday and Monday were excellent at Caspersen. I set up only about 100-200 yards past the end of the family area, that way if a thunderstorm pops up (which is often the case in summer) I don't have a long 1-2 mile walk back to the car dodging lightning bolts. The best part was that there were no pervs, no stalkers, and no cruisers. On Monday when I set up I noticed one set of tire tracks from a 4-wheeler. Sure enough about an hour later the patrol officer came driving back up the beach but didn't seem to care about my g-string. Looks like he spent a good hour on the south end checking to make sure there was no illegal activity. I actually wish they would swing by more often, especially in the early afternoon hours instead of at 8-9am when the beach is empty.
gulfgull #140

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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I prefer going to Caspersen in late afternoon after 3pm. The sun index is lower. Few people are on the beach. Yesterday was great. As for thunderstorms, I watch and listen. Perhaps I'm wrong about this, but if necessary, in the thong traditional area, I take refuge near (but not on) the cliff of the dune which is heavily forested with palm trees. I've been there when rain squalls (no thunder or lightning) have hit and the rain was so cold that I took refuge in warmer water. I've got 25 yrs. experience with the weather in this area. For others though,  I recommend more caution. 
lindros #141

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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GulfGull:  Seeking "shelter" among the palm trees is not a good idea in an electrical storm. Although it may be better than standing on the open beach, the indirect effects of a nearby strike on a nearby palm tree can still be fatal. Best bet is to leave.   The last two days were awesome at Caspersen again. Yesterday on the walk back I saw a husband/wife wearing thongs in the family area. Nobody seemed to raise any objections.
lindros #142

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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Had a real good day at Caspersen Beach today. There were very few people there. Consequently I set up fairly close to the "family section", maybe a couple hundred yards down the beach of the entry ramps, wearing a g-string. There were no pervs, stalkers or cruisers, but you wouldn't expect this anyway so close to the family section. Interestingly in the early afternoon a family of 6 with four kids of various ages set up right in front of me. I was maybe 15-20 paces back from the edge of the water and they set up shop right on the edge of the water in front of me and there was nobody else within 100 yards of us in either direction. They didn't seem to object at my swimwear however, but I just thought it was odd.
JM_Runs #143

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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 Avoiding the pervs, stalkers and cruisers by setting up near the family section sounds like a good plan.  I always hang out at a 'normal' section on our beach and avoid hanging out at the 'pickup places'.  You find it odd that a family setup near you.  If they had nothing to fear from you then why not? 

It is possible that one of the family selected to be near you just to show the rest that thongs are OK and not to be feared. Possibly the mother or father because good parents take time to dispel fears and myths, possibly one of the kids who selected the spot because they wanted to test the water, to see what their parents reaction to a thong would be.  Maybe it is as simple as you had a perfect section of beach, un-crowded by other families, and that there was a man in a thong was of no concern at all.
lindros #144

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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Two more arrests on Friday at Caspersen. Wow I was just there Thursday and Saturday.

JM_Runs #145

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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It seems the rule is don't go naked, don't flash, don't have sex, don't cruse for sex, at least not if you are a guy.

I am not sure why they consider it an arrestable offence for one make adult to proposition another male adult, but not when one male adult propositions a female adult, does seem a little bit behind the times.  That said, I find it anoying when men I don't know and have never met before proposition me for sex, and I feel sure most women feel the same. 

If you go, enjoy the sun, keep all your bits covered, (not transparent or anything close) and be normal, not creepy or inaproprate to others.

lindros #146

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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Looks like there was more too it than a mere proposition:

JM_Runs #147

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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JM:  I think it probably has to do with where the sex is being proposed.  Seldom does a man come up to a woman he does not know and propose sex in the bushes.  Even rarer still, would be if the woman accepts the proposition.  Quite frankly, I have never heard of such a thing.
JM_Runs #148

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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I just read this whole thread.  It sounds like there is a vigilante woman running around these beaches is a real psychopath.  I mean, if a man came up, and ripped a towel off of a woman, he would probably be prosecuted for sexual assault and forced to register as a sex offender for life.  It would be fitting such a prosecution could be arranged for her.  
JM_Runs #149

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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Its really to bad Caspersen beach is really cool place and pretty i thonged there couple years ago. The flashing perversion really ruins things for all of us hmm how can we stop the sickos from ruining the beach?
lindros #150

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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I spent last week in SW Florida house hunting, so in my spare time I went to Caspersen Beach 3 or 4 times. I set up just beyond the "family" area about 1/4 mile south of the boardwalk and had no issues or rude comments. Funny story, the last day I saw an older Amish woman wearing an old dress out of the corner of my eye slowly walking down the beach toward my blanket. As she got close she says "Excuse Me" ... I thought she was going to make a comment on my very minimal g-string suit. But then she asked "do you know what causes the little holes in the sand?" So I talked with her a minute about ghost crabs which she has never seen before. She was very friendly and didn't care at all about my suit.
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