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lindros #151

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/02/2012 05:04:09Copy HTML

Just bought a new home in the area, so I spent a few days at Caspersen earlier in the week. This was my first time here during "snowbird" season. All my previous visits had been between May and November of last year. My first observation is that the clientele are different this time of year. In the warm season there is a high % of foreigners of all ages, whereas right now it's mostly old retirees from the north. Also, the beach was much more crowded compared to May-Nov. Parking was tough to find around noon.

Because of the crowds and the difference in clientele, I felt that setting up farther down from the ramps was more prudent. Last summer I really only had to walk about 100-200 yards down from the entry ramp to be clear of the "family area". However this week I probably had to walk down a good 1/2 mile to escape the families. Nonetheless, there were still a lot of beach walkers and folks sifting for sharks teeth passing by. I do notice in the summer with more foreigners most folks hardly have any reaction to me laying out in a g-string. This week I observed a number of reactions ranging from women who tried to sneak in a picture to one man pointing to me then talking to his wife and raising his arms up in obvious disgust. Then there was one guy who met a woman friend and she said something about me and the guy talked in a loud voice "I know, I call the police and they do absolutely nothing, so I don't worry about it any more". It's amazing how well sound carries and how much you can hear when your head is resting just above the sand.

All in all, however, it was a relaxing time. I didn't observe any cruisers or pervs. The water is still chilly, but I was able to take a few 15 minute dips. The new restrooms are installed and the water to the showers are operative again.
gulfgull #152

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/18/2012 10:09:04Copy HTML

I've lived in this area for 26 yrs. Years ago the Sheriff's officers would patrol regularly in their dune buggy, often coming from the back beach trails. But the last patrol was at 4pm. After that nudity was fairly safe. Also the beach curved so that you could not see the north "family area" from the South thong/nude area So the walkers from the North end usually turned around when they could no longer see that area. Now due to erosion the beach is straight, so they walk further down. The Sheriff's Office being cash-strapped (as are most local governments these days) usually come only in response to a complaint. The gay sex situation seems to have calmed down. I like to go in the later afternoon (after 2:30 or so), I have not seen a patrol in months, although from the tire tracks on the back trails, they may patrol a time or two earlier in the day.We just entered turtle nesting season, when the Turtle Patrol people go out in the dune buggy to mark any nests laid during the night. Please Do Not Distrub any marked nest. In late afternoon torward the South end,  even now in peak season, you may find times when there is nobody is within half a mile either direction except other guys wearing g-strings. so you can go nude for a little while. But keep your thongs handy just in case. The water is about 75 degrees. I do suggest however that you walk down at least 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile south from the family area. That will keep any possible complaints to a minimum.  Also g-strings are leagl at county beaches, (but not at any in the Cities of Venice or Saratsota). Using common sense discretion will help to keep it that way. Thank You.
lindros #153

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/19/2012 12:48:18Copy HTML

I prefer to set up shop close to but just past the end of the family section. Too many creepy characters lurking farther south at the 3/4 mile mark. I keep my suit on at all times, don't try to flaunt and always respect the turtle nests.
gulfgull #154

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/19/2012 03:23:47Copy HTML

Don't understand your fear of "creepy characters". What are they going to do to you anyway? Just ignor them. They're not going bother you unless you indicate you want them to. Don't live in fear. Enjoy the beach.
lindros #155

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/19/2012 01:49:05Copy HTML

No "fear" of creepy characters, just don't want to be near them or be associated with them. Would you want to stay in an area where some dude is spying on you from the trails choking his chicken? Would you want to be in an area where some dude sets up real close to you (even though there are 100s of yards empty on either side) and he's totally naked from the waste down spreading his legs apart directly at you (but of course covers up with a towel when people walk by)? Sorry, but I don't enjoy the beach AS MUCH when this sort of stuff is going on. Thus, I prefer to set up closer to (but just beyond) the family section where this is less likely to occur.
sol_y_mar #156

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:03/20/2012 01:57:06Copy HTML

I'm in total agreement with you Lindros. There is no reason for that type of behavior on a public beach. Let them get their perv on somewhere else. I have visited Caspersen Beach once, and after seeing what goes on there I will never return. 
lindros #157

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:05/28/2012 12:35:10Copy HTML

Here's an interesting recent email exchange from the county commissioner I saw via web search regarding nudity/thongs on Caspersen that some may find of interest:


I was at Caspersen yesterday. There was lots of seaweed on the shore and in the water. Waves were calm in the morning but rough in the afternoon. I did hear one bad comment from a passer-by, he was a college age smart-ass walking with his mom and younger sisters. As they were walking by I could hear them talking about miscellaneous stuff, but then there was a pause and he said loudly "JESUS ... a perfect example of moral decline in America". I came real close to saying something back but I just looked up at the mom, shook my head and went back to sleep. Otherwise no other complaints.
lindros #158

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:06/03/2012 02:34:28Copy HTML

This is a couple of months old, but hasn't been posted before. Looks like the undercover cops nailed a couple more pervs on the nature trails.


qpro4inc #159

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/03/2012 12:46:45Copy HTML

 Went there Sunday. No patrols. About 20 thongers in the "thong portion" of the beach. Mostly men but a few women some of whom were topless. Beautiful sunny day with light wind. Water was calm fairly clear and over 80 degrees. A few beach walkers who mostly ignored the thongers. Most of them were looking for sharks teeth for which the beach is famous.
ctmonline #160

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/04/2012 01:42:12Copy HTML

we'll be down there on vacation in a few weeks...where is the thong section?
beachstrapguy #161

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/04/2012 03:37:25Copy HTML

 After you park, walk to the beach and head left about 2-3 blocks
ctmonline #162

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/04/2012 05:21:21Copy HTML

lindros #163

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/05/2012 03:39:52Copy HTML

I was here this afternoon, and it was a great time despite a close-call with a thunderstorm.

However I do have one question. When I went swimming (about 4:30pm), after about 5 minutes in the water I felt something sting me in the upper arm. Felt like a bee sting, except without the swelling. Then a minute later it happened again, in the collar bone. Then a couple minutes later again in the back of the leg. These were not jellyfish stings (been there done that), but definitely felt more like bee stings. So I got out of the water.

Then about an hour later I took another dip, and I got a nasty sting right in my left armpit! So I got out right away. I have no idea what kept stinging me. Seemed like everyone else who was swimming in the water wasn't having the same issues. The only thing I saw were these white bugs floating in the water. They looked like white fleas, except they were nearly as big as flies, but they also looked dead. Could these be the culprit? If so what are they? If not, then what else was stinging me? Even after I got out of the water I was still smarting.
lindros #164

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/11/2012 12:34:45Copy HTML

Well I was at Caspersen again Saturday, Sunday and today (Tuesday). Those things that were stinging me last week into the weekend were indeed very tiny baby jellyfish which look like white sand fleas. In fact there were thousands of them in the water. It's surprising I didn't get stung even more. For nymphs they still packed a decent sting. The good news is that today they were all gone.

I hung out in my usual place (a couple hundred yards south of the entry ramp) in a g-string. Several couples set up on either side of me after I arrived (two of which were college-age playing soccer). There was also a team of inmates from the local prison who were going up and down the beach in four-wheelers cleaning up the beach under direction from a police officer. No issues, other than the late-afternoon thunderstorms. This was really the first day after tropical storm Debbie that the sand at Caspersen has become softer again. For about a week it was really very hard and not comfortable to lay on. Overall a great day.
ctmonline #165

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/14/2012 04:43:19Copy HTML

we're planning to visit Caspersen Beach during our vacation at the end of the month, will walk down the beach toward the left as mentioned by the locals, hopefully the weather will be nice while we're there.
orlcpl #166

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/19/2012 08:32:19Copy HTML

We were out there early afternoon today - nothing to look at, just a couple single guys a one group of 3 (2 guys 1 girl) who were naked.  We try Caspersen from time to time but never really enjoy it as much as Fort Desoto, Lido is hit and miss as well.
lindros #167

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/20/2012 02:58:02Copy HTML

ORICPL:  was there still a large amount of debris (palm leaves & seaweed) in the water? I was there Wed afternoon and there were only a few spots along the entire beach you could go swimming without being snagged by all the junk in the water.
JM_Runs #168

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/29/2012 10:37:39Copy HTML

I was out at Caspersen today with my girlfriend enjoying the day until we went for a walk. After going for a walk, we came back to find a Poloroid picture of man's penis on our blanket. I looked up and saw someone watching us from the dunes. I ended up going in the dunes after the guy, but was not able to find him. He was approximately 30-40 years old, blond/brown hair, wearing sunglasses and a teal colored t-shirt. Ultimately, I reported the incident to the Sarasota County Sheriff's office who informed me that this type of behavior is common and it sounds like nothing is being done in regards to it. I would highly recommend anyone to avoid Caspersen Beach. There are other beaches to go to without being subjected to this these types of lewd acts. 
JM_Runs #169

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/30/2012 01:02:51Copy HTML

 That's very unfortunate and upsetting. Gorgeous beach I've thonged there before. Guess the perverts stayed home that day. Seems like they need to get a serious beach patrol to prevent these unacceptable acts or at least scare them a bit. 
SteveandCandy #170

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/30/2012 10:46:20Copy HTML

That is so strange! We are frequent visitors to Caspersen and are well aware of all the "bushwackers" as we like to call them. But for one of them to do something like that is very out of character, and creepy as all get out. It won't stop us from going, it is such an awesome beach for thonging, but definately calls for extra vigilence. Sorry that you had such a bad experience. Most couples that are regulars go early and leave early, usually leaving around 2:00-3:00. The joke is that the "second shift" starts up after then. In our experience staying off the trails pretty much eliminates interacting with the "bushwackers" other than their voyeurism.
lindros #171

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/30/2012 11:22:55Copy HTML

I was at Caspersen yesterday (Sunday) as well, but only until about noon. The creepiness you discovered is precisely the reason why I prefer to set up closer to the family area (~ 200 yards down from the entry ramps). Although I only will rarely see another thonger in this area, nobody has objected to my suit (Skinz roman g-string), and more importantly as a single straight guy I don't have to deal with pervs circling my blanket, exposing themselves right in front of me or jacking off in the woods behind me.
SteveandCandy #172

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:07/30/2012 11:44:03Copy HTML

Hi Lindros, I understand that it is much different for men who are thonging by themselves at Caspersen. I have been approached when by myself and once when I was away for a minute or two, my wife was asked if she would mind if he set up right next to her. She said no and that was that. I have never found them to be pushy, except for 1 or 2 "Vinnies" that I have had to have strong words with. The "wallies" don't bother us and the bushwackers keep to the bushes. No means no, but it su**s if you have to say it 20 times a day when you are there. Sorry. For us this is our favorite beach, hands down. Ft Desoto is just as bad for bushwackers and the east of east section is a poor excuse for a beach in our area. I'll be happier when the Gulf finally clears up, at least the tiny jelly fish are gone for now.
ctmonline #173

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/04/2012 04:59:51Copy HTML

My wife and I stopped at Caspersen Beach for a couple hours on Wednesday, it was our last stop of our vacation, we both wished we had gone elsewhere. The beach was nonexistent and waves were rough, the beach was crowded with so many families that we never felt comfortable enough to remove our cover-up spandex shorts, we also witnessed the "second shift" arriving around 2pm...a bunch of single guys headed south on the beach that made it a point to stare/ogle at me as they walked by, can only imagine their reaction if I had removed my shorts to reveal the g-string underneath.
lindros #174

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/04/2012 09:58:04Copy HTML

I was at Caspersen Wednesday, Friday and today (Saturday). Wednesday there was a lot of sea weed in the water so I left kind of early (1pm). Friday and Saturday there was no sea weed but the water had a greenish hue to it, probably from decaying sea weed?

Anyway I set up in my usual spot, which is inching more and more into the populated section with time. The three days I set up about only 125-150 paces south of the ramps. Actually had a number of couples and families w/kids set up real close all three days with absolutely zero issues with my g-string. Frankly, nobody cared it was great, but then again I see many of the same faces each time I go so they're probably used to me. The key for me is to get there early and let others choose to set up where they wish. I usually get to the beach before 9am and it's been deserted at that time so I can pick my spot.

John Howard #175

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/04/2012 10:18:51Copy HTML

 a bunch of single guys arriving on  the beach.....  that can sometimes ruin the beach day for anyone, let alone for someone wearing skimpy swimsuits.
There's something about mob behaviour, similar to what happens at stadiums, where being within a bunch of people can trigger aggressive or disrespectful attitudes that normally wouldn't happen if by only themselves.
I once went through the same, I was already wearing a thong and my kids were playing in the surf.    15 or 20 guys mid twenties (probably a footy team)  arrived and set up a big tent.....  the idea to cover up crossed my mind, but I said that's wrong and spineless, and confronted it.     Luckily I didn't have a problem, a few looks from some, and they minded their own business.   Don't know if years of lifting weights helped, or they were just more interested in playing beach cricket and mind their own business.
Normally groups of people like that are worth avoiding.like a disease.... if these guys stared the way they did at you it was probably because of your spandex shorts....   I would have done the same, not removed the shorts in that situation.   
SteveandCandy #176

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/10/2012 01:28:21Copy HTML

We had a couple of great weekdays this week, got there early, stayed late and didn't get rained on :-) We have several straight single male thongers that we talk to whenever we see them/they see us. A couple have been regulars for years now and they all agree that yes if you are a single man by yourself you may be approached by someone. There are no roving bands, hardcore pushy types and for the most part they leave everyone alone to enjoy the beach. We set up way south to avoid the textiles and often by the afternoon there are several guys and/or couples set up near us. It's funny how there seems to be a pretty consistant polite distance and the only people who set up closer than that to us are the people that we know. The water quality is really good now, still a lot of seaweed on shore that will take a while to go away, but it is mostly dried and not too odorous. Our feeling is that you should only do whatever you are comfortable with and respect other people's choices without judgement. We live in paradise and we love it!
lindros #177

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/10/2012 09:13:04Copy HTML

Steve&Candy:  Yes, the last couple days at Caspersen were great, and the water cleared up nicely. As mentioned earlier I set up closer to the textiles about 100-200 yards from the boardwalk, but so far haven't overheard any negative comments or fielded any complaints. Really nobody seems to care and I see many of the same faces set up near me often.

Interestingly though, I guess somebody called the cops to complain about me today. Around 1pm a police buggy drove down the beach, slowing down as he drove right behind my blanket (presumably to take a look). The buggy drove down another 50 yards then turned around (slowing down once again as he passed close by my blanket) before exiting the beach by the ramps. The tire tracks were no more than 4-5 feet from my blanket and he didn't drive that close to any of the other beach patrons. I gather someone must have thought I was nude and couldn't tell I was wearing a g-string.
SteveandCandy #178

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/11/2012 01:48:51Copy HTML

We would feel uncomfortable set up close to textiles and when the occasional family with kids walks all the way to Blind Pass (it seems like) we cover up. Everybody has their own comfort level and it's all good. If you are ever there Sat or Sun mid-day or morning you should take a walk south, no one will bother you, maybe a smile and a wave from others thongers :-)
thongingbill #179

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/14/2012 03:22:39Copy HTML

I had a nice and quiet afternoon today at Caspersen.   I had the whole south end to myself.

I'm guessing it has been several months (or longer) since my last visit but I can't believe the amount of erosion that has happened, it almost looks man made it is so uniform.  

Happily there were no Bushwackers (that is a great term).  Hoping to get back tomorrow afternoon as well.  
SteveandCandy #180

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/14/2012 11:41:33Copy HTML

Lots of jellyfish today :-( both the big clear saucer and the smaller blob of jelly ones. Candy had a mild sting, none for me, water quality wasn't great so it was a buzzkill as far as swimming. Nice weather, quite a few thongers, more walkers than we expected for Tue.. And of course the requisite bushwackers, who we consider harmless. Two weeks before tropical storm Deby there was 50 feet of visibility, like snorkeling in the keys. Minus the living reef :-P Looking forward to green gulf water someday soon.
lindros #181

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/15/2012 12:15:11Copy HTML

That's another reason why I prefer to set up near the main area rather than another mile down. If you get a bad jellyfish sting, or worse a shark bite, or have a lightning storm pop-up, you're a lot farther from help & safety.

About 4 years ago I was thonging about a mile down from the main area on a beach in SC and had a nasty encounter with a jellyfish. At first I thought it was a school of jellyfish but the doctor said it was just one big one that wrapped around my leg. Even as I was running out of the water I was getting stung. I had stings from just above my ankle all the way to the mid-thigh. At this point I was in agony, could hardly walk and had over a mile to traverse just to get back to my car. If I had been allergic to the stings I would've been toast.

I'll be there on Friday. Hopefully the jellyfish will be gone! Thanks for the heads up.
Hotrachel #182

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/15/2012 12:57:54Copy HTML

 FYI ... I plan on just thonging in my yard by the pool today!! ;)
SteveandCandy #183

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/19/2012 02:32:53Copy HTML

Getting ready to head out for the day, we will report back re; water quality, jellyfish ect. I got a report from the jettys and the Gulf is a bit choppy today. Weather forcast looks good:-)
happy thonging
lindros #184

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/19/2012 07:35:34Copy HTML

Weather turned out great today. Water was very rough w/high waves, strong swimmers only. There was also some seaweed in the water, but no jellyfish.
SteveandCandy #185

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/20/2012 01:31:57Copy HTML

Yes lots of seaweed and 3' waves, I had fun body surfing:-) Lots of thongers and a beautiful day, nice breeze and lots of sun. We had a great Sunday.
SteveandCandy #186

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/23/2012 03:24:25Copy HTML

We are headed out for a beautiful day, a report from friends yesterday was that there is even more seaweed :-( Will post later as to the conditions, looks to be a lovely day.
Happy thonging
SteveandCandy #187

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/24/2012 11:37:54Copy HTML

Wow! What a great day, went out early and stayed late. Still a lot of seaweed and the Gulf was a little choppy, 1-1.5'. But what a gorgeous day, nice breeze lots of sun, most of the seaweed is right up on shore and no jellyfish, the water temp felt perfect. I think we both got a little too much sun :-) We saw a few of our friends and made some new ones. No telling what this weekends weather will bring, keep your fingers crossed for Sunday. We love Caspersen!
Happy thonging
orlcpl #188

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/24/2012 11:45:12Copy HTML

sounds like you are having a better time than our trips out here, we have only gone a few times but usually 5 - 10 single guys and maybe 1 couple if that, how is the crowd of thongers when you go out?  Nothing against single guys or the bushwackers just enjoy the company of some couples from time to time as well.
SteveandCandy #189

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/24/2012 01:01:30Copy HTML

Hi Orlcpl,
Is that for Orlando, or something else:-) When we arrived yesterday there were 3 other thonging couples, we stayed the latest of all the couples which is typical for us. Your best bet is Sat or Sun early, the couples arrive early and leave early for the most part. 9:00-1:00. We are always at the south end of the couples section/north end of the gay section. We agree with you, feeling that it is more fun when there are other couples to meet and talk to :-) We know and talk with a few of the single guys, not much interaction with the "bushwackers" other than visual :-) A lot of the regulars who are couples have a particular weekday that they go, different for every couple it seems. Our weekday varies from week to week and we can't always make it on Sat Sun. I am sorry you are not having a better time :-( It was more than 3 years of going occasionally before things really clicked for us, now there is nowhere we would rather go. Don't give up!
Steve and Candy
SteveandCandy #190

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/25/2012 11:38:51Copy HTML

Going out again today. No telling what going to happen with the weather this weekend. Had a small storm pass through last night looks good for today. We will post a report after we get back. Happy thonging.
SteveandCandy #191

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/26/2012 02:09:37Copy HTML

Wow! What an awesome day! The Gulf was flat calm and clear with no seaweed, snorkeled for a couple of hours. 3-4' of visibility, it's the best is has been since TS Deby. Water temp is way down feels like 82 maybe, really refreshing. Almost no one out, two other couples and one "vinnie" and hardly any bushwackers. Got to spend time with one of the couples who we had just recently met. Had a great time, stayed really late and got home after dark. What a fabulous day!!
Happy Thonging
Steve and Candy
lindros #192

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/26/2012 04:49:17Copy HTML

Wow, sounds like I missed out on a few nice days as I had to leave town. Now that I'm back it looks like I'll have to wait a few more days until Isaac clears.
SteveandCandy #193

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/26/2012 04:05:02Copy HTML

We thought we might get to sneak in a little beach time today but.. :-( Yesterday more than makes up for no beach today :-)  btw I was wearing my orange micro (avatar) yesterday, it's not Candy's favorite but I get a lot of compliments on it. She likes to see men in thongs and if any of our male friends are reading this, variety is a good thing, wear something different on occasion, tia :-) Candy's prefered minimal swimwear for herself  is not so much thongs as sexy see-through wraps and short coverups. I am trying to get her to allow me to post some pics of her on our profile :-) Wish me luck.
SteveandCandy #194

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/26/2012 11:18:18Copy HTML

Success :-) hope you enjoy
SteveandCandy #195

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/28/2012 09:37:04Copy HTML

Post Isaac report from Caspersen :-) We went out for a few hours today, what a beautiful day, not a normal day but beautiful. Almsot no dry sand today but the dunes didn't look like they even got wet, just right up to them. We got there on what was an outgoing tide but it had been really high. Wind was strong out of the south, 30+mph, gulf was about 5'. Body surfing was awesome! It was a nakey day with the whole beach to ourselves. Only 1 male thonger and 1 textile walking couple the whole time we were there. Saw a few bushwackers but they went right back in the bush to get out of the wind. The beach has actually improved, no berm now with piles of seaweed on the negative slope. Hardly any seaweed at all on the beach and a beatiful slope down to the water. Lost a lot of sand but maybe gained in spots as well. Once the winds die down and the tides go back to normal it should be awesome. We will be out again tomorrow and add to the report after.
Happy thonging
orlcpl #196

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/29/2012 03:08:49Copy HTML

Sorry we wont be able to join you till at least mid week next week, happy thonging!
SteveandCandy #197

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

Date Posted:08/30/2012 11:22:38Copy HTML

We went out again yesterday, beautiful day again. After really looking yesterday I think there was a lot of sand lost, but it will be easier to tell on a low tide. The Gulf is still so high and we seem to be always out at high tide lately, no dry sand again yesterday. Lots of vegetation in the water and I felt what could have been a couple of stings when I was body surfing. But it could have been scratches from stuff on the vegetation, it was still pretty rough 3-4'. Lots of thongers out maybe a dozen and a number of textile walkers, Candy was the only woman thonger. None of the Wed. couples were out, I guess the weather to the east may have scared them off :-) A lot of stuff in the paper about the bushwackers up on the trails by the parking lots and their encounters with LE :-( They are a different group of bushwackers than the ones we get way down by us. I wish they would excercise more discretion and better judgement, it hurts the way people percieve what goes on at the beach. It's really too bad because the people who do use the beach (and not the bush) are polite and courtious and try not to cause a fuss with textiles. And the bushwackers that make the long trek south are at least cautious and for the most part polite and courtious as well. The textiles are very easy to see coming and most everyone tries to let them go by without being to obvious that we are even thonging. Noob thongers sometimes don't "get it" but then neither do the textile walkers that walk south for 40 minutes:-)
Happy thonging!
lindros #198

Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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I was out there as well today (Thursday). The water line was almost all the way to the Dunes this morning, so the only dry and soft sand was in the family area right off the south entry ramp. So that's where I set up! There were a few couples and families that set up near by. No issues as there wasn't many people at the park overall. Water was still too rough for my personal tastes, but was becoming less rough as the day went on. I think by this weekend it should be closer to normal.

I do think the storm made the beach better, as was pointed out by Steve & Candy in an earlier post. The heavy accumulation of sea weed on the sand is gone. Plus I really think we gained some sand from the storm. The first step to one of the staircases by the boardwalk is covered in sand unlike before. Hopefully once the after effects of Isaac are gone hopefully the high tide won't be so high and will leave more exposed dry sand.

One bit of warning, now that the summer crowds are down there seems to be an increased contingent of aggressive gays cruising around the boardwalk of all places. I always shower off in my thong at the end of the day, and I'm typically prudent with this and will rapidly finish my shower & cover if I notice people approaching. Well this one guy surprised me riding up on his bicycle and asked if I was looking for action. He must have been stalking the showers from behind the trees. After saying a firm no he then asked if he could suck on my $ick. After saying another firm no he then asked if he could watch me shower, at which point I finished my shower and left. Another time I was showering and saw a guy approaching so I covered and waited for him to go by but he stopped by the shower to "look out over the water". So I just went to the other shower. Sure enough the guy turned around and followed me there and of course he stopped by the shower to "look out over the water". So for fun I covered again and went back to the original shower whereby he followed me there once again. Amazing.
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Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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Exactly why we prefer Fort Desoto, but reading how much Steve and Candy have been enjoying Caspersean has made us question our previous visits.  What about Lido beach or Siesta Key.  Anyone have good times or thonging areas at either?
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Re:Caspersen Beach - Venice, FL

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I may try Siesta Key Friday. I've never had the courage to thong there because of the sheer volume of non-thongers. However, now that area kids are back in school it may be worth a shot.

I'd avoid Lido, since thongs technically are not legal there even though it's largely not enforced.

A viable alternative is Turtle Beach and Palmer Point (which is next to Turtle). You won't see other thongers at Turtle unless you visit on a lucky day, but they're legal and tolerated there. Palmer Point, which is about a 3/4 mile walk south of Turtle is more desolate if you want privacy. I have seen others in minimal swimwear there on occasion, but it's more likely that you'll be the only person on the whole beach. However I haven't encountered any "bushwackers" there.
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