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Date Posted:06/18/2003 10:14:37Copy HTML

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wr1944 #1

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:04/16/2010 02:04:07Copy HTML

I was caught once in the south of France by a female colleaque. It's about 10 year ago, I was 55 then. In my company, a Dutch shipyard, I was an engineer and quite formal in my attitude. On a holiday I stayed at a campsite near the Mediterranean, close to Cap d'Agde, the famous nudist colony.
It was one of the first times I wore a string in public, so I walked the beach with a little tension. Suddenly I heard a woman calling my name. I turned around and saw a secretary from my company. That was bad news I thought. She was one of the gossipers of the company and when she would return from holiday, in a hour everybody in the company would know what I was wearing on the beach. She was really surprised and said:"That is quite a change". We had some polite smalltalk and then resumed our walk in different directions.
The next day I had already forgotten the encounter and I felt more confident. So I wore a smaller string then the day before. That afternoon I walked to the nude section in front of the nudist village. And there I found the same colleague from yesterday, naked on a towel, enjoying the sun. Beside her was a man, I saw also yesterday, but he kept himself at a little distance. And it was not her husband. I stopped and said hello. She looked quite frightened at first but greeted me anyway. I could not restrain myself from saying:"That is quite a change".
I knew for sure that she would not tell anybody in my company what she saw. No gossips about me.
orlspeedo #2

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:04/16/2010 09:49:43Copy HTML

I was caught once by a guy a I went to high school with that I hadn't seen in years.  I had set up next to him and another guy and didn't realize it at the time until I was getting ready to leave and I recognized him.  We were both laying out nude and didn't expect either one of us would have been at a nude beach as we were both quiet and shy during high school, but we were both cool about it and hung out nude for the rest of the afternoon and layed out together.
BaltoBob #3

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:04/16/2010 01:51:09Copy HTML

Being nude on a nude or C/O beach is NOT a bad thing. If you run into someone you know, they are either a nudist or a pervert (depending on what they are NOT wearing).
I'm an hourly worker. I can and DO whatever I please, off the clock. Some of the managers where I work know I'm a nudist. Mostly positive feedback but, some don't approve. They DO know I don't care either way.
stanpuppy #4

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:04/16/2010 08:15:51Copy HTML

Oddly enough, I have never been caught (either nude or in a thong) in about 25 years of doing such
stanpuppy #5

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:04/16/2010 09:56:00Copy HTML

If I were to rank however, i think being caught nude on a nude beach would not be as embarassing to me as being caught in a tiny muscleskins on a public beach.   Chances are, if someone is on a nude beach, they are either nude also or scantilly clothed.  Textile beaches are a different story, thats why we usually seek out a remote place when we go to the jersey shore.  Sobe......who cares!!! Let it all hang out
pkthong #6

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:04/18/2010 10:05:01Copy HTML

 Years ago I went to a gym/spa in Summerlin(Las Vegas) at the (then) Rampart casino. I just wanted to work out  and then get some sun and jump in the pool as I did not have my own pool at that time. So when it came time to go out by the pool I decided to wear my blue speedo thong and was having a good time just chillaxin by myself. A hot looking brunette came out wearing a nice bikini and she turned out to be a pharmaceutical rep who used to call on us at that time. Of course I felt a bit nervous but just acted as if I was wearing dork shorts. 
 We talked for a while and not one word was said about my thong. I'm sure she mentioned it to some common friend/colleague at some point but I never heard anything about it. I don't recall seeing her much after that but I don't think she took offense to my swimwear.
JM_Runs #7

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:04/20/2010 07:37:37Copy HTML

Last week there were several warm, sunny days, so I decided to take some thong and brief swimwear to a remote area of a public park in the morning to get some photos to use for Ebay auctions.

After hiking for about 20 minutes I came to a secluded spot in a wetlands area.  I found a stable spot for my camera and set it up, and then stripped to a thong.  I used the timer and multi-photo options and got some pictures of myself in various thongs.  I switched to a brief to get some photos, hit the photo button, posed and saw a woman walking her dog toward me.  She was about 50 yards away.  I rushed to my clothes and got some close-up pics of me putting my shorts on.  I was laughing pretty hard.  She got to me just as I pulled my hoodie on.  I turned to her and said, "Good morning!"  She gave me an odd look and said hello, the dog growled, and they continued on their way.

I realized at that point that I had been in a brief swimsuit, so there was nothing illegal about the situation, but it sure would have been weird if I continued to take pictures while she was passing.  Minutes earlier though, it might have been a problem.  Thongs are not legal in the park.

I didn't see her any more that morning, but I realized at the time she saw me that I was legal, but she was not...she was walking her pooch on a "NO DOGS" trail of the park.
roninho #8

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:05/07/2010 06:15:49Copy HTML

A few years ago I was on holiday in Lanzarote with my ex and her sister in a small holiday home. My ex disapproved of my tiny swim suits but her sister (who is gay) liked them and even bought me a few dore suits. 
The morning following our arrival my ex and sis took the rented car to the supermarket and other shops so I deceide to do some sunning in the large sun patio at the back of the house. I was wearing a Dore yellow string bikini with narrow front and 3/4 back. Actually it's my favourite suit. 
About mid morning the sun had heated up quite nicely and I was dozing a little when I heard a car in the drive and then a knock at the gate. Thinking that they were back laden with shopping I went to open up. As I walked toward the gate I noticed that with having been in a sleepy state I had the start of a sleep enduced semi pushing against my pouch. My ex and sis would make some disgusted comment in a joking fashion so I didn't bother covering myself up. However to my horror when I opend up I saw a large woman who identified hereslf as the agent for the property and had come to see if everything was ok. I watched as her eyes descended downwards and smiled. Very embarrased I stood asisde and invited her in. We chatted for a short while about the house etc and as she was leaving she commented on how she liked my bikini, what a lovely colour it was and how well it suited me. She said that more men should wear tiny swim suits since women always seemed to. Of course when my ex returned I told her what happened just to wind her up!!  
OKthonging #9

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:05/07/2010 07:30:06Copy HTML

I was getting dressed after a shower one day. I was still living at my mom's during college. I was still hiding my underwear choice from her at this point. I had just pulled on a white Joe Boxer thong and hadn't pulled any shorts out yet. She came and opened the door to ask me a question only to find me standing there in nothing but a thong. Awesome. That conversation was short. She was nice enough to bring me my red Speedo thong I had left in the dryer just a couple of weeks later.

I have yet to get busted wearing a thong swimsuit. usually have one on under a pair of swim trunks of not that a square cut suit.

Looking foward to progressing past my square cut suits in FL this summer.
bbyrne78 #10

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:05/13/2010 05:50:07Copy HTML

i don't know whether this qualifies as getting caught but I competed in my husband's work triahtlon team a few times and the tri-suit they had made with the company logo was not very well designed. The seat would wedgie up after the first couple of minutes on the bike and with the run - forget about it, it was staying bunched up. I did the whole race wearing this stupid tri-suit (which was much more revealing than any thong leotard I owned), with everyone from his work taking photos of the race there must be hundreds of photos of me running or cycling wearing something like a thong leotard (only white and pink and semi transparent).

There is a massive poster sized photo of me in that suit in his office at work.

Definitely more embarassing than the time when my mother-in-law caught me wearing a transparent white thong one-piece at the house pool.
esssquad #11

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:05/14/2010 06:32:52Copy HTML


How did you explain the attire you were wearing whilst using your pool, did you cover up or quickly change what reaction did your mother-in-law say or express.

Did she know that you wore this type of swimwear.

shaved_thong_lover #12

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:05/14/2010 11:52:43Copy HTML

Am I wierd?  I actually get turned on by being caught... and kinda look for it.  I mean I pretty much wear my gstrings in public beaches anywhere I can leagally do it.  And I even try to go places I may see people I know.  When I do see somone, it actually is a great feeling. Even the gawks I get at public beaches and the stares are almost enjoyable as opposed to making me want to cover up.  I dont know... call me crazy.  I just love it.
n2thongsngs #13

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:05/15/2010 12:43:42Copy HTML

 Not weird at all!  When I go to the gym, I am always sporting a thong and usually wearing a suit.  I would always pull the pants off first and judge the crowd before taking off my dress shirt.  I did get a charge out of others seeing me in my tiny attire.  One time, I saw another guy in a thong and immediately let him know that he was not alone - we both sported our thongs and no one said a thing.  
bbyrne78 #14

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:05/15/2010 11:41:14Copy HTML

I was laying out on my floating pool lounge when my mother-in-law came into our backyard pool area. My suit was a white racing style one piece with a thong back from Japan. The suit was made from a material that although chlorine resistant, became 100% transparent (in the same way that the WW satin sheer becomes transparent but much stronger and suitable for lap swimming) when wet.

So there I was lounging in this 100% transparent suit when my mother-in-law said hello which startled me a little bit and as I came to my senses I suddenly remembered my suit and I could see that her eyes had bulged. I apologised saying that I wasn't expecting guests and I would go back in to change. 

She was really cool about it, didn't flinch but quipped 'I hope you're wearing that for yourself and not for him' which I thought was really funny at the time. I told her that I was wearing it for me but it was one of my husband's favourite suits. She told me not to worry about getting changed unless I felt uncomfortable, but as I have worn more revealing suits in public I said it was okay.

After talking for about 30 minutes, she said she was going inside the house and left. I stayed out for another few minutes and went inside.

She has now seen me in everything from a WW457 to a MS teardrop. She has always been really cool about it and gives compliments whenever she sees something new.
gstringbuddy #15

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:05/16/2010 04:24:42Copy HTML

 I think that the term "getting caught" implies we are doing something wrong. Most of the people I know are aware that I like to wear thongs and those who don't who might happen to see me in a thong at the beach would'nt bother me one bit. Be yourself!
fltanman #16

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:05/22/2010 09:12:52Copy HTML

 First time posting... actually it just happened a little while ago. I had just gotten out of the shower when i noticed that our neighbor to the back and left was mowing right behind our house (we all share a corner of a pretty large retention pond, and since they have a riding mower they volunteered a while back to maintain it.) The windows to our master bedroom are lacking any treatments at the moment, so I'm pretty sure she had a good shot into our room.At first i ducked, but then figured "what the heck," and just toweled off as usual, pretending I didn't notice she was there. I may have even timed getting dressed so she could see me putting on my little black thong as she came around and was facing directly into our windows... Gotta admit it was a bit of a rush...
DarkThong #17

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:05/23/2010 01:10:41Copy HTML

I don't think anybody other than my mother and mother in law have ever seen me in a thong or has seen my thong above my pants. If they did than they haven't said a word about it.
ThonginMN #18

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:05/27/2010 06:01:09Copy HTML

 I would not worry about employment. Most employers nowadays in the US do not care about employees anyhow....IBM outsourced 70% of the company overseas and does not think twice about getting rid of US employees.
JM_Runs #19

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:05/27/2010 11:37:41Copy HTML

I have been out a few times this year at the local state park (pontiac lake, in oakland county mi), and really haven't had much of any problems. My girlfriend was not to keen on me wearing things but I told her that i was not willing to give this up so she has, for the most part, accepted me wearing thongs. Her and i went out for about 2 hours on sunday in the middle of the afternoon, the beach was not all that busy but within an hour, people were starting to show up and setting up all around us. no one even said a word, got a few looks, but other than that didnt have any bad experience. usually when I go to the beach I set up at the far end away from the family area and other people. Where my girlfriend set up was right in the middle that day. I was there again on tuesday got there about 11.30 am and set up in the middle again and about 20 feet away from a young 20's gorgous woman. I never heard any comments at all. As the day got hotter more and more people showed up and I noticed they set up around my area. I didnt notice at first because I was reading my homework. many of these were mid 20's woman and would lokk over at me when they didnt think I was noticing. about 2.30 a group of 5 guys middle 20's and had one woman with them and they set up about 30 feet from me, I heard comments about my thong. I was getting uncomfortable so I waited till they went into the water before putting my shorts on and gathering my things and leaving. just when I put my shorts on I overheard one of the guys say, ( that guy put some shorts on. it was after that that I didnt realize how many people, mostly woman were set up around me. It was kind of a good feeling that they were not bothered about my swim wear. I have a good selection of different thongs and a couple of g-stings that I have worn to the beach. I haven't worn a g-string to the beach yet this year but with any luck I will soon. I usually see one other guy out at the other end but have not seen anone else this year wearing a thing to the beach. It would be nice to see others out there while I am out. The only place that I have worn a thong to is pontiac lake state park but would like to explore other places soon. I would like to try Cass lake state park one day but not sure what area if there is a certain area would be more acceptable. Im not the type of person to let what people say bother me. I beleive that we only live once and we should do and wear what is comfortable for our own self.  
Daystar77 #20

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:05/30/2010 12:17:07Copy HTML

Slightly less taboo for a lady to be "caught" but a few years back I decided to get myself into top shape after a while of self neglect.  I used to be a regular in the gym all the way through the nineties and worked hard on my fitness, after giving birth to my daughter though I lost my shape and needed to train harder than ever at thirty to get it back.

Losing the wieght and toning up wasnt easy but my motivation became ( as strange as it may sound ) a shiney red thong leotard I used to work out in during the Cory Everson days.  My goals and ambitions revolved around that leotard, all I wanted was to fit in it again.

Eventually I did get my figure back to its original measurements and even though everything had led up to this leotard i was very nearly too nervous to wear it, but wear it i did.  I knew i wouldnt forgive myself if i backed out on my convictions so I just went for it.  I spent half the morning matching bottoms to it, somthing appropriate and eventualy settled on a pair of black running pants.

I completed my workout and to be honest felt damn good about myself but was aware that every time I sat or bent the lines of the leotard rested higher than the waistband of the pants.  I didnt mind though until the teenage instructor checked my cross trainer results, congratulated me on an excellent bit of cardio then commented "Love the outfit,  dont see the older ladies doing the classic look much now"

Im still not sure if she was just a touch tact-impared or genuinly malevolant but it didnt put me off. My leotard is still my motivation.
bbyrne78 #21

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:05/30/2010 12:35:17Copy HTML

Daystar77 - as one, I can definitely tell you that the majority of instructors are more concerned about people exercising or using the machines wrong than what they are wearing. Congratulations getting back into shape, to be truthful my clients are just as much motivation for me than I am for them. Nothing is more satisfying for an instructor than seeing someone improve their fitness and achieving their goals.

Unless the someones attire is against club regulations, we (instructors) know that most people will train and workout in what they find most comfortable. The ones that were around in the 1990s (like me) know that as much as the general public today hate them, the sleek leotard and tights look had some serious advantages over the current loose and 'comfortable' style - with the main ones being movements were less restricted, improvements in body shape and correct form is easily seen.

Some instructors yearn for the day where the classic look makes a come back because the general fitness level of the late 1980s to mid 1990s was much better than they are today. It is counter intuitive that today's fitness training, instruction and equipment is much better than 16 years ago when I started in the industry and it is much faster to get fitter and stronger but the level of fitness overall is much less so with a lot of todays fitness being purely cosmetic without the inherent core strength and cardio capacity that comes with being in shape.

Don't worry about it, probably lack of tact and inexperience from the junior instructor - she'll learn soon enough.

Keep rocking your look!!!

Daystar77 #22

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:05/30/2010 06:18:13Copy HTML

You raise an excellent point Bbyrne.  Surely its easier to see incorrect posture or technique in close fitting gym wear than the baggy sweats that are common.  Granted on bars and wieghts not many people have covered arms but what of the cross trainer, rowing and skating machines?  Good cardio and good technique go hand in hand, I actually injured myself slightly from bad technique on a rowing machine once because i simply didnt know any better.
barefischer #23

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:06/12/2010 05:54:07Copy HTML

I have been caught a few times unexpectedly usually while fishing. I get engrossed in fishing and will be standing in the river or on the bank and someone will walk by or paddle by in a raft or canoe.  I always just continue on fishing and usually just say hello. I have been caught nude lots of time in the same situations. Being a nudist I don't really care.

ThonginMN #24

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:06/15/2010 02:58:20Copy HTML

Most women do not care if men wear thong swimsuits if it is not some family type of beach. Stay away from the family beaches as they are full of overweight housewives just looking for something to bitch and talk about.
treasureisland #25

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:06/15/2010 06:15:28Copy HTML

thonginMN    Amennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. What right does the obese bitches have in denouncing our attire, and they comment I need to go in the shade, some of them block the sun, stay in the shade in their yards.
JM_Runs #26

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:06/16/2010 03:51:48Copy HTML

I don't find that to be true.  It is the younger mothers, with young children 0-3 years old, who seem to be the most friendly. If I sit on the beach in the morning it is quite common to have five or six young mothers come set down close by.  Often they are very normal and friendly while caring and watching their children.  I have had some good chats with mothers of young children. It is not the children that make a beach uncomfortable, it is the red necks.
treasureisland #27

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:06/17/2010 12:26:39Copy HTML

JM Yes children 0-3 do not no the difference between a thong and there diapers, so that is true, but when they understand what the deal is, and not interested in the sand and water, is when it is difficult.
JC2162 #28

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:06/17/2010 01:47:29Copy HTML

About a year ago, I was caught in one of my small Skinzwear bikinis by a female co-worker at SoBe and her female friend.  We are both professionals in the same office in South FL and have worked on projects together.  She was very surprised to see me in such a small suit. However, several times told me how good I looked.  I am about 5'10" and 170lbs.  I work out regularly and am pretty fit.  I enjoyed the compliments.  She was wearing a pretty skimpy thong and string triangle top.  She is tall, very curvy, and sexy.  Her girlfriend is is from the Northeast, very pretty, but is a bit more conservative.  Her friend wore a nice two piece bikini with 3/4 rear coverage. 

We spent the entire day sunning, swimming, talking and people watching together and all went out to dinner.  My co-worker and I had a great time and have gone to the beach together a couple of other times since.  We are just friends who enjoy our beach time together.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #29

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:06/20/2010 01:43:19Copy HTML

There was a community lap pool a block from where I worked and I would swim around 2:00 so as to be later than the lunch hour crowd.  I first did my laps in a rio back string suit but eventually got to smaller suits.  The last being a banded thong from Skinzwear.  Pretty much a g-string with a very small thong back.  I was doing laps one afternoon and a woman got into my lane.  I didn't recognize her a first with goggles on then realized she worked in an upstairs department.  She just said hello.  Eventually she started swimming laps around the same time as me and never said anything about my suit.   Later in the summer I had to start swimming earlier because they open the pool for kids swim in the early afternoon.  One of my other co-workers was in the water aerobics class and spotted me walking out to do laps in my g-string.   She just waved and said it was nice to see me out at the pool.  So it turned out to not be a big deal about being seen in my g-string suit after all.
ozarkG #30

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:06/21/2010 01:58:19Copy HTML

At my job worksite last month, I'm an electrician now and we're doing some condos, a comment was made about me and thongs. We were giving the usual jobsite razzing, and I made some comments about one of our guys glasses. Another guy on our crew said that Gary's glasses allowed him to see my thongs. Nothing else was said about that comment. So I don't know if the guy that made the thong comment had actually seen my thong or was just making the joke. A week later we were setting the concrete foundations for the parking lot poll lights and I made some comments about me wearing thongs. It was quite warm that day, and since I am the only one with any concrete experience, I was doing most of the work. The rest of the guys had left to get something for lunch while I stayed and did the finish work on the concrete. When the other guys got back they told me to come and sit in the van with the AC going. I said I'd rather stay out in the heat, as getting in and out of the cold and heat would only make me sick. I started to say that that was the reason I wore thongs and such, they are much cooler that briefs or boxers. My supervisor/lead man said that was why he went commando.

  Nothing else was said. So either, they thought I was joking about wearing thongs, or they have seen my thongs and accepted it and don't care.
ozarkG #31

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:06/22/2010 02:35:05Copy HTML

So today was the big "moment". We are putting in the sockets and switches in the condo units this week. My lead man and I were in the units living room today when he starts with "thats not a tattoo on your ass?" I said "my have a nice day", yeah. Then he says my thong is showing.

  Not very eventful or WTF. But he seemed more shocked and interested in my tattoo than me wearing thongs. ?????????????
ozarkG #32

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:07/04/2010 02:17:27Copy HTML

I realize now why my supervisor was more fixated on my tattoo then my thong. Turns out he used to wear thongs as well. He admitted it last week, and says he doesn't wear them any more because it is too embarasing to buy them now.
n2thongsngs #33

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:07/05/2010 10:06:54Copy HTML

  I was in Mexico on business and stayed at a hotel which, for every three rooms, they had a kitchenette and dining room.  I was thirsty so I walked out of my room and to the kitchenette to get a cold bottle of water.  I was wearing my new Whitehall and Sons Blue and white thong.  I got my water and then went to the balcony.  I opened the door and as I did a gust of air came in and blew shut the door to my room.  I pondered for about 10 minutes as to what to do.  So, I decided that I would just go to the front desk and as I started walking 3 workers (all male) got off the elevator.  I tried to make them understand that I was locked out of my room, but they did not speak any english.  Finally, I got through.  At first, I did not want them to see my butt.  After a minute or two,  I walked to my door, exposing my butt, and did a charade of trying to open the door, with no key.  All three of them looked at my butt and one lingered.  They brought a key in 5 minutes.  I was amazed that all three came to return the key.  And the one guy who looked at me the most is the one that gave me the key. 
skerbeach64 #34

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:07/07/2010 08:40:32Copy HTML

 I go to a local Nature Reserve and walk a mile or so down to the beach where I have worn either a thong or g-string and also sunbathed in the nude. For many years this beach has been an unofficial naturist beach with little or no problems there.

My usual practice is to walk from the car park to the beach wearing shorts and t-shirt, removing these at the beach, recently been wearing my Jovana G-string to walk the beach just at the high tide mark, where the sand is still firm. On one occasion recently whilst walking back to the access from my usual sunning spot and wearing just my g-string a lady and her dog emerged from the sand dunes - the dog in a hurry to get to the beach! There was no point in rushing into my bag for my shorts and so I simply continued to stroll past her. She could see the rather minimal front of my g and as she passed she smiled and winked, I wished her a good afternoon, commented about the fine weather and continued walking, glancing back I could see she was studying my ass and still smiling.

I think we both enjoyed the day.

JM_Runs #35

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:09/22/2010 02:17:35Copy HTML

 i've been caught many times. mostly by my my mom. there have been a couple times my stepbrother saw me. it was embarassing. my stepdad saw me in a gstring once. never said anything but then again he walks around the house in tighty whiteys. i used to walk around my grandma's house in thongs but she got upset (she's a huge prude). pretty much my whole family has seen mme in my thongs and i have been caught quite a bit. it dowesn't matter now who sees me at this point of my life, as long as the cops arent called and hauling me away for indecent exposure. hahaha.
hotbunz1969 #36

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:09/29/2010 08:38:29Copy HTML

I was caught earlier this year in my smallest suit. I do weekly garden maintainance for a lady with a large house and pool, she is really sweet and has always said I can use the pool if I want to cool off. Thinking she was out, and it being a very warm day, once I had finished my work I thought why not, it would also give me the chance to try out my new pouch front onesided thong for swimming, I slipped off my shorts and top, spending a moment to put them over the back of a lounger, then dived in. I swam around for a while before I realised my client was standing pool side with a cold drink for me!! I must have gone scarlet!!! She thanked me for all my hard work, said the garden was looking great and said she was just on her way out, but not before she had seen me get out of the pool and caught another look at my amazing suit!! 
worcesterthong #37

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:10/06/2010 12:40:55Copy HTML

recently I was travelling in europe with my secretary as i needed some help because of a hip and hernia surgery.In the east we have male secretaries as many females are shy to work along side with men.ialways carry my thongs either olafbenzor manstore and a few of the more risque ones like tendenze or eros.Iin the room early morning i normally ordr tea and am invariably in my thong nobody of the waiters have ever cared.well instead of room service it was my secretary there to tell me about the appointments and transport arrangements.i was alittle shocked but as a male said come in and behaved as if it was normal.During the briefing  he kept looking at my bare arse and my front which was semi tranparent showing my XXX. Since he has been with me for thirty years,he asked what is this type of underwear. told him it is a thong or string etc.i boldly asked him would he like to have one and try it,sheepishly he said yes.Well  the next day he lost his shyness and showed me how the gstring fit he is a total convert
ps being dark and having a slim body he looks quite CUTE
flthongbutt #38

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

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getting caught is the best part!!!
hotbunz1969 #39

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

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Here here! 
JM_Runs #40

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

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 Recently, I was at a friends house and came home with my clothes covered with black dog hairs.  Needing to do some laundry anyway, I took the basket out to my washer and dryer which are located in the barn in my backyard.  My backyard is somewhat secluded by tall hedges but there are gaps.  Put a load of clothes in the wash and decided I'd better wash the jeans and t-shirt I had on too, with the dog hairs.  So, I stripped off my jeans and shirt in the barn, put them in the washer...only wearing string thong underwear.  I figured I could make it to the house okay without being seen.  I made it to the house without getting caught.  Went inside and got a bottle of water and decided I was just layout in my yard, again since the hedges pretty much walled in my backyard.  Took my water, spread out a towel, got settled and closed my eyes.  About 10 minutes later, I looked over and my neighbor next door was looking through one of the gaps in the hedge.  I jumped up, wrapped the towel around me and apologized to her.  She told me, "silly boy, you take that towel off right now and get back out there.  You got something I hadn't seen in years and keep on doing what your doing."  I love my neighbor!
Tanned Bum #41

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

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Earlier this year we went on a family cruise vacation with 31 members (another story in itself).  This past friday I went out with a female coworker/friend  for a couple drinks after work. She asked me about my cruise because she is thinking about going on one. As we talked I told her I had pictures on my phone of the ship and islands. After I showed her a couple of the ship she wanted a closer look and took my phone and zoomed in on it. Then she proceeded to scroll through my pictures. Before I knew it I heard "Oh my God Are you in a thong?" But she also noticed I had a few female cousins drinking/hugging posing with me in the shots. We joked around for a few more and talked about work Then she asked me to see my cruise pictures again, and promised if she saw something she didn't like she would block her eyes. As she was viewing my snorling pictures when she came across me in a white Joe Snyder thong sitting on the beach. My suit was wet totally transparent and left nothing to the imagination. OMG again. I explained my wife took that shot to be funny. I reminded her she was supposed to block her eyes, she replied "only if I didn't like it" After a few more pictures I got my phone back and explained to her I was a little embarassed that she saw my pictures. She said " you got nothing to be embarassed about your good looking and in shape, not to mention you are pretty large". I almost choke on my beer.  We had a couple more drinks and called it a night.

thong_jock #42

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

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 That's awesome u thonged in from of family members, Tanned Bum I am taking my kids on a trip to hawaii in a few weeks and don't plan on thonging around them as they are at the age that I don't want to em-bare-ass them. [Nice one, huh?] I've thonged around friends before but not around any straight friends. Like when I came out as a gay man, I'm sure my fear of what my friends would say is far worse than what they would actually think. It's like if they really are my friends they shouldn't give a stink what I like to hit the beach in. I will be wearing bikinis on this trip and plan to have some thonging time alone on various occasions.

I remember years ago friends seeing pics of me in a skimpy speedo on vacation and all they said was 'nice speedo' [somewhat sarcastically] but they are still friends. You should post your thong pics on here!

steve543 #43

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

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 I haven't been caught, as such but this morning my mom discovered some of my thongs and no doubt now knows I wear thongs all the time. She didn't say anything specifically about them but she did mention my undies lol.
Beachlover492000 #44

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

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Like some of the others, I’ve been “caught” by the pest control guy who barged into my backyard unannounced. He was a lot of more embarrassed than I was because I’m quite proud of my g-strings and love having people see me wear them.  The main place I got “caught” was at a Jamaican resort. At the time I was working for a very conservative company whose dress code was suits and ties in muted colors. In Jamaica I wore my thongs almost exclusively during the day. One day I heard someone calling my name and looked over to see one of the guys from work. He was a member of an “elite group” which thought themselves above “peons” like me. I ignored him hoping that he would think he a just seen someone who looked like me. It won’t help if he went back to the office saying, “Hey you’ll never guess whose bare butt I saw in Jamaica!”  He called out to be again later in the week and I ignored him again. Back home I never heard anything about the fact that he spotted me so perhaps he came to the conclusion that he had only seen a guy who looked like me.  Nevertheless I did have a reputation. At one point I went to a costume party as a Native American dressed in a tiny loincloth that displayed the sides of my hips completely. Word of that got all around the office. At a previous employer, I’d worn the same costume to house party, and the host had posted pictures of me on the department bulletin board, so even my co-workers who had not attended the party got to see a lot of my skin. I was actually very cool with that.
731fishy #45

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

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I was staying at a friends house this weekend. I slept in the guest bedroom, and I always sleep with a thong g-string or bikini and usually a t-shirt. This particular night I wore what I wore during the day, a tiny black male power silk g-string and shirtless to bed. During the middle of the night I had to use the bathroom. Having to go and thinking everyone is fast asleep I head to the bathroom with only my string. On my way back I get caught by my friend's mother who is leaving her bedroom to use the bathroom as well. She herself thinking no one is awke is in nothing but a thong and braless in an old t-shirt. I've seen her in a thong once before as she was getting dressed and her door was open a little.  We both kinda stare at each other what seemed to be forever. And she says to me "I didn't know you wore thongs especially little ones like that?" I just said "Yea, they're comfortable and I like them". As I became kinda embarrassed, she replied "Well you look really good in them, goodnight". And off she went to the bathroom, as I just watched her bare butt in her thong walk away and I hurried back to the guest room. That morning she was all smiles. 
scoutniagara #46

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

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I'm Canadian and live in Ontario.  We have a court case in progress as I type, trying to decide if being nude is illegal or not.  Even so, to be charged with being naked, a person would have to get permission from the Atorney General, who happens to be my MP and whom I have met personally.

My neighbours have had tall cedars bordering but on their property for over 30 years, and I've been using that screen to discreetly, tan naked in my back yard.  Well, last spring, for some unknown reason, they decided to chop down this screen, but I continued to tan on a lounger in my yard.

One day, the wife, came over to our house to tell my wife, that I'd been tanning in my yard naked, and that when I wear my "wraps" and bend down, you can see all of my parts.  Well, this was not news to my wife, she knows I've been doing this as a nudist all my life.  But knowing this, and the laws, I decided to not worry about what I wore in my yard surrounded with chain-link fencing.

One day, I was wearing a small pouch string thong in my yard, not trying to hide from anyone.  My neighbours were outside in their back yard in their pool area and saw me, they thought, naked.  I went back to sunning and shortly, my wife came out to inform me that the police were next door.  I figured what it may be about, and soon, I had a call at my back was two police officers.  I wrapped a towel around me and approached the officers to allow them into my back yard.  The officers informed me that my neighbour had complained that I was "parading" around my back yard naked and that their daughter was afraid to go into their yard to use their pool.  I undid my towel to show the officers that indeed, I was not naked, and that their 22 year-old daughter wasn't a factor in any discussion.

As a member of the Federation of Canadian Nudists, I was aware of the law, and that if indeed I was naked, it still wouldn't have been illegal in my backyard.  I told them about the removal of the cedars and how I've tried to be discreet about my tanning.  They said that it was their duty to report the incident and requested that I continue to be discreet and that I seemed to be well informed of the laws pertaining to "nudity" 174 as compared with "sex" 173.

Law 173 (regarding sexual acts) "Sunbathing. Mere nude sunbathing is not of sufficent moral turpitude to support a charge for doing an indecent act. (Beaupré (1971), British Columbia Supreme Court)"
Law 174 (regarding nudity)  Under "Annotations", it is also stated: "This offence is not aimed at conduct such as swimming nude at an isolated beach, even where the accused misjudges the loneliness of the beach." (R.v. Benolkin et al., 1977)"  This would apply to a backyard, too.  It's interesting, that the law as written at the moment, would also make it illegal to wear something that would "offend against public decency or order."  Who judges what offends public decency or order?

So, I  will continue to tan naked, and "parade" around my yard wearing a thong, till the court case is settled this May of 2011...and if my parts hang down while wearing a wrap, don't look!

Popeye1 #47

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

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I've been meaning to tell this story for some time. It's not a thonging story but it is one of the funniest "caught" events I've ever seen.
   Here in Vermont, during the 70's there were a lot of us young (then) hippies that lived in rural vermont. Nudity was very casual, certainly everyone was naked swimming and most of us were nude at home during hot weather and around each other. There was an old farming couple that lived near us that were barely making it. We regularly helped them out around the farm especially during the haying season. One very hot July day, a group of us were helping get hay in the barn, most of us were putting it away in the loft while Katie headed out on the tractor to bale the hay. Did I mention that Katie was absolutely gorgeous in those days? The tractor pulled a baler that baled the hay and then kicked the finished bale into a wagon that was towed behind the whole thing. Well, Katie got out in the back field, the sun was shining and hot, so why not take of her shorts and top and sit on them while she caught some rays. I'm sure you see what happened next. That's right, the wagon was full and when Katie looked for her clothes they were no where to be seen. She soon realized that she  had baled them somewhere in those 150 bales of hay. I'll never forget how beautiful she looked coming into that barn yard, naked, tan and sweet. all of us surprised and then laughing, the old couple both grinning with delight. The farmers wife, brought Katie a shirt and told her not to worry, "I always wanted to do that myself". Those were such great days. Peace, Popeye
kawasaki #48

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

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LOL ! Yes, those were the times ;-)
I think you will never forget that moment!
ThongLoverOBX #49

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

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Living here in prudish Greenville, SC you have to be careful not to be "caught". People don't mind their business and tend to make a big deal out of nothing. But every now and then you just have to go for it! One time I was doing some thong tanning on my deck. The people who lived behind me (a preacher and his wife) saw me and completely freaked out, yelling and knocking on their window. A few minutes later the phone rang... it was them! They started giving me a speach about how people are outside and don't want to see me naked. I just hung up the phone. At the time I was probably 15 or 16 years old. I got very nervous and waited for the police to arrive. Fortunately nothing happened. Another time was when I was about 18 and got finished working out at the gym. I knew they had a "modest swimsuit" policy for the steam room but decided to be brave and wear my black thong. At first I was the only one in there but a few minutes later a woman came in and sat right beside me. Obviously she saw the thong but didn't say anything about it. About 15 minutes later one of the gym's employees peeked his head into the steam room and saw me in my thong (but he only saw the front part). Fortunately he didn't say anything either but gave me a strange look when I left.
texan1964 #50

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

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have been caught many times in a string or thong and have been caught nude too by the lawn guy and pool guy too while tanning nude think they like too see ok by me
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