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JM_Runs #51

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:04/11/2011 01:28:41Copy HTML

Not sure what the big deal  is when you say being caught, I don't hide the fact I have a great tan line. Just as I don't hide out when I go to the beach. I can remember when I use to be shy and not walk the beach but over the years I have to realized that my choice of swim attire is just that my choice and I have a pretty good looking body and I don't hide it. I don't flaunt it either but I surely don't hide from anyone.  Call it self confidence, call it what you like but for I don't hide so there for I can not get caught. 
bryger #52

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:04/20/2011 12:36:01Copy HTML

I suppose I can't get "caught" since I'm more than willing to show off to anyone, any time, anywhere, legal. lol
jbjb21 #53

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:04/23/2011 04:31:07Copy HTML

 i wanted to let my mom know so i had her do my laundry and eventually she grabbed one of my joe boxer thongs and said "why do you have butt floss?" she didnt really care so that was cool. so from then on before and after a shower i would walk around in my thong and she would see me and wouldnt care or say anything.

i dont walk around in my thong in the locker room at the gym though. im not gay at all but the guys at my gym are really kinda macho "mans man" men and would totally misunderstand my thong wearing. its a shock to alot of men and women that straight men wear thongs but i dont understand. first of all most women wear thongs because of how comfortable they are i dont know why they are so freaked out that they are comfortable for men too, you know what i mean? and second of all its the best underwear i have ever worn. best support feels like nothing is there and they are fun. and i dont even own a high end thong.
JM_Runs #54

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:06/29/2011 09:24:54Copy HTML

I was caught in my dorm room of all places.  I was working out in my room just wearing my Andrew Christian almost naked thong and sneakers with my back facing the door.  It was at the end of the year so most kids had already moved out so housing was going into all the rooms to clean them.  I was in the middle of doing lunges and the next thing I hear is my door being unlocked and the people cleaning rooms got quite the view of the back of my thong.  I quickly turned around and tried to act normal which isnt easy considering not many guys wear thongs at my college.  They apologized and left the room, but it was a great thrill to have someone I dont know see me in a thong.  When I left my room later I got some looks but I didnt really care at that point since thongs are the most comfortable things I have ever worn and I shouldnt feel ashamed if someone sees me in them.  I look forward to working out in my room next year in just a thong and hopefully nobody will barge in my room this time!
thong_jock #55

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:07/02/2011 03:52:52Copy HTML

 our neighbor came by our house yesterday with his 2 kids to tell us they were having a party and there would be lots of cars over the weekend. I was tanning in my black muscleskins thong. I covered up my bulge with my shorts since the kids were there but if he was alone I would have let him see. not sure if he saw anything or not though.
JM_Runs #56

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:07/05/2011 06:36:32Copy HTML

 A few days ago, the dormitory driers that I was using caused the fire alarm to set off. As a result, people from my dormitory office came to the laundry room and took all of my laundry with them. They probably saw my thongs when they were taking my laundry out of the driers, and embarrassingly, I had to go to the office to collect my laundry. Here is another story of how I got caught. When I was in high school, I used to stay after school so that I could go to the toilet and take pictures of myself in a thong. One day, I had to meet my guidance counselor after school. But since he had to pick up his children at a nearby school, I had to wait. So before meeting my adviser, I went to the toilet to check myself out in the mirror: I wanted to see how I looked in the thong that I was wearing that day. I pulled down my pants and was posing myself in front of the mirror when suddenly a guy rushed into the toilet. Since the mirror was quite close to the entrance/exit door, he saw what I was doing. So, I quickly pulled up my pants and immediately left the toilet. I was worried if that guy would tell others of what I had done in the toilet. Fortunately, there were no rumors about me.
Joes2salty #57

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:07/06/2011 07:56:20Copy HTML

I've been using the pool at my friends apartment complex, but before I continue let me say that there are two pools. A larger pool close to the front, and a smaller one tucked away in the back that not many people know about or use. In fact, most of the time that I'm over there there is nobody around. Well today I decided to head over to cool off considering it is hot as hell in texas and I have no a/c in my truck. I didn't see anyone so I removed my shirt and shorts and went for a swim in my red joe snyder thong. Then, when I was laying out to dry off, I hear a door opening... A woman in her early twenties comes out of an apartment with her dog, and I know she saw me. She didn't say anything, but I know she saw me and was probably a little shocked by my attire. Her friend comes out later and they soon leave, but after that I was wishing that someone else would come out so they could see me in my thong.
DoreFan #58

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:08/06/2011 07:04:28Copy HTML

I was wearing a thong and sitting out in my backyard enjoying the sun and occasionally running thru the sprinkler when my boss came by. She scared the heck out of me because I wasn't expecting her. My heart jumped and I spun around to face her. We talked for a bit and when my heart calmed down, I lead the way up the stairs with her following, so she would have had a full on view of my butt with a thong disappearing along the crack. We sat and talked for a while and when she left, I lead the way back outside.

I was wearing a very conservative traditional style dark blue thong. Fortunately I wasn't wearing one of my more revealing thong, or one of my micro thongs. But to her credit, she didn't flinch at all. She never made any comment and she didn't seem shocked at all. I guess I'm impressed because she's just a young thing, so she displayed a lot of maturity for her age.

I would have to say that's the first time one of my bosses has seen me in a thong!

Does anyone have any similar experience with a humorous situation like this?

BaltoBob #59

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:08/06/2011 03:00:38Copy HTML

Never had a boss come to my house unexpectedly. If she shows up again then, no problrm. If she calls first, put more clothes on. You weren't doing anything wrong either way.
DoreFan #60

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:08/08/2011 05:20:48Copy HTML

Bob, I didn't mean I thought I did anything wrong. My boss just showed up, afterall.
I was just impressed with her maturity and discretion seeing me in a thong like that, considering her age. (I sure wouldn't mind seeing her in a thong too - she has a smoking hot body!)
JM_Runs #61

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:08/09/2011 12:53:11Copy HTML

 Does your boss live close to you? I am amazed that she came to your place without telling you beforehand. 
DoreFan #62

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:08/09/2011 07:05:30Copy HTML

She doesn't live too far away. I work at home, so that's why she drops by once in a while.
Tanned Bum #63

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:11/10/2013 03:12:14Copy HTML

I posted a reply back up #41.

On birthdays and Christmas, a female coworker and I  go out for a drink. Since she saw some vacation pictures of me in a thong, she will tease me now and then all in fun. Last week we went out for her yearly birthday drink. As we were up at the bar just talking and recapping our summer outside work. Being an avid saltwater boater/fisherman, she is the only one at work I could show most of my fishing picture too. Since most of them I was wearing a thong or bikini. We were looking though numberous photos on my phone and she was showing me a bunch of her summer activites. I asked her if she wanted a black thong, blue thong and white one for her Iphone. She said "sure" and proceeded to said "you would never" I pulled her up on my Iphone and instant messaged her and attach me in a black then blue and a white thong. They were poses of me just fishing on my boat. I showed her and she said "hit the send" I told her I was just kidding and gave her a gift. She unwrapped it and they are little silicon thongs in black,blue,white that slipped over the home button on your Iphones. I said "there you have a black,blue,white thong on your phone. She thought they were very cool and slip a white one on her phone and slip a blue one on mine. The female bartender started laughing with us and check out mine and saw my pictures on the phone  and gave me a "very nice suit " My friend showed her a few more shots that she thought were better. The bartender asked "where I got the thongs" and my friend said " the one on his butt or on the phone?" I told her " I bought them on ebay".

   After a couple more drinks and summer time stories it was time to call it a night. I gave her back her blue thong and we said our good byes. The next day I got a text thanking me for the black,blue,white thongs for her phone. As I was reading it I noticed my pictures were sent and text her back  and asked her if she has my pictures? I got a yep back. Monday morning I asked about them and she said "they are safe".

It was a funny night at the bar.

pkthong #64

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:11/10/2013 05:18:40Copy HTML

 It's stories like this Tannedbum, that got me hooked on this board in the first place. Thanks for your posts!
bbyrne78 #65

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:12/23/2013 11:48:07Copy HTML

Over the weekend Andrew and I spent some time over at North Belongil beach. Frequented by nudists, once you move away from the car park, it you really get the feeling that you are the only person on the beach. Locals will stroll through with dogs, some pleasantries and they're gone, leaving you in peace.

Andrew and I set up about 150m from the car park and was surprised to bump into his new executive assistant. She is in her mid-50s and was a very successful business woman who decided to not fully retire but slow down by taking a slower job as an EA. Although we were both out of her field of view we quickly realised that she was going to take advantage of the legal clothing optional beach.

As the beach was filling up, I walked over to say hello and you could say she was very surprised to see me. We made some small talk and I pointed out that Andrew was about 50m away and he would respect her privacy and stay where he was. Since he was not nude, it would have been bad form to walk over to talk to someone who was.

After chatting for a while, I think we were both comfortable with each other and she suggested that next time we use her beach house in Sunshine Beach near Noosa. I quickly agreed. This was one cool lady.

All the while I wore was a baby pink sheer vision 469 WW and a 334 Bandeau. We both acted like it was the most normal thing in the world. Although she didn't once want to go over to say hi to Andrew, she did wave when she left. Overall a pretty nice day.

Love Bren
DesertThong #66

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:12/26/2013 08:07:24Copy HTML

A long time ago, I bought some cotton thong underwear with no lining and went to beach near Laguna Beach with a female co-worker. We had dated a couple times, knew each other's bodies, and I thought it would be exciting to wear them. She was stunned that I wore them...although I now realize that I was an exhibitionist. There was not much support and you could tell there was junk flopping in there. Luckily, we knew no one else and were only interested in each other. Clearly they were non-lined when we went in the water. The water was cold and I only went in once. I went back and laid on my towel face down until the underwear dried a bit. It turned her on and she got more daring as the afternoon wore on...rubbing lotion on each time reaching in the front, leaving her hand in there for a while, and checking the goodies. It scared me. That was wild day.
Tanned Bum #67

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:12/27/2013 02:44:13Copy HTML

See #41,63.

My female coworker/friend  and I did our usual Christmas trip to the local bar after work. After hanging out after work for a while and drinking a few adult drinks, the conversation turns from work to our personal lives. We were talking about Thanksgiving how I have 40+ relatives over for 2 days of not stop eating. We were panning through my pictures of Thanksgiving and food and went right to the summer shots of my fishing. She said she still has my thongs shots on her phone. After looking though my phone pictures I said "it doesn't matter you seen one you seen them all not a big deal". She pulled up me in a semi sheer blue thong and said "looks like a big deal" and start laughing and handed my phone back.
  We swap gifts every year and normally they are scratch (lottery) tickets. I handed her $30 worth of tickets and she won a total of $20. Which is better than we normally do. She handed me a shirt box, I said we "only swap small items" She said "I know" I opened the box and it was 2 bright printed thongs on hangers. She handed the empty box to the bar maid and here I sat at a full bar with 2 thongs. Where did you get these? She got them on Ebay. The people next to us must of thought we were freaks.

I think this is a first time anyone beside my wife other than myself bought them. I told her my wife might not approve of this, she said "it's funny and it's not like I see you in them" and we kept laughing. She reasured me nobody at work will know.
JM_Runs #68

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:01/17/2014 05:55:56Copy HTML

 The first time I was caught by a co-worker was the first time I had ever worn a thong in public, my GF at the time and I had gone to the beach for the weekend and I had finally talked her into wearing a G-string for the first time and she said she would only wear one if I did.  So I agreed and we both had on white G-strings tanning and swimming on a crowded beach in Pensacola back in 1988, and since I was going to school in Biloxi I figured the distance from friends was safe, low and behold when we came out of the water after first time getting the suits wet (and completely sheer) while walking to our towels we heard someone call out my name and when I looked it was one of my classmates wife his GF who were calling to me.  So since it was no longer a secret we just faced the situation head on and walked over as nothing was an issue and when my friend tried to make an issue of us in G-strings his girlfriend commented on how she wished she had the courage to wear one and my GF said if she wanted one she would take her to the bikini shop and get one and she could join us on the beach the next day.  The girls said that why not go now and we could tan today instead of tomorrow, and my friend ended up getting one as well because his GF said if I wore one for my GF he needed to wear one as well.
mrhb2008 #69

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:02/06/2016 12:49:45Copy HTML

 Not really caught while thonging but...  I am a union formwork carpenter in SoCal.  After work each day I change out of my work clothes and into some shorts & a T.  I wrap a towel around me, surfer style, to change out of the jeans.  I guess one day, about 2 weeks ago, the towel slipped and one of my co workers got a glimpse of my thong.  Apparantly, this is now the talk of the jobsite.  Yesterday, one of the guys said to me, "Some one told me you wear a G string.  Is that true?"  I responded, "Yeah."  The other guy who we were working with added, "He's a weird motherf***er!"  Nothing else was said.  I was really expecting to be getting a ration of shit from the guys (being mostly macho mexicans) but they just love to talk shit amongst themselves & no one has given me any grief.  Surprising!
NudeNArizona #70

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:02/16/2018 09:58:00Copy HTML

 One time while I was living in Hawaii I got scheduled for a class in Ms. so since it was a long flight I left Friday evening and arrived on Saturday prior to the class starting the next Monday. So having all day Sunday to myself I decided to go to Sand Island on Sunday . So while laying out by myself in a pretty isolated part of the island I decided to wear just a sheer baggie made from stocking material. So after about an hour of sunning I decided to go for a walk looking for shells. As I searched for shells I passed a few people but nobody seemed to care what I was doing or wearing then when I turned back toward my towel I saw that 2 girls had been walking down the beach behind me then as I got closer I recognize them as two girls who I had been in a prior class with so as I walk by I said hello and went to my towel. At first they didn’t recognize me then a few minutes later they came walking over to my towel debating on weather I was naked or wearing something because I was laying facedown. As they approached me to solve their debate they both were shocked when I turned over and they realized who I was.
whitebull #71

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:02/17/2018 11:27:49Copy HTML

  When I was stationed in Germany in the 80 s it happened to me all time
Sharon73 #72

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:02/18/2018 03:57:55Copy HTML

 We have a clothed beach nearby and several of my friends and a few co workers have seen me there in my thong
svqergo1 #73

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:02/28/2018 03:26:57Copy HTML

A year or so ago, I was on a business trip with a co-worker.  The customer we were visiting didn't have room for us to work at their facility, but wanted us nearby so we both worked out of our hotel rooms.  I took a break one afternoon to get some sun in my thong in the area just outside of the indoor pool/hot tub.  I was lying on my stomach reading a book when I noticed through the window my co-worker inside in the hot tub.   I quickly put on my shorts.  A few minutes later, he came outside where I was.  When I rolled onto my back, he looked over at me and had a very surprised look on his face.  I'm guessing he saw me in my thong earlier but now wasn't sure if it was me or someone else. 
Tanned Bum #74

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:04/29/2018 04:27:31Copy HTML

See Post 41,63,67
It's been a while since I posted about my female co-worker.  We were out for a drink after worker (bonus payout celebrate). I just got back from a week in Florida (Dayton/Hollywood) for my daughter college cheer-leading and a Cruise (see under Questions Cruise ships). We talked a little about work and how my bonus is twice hers and I have to pick up the bill. She asked to see my pictures of the cruise. Years ago I was reluctant, but she basically has seen it all,  seems to support me and so far hasn't shamed me at work. 
As she was viewing my pictures of Dayton beach and cheerleaders, she asked if I wore a thong on the beach. I said we really didn't have time to hang out on the beach, but I highly doubt I would with thousands of college kids.

Then she came across the cruise pictures and stopped and started zooming in. Seemed like she was inspecting a couple shots. I asked "What are you doing?" She pulled away and then showed me a zoomed in picture of me on the beach. Yep that is Nassua.
She said " Are you wearing a G-String?" I said "No a small thong."
Her voice got a little louder with beer "That is a G-String" she said.
"Shhh ok ok" I said.  It was a micro pouch maybe 3" with string sides that form a y in the back.
She looks me straight in the face and asked " How do you keep it all in there?" I replied "I manage". 

Now I have this feeling a couple of middle age women next to her are listening to our stories.  She panned though some more and took notice I had a few new G-strings. I told her I bought them for the cruise and didn't know the pouch was so small.  She saw a picture of me on the snorkeling boat and asked" whats up with the Speedo", I was wearing a Skinz Rio over my G-String. I really didn't feel like having my butt uncover while snorkeling and on the boat with 50 others.

After a couple more drinks and gambling stories on the cruise ship she saw a couple pictures of me resting on the beach.  " It looks like you are not managing here!" and start giggling like a kid. Ok enough I said.

I had to make a trip to the men's room. When I get back I see her talking to the women next to her. One of the ladies went on a Royal Caribbean cruise last year and asked how was Carnival. I had a couple pictures of my stateroom and food pictures. My friend showed them my pictures and then scrolled back to the cabin pictures. It was the bathroom picture with my G-strings looped on the clothesline in the background. She asked the ladies if they were G-Strings and they all agreed, and she showed them a picture of me wearing one. They said I looked good and they lady that cruised said she had fat guys in Speedos on her boat.

We finished up had a few more chuckles. She said I need to manage better if I'm going to wear a G-string.  

Saturday morning I get a text. It was a screen shot of Wikipedia Thong vs G-string.
NudeNArizona #75

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:05/02/2018 12:45:34Copy HTML

 When I lived in Key West I had a part time job working in a bar/restaurant. One day I got off early from my day job and went to Atlantic Shore Resort, where I laid out nude as I regularly did.

After a little while I decided to walk down the pier which had steps that went down to the water. As I was walking I heard a female voice that sounded familiar, calling my name.  I turned around and said hello and it was Christy, a girl who also worked in the restaurant. With a huge smile on her face said “I’m surprised to see you here!. I mean ALL OF YOU! Which I can’t say I mind looking at!”

I hadn’t noticed her laying on her lounger because I didn’t make it a habit to stare at the others as I walked by. Christy was there with her friend.  Christy was nude and her friend was topless with a G-string bottom. Her friend was a little more shy and just said hello.

I told them I was going to go cool off in the water and ask them to join me. Christy immediately got up and her friend decided to stay put. We went and cooled of in the water. When we decided to climb the steps to go back to the pier Christy made sure she walked in front of me. She said it was so I could enjoy the view! She then invited me to layout with them, as long as I didn’t mind hanging out with a naked chick.

After that we would regularly go there together. Christy said she enjoyed the male nudist company. Her friend rarely joined because she didn’t really enjoy the scene.  
JM_Runs #76

Re:Caught by co-workers when thonging

Date Posted:10/26/2018 03:06:19Copy HTML

I want people to see thongs and g-strings as normal, so not a fan of ridiculous elephant thongs or making the act of wearing a thong something to be laughed at or ridiculed. However it is good to know this chap does not regret and is not embarrassed by his thong stunt, even though he later got fired. Glad to know he got another job, and that others like his bravery, "apparently people have bowed to him in the street."
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