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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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sailor250 #51

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:12/07/2008 08:26:00Copy HTML

Paris Hilton on Miami Beach ended up exposing her thong underwear and thong tan line- must have been soaking up the rays in a thong!

sailor250 #52

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:12/09/2008 12:40:11Copy HTML

Cameron Mathison is a guy US soap opera actor on All my Children is denying it but check out the pictures
sailor250 #53

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:12/11/2008 04:21:32Copy HTML

Nicole Kidman's thong underwear is showing!

sailor250 #54

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:12/11/2008 04:44:04Copy HTML

Jennifer Aniston had been wearing a thong- look at the tan line on the far butt  -from back in 2004
sailor250 #55

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:01/02/2009 11:59:41Copy HTML

Dasha Astefieva shows off her thong thru her dress then pulls it off-no thong tanline

sailor250 #56

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:01/09/2009 02:15:26Copy HTML

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi on the beach TNiT (imp thong) with a hand from boyfriend getting rid of tanlines-making a stir in China I hear

sailor250 #57

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:01/09/2009 02:29:30Copy HTML

Mena Suvari in new style thong shorts bikini
sailor250 #58

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:01/21/2009 09:45:08Copy HTML

Marisa Miller better get her butt outta that bikini before she loses her thong tanline!
sailor250 #59

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:01/25/2009 02:53:06Copy HTML

Lady GaGa
Let's be honest, when the record company met me I was onstage at a bar in a thong, lighting hairspray on fire, singing songs about oral sex.

"They must be the only major label on planet earth asking a female pop artist to put more clothes on," she wryly notes.


sailor250 #60

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:01/29/2009 03:35:51Copy HTML

Sauna Sands on the sands of SouthBeach

back for some TNB tanning
ready to change suits? on the beach
her new thong purchase!
sailor250 #61

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:02/07/2009 05:36:13Copy HTML

RIP Lux Interior thongwearing musician

Interior usually wore stiletto heels and tight leather clothing, but often stripped down to a thong during shows


John Mayer comments on thongwearing- so does Jennifer Aniston

sailor250 #62

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:02/12/2009 08:49:39Copy HTML

No new pictures but Goldie Hawn in a thong making the news

<script language=JavaScript>OAS_AD('ArticleFlex_1');</script>She wondered aloud to the crowd at the State Theatre on Monday, Feb. 9, about whether or not she should remove a film clip showing her in a thong. The shot was part of a career montage that preceded her speaking engagement with Smart Talk Connected Conversations
sailor250 #63

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:02/19/2009 02:15:47Copy HTML

Kayne West's dancer girlfriend  Amber Rose is fond of thongs

sailor250 #64

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:02/20/2009 11:28:15Copy HTML

Pam Anderson thongs it up in NYC


sailor250 #65

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:04/02/2009 02:18:08Copy HTML

Lady GaGa wearing thong on stage performing recently

GymThongGuy #66

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:04/04/2009 06:30:13Copy HTML

I've seen a few WWE wrestlers show a thong now and again...any screen caps of that out there? I have only seen a few. I guess Hulk Hogan has a thong tanline and it's been seen on his show briefly. Sailor250, you seem to have a gift for finding these things...if you run accross them please do share. Thanks for your consistent work on this particular topic. It hasn't gone unnoticed.
sailor250 #67

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:04/24/2009 01:00:12Copy HTML

Spice girl Mel wears a g string for her Vegas show- click on picture to see it all!

sailor250 #68

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:04/26/2009 03:26:32Copy HTML

Queen Elizabeth II- ?a thong wearer   ---it's a satire
given a thong by Michelle Obama along with Boom Boom Pow!

sailor250 #69

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:05/22/2009 02:02:22Copy HTML

?Hofit Galan at movie premiere


sailor250 #70

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:05/25/2009 08:14:52Copy HTML

Lady Ga Ga was given a citation in Chicago for showing too much ass!:

""But earlier this year Gaga committed the ultimate sin of baring too much of her bottom in itty bitty hot pants while out in the streets of Chicago and scored herself a citation."I was on my way to a festival, I was on the street and he (a police officer) stopped me. He said ‘put your ass up against the fence’, there were kids around so I guess he wanted me to cover up my bum - quite a bit was showing," Gaga explained. "But it was quite an epic moment for me, I was up against the fence going ‘it’s fashion, I’m an artist!’ I signed his ridiculous piece of paper and left. I was being wildly disrespectful to him, he looked like some park ranger on a bike."

Looks like the new American Idol is a thonger too!  TMZ says:

What a difference a few months makes -- now Kris Allen is your "American Idol," but last year he was just a guy from Arkansas asking for a pink thong.TMZ dug up Kris and his wife Katy's online Target wedding registry, and hidden among the saucepans and the cutlery sets is a request for one pink thong -- an "angel pink mesh" thong to be exact. Looks like the plan paid off -- they only requested one, but were given two.Allen got hitched to his long-time girlfriend in September 2008. Evidence suggests they are happily married .
sailor250 #71

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:06/07/2009 03:11:56Copy HTML

Penny Lancaster- Rod Stewart's girlfriend on the beach

Kirsty Gallacher thong seen thru dress

sailor250 #72

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:06/07/2009 03:21:00Copy HTML

New BlackEyedPeas music video has several thongs- Fergie's ass in a thong at :55

sailor250 #73

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:06/07/2009 05:27:31Copy HTML

Well not thongs but "speedo stars" guys in speedos- for those who oogle or laugh?


Hey looks like this Berusconi thing has more thongs than I thought...check out the spanish newspaper's pictures....the one of the nude guy isn't nude- I think he's wearing a thong with a cut out for his equipment which looks ready for action!

sailor250 #74

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:06/13/2009 06:59:13Copy HTML

Riley Steele in a microthong bathing suit ?movie set

sailor250 #75

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:07/27/2009 01:04:41Copy HTML

More of Natalie Portman from Lost in Translation


more Jennifer Aniston on the beach

Kate Hudson in a thong dress
TBSJ_03 #76

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:07/27/2009 05:11:50Copy HTML

 The pictures of Natalie Portman are actually from the movie Closer, which I must say is a great movie.
sailor250 #77

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:08/01/2009 07:33:01Copy HTML

You've probably heard of the Berlusconi scandal about the topless models at his house in Sardinia.  there were published pictures...and a picture of the former Czech prime minister- reported as nude by the pool- well you tell me it looks like he shops at Tendenze (look at photos, bottom left)  It think he's wearing this suit!  check out the TNT pool


sailor250 #78

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:08/17/2009 01:55:19Copy HTML

Linda Hogan in an orange thong at The Standard on Miami Beach- bare ass under her sweatshirt on the way to the pool
walking around
sailor250 #79

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:08/20/2009 01:12:07Copy HTML

Hey here's a celebrity topless thong wearer on South Beach getting a lot of publicity today- Amber Rose, Kayne West's girlfriend.---the turkey he's fully clothed on the beach with her TNVstring!  Pictures popping up everywhere.

no pics

all the pics- nice orange V string- can't make out the maker- has rings like a WW but the back's too V'd

sailor250 #80

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:08/21/2009 01:21:04Copy HTML

I heard Lady Gaga was spotted wearing pants last week- thank god that's over- back in a thong!
taken at LHR airport- hope she didn't stick to the seat after the flight!  BTW the stateside security line was backed up for hours when they told her to remove those boots---look at those million laces!
sailor250 #81

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:08/27/2009 01:14:55Copy HTML

Look at this "butt tree"
Looks like a thong of moss!
sailor250 #82

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:10/03/2009 06:47:03Copy HTML

Looks like Rihanna should wear a thong- she's commando and "it" shows!
jprob50 #83

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:10/04/2009 04:24:36Copy HTML

I love her look in that dress. Great shoes too!
sailor250 #84

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:10/06/2009 12:12:51Copy HTML

Katherine Heigl from an old movie in one piece thong suit


Here's Else Benitez in those backyard sunbathing shots that caused controversy

sailor250 #85

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/06/2009 03:22:04Copy HTML

Here's Coco that's IceT's SO in a gstring on Miami Beach


Adrian Curry shows off her muscles in her thong
the muscles that count!
sailor250 #86

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/07/2009 03:20:41Copy HTML

Lady Gaga's out in London in a thong under sheer dress!

sailor250 #87

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/19/2009 02:22:41Copy HTML

here are some more Twitpics from Coco in her G string on Miami Beach- apparently she/they live in Sunny Isles area.  Interesting point of view photo there.

in her pink G
sailor250 #88

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/23/2009 02:33:19Copy HTML

Lady GaGa in the latest video wearing several thongs including shot of her ass nude 2:42  white thong ass 4:14

sailor250 #89

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/24/2009 01:05:42Copy HTML

Another pop music girls group not afraid to show some cheek or wear a thong:  Paradiso Girls  there's a picture out there of the group with Chelsea,the blonde wearing a pink thong.  I'll have to keep looking

sailor250 #90

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/29/2009 03:41:20Copy HTML

Nicole Bahls in Rio in a pink thong on the beach

sailor250 #91

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:12/02/2009 02:48:26Copy HTML

Rachel Uchitel- Tiger Woods mistress???  Sure looks good in her white  tie string thong on the beach in St Barts! 

Notice the source- Fox News loves thongs!   "....before being fingered as Tiger Woods other woman"---who writes this stuff!!

sailor250 #92

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:12/03/2009 11:36:03Copy HTML

Vida Guerra wears thongs at work and we like it


Elisabetta Canalis George Clooney's new girl friend wears thongs at work too

sailor250 #93

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:12/27/2009 01:49:08Copy HTML

Pamela Anderson laying out in a thong video

Cindy Crawford not new
sailor250 #94

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:01/02/2010 01:17:34Copy HTML

Lady Gaga out and about in her lace dress and thong/bra
at the airport
on stage
on the run
playing around in public with another woman's thong that's showing more than usual
in Maxim mag in one piece thong
thong and tattoo hosiery
sailor250 #95

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:01/04/2010 02:46:06Copy HTML

Lady Gaga now the front of her thong!

model Melissa Satta on the beach
sailor250 #96

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:01/12/2010 02:34:36Copy HTML

Jamie Fox showed his thong- I don't know how serious he was- no pictures yet


Pam Anderson is basically TNG at NZ fashion week runway

JM_Runs #97

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:01/25/2010 06:43:45Copy HTML

Celebrity Big Brother UK


sailor250 #98

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:01/26/2010 12:56:59Copy HTML

Miranda Kerr shows thongs in GQ


Snooki from Jersey Shore TV show (?celebrity- ok)  showing thongs with her tanned ass- but tanning at a tanning bed I'm sure.
sailor250 #99

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:02/08/2010 03:09:46Copy HTML

ESPN's Merril Hoge exposes his thong in Miami!!!
Lorraine Nicholson wears a thong to tan- we see her tanline!!!
thong_jock #100

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:02/08/2010 02:37:09Copy HTML

 Meriil Hoge in a thong...that is HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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