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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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sailor250 #101

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:02/09/2010 02:49:41Copy HTML

Vida Guerra working out in a one piece G string suit
sailor250 #102

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:02/12/2010 01:15:52Copy HTML

Olympic Skier Julia Mancuso is now marketing thong and boyshort underwear.  Here's her picture wearing a thong and skis!  it's called "Kiss my Tiara"  the thongs have a miniature dangling tiara

Kate Moss models a "harness" as a thong- you gotta see this

John Mayer in his slingshot thong on the cruise ship.  That's how he keeps his "white supremisist" from getting tanned.
sailor250 #103

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:02/14/2010 01:08:21Copy HTML

Here's video of Merril Hoge exposing his thong on Miami Beach!
sailor250 #104

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:02/18/2010 11:24:23Copy HTML

Lady Gaga wears a half thong thing onstage at Brit Awards.  Like we know the thong side can cause creep in the front toward the non thong side- well she may be showing more than she even wanted.


Paris Hilton in Rio with VTL and wearing thong in the sun

these slide back suits are backinstyle
karlheinz #105

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:02/23/2010 06:10:51Copy HTML

sorry, here without the HTML stuff around it...

here are some thong pics of hayden panettiere

fergie from the black eyed peas

and singer gwen stefani
sailor250 #106

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:03/09/2010 12:51:22Copy HTML

Belen Rodriguez wearing a thong on Southbeach

and another one--they have that bra strap style top popular in Brazil
BarelyCovered #107

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:03/13/2010 05:38:45Copy HTML

Lady Gaga in a thong!


Stop the clip at 4:08 min.

BarelyCovered #108

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:03/13/2010 05:48:20Copy HTML

Found it on youtube to:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQ95z6ywcBY   <-- better quality
sailor250 #109

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:03/14/2010 01:29:29Copy HTML

Pro Surfer Alana Blanchard in thong short style

sailor250 #110

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:03/16/2010 02:33:48Copy HTML

Adrianne Curry (in the kitchen---a real surprise, cooking - a real surprise) in thong (no surprise- but looking good)
sailor250 #111

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:04/20/2010 01:22:09Copy HTML

George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis walking down the beach- most places show her fantasic front view- Sailor finds her thongggged rear!

skysoldier #112

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:04/23/2010 06:06:00Copy HTML

Nice one, they are really hot and fabulous specially wearing thongs!
sailor250 #113

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:05/05/2010 02:14:35Copy HTML

Brooke Hogan wears a white G string on southbeach--with cheeky shorts over- but we notice!
sailor250 #114

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:05/08/2010 12:18:08Copy HTML

Did anyone see the Lady Gaga performance on American Idol TV show?  Her backside in her thong was heavily edited- http://x17online.com/celebrities/lady_gaga/lady_gaga_not_happy_about_how_her_american_idol_performance_was_edited-05072010.php

her Alejandro sounds a lot like Madonna's San Pedro.
here's the network feed, ass out from the side at 2:40


here's a longer version- no ass unveiling shot a 2:50


the unedited version without her from behind at unveiling but long shot from behind climbing the stairs

In all it looked like Idol editing tittilated with the unveiling- America watching said "hey she's wearing a thong" then didn't show it as much later1

On Miami Beach Brooke Hogan wears some slightly less cheeky boyshorts while her Mom Linda wears a red thong-let's hear it for Mothers.  You can bet as soon as Miley Cyrus is snapped in a Brazilian cut or thong bikini Brooke will have her tanned ass out in a thong on SouthBeach
sailor250 #115

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:05/10/2010 07:50:54Copy HTML

Lady Gaga took off down the street in Stockholm in a lace thong see thru front and well the world's see it all now!

her "ass"ymetric thong during a performance looked great!

and he gets paid to do that!
sailor250 #116

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:05/15/2010 07:47:58Copy HTML

Well bloody good.  Sam Cam is already spotted wearing a thong under her sheer skirt.  That's the wife of the new British Prime Minister.


Fergie (black eyed peas- not British royalty)'s husband liked the thongs he saw in Rio- hope he bought her some more!

Sarah Palin in a G string? - it's a body double ya betcha
sailor250 #117

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:05/20/2010 01:28:00Copy HTML

OK OK maybe Miley didn't have to wear a thong on the beach- but it will happen!  Here's Brooke Hogan in a thong- got to tuck that label in- there

don't recognize that maker- ?One Love
all over the place

British TV Kerry Katona
sailor250 #118

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:05/23/2010 02:05:15Copy HTML

Here's a photo from Rolling Stone Magazine cover 1996- Jennifer Aniston with a very visible thong tanline.


Mayra Veronica in a string sling

sailor250 #119

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:05/31/2010 08:45:02Copy HTML

OK so it happened in the opposite order I predicted.  Here's Miley Cyrus in Mexico--well that's not quite a thong but look at all that cheek!  It's a brazilian cut or more.  She's working up to a thong!  When she wears one there will be some cultural attention paid to that- it will become more OK with some younger girls.


Russell Brand spotted with his thong showing over his pants
sailor250 #120

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:06/06/2010 06:18:58Copy HTML

Mandy Moore lets Brazilian Cut show more Butt
Anna Kournikova showing her thong on the court- yeah made my ball go up my leg too!- importantly no tan line showing!

sailor250 #121

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:07/03/2010 08:09:43Copy HTML

Elisabeta Canalis wearing a thong with her thonged friend on Lake Como Italy
Coco wears a little thong on Miami Beach
JM_Runs #122

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:08/14/2010 06:14:49Copy HTML

 Not necessarily pro or against thongs - but here's an interesting video:  John Cena (WWE) strutting around in a G-string, gold shoes and a crazy afro!


sailor250 #123

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:08/17/2010 01:52:45Copy HTML

Jenny McCarthy was "host-ass" of a Las Vegas costume party---wearing a sheer skirt and little white thong for everyone to see---no tanlines in sight!



Adrian Curry wore a thong costume at a StarWars convention- too much for someone to take!


Snooki shows her bare tanned ass again!
JM_Runs #124

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:08/17/2010 09:38:16Copy HTML

 Much better pictures of Adrian Curry's getup at the Star Wars convention:  http://starcasm.net/archives/61107

Sunson #125

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:09/10/2010 12:06:56Copy HTML

One of the most famous polish celebrity (singer) at the new years eve 2009.http://www.kozaczek.pl/plotka.php?id=13322&b=1&cyt=1&idk=680509
Sunson #126

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:09/13/2010 12:33:23Copy HTML

 @Nicksthong - as you can see, I am from Poland, and Doda (Dorota Rabczewska) is a famous polish celebrity (singer) so I can see her pretty often in TV or the net. Type "doda" in polsih google, choose pictures and u´ll see how slutty she´s dressing. Her ex husband (polish goalkeeper) was also caught on wearing thongs, but I cant find the picture now.
Meanwhile - polish actress - 48 years old - http://www.kozaczek.pl/plotka.php?id=1181&b=1&cyt=1&idk=25661
nicksthong #127

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:09/13/2010 01:07:34Copy HTML

Sunson, thanks for the pics!
abadonmi #128

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:09/15/2010 06:57:03Copy HTML

Here is another Polish celebrity Sunson should be familiar with - Iwona Wegrowska (also a singer) in her Wicked Weasel thong bikini and stiletto heels (sic!) on a boat on lake Michigan (Chicago 2009).


There is 13 photos of her on this webpage. BTW, the boat itself belongs to one of my former customers (of course, a married guy...)

Sunson #129

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:09/17/2010 08:47:11Copy HTML

 Haha yeah, of course I know her, but I didn´t want to post the pictures of her, cause she´s one of these attention whores and brings shame for Poland:)But if U already posted her pix, I must say, her butt is soooo flat that it´s almost grose. Even mine is 1000 times better lookin:)
Now, something better from Poland - actress, little bit bigger but fine with me - micro thongs under the dress - http://www.lansik.pl/14246/liszowska-wcale-nie-chudnie-zdjecia/1/
And another, for me, one of the most beautyful polish actress (just dont tell my wife:) - http://www.zeberka.pl/art.php?id=2460She was trashed by every magazine for her outfit - http://www.zeberka.pl/art.php?id=2460
reficul2 #130

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:09/26/2010 06:39:25Copy HTML

Brigitte Nielsen


from site: http://www.signatureillustration.org/illustration-blog/2008/12/berlin-2008-helmut-newton-exhibition/
sailor250 #131

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:10/06/2010 10:55:58Copy HTML

Here's an oldie from the movies- Claire Daines in a thong on the beach

sailor250 #132

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/06/2010 02:15:34Copy HTML

Here's Demi Lovato in a  wide thong suit-I think this is the next popular suit for girls- look out- notice that all the ass is exposed that a low thong would show- but there's more coverage up to the lower back

Vin Diesel admiring thongs on Brazilian sand sculptures

here's Fergie from BEP on the beach in a black thong in Brazil
missrebecca #133

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/06/2010 05:30:21Copy HTML

I love Demi Lovato's bikini! you could get away with wearing that just about anywhere and it's still sexy

JM_Runs #134

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/06/2010 12:36:48Copy HTML

 Thats more the cheeky look. Fergie perfect thong body.
sailor250 #135

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/18/2010 02:35:54Copy HTML

Natalie Portman in a thong in her latest movie- not the first time for her.  May be a sign of thongs moving toward mainstream?


Leighton Meester  wears a dress with a bit of thong a lot of ass showing

sailor250 #136

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/18/2010 03:28:28Copy HTML

Kim Kardashian goes shopping for thongs- we watch
french_tanga #137

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/18/2010 04:12:31Copy HTML

Natalie Portman : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1330605/Your-Highness-Natalie-Portman-wears-VERY-tiny-bikini-new-film.html
missrebecca #138

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/19/2010 08:54:09Copy HTML

Wow smoking hot Natalie Portman!
treasureisland #139

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/19/2010 10:57:34Copy HTML

I second that missrebecca. Hot and a great actress and her ass is bottyliscious.
Camloser #140

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/20/2010 03:34:55Copy HTML

 Yes, her booty is better than I thought it would be. Always thought she was cute, but now I can see she is HOT :)
sailor250 #141

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/23/2010 03:14:05Copy HTML

Here's a collection of thong exposing dresses on celebrities- enjoy these

sailor250 #142

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/27/2010 01:33:45Copy HTML

Singer Kesha posing in a thong leotard and rollerskates

JM_Runs #143

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/27/2010 11:09:08Copy HTML

Anyone ever heard of Keyra Augustina?

...all I can say is DAMN!!!



sailor250 #144

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/28/2010 02:43:32Copy HTML

she's an Argentine model from BA  she's on facebook.
sailor250 #145

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:01/01/2011 04:06:30Copy HTML

I think it's been mentioned that Natalie Portman will appear in a thong in a new movie. Not her first thong wearing scene!!  Seems the trailer preview had to have a conventional bikini back painted in to get by the American censors.

sailor250 #146

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:01/04/2011 11:18:52Copy HTML

Chloe Sevigny in a thong on southbeach this week.  This high waisted "big" thong may be the next generation of women's suits and thank God for the ass exposure!

Interesting beach picture- that's her teenage son I think
sailor250 #147

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:02/22/2011 02:24:59Copy HTML

Mistress of S Carolina Governor boating in a thong- hey I'd hike that Appalacian Trail- that's what he told his wife where he was going!
elisabetta canalis (george clooney's girlfriend) on stage with Avril Lavigne in San Remo in a thong!
for old time's sake here's Ali Larter in a thong and a way too short dress on the street in california- now she's just had a baby
Sunson #148

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:03/09/2011 06:53:36Copy HTML

Another polish celebrity (theater actress) Natasza Urbanska. She´s nice and barely dress slutty, so this outfit was the main event that night. However, she wasn't criticized, as people used to do, only when some thong was seen.




JM_Runs #149

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:03/10/2011 03:35:14Copy HTML

 Britney Spears, in OUT magazine shows off in a high-cut one-piece thong leotard.

sailor250 #150

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:03/20/2011 09:13:54Copy HTML

Karissa Shannon wears a green thong for St Patty's day.  "Baring" of the Green I'd say
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