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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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sailor250 #201

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:07/20/2012 01:54:34Copy HTML

mack_back #202

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:07/20/2012 03:29:54Copy HTML

Sailor 250 :"Elisabetta Gregoraci, Flavio Braitore's wife in a thong


Seeing all the people looking and laughing at her or smiling in the background seeing her in a thong. The female on right behind the male shoulder talking to his bikini wearing girlfriend or wife about wearing a thong is so wrong. Bet the string bikini girlfriend beside him was little ticked off seeing a mom with her son in a thong in front of her. Just saying... It's not always guys getting laughed upon wearing a thong that people see but models as well. Can anyone wear a thong anymore without people overly reacting like school children?
JM_Runs #203

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:07/20/2012 05:29:12Copy HTML

mack_back - they are not laughing at her - She is laughing at you http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2012/07/19/article-2176101-14212245000005DC-767_634x870.jpg
thonglife #204

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:07/20/2012 12:27:07Copy HTML

Don't forget Elisabetta's husband is or was once a thongwearer himself -
mack_back #205

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:07/20/2012 01:18:47Copy HTML

  1. JmRuns yes she is certainly laughing all the way to the bank.  With a lot of F **k you money everyone can kiss her ass. Models have egos some people feel jealousy towards her so. Lot people watch her being a celebrity hope she gets embarrassed or labeled a whore from paparazzi articles. Nice work she contrasted taking her son for a walk in her thong. Using him as a shield people can't lust after seeing her holding hands with a  todler.
  2. She doesn't need anyones appoval her friends on the yauht are enough. The other little people can envy her lifestyle. Different if she was poor civilian...
sailor250 #206

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:07/26/2012 01:35:31Copy HTML

Cecilia Rodriguez on south beach

sailor250 #207

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:08/24/2012 01:33:45Copy HTML

Marcia Cross is Desparate Housewife wearing a thong under her dress at the beach


Of course Prince Harry woulda shoulda coulda worn a thong butt didn't

sailor250 #208

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:09/05/2012 01:17:11Copy HTML

SophieTurner wears a skirt that well shows off her thong!



surfer Kelly Slater attracts numerous thong wearing chicks on the beach


sailor250 #209

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:09/16/2012 01:32:43Copy HTML

We've all heard about them- I've only seen a few but the Kate Middleton topless photos in France include one or two from behind and she's wearing a very cheeky suit---I'd have to closely "assess" if it qualifies as a thong- probably does by my definition  ( no cover outside of half way out on each side at a point half way up the crack) 

Still looking for a link....too bad their privacy was disrupted- but it looks like we have a very high profile TNT celebrity  (topless n' thong)
sailor250 #210

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:09/17/2012 10:01:46Copy HTML

yes Kate is in a thong!


and they're concerned about "butt burn" too


sailor250 #211

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:09/25/2012 01:32:44Copy HTML

Elisabetta Gregoraci wears a thong at Milan fashion show


"ass right" yeah


wow Sophia Vergara split her dress and she's crack'n a thong under there- nice cleavage!

sailor250 #212

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:09/27/2012 01:44:00Copy HTML

Adrianne Curry in a thong costume again


LAdy Gaga in a thong- new body with large A- that's the correct spelling now!


well Kylie Minogue can't wear a thong with this drass---that's a new word for dress with ass!

sailor250 #213

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:09/29/2012 02:11:40Copy HTML

here's a story about a British singer taking her trash out to the trashmen in a thong sorry no thong pic

sailor250 #214

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:10/01/2012 12:58:51Copy HTML

now here's how the photos taken would look if Prince William was from Spain!  These are people from the TV show GH2012
sailor250 #215

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:10/12/2012 12:30:20Copy HTML

well as usual I should file these under Miami Beach- where the most thongs on celebs are seen

Claudia wears a new style one piece thong with  a lace back


Courtney Kardashian wears thong underwear  underwhere? underthere!

Heather Clem now famous for Hulk hitt'n her wears a thong too- maybe we'll see two thong tanlines participating??

sailor250 #216

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:10/22/2012 01:53:45Copy HTML

OK this is celebrity no thong wearing!

Kim Karashian who's setting the trends (she'd like to think) decided to wear a see thru dress without a thong- it's daylight- no flash strobes required but this is Miami Beach


Then no pictures thank God, Christina Aguilera tells a talk show host she doesn't wear underwear- she likes to feel free- "pu$$y power" she said on cable tv!
kawasaki #217

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:10/22/2012 02:21:08Copy HTML

Kim Basinger takes pictures of her daughter : http://www.hln.be/hln/nl/7996/stars/photoalbum/detail/1521552/1188943/2/Kim-Basinger-58-fotografeert-dochter-17.dhtml
sailor250 #218

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:10/31/2012 10:09:20Copy HTML

Jessica Cirio in a micro thong on southbeach


DJ Pauly D close to a V string  chick in Vegas here...hey pro DJ that bracelet will scratch that vinyl!  I know but wow what will your elbow feel.

sailor250 #219

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/21/2012 03:18:33Copy HTML

Ke$sha wears a thong on NBC Today show


Lady Gaga rolls around in cake in a thong then bathes it off with other girls in thongs too

sailor250 #220

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:11/30/2012 02:25:11Copy HTML

Suelyn Medeiros in her thong in the Bahamas


more tumblr treasures of her thongs and G's most in Miami

sailor250 #221

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:12/04/2012 12:05:04Copy HTML

OK Lori Levine on Santa's lap in a thong!  She's been nice and naughty he'll get her anything


Miss Butt Brazil line up


Eliza Doolittle lazing around in her thong leotard - cream in your coffee dear?

sailor250 #222

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:12/11/2012 01:58:54Copy HTML

hey look Rihanna has a thong tanline in her tweets


Russell Simmon's girlfriend on south beach  ass a nice suit

Jennifer Nicole Lee on southbeach
Claudia yet another thong

sailor250 #223

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:12/13/2012 01:47:31Copy HTML

OK here's one- football QB Aaron Rogers with a thong visible during a game


Well she's wishing she'd worn a thong- or maybe this was all planned.  Ann Hathaway got her cooch caught by the papps which getting out the car in a slit dress and crazy boots.

sailor250 #224

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:12/13/2012 02:02:08Copy HTML

here's another I almost forgot   Ellie Goulding in a see through dress with nips and conservative thong viz


In other relevant news for us skinny dippers

Christina Aguilera said that on Sundays she and her husband go nude all day around the house

Jessica Biel after marrying Justin Timberlake said she loves being married because she always has someone to "swim naked with now"
sailor250 #225

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:12/22/2012 02:56:51Copy HTML

Claudia now TNT topless n thong on southbeach

sailor250 #226

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:01/06/2013 03:14:10Copy HTML

Ass War!! will the real JWoww please show her thong!

Seems some unflattering photos of her ass peeking out from under her "dress" caused her some pain so she turned to twitter to show everyone her ass is not that bad!!  OK the light is bad in that club, and it looks like it's not tanned.


LeeAnn Rimes gained a little weight in all the right places

Bunga Bunga   Nicole Minetti is wearing a thong on southbeach

sailor250 #227

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:01/17/2013 02:00:49Copy HTML

Nabella French Reality TV star shows her ass tatt in her thong on southbeach- where else?

sailor250 #228

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:01/20/2013 11:33:28Copy HTML

get a thong!  I'll spare you the picture but Justin Beiber tweeted a pic of his ass with his jeans pulled down....so teenieboppers will now have seen a bare male ass- so a guy in a thong won't burn their eyes out!
sailor250 #229

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:01/22/2013 02:26:58Copy HTML

Katie Price is going to sue the  Bahamas hotel for these TNG sunbathing photos- tiny white G!  she's got a garter tatt now


tit's tnot tlike this is the first ttime
sailor250 #230

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:02/07/2013 02:10:26Copy HTML

Ryan Lochte wears a "speedo" in a album cover redux.  Damn it I'll do it right, get them on the phone

sailor250 #231

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:02/07/2013 02:20:39Copy HTML

Jodie Marsh tweets her sweet tatt'd ass in a jeweled thong

sailor250 #232

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:02/09/2013 02:44:14Copy HTML

Draya walking around in a thong- fine ass girls YAAA

sailor250 #233

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:02/16/2013 03:16:22Copy HTML

Nicky Minaj in a thong bikini


Josh Duhamel will wear a thong for Fergie

sailor250 #234

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:02/28/2013 11:06:31Copy HTML

celebs in a lingerie show enjoy the views




Karina remember her from the Catalina show Miami
JM_Runs #235

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:03/06/2013 08:24:21Copy HTML

sailor250 #236

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:03/15/2013 01:44:56Copy HTML

OK here's a first!  A name that ass celebrity thong quiz.  Think of it as the ASSAT for admission to University of Tannassee

You should ass , ah ace, this test if you've been paying attition to Profasser Sailor250 for the last couple of cheeks, ah weeks.

sailor250 #237

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:03/17/2013 01:20:41Copy HTML

Amy Jackson puts the wood in Bollywood!


Christina Milian and friends tweeting their tanned asses off on vacation in Mexico oh yeah look at Lizzie's ass QQ

sailor250 #238

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:03/26/2013 12:46:30Copy HTML

did Taylor Swift dump him over this?
sailor250 #239

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:03/30/2013 01:36:15Copy HTML

Big Ang Mob Wife thongs on ?Ft.Lauderdale beach- no one's looking at her bare ass!

JM_Runs #240

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:04/01/2013 03:36:42Copy HTML

sailor250 #241

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:04/05/2013 01:07:31Copy HTML

Theresa Ortiz in PR


hey Amy your areola's are showing- and we're looking- dig  that thong


Irina in a thong again

JM_Runs #242

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:04/07/2013 02:44:31Copy HTML

Leann Rimes has a very nice derriere
sailor250 #243

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:04/11/2013 11:50:57Copy HTML

only in Miami!  Florencia in a thong



The Farrah Sex in a thong- you'll soon see what I'm talking about!


Adrianne's posting on Titter, ah Twitter again- TNT

sailor250 #244

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:04/16/2013 12:34:44Copy HTML

Irina butt again in a thong

JM_Runs #245

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:04/22/2013 05:41:32Copy HTML

sailor250 #246

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:04/29/2013 01:18:56Copy HTML

Kim K showing a maternity thong in a sheer panel skirt???


Vida Guerra and Miami- natural thong pairing


hey did I get that on my screen? oh some other guy got in on her top!!

kohler1977 #247

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:04/29/2013 10:52:53Copy HTML

For me I think Natalie Portman and Katherine Hiegel, in there early years of acting, had scene with thongs on. They had great looking butisimos
sailor250 #248

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:04/30/2013 01:45:29Copy HTML

Look what Ryan Seamencrust is missing- almost thongs on them asses
sailor250 #249

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:05/13/2013 12:54:22Copy HTML

OK these chicks with Brooke Vincent dropped their bottoms for this photo= butt two have thong tanlines!

sailor250 #250

Re:Celebrity Thong Wearing

Date Posted:05/21/2013 01:32:16Copy HTML

Kesha's gotta wear a slingshot or not with this dress


Lizzie Cundy in a hot black thong bikini

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