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Date Posted:06/20/2008 10:49:00Copy HTML

This subject has come up before, but I'll be more direct. At the current rate how long do people think it will be before social norms have changed so that men wearing thong swimwear and underwear are accepted as reasonably 'normal'? What can be done to speed that process along?

On the positive side acceptance is increasing.  From a position a couple of years ago when I would not have allowed people to see that I wear men's thongs as underwear, I've moved on to not being too conscious of who sees me changing with thong underwear, and to wearing thong swimwear when possible. I've now found two public (UK) pools which although not being exactly thong 'friendly', are certainly thong tolerant (+ one that wasn't), a number of foreign hotels and beaches which have not reacted to me swimming in a thong.

My best experience was two weeks in a small hotel in Greece, where staff and guests were tolerant of me swimming in a thong, a beach where there were families, teenagers, couples and singles, and elderly people who wore everything from nothing / nude to thong bottoms, topless, rios, bikinis, trunks and boardshorts without comments, and SCUBA diving with a thong under the wetsuit. Anyone who has dived will know that the objective is to get as little air as possible between your body and the wetsuit as that improves your bouyancy stability (SCUBA divers like tight wetsuits for a practical reason, nothing kinky about it!), that is one of the reasons why women like minimal bikinis when diving, and thongs are perfect. I've even had a drink in a cafe next to a Greek beach wearing just thong swimwear with no problem.

So acceptance is coming, even if it is still unusual and worth a second glance. But I reckon it will be at least 5 years before thongs on blokes are more evident, and probably 10 years before they are no longer worthy of special comment / joke. After the first 50 or so people will stop making any comment, and just start to accept it. Bikinis on women probably took 20 years to become the social norm, certainly on European beaches, and they have generally got smaller ever since. Until that time I am afraid, those who are pushing the boundaries will just have to accept a bit of comment to benefit from the comfort of wearing thongs!
The Swan #1

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/20/2008 02:42:43Copy HTML

IMHO: If fashion trends repeat themselfs the thongs will be more popular in a few more years. 

I've noticed that fashion seems to come young people who want to wear whatever their parents are not wearing. 

So... if Dad has a bald head, junior want a head full of hair. 

If Dad's trousers are form fitting junior wants baggie trouser's. If Dad's swimwear is big old baggie dork shorts ...

johnbar5251 #2

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/20/2008 04:46:50Copy HTML

 Good news that you have found thong tolerant pool in the UK. Shame one was not tolerant. Could you share this information with the board?
Ex_Member #3

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/20/2008 05:33:00Copy HTML

Partly. I've contributed before that I have swum in a thong reasonably regularly at one major city pool, early morning, for about 18 months with no problem, and a couple of times at another pool, again without a problem. So whilst working in a different city I was encouraged by success and managed to swim three times before being approached and advised that as it was a 'family' pool I would need to wear something more conservative. Very politely done but I got the message, and don't believe that rocking the boat does 'the cause' any good. I said before, and the situation hasn't changed that I think the acceptance of me swimming in a thong is very fragile, and do not want to do anything that could potentially harm that position, and advertising their thong tolerance may do just that. So no, anyone who wants to swim in a thong will just need to test the water themselves!
pkthong #4

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/20/2008 08:13:19Copy HTML

  From the looks of things as noted on a recent rip to Cancun,I think it will be a long time if ever. There were maybe 5-7 guys in anything less than dork shorts out of hundreds. The attitude of my friend's teenage son was what I believe most men's is. If you are not a conformist in this case then you are either a perv or wierdo. I wish it were different but I am glad that I have built up some confidence in being "that guy",partially thanks to this board.  I may only be reflecting the sentiment from an American p.o.v., I hope that things are a little better in Europe.
skinzthong #5

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/20/2008 09:08:46Copy HTML

pkthong....you need to go further south next time to Mexican Riviera, or even to Tulum, thongs much more accepted there...
as well as TOPLESS on women, with bikini, rio or thong bottoms on the womenalso, I believe they are much more accepted at all inclusive resorts in Mexico than typical hotel or Cancun beach stretches...any other comments from those who know the yucatan area?
Ex_Member #6

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/21/2008 01:45:39Copy HTML

 In north america? Probably not in our life times. People freak out at the idea of sexuality being shown to their children and some people are just uncomfortable with sexuality altogether. And even though a thong doesn't mean sexuality in itself a lot of people still associate them with that.

Another problem is too many guys out there trying to be a macho man. They must have the image of a hairy, beer drinking, hard working man who is big and strong with rough hands at all times. Anything less is a sissy and in their minds a man wearing a thong is not manly and probably gay. Funny though how these men seem to be the most insecure people of all eh? So far in my experience women find men who are confident in themselves sexier then posers trying to fit into a manly image. I would like to know who wrote the rule that a man can't wear a thong and not be manly anyways. Body builders have been known to wear "posing straps" when modeling and this is the only public incident I can think of a man wearing a thong or thong like garment without being labled gay.

What we need is some good media exposure of men in thongs. Something that the media CAN'T pick on either like a fat hairy man in a thong or someone being arrested for public thong wearing. Incidents like this just make the band wagon people jump aboard and say "oh my God that is so wrong. NO man should wear a thong.... EVER". But if athletes or famous "manly" men had a bit of regular media attention of wearing thongs then that image might start to turn around. Hell even those male model calendars girls buy with some men in thongs would help.

I also find it funny how models, celebrities and hell even body builders can shave and wear skimpy clothes and been seen as sexy. But your average man doing either of those is considered disturbing. I hate the way people think sometimes.
ohiothonger #7

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/22/2008 03:39:28Copy HTML

Three things have happened in the last two days which make me wonder what answer to give you.  Two were the reactions of real people who were not threatened by me wearing a thong swimsuit.  The other is a decision by a major retail chain in the midwest to stop selling men's thong underwear.  This just gets me back to my position that most people (60-70 percent) are not bothered by a man in a thong, but that "big business" and the media want to keep a man's buns covered up.  I can understand retail swimwear stores prefering to sell $60.00 boardshorts to $20 thongs, but I also think big business is being "pushed" by others to try and dictate what we can or cannot wear. 

Item 1 -- Yesterday, I went to Heuston Woods in Ohio for a couple of hours.  When I am in the area on business and the weather and my schedule permits, I take in the beach there.  I have been doing this for years, and have not had any negative experiences, not even a "put some pants on" comment.  This lake has a youthfull crowd more than some of the others in the area, but the youth are college aged, probably in college or recent graduates.  There are always groups of all women, all men, and mixed groups, as well as familys which on weekdays often are mom's and the kids.  I moved to a mostly empty part of the beach and slipped out of my shorts, exposing my thong.  Due to the bad beach conditions due to the rain and flooding of the beach area, I was limited and could not find a place totally to myself.  The area I chose was probably 200 feet away from all other beach goers except for a young woman who was about 20 feet away with a 3-year old girl.  She watched as I slipped out of my pants, then I overheard her telling the girl I was wearing a thong swimsuit.  Usually, I don't ask people if my thong offends them, but she was a lot closer to me than I usually like to set up, and was obviously trying to explain why I was dressed diffently than most other men.  I ask if my swimsuit was okay with her and she said she was pretty progressive and didn't see anything wrong with it.  After that, we started up a conversation where she thanked me for asking, then added that the world is a pretty messed up place when a man feels he needs to ask others about wearing legal swimwear.  She pointed out that women wear thongs at the beach and even go topfree occationally, and nobody seems to mind that, and that it is a double standard that some people do not accept men wearing thongs.  She then ask me if I wanted to help build a sandcastle with her and her daughter.  As we played in the sand with the girl, we continued to discuss double standards, politics, and the way our freedoms are being limited.  I learned she was married, but did not consider me a threat and she admitted that having me play with her and her daughter would only help her daughter to be less judgemental.  It was a very friendly and positive experience.

Item 2 -- I went to the Meijer store to do some general shopping.  While I was there I decided to pick up some new underwear.  (Like most men, I let my underwear deteriorate until they barely are identifiable.)  There were four displays of underwear, each about 10 feet long and with 5 or 6 shelves.  Among all this merchandise, there were none with a thong design.  In fact, there were only about 10 packages with conservative white briefs, with everything else being boxers or some boxer relative.  A saleslady who was stocking the shelves ask me if I need help and I ask if they had any thong underwear.  She said that I might check a display of discontinued items, since the store's upper management in Michigan had decided to stop stocking thongs and all briefs except for white briefs.  She said she couldn't understand this decision since colored briefs, low rise briefs, bikini briefs, and thong underwear all had been selling well and needed to be restocked often.  She said even her high-school son had started wearing thong underwear and the last pairs she got for him were at K-mart. 

Item 3 -- I went to Ceaser's Creek and layed out for a couple of hours in my thong without any issues.  While some people have written that they have had problems or that other they knew had problems with the rangers and/or other law-enforcement officers at Ceaser's Creek, I never have in the 10+ years I have thonged there.  I did as I usually do -- got there fairly early, found an area where I wasn't invading on anyone elses space, and stripped down to my thong.  I go for swims, catch some sun, read, and basically act like anyone else, except that I am wearing a smaller swimsuit than most other beach goers.  Several other groups came along and setup near me, including three women with 4 kids in tow.  They giggled a little when they first saw I was wearing a thong, but decided to set up right next to me anyway.  After they were there a while, one of the women came over and said she liked my buns, and how she wished more men would wear thongs to the beach.  We started chatting about men in thongs and women going topfree and the next thing I know she is taking her top off!  We continued to talk and she seemed pretty comfortable topfree, but when the ranger patrol started heading our way, she got a bit shy and put her top back on.  She encouraged me to put my shorts back on or at least flip over so my bare buns would not show, but I just stayed the way I was.  When the rangers (two of them this time) came along in their little golf cart, they stopped very near for a while, but seemed more interested in some people running remote control sail boats in the swimming area than in my swimsuit which I knew they saw.  The young woman who had been topfree earlier was very impressed that I was able to keep calm and not freak out when the rangers came by, like she had.  She didn't take her top off the rest of the day, but she continued to chat with me until I was ready to go.  Again, she was married, but didn't feel any threat being seen with me.
Ex_Member #8

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/22/2008 03:25:12Copy HTML

 Sounds like these were all like women in their 30's or higher to me eh? If so it once again shows that women who are "older" are not as judgemental as women who are younger.

Of your post though I find the comment about her highschool son wearing thongs the most interesting. With any luck he knows other men his age who like them too.

The store discontinuing thongs sounds a lot like the La Senza stores we have around here. My very first thong was a mens La Senza Lsuomo thong. The thongs seemed to sell very well until one day I noticed that there were only a few left. When I inquired if they were going to stock anymore of my size I was told that they were discontinued. Even the store representative didn't know why they were discontinued and said that were constantly selling out of them.

Here in Canada I've visited four provinces in the last two years and not one store carries thongs for men. I'm willing to bet that if there were a small selection available through their websites or in store we would have a lot more men trying them out. It almost makes me wish I was the owner of a store so I could stock them myself :p
Ex_Member #9

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/23/2008 03:08:02Copy HTML

 Given that at a lot of men might be embarassed to buy a thong in person it might be better to sell them online anyways. Though embarassed guys with wives or girlfriends would just probably get their mate to buy them in stead :p

I personally would like to see them in stores though. Even a small selection is better then NO selection
ohiothonger #10

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/23/2008 11:58:41Copy HTML

For DJON --

Yes, the first women was in the 25 - 30 year old area.  The second one was more like 20-25.  I had one woman last year come down and compliment me on my thong, then say "I'm over 18" which made me wonder if she was hitting on me.  I have also had young men, college and high-school age asking about my thong, telling me they think they are "kewl" (cool) and asking where to buy them.  Maybe they were just pulling my leg, but they seemed truely interested and hung around my area for hours, including me in their other conversations as well.  I think any thinking young man would wonder "why are board shorts mandatory" and/or "what is wrong with skimpier swimwear".

On the other hand, I was once out in my thong and some lady came around and put a dollar bill in the waist band.  The next thing I know, I had made $18 from other woman who saw this and followed the first woman's lead.  (One gave me a $5!) Some were pushed to do this by their beach companions, but a few were single and just doing it out of fun.

As far as the stores go, I prefer looking at what I am buying.  I am not ashamed to be seen on the local beach in a thong, where I sometimes meet neighbors and co-workers, so why should I care if a store clerk knows I buy thong underwear?  I buy my wife her tampons and my elderly mother her incontenance products without shame as well.  Stores are in business to sell stuff, and the check-out people have seen everything.  It reminds me of a scene in Woody Allens movie "Bananas".  He goes to the store to get a porn magazine, and very flambouantly picks up one after another main-stream magazine -- "I'll get a Time and Newsweek, and a Saturday Review, and a Money and one of these."  He then smuggly goes to the checkout and the burly man who is checking him out shouts across the store "Hey Charlie, How much is the Screw Magazine?"  In reality, only a store that never wanted your business again would do something like this, or try to embarase you in line.
I_wishin #11

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/24/2008 09:33:12Copy HTML

   We live in very conservative Saskatchewan, Canada...where fashions take 10 years to arrive from Europe and almost as many for people to accept.  I have been wearing thongs/g-string underwear for over 25 years and thong swimwear for around 10 years where ever and when ever I could. My wife and I wore only g-string swimsuits on our belated honeymoon to Dominican Republic three years ago with no problems. We have company/young adults arriving from Europe this summer for a visit and we know they approve of our beach fashion. So we approached the board chairman responsible for our local regional park and received approval for all of us to wear thong/g-strings on the beach. That wonderful news....obviously lightyears ahead of time....has encouraged us to go "thonging" every day for the past two weeks on the beach. A few stares, many glances, many more quick peeks, but only one rude comment from a drunk male teen trying to show off to his friends. It may not mean "acceptance" , but it does mean approval and as more join us "thonging" on the beach...it may not be long before acceptance becomes popular...our fingers are crossed :}
barefootthong #12

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/28/2008 11:48:49Copy HTML

I think we need to wear our thongs on the beach, set a good example  and simply act like wearing them is already mainstream. I expect when others see us it will help give them the confidence to do likewise. I always try and show thongs as perfectly normal swimwear.
As an example I was at the beach last week at North Carolinas OBX. Thongs and topless are legal in the Cape Hatteras National seashore.  I stopped at one of the first parking areas just into Pea Island preserve. I walked up to the top of the dune to see the beach and saw quite a few people there. Most were on the beach directly in front of the parking area.  In that area I saw a man in a speedo, with his wife and kids. The crowd thinned out quickly to the left and right. I went back to get my towel and water. As I did I passed two girls heading over the dunes. They may have been 25 to 35 years old.  After I got my beach gear, I walked back over the dune and a bit to the right of the crowd. The girls were about 50 feet from the guy wearing a speedo, where most of the crowd was. I walked past them and my phone rang as I was maybe 25 feet further. I sat my stuff down and answered the phone.  I decided to just stay there.  I pulled off my shorts which I had over my thong.  I was on my back for a few minutes, then got up to take a quick dip in the water to cool off.  One of the girls noticed I had on a thong and I saw her nudge the other girl and look my way.  I am not sure exactly what their reaction was. I think they giggled. In any event they definately took notice of my thong.  After a while I saw several dolphins swim by. I stood up to look. Then I decided to call the girls attention to the doplhins.  That gave me the oportunity to strike up a conversation with them for a few minutes.  Then I returned to my sunbathing.   A bit later as I was leaving, I spoke with them again for a few minutes.  Although they may have been surprised at first to see a man in a thong, maybe amused, I think after I had been friendly and talked to them and acted just like I had had on a pair of "board shorts" they probably left with a different attitude toward thongs and prople who wear thongs.  Maybe they will not giggle the next time they see a guy in a thong or maybe they will buy one for their boyfriend!
Tbacker #13

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/30/2008 11:55:05Copy HTML

 I just checked out the Macy's web site today and found that they had 4 men's thongs listed.  I took a drive to my local store to see if they had them there and unfortunately, nothing.

I made it a point to go to a lady working there and I asked her if they had any men's thong underware.  She seemd a bit surprised of my question and searched the underware selection as I had done previously and pointed out the small briefs they had and she said, "these are pretty small".

I told her no, I really want thongs and not briefs.  She told me that it looked like they didn't have any men's thong underware, and I told her that they really should carry them.

I don't know, but I think that little things like this might help with acceptance.   I sure wish I could go to the local mall and buy a decent thong, and I think I will keep doing this until they start carrying them.
koalafan #14

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:07/01/2008 10:45:35Copy HTML

I'm sure there are plenty of young male celebrities that wear thongs and I think that if they were open about it, that would help to increase social acceptance. There was one boy band singer from the UK that stated in an interview he was a thong wearer, but I can't think of any other similar incidents sadly.  
GymThongGuy #15

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:07/02/2008 04:45:29Copy HTML

How long is hard to tell I think, but we've sure made progress. In part I suspect that's due to things like the internet where you can exchange ideas with a veiled attempt at being anonymous. How wonderful it is to find many others who think like us...that thongs are great and perfectly acceptable swimwear or underwear. This website alone is an example of progress and I think social acceptance is a given, but at a slow pace of course.

One observation that we've gained ground is that - believe it or not - in my conservative university locker room I have seen no less than 3 thong tanlines in the shower. Other than me, I have only seen thong underwear once on a guy, but the fact that guys are wearing thongs to tan and are actually showering in the open rooms is an amazing amount of progress. Especially when the guys are in their 20s...yeah those die hard Boxer guys are thonging it! The tanline a blatant admission of what they wear and I think it's great. While our society is getting MUCH more private about 'privates' in some respects, so many of the internet generation are not at all afraid to show it off on the net. Combine that with nude recreation being at an all time high, and I think something - even bigger than thongs - is afoot. No getting naked on the net isn't the same as thonging with your buddies, but with the passsage of time these things too will reconcile themselves and maybe 20 years from now we'll be talking about how cool it is that folks show skin as much as they do. - Alas, my 2 cents.
NativeNude #16

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:07/02/2008 12:48:22Copy HTML

I’ve watched the trampled on and decline of many of our freedoms here in florida vanish as they have across the country with disbelief. Not that long ago it was not uncommon to see skimpy to nearly non existent wear on many beaches here. The number of official and non official nude use areas was staggering, with it pretty much being any beachwear was ok as long as you were not being a nuisance to others. Even at the many places wherer nudity was frowned on, if you at least had the genitals covered it would pass.

The norm has now become that anything less than a speedo is not tolerated, and even those are under the gun in several places.

Time and time again the voice of perhaps to few have lost to special interest groups. All to often those were just some group with no real justification other than being visually offended to the choice of beachwear. Those types of groups have spread to everything, controlling what we can do and how we can use our own property.

We have become buried with ordnances and laws that at first seemed harmless to the average citizen but in reality have given the government at every level unlimited power to control our lives to the point of smothering.
We have “public” beaches and lands here that are now closed to any use by the public.  If your car radio is too  loud they can impound your car so you can’t get back and forth to work. 

Gaining pubic acceptance of thongs? We are way past any hope of that.  At the rate our rights are vanishing within a few years time we will be asked “your papers please” just to do or go anywhere.  Want public acceptance of thongs or anything else for that matter?  Promote a “live and let live” attitude again, with less government, a LOT LESS government.
Ex_Member #17

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:07/02/2008 05:09:53Copy HTML

You also have to wonder how many guys are like myself. I wear thongs as my primary underwear 90-95% of the time with the exceptions being sick or otherwise not in the mood for them.

I don't go to the beach so I never bothered to get any thong swim suits, though I doubt I would have the guts to wear them anyways.

When I go to the gym it's only a 10 minutes away... so rather then bring all my clothes there I simply bring a towel and water bottle - exercise, go home and then shower and change.

So basically what I'm trying to imply is that how many guys are like myself who don't do anything to expose the fact they wear thongs OR have no interest in showing they wear thongs? I was celebrating Canada day yesterday in a massive crowd (wearing a maple leaf G-String actually :p) and I thought to myself "I wonder how many other guys here wear thongs"?

Given that we often see brief notes online stating that the demand for mens thongs are rising in demand I think we have more closet thong wearers then we realize. One could argue that even the media treads lightly on the subject... though usually playing it safe by making fun of it (some film examples: tomcats, john tucker must die and strange wilderness)

On a side note once my ex started wearing thongs exclusively she didn't like wearing regular full cut underwear anymore because "it felt like wearing a diaper". I'm having the same thing happen to me now because if I wear anything else it is taking me HOURS to get use to the feel of it. I'd love to see someone try to explain that to those "macho" men :p
BeachBum413 #18

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:07/03/2008 01:03:34Copy HTML

I thought that I would share my expierence. I have been wearing thongs as underwear for some time. I also have worn Speedo style swimsuits for years. About 3 years ago I started wearing skimpier swimsuits at our cottage. These were basically just lower in the fromt that the old speedo. I can wear them at the Y but do get some frowns, so generally I don't. About 2 years ago I started wearing reo style swimsuits at the cottage - no problems - when it was just the neighbors and us (I didn't push it beyond that though). Last year it was a 3 inch Dore and again no big issues. This year it's a Dore 3D thong and as long as I temper when I wear it - not when there is a lot of folks around like this weekend (4th) it's OK. So my story is that if you take enough time folks get used to them and it's OK. You do need to be sensitive to what others think and if you are curteous and don't try to push yourself on them they you can get away with a lot. As for how long it will be before thongs are accepted - who knows. I know that some folks have strong attitudes anbout mens swimwear and think that dork shorts are the only thing.

It was interesting watching the mens swimm trials and seeing what the guys wear. The half Speedo shark suit - waist down - is REALLY low and it looks like if you sneezed you might fall out of it. So hopefully that will help change some attitudes. So in summary I think things are changing for the better - but it really does take a lot of time. It also depends on what part of the country that you live it as some parts are more conservative than others. Go slow and make sure that the folks around you know that you are't some kind of weardo and things all go OK.
Ex_Member #19

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:07/03/2008 07:44:33Copy HTML

 I started this thread so should at least contribute a few times.There seems to be quite a difference in the way social acceptance to thongs and minimal swimwear is going between North America (US/Canada) and Europe. UKessexbob describes in another thread (UK Pools) how he is able to swim in public pools in JS Capri bikinis and occasionally a thong, and that mirrors my experience. Although I am sure I got some raised eyebrows wearing thong swimwear in Greece entirely this summer, there were no (audible) adverse comments. Similarly, there is a resurgence of interest in 'skinny-dipping' and naturism in the UK judging by the number of TV programmes featuring the naked body, so ... I am more optimistic than some contributors that thong swimwear will become mainstream, at least in Europe, possibly within 10 years. Certainly women's swimwear appears to get more varied, and that includes in some instances smaller, and something like a JS capri bikini is no smaller than some of the bikini bottoms I've seen regularly in a pool or sauna.One of my concerns is the understandable adverse reaction that results from those people who take advantage of a relaxing of clothing norms to indulge in activities of a sexual nature, which bluntly are offensive, should be confined to a more private environment and, in the UK at least, are very clearly illegal. In the same way that naturists who just wish to sunbathe and swim 'au naturel' can sometimes be persecuted and prosecuted because of the inappropriate behaviour of a few others, I think it is sensible to be least sensitive to avoiding wearing a thong at a time / place where it could be misconstrued.So where I can I'll continue to wear those OB ministrings, JS capri bikinis, string bikinis and rio thongs for their comfort, tan-line and to give them some 'visibility'. I'll keep the dork shorts for the restaurants.
summerbreeze 1959 #20

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:07/03/2008 12:01:52Copy HTML

Changing social attitudes in the USA about thongs is not going to happen. I am frustrated in the fact that I work my butt off to stay in shape at 48, and some overweight grandma or mom, would have the audacity to go to the park attendants and complain. I even go before the crowds come to the local beach, which is before 11 am, and I still get the business. 
sheerdelight #21

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:07/04/2008 06:36:48Copy HTML


I am happy to wear my muscleskins strings, rios; skinzwear rios, prevail bikinis in UK pools but recognise that they will always be the skimpiest there. Certainly I get a few looks when wearing them but no one has objected. Thongs are a no no I would say.

I haven't bought any JS gear but I might give them a go.
barebunz #22

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:07/22/2008 07:43:27Copy HTML

Saw two guys at the beach Sunday that gave me a little hope for the future (grasping at straws?) 

When my sister-in-law said "look at that guy in the white trunks!" I pointed out they weren't trunks, they were "board trousers" and will probably be available next season with pleats and cuffs.  But what had her attention was that the white fabric was wet and rather transparent and he apparently wore either a thong or nothing underneath.

The second was in the water where his wet shorts had slipped creating the "plumber look".  His girlfriend seemed to enjoy it quite a bit and he definitely liked her attention.

They just made me wonder how many among the board short herd would really like to reveal more.
BeachBum413 #23

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:07/22/2008 02:30:57Copy HTML

I'm not sure that this is so. Yes the boys do wear them low, but I'm not sure it sexually motivated. The reason that I say this is that at our lake last weekend the kids were there at out neighbors - 5 boys - none older than about 10 or so. I commented to my wife, while I had on my Dore 3d thong, that they were showing more than I was. The suits hung down to there knees and were just above the shaft in the front and some butt crack showed in the back. They had to keep pulling them up so that they didn't fall off. I think it's now a fashon thing. It's really about all that you can purchase in the local stores around here, so that's what most folks wear. There was a study a while back about womens waist lines and if you compare where a gal thinks her waist is now with some one who is older you find that todays gals think it is lower than the older generations. I think the same thing is happening with the guys. If you look at picturs of guys in the 40's they wear there pants pretty high comapired to what we think is normal today. So the boys are also wearing stuff lower and lower and it's considered normal. The thing that I don't understand about board shorts is why you would want to swim in them. I think that the long shorts thing is a trend that's bigger than swim wear - look at basketball shorts over the years. Somewhere down the line this will also pass for something diferent, but who knows what. In the late 1800's (I think that's the time frame - but I didn't look it up) there was a trend called naked fashon for women - the idea was to see how light weight and transparent the cloths were. So who knows what the next thing will be. The young will think of something to get us old folks all up in a bother - they always do,
JM_Runs #24

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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Right!  When young men find out that a thong peeking out the top of their board shorts gets there parents in more of a fluster than their friends it may be a tipping point.
It only needs one move star, or a couple of rappers to set the trend.
Maybe we need thongs with skulls or bad words printed on the rear, just to add to the level of parent anoyance !
Aiden18 #25

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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In Florida lots of girls wear thongs and lots of guys wear speedos, only a few in thongs.  Mostly highschool and college students really - an occassional "guy suffering a midage crisis" in one LOL.  Ive never seen someone under 25 wearing a skimpy suit that didnt have a beach body and deserved the right to wear one.  Its only when an older out of shape person wears something skimpy that people take a 2nd look or feel uncomfortable.

A old guy or a woman w/ a flabby pale butt wearing a thong is just funny.  Kind of like when a grandma or grandpa tries to dress like theyre a lot younger - it makes you laugh.  It just looks ridiculous.  Or a white guy dressing up like hes a black guy LOL.  Some things will never be "socially acceptable" because they're just so silly looking.
JM_Runs #26

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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To get the older men out of thongs the young men are going to have to take over and make it their generational thing.   So long as most young men are too scared to wear a thong on the beach it's going to be the few brave older men who do.

Once a new generation of young men catch on, throw off their board shorts and run screeming into the surf in thongs, only then will thongs BELONG to the yonger generation.  At that point, the older men will probably take pride in being un-acknowaged leders and retire gracefully.  But until the yong men stand up and take over, the old men will have to cary the flag.

An advantage to having some old people who thong, they are less intimidated by athority. Many are seasoned profesonals in their own rights and can talk to the police or beach athorities without fear, an without that "I old guy in athority, You yong punk" issue getting in the way.  So the few old folks to thong are parting the waves and seting up the enviroment.

Now you just have to get some of your yong friends to get over their homophobia and come join you thonging with the girls at the beach. 

You have to tell the girls you know that they should tell every hot guy they see they want to see them in a thong, or if he is allready wearing a thong that they look good. 
Most guys I know, if asked if a girl looks good in a thong would almost always say yes.  If the girls told the guys the same thing a lot more guys would wear thongs, in a hart beat.
Aiden18 #27

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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Great point JM!  I agree 100%.  :)
Ex_Member #28

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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I don't think that thongs on men will be accepted anytime soon.  Notice how the gay movement has become mainstream and accepted, yet thong wearing hasn't accompanied it?  I'm really curious what is causing society to continually backlash against men in thongs.  It seems that a thong on guys elicits some of the most fanatical opinions I've heard! I mean, I've heard more emotion expressed about men in thongs than some political arguments.  I've experienced the snide/rude comments while at the beach.  I've also read here and other places about thongs wearers being dissed/talked to/or even physically threatened.  I've even read reactions online like at "Yahoo Answers" where the response is "NOOOOO!!!! NO NO NO NO!!!" or some other raving rant like that.  What is it about guys in thongs that brings out this blatant negativism?  I used to think it was the whole gay perception - but in the last 10 years, the gay movement has gained a lot of momentum, and most people don't react negatively anymore.  Is it jelousy on the part of women that we too can look good in them?  That we're stomping on their turf?  I can't figure it out - why is society so overwhelmingly negative?
Ex_Member #29

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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Cyberluc does bring up a valid question.  The debate about such things could go on for ages, and still not get any where.  There is clearly no one cause of this.  There are Gender roles, and stereoypes to consider.  (the biggest of the stereotypes would probably be the "you must be gay" one.)  Theres also what we, as humans find attractive.I saw a program on the Travel channel that brought up the issue of the speedo type swimsuit.  Nearly all the women interviewed said that the thing that bothered them the most about it was the fact that it "left little to the imagination".....................AHA!  Apparently women like to "Imagine" that all those beach-going hunks are huge, so to speak.  so perhaps some mystery is one thing women find attractive......But wait!  One thing that I've heard said on many occasions is that women find confidence to be a major turn on.  I don't know if they noticed, but the guys who wear speedos or even thongs in public are probably really confident, to down right cocky!  (unless they lost some kind of bet or soemething... I don't know.)  So in that sense, would't such attire make said man even more attractive?If you go to any mall here in the US of A, chances are you will see a shopping bag that features either a nearly undressed woman, or undressed man.  The latter would suggest that women enjoy looking at nearly naked men as much as men enjoy looking at nearly naked women.  So in that sense, would't an attractive fellow in a tiny swimsuit be even more attractive?  Well, as many of us no doubt have noticed, probably not.  Apparently the aforemention "Imagination" may very well ovverule both confidence, and physical attractiveness as a turn on.*I guess the answer to such questions may never be known.  Why is society so overhelmingly negative?  I kind of find it interesting how thongs are conisded so feminine, and therefore so taboo for men.  Yet the original versions of the thong undergarment were worn by men.  The most notable of which is the Japanese fundoshi.On a nearly unrelated subject, I do wonder how popular society would feel about men wearing jammers, i think is the name.  You know, theyre like shorts, but they fit tightly like a speedo.  I mean one thing that women have in terms of popular swimwear is a more hydrodynamic selection...*Phisical attractiveness does not necessarily refer to a perfectly sculpted body.  In my experience, what women find attractive varies from person to person.
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Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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I just finished this thread and I'll throw in my $0.02 on the issue.  I don't think, at this point in history, that gays have anymore interest in thongs than anyone else.  I know a significant number of gay guys, and I have not ever seen one wearing a thong, or even a speedo.  They just aren't interested anymore.  My theory is that acceptance of thong swimwear by the general public is a function of two things (1) fitness and (2) free time spent outdoors.  I say this because I compare today, September 2008 to the 'heyday" of thong swimwear, which would probably be the mid-1990's.  The two great changes I've observed since then are that people are less fit / more fat (witness the obesity epidemic of the USA) and have less free time, especially outdoors.  Simply put, I thinkg the majority of USA citizens now have more of their body they wish to hide than to show off.  Back in the 1990's, I don't believe that was the case.  Yes, we have more gyms, health food stores, etc. now than back then, but for whatever reasons, they alone have not succeeded at creating a population that prides itself upon physical appearance.  

In the 1990's, we did not do what we are doing right now by analyzing the issue to death, we just got out and hit the beach, and then came home and went to sleep at night (yeah, I rememeber there was TV back then, but not as much as now).  All that outdoor free time we had in the old days has been replaced with time tied to electronic gadgets -- video games, internet, etc.  When I look at the inland lakes where I live, on any given day, I simply do not see nearly as many people at these lakeside beaches as I did during my youth -- the 1980's and 1990's.  As long as these two things remain true, there will never be widespread acceptance of minimal swimwear.  On that note, I am signing off!
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Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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 I've noticed that thongs seem to be out of style with gay men.  Small square cut suits with package enhancing rings in the front lining seem to be in with them.  I think speedos and moderate square cut suits are more and more accepted and in style, but not making a dent in the popularity of board shorts.
I see less women wearing thongs these days too.  So, maybe part of all this is just trends in styles. I think anyone who wants to should wear whatever type of bathing suit they wish. Confidence and attitude can make a suit look sexy even without a perfect body.  One theory of mine is that women are just generally opposed to men looking prettier than they do.  A hot looking guy in a thong takes the spotlight away from them...I've always found that if I ask women what they think of men in speedos and thongs, they always say it's bad.  But when I'm out on the beach wearing one with confidence but not acting like and exhibitionist, I meet a lot of women who tell me they like it and say more men should wear them.  Maybe they are just saying it to be nice.Last point: I've noticed over the years trends in young vs older people's reaction to me in a thong or bikini.  What are people on this board noticing about the reaction towards your thong from young vs older people?
JM_Runs #32

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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 On Yahoo Answers a guy asked "My thong showed and some girls laughed and said it was gay"..."Why the negative comments."

While answers on sites like this seem to bring out the most juvenile and negative comments, I  thought the answers to that question showed a better understanding and more tolerance than usual.

Here is a link to the question and the responses

I think the reason it was answered so well is because of the sub-category within Yahoo Answers in which it was posted.  Posted else where the reaction would have been a lot more red-neck and juvinie.
Beachlover492000 #33

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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If you are looking for total acceptance of thong wearing everywhere, it's not going to happen. But if you looking for the practice to gain acceptance at certain beaches, it's very possible.

My favorite thonging spot is Fort De Soto Beach which is near St. Pete, Florida. Last February the authroties closed off what had been the main thong area as a bird sanctuary. It was still legal to wear thongs and g-strings, but you had to do it in an area where the general beach population could see you. The intimidated a number of people.

For those of us who continued to thong, I think things have gotten better. I was out last Saturday (Oct. 4), and it was wonderful. There were many people out in thongs - couples, single men, two women together, and of varied ages from the 30s to retirement age. "Regular people" were walking up and down the beach and either enjoying the view or taking it in stride.

In my case a couple people wear suits asked where I bought my g-string, and commented that they might venture out in their Speedos in the future.

I think the key is, the more there are of us, the more accepted thongs will become. Some people think that thonging will become accepted if only handsome young men in their 20s do it. I don't think that's the case. If the number of people who do increases, that will make it more acceptable.
toolcrib1959 #34

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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Until the out of shape people accept the fact that we are in good shape, the jelous ones will not accept.
modelnude4u #35

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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 There could be more to the fitness (or lack therof) angle than I might have thought.
It does make sense that folks who are way overweight would not have as much interest in showing off as someone who is more fit.
rickl454 #36

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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SlidingG - You are not kidding yourself at all.  Fit is always better than flabby, regardless of age.  The fact that you are obviously a serious athelete cannot fail to impress, no matter what you choose to wear at the beach.  Seeing how you train on the beach only reinforces that first impression.  I've  seen you running and swimming, with a stroke I could never match in water way too cold for me.  You certainly don't see many dork short wearers 1/3 your age who could keep up with you either.  And anyone who actually takes a moment to speak to you will realize that you are no creep or weirdo, just a guy who prefers minimal swimwear. 
sailor250 #37

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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It's going to take a large event in this country to make people stop eating like pigs and slim down for their health- as big as the current financial crisis will make people stop trying to live beyond their means. 

It's saying something when a guy can't hardly find a selection of size 31 pants for sale anywhere but NYC, SoBe and a few other places other than luck.

America stop charging Big Macs on your Mastercard then rolling the balance into your overinflated home loan so you'll pay off your hamburger for 30years- oh the government will buy your loan -oh go ahead! Hey people are shocked at the mall today when their 401K Debit card had insufficient funds after a trip to the Gap.
sailor250 #38

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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Slightly "large" model in TNG G string in Glamour magazine causing a stir about body image

Superchicken23 #39

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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What a beautiful picture.
beachstrapguy #40

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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In my conservative town, I would be hauled off to jail if I wore a thong to the beach, and newspaper articles of disapproval would attempt to ruin my future life here.
However, the same newspaper recently run a full page article about the Kodo drum team coming to town for a performance dressed in thong type attire.  Two 1/3 page pictures cover the page displaying sweaty men dressed in their thong type attire with butt cheeks and pouches well displayed in an attempt to promote the event.

Grabeach #41

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:12/04/2012 09:08:31Copy HTML

Not at all surprising.

The performing arts have always been able to 'get away' with behaviour and clothing that would not be tolerated in mainstrem society. Think burlesque, male ballet dancer tights or what Lady Gaga wears going through the airport. I think there are even some laws that permit full public nudity if part of an artistic performance.

Not withstanding, many of us have trouble understanding some US state's hangup with showing skin, while permitting what appears to be all and sundry to wander around carrying guns!
SlidingG #42

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:12/05/2012 02:19:29Copy HTML

When the Paul Taylor dancers came to town several decades ago for a performance at the local atheneum, the city fathers expressed concern that they appeared to be dancing nude.  "Not to worry," they were assured, "we're wearing a light layer of olive oil."  And the show went on.
mack_back #43

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:12/06/2012 02:47:06Copy HTML

Had conversation with a women who told me anyone such as a female displaying her bosoms openly in short skirt is slutty. She feels she can attire herself sexy but not in a deeming manner. She asked me don't i agree with her assessment....  She was going out together with women who showed off there cleavage after breast augmentation they looked like hookers and she felt embarrassed being with them bringing the wrong type of attention.  She even stated to me that male friend of hers who wears tight shorts in the gym telling him he is an embarrassment to there ethnic culture for what he wears. At the same time saying this to me she glanced at my legs seeing i was wearing capri tights, didn't want to call her on it.... Guess she caught her foot in her mouth saying to much....
Same attitude goes for changing acceptance with swimwear. If  most females get upset seeing other women wearing provocative clothing, what do you believe there thoughts on men in thongs are? 

Many women i talked to believe if you show lot of skin more then the norm you have some sort of disorder... Thus you are trying to free yourself from some sort of problems, barriers or confines in your daily life. In other words by wearing thongs or other provocative clothing you are rebelling on social construct that has been established in society. Or just a person needing and wanting attention that normally doesn't receive in everyday life. Deciding to wear some sort of clothing that is skimpy and receives attention from others but wrong type but can't decipher good from the bad... So if this is true how can i argue with these "normal" people prominently females? 
While if i talk to these women who attire themselves in a "slutty, provocative manner" i get the same reaction as the "normal  females" feeling only women can look sexy or wear thongs, bikinis, tights etc...Sort of double standard, what's good for the goose isn't for the gander or something like that.. Well you know what i mean...?

tanlines2thin #44

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:12/06/2012 10:07:42Copy HTML

let's be realistic about this issue - not even the second coming would alter the uptight, duplicitous, hypocritical, condescending, judgemental, and holier-than-thou disapproval that most americans and westerners have toward minimal swimsuits...........who cares?.....remember, most people are sheep, jerks and idiots.....if ya don't believe me, look at all the suckers who pile into these sports coloseums weekend after weekend to watch a game that most of them can't see from their overpriced, oxygen alley seats, and look at how almost everyone has bought into the pigeonholing of political views from the tv czars.......those are fairly important examples, because, one, it shows that most people throw money away to feel they belong to an important social segment of civilization, and two, it reveals that most people can't think thoughtfully for themselves about the direction of society......well, maybe i went overboard, but ya get my drift......most folks go out in public in t-shirts and ratty clothes that look worse than i do when i'm hanging around the house.......although, to be honest, i ain't got much on when i am hanging around the house.....

as for folks who think that those of us who wear next to nothing in swimsuits have mental problems, no kidding......everyone has mental problems, the trick is living productively with them.......ya do that, and who cares.......i don't recall ever hearing how one of those moronic streakers was found to have a stash of string panties in his underwear drawer who the cops raided his place after arresting him.......neither do i recall hearing about how one of those rampaging snipers had the same stash of string panties.......

my point, i suppose, is that those of here are in a harmless micro-cult of society............i like being in a cult.......i like the cache of a cult......sure, i certainly wish there were more places for me to hang out without having to second-guess or wonder when the next crapola would come outta nowhere.......i know that ain't gonna happen anytime soon, so i find my spots and just learn to be happy with that......
mack_back #45

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:12/08/2012 05:17:27Copy HTML

Changing social acceptance has to start at a young age. If mothers clothe there male kids in dork shorts at early stages in life it becomes inbred in there psyche never to wear minimal swimwear..

Two examples i noticed, as classes were to begin at my local pool for kids swim lessons. Observed before i left two young boys one maybe ten years of age the other younger wearing board shorts came into the sauna to get there towel drying where i was sitting in my brief speedo's. One of the boys just gave me attitude chuckle of huh!, noticing my swimwear thinking it was funny seeing me wear it. Where did he learn this type of trait of not finding my swimwear appropriate attire for the pool? Parents not allowing or buying swim briefs for kids because they find it not to there liking or any other spin they choose to think of seeing someone in swim briefs. Found it weird seeing small kids in swim shorts that go down to his shins thinking this five year old boy will feel more comfortable moving around in the water in stiff baggy shorts. While same time young girls that age or bit older seeing them in spandex tight two piece swimwear or one piece just as or less then adult women wear...
Second example:
In late summer i was swimming at my local outdoor pool. Notice some regulars that show up with there kids or wives. Counted how many men came in wearing speedo style briefs to swim in. On average i see maybe two or one other then myself which i get a lot of attention from many people, wearing it when walking along the pool deck. As many male kids are wearing dork shorts as a rule didn't think much of it or cared one way or the other. Then noticed walking along the pool deck family of three who i seen before. Only difference was the young ten something year old boy, had on small swim briefs and the dad too. Mother was trailing behind them in a modest two piece swimsuit all the eyes were on the boy. Female lifeguards other women were checking out the boy in his one inch sides navy blue and white toned swim briefs. As i was observing peoples reactions as the boy was playing running along the pool deck jumping into the water bringing pool toys, playing with other kids his age etc..  Looked as everyone was smiling at the boy and heard some positive  comments made to the mother and father of the kids from others. Seemed all positive seeing that the boy wasn't embarrassed or noticed lot of eyeballs were on him.  My perspective it seemed to me the boy fit in and looked better for the activities he was doing then the other kids. As many other kids were soaked uncomfortable with wet awkwardly clinging baggy shorts dispersing water as they walked or ran along the pool deck. I tried not to stare at the boy in the small speedo's someone noticing me thinking i'm some some predator. Did notice most if not all attention from me disappeared in "look that guy in tiny speedo's" once the father and boy showed up. Goes to show you that boy can look proper in small cut speedo's and not get teased about it from other kids nor look odd. Think the kid looked better attired then anyone in the pool included... ha, hum...even me.. with all the positive reaction he gotten. Hearing other mothers asking the mom and dad of the kid where did you buy him those cute briefs? Is he wearing girls bikini bottom because no store sells boys briefs like his? Can't find speedo briefs for boys anywhere? The parents replied glowingly with big smiles proud of the positive interest of there boys swimsuit, saying Online custom made, is only place you can buy it. 
Good luck for all those women who thought they could walk into Walmart picking a tiny swimsuit for there boy. Probably there kids minds are already embedded with dork shorts tan lines, and smaller swimwear is for girls not boys, having hard time changing there boys attitude to wear speedo briefs now...

Shows you male kids can wear minimal swimwear and pull it off at a young age. Doesn't mean there sexual, gay or any other label people put on adults wearing tiny swimsuits. It starts at a young age and is adapted in life later being more accepted... Does anyone agree...?
Grabeach #46

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:12/08/2012 07:36:12Copy HTML

I doubt that what the parents have their kids in makes a difference in the long run. My son, and many his age, wore Speedos when they were younger. Up to the point where what the 'really cool' (ie. boardriding) kids a few years older were wearing (boardshorts) became all important. I would think all parents soon realise that, especially for things like fashion, peer pressure far outweighs parental guidance.
12 wheels #47

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:12/09/2012 10:53:03Copy HTML

I'm thinking that acceptacnce of men wearing speedos and thongs (especially thongs) will never happen again. Hell, we're approaching the point where we're staring to hear choruses of "eww, gross" regarding women wearing thongs - that's disturbing.
I think that culture/society in general is becoming a lot more conservative regarding clothing choices. Well, let's say things are becoming more conservative for men's clothing choices - but to a smaller degree for the women too. Men must be rugged, hairy, rough, etc. - anything less and you're considered gay or effeminate. The hip-hop and redneck cultures together have just about rendered thongs and speedos for men extinct. Try finding speedo or thong swimwear - or thong underwear - in a department store these days. Nobody carries them anymore. I remember going into a Macy's and having no problem finding a speedo to wear, if I wanted one. Not anymore. I have to order swimwear online now.
I think that the only thing that might reverse this trend is some sort of tv show or movie, in which we see a good-looking guy wearing a speedo or thong. In that movie, there will NEED TO be a woman, or group of women, looking at that guy and saying that he looks hot and they think he's sexy. More choruses of "Eww, gross!" will NOT help.
I don't know if it's redneck or hip-hop culture - the ongoing obesity trend - a general shift to more conservative attitudes toward fashion - or just generational attitudes of the Millenials & Gen. Y. Maybe it's a combination of all of the above.
The ironic thing that in today's culture, where gay lifestyles, gay marriage, etc. are becoming more accepted, there still is an underlying "homophobia" and total lack of acceptance when it comes to guys wearing Speedos or thongs, regardless if the guy is gay or straight.
All in all, I think that mens' speedos and thongs will be completely extinct in 20 years. It will be easier to go nude to a beach or pool.
mack_back #48

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:12/09/2012 11:38:46Copy HTML

12 wheel believe your right!
Don't think media will portray male or female in a good light wearing thong. Look what Rihanna went through wearing a thong bikini on her vacation trip to Hawaii. TMZ got a photo and responded on there show,  she's young, she will know better then that in the future... Basically saying anyone wearing thong is mentally unstable keeping an eye on them for the future, in order to hospitalize them with treatment with medications for there mental illness... Am i right? What! for crying out loud on a beach a famous person can't wear a thong, that is what is wrong with society...
Guess it's about everyone trying to be politically correct and even when people have biases they should keep there mouth shut thinking better about themselves that they are more tolerant. In reality they try to police everyone sticking there noses in other peoples business...Can't wear that because......... Fashion snobs ridiculing staring at whatever you choose to wear with a snear of you can't be serious expressions...
thong_jock #49

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:12/10/2012 02:20:18Copy HTML

Ridiculing others is known to be a response to low self esteem. With recent stats noting that 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese and the media constantly bombarding the masses with airbrushed images of human perfection, it's no wonder.

I for one, will never buy into mass media sheep mentality. I love thonging on the beach and will do it as long as gravity doesn't take hold of my ass and drag it down to me knees. As far as thongs disappearing from dept stores - this is a product of eCommerce where bricks and mortar stores only stock the very best selling items for that particular geolocation. For example, Macy's here in Seattle still stocks a ton of thongs for men, because we're a larger city and in denser populations, thongs sell.

All one has to do is go on to Amazon or eBay and look at the thong selection. It's clear guys are buying them and will continue to do so. As for society accepting it and being cool with it, I don't know why this matters. Personally I usually only wear my thongs at more secluded, clothing optional or gay beaches - the exception being when I'm on vacation.  I workout hard almost every day and try and stay in the best shape I can for a 48yo dude and try and gives male thonging a good name wherever I go. I could care less what other people or 'society' thinks. If they have issues with their own body, thongs or the human body in general, that's their issue.
abczyxabczyx #50

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:12/10/2012 05:22:07Copy HTML

 Wear it with confidence and you will be accepted.  
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