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Grabeach #51

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:12/10/2012 07:31:30Copy HTML

In Australia anyway, there are conflicting trends. What young women wear on the beach has been getting more conservative since the early 90s, while what they are wearing out at night has been heading the other way. Can't figure that one out at all.
stanpuppy #52

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:12/10/2012 09:50:32Copy HTML

That seems to be the case here in America as well.  When we go out in Atlantic City, every woman there is wearing some skimpy tiny little "dress" that barely covers her booty.  Forget about south beach or Vegas.  Why is it that minimal coverage is fine for nighttime, but not for the beach?
mack_back #53

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:12/11/2012 01:56:04Copy HTML

All i can say is women have a hard time handling male in skimpy swimwear. For those who say wear it with confidence and forget what others are saying about you.
Last vacation i spent in Clearwater using private condo pool had group of women ridiculing my skinz skinny side low rise rio which i  laid around the pool. After coming out of the pool walking towards my lounger, seen five to six older women breaking there conversation walk out of there gazebo tents nearby taking a better look at what i was wearing. They were shocked probably never seen a man in string rio bottom before. After getting settled laying on my back had the condo manager come out to the pool listening to couple women disturbed what i was wearing and if there was way she could talk to me about covering up. As she approached across the pool not knowing if i had a thong i turned over on my chest. She then walked passed me without saying a word. Then as she left the pool area i got up to turn my lounger facing away from the pool but more towards the sun. Then i got a comment from one of the women across the pool saying, "at last he makes sensible decision" as my back was towards them so now they can't see what i was wearing. 

Just this type of attitude makes a guy like me always question is it appropriate swimwear to wear around the pool area.. It's about social value that i speak about having a right to be treated as others no matter what i wear. While i felt these women are prudish and many people vacationing i felt thong would be out of the question and far to racie for many there. Often i sunbathe nude on beaches so i feel wearing a rio or skimpy speedo is like a prison to wear on such sunny warm day. Guess my beliefs of clothing differs as from benign then many see as provocative.. Yet it puts damper on my vacation knowing there is limit what people can see a male wear... very uptight or uncomfortable ladies to be sure..
tanlines2thin #54

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:12/11/2012 10:15:47Copy HTML

no matter how many times ya beat this dead horse, nothing is gonna change.....society is a mess when it comes to showing skin.......sure, celebs can do it at some award show foo-foo event, but when the paparazzi get a snapshot of them just out and about in next to nothing, they get slapped with the ole slut label......

my advice, just find your own little corner of the world and feel satisfied....anything else is too much of an uphill climb
JM_Runs #55

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:02/12/2018 04:55:52Copy HTML

Interesting that wearing thong swimsuits on public beaches is more accepted where the blue sections of the following map touch the coast.
In the red sections people often have to find deserted sections of beach before they feel comfortable attempting to thong.

Mineralguy #56

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:02/12/2018 09:26:46Copy HTML

 I don't think anytime soon. Too much stigma about our bodies for this to really change. I agree with the post above you find your own little corner of the world and be satisfied
sprockettooth #57

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:02/13/2018 11:42:33Copy HTML

 Blue beach v. Red beach:  I don't know if that's true but it's funny.  I've noticed that people with really dark tans don't seem to congregate in the red precinct beaches.  The Norwegian look is more popular. 
modelnude4u #58

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:02/14/2018 07:22:21Copy HTML

 There is definitely some overlap between the deeply religious, Republican, & sexually repressed.  These are the same folks who will preach against LGBTQ anything, and eventually they all seem to get caught with a gay, underage prostitute.
Grabeach #59

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:02/14/2018 09:38:04Copy HTML

In response to JM’s ‘map’ I had a look at an equivalent Australian map. I can’t discern any blue beach / red beach affect in Australia.
This doesn’t surprise me at all. Voters here, be they left, right or centre, basically don’t care much about what people wear. I hope this never changes.

T_for_2 #60

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:02/15/2018 01:44:16Copy HTML

In today's ridiculously partisan environment it is very easy to get into the thinking that all Republicans are like "this" and all Democrats are like "that." There is no question that there are extremists on both ends of the spectrum, but most folks lie well inside these limits. We have to be careful to avoid getting into stereotyping people based solely on whether they have a D or an R next to their names. Failing to do this will only result in a huge number of false assumptions or, in today's popular vernacular, a lot of "fake news."

Now as to the original topic, there definitely is more acceptance of women wearing thongs, but for men, there is a long way to go, if ever. The first step in the change process likely would be for men to embrace, and actually wear in moderate numbers, speedo type suits on public beaches. Until or unless  speedos became readily accepted and worn (particularly on American beaches), I strongly doubt that there would be much if any chance of acceptance of thongs.
Mary0826 #61

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:02/16/2018 05:40:23Copy HTML

 Red States, Blue States, Purple States, Democrat or Republican.  While there are some generalities that can be made, I think you will find that states and communities where thong swimwear is accepted is not dictated by the general politics of the people in that area, but by in many places,  the fact it is a beach or costal setting where thongs make sense.  This country is pretty much evenly divided right now, and as previously stated, many subjects and issues cross over political lines.  This is why there are "traditional", "Moderate", "Conservatives" and other sub-groups in each party.  It also explains why sometimes, especially at the local levels, there are strange alliances between politicians you would never expect to agree on anything when based on their major political policies.

I think part of it is that the beach culture -- no matter who's in control of the state -- trumps (pun intended) other party lines, just as religious philosophies might override thong use in other areas.

There is a book I have read (and don't agree entirely with) called "American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America".  The author suggests that many of the political divisions and subdivisions are based on the diverse regional cultures which originally settled the country. 

What is especially interesting is how a map he has drawn of the county shows how these different areas wiggle around all over the place and do not follow state lines (this image is available online without buying the book if you are interested.)  What I think could be said is that a similar map could be drawn showing acceptance of minimal swimwear, etc. and this new map would be just as odd looking and non-state line driven just like the charts in the book I referenced.  What we will find is that because a state may be made up of two or more political divisions, laws and regulations are often dictated by the most popular philosophies within that state.  

I seriously wonder if an area such as South Beach would close it's beaches to thongs simply because of political ideologies when the beaches there generate a substantial amount of both public and private revenue.  Besides the "room" and entertainment taxes they might have, the area relies at least to some extent on the employment of people, and their presences in the community creates even more jobs.  I don't know what the breakdown for Miami Beach might be, but I do know that at a local Military Base, they estimate that for every service person working there, additional jobs -- everything from non-military contractors who clean the buildings to school teachers and clergy.  Scaring away people who want to thong or who prefer to go places where thongs are worn, without replacing them with an equal number if not more people who do not want to deal with thoners will hurt the local economies.
ithongit #62

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:05/09/2018 08:35:21Copy HTML

 Found this old, but still used thread and thought my comments would be most appropriate here.  What I see happening in Ohio (and also some other places) is that finally, Thongs are being widely accepted. 

First is by the authority types.  Rangers, Sheriffs, Park Employees, etc. at Ohio State parks seem to find thongs and thong wearer to be perfectly acceptable.  I know that this is supposedly the requirement dictated by the park management in Columbus, but these people seem to really embrace the thonging lifestyle.  In the last two years, we have encountered only one park employee (at a marina) who obviously was not comfortable with thonging.  She rolled her eyes, kept her answers short and snappy when talking with thongers while she was long winded with other folks, etc.  She didn't come right out and say she didn't like thongs but her body language certainly was not as friendly as the dozens of other park employees we encounter.

Second is the patrons or park users.  Again, virtually total acceptance.  Many seem to see no difference between a person in a thong, and treat them the same as anyone else.  In the two years, only one park user shouted the "cover up" comment, but that was the end of his objection.  To be honest, if he had ask Randy to do this in a nice way like "I would prefer it if you covered up since I have kids here" or whatever, Randy probably would have complied.  The fact the statement was more of an order made him just say f**k y*u in his mind, and not make any attempt to give in to the man's wishes.  As is often the case, the man complained about seeing a man in a thong, but didn't find anything wrong with me walking by in just a G-string and topfree.  But topfree beach use by women also seems to be almost universally accepted.  I still feel sorry for the guys since more negative attention seems to be directed towards them.

Third and lastly, those of us who thong, wear G-strings, or go topfree if we are women seem to also be mostly more comfortable with what we are doing, probably since resistance is almost nonexistent.   While there are places where a core group of thongers show up on a regular or semi regular basis, and have been doing so for years, now I see more new people, often in groups with other non-thongers.  These new thongers often don't even realize that 10 years ago -- the time when this thread was started -- that thongers often had a hard time getting people to accept them.   I even see a relaxing of anti-thong rules at private places where thong wearers used to be kicked out or made to cover up.  They may not have changed the written rules, but are now looking the other way when a thonger comes along.  I suspect that if there was a complaint, they might enforce the rules, however, just like the state parks, people in general seem to not mind seeing both men or women in thongs and since there are no complaints, there also is no reason to take official actions.

PS -- I was amazed when reading over the various posts going back 10 years, and how many of these people are still active in the board.  I think this proves that this board is providing a good service, thought provoking comments and opinion, and valuable information to the thonging community.  We should all thank JM-RUNS for his keeping the board running for so long.

sailor250 #63

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:05/12/2018 03:09:28Copy HTML

This year thongs and near thongs are on every high school aged girl. IN the USA we are gaining acceptance for women in thongs. What's next?

Thongs on guys will need to take a few more intervening steps, square cut and boxer trunk suits are a step in the right direction. Bikinis on guys in some guy's minds will have to transcend any feminine or gay ideas before asses will be bared. In my mind these suits are very masculine-- I mean you can see the outline of my manhood!

Topfreedom for women might get some traction in the future.  I mean it's an equality issue. Maybe more states making it legal - more beaches making it tolerated!  It's a drag to wear a sweaty shirt outdoors- never mind the idea of tanning.  What it takes is the idea that guys have to BEHAVE!  Bare tits don't mean a slut! The MeToo movement I think will throw cold water on a lot of guys!!

Yes thanks to JMRuns for keeping this board going for all these years.
John Howard #64

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:05/13/2018 01:05:28Copy HTML

In my opinion we (men) shouldn't live our thonging lives expecting social acceptance to change,  i believe it WILL change but most likely from bad to worse.  Judging for the last 20 years, by the late 80s many in the bodybuilding world firmly believed that men posing wearing thongs was going to be the very next natural stage, after bodybuilder women posed wearing thongs.     At the end, what are the glutes but the extension of the hamstring?, and bodybuilders have to be exhibitionists by nature.

What happened?   the trend today is bodybuilders wearing board shorts.  We went backwards.  Middle aged bodybuilders believe this is wrong, but the current social environment is the way it is.  I don't blame homophobia, I blame the idea of 'toxic masculinity'.   A new wave of feminism has gone too far and blames of toxic masculinity anything they can.  A bodybuilder friend of mine was telling me of the Swedish case, where professional bodybuilders get arrested on the street for 'muscle profiling', which is showing too developed muscularity that must have been enhanced using ilegal anabolic steroids.   Some Swedish men even go further, they like to appear on photos wearing pink vaginas hats, to support the powerful feminist movement.   

What could be an easier target for that aggressive philosophy than to target and ridicule a male wearing a pair of speedos or a thong,  that's perhaps why we have now the 'dad bods' idea, where men wearing cardigans and a beer belly is considered 'sexy'.     Even the ladies are not safe;   the cheer leaders have been banned form the Formula 1,  we get bombarded in Facebook by photos of obese women claiming to be the 'new sexy' image, disregarding the fact the yes, some male find chubby girls super sexy, but it definitely is not healthy.

We can see modern male role models, with great bodies, like David Beckham, Orlando Bloom, etc, etc, and they all wear the longest board shorts they can find.  Its not fear of being labelled as gay, I think it is instead fear of 'toxic masculinity'.   Men are wrong by falling on that trap.

I agree with Sailor, minimum swimwear on men provide the most masculine look, and men who enjoy it like us should stick to it and embrace it.   Being a male who wears thongs in public will attract negative perceptions, and we should learn to live with it.  Actually we should expect it and become immune.  Personally wearing a thong is the biggest supplement to my health;  it obliges me to be fit, to sleep more, to eat better, to train harder so I can pull it off at the beach at summer time.   And I love to be different.

I doubt the social acceptance will happen, it will never happen.   We need to work on ourselves, forget of the negativity of the current era,  work hard on the pshycology side,  to be assertive to wear what we want to wear, and don't give up.   If your wife or girlfriend is too negative about it,  try to show her that it's just another type of swimwear, in the meantime just hit the beach wearing some square cut or budgy smuggler or aussiebum when she is around,  otherwise be true to yourself and your values and hit the beach when on your own wearing your favourite thong.  Or, who knows, maybe she is not the right girlfriend for you.    

Also agree with JM, the best way to get there is to behave normal, to wear a thong at the open beach, never hiding on the dunes, in front of everyone, having a shower on the beach showers wearing the thong, having long walks, looking at people in the eye and saying a friendly hello. At least this way the idea of men wearing thongs are 'creepy' would be counteracted.  Unfortunately it's also true that some men don't get it, and wear thongs that are not suitable for public textile  beaches, like missiles, see through materials, or having really unfit bodies.   That doesn't help the cause.

Sybok #65

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:05/13/2018 03:24:10Copy HTML

 I've got to agree on this one. 
m456 #66

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:05/26/2018 09:43:20Copy HTML

@sailor250 - You said, "So now that thongs and near thongs are on every high school aged girl this year and thong acceptance is high for women across the USA what's next?" Just curious at what you are seeing, as my area hasn't been warm enough for beaches yet. Are you referring to true thongs or cheeky bottoms? What are you noticing differently this year than last year? Is it on beaches where thongs were already common last year that a higher number of girls are wearing thongs? Or, are girls wearing thongs this year on beaches that few to none wore thongs last year? Or, is it similar to last year, but just younger girls have joined in? Either way, the more thongs & greater thong acceptance, the better for everyone who wears thongs - women & men!
sailor250 #67

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:05/27/2018 12:24:44Copy HTML

Regarding thong vs cheeky, I define a thong as bare skin at a point halfway up the ass crack and half way across the cheek.  Some cheekys make it some don't.  Thongs are showing up at places where they previously didn't and in higher numbers!  Are the girls wearing thongs the same people as those who wore cheekys last year - can't tell, but probably. 

In Florida the change is for all ages. I've seen middle age to 60's year old women wearing thongs last summer so it seems everyone's getting on board. Another "acceptance" sign is girls "imping" pulling up a bikini between their cheeks- wishing for a thong!

Yes, I'd say that this is all good for male thong "acceptance"- not saying popularity!  Let's face it even on SouthBeach guys in thongs are less than 1%!  But being in that 1% I'm a little  snooty about swimwear - just wishing more would join the 1 percent.
stringueur #68

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:05/30/2018 02:36:56Copy HTML

 I think social acceptance has already changed.
Thongs for male are now accepted on the beach, without problems.
Our society has changed, but sometimes we don't see it.For example, Ireland has a reputation to be a very conservative society. the referendum about abortion was annonced to be very indecisive. In fact, the society had changed more quickly than people thought.
I think it is the same thong for male thongs. We think that male thongs are not accepted whereas people are totally indifferent.

string_theory #69

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:05/30/2018 11:38:12Copy HTML

I’ve noticed increasing acceptance of thongs, or less negative reactions, over the past couple of years.  Here’s several possible reasons. 

First, the internet. You can see anything anytime anywhere. Someone sitting on a beach can have a cell phone and be watching a video of someone on a beach, not even looking around. Reality doesn’t compare to fantasy. Seeing someone in a thong isn’t a unique experience anymore. 

Second, there’s a wider range of body types.  Even some plus size people wear skimpier swimsuits.  Thongers don’t stand out as much in a crowd with lots of differences.  
Third, LGBT.  Though thongers don’t like the stereotype of gay, at least there’s increasing acceptance of differences and less social acceptance for bashing anyone who is different.  Generation Z, the people born between 1995 and 2010, has the characteristic of respect for diversity of race, ethnicity, and age, and are able to relate to others well. 

Fourth, minimal effort.  It takes effort to confront someone.  Fewer people want to put out the effort.  Lifeguards at pools and beaches don’t feel it is their job to police fashion.  Keeping everyone safe is the real priority.  What few negative reactions I get come from a distance, from guys who won’t even get up.  

And the best reason of all:  My own comfort level in being visible in my thong has increased, not worrying about what others think.  I don’t get in people’s faces or wear something emphasizing sexuality.  I try to blend in.  When I’m on a crowded beach, a family or group will always set up next to me.  The positive comments I get keep me motivated to stay in shape and keep thonging.  We’ll probably never make up more than 1% of people at beaches or pools, but we’ll be accepted as part of the crowd.
John Howard #70

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/06/2018 10:26:09Copy HTML

I believe the news below gives us a hint about changing social acceptance for thongs.

Miss America competition are getting rid of the bikinis,  we can imagine what would happen to thongs.

T_for_2 #71

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/07/2018 12:22:04Copy HTML

This could well be the beginning of the end of the Miss America competition. Looks like it will be turning into just another tiresome talent show of which we already have too many.
JM_Runs #72

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/07/2018 01:44:34Copy HTML

Not requiring a swimsuit section may be positive. No longer is the correct women's swimsuit a conservative bikini with a nationalistic sash. 
Now young women will look to other role models for their swimsuit choices.  Maybe the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, or Little Miss Sunshine. 

While I am sure the Miss America pageant on TV will affect some old folk watching TV in nursing homes, the rest of the world, and young people in general are on the internet. 

Online the media, unconstrained by broadcast TV standards, bombards us with pictures of every celebrity and starlet who wears a thong on the beach, or on vacation, or who posts her derriere on instagram. 

It may be a good thing that beauty pageants slowly die off.  Women should be valued for their individuality and courage, not their ability to conform to stereotype. Yes, misogyny is under attack. No, you don't get the 1950's back. But at the same time women are getting their swimsuit suggestions directly from people who wear them, not through the TV media censors. Which means more thongs, and acceptance of thongs. 

The less people take their ideas from the censored TV broadcasts, Miss America included, and the more they see on cable shows and the internet, the more cheeky swimsuits and thongs are going to be IN. 

IN because rumps are fashionable, and likeable, on instagram. That my friend is where the kids are.  
Comfythong1 #73

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/07/2018 04:24:34Copy HTML

 I don’t think that swimsuits on Miss America competition have any bearing on current trends in swimwear. Personally I always found beauty pageants to be kinda silly. Kinda hard to judge when most of those girls are all beautiful. And when they open their mouths, what comes out is often superficial. Besides, who the heck watches Miss America anymore? There’s internet and lots of other shows. 

pkthong #74

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/07/2018 02:48:41Copy HTML

 @JH: The time I spent in Fiji a few years ago exposed me to a lot of Aussies. What I slowly learned is that they have a different view of what can be offensive. I surmised that “political correctness” was not prevalent in their culture, at least not to the extent that it is in the USA. It’s fortunate that I am not easily offended but I did have to point this out to them on at least one instance.
Sometimes living in this society is like walking on eggshells, live and learn.
tiggerix #75

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:06/08/2018 09:18:17Copy HTML

“Think what a better world it would be if we all-the whole world-had cookies and milk about three o'clock every afternoon and then lay down with our blankies for a nap.  ― Robert Fulghum, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

“It doesn’t matter what you say you believe - it only matters what you do.” ― Robert Fulghum, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
tswim #76

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:07/22/2018 04:49:12Copy HTML

 So on my observation in my little corner of the world, the thong is getting more popular.  Huge increase this summer compared to last.  You cant go a single day without seeing several people wearing thongs in the University park on the river in San Marcos and you also see them every day on the Guadalupe river where the tubers are as well as at Schlitterbahn water park.  Granted mostly if not all are on females, but a thong is a thong.
stringster #77

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:07/25/2018 04:37:39Copy HTML

 hi killamozilla. exactly.

the problem with me coming in and spending time writing (grammatically and legibly perfect) posts is it's a waste of my time to try and make people understand my point of view when they already have their own bias towards certain issues.

my post was deliberately generic to try and make some people think about whether it applies to them, and for the other reasons you point out.

and finally....https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Social%20Justice%20Warrior
mbannon #78

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:07/25/2018 06:54:36Copy HTML

 Tswim, you are seeing the same as I noticed in (VERY clothing conservative) Pittsburgh at the Settler's Cabin Wave Pool recently. I probably haven't seen a thong swimsuit on ANYONE in 10+ years at the wave pools in Pittsburgh, PA. I think that the last few years it was actually not allowed by the rules. Now, the fact that I'm seeing even a few is remarkable and encouraging. I think it's a trend, I hope it's a trend, but time will tell. My goal and comfort level is to wear less than others where ever it is legal and prudent to do so, and hope others will follow.
Mary0826 #79

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:07/25/2018 09:33:21Copy HTML

 One of the wave pools in Pittsburgh, PA was the first place I saw the term "gender appropriate swimwear".  I called to ask why thy used this term and the person laughed and said 1) Only women can wear thongs 2) only men can go topfree 3) other fashion trends that have not even been invented yet can be added to the lists of "don' wear" things without having to reprint the rules.  Funny thing is I saw this term and the same summer ran into it a couple of  other places.  Then the next year it seems that maybe only a few more places used this rule.  Now it seems to have fallen out of use.  What I did find amazing was the way the original group used the term for the first time withing a few weeks of each other.  Was there some type of a conference or trade show where this term was thrown around and people picked it up as a solution to how to deal with thongers, topfree woman, and other things in the future. 

JM_Runs #80

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:08/03/2018 05:46:53Copy HTML

Teen girls look to fasion magzines, and now to the internet, to find out what is fasionable and what the beautiful women are wearing.

So the various slide shows on this page may help, at least in the UK: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/720598/demi-rose-mawby-instagram-bum-bikini-kim-kardashian-tyga 

JM_Runs #81

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:12/11/2018 01:28:27Copy HTML

I don't know about how long it will take for men's thongs to become "normal", but find if I just act "normal" for the most part so does everyone else. There is a cultural shift that women showing a thong under somewhat transparent clothing are less likely to be seen as scandalous or mocked on social media for a "wardrobe malfunction", instead seen as sexy and glamorous. Here is a good example: https://hollywoodlife.com/2018/12/10/kendall-jenner-flaunts-butt-thong-sheer-dress-braless-fashion-awards-pics/
mack_back #82

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:12/12/2018 08:36:55Copy HTML

Jm_Runs: yes Kendal starts trends seeing she and her famous sisters have that cache everyone in America wants. Not surprising that woman will begin to show off there thongs for fashion style like bra straps along the shoulders. Although many  woman are self consious about there glutes showing them off even if there relentless gym rats workiing at it daily. 

This gives hope that showing off your thong in public isn't taboo but can be a new style. Often in the past woman asked what there wearing under there clothes was personal question bringing on red faced embarrassment whispering it's a thong. Today almost any outfit that is tight fitting woman are wearing thongs, g-strings underneath as being staple item no one asks because we all can see the outline of a panty. In my experience woman aren't to surprised seeing a guy like me wearing a thong or noticing that he has one under his pants. 

I know when i unexpectedly was bending over locking my bicycle at busy location. A woman about 40 accompanied by couple males her age walked passed me voicing outloud in calm manner, oh a thong how interesting, yet the males chuckled slightly at her observation. At work ripped my pants and my thong might of been showing definetly my ass cheeks. While waiting for the elevator these two woman glanced upon me knew they noticed from there shocked reaction. Don't know if it was because i was showing lot of skin or that they figured out i was wearing a golden thong. Watched closely there reactions to me intrigued what they may say or do, but they looked upwards never said a word guess they found it embarraasing to mention it to me. So i figure we as men are decaded behind woman at the looks of it.

Her picture reminded me of Cher wearing similar sheer dress and black thong years ago. Even Jennifer Lopez had a shocking green dress she wore not wearing a bra showing lot of skin. Remembered 20 years ago in the gym stylish grunge gals with bright red, or blue, green hair would show there thong strings straps along there sides over there pants to be seen as style while wearing sports bra. Madonna when came on the scene she woreripped  fishnets which took off as style every Gina become a trend. Or the Flashdance movie woman would wear a ripped open neck sweater exposing a bare shoulder braless. Trends often go rarely do they repeat themselves only evolve in slightly different manner. 

gsj #83

Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

Date Posted:12/12/2018 10:14:57Copy HTML

re "..but find if I just act "normal" for the most part so does everyone else. "

I fully agree, that is my experience too. Wore my Jovana extreme micro bikini at hotel pool the other day without any problem.

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Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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With women celebrities bravely wearing dresses like this: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/8065974/chloe-ferry-see-through-dress/ I think we will see more acceptance of thongs in public, and wearing fancy cloths that feature thongs as a symbol of social or media status. Dear celebrities, Please keep pushing the boundaries of where one can safely wear thongs in public. The more thongs are seen in public, and become normalized, the better off for everyone.
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Re:Changing social acceptance - How long do you think?

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Agreed, but what would be the male celebrity version of this? I see female celebrities dressed like this fairly often. What about male celebrities? How could a guy work a thong into a night-on-the-town outfit?  Take a look at this https://www.bodywearstore.com/en/shop/mens-underwear/erotic-underwear/manstore-tight-leggings-m514-black/

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