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Date Posted:04/20/2017 03:15:10Copy HTML

I was calling a few places in Ohio about possible weekend vacation spots this summer.  One place I have called for several years told me that they are changing their swimwear rules to take care of the most modern women's swimwear.  This is the first attempt I have heard of to address cheeky swimwear on women.  Interestingly, the proposed rules might also have a positive effect on men's suits also.  She said they were still working out the exact wording, and for me to check back to verify this after the beginning of May when reservations will start to be taken. 

I will paraphrase the new rules as best as I can remember them.  G-String and Thong swimwear will not be permitted.  All swimwear must have rear widths of at least 2 inches at it's narrowest point.  No portion of the ass crack can be visible.  (She used the term "ass crack" but said they were looking for a better term.  Maybe Intergluteal Cleft might be appropriate, but it took me all of 15 seconds to find it on Google.  Maybe they need a term most people understand?)

Negatives -- No "true" thongs or G-strings.  (They have not been permitted in the past.)Positives -- Both men and women can wear cheeky swimwear (Rio swimwear on men) but not if it is too small.  No discrimination between what men and women can wear.


matchingthongs #1

Re:Changing the rules to allow women in cheeky swimwear...

Date Posted:04/21/2017 05:22:13Copy HTML

 Are they going to get out a tape measure then? Absolutely ridiculous.
SixDelta #2

Re:Changing the rules to allow women in cheeky swimwear...

Date Posted:04/21/2017 06:43:59Copy HTML

 That's ridiculous. To check for the 2 inch requirement, are they going to ask you to lay on your back spread eagle so they can measure the part of the suit that covers the taint?
Grabeach #3

Re:Changing the rules to allow women in cheeky swimwear...

Date Posted:04/21/2017 10:29:18Copy HTML

This reminds me of the 1935 amendments to our Local Government ordinance No. 52. This replace the outdated 'neck to knee' with a number of dimensional requirements for swimming costumes. Although before my time, I gather this was actually enforced, though to what degree I don't know, by tape measure carrying Beach Inspectors (ie. Lifeguards). In 1962 this was replaced by a general requirement to be, "...... clad in a proper and adequate bathing costume". History subsequently showed that from the mid 1970s topless g-strings were 'proper and adequate' swimwear on most Australian beaches. I'm guessing that this terminology was the forerunner of the "Appropriate Swimwear ....." sign at many public pools.
bisley98 #4

Re:Changing the rules to allow women in cheeky swimwear...

Date Posted:04/21/2017 11:18:14Copy HTML

Actually I think it is quite good news. At least they are thinking about it and not just ignoring the issues. 
Ok, the 2-inch rule does sound rather silly and, in practice, is probably not enforceable. I can't imagine looking regards with rulers going round measuring!  But at least there is some progress, they are not insisting on full ass coverage. Rather than a blanket 2-inch rule, a percentage rule might be fairer - a 2-inch strip up the ass of a slim person like me would cover the crack plus nearly half of each buttock, whereas 2 inches on a more generously endowed individual might only just cover the crack! Lol. 
matchingthongs #5

Re:Changing the rules to allow women in cheeky swimwear...

Date Posted:04/24/2017 09:16:57Copy HTML

 bisley98 - makes a good point. It is ridiculous taken literally - as I said - but the intention is probably positive in the long run.
ohiothonger #6

Re:Changing the rules to allow women in cheeky swimwear...

Date Posted:04/25/2017 06:03:42Copy HTML

I agree that measurment based rules for clothing are inappropriate.  I remember in High School (this was a long time ago) that they started letting the guys wear cut-off jeans.  This was a big deal since most guys wore them almost continuously all summer.  They restricted it to May, June, and September, and had this rule that shorts could not be shorter than 12 inches above the knee.  This really surprised most of the guys since on an average size guy, this was pretty extreme.  They didn't mention the kneel and measure method that they used on girls, but none the less, this was the way men's shorts were measured.  What happened of course was that the tall guys on the basket ball team had to wear their shorts mid-thigh length, while the shorter guys (like me) could wear our shorts virtually as short as we wanted.  I got away with shorts so short that the front pockets were exposed -- and the side seams ripped out  between three and five additional inches.  They then tried to correct this by saying the side seams could not be opened, and they also changed the rule to say cutoffs had to have inseams at least 7 inches long.  Now the reverse was true, the tall guys got to wear fairly short (on them) shorts while the short guys had shorts that went almost to their knees.  Their next attempt was a compromise.  They measured the length of what they called the "true inseam" which they described as the length from the knee to the crotch, then divided this by two.  Now at least the length of shorts were proportional to the guy's height.  But in the end, they simply gave up and removed the length and side-seam rules on cutoffs all together.  Some guys liked wearing them short, some long, some with open sides, some with closed legs, and some with exposed pockets.  Everyone got to wear them the way they wanted, just like they did outside of school classes and activities.

With regard to this rule -- I don't think it is intended as a positive thing -- I think the fact there is a minimum width for backs that they are trying to keep people from wearing anything that even slightly looks like a thong.  While they might be accepting that the women can show off a bit of the bottom and sides of their buns, I don't know if they thought about what this opened up for the men.  It probably will wind up as good for the men, since Rio swimwear will now be okay, but for those young women who want to wear more minimal cheeky swimwear, it will be a restriction.  It is just too bad that they are even trying to restrict thongs and extreme cheeky swimwear in the first place.  If they eliminated the rule -- like they did no cutoff jeans at my high school, maybe everything would be better.

One thing that does occur is that few places have a "pro thong" rule -- or in other words a rule that specifically says thongs (or other swimwear types) are specifically permitted.  This makes it easier for places to say this or that style is out of the norm and should not be permitted, even when no anti swimwear rules exist to support their decision.
nospam_TN1 #7

Re:Changing the rules to allow women in cheeky swimwear...

Date Posted:07/27/2018 11:37:59Copy HTML

It's only a good thing because the people backing and proposing it are showing themselves to be fools and prudes, who will hopefully be mocked mercilessly by shrewd comedians.
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