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Date Posted:07/20/2011 12:19:48Copy HTML

There is a young man who lives across the alley and a few doors down named Chris.  He the oldest child in the family and is about 16, going into sophmore in High School this fall.  He has been mowing my grass and helping with other odd jobs for the last year or so.  He is your typical kid in so many ways.  He likes BMX biking, skate boarding, basketball, and other sports.  Unlike many families, he and his siblings spend time outside every day.  Even in the high heat, they wander out a few times a day for a half hour or so and get some exercise.  The family is close and camp and boat together, and the kids play with each other in the yard.  The father is a professional manager, while the mother works a variety of part-time jobs.

Chris has stumbled across me wearing a thong in the back yard a few times when he came over to mow the grass.  He wasn't shocked at all, and told me my swimsuit was "cool" on one occation.  I brought this up with his dad the first time Chris came over and saw me in a thong, and his dad sort of shrugged and said they see guys in thongs all the time when they go boating and sometimes when they go to the beach together.

Yesterday, I was coming back from the store and drove down the alley on my way home.  I saw Chris out throwing hoops in the yard and wearing his traditional knee length sports shorts.  He also was wearing a home-made sleeveless shirt which some people call a cut-out shirt.  I proceeded home and unloaded the groceries that were melting in the 90 plus degree weather.  I then hiked the short distance down the alley to see if Chris could come over and do some work next weekend.  He was nowhere in sight.  I was about to leave when his dad came out the back door and headed for his car.  He was in a hurry, but went back in to find Chris inside.

Chris came out with his dad, wearing what I thought was a bikini swimsuit but turned out to be a thong!  His dad was right behind him so I knew that he didn't have any issues with what he was wearing.  His dad went back to the car and drove off on some errands.  Chris explained he had to change because he was setting up the Slip and Slide for the other kids.  We discussed the work I wanted him to help with over the coming weekend, and he acted no differently than he would have if he had worn his long shorts.  I thought a bit about what to say, if anything about his thong, and finally used the line he had used once when he saw me in a thong "That's a pretty cool swimsuit." I told him.  He gave me a weak smile and said "It's just a swimsuit."  What a perfect response!

There really wasn't anything else to say or do, so we went our own ways.  He proceeded to start to unroll the plastic Slip and slide, and I went back to my house.  About a half hour later there was a knock on the front door and Chris is standing there, still wearing just his thong, and dripping wet.  He explained that the garden hose faucet on his house had broken and he couldn't turn it off.  His dad and mom were still away, and he ask me to help.   I found some vicegrips and he lead the way back to his house.  Water was squirting all over the place from the hose bib that had cracked between the house and the faucet handle.  He showed me to the basement where there was a shut off valve that was stuck.  With the vicegrips, I was able to stop the water in a few seconds.  I went back home again.

Later that evening, I was walking down the alley and Chris, who was still wearing his thong swimsuit, was outside playing on the slip and slide with his siblings and a few neighborhood kids.  His mom saw me and came over to the fence to thank me for helping with the plumbing issues, then made a comment to the effect that the kids were growing up so fast.  She said she hopped Chris's swimsuit didn't bother me, but that he was really insistant to get one, and had worn it a few times on the boat, but that this was the first time he wore it around the neighborhood.  She was surprised when I told her that I wore thong swimwear too.  She said a couple of his friends were wearing thongs this summer too.  

What I found so refreshing was that he was so calm and nonchalaunt about his bare buns, even wearing it on my front porch which faces a busy street.  This probably was because his parents were supportive and non-judgemental about him wearing thongs.
MattSprat #1

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:07/20/2011 03:15:19Copy HTML

 Cool story.  Please send some of your 90 degree weather my way!!!
DoreFan #2

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:07/20/2011 06:15:55Copy HTML

 What a nice story! Maybe there is hope for the future generation.

ithongit #3

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:07/20/2011 06:25:21Copy HTML

I think you are right -- the parents obviously accept Chris wearing thongs, first on their boat and later around the yard.  His siblings also seem to accept him in a thong.  You say "a couple of his friends" wear thongs too, but didn't say if they were guys or girls or some of each.  He obviously doesn't feel any shame about wearing a thong.  He probably has only had positive experiences with others in thongs.  He describes his thong as "just a swimsuit" which is a very relaxed concept, and apparently one he believes himself.  Had his parents criticised him for wanting to buy a thong, or ridiculed him for wearing it on their boat, he might have turned out more nervous about being accepted, which would have made him less likely to wear his thong so openly.  I hope he can continue to get positive renforcement as he grows older, but I suspect that someone who he admires or aspires to will cut him down, and then he will be mixed up about thonging.  Perhaps you should make it a point to warn him about the thong haters out their so when he eventually does run into one, it will not be a surprise.  I doubt if many people would complain verbally to him about thonging if he is boating with his parents and the younger children in his family.

Joes2silly #4

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:07/20/2011 07:01:53Copy HTML

 Great story! Glad to hear you are supporting him in his decision to try thong swimwear
Ex_Member #5

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:07/21/2011 05:57:34Copy HTML

 I wish more of my neighbors were like Chris. I'm also glad that Chris's parents don't care about what underwear or swimwear he wears. 
ohiothonger #6

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:07/21/2011 09:50:23Copy HTML

I don't know what Chris wears for underwear all the time, but he does seem to have the mandatory 2-4 inches of boxers sticking out of his jeans and sports shorts, so I assume he wears boxers at least some of the time.  He showed me some snap-shots of a white water trip he took with his boy scout troop and he had on pretty typical board shorts.  I think that is part of the reason I was so shocked when he comes out the door in what I at first thought was a tiny Speedo and then discovered was a thong swimsuit.  Didn't see that coming!
Ex_Member #7

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:07/22/2011 10:51:44Copy HTML

Cool, sounds like he will be wearing thongs for a long time, with his freinds involved as well. Glad that story didn't go the bad way, and have his mom getting on you about beeing a bad influence on him. Also nice to hear that both of you guys treated the thong as no big deal, and left it at that.
ThongLoverOBX #8

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:07/22/2011 08:55:31Copy HTML

I wish when I was growing up I had parents and neighbours as cool as Chris'. Growing up in a neighborhood populated by fundamental baptists who don't mind their own business was rough. I recall one time I was outside in my thong when the neighbors saw me, started knocking on their window and screaming at me that they were going to call the cops! It's nice to hear a story like Chris' where people are open minded and realize that it's just a swimsuit.
Mary0826 #9

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:07/27/2011 01:54:37Copy HTML

Chris is lucky to have been exposed to other men thonging while boating and going to the beach with his parents.  They must have told him it was okay, just another type of swimwear.  How many years he saw his parents accept men in thongs was probably more than a few.  So when the time comes when he starts to think about wearing a thong, he has the image that men in thongs are okay and that they his parents don't make a big fuss about them.  So when he decides he want's to wear thongs, he ask his folks to get him one, and obviously they didn't resist, but instead got him what he wanted.  He wears them on the family boat and they don't have an issue, just like they don't have an issue with other men in thongs.  So this reinforces his concept that thongs are okay.  So then he wears them openly around the house and backyard and they don't say anything and he keeps wearing his thong most of the day.

Even if he had not decided to wear thongs until he was away in college, his parents, and their non-judgemental attitudes would have been remembered and helped him to feel more comfortable with his swimwear choice.  His folks didn't make him wear a thong, but didn't resist when he wanted to.  This is what makes his parents cool, and there is another thread with a daughter who is 15 (about the same age) and growing up in a family with other thongers and she decides to thong too and it is sort of the same story -- except that in that thread people on this THong Wearers Message Board sometimes warn that a young woman in a thong might get the "wrong" attention from the men.  I wonder if Chris might get the "wrong" attention too, if he is not with his family since there are a lot of people who might think he is gay (as if that is a problem) or a pervert or some other sicko since he wears a thong.  It is sad that we need to protect our young like this.  Chris and the young daughter should be encouraged.
ohiothonger #10

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:07/29/2011 01:46:22Copy HTML

I was able to come home early today and drove down the alley and Chris was out sunning his buns in his thong.  Nothing over the top or anything, just laying out on a chaise lounger on his stomach and letting the sun do what it does to exposed skin.  I rolled down the window and he came over to the fence and said "hi" and we talked a bit about plans for this weekend.  I made a comment on his dark tan and he admitted he layed out almost every afternoon.  End of conversation.  He went over to the house, hosed himself off from head to foot, and then layed out on the lounger again.  He is so casual and natural about his thonging, you would think he has been doing it for years instead of weeks.
Ex_Member #11

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:08/02/2011 03:07:47Copy HTML

Do you think he would act casually if he wore a thong at the beach?
ohiothonger #12

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:08/03/2011 03:02:02Copy HTML

Don't know how relaxed he would be in a beach crowd.  He obviously isn't worried about what the neighbors might see, and from what his folks told me, he wears his thongs on their boat too.  I did meet one of his friends named Theo who was thonging with Chris on Monday.  They were using a neighbor's above-ground pool and things were a bit hard to see but both he and Theo were definetly wearing thong as the jumped from the platform on the side into the water.  Besides Chris and Theo, there were some other kids (mostly younger) from the neighborhood at the pool.  I did mention the "thongboard" to Chris when he came over to help with some yard work the other day, so we will have to see what comes of that.
JM_Runs #13

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:08/03/2011 11:44:16Copy HTML

While parents my be happy with kids who run around nude or in a thong, they may be a lot less pleased with people who suggest they contact older males on the internet.   I suggest you don't push the board or suggest he look at it.  He is thonging quite naturally and setting a good example for his friends, and the other kids.  Let him do his own thing.  One day, in the years to come, he my seek out other thongers on the internet.  Until then I suggest keeping some distance and just observing his reactions as he comes of age.  At that age they have more pressing things to figure out in life than what old men thong on beaches they have never heard of.
Too soon, too fast, and he may shy away from the idea of becoming a committed thonger. Just let him grow up, in his own time, in his own family. 
Mary0826 #14

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:08/04/2011 03:26:43Copy HTML

Mr. JM-Runs may have a point, but at the same time I think Chris deserves to know that there is support out there.  He sounds like he is really getting into thong (which is okay with his parents) and both he and his parents know that Ohiothingger wears thongs too.  Right now he seems to be doing just fine adjusting to the thong lifestyle, but should he get snubbed by someone for wearing one I don't know if he would have the "balls" to confront his currently supportive or at least accepting parents for emotional support he might get from reading similar things on thisthe Thong Wearers Message Board.  When I started thonging in public, I needed support which I didn't feel I could go to my parents who were tollerant about me thonging but not outwardly supportive in the sense they were easily approachable about my feelings and so forth.   Crhis is maybe the same?  When I first started on this board I was ignorant about a lot of things discussed here and grew up perhaps faster than evenb I now wish I had.  I also read reports about peoplke being arrested and being verbally attacked and this made me almost paranoid to the point of giving up thongs.  Then there were inappropriate replys to what I felt were legitamate questions I posted and many pieces of inappropriate mesage board mail sent to me.  I wonder how I got throw it all myselfs and wonders also if Chriss has the "balls" to handle these things if they happens to him  like they dids to me?

What worries me more is all the other things this board might expose him to which might be too extreme for his parents acceptance like some of the more extreme torpeedo swimsuit discussions and tattos and genital jewelry and other things which he might be encouraged to get into form reading about them here and not get support from his parents like he gets from them on just his thongs now.

I do think that Ohiothonger should not become a "thonging buddy" to Chris or his friends, or even give advice or first-hand opinions.  This could be viewed as inappropriate by some, even if his parent's don't seem to mind.  For right now, I think Chris should be left on his own and hope things go well for him. 
Ex_Member #15

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:08/05/2011 05:52:36Copy HTML

 I agree with Mary. Right now, Chris seems to feel comfortable in a thong because he is in a thong-friendly environment where his parents and his neighbors are supportive. However, once he starts thonging in public, he will realize that not a lot of people are as supportive as his friends and family, and so he may give up on the idea of wearing a thong in public or even at home. Therefore, this website may be a good place for him to get some encouragement from the elder thongers who have worn thongs at the beach for a long period of time. 
Ohharley #16

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:08/13/2018 09:01:28Copy HTML

Ohiothonger. Just wondered what ever became of your neighbor Chris? Does he still live in the neighborhood? Has he remained confident in his wearing of thongs or has peer pressure changed his attire?
ohiothonger #17

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:08/14/2018 03:00:05Copy HTML

Chris is still in the area.  He moved with his parents to a different house about 2 miles away, but I still see them all the time.  He got married and had a kid (come to think of it, it was the other way around).   His parents have an in-ground pool at their new house -- not very large, but big enough to get wet in.  I have been there for parties, etc., and Chris is perfectly at home wearing a thong.  They also don't have any issues with me wearing one when I am over visiting.  Chris' adopted sister turned out to be quite a looker.  She was the first young lady I have ever seen who would wear what is called on this message board an open side shirt while otherwise being topfree.  At their new house, she doesn't bother with a top most of  the time in the summer, and even in the winter when she is inside.  She is not married and does not have any children, but does have a lot of boyfriends.  She is like a few people on this board -- will not go to the beach or spend time with a man when she is wearing a thong unless that man  is wearing a thong, or something pretty close.  I think Chris' confidence has rubbed off on his sister since other than her rule about guys must wear thongs when she does if they want to hang out with hereven if nobody else does.  I don't know how to put this, but as he got into his 20's he finally stopped growing in length "down there".  I think this is why he was so popular with the girls -- in his thong he couldn't hide the size of his wonder worm, and some swimwear simply does not cover enough, so he does not wear it.  As long as his thongs are opaque and a moderate design, nobody was or is complaining.  He has dog sat/house sat for me a few times and ask if it would still be okay to wear a thong when sunbathing.  He knew I have worn thonged  for years, and sometimes when he lived across the alley, he would join me.  We are lucky since the old neighborhood where I live seems very stable.  With the exception of Chris' parents moving out (and a church missionary who spends a lot of time overseas) moving in to their house there has been no changes in the people who live here.  There is a Colombian family who moved in next door about 10 years ago. They are all citizens now.   They told me thongs were okay with them the first day they saw me wear one.  Everyone else within a block or so has been there at least 20 years, and several have been there 50, 60, or more years.  Some have family homes that have always been in the family since the day they were built over 100 years ago.  Getting back to Chris, when he is in the old neighborhood, he is very casual about wearing his thongs.  He will wear them sunning, but also will walk to neighbor's houses to visit people, etc.  If the weather is right, this is done in no more than a thong.  The neighbors know he and I are both thong crazy, and have accepted our choice of swimwear/casual wear.  I think we are the only men who thong, but some of the women and especially the daughters and grand daughters feel comfortable in thongs.  While it looks like Chris loves his wife, he does wish she too was a thonger, but he says she never was interested.  There might be hope.  Last time I was over at his parent's house, she was visiting and using the pool, and was wearing a cheeky swimsuit that almost was working its way into her butt crack.  A few millimeters less material and some would have considered it a thong.

Ohharley #18

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:08/15/2018 01:23:19Copy HTML

That's great to hear! Where do you live? Just wondered besides the backyard if you have any beaches/parks you can thong at? Columbus here, Alum Creek but haven't been there in awhile. Some backyard time but with all the trees limited sunning.
kiyoothong #19

Re:Chris -- A young neighbor new to thonging

Date Posted:08/15/2018 02:19:17Copy HTML

You live in a great neighborhood. Any other thongers in your neighborhood?
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