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The Gabe

Date Posted:11/03/2012 05:21:44Copy HTML

I may have missed a posting about this region, but I will be in FL in a couple weeks, and will get to spend 2 nights right in the Cocoa Beach area with a trip to kennedy Space Center. i would like to go out on the beach for a morning thong run if possible, but I wanted to know if thogns and g-strings go over well in that area. Thanks for any help.
shavedboy #1

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:11/03/2012 08:54:02Copy HTML

thongs and gstrings are illegal in cocoa thanks to a 1995 Brevard county law.  You can take your chances or you can go to Playalinda Beach.  (Which is in Brevard county, but is a national park.  the brevard SO made some arrests there in 1995/1996.  Park at lot 13 and stay north of the lot 13 crossover, that's a traditional (not official) nude area.  Feel free to thong or wear a gstring there.  $5.00 entrance fee per car.  Chemical toilets, no sinks or showers.  bring water.
skinaddict #2

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:11/04/2012 04:35:27Copy HTML

We will also be in that area around the 15th - 18th of November, and general consensus seems to be that Playalinda is no longer the ideal location because you may be ticketed, but Apollo Beach on the North End of Canaveral National Seashore, south of Parking Lot 5, is clothing optional and obviously also thong friendly.
Now to find the perfect thong bikini for my better half to wear out on the beaches, and something a little more covered for at the water parks... if anybody is interested I will post back with what I come up with...
SteveandCandy #3

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:11/05/2012 12:07:07Copy HTML

We stayed in Cocoa last week before leaving on our cruise. It was our second time staying at Fawltey Towers and we would reccomend it highly. Daytime around the pool everyone is nude and at night many wear minimal-wear at the bar. On both of our stays there the people were a wonderful group and we had a lot of fun. Not cliques like many of the bigger nudist resorts everyone is happ and friendly. They probably only have about 40 rooms and Sat nite is probably the busiest. I hope the owner (Paul) starts heating the pool a little more, it was too cold for us floridians. Rooms are clean and the atmosphere is very casual and fun. It is an old Florida property that has been well kept. Don't go expecting Calixxte type upscale nude resort full of 20 and 30somethings all with gym bodies. The crowd is more mature happy couples, not a lot of singles but they are allowed. We have yet to encounter any "wallies" or "vinnies" that are so common to other nude resorts. Check it out and have a great time!
Happy Thonging!
rickl454 #4

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:11/05/2012 04:29:54Copy HTML

Steve and Candy:  we've been nudists for a long time but have never heard the terms "'wallies' and 'vinnies' so common at other nude resorts".   Although I would bet we've met our share without knowing it.  What are "wallies" and "vinnies"?
SteveandCandy #5

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:11/06/2012 12:19:43Copy HTML

Hi Rickl454, I don't think the terms were coined at hedo. Candy and I don't have a problem with "Wallys" they are voyeurs and don't interact socially. Most consider them to be the creepy looking guys who hang in the shadows. Vinnies on the other hand chat up every couple they can, don't takle subtle clues and won't leave you alone until you either get in their face or worse. Killamozzila if you read our posts on Caspersen, Candy and I like single male thongers at the beach and we like the bushwackers too. We have several single male beach buddys that will ask if they can set up on the beach with us, most of the time we say yes. But if you come up and talk talk talk, and won't even let either one of us get a word in edgewise you will be told in no uncertain terms to get lost. We are a very friendly couple and wave and say hi to everybody, several have mistaken that for an invitation. I am not a shy person and have no qualms about saying either "would you like to move over here by us" or "get lost". If you are a single male in a nudist enviornment, respect and attention to details both subtle and not so subtle will go a long way to making your experience much better, as well as everyone else's. I will add patience to that list as well. Most (but not all) of the couples on our beach avoid single males like the plague, they will not even give them a chance to say hello. We like single males in general, but mostly we like them about 15-20 yards away :)
Happy Thonging!
jn9195 #6

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:11/15/2012 02:17:44Copy HTML

I quit going to Cocoa Beach several years ago because I had the police called on me for wearing a Capri suit from PrevailSport.   http://prevailsport.com/capri.html

I had just parked, walked to the water, got my feet wet, and started walking down the beach.  I wasn't even seen for five minutes and the cops were all over me.  I was wearing "very inappropriate" swimwear and was told to put on "traditional swimming trunks".  I left.  I went to my motel and went to the soda machine in the same suit... everyone was staring at me like I committed a horrible crime.  I went to the pool, people left the courtyard and pool area.  This was before I really had the nerve to thong.  Actually, I have stopped in Cocoa Beach since then, but never for more than one night on the long drive farther south.

As I was walking around the motel, a pizza delivery lady saw me and commented on how she liked my "tiny" swimsuit and also mentioned that she never saw anything like that around there.  These days, I never wear anything with that much material when I'm anywhere in Florida.  I only wear those when at hotels in the Midwest or around my apartment.  Actually, I usually wear something with skinnier sides.

DoreFan #7

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:11/15/2012 07:03:52Copy HTML

@jn9195: Whenever I read stories like this, I get very afraid of what the US is becoming. The capri isn't even what I would call "skimpy". It sounds like an alien land to me.
jn9195 #8

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:03/25/2013 01:30:16Copy HTML


How was your trip to this area?

Saluda #9

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:10/29/2013 06:44:00Copy HTML

Just spent a week at Cocoa Beach.  Thonged twice, wearing a pink (i.e. skin colored) HoHo Wear #189, which is actually underwear not a suit.  Spent several hours on two different days, nobody said a word to me.  Beach patrol passed within 10 yards all day long, never stopped or said anything.  I did lay out in front of a half-boarded-up condo about midway between the pier and Cocoanuts, so not much of a crowd in that area. But at least two people sitting out on their balconies saw me.  
Indythongz #10

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:02/03/2017 05:41:00Copy HTML

Out on Coco Beach now!  I'm wearing my neon yellow Skinz StuffIt thong. It's a great day for it. Nobody has said a word yet, just a def looks and smiles. 
gw32 #11

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:05/31/2017 05:42:48Copy HTML

 spending a week at Cocoa Beach right now. We are with our just graduated kids and their bf/gf so I'm going with my Pilgrim Suit rather than something briefer (just not there yet to go that bare with my kids). So that means a fairly small speedo style. But, I can tell you, on our first day, there were three young women in thongs and one of those would be classified as a micro, for certain. Guys ALL in long board short (except me). This is at the 15th st area beach.Beautiful weather, lovely beach 
gw32 #12

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:06/04/2017 02:49:31Copy HTML

 Cocoa Beach is very relaxed. I have been down to the beach several times in a very tiny Beach N Dance thong. Morning swims, evening swims, walking the beach. Not a lot of people, no problem. We got a nice middle of the day beach time on Saturday and the beach was busier. I wore my speedo until our kids headed off to do other things. At that point I rolled it down and up (since I didn't have a thong under it or in my bag) into a pretty low slung thong style. Wore it like that for several hours while my wife and i lay out, and in and out of the water. People were around, walking up and down the beach, and two (very lovely) young women were just a short distance away. Got some looks from them. :-)One of them had a thong, the other a cheeky suit. Saw two other (also lovely) ladies with very brief thongs.Had a lovely day, got some sun on my buns, and relaxed.
mhdavisjr #13

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:07/21/2018 02:51:29Copy HTML

Any news this year?  Will be visiting in mid-August.
mhdavisjr #14

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:08/29/2018 07:45:35Copy HTML

Spent 7 straight glorious days at C.B. near the pier - only rained 1 (late) afternoon - very unusual for this time of year!  Set up just south of the area where the lifeguards stop watching.  Decent number of people, but not super crowded.  Wore customized teardrop g-string by Suzi Fox:

2.5" x 4" in a swimwear fabric #5618

I think I heard a few comments, but nothing overtly rude.  Beach police came nearby (within 30 ft) several times (including one time to confiscate cooler full of glass bottles -- it seems they warn you the first time, but I believe the fine can be $100/bottle), but they never said a word about my attire.  Lifeguards driving from one station to another didn't care either.

As far as others in g-strings, only 1 pair of girls for a couple of hours one afternoon (and they seemed amused by mine), but maybe 10-15% of bottoms were cheeky...

Cannot wait to be back for a long weekend next month!

crew_chief #15

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:09/15/2018 03:47:14Copy HTML

Absolutely loving Coco Beach. I have been here for just about a year now. Coco does not follow Brevard, thongs are legal in the city. I see alot of thongs and g-strings on a the girls, and  here i am still the minority but i am still happy. I have had police and lifegaurds ask to look in my cooler and the only comment was about sun screen . If any one make it down,send me a message. I will have cold beer and a small swimsuit’s waiting for


orlspeedo #16

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:09/16/2018 02:16:51Copy HTML

I'm over in the Orlando area, and would love to join you on Cocoa Beach sometime!  Send me a message if you'd be interested in meeting up sometime.

Shesquats #17

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:10/30/2018 08:17:00Copy HTML

Crew_chief. Thank you for the information regarding the law. Do you know if Thongs are common on women by the Hilton resort in Cocoa Beach? I plan on spending a few days there in May and love to wear my g strings but as a single woman prefer not to be the only one. Do you know if they are also common /acceptable by the pool. I have gotten into the habit - except when abroad or in Miami- of changing into a brazilian at most Hilton pools in order to avoid unwanted attention. Any insight you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
crew_chief #18

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:11/01/2018 02:12:15Copy HTML

Shesquats—-I have been infront of the Hilton a few times and have seen women in a different thong each time. Any section of the beach to include the Patrick base beach, you will see thongs on women here. As for for I, unfortunately are still the minority with a man wearing anything small, but only a few comments from people that I don’t care about anyway. On the g-stings side,i have seen many girs in front of Coconuts,in the summer it can be a packed beach. I am willing to try and do some research on the Hilton and will post so all can have peace of mind.

Shesquats #19

Re:Cocoa Beach area

Date Posted:11/02/2018 03:18:34Copy HTML

Thank you so so much.  I really appreciate the information and offer to investigate further.

I am sorry you have to deal with the rude comments but thankfully they don’t seem to dissuade you from pursuing an activity you obviously enjoy.  (I aspire to one day be there myself for now I find strength in numbers even if its only a few)

Thiis community is awesome.  I travel alone often for work and occasionally when the location is appealing try to add PTO time to my conferences and this board has been great with information  and on point every time. I truly believe the comments prevent me from entering an uncomfortable situation allowing me to enjoy my vacations that much more.  

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