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Date Posted:03/12/2019 02:50:55Copy HTML

Please could someone fix the confusing date format? I'm posting this today, 12th March 2019, but the date appears instead as 3rd December 2019 (03/12/2019). I'm aware that a tiny minority of countries use a very unusual mm/dd/yyyy date format, but as this is an international forum, the dates should be in an internationally-understood common format - either dd/mm/yyyy (smallest-to-largest) or yyyy-mm-dd (largest-to-smallest).

Even if you're used to mm/dd/yyyy, please bear in mind those who are not. Using a format that is neither largest-to-smallest nor smallest-to-largest is like displaying the time in mm:hh:ss format - totally illogical.

Other Aimoo forums don't suffer from this error, so it must be configurable by an admin.

JM_Runs #1

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:03/12/2019 05:14:24Copy HTML

I will look into that. It may be based on your user location in your user profile. If not, it should be. Where a user is located should determine the date format, not where the moderator is located.
richardlondon #2

Re:Confusing date format

Date Posted:03/13/2019 01:26:22Copy HTML

The date format is not configurable in the user profile. While logged in to Aimoo, the date format varies from one forum to another. This suggests that the date format is specific to the forum and therefore configurable by the admin. It would also be more intuitive to use 24-hour time instead of 12-hour time. For example, 5pm is better understood in most countries as 17:00:00 than as 05:00:00.
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