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Date Posted:10/10/2018 12:24:50Copy HTML

Today we had some bad news -- Yesterday was probably the last day of high-70's to low 80's weather until late March or April.  Sometimes we get a day or two here or there over winter, but as the year winds down and the new year starts the probability of even getting low 70's or even high 60's weather -- weather suitable for thonging -- get less and less.

We are not all made of money and can not take off to a warm and sunny place where we can get away from the cold and hopefully get some thonging time in too.  So short of moving, what can we do to cope with Winter?  I am not a Winter person, and while I do like a fire in the fireplace, and some of the early Winter Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, I need to find local things and activities to help me through what I think is the worst part of the year.

Winter sports, like Skiing, Snow Boarding, Winter hikes and camping, ice fishing, etc.  are either not of interest or are only a very short term diversion.  Staying at home makes me claustraphobic.  Watching endless TV or going on shopping trips are boring at best.  Sure, I do both, but TV is only a short-term diversion (even with Movie channels) and shopping is more of a necessity than a pleasure.  Going on trips, also does not work since short trips usually don't go far enough away to get away from the weather.  Longer trips are complicated by work schedules and costs of travel for motels, gas, meals, etc.  Same goes for restaurants.  Fast food is yucky and I get tired of it quickly.  Fancy restaurants are expensive and sometimes do not have much better food.

Visitors and going to other peoples houses also tends to be only a short-term distraction.

As a child, I remember the excitement of the first snow and going sleding or ice skating.  Holidays were more exciting due to vacations from school.  As I grew and my interests changed, other things made the winter season more memorable -- mostly going places and doing things with friends.  Now my friends are mostly parents and don't have "wild" parties.  They have sick kids and school issues and their children are happy to visit friends a few blocks away and hate to go on trips when they can't be with their friends.  Seeing my friends and their families is nice, but not the same.  Things are more predictable and Winter activities seem to be slipping into a rut which is deeper and deeper each year.  I like where I am living.  I have a nice house.  I have three great male friends who I share my place with -- friends who keep me satisfied sexually.  But even that is sort of a short-term thing, since we mess around all Summer so doing it in the Winter is not a seasonal thing.

I do things with them in Winter, but they seem to like the weather and appreciate the winter activities more than I do.  They go ice fishing and have a little house they can use, but the ice has to be thick enough so this is not all that possible.  When they do go ice fishing, it is so boring to me -- and cold and gloomy.  If they get the heat up where I am not cold, the ice starts to melt and it get humid in the tiny house.  It is sort of like camping, something I do not care a bit for.  They love going to a ski resort but this is two-hours away and only has short runs, and skiing is physically challenging to me.  I almost always fall more than I stay standing.  Hanging around the "lodge" is not much fun for me either.  It is like some type of pick-up bar with booze messing up otherwise stable men's thoughts.  One ski place about four hours away has a hot-tub at the lodge, and they do permit thongs, but it is small and you are still bothered by the men who think if you are not skiing that you must need a new guy to keep you happy.  The boys also get into hunting, show boarding, ice skating, winter hikes -- sometimes needing snow shoes, etc., but the layers and layers of cloths I must wear to keep warm are uncomfortable to my body which prefers to wear nothing at all.  Winter sports like Football (that ends half-way through the Winter any way.) and hockey are of little interest to a person who is not a sports jock.  I have tried to enjoy these sports but like most sports (except auto racing) they have little appeal, even when my friends or men go with me.

I have tried other things -- Volunteering for charity, getting involved in clubs, community theater, and other things.  These things fill a bit of my time, but I never could get into them like others do.  One thing, the people in these clubs are often old f*rts who want to run things their way.  I thought I would like working at a dog rescue place, but was kept on the "clean up cage" detail for months, and hac very little one-on-one wiht the dogs.  It also broke my heart to see some dogs come in hurt or abused, and seeing others being sent away with people who would never appreciate them.  It was a "no kill" shelter, but even then, sometimes dogs got or were too sick or injured when they came in and had to be put down.

Spending several evenings a week at community theater only to wind up with the job of moving props or opening the curtains is not that fullfilling.  Books and reading don't seem to help much either -- I like reading, but like it better, sitting out in warmer weather (even the cooler fall or spring weather) where I can enjoy the sun, even if not in skimpy cloths.  I have tried to create a reading area at home, but have not had much success.Those special lights they have that simulate sunlight and are supposed to help you get by when the sun is not out as much don't help much either.  I go to the gym in winter, but indoor swimming in water that seems to be 100% chlorine is not pleasant and the exercise machine and track are things I do all year around -- not as a Winter activity to break up my day.  My parents live next door, and have a farm and I still do many of the chores when I can for them, but even this is something that does not appeal to me during Winter.  Even riding a horse we are boarding for a friend does not interest me that much in winter.

I do enjoy travel, even local travel, seeing museums, etc., but not when the trip is on icy roads or accompanied by heavy snow and slush.  A few day trips to such places have been memorable and happy times for me, but many such trips act only as a diversion from my otherwise dull and unhappy Winter life. I get some comfort from planning things to do next summer, but that often causes me to get sad when I think about having to wait months and months before I can do them, and then only if my work and budget permit.

Occationally I get lucky and get to go on business trips to places where it it warmer, but these are very irradic and I don't get to go on trips like sales conventions where I can have business friends who are there year after year to hang out with.

This year I will have a very tight budget and must keep spending for entertainment and trips to a minimum.  My parents also are getting to the age when they sometimes need help, so going places with all my male companions is not practicable since at least one has to stay behind to help Mom and Dad when they need it.  So my challenge is what can I do locally (Ohio/Indiana/Kentucky) that is not expensive, requires only short trips if any, and might help me out.  Toledo, Fort Wayne, Dayton, Columbus, and Indianapolis and even Detroit are within a two to three hour window, Windsor and other points in Canada are hard to get back from, thanks to tighter overseas travel requirements and security especially on the return trip.  Cleveland, CIncinatti, Lousiville, and other places as a possible one-night trip.  Alternately, Chicago or St. Louis or Knoxsville or even Nashville TN are possible 2-night trips, but this would push my budget to it's limits and might eliminate the chances to do other, more local things.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated since my depression is kicking in with temperatures only in 50's and lower 60's predicted for the next few weeks.  The loss of sunlight both in the moring and evening also bothers me, but the fainter sun in Winter is also depressing when I go outside.  Still faint sunshine is better than no sunshine, and I try to get out as much as I can as long as it is not too cold or too rainy (cold rain is worse for me than snow).  Yes, I could move, but really don't want to since I want to be near my parents, my life-long friends, and have a new house and a good job.  Last year, I went to a shrink that did little good.  The phsyciatrist prescribed medications that made me feel unreal and while I didn't mind Winter that much, I also didn't seem to care about much of anything else either.  The phycologist he sent me to (a lady) said I was sick for wanting to go naked in the summer and some sort of sexually un-satisifed person.  When I changed to a new therapist, he was more interested in me telling him stories about nude beach use, stories about having three lovers I live with, and wanting to see pictures of my summer vacations that often showed me topfree and in thongs, so I don't think this is a good route for me either.  


Tangapreta #1

Re:Coping with Winter and Cold Weather Depression -- Any Ideas?

Date Posted:10/10/2018 02:15:49Copy HTML

Mary You can try hypnotherapy for depression. It is a 100% natural therapy and has shown good results with depression. Look for a good trained hypnotherapist near you.
J_R_365 #2

Re:Coping with Winter and Cold Weather Depression -- Any Ideas?

Date Posted:10/10/2018 02:48:42Copy HTML

I never had a problem with Seasonal Affective Disorder until a few of years ago, when we had two brutal winters in a row here in Chicago, one with lots of snow, and the next where there was no relief from the cold. Since then, even a relatively mild winter can get me down. My own coping mechanism is to look at pictures of tropical beaches on the Internet. That only give temporary relief, though.

If you search for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD - what an appropriate acronym), you can find lots of information about it. There are four main treatments:

    Light therapy
    Vitamin D

This list is from the National Institute of Mental Health, NIMH Seasonal Affective Disorder, which has a description of these treatmentsin some detail.

JM_Runs #3

Re:Coping with Winter and Cold Weather Depression -- Any Ideas?

Date Posted:10/10/2018 03:19:51Copy HTML

I have a friend from up North who took up two pursuits that fill her winter days:

The first was exercise, the gym and running. She told me she only really started to enjoy it when she took courses so she could teach others. Learning how the body worked and could be improved was interesting, then she got to try out her skills on herself and others. Although not a very outgoing or social person she quickly came to like the respect and gratitude from the people she coached.  Although she never really liked running out doors in the winter, had poor circulation and her hands got very cold.

The second was sewing with sewing machines. I thought this a little strange for her, but she assured me she liked being a skilled and competent operator, without having a boss or deadlines. She started off mostly doing stuff for herself, like patches on jeans and summer cloths, but then expanded into doing jobs for others, and even making things to sell online. It gave her flexibility to do it whenever she wanted, at any time of day, without leaving her home and having to deal with traffic or weather. 

I think what attracted her most was it involved doing stuff with her hands, while totally involving her brain in thinking the process through. Stuff like working out what side to sew on, what edge to use and how the piece would assemble. It was also something other people in her life could not do - so they did not try to tell her how to do it.  Something where she was totally in control of everything, from the supplies to finished item. 

When she first started sewing she joined a local sewing club, but found even the young people way more advanced. She made a friend who helped her with the basics. Found she could do stuff on her basic machine, just a little slower.  Her sewing friend later lent her a spare serger which helped a lot.

tobias5711 #4

Re:Coping with Winter and Cold Weather Depression -- Any Ideas?

Date Posted:10/10/2018 07:38:01Copy HTML

When I have SAD in the winter, I do something different. I apply suntan lotion on my face. The smell reminds me of summer and seems to help.
ohiothonger #5

Re:Coping with Winter and Cold Weather Depression -- Any Ideas?

Date Posted:10/10/2018 09:02:03Copy HTML

Post Reply Did not work.

ohiothonger #6

Re:Coping with Winter and Cold Weather Depression -- Any Ideas?

Date Posted:10/10/2018 09:12:05Copy HTML

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Martylouie #7

Re:Coping with Winter and Cold Weather Depression -- Any Ideas?

Date Posted:10/10/2018 09:13:28Copy HTML

It might be a bit of an initially high cost, but have you considered building a solarium addition to your house, sort of like a cross between a sun room and a greenhouse? You would get more natural sun and could even lay out. If done right it could even help lower your heating bills by adding passive solar. On a farm, it might even be deductible if you used it to give some plants a head start
gsj #8

Re:Coping with Winter and Cold Weather Depression -- Any Ideas?

Date Posted:10/12/2018 10:43:38Copy HTML

 I find regular weekly swims at the local leisure centre pool, giving an opportunity to be nearly naked (given the minimal string suit I wear) helps considerably. Hotel pools,  provide an opportunity to be even briefer attired.

ithongit #9

Re:Coping with Winter and Cold Weather Depression -- Any Ideas?

Date Posted:10/13/2018 04:04:47Copy HTML

I can think of four basic things that can make winter less pleasurable and there might be more. Figuring out which one or ones are most troublesome might help you avoid those things, or taking positive steps to offset their effects. These are: Lack of sunlight Cold temperatures Different activities that you don't like Holiday overload. Lack of sunlight is probably a biggy for a lot of people. Some businesses seem to be set up to cause you to go in when it is dark and go home when it is dark too. Many places have not windows or heavily tinted windows which provide little relief. Change your schedule if possible so you have more time to see the sun. Second of Third shift may not be where you want to be, but you might be able to spend hours in what little sun you get. Special lights or even just more lights can also help. A candle lit dinner by a fireplace might be romantic, or watching TV with the room lights out might seem to make sense, but you are depriving yourself of light. If there is any way you can get outside on a sunny day, take advantage if you can. Cold temperatures there is little you can do about. This is especially true if you work in a job where they keep the temperature cool or have a car with a bad heater. At the same time, turning heat way up when you can will only make the transition from being in a warm place to a cool place that much harder to take without getting cold. One of the best things is exercise. Walking just a block or two in the cool or cold temperatures can actually make many people feel better. Just like the sunshine issue, take advantage of warmer winter weather when you can. Being outside when it is 45 or even 55 might be a lot colder than you normally would like to be in the summer, but will help you appreciate the nicer days when they come along. Different activities you don't like -- this is something that is hard to figure out, but try to find new winter-only activities or hobbies you can take on. Remodeling or inside painting, art classes, setting up a movie-night with friends or family, go restaurant exploring one day a week. If you don't like football, you still might like to hang around at a big tailgate party. Some communities have historic house and building tours. Nearby we can go have dinner in a log cabin. If there are agencies you have always wanted to volunteer for, doing this in the winter might become a positive thing. One person I knew collects jig-saw puzzles from friends and others and then distributed them to hospitals and similar places. If you have a dog, consider dog training or advanced dog training classes which help the bond with your animal but also is something you might not find time to do in a busy summer. Holiday Overload -- This is a major issue for many people. There is a lot of stress involved in getting presents, making food, cleaning the house for guests, etc. But then after Christmas or some other early to mid winter event, everything stops. Why not have a family or family and close-friends Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years or whatever. and then plan a few party-get togethers with those people you would have invited to a Christmas party or whatever to these instead. Set these up for January and February, or maybe even March. This will keep you busy, but without everything hitting at once. Many people who attend will also like not having to squeeze your event into an otherwise crowded holiday schedule. The other holiday thing that upsets some people is New Years. I don't really know what to say if you decide to spend this time thinking of all the things that didn't go your way in the last year, or things about problems that you see in the year ahead. All I can say is very few people do everything they want each year, and almost anyone will think of issues in the short-term future that can get them down. Other than for accounting reasons, New Year's day is just another day -- except most people get the day off.
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