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sun your buns

Date Posted:05/20/2005 08:36:57Copy HTML

Does anyone know if there is any good thonging in costa rica?
sun your buns #1

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:05/23/2005 05:04:57Copy HTML

I guess no one knows.

Marcio_80 #2

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:05/24/2005 01:35:00Copy HTML

Manuel Anotonio beaches are good for thonging.

There is a nude gay beach where you will certainly find some thongers.
elendy #3

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:05/24/2005 01:44:36Copy HTML

2 years ago I spent a month at the Barcello resort/golf club at Playa Tambor on the east coast of the Nicoya peninsular, which is on the pacific side of Costa Rica. It is situated on a beautiful bay with a good sandy beach and is very sparsly populated. I only wore thongs to the beach, and often to the hotel pool(s) with no adverse comments. You can get there by road, but the best way is by air taxi from San Jose.

Good luck
anonimizado #4

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:05/28/2005 04:46:16Copy HTML

Some girls wear them on almost any beach, but no man wears thongs.  As a fact, almost all guys wear dork shorts, but some, like me, prefer speedo briefs.

tdelgado #5

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:06/12/2005 06:17:39Copy HTML

Hi "Sun your buns"!

The culture here in Costa Rica is too Americanized and most men wear what is fashionable to wear in the States, dork shorts. Some men wear square cut boxers and a few wear Speedos. Seldom you see men wearing thongs, even though you will see girls wearing thongs quite often, as "Anonimizado" points out.

I've used thongs in beaches when there's not many people around, especially in the North Pacific (Guanacaste province). I've thonged in Playa Langosta, Playa Penca, Flamingo and I even sun bathed naked in Playa San Juanillo. I've also used thongs in the Caribbean, in Playa Manzanillo. In other words, I think the way to go about thonging in Costa Rica is to be conservative when there is a lot of people around if you mind about comments, even though you may eventually find a crowd that only mind their own business, like "elendy" pointed out.

By the way, Marcio is right, Manuel Antonio (inside the National Park) is another place where you can thong. The people's attitudes in Manuel Antonio are more relaxed, people there is very open minded in general.


taitdrs #6

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:08/02/2005 07:40:35Copy HTML

 Manuel Antonio is by far the best beach in Costa Rica, the 'open minded' attitude makes for great thonging, and the best part is the 'gay/nude'  cove on the opposite side of the beach from the natl. park.  where pretty much everyone is either in a thong or nekkid !

Last time a whore a thong at the beach was at Pan d Azucar though, in Guanacaste, kinda isolated but fun never the less, used to be hooked on thong tan lines, but now i prefer an over-all tan,  that way ANY thong i put on looks great.


shavedthong #7

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:09/22/2005 11:56:59Copy HTML

Anyone been to the Four Seasons in Costa Rica.  Any thong action there?

taitdrs #8

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:09/23/2005 06:33:51Copy HTML

Haven? been to the resort ?haved?nbsp;but the beach it? in is beautifull, not much thong action though,  only from women. 

I? say its a rather ?amily oriented?place but am pretty sure you won? get nothing more than a second look when wearing your tiniest suits.

NoTanLinesToo #9

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:04/25/2006 10:48:39Copy HTML

Anyone been to Costa Rica lately?  I will be in a private villa in Dominical for most of the trip (for the all-over tan), but will be hitting the beaches several times.  Also, what kind of swimwear have you seen in the hot springs in Arenal (where the volcano is)?
taitdrs #10

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:04/27/2006 02:19:12Copy HTML

  I've used 'boy-shorts'  and rio bikinis at Tabacon (hot springs),  havent tried a thong but there shouldnt b a problem, just dont expect to see any other fellow male thonger.

 Dont forget to visit 'la playita' in Manuel Antonio

armand_galleon #11

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:04/27/2006 09:11:03Copy HTML

I was at Tamarindo beach, Avellanas, Playa Grande, Witches' Rock and a few other (surf) spots during spring break. Young happenin' Latinas (and gringas) struted their stuff in and out of the water, especially on Tamarindo beach (the other places are more secluded surf spots, perfect for sunning with all the privacy in the world) in all types of thongs and booty bottoms. Some men wore speedos; all others wore board shorts. Things really cooled off after Easter sunday when most tourists went home. On monday it was a quiet beach again. It seemed to me that no one would care what you wore on any of the beaches (all the people that I met on my trip, both locals and Americans seemed to be very relaxed and indifferent as to what people, particularly the thong-clad women, were wearing). You want a little more privacy? Head north, (maybe a quarter of a mile) of the estatuary river mouth on Tamarindo beach which can easily be walked across on low tide, but be back before high tide or you might have to fight the current to get back to the main Tamarindo beach (there are crocodiles up river from the rivermouth! ...but they don't seem interested in brackish/salt waters).
Like all tropical destinations the noon sun can be brutal and even with SPF 45 I till came back with a deep tropical tan even though I was out only between 7 and 9 am and 3 to 5 pm.
Costa Rica is a great destination but be ready for rough roads and mosquitoes at dusk, especially during the wet season.
Enjoy, and as the Costa Ricans say:
"Pura Vida!"

taitdrs #12

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:05/11/2006 04:01:09Copy HTML

 So, NoTanLinesToo, how did it go?
NoTanLinesToo #13

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:05/12/2006 02:21:28Copy HTML

Haven't been yet....will be there in early June.  I'll let you know how it goes.
tback32 #14

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:05/28/2006 03:38:22Copy HTML

I have thonged at Playa Herradura at Jaco Beach and south at Playa Hermosa wearing a skinz m3... No problems...a few long looks but no comments.. Just stay away from clusters of surfers and you'll be fine. I swam, walked the beach, and layed out all day... There were lots of girls in thongs and g-strings but only guys in speedos and boardies. No one seemed to mind at all, if fact the girls seemed to love my thong clad body. Ticos are very open minded, so do what you want and there's plenty of beach to find your own private spot too.

onlinegio #15

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:06/12/2006 09:24:28Copy HTML

Hi, i'm new at this forum but i wear thongs since i was 16, 2 moths ago i've thonged at playa hermosa guanacaste and everything was fine, do you know a group for thonging here at costa rica?
NoTanLinesToo #16

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:06/20/2006 12:42:26Copy HTML

I didn't have an opportunity for thonging on the beach in Costa Rica, all because of the weather and the tide schedule.  There was rain every day beginning usually around lunch time.  Low tide during that period was around 6am and 6pm, so I never was able to time the tides and the weather for going to the beach.  However, the beaches that I did see were mostly secluded with very few people and you could probably wear whatever you wanted to (or nothing at all).  All of this was in the Dominical area, which is south of Quepos and Manuel Antonio.

Don't despair, though.  I was able to get quite a bit of sun at the private villa that I rented and I truly have "No Tan Lines"!

taitdrs #17

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:01/03/2007 01:38:08Copy HTML

Hey Gio, thers no group that i know of, but where are you from?, maybe we can start one.
onlinegio #18

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:01/04/2007 12:44:53Copy HTML

I'm near moravia and you? Look at my profile for contact information.
clubthongs #19

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:01/04/2007 10:53:29Copy HTML

We spent a glorious day at Manuel Antonio and wore thongs with absolute confidence.  Costa Rica is very laid back and no one even seemed to notice.  Pura Vida!
taitdrs #20

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:01/24/2007 04:47:52Copy HTML

right on clubthongs !  did u thong at the 'playita' or right on the main beach?
bobo2112 #21

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:07/03/2007 05:17:14Copy HTML

The wife and I are heading to Tabacon Hot Springs resort and Paradisus on the coast in a few months.  Both of us want to go thonging at both places.  Anyone have some information or past experiences they could share with us?  All information is much appreciated!
taitdrs #22

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:09/18/2007 09:13:18Copy HTML

 Tabacon is thong friendly with women,  you'll probably get a lot of stares though, it? very family oriented, Paradisius is your best bet for thong tan lines,  never been to the resort itself but the beach is very secluded, perfect for thonging for both of you.
bobo2112 #23

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:09/19/2007 04:38:52Copy HTML

Thanks so much for your reply Taitdrs!!!

I will stick with a more traditional bikini brief swimsuit at Tabacon but great to know I can pull out the thongs at Paradisus.  My wife will be very happy to hear that thongs are well accepted at Tabacon.

Thanks again!

taitdrs #24

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:01/18/2008 11:55:11Copy HTML

so?  how did it go, did you get to thong at all?
taitdrs #25

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:07/30/2008 05:59:42Copy HTML

sorry to announce that a hotel has been built in `la playita` in Manuel Antonio, another nude beach that bites the dust here in CR, bummer. Thonging is still allowed, as it is in the whole MA beach though.

stayed tanned.
JM_Runs #26

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:08/15/2008 11:29:57Copy HTML

I am 20 years old and i have been wearing thongs to the beach since last year, all though I wear them since i was 15.
I have wore them at Playa Penca, Pan de Azucar (Sugar Beach), Flamingo, and many other beaches that are in guanacaste.
mail me to get in touch and go to some places.
pkthong #27

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:08/03/2009 09:58:50Copy HTML

 Returned recently from C.R. We stayed at a very well appointed condo (Monte Carlo) in Jaco.  The swimwear scene was as you probably guessed Dork's for the men and regular bikinis for the women. I saw one lady in a G at the beach and maybe 3-4 guys in speedos mine was by far the smallest. I felt relatively comfortable and got no grief other than good natured ribbing from my own travel party.  This is one beautiful country, I felt safe overall and did not get the "developing country feeling" everywhere. The people seem very relaxed and laissez-faire about life. "Pura Vida!
Jerry_in_san_jose #28

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:04/25/2010 04:31:45Copy HTML

A great place to wear thong swimsuits is on the beach at the resort Sueno Del Mar just south of Tamerindo. You see women in thongs daily but just a few men. I wore a thong the entire time there, at the resort and up and down the beach with no problems.

SpeedoDude #29

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:05/12/2010 01:07:50Copy HTML

Warning, I now live in Manuel Anonio, and go to the beach all the time with my gf who used to wear her thong, several times a week.  They have just recently passed a new law.  It is now illegal to show your buttocks, genitals, or breasts on public beaches, which includes thongs swimsuits.  

I wear a  speedo type suit, and get no problem at all.  Just last week I saw the lifeguard tell a young married couple from Italy, who had stripped down to their thongs, to cover up.  We tried to talk to them and warn them, but the lifeguard got to them before we could.  They became very angry and left. 

Even the Ticos are not happy with the law.  Kind of feel sorry for the lifeguards because they are unpopular now with the beach crowd for this very reason, but if they are found out by their boss, they could lose their job.  Now it is not uncommon to see a few gay Ticos in white, like completely transparent speedos, or the occasional European woman in a white transparent bikini with full bottoms, might as well be nude. 

We have talked to the lifeguards and they tell us that as of now, until September, they are being instructed to give Warnings: But come September 1st, they will be instructed they have to call the police.

Costa Rica is gradually becoming more and more Americanized.  Only in this past year have they started arresting people in this area for public nudity.   Some of the police we talked to aren't familiar with the law and or don't like it.  

Here is what you can do. There are some very secluded beaches in the Manuel Antonio area, where the police can't get to by car, so they typically aren't going to come arrest you.   Ask a good tour guide. 

Another thing you can do is carry about 40K in Costa Rica Colones, about $8O or so American, to pay off the police. They will usually take it if you do it with discretion, like palm in to them.  

Also be aware that you are required to carry a copy of your passport at all times. 

The new laws also crack down on drug use because of the increase in crime and crack cocaine use here.  Believe me you do not want to wind up in the jail in this area,  Puntarenas.   You will be robbed of everything you have on you. Probably by the jail police themselves. If they decide to prosecute and deport you, which they often do to extract more money, you can wind up in prison anywhere from 6 months to 5 years waiting for a court hearing, or for the immigration police, who will take you to next in the big city, San Jose.  If you survive jail. your only way out,  is to have a friend or family member go meet one of the head guards and pay them off.  Usually anywhere from 200 to 250K colones, a small price to pay to avoid the misery.  

I have lived her for many years and this is just how it works in CR.   The laws are often written to extract money from wealthy tourists, or target illegals. The Nicaraguans are very disliked here.  

If you stay at an expensive private  resort, you will have no problems with thonging or the women going topless, the owners often either know the police, or have paid them off to leave their guests alone.    Caio!
DavyJ #30

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:05/24/2010 01:07:46Copy HTML

Actually it sounds like the best thing to do is to go somewhere else.  You would hope that eventually someone will figure out that all this fuss is costing them money.
shaved_thong_lover #31

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:01/14/2011 08:30:24Copy HTML

Heading to Costa Rica for a few days.  Saw the recent post about the law changes, but have seen other sites discussing how there are places where men can wear thongs, or in resorts.  Any more info would be great if anyone knows abotu men wearing thongs at resorts or public beaches recently.  Thanks
Andbar #32

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:02/08/2011 03:17:26Copy HTML

Hi, I ve thonged in a couple of places in CR but mainly I wear speedos. There are many secluded lonely beaches, just dont go to commeercial touristy places and youll be by yourslef ...
OS777 #33

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:02/21/2011 04:01:41Copy HTML

Andbar #34

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:02/24/2011 01:43:22Copy HTML

In a secluded beach there are no life guards or police.  You can wear thongs.  Most guys wear dork shorts... You will see no young guy wearing anything tight.. I was one of the few exceptions
Andbar #35

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:02/24/2011 01:55:30Copy HTML

In regard to SpeedoDude's comment:
Off course if you do drugs or look for trouble in Costa Rica you will find it.  If you go to enjoy and have fun without harming the environment, others or yourself then it is great. 
Dont try to bribe the police, although a portion is corrupt (like in every country in the world) a good ammount is actually honest and committed to their job and the country's wellbeing.  Trying to bribe them can cost you more than you think.
Jerry_in_san_jose #36

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:09/08/2011 07:53:03Copy HTML

Last December I was just south of downtown Tamirindo on a well used beach and wore a thong all week with no problem. I also saw women wearing thongs on many occasions. I couldn't find any other references to a new law being passed other than what SpeedoDude stated. I didn't specificatlly ask anyone there but based on all of the years I've been going there, I don't see any change other than there are more people.
sxmthonger #37

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:01/15/2012 01:57:10Copy HTML

I stayed at the Paradisius Playa Conchal resort about 8 years ago.  There were a nice mix of European, Latin, and American guests.  Although dork shorts were definitely the norm for the male guests, briefs, even some quite small ones, were not uncommon.  The beach was very quiet and secluded feeling, so I did walk down the beach a short distance each day and strip down to a Joe Snyder thong to preserve my tanline.
JM_Runs #38

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:02/06/2012 10:37:42Copy HTML

 Definitely more conservative than the Carribean - only saw maybe a hald dozen women in thongs, and no men. 
nospam_TN1 #39

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:07/01/2014 03:48:38Copy HTML

Costa Rica sounds like a good place to avoid -- all the same corrupt system of bribes that exists among its neighbors, but the same level of prudery in the legal system as we have in the little redneck-dominated beaches of the Carolinas.  The difference is that a few hundred bucks can get you out of trouble for illegally wearing a thong at most places in the US where it is illegal, but in Costa Rica, you could go to jail and rack up unlimited legal costs.
JM_Runs #40

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:08/24/2014 07:55:54Copy HTML

New member here but was a member sometime back and rejoined. Wanted to say my wife and I just returned from Costa Rica and we had no problems at all. Stayed at an all inclusive resort and emailed before we left to be sure thongs and g strings were allowed. In the reply they told me nude is not allowed but any swimwear was. I had read on other sites as well that on the beach, if you got away from the resort you could go nude, that the most they would do is ask you to put clothes on and then only if they got a complaint. I wore a see through thong or g string the entire time on the beach and even went nude a couple days, nobody said a word. My wife wore either a wicked weasel thong or g string every day, again no comments or problems. At the pool she wore a thong and I wore a bikini the first couple days, then a thong the remaining time. One day I even walked from the beach back to our room in the resort in a see through bikini. Maybe I was pushing my luck but nobody seemed to care. A couple days on the beach I was in and out of the water and upon coming out my suits were quite transparent. Had a couple women ask to take my picture and noticed a few men taking my wife's picture. We would stand or sit nude on our rooms balcony quite often and as far as I know nobody even saw us. I did have a couple of the cleaning women that got a good look at my see through attire give me big smiles. All in all I would say it's a thong friendly country and we will go back. 
ondaspot #41

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:08/25/2014 03:06:02Copy HTML

 What resort did u stay at
JM_Runs #42

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:08/25/2014 04:19:29Copy HTML

We stayed at the RIU Guanacaste. They have another resort next door that we'll go to next time, RIU Palace. A little more upscale and a lot less kids. Really the only complaint we had was there were just too many kids, and they allowed them in the swim up pool bar area, so the only way to get away was to go to the beach. We spent all of our mornings on the beach and then went to pool in the afternoons.
OS777 #43

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:11/12/2014 07:50:26Copy HTML

Yep.  I just posted a few pix of my later summer 2013 visit, first to La Fortuna, east of Volcano Arenal, then to Quepos, the port where Manual Antonio National Park on the SW coast. One pic is of a clutch of crocodiles that were sunning on a river bank.
2xist #44

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:02/25/2015 09:35:15Copy HTML

 Heading to Manuel Antonio in a few weeks then to Arenal.  Any updates on thronging on the beaches or lake please?!?!
Beachsurfer #45

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:01/03/2017 08:44:33Copy HTML

 I just returned from CR, Manuel Antonio and other beaches are not guy thong friendly.  Women often wear thongs or sheer swimsuits but mostly dork shorts or at best square cut or speedo briefs on guys.  However, still a great place to visit!
thong_jock #46

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:01/04/2017 03:39:52Copy HTML

 I thonged at the beach every day at Manuel Antonio when I was there xmas of 2015...no problems and some positive comments. I walked the beach in muscleskins  saw 2 other male thongers the week I was there. 
shoyupoke #47

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:01/07/2017 04:03:22Copy HTML

Anyone know about thonging at or near the Andaz Papagayo?
josht #48

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:01/08/2017 01:19:52Copy HTML

 I am winding up a few days in Costa Rica. I went on an excursion to Manuel Antonio. The beaches in the National Park had many beautiful young women, North American, Latin American, and European. Many were wearing minimal rear coverage suits, i.e., showing significant buttocks, but not Wicked Weasel style g-string etc. No men even in Speedos. It was much too hot and humid for me to want to lay out on the beach anyway. At my hotel in San Jose, Barcelo Palacio SJ, there were women in thongs at the pool; one quite stunning one in a true thong. I chickened out and did not thong myself. I wanted to my last day, but it was totally cloudy. But this hotel wold probably be OK with a male thonger.
MB27 #49

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:05/27/2018 12:28:44Copy HTML

 Stayed in Tamarindo for a week in early May.  Majority of the women wore cheeky bikinis, some almost thongs.  Every guy, with the exception of me, wore board shorts.  Day one I wore Intyman square cut, day two I wore DA bikini, narrow sides but no push out pouch and backside almost fully covered.  Day three and rest of the week I wore BeachnDance pushout, half inch sides, 3-4 inch back.  No issues other than some stares.  My wife said some women watched the sway of the pouch when at the hotel pool.  Shame the men don’t at least wear bikinis, I stood out but didn’t care, hopefully encourage more to dress the same.
hunnger #50

Re:Costa Rica

Date Posted:12/09/2018 01:18:52Copy HTML

Costa Rica thong update Spent 10 days in Tamarindo, Santa Teresa and Nosara. Also, explored some out-of-the way beaches as well (Tambor, Playa Conchal, Playa San Juanillo). In the more tourist areas (first 3 places listed) most of the women (>80%) wore cheeky to very cheeky, thong-like swimsuits. However, i did not see ANY micro bikinis (Wicked Weasel-style) or g-strings. The locals at the more remote beaches had on more conservative suits. As for the men, I saw maybe two men in conservative Speedos, a few square cuts, but pretty much all the men wore large to very large swim shorts?! I wore a square cut, a Skinzwear Sunseeker Micro Pouch Half Back Bikini (M57U-7404), a Bravura Thong (M44U-0009) and a Muscleskins 3/8" poser thong. Needless to say I stood out, but no one really cared. I had a few surprised stares, some snickers from a group of local men passing by, and only one negative comment: I was walking to the beach wearing a t-shirt over my Sunseeker bikini, so you couldn't see the top half of the suit. An older American lady walking the other way (having not even seen the back) loudly tells her husband (to make sure I heard) "Well that's a bit over the top!". I did have quite a few women come close by while on the beach and sneak in some pics and selfies. Another came by to chat to get a better look and was rather unabashed in her staring. The bottom line is that men in minimal swimwear in Costa Rica (Guanacaste province) is somewhat of a rarity, but no one really cares what you wear, since it's all so laid back. All of the beaches were great walking and surfing beaches. The only swimming beach with calm(er) clear water was Playa San Juanillo, a beautiful white sand beach in a secluded cove.
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