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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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el senor

Date Posted:05/25/2003 02:04:52Copy HTML

Hey all! Love this page, especially the green! Anyway, I'll be visiting Cozumel in just a few weeks. I am wondering what the environment is like for people wearing smaller swimwear? I'm not really a thong wearer, but I do wear speedos and rios whenever I can. Please let me know if I'll be able to wear my favorite suits on my vacation.el senor
Microron #1


Date Posted:06/03/2003 12:35:33Copy HTML

The "Help" menu says that the delete button is right next to the 'edit' icon ( the Pencil ). Don't see it. Can anyone help? I've cleared the dumb message of mine in this thread, but can't  "Delete"  the rest of the message'

el senor #2


Date Posted:06/08/2003 07:25:06Copy HTML

Hey all,

I'm still waiting to hear anything about wearing smaller swimwear on my Cozumel vacation. Will I be well accepted at the pool/beach if I'm wearing a speedo, bikini, or rio-back suit? I'm not much into thonging, but I still love small suits. Please let me know

Anonymous #3


Date Posted:06/08/2003 10:49:23Copy HTML

Reply to : el senor

I don't know about cozumel, but I just spent a week in playa del carmen and wore thongs at the beach and the pool.  You need to take the ferry from cozumel to reach playa del carmen.  There are beaches you can walk to from the ferry terminal.


Hey all,I'm still waiting to hear anything about wearing smaller swimwear on my Cozumel vacation. Will I be well accepted at the pool/beach if I'm wearing a speedo, bikini, or rio-back suit? I'm not much into thonging, but I still love small suits. Please let me know

el senor #4


Date Posted:07/28/2003 01:28:01Copy HTML

Hey there all,

I'm just back from Cozumel, Mexico. This is not a thong-friendly place. I am not much of a thong wearer, but I do wear Speedo and Skinz swimsuits. I wore a speedo suit to Chankanaab park and to the Hotel/beach pool. I was just about the only non "wierd foreign guy" speedo wearer. This was kind of dissapointing. I did see one Thong on the east side of Cozumel, which is largely deserted.

el senor #5


Date Posted:04/10/2004 05:37:23Copy HTML

Hey all,

I'll be visiting Cozumel, Mexico again this summer. I'm wondering if anyone has been there since the summer of '03? Any improvement in the thong/bikini situation?

hempnot #6


Date Posted:04/25/2005 07:05:09Copy HTML

hello gang.
my girl and i are going to cozumel may 25 and was wondering if there are any nude beaches on the island. also is it a good place for the both of us to thong? she has a couple of weasels and i love my dore suits
abczyxabczyx #7


Date Posted:04/26/2005 09:39:04Copy HTML

I was in Cozomel two years ago and did not have any problems wearing a thong anywhere.  I do not know of a nude beach.
hempnot #8


Date Posted:06/18/2005 01:40:16Copy HTML

Our trip to cozumel was fantastic. We were able to wear our thongs right at our resort, and the beach was topless. we rented a scooter for the day and drove around the whole island. the beaches on the east side of the island were very secluded and nude was possible. but we didn't go nude just thongs.
we both got some great tan lines.
rlgm007 #9


Date Posted:05/08/2006 11:00:41Copy HTML

Just returned from Cozumel and thonged the entire time.  I enjoyed thonging at Palancar Beach where no one cared that I wore a tiny thong the entire day. 
pikeman #10


Date Posted:11/07/2007 10:49:31Copy HTML

Cozumel is a differant place when there are no ships in port. We were nude at Palancar the morning we visited and had the place almost to ourselves. There was a younger couple down the beach who were also nude, and a dive boat dropped a bunch of scuba folks off for a rest who proceeded to strip off the dive wear and swim nude. They frolicked for about 40 minutes and then took off in the dive boat.

The windward side of the island can also be enjoyed nude, Just find your spot and enjoy!

NoTanLinesToo #11


Date Posted:09/10/2008 06:51:52Copy HTML

Just got back from a week in Cozumel.  We had a condo just north of town with a pool and public beach.  Because of the hurricane scares, we pretty much had the pool to ourselves and sometimes swam in thongs or even nude.  However, a lot of the locals used the beach, so I never thonged there.  We went to the east side of the island several times; there was almost no one around, even on a Sunday.  We found a couple of nice beaches with easy access into the water where we were able to thong freely.  The few people who did come around didn't seem to care at all.  I went nude a couple of times also, but no one was around.  The only bad thing about the east side is that the water is very rough and you can basically only just get in to get wet. 

We also went to a couple of the beach clubs on the west side (San Francisco and Mr. Sancho's).  These are often where the "sheeple" (the cruise ship people) go, so it was often covered with sunburned tourists wearing board shorts and t-shirts.  I wore regular swim trunks there.

One of the days we spent on the mainland in Playa del Carmen.  We spent most of the day a few hundred yards north of the ferry terminal.  There were several women topless and in thongs.  I wore a very small tan-thru bikini and no one even seemed to blink an eye.  Many men wore speedos or mid-cuts.  It seemed to be much more European at PDC than on Cozumel (which seemed to be very American).  Next time I will wear a thong there.

All in all, it was a great trip to Cozumel and I will definitely go back.  I ended up with some great thong tanlines!!  (So much for "No Tan Lines"!!!)
pkthong #12


Date Posted:04/02/2009 11:54:49Copy HTML

Hi all, Just spent a week at The Occidental Grand in Coz. The vacation was great but the swimwear scene was not. I wore a regular Skinz Rio in dark blue most of the time and I had the smallest suit of all the men by far. Don't think I would consider thonging at this resort. The first day as I was getting in the ocean I distinctly heard a wolf whistle(I'm fairly certain it was sarcastic in nature). I wore the same model suit but in electric blue one morning while it was still quite empty but my wife requested that I change to the darker one because it looked like it covered more and would not attract as much unwanted attetion.  We went to Chankanaab one day(beautiful park) and I decided to wear the black no tie nada from nu-parr.It is a shade smaller than the skinz rio. I had a great time that day and did not get any neg vibes or comments although the place was crawling with "sheeple"(see above). I did eventually see 2 or 3 other guys in reg speedos or square cuts. Generally the crowd was American and Canadian very few Europeans. We did make some friends and I think that people who get over the suit and smooth look realize that we are all just on vacation and having fun.  I wonder what some of the parents tell their kids when they ask about "that guy"?N.B. I did not want to make an issue over the electric blue suit with my wife(although my daughters loved the color)because she did not take issue with the darker one. I mean she could have just tried to force me into some dorks or something after all. This trip was definitely different from Punta Cana.
116213 #13


Date Posted:02/09/2015 01:11:37Copy HTML

 Spent last week at the occidental grand and had a great time. Maby I got lucky but there were a lot of French and south American people there. Saw 4 women in thongs everyday at the pool and beach, and a few more women in cheeky or too suits. I wore my skinz s thong everyday while lounging in my chair, and felt perfectly comfortable. Always nice when the wife encourages you as well. Went for beach walks everyday and people were very nice. Lots of smiles and hellos. Made small talk with a few people about diving along the way. The staff on the beach were very nice and made no fuss at all. Surprisingly It was probably the best thong  trip yet. Your mileage may vary, but if your heading there give it a shot. As long as your not trying to make a scene and acting normally it seems good to go.
pkthong #14


Date Posted:02/11/2015 07:11:31Copy HTML

 We went there for the 1st time in 2006. Was our first real vacation w/ kids. We liked it so much we bought a timeshare. I wore my Sunup/sundown rios for the most part and I was in the minority(as usual) of men in anything other than boardies. I did not get any negative comments or looks and we had a great time. We have been back to that particular resort once. We found the clientele to be predominantly North Amercan on our 2 trips. We like the resort but the beach is too far from the rooms and the main pool was a bit small. We much prefer the layout and the atmosphere at the Occidental Grand in Punta Cana, although the food in Mexico is WAY better.
 The clientele in Punta Cana seems more International and we generally find many men in "speedos" albeit not too many in minimal wear.
Poimbeach #15


Date Posted:05/24/2017 12:18:39Copy HTML

I am headed to Cozumel in November and staying at Alegro. Has anyone thonged there? Any clothing optional beaches?
pikeman #16


Date Posted:06/01/2017 01:51:28Copy HTML

 Been a few years now,  but had a positive experience at the Aura. It's adults only, and their were a few topless women around the pool. There was one woman in a rather modest bikini with a thong bottom who went to absurd lengths to a avoid anyone seeing her rear. Suspected it was a gift she felt compelled to wear but there was never anyone with her.There was a "party" beach about half a mile down full of cruise passengers we went through without incident. I'd recommend this property to anyone looking for a romantic getaway.  
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