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Date Posted:03/21/2019 05:25:47Copy HTML

Places sometimes can't seem to get their acts together on if thongs are okay or not.  

The following line (from Delaware) pretty much let's existing policies be ignored until someone wants to make them enforced.

"Failure to enforce a specific Rule or Regulation at a particular instance or instances shall not 

affect the validity of any other Rule or Regulation,

 or affect the validity of such Rule or Regulation at any other time."

So the defense "I have worn thongs here before" or "I see others in 

thongs all the time" are legally not valid arguments, 

 as long as existing rules state no thongs (or any other item of clothing or activity for that matter). 

This permits a place to enforce rules as they see fit, something mentioned in many posts..

Matt37 #1

Re:Creating a wishy washy thong policy

Date Posted:03/21/2019 01:32:15Copy HTML

That's called "discretion" and is hardly unique to Delaware. This is no different than a police officer who doesn't stop someone for doing 10 over one time. The fact that he did not enforce a law in that one particular instance or circumstance does not affect the validity of all other laws or the validity of the speeding law in the next instance in which s/he encounters it.
lindros #2

Re:Creating a wishy washy thong policy

Date Posted:03/22/2019 08:56:55Copy HTML

Common in contract law too, where there's often a clause that says if one rule is found to be invalid it doesnt mean other rules cant be enforced. One caveat though is that if the place is a public accommodation (hotel, restaurant, etc...) then it cant selectively enforce its rules based on race, gender, etc.. So if a restaurant had a rule prohibiting blue jeans they couldn't display a pattern where they allow white people wearing jeans but don't allow entry for blacks wearing them.
ohiothonger #3

Re:Creating a wishy washy thong policy

Date Posted:03/22/2019 08:09:18Copy HTML

I saw the other thing happen once. GM was negotiating a new union contract and someone decided that it would help the company if people doing things outside their classification for an extended period of time could continue to do them. The union at the time was split into many disciplines, and each by contract was supposed to do specific things, but not things outside of their trade. For example, if a pump needed to be changed, an electrician would have to remove the wiring. Then a plumber would have to remove the piping, then a millwright (responsible for picking things up) would have to lift the pump and put it on a cart. Then a different person would be expected to move the pump from one place in the plant to another, then the reverse had to happen before the machine could be used again. The genius who came up with an alternate plan said that if a particular trade did another's work for a specified period of time (I think it was 30 days) then that set a precedent and additional similar work could continue to be done by that same person. They figured that if a hourly employee picked up a broom and kept his or her area clean, changed their own drill bits, etc., that the company would save a lot of money. But what happened was that employees would kick off work early, take extended breaks, etc. and the precedent they established was locked in and no discipline could be taken against them (or others in the same classification) if the practice continued. They also had a serious failure in quality when people who didn't know what they were doing were setting up machines. One employee was moved to a different department (but in the same classification) and the new boss was too busy to assign him a job. Day in and day out the person did not have a thing to do. He would get paid full time for not doing anything, and several other employees choose to do the same thing. It is not surprising that the company canceled the "precident" policy the first change they got.
JM_Runs #4

Re:Creating a wishy washy thong policy

Date Posted:03/22/2019 11:31:14Copy HTML

Sometimes a wishy washy thong policy is a good thing, because it can EVOLVE over time. Where laws and rules are very precise, like forbidding females over eight exposing their nipples on the beach, the rule is clear, easy to enforce, is enforced and does not change over time. It does not evolve over time, which is a shame. Because we would like women to be able to go topfree if the wish. As older people die off and communities get more blase about bums, thongs and/or topless women on the beach, it sometimes helps if the rules and law are not well defined, which gives law enforcement leaway to turn a blind eye and go catch some real wrongdoers, like litterbugs. Everyone who jumps up and down wanting a rule or law that is precise about thongs is just asking for them to be outlawed. Don't do that. Don't bug people asking for precise definitions that apply all the time, every time. Just go and try thonging. If the rules are vague or not clearly posted just go and thong. Don't expect explicit permission. Remember in most countries you are free to do anything you wish that is not explicitly prohibited. Thong responsibly, respectfully, publicly, and don't lurk in the shadows or off in the distance like you got something to hide. Don't wear transparent thongs, or stupid elephant thongs, or while wearing a thong do other stupid or illegal activities, so we get news about some thong clad man arrested for ...... at ...... with a mug shot. Ambiguity is opportunity.
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