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Date Posted:07/06/2010 11:11:21Copy HTML

These day's i am at the island of Crete.... the island is the natural south border of Greece, just 5-6 hour's by boat away  from Egypt..... i am civil servant and i came to the island in behalf of my ministry of Greek civilisation...

I now wear thong as underwear daily and I enjoy it every single  minute !!!!! 

Unfortunately until now i couldn't manage to buy a thong swimsuit because from my bank they informed me wrongly about the security code of my prepay card and all the attempt's of mine to achieve a purchase come to nothing..

Anyway... today i went to a marvelous beach... called kedrodasos in greek and imagine the landscape...

I parked my car about 1 km away from the beach--- there is no road ending to the beach--- and i walked through a gorge for about 1 km...  that gorge is ending to the beach,, but in order to get there, you walk through a small  forest of cedar's and among various aromatic low plant's --which  they have their own name but i don't know to say it in English---.    The cedar's and the aromatic plant's have their roots in a unique blue-pink sand which is all over the place !!

After I passed all these I get to the beach and of course I threw away my shorts and enjoyed the sun totally nude !!

After a while two guy's arrived and they sat in a small distance from me -- the beach is a small one---. One of them took off his shorts and he run to the sea nude.   The other guy was a bit hesitant. He was a blond guy with long hair and white skin -- extremely rare for greek man--- and he was wearing a rather big board-short - you know these that wearing the surfer's.

The man in the sea called him repeatedly to walk to the sea.  The blond guy after some time he stand up and took down his board-shorts. He was not naked as I had imagined but wearing a very bright yellow swimsuit thong !!!!

I was surprised, I felt a little jealousy because I was not wearing a thong. I  have to admit he looked very good in it. He wore it for the rest of the day, going in and out of the sea. 

So i didn't thong on a Crete beach, but fortunately someone else did !!!!!
tiggerix #1

Re:Crete !!

Date Posted:05/22/2017 09:36:05Copy HTML

Just back from a great week in Crete - wonderful island with plenty to see and do.  Highlight of the trip was probably Sweetwater Beach on the south west coast, accessible only on foot or by boat.  Beach has spring water rising up which has been organised into a drinking water hole in the stones and a couple of solar powered showers that pump the spring water on demand.  Able to be nude on sunbeds all day, plus swimming in the sea.  Only had to dress to eat in the small taverna at the end of the beach.  Spotless beach, with no rubbish as it is kept tidy by most people.

It is on a coastal path, so a steady stream of hikers walking by and a mix of nude and textile visitors to the beach.

This beach is on the south of the island and we managed to dodge the rain that appeared on the north coast and all the way to the beach - the high mountains behind the beach seemed to break the clouds.

Second highlight, was being first down a ravine to a small cove - Seitan Beach a small cove on the Akrotiri peninsular near Chania airport.  It was hard getting down to the beach as we used the more difficult of the pathways.  My OH suggested that as a reward for getting down to the beach, I should go naked and I obliged.  She was slightly bemused to see more and more people coming down the ravine and onto the beach - all with some difficulty.  Although in full view of everyone coming on to the beach, she was relaxed about me staying nude.  Only put on a very skimpy bottom to go swimming.  So a fail for the thong wearing (see thread 'My wife doesn't like me wearing thongs'), but a great day of sunning.

My OH wore mostly thong bottom bikinis - something I do my best to encourage.

Didn't go nude around the apartment pool, but wore the skimpy swimsuit - very thin material, unlined and shows all the outlines when wet, but not see through.

A guy from one of the other apartments wore shorts initially, then went for a swim in the sea in speedos, which he then stayed in around the pool.  So perhaps felt more comfortable having seen me wear something much briefer.

Overall, on most beaches a mix of speedos and shorter shorts on men, bikinis, high cut one piece, cheeky and thong bottoms and some topless on girls.  Very relaxed wherever we went.  Thongs would not be a problem on guys apart from 'My wife doesn't....'

Crete has become a Mediterranean favourite after just one visit - will definitely return. 
dandyandy #2

Re:Crete !!

Date Posted:05/23/2017 12:32:07Copy HTML

 I love that area around Sweetwater Beach.  Miss being back in Europe as I'd love to go back there.  Loutro which is around the headland was a wonderful place to just kick back even though the town beach itself was a more stringent with its code of dress so we just hired kayaks and paddled round to the beach though you can take the ferry or walk of course.  I feel jealous.  Going to have to dig out the pictures for the memory now.   We stayed in Hotel Porto Loutro there which is down on the promenade rather than the sister one up on the hill.
I certainly wore thongs all week on Sweetwater Beach as did wife though nude is plenty fine as it seems anything goes there.  
Wonderful memories.  Thanks for the report.  One day I may get back there.
tiggerix #3

Re:Crete !!

Date Posted:04/09/2018 11:17:37Copy HTML

 "Whereabouts in Crete?  We used to go to Loutro which is in the SW of the island and can only be reached by boat.  Used to go to Sunshine beach where you can wear whatever.  Great little super quiet village.  No topless on the town beach though so my wife and I used to go round to Sunshine on Kayaks.  Never did nude back then.  Just thongs.  The days of wearing HOM g-strings.  Great days."

Will be going to Chania area as easy for airport and travelling to good beaches.  May make Loutro this year.

Probably be nude most of the time, but will pack some thongs. (my OH doesn't like thongs...)  

Crete is a great island to explore and enjoy - I think we only found one beach in seven days that we didn't like, and that was partly due to overcast weather.  Seems you only have to drive a few miles to find some memorable place.
tiggerix #4

Re:Crete !!

Date Posted:05/04/2018 10:11:11Copy HTML

 Good article on Crete here:  http://www.free-wheelin.ca/relaxing-on-crete/  
tiggerix #5

Re:Crete !!

Date Posted:07/09/2018 10:29:04Copy HTML

Had another visit to Crete recently - great destination (in my view).  Seems to attract a younger international crowd.  More girl only groups than guy only.

Wore a Kleim string at apartment pool and got a wide eyed look from a Swedish family - mum, dad and two young boys - they were fine but perhaps a little bit surprised.  Other times wore asian very thin bikini style with no issues (OK a few initial stares).

Went nude with no issues at:  Sweetwater (c/o), Seitan Limania, Balos, Falassarna and wore the bikini style at Preveli.

All these beaches are well worth a visit for the stunning scenery and chilled vibe.

Sweetwater is c/o and with a mixed crowd of young people trekking/hiking and camping on the beach (bit of a hippy throwback place), mainly older couples nude.  Good taverna on pontoon at end of beach.

Seitan Limania gets very crowded and ended up coming back from my swim to find a German girl/guy couple set up right next to us - her towel was overlapping mine.  She swapped with her boyfriend once she saw me laying out buns up.  Didn't seem too freaked as she asked me and my OH to watch their things while they swam.  

Balos is simply stunning - it was very windy when we went.  You either drive a very rough track for 8km or take the boat.  We drove as too late for boat.  Didnt think we would stay on the beach, since the wind on the hilltop was almost enough to blow you over - thankfully on the beach we found a sheltered spot with almost no wind, even though you could hear the sea crashing on the rocks behind.  The boat delivers what seems like hundreds of people onto the beach, but thankfully only a few came our way. 

Falassarna is a series of long beaches and very laid back. 

At Preveli saw one girl in a true micro-bikini - she was a little pale, but with a few days in the sun would really rock it.

Most places girls had cheeky/thong bikinis - definitely the most prevalent of any style.

Younger guys in shorts, some with underwear underneath (still!!), but generally much shorter shorts (majority).  A few more speedo type suits on younger guys. 
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