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Date Posted:04/07/2006 02:00:49Copy HTML

Hey! Have you ever been in Croatia? Please,tell me your opinion!
matchingthongs #1

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:04/09/2006 04:47:32Copy HTML

Very nice. Beautiful coast but hardly any sandy beaches; rocks or pebbles mainly. Thong, topless and nude friendly all over. Go soon before it gets too popular! Very clear seas, but careful of sea urchins. Wear those rubber shoes in the sea just to be safe!!
JM_Runs #2

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:01/15/2007 01:17:12Copy HTML

LInk to nude beaches of Croatia >> http://www.nude-beach-guide.com/map/croatian-map.htm
rlgm007 #3

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:05/17/2007 11:13:25Copy HTML

Many beaches to wear thongs in Croatia and/or go nude (look for FKK sign). 

Even though Bol's beach on Brac Island (a ferry ride from Split - rent a car if you land in Supastar) has a nudist area, I wore a thong along the entire beach with no problems.

elmuffin #4

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:09/03/2007 07:57:42Copy HTML

Well, just got back from a 1-week vacation in Croatia with my husband. We visited Split, Korcula, and Dubrovnik. We never made it out to any of the FKK/nude beaches, but the non-nude beaches were a little disappointing in terms of thong wearers. We didn't see any men in thongs, and I was always one of only a few women wearing thong bikinis. Men typically wore traditional Speedos. For women, going topless was slightly more common than thong-wearing at the beaches we visited, but topless women still accounted for less than 10% of women. Maybe we just picked the wrong beaches? None-the-less, we had a wonderful time, I felt completely comfortable in my thongs (though still not brave enough to go topless!) the entire time, and I'd definitely go back.

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:12/28/2008 05:07:39Copy HTML

we went to Croatia this summer and although thongs were not common we did see some on popular beaches, my partner wore hers on all beaches including the famous beach of Bol on Brac, but she was the only one on this very popular beach and she was not so comfortable due to all the day trippers with their cameras!
AndreaDK #6

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:02/06/2009 10:29:25Copy HTML

Croatia thong bikinis

http://www.flickr.com/photos/gabrijela/3251827418/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/gabrijela/3250910869/  
616 #7

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:10/28/2013 01:46:02Copy HTML

 Has anyone got an update on thonging in Croatia? Around Brac and south of split? Vis island?Thanks
PJ_UK #8

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:10/30/2013 08:01:52Copy HTML

Went last year to the Northern end, Porec.. 
Beautiful area, managed to thong on the beaches but mainly went nude with my wife were it was allowed (FKK markers)
Very reasonable prices but go before they join the Euro, I think 2015 The prices will then all go up. 
We hope to get back there before it all changes.
As mentioned above, very rocky beaches so buy some of those rubber soled beach shoes, I tried without at first but it took the pleasure away so ended up buying some. 

shavedman #9

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:07/28/2016 08:00:29Copy HTML

 I wore a (nice yellow Joe Snyder) thong on the hotel beach at Hotel Palace, Dubrovnik. Most probably I was the only man (or woman) in a thong. No problems whatsoever. Really nice surroundings and atmosphere.
sunlazy1 #10

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:07/30/2016 05:10:18Copy HTML

I recently came back from Croatia and thronged on several beaches alone Dalmatian coast. No problem anywhere.In some places I was only person in thong.
The best place was Kasjuni beach in Split. - Here I was only man, but my gf also wore thong and there was several other women on beach in thong only - topless too. There is also a nude section of beach further along, and past that there is a cruising area hidden past the trees.
The beach is Sandy and nice to swim. No need for shoes :-) .I recommend!
thong1 #11

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:09/10/2016 05:30:54Copy HTML

What the well-dressed Adriatic yachtsman was wearing last month: sunhat, sunglasses, thong/G-string... erm, that's it. I spent a week sailing between the southern Istrian coast and the northern end of the Kvaerner Gulf, and rapidly dispensed with my clothes, apart from a swimthong or string (I brought enough to wear a different one each day). The weather was ideal, but I saw very few other thongers, a couple of women in relatively conservative thongs, and a couple of bikinis that expose quite a lot of buttock , but far more topfree women or nudists. I was asked to cover up once we approached shore by the local skipper, who explained to me that everything was fine on the beach but off it, or sailing through gates (I conned the yacht through the bridge at Mali Loisinj in my Kiniki tanthrough swimthong, which drew perhaps the most attention I've ever received when thonging), thonging or going topfree was considered a bit too much. I respected this, of course, but was determined to make the most of my time - don't think I've ever thonged so much, and very refreshing it was too. We were generally moored up and making our way to shore by dinghy, so I got to changing at the waterside - had to tug the dinghy over the shallow bottom some way at Susak, and did so in one of my favourite swimstrings. I also thonged when diving at Marina Veruda afterwards.
MBthong #12

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:07/25/2017 05:38:42Copy HTML

 My wife and I are off to Pula in Croatia next month.  We know that here are many nude beaches around but wonder if thongs and topless are tolerated on the non nude beaches around Pula.  Will we be the only ones in a thong?  Any info would be very much appreciated
tiggerix #13

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:07/25/2017 09:02:59Copy HTML

@MBthong - you should be fine in Pula area, there are a lot of Eastern Europeans who wear speedos, and if there are any Russians, then the girls will wear cheeky/tiny bikinis who all seem to think that wherever they are is a photoshoot.  As you say, there are plenty of nude beaches around - you find nudity as soon as you get away from the main areas.  
stringbloke #14

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:07/27/2017 01:51:32Copy HTML

I have thonged on public beaches in Rovinj, no one bats an eye. 
MBthong #15

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:07/30/2017 06:08:05Copy HTML

 Many thanks for the helpful replies  Very much appreciated
Finnsy #16

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:08/03/2017 07:12:43Copy HTML

 Thonged 2016 with my wife. No problem at all. A lot of nice nude beaches also. 
Snublefot #17

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:06/07/2018 01:11:01Copy HTML

 Has anyone got some recent experience regarding  Croatia and thonging?We’re going to the island of Lopud just outside Dubrovnik this summer, and I’d really like to sun my buns while we are there.
thedruid #18

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:06/07/2018 06:48:36Copy HTML

 Was in Makarska last week and had a blast, no problem at all to wear thong! There is plenty of great spots to thong. Hotel pool and spa area was also no problem. Unfortunately thongs where a rare sight, nude/topless was more common.
 Croatia is really beautiful and i would recommend to rent a bike and explore, a lot of fun to do some offroad riding and a lot of places to take a break and take a swim in thongs.
 I wish you a pleasant stay in Croatia.
Snublefot #19

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:06/08/2018 06:25:10Copy HTML

@thedruid Hello! That’s great.
I’m looking forward to go there and pick up some tan. Also great to see a fellow Scandinavian thonger. 

ZDo you know of some good places for thonging along the coast of Bohuslan Stromstad? it is just a short ferry trip away from where I live, so I’d love to pick up some thongs and go across the border.
Tieuke1974 #20

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:06/14/2018 10:07:49Copy HTML

 Next week we went to camping Valalta in Croatia. However it is a naturist place, being nude in the camping-shop or reception is not allowed. What when I should wear a thong in that places, should the staff-membres plaint on me or shouldn't it be a problem  at all? Some experiences?
tiggerix #21

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:06/15/2018 02:56:58Copy HTML

In a shop or reception, just make it easy for yourself and others and put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.
tiggerix #22

Re:Croatia and the Croatian Coast

Date Posted:09/17/2018 11:33:56Copy HTML

Just back from a sailing break in the Šibenik archipelago - wore a Modus Vivendi camo low cut bikini (surprisingly comfortable) - rest of the guys wore boredshorts and girls in standard bikinis. Got a bit of a look when I first appeared on deck with it, then no one was bothered. One of the guys was going to de-bag me but said that I wouldn't be bothered so it was no fun - he was right. Quite a lot of nude people on beaches, and mainly speedo type swimwear on guys and a mix of thong, topless and regular bikini on girls. Saw no thongs on guys, but doubt it would be a problem. Nude is simpler and acceptable on almost all beaches. Apart from FKK camp sites etc. it is best to cover up when going into harbours, shops and bars etc. As some will know, there are few sandy beaches, just rock and concrete. The plus is the water is crystal clear and nicely warm. Well worth a visit - especially if you can get out on the water.
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