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Date Posted:09/22/2003 03:30:09Copy HTML

The wife and I are planning a cruise for this winter, and was wondering about thonging on a cruise ship. We've sailed Carnival before with good luck on their topless deck. We've heard some the other cruise lines are more tailored to older, less active passengers. Anyone out there have any words of wisdom?
iowan #1

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/01/2003 09:40:32Copy HTML

Reply to : luv2bfitt

Planning a Cruise that includes stops in Cozumel, Grand Camen, and Costa Maya on Royal Caribbean. This is a trip I've never taken before, so I'm curious about thonging on the ship and on shore. Please post any words of wisdom.....

I've been on a three Carnival cruises and they have a tops optional sundeck where thongs are permitted, but less than common.  Definitely no hassles though.  On the last one a deck steward from Indonesia asked about my g-string, and we visited for a while about thong/g-string underwear and swimwear.  He had limited opportunities for shopping so I gave him a couple of mine; I had taken quite a few along.  I sent him a couple of catalogs after we got home.

I don't know if Royal Caribbean has a similar setup or not.

I wore a thong on the beach at Cozumel but there weren't many people around, but there was no reaction whatsoever by those who were there.

I wore a string bikini on Grand Cayman.  The beach there was full of families and my wife wasn't comfortable with me wearing a thong.  In the informational brochure we picked up it discouraged toplessness by ladies, but didn't say anything specific about thongs.

I haven't been to Costa Maya so can't offer anything there.


Oahu Tan #2

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:03/28/2004 06:54:44Copy HTML

Technically you can wear a thong on any cruise line just use descretion, I suggest not going on a Disney Cruise
Ryan Booth #3

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:08/02/2004 12:47:08Copy HTML

Jman71, regarding your question about thonging on an Alaskan cruise.
I can't really comment on Alaskan cruises. Although I expect it to be pretty cold for sunbathing in a thong (correct me if I'm wrong). I can tell you about Mediterranean cruises which might be of some help. My fiancee went on one with her family a few years back. She said that the majority of passengers are of an older and more conservative nature. Though she did say that of the few outdoor pools the age groups did tend to stay to one specific pool. So for example you would get the twenty year olds hanging around one pool. The forty years olds on another and so on. There was topless sunbathing going on with the younger crowd and no one seemed to be bothered by it. So I think thonging would be fine as for the indoor pools that might be a different story. But who knows!
Good luck thonging on your holiday!
gstringgreg #4

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:12/13/2004 06:16:32Copy HTML

While I found some information searching the archived messages, I would like to hear more about cruise line policies on thongs, g-strings, topless -- particularly ships that sail from Florida. Any recommendations for or against? Past messages seem to generate the largest number of positive votes for Carnival. Line to avoid -- Disney.
iowan #5

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:12/13/2004 10:18:13Copy HTML

We haven't been on any line except Carnival, however, this topic comes up occasionally on the cruiseline message boards, and it seems like it's not an option on most lines except Windjammer Barefoot Cruises, which seems to be pretty much anything goes.  And Carnival of course, but their topless area is somewhat small and away from the main activity areas.  I wouldn't advise walking around the lido deck pool areas in just a thong; probably create a little too much commotion, but if you're brave enough I suppose it'd be worth a try.

I've worn open mesh shorts over the thong and never had a word said, and changed shorts in the open momentarily with no problem, but like I said, I wouln't walk around in the crowds that way.  A female could probably get away with it okay, but still, there's a lot of obnoxious people on a cruise ship, and you never know what to expect. Of course, they might think you're the obnoxious one too!  It's just not like the beach scene on board the ship.

My advise- get your thonging in on the beach before the cruise, or duing the port stops, and wear some mesh shorts over it while on the ship to keep the tan going and keep comments down, or stick to the topless deck if  you're on Carnival. 

Have fun- we've loved every cruise we've been on yet! (4 and counting)


TomCat2000 #6

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:12/20/2004 08:21:41Copy HTML

I just returned from a seven day Carribean trip on the Golden Princess.

I kept a low profile, swimming/hot-tubbing in the early morning hours (8-9) before the crowds (and children) arrived, then tanning face-up until 10am. Later after returning from afternoon excursions I tanned face-down on the upper deck. This overlooked the pool area, but kept me out of view of the families and elderly, again in the interest of keeping a low profile.

At night I would also swim laps under the stars. Lot's of lookers, a few comments from teens, but otherwise I was quite comfortable.

Plenty of crew members and servers saw me on repeated ocassions, with no complaints of comments. I'm sure the operative factor is that the crew is more afraid of being the recipient of a customer-originated complaint than what I might be wearing.

Unlike Carnival and Celebrity, there is no marked "topless" deck, nor did I observe any toplessness (but I sure did seek that out <g>.

Was I the only one of 2600 passengers who dared to thong? I don't know, but I'm happy and proud that I did my full seven days worth.

John Howard #7

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:12/20/2004 09:02:15Copy HTML

I agree with Iowan, "it's not like the beach scene on board the ship..."

Me and my wife were just talking about this last Saturday while sunbaking on the beach with our two children.  There are plenty of ads about cruises on the Pacific Islands at this time of the year, they all sound so attractive, but we agreed that they don't offer the same freedom you can experience on a normal beach.

We put our towels and umbrella in the middle of a populated area on the beach, my wife in topless, myself wearing a thong.  No comments or bad looks from anyone, everybody seems to mind their own business.  We couldn't do the same on a cruise, perhaps the fact that "we are stuck to this people for the rest of the week",  or maybe because we are stuck to the same swimming pool in the same ship, but the reality is that a cruise takes away this freedom factor.   I reckon that a cruise could be the most restrictive environment to wear a thong, or for a woman to sunbake topless.

And the main point is:  I don't think it is value for money to spend your holidays on an environment that doesn't allow you to be yourself.  

It makes me angry the idea that TomCat2000 had to wear his swimwear of choice hiding from other people, swimming before the crowd arrived, or at night.  The ones who should be ashamed and "hiding" are those loud drunk  rednecks wearing dirty long boad shorts in the swimming pool.  

John Howard

don85259 #8

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:01/21/2005 12:57:09Copy HTML

I just got back from my very first cruise. I've been thonging in the Arizona outdoors for several years now, and I've even worn thongs to a few public pools, beachesand spas in that time.The ship sailed from Long Beach last week, a four day cruise to Catalina, Ensenada and back. At the destinations and on board the ship, I wore my usual short shorts (International Male jean shorts with 1 1/2" inseam or skimpy Dolfin silk-like running shorts) withathong underneath. The shorts attracted enough attention as it was.While at the spa both days, I received a massage and wore a thong (size S or XS)only for both. On the second massage, you are sent back to shower after being wrapped. I then would dispose of the wrap and shower wearing only the thong, then walk back to the massage room. The spa attendant (not American, of course) stopped me and complimented me, thenasked me who made thethong I was wearing (a pink Skinzwear, size S thong). After I told him, he then disclosed he also enjoyed wearing thongs. Considering how conservative the passengers and crew seemed to be on this cruise (dork shorts in evidence everywhere), I was quite surprised by this pleasant turn of events.Any other cruise ship experiences?--don
Elmware #9

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:01/22/2005 02:32:50Copy HTML

I've been on the Crown Princess, but unfortantly thongs weren't such a big thing at the time, and I wasn't into wearing them back then.  The ship had two swimming pools and some hot tubs, but I never noticed any thongs on board.  Most of the people on the ship were older as well, so the sight of them in thongs might be horriffic, although I did meet a couple hot chics about my age on the ship.
iowan #10

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:01/26/2005 11:55:29Copy HTML

I may have related this story before, but on our Sept. '03 cruise out of Miami on the Carnival Paradise, I was sunbathing in a g-string and an Indonesian deck steward asked where I got it, etc.  He wanted details, where to order, website info and so on, so I let him know.  It was a Skinz, and I tried to remember their adress but of course couldn't.  Anyway, he gave me his adress on the ship and I promised to send him some catalogs, which I did, several times, and he had me order some stuff for him and send it to him.  Before we left I gave him some of my extras which he thought was fantastic. 

I don't know if he was embarassed or what, because I told him if he orders stuff he'll get catalogs in the mail all the time, but that's the way he wanted to do it.  I haven't heard from him in quite some time now; I hope he and his family fared well in the recent disaster in Indonesia.

As far as wearing thongs on the ship, I stuck to the topless deck, or just during momentary changing on the main pool decks, where I wore bikinis otherwise, and quick trips to the restroom.


Hacket #11

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:01/26/2005 12:33:00Copy HTML

I had the opportunity to cruise on the Carnival Fantasy last April and found the experience to be exhilarating.  Although the cruise was filled with Spring Breakers and many young adults, they usually stuck it out on the main decks.  However, I found the topless deck by the funnel to be the most accepting of thong attire.  I wore my Skinz black thong up there a lot and found several ladies and a couple men up there wearing similar thongs.  The best laying out I had was with 3 ladies all in G-strings and topless while we pulled into port at Nassau.  Most of the folks went ashore while we stayed up there and tanned in the 90 degree heat.  These girls were hot and made great conversation and even commented on my attire-- I told them they had great tans and that pretty much broke the ice!!!  Only every so often did we get some strollers up there who were scoping out the skin... The signs say only adults allowed on the topless deck, but sometimes kids went up there on dare excursions... They didn't bother me...
JM_Runs #12

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:01/26/2005 11:24:36Copy HTML

    I've been on 3 cruises, and have had mixed results. All 3 were on Carnival, on seperate ships. The First trip was the best, themed "european delight" It was filled mostly with young couples on their honeymoon, and My wife and I tanned on the topless deck, with everybody else pretty much doing their own thing. The second trip was just ok. Again we stayed on the topless deck with the some topree ladies/thongers. This trip had more familes so it was less busy, except for the occasional voyeur strolling by.  The third was the worst, and enough to make us give up cruising. Again, we were on the topless deck, but it was filled with "regular" Tanners ( Board shorts on guys, traditional swimwear on ladies ) Well, needless to say we got plenty on attention, and wasn't all good. The boat was filled with drunk rednecks, and dirty old men.

    Bottom line on cruising is the rest of the passangers really determine what kind of experience you'll have. The staff and crew are usually pretty cool, and we've even met some them sunning during their time off. The question becomes what kind of clientelle is the rest of the cruisers. Is the trip full of mature adults who can do their own thing and let you do same, or Immature gawkers who just can't handle seeing so much skin......

ajs1138 #13

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:02/21/2005 11:43:30Copy HTML

I just got back from a Carnival cruise.  I went up to the funnel deck and wore both the Koala Swim "Ultra Extreme" and the "Sheer sided Camel Toe" without any problems from the crew. 

kgagne #14

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:02/21/2005 11:31:21Copy HTML

Wow that was really bold in the Koala.  But hey it is suppose to be for adults only you would figure if people didn't want to see so much they don't have to go up.  I went on the carnavale from Long Beach and did enjoy the chance to sun my buns.  I was the only guy each time in a thong.

Thonglicious #15

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:02/28/2005 05:09:21Copy HTML

I'll be on the Carnival Glory mid June and am contemplating a visit to the topless deck myself - of course I would be sporting a thong.  This would be my first time thonging in public but I don't really feel any apprehension.  Those on that deck should be of a like mind when it comes to modesty. 

If I am to do this, I suppose I should start warming my wife up to the idea now so she doesn't think I'm just looking for an excuse to gawk at the ladies. 


JM_Runs #16

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:02/28/2005 05:41:18Copy HTML

You Said "so she doesn't think I'm just looking for an excuse to gawk at the ladies"
2 ways to prevent this problem, have her with you and be face down.

The "topless deck" is probably not the most layed back and natural place to intoduce you wife to thonging. There is nothing natural about the deck. I would suggest a quiet beach with not to many people as a start.
orlspeedo #17

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:02/28/2005 08:56:09Copy HTML

I just returned from an Eastern Caribbean cruise aboard the Celebrity Millennium and they also have a topless deck.  I layed out several days in my new Skinz gstring on the topless deck and it was great.  Some days there were no others there, and other times there were a few ladies and one of the gymnast from the show wearing a thong.  Being gay, I really didn't care what the women thought and I didn't bother them but it was a great feeling to be able to wear my gstring while on board the ship.
Thonglicious #18

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:03/01/2005 05:08:13Copy HTML

JM, in response to your two ways - True! 

I would absolutely have the wife in tow so there would be no question of my motives.  I agree that a topless venue wouldn't be the best way to break the ice, so to speak, but this may be the only opportunity I have this year.  I'm my own man but if this is going to make my wife uncomfortable I may have to yield.


Jazz Skirt #19

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:05/21/2005 11:37:52Copy HTML

I have two thoughts to share, based on the posts I've seen here:

One, if your wife cannot accept that all normal men love to look at sexy ladies, then it's time for your wife to admit that she has a problem!  Namely, she is insecure, frightened that her man may find another woman attractive.  I wish I could push a button and get you guys with such restrictive wives to get them to a good psychologist to get over their fears!  Obviously, fearful and insecure wives---or husbands---introduce a serious handicap on the spouses, forcing them to deny their natural, sexual selves.  My wife, thank God, upon seeing a sexy woman, would go looking for me to come and see the sight.

Two, I'd like to relate the time my previous wife and her folks went on a cruise of the Mexican Carribean on the ship Stardancer (ownership forgotten).  The entertainment crew appeared on the pool deck and announced they were going to have a "sexy legs" contest, but with a hitch:  The male passenger's legs would be judged, and the judges would be various women selected from the passengers.  My wife and I sat at a table back aways from the pool---with her folks, of course---and so I was not noticed or selected by the roaming crew who were choosing men to be in the contest.  Being a lifetime exhibitionist, I wanted dearly to be in the contest, but I had to watch myself around my wife's folks.

So I managed to get up from our table and make my way around to the lineup of selected men, and I fell into the back of the line.  One by one, the men paraded before the female judges in our bathing suits, and they stared at our bodies.  When it was my turn, I hitched my bikini up in a wedgie and promenaded before them as though I were wearing a thong...and, boy, did that take nerve, in front of my wife's parents, who hadn't even realized I'd entered the contest!  End of story:  I won the contest, and was referred to by all the passengers for the duration of the cruise as "Mr. Stardancer Legs".  Typical cruise fun for the typically bold, I guess.

tomcat3 #20

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:07/10/2005 09:40:49Copy HTML

I have thonged comfortably on three Princess cruises, twice on the Golden Princess and most recently on the Grand Princess. One thonger and 2599 non-thongers, but why should I care?

There is no thong / topless deck. I just located myself away from the main (and VERY noisy) pool areas and had no trouble. And because I prefer to do laps, I visited the pool early in the morning or late in the evening when it wasn't jammed with children and inebriated partiers.

I wore relatively conservative Xtreme Swimwear European cut thongs exclusively, mainly to keep a consistent tanline.

My perception is that ship's staff have seen plenty of thongs on the European itineraries and they don't seem to bat an eye. But I wouldn't go for a micro thong, as there are children around, as well as a lot of Grumpy Oldsters, and if they complain, you'll probably be asked to cover up. (myself, 55 years, but not constently grumpy just yet)

Yes, St. Martin is truly awesome. You can wear anything or nothing on Orient Beach. I also thonged out on Pinel Island, a short water taxi ride across the bay. Pinel is good for late-day sun, as the small main beach faces west.

I also thonged regularly on many of the Princess shore excursions. I would wear shorts until we reached the snorkeling or kayaking destination. You always get a few funny looks, but the tour operators have no interest in pissing-off a paying customer or having complaints passed on to Princess, i.e. a significant portion of their clientele. Now if you get a bit too outrageous, then the complaints are going to be against you, so I recommend just keeping a low profile. Most active excursioners are going there for the sights anyway and once you're in the water it's a sensual thing rather than visual.

Over three Princess cruises, I have thonged on snorkel, kayak and beach excursions to: Buck Island (St. Thomas); Magen's Bay (St. Thomas); St. Martin (multiple); Barbados; St. Lucia; Antigua; Grand Cayman; Cozumel; Costa Maya; Belize and San Juan.

The general rule of thumb: British islands are the most conservative, French the most topfree/thong friendly, Dutch slightly conservative, Spanish very open once you get out of the main tourist areas, but not much fun near the rowdy "spring break" type crowd.

Thong snorkeling is GREAT!

Kayaking? Make sure you clean all sand and grit off the seat first, or bring a small towel to sit on to avoid abrasion.

clubthongs #21

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:07/13/2005 11:32:23Copy HTML

In 2004 I was on the Star Princess on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera and wore thongs at the more secluded pools on the ship with no problems.  In fact, I was approached by several woman who admired a man in good shape wearing body flattering swimwear.
erik3000 #22

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:09/19/2005 08:36:54Copy HTML

well, last week i was cruising in the carnival valor of course I thonged on St. Johns, at Salomon Beach.  That's a secluded beach.  Later 2 couples came to de beach and one of the boys thonged too.  Then We went to St. Maarten, to orient beach.  That disapoint me, just me and other guy with thong.  Finally, after a long walk in St. Maarten (my wife wants to see some stores) we went streight to the jacuzzy to relax and yes i did it in my thong.

tomcat3 #23

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:09/21/2005 02:54:39Copy HTML

On my Princess cruises, and on my recent vacation staying at The Banff Springs Hotel, I was the one and only thonger in the pool or on the beach. 

I was confident enough to enjoy the experience and that there was no interference. Confidence and inner strength should be enough.

shaved_thong_lover #24

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/08/2005 04:56:17Copy HTML

Has anyone had any experience with the Atlantis travel Cruises and Resorts.  These are all gay  or lesbian tours / curises / resorts.  Wondering if anyone has been on their huge cruises where the cliental is all gay.  Anyone know of the popuarity of thong/g-string swimwear on these cruises / resorts?

Their website is:  www.atlantisevents.com


clubthongs #25

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/08/2005 11:17:47Copy HTML

I posted the following after the 2004 Mexican Riviera Atlantis Cruise.  I understand from friends who went on the same cruise in 2005 a few weeks back that the swimwear demographic was about the same on that cruise.

My partner and I just returned from an Atlantis cruise to the Mexican Riveria.  There were 2500 passengers on board and about 10% were lesbian which leaves 2250 gay men.  Among the gay men about 50% wore speedo type swimwear and the other 50% board shorts.  My partner and I wore thongs of course and only saw 5 other men in thongs during the entire 8 days of the cruise. 

JM_Runs #26

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:04/07/2006 01:23:03Copy HTML

Anyone been on the Carnival Glory or Fantasy recently? Are the reports still accurate that thonging is okay on the topless decks? I live about 20 minutes from port canaveral, and I'm thinking about taking their 3-night cruise. It's only $200 for what looks to be a good time with plenty of potential thonging.
scthngbttm #27

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:04/27/2006 12:27:27Copy HTML

I have been on four cruises (three carnival and one royal caribbean). The only time I ever saw a thong was on one woman, and I am pretty sure she was one of the show dancers. Of course during the shows its thong city on the showgirls. I have seen a few european looking men in regular bikini bottoms, but they are more open to that anyway, even guys that are really overweight wear them.

I never saw a thong on any of the beach excursions. I didn't go up to the topless deck, because my wife won't go topless. However, from the radar deck at the front of the Carnival Triumph, you can see over onto topless deck (funnel deck), and after a quick peek, I didnt see many thongs there either.

I'm planning my next trip for a stop in st. martin. hopefully it will produce better results.

orh_thong_1965 #28

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:07/03/2006 06:08:20Copy HTML

scthngbttm, if you are going to St. Martin, definately go to Orient Beach. I was there in late October last year and it was well worth it. Price might be a bit high for a beach chair with umbrella worth it though. There are different venders on the beach who will serve food. All of them serve an American style of menu. You will see women topless and/or wearing thongs and some men wearing as well. You will have fun there, I did.
rickl454 #29

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:07/03/2006 07:24:49Copy HTML


Definitely visit Orient Beach while you are on St Martin.  It's a 1.5 mile long beach that is thong and g-string friendly for 2/3 of it's length.  The other 1/3 is a nude beach - It's not to be missed.  The sensation of shopping in the little beachside shops or eating at one of the beachside restaurants (see Glenn at the Pirate especially if you are a Red Sox fan) in a g-string or less is not to be missed. 

One day on Orient Beach will not be your last, you will find yourself coming back for a week or more in years to come.

scthngbttm #30

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:07/14/2006 01:57:36Copy HTML

okay! i have booked myself on a RCCL cruise, june 24 of 07 - shopping for excursions is funny. most of them say what fun and excitement you will have on various st. martin excursions. at the bottom of each is a note: warning, you may see nudity on this excursion.
mrbuttfloss #31

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:09/26/2006 05:56:00Copy HTML

I went on a Carnival cruse by myself (male). I meet a very nice couple in there mid-40's and pretty much enjoyed the cruse with their company. I decided to dare myself on the funnel deck with a thong. Once up there, I got lots of friendly smiles and weenks from several girls to almost say that it is fine and enjoy it. I then got up to walk around and looked over the rail below. There in the center main sun tanning deck were my friends. They said come down there with them. I mentioned I'm wearing a thong. They said 'so, wear them down here, you won't see any of them after the cruse...hmm, I thought. Down to the main deck I went and layed tanning my back side in my thong for hours. I enjoyed the day tanning and heard no gripes about it. It was too much fun being wearing very skimpy thongs.
JM_Runs #32

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:09/26/2006 06:33:55Copy HTML

mrbuttfloss - what cruise did you go on? I was debating on taking a carnival cruise out of Canaveral last week - I decided against it because I took a trip to SoBe instead.
mendenfriend21 #33

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:09/27/2006 01:30:48Copy HTML

Do all the Carnival boats have a topless deck? Im thinking of going in the next year.
scthngbttm #34

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:09/28/2006 01:30:43Copy HTML

Yes.... its the "funnel deck". So called of course because the funnel comes up through it. Although I have seen a thong or two on the main deck, they were women only. I have seen guys in speedos too...but no thongs.
clubthongs #35

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/18/2006 11:17:06Copy HTML

My partner and I just returned from a 10 day Panama canal cruise on the Regal Princess from Acapulco to San Juan. In preparation, we packed approximately 30 bikinis and thongs and we were not disappointed having the chance to wear all of them. Our first port was Huatulco, Mexico were, after shopping, we went to Bahia Chahue which had beautiful white sand and was nearly deserted. We wore thongs and enjoyed an hour or so of sunning. The next day was a sea day and we wore bikinis to the pool, as we did on all sea days with nonegativecomments or reactions from our fellow passengers (more on that later in this post). Our next port was in Guatamala but we chose to stay on board and, again, enjoyed sunning in bikinis as we did while going through the Panama Canal. In Aruba we went to Eagle Beach and, again chose to wear thongs. A group of three young women were laughing at our attire and making gestures amongst themselves. Interestingly enough, after my partner offered to take their photo together, they became very friendly and complimented both of us on our choice of swimwear, saying that it was refreshing to see men comfortable with their bodies wearing bocy conscious swimwear. As stated earlier, we enjoyed wearing our bikinis on board and generally sunned on an elevated platform near the pool bar between the 2 pools. We made great friends with 3 other couples who hung around in that lcoation every day. All of the men wore board shorts but none were offended by our choice of swimwear going so far as to say that they just weren/t confident enough in their bodies to were bikinis but did not mind that we did. Their wives actually liked our bikinis and it became a game amongst them trying to guess what colors and styles we would appear in each day. At the women's encouragement, we wore thongs on the final sea day. We wore them on the sunning platform and even to the swim up pool bar to their delight. I am certain that we shocked some of the older passengers (numerous) but we received many positive comments from several women, 2 of whom asked for recommendations on where to purchase minimal swimwear for their husbands. We, of course, recommended our swimwear line,www.HillcrestSwim.com All in all, it was a wonderful cruise and a positive experience in our minimal swimwear!
clubthongs #36

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/19/2006 12:38:35Copy HTML

I neglected to mention that we also enjoyed several hours in thongs on a wonderful beach in Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica.  Of all of the cruises we have been on, this was by far the most "minimal swimwear friendly", even more so than the Atlantis Cruise (All gay) cruise we took in 2004.  So much for the myth that "only gay men wear thongs"!
sailor250 #37

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:12/09/2006 09:51:03Copy HTML

Here's a guy having a thonging good time on Carnival Cruise


mrever_ready #38

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:12/11/2006 02:59:19Copy HTML

He looks great to me.     The others are wearing way too many clothes, lol.      Makes you want to plan a "thong" themed cruise.     Wonder if they would go for it ?
JM_Runs #39

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

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Seems to me there's more "sport" in thonging on a "regular" cruise like this guy is doing, which must bring more of a rush than thonging on a "thong" themed cruise.  The anonymity one has on a large Carnival cruise liner must make such "dares", if that is what is going on here, more possible for such a bloke.  I can't imagine pulling off such a stunt on the clipper ship cruise we're going on out of St Maarten in January, with about 100 fellow passengers.  Too intimate.  Besides, with my wife along, I'd catch holy hell!  Sure looks like fun, though, and I agree, Mr EverReady, the guy looks great, a fine Mr Anyman promoting thonging to the general public. 
Guts #40

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

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Has anybody been on P n O cruises to vanuatu and thonged both on and off the ship? Thinking of going on a cruise this year and both myself on my wife love to thong. Thanks.
Guts #41

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

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What about P+O cruises?
Anybody been on one of them?
We are booked on the Pacific Dawn.
Microron #42

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

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 The old  P & O cruise line...? I have forgotten what the letters stand for, maybe ( tounge in cheek) he says" Portly and Old?"

  My experience with cruise lines is that their passengers tend to be more conservatively attired around pools. Perhaps this has something to do with population density more than prudishness... given a few administarations of liquid libation... the idiocy of the male species 'rums rampant....'

JM_Runs #43

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

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Our week long clipper ship cruise on the Star Clipper line out of St Maarten in January was fantastic, visiting Nevis, Guadelope, Isles des Saintes, Dominica, Antigua and St Barth's.  After three days of "prepping" on Orient Beach in a thong, a string and nothing at all, I felt ready for my dare to myself of never wearing more than a thong aboard ship and on the islands while sunning, swimming and doing water sports.  I was able to pull it off in my new two tone (orange and royal) 1" slim front thong from HE swimwear, which is really sharp and which my wife likes.  I was the only one in a thong among the 153 passengers, many of whom we got to know quite well.  No negative feedback, lots of interaction while thonging, and it seemed to be accepted okay.  I sure felt pumped!  We loved the cruise so much we're already booked for another one aboard the same ship out of Cannes, France, in early June.  (The college alumni tour of Provence and the French Riviera we had planned was cancelled due to under subscription, so this cruise replaces it.)  Don't even plan to pack a speedo this time round!  Expect the thong to be fine at the hotels in UK and France, on the beaches in Cornwall, France and Italy, and aboard ship again.  Can hardly wait!    

beachfolks #44

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

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Sliding-You'll be OK in France and Italy, My recommendation is to pack a Speedo for the UK hotels just in case.
miaswim #45

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

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Hi there... Saw your post about thonging on your Princess cruise in Europe. 

I have sailed on Princess cruises before and layed out in thongs around the pool.  Did you get a chance to enjoy some thong time at the pool on your cruise or in Mykonos this trip?

Kevorkian #46

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

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Hi Miaswim,

Yes, I sunbathed and swam in thong at the pools during the whole trip.  Some people complained, but the crew explained them thongs weren't forbiden.

The only problem was my dyed-hair, which turned pumkin-blond due to chlorine and sun.  But I really enjoyed the cruise.





wackymac #47

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

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Well, we did it; booked a 10 day Mexican Riviera cruise with Holland America Lines leaving San Diego Feb. 15, 2008. The ports of call are Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Loreto, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, and Topolobampo. I am gathering together all my tie-side bikinis to take along. Will also take along a couple of thongs. Anyone have any feedback, good or bad, on any of the ports? What shore excursions to take or not take? Thanks.
clubthongs #48

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

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Sounds like a great cruise. We have taken several Mexican Riviera cruises and have enjoyed the ports of Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo.  We are not big fans of shore excursions and usually like to explore ports on our own. Often times we hire a cab for the day which can generally be negotiated for $50 - $100 depending on the port. In PV you would enjoy taking a cab to Mismaloya and doing some snorkeling in your thong. You will also feel very comfortable in thongs on the "main" beach, especially Blue Chairs Beach or the adjacent Green Chairs Beach. We took a city tour of Mazatlan and did not visit the beach. In Cabo, we have explored the town and have also taken a snorkeling cruise where we comfortably wore thongs.

In general, HAL attracts a more mature crowd and we were comfortable in moderate bikinis for our poolside sunning time but we did not feel that thongs were appropriate.  All in all, you will enjoy your cruise and will find thongs to be fine at the beaches in most ports.


wackymac #49

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

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Thanks for the feedback.  I am hoping for an older group as I am 63 and she is 66.  One of the reasons we are going in February is to try and avoid the spring break crowd.

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Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

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I am heading on a mexican riviera cruise in October on RCL. I was hoping to thong on board. Sounds like that may not be a good idea. Anyone thonged on RCL before? I have been on Carnival but only worn speedos.
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