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barebayboater #101

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/17/2010 12:38:34Copy HTML

Thanks for the info SlidingG.  I will be on that same cruise this Feb.  I thought Martinique and Ilse de Saints had nude beaches but speedos will be fine.  Sure beats dork shorts that you have to wear on the big cruise ships.  What did you think of the cruise overall?  Any suggestions for futrue passangers?  Cheers.
SlidingG #102

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/17/2010 04:26:54Copy HTML

Barebayboater, sounds like you're going on the Windward Island itinerary.  We took the Grenadine Islands itinerary aboard the Royal Clipper out of Barbados last January, which stopped at Martinique.  On that earlier cruise aboard the Star Clipper out of St. Maarten, we took the Leeward Islands itinerary, which hit a number of the islands you'll be visiting, including Illes des Saintes.  Your research may indicate these two French islands have nude beaches, but they sure weren't the ones where our crew set up for daily water sports activities.  Just as on St. Bart's, if you know where they are, you can make the effort to get there on your own, if there's time to make it worthwhile.  If ever again on St. Bart's, I would -- drop dead gorgeous scenery, both natural and human!  Elsewhere, I wouldn't bother, as staying with your congenial shipmates on the selected beaches or going on excursions is lots of fun, too.  Thonging among friends often beats nude among strangers.  At the falls you may hike to on Dominica, for instance, I wore my thong and it felt great.  Even better were the falls on Grenada, where I slid bare-ass, likety-split, down a tilted, mossy slab of rock into the pool; the guys in boardies and gals in bikinis couldn't even move!  Speedos or bikinis, no sweat, anywhere, anytime.                    
The wife and I are totally sold on Star Clippers cruises.  We've never cruised on a warehouse boat, and never will.  The price is very reasonable for what you get, the food is very good, and your fellow passengers are a fascinating, friendly, international group of folks.  With just 200+ passengers, you'll get to know many of them well.  My advice is take your thong.  You may decide to wear it.  If you don't, that's fine, too.  You'll still love the trip, and be ready to sail again on more of their interesting journeys.  We certainly have.  Our third cruise with them was in the Mediterranean on the Star Clipper out of Cannes, putting in at ports on Corsica and along the Italian and French rivieras.  Even managed a little skinny dipping along the way, but that's always by chance.  We look forward one day soon to taking their Royal Clipper cruise from Rome to Venice via Corfu and the Adriatic coast; also one of their Star Clipper cruises among the Greek islands of the Aegean.  On Mykonos, I'd opt to spend my day on one of its c/o beaches for a little fun in the sun, having seen its sites during a visit 43 years ago enroute home from India.  On second thought, my wife would probably expect me to spend it escorting her around the island.  Oh well, can't win them all.                             
Enjoy your trip!  I'm sure you will.      
barebayboater #103

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/17/2010 12:03:34Copy HTML

Thanks again SlidingG that is great info. Definitely plan on thonging but will take a speedo or two along too.  As for St. Barts, I think the only time I wore any clothes was at dinner and shopping.  Would spend the day on Gov or Sal and the villa we had was so private that there was no reason to wear anything.  But I am looking forward to the cruise too.
JM_Runs #104

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/26/2010 07:04:29Copy HTML

 We just returned from a 3 day NCL carribean cruise.  The vast majority of passengers were Americans and Canadians.  I saw three female thongers the whole trip and no male thongers, although I did see a couple in full-back speedos.  The thongs I saw were more conservative than the WW, so I can't say whether you'd be able to get away with that or not.  I wore dork shorts with full-back speedos underneath the entire time, although on a snorkeling excursion I took the shorts off to shake them out.  A young kid made a comment about my speedo, but it was more along the lines of "Hey!  That suit is cool.  Can I get one?"  Mom and Dad weren't too thrilled.
underwater #105

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:02/08/2011 12:52:07Copy HTML

We just returned from a 7 day trip on the Carnival Victory, cruising to a variety of islands. On board, I wore several Musleskins suits that were as close to thongs as you can get. After a day at Orient Beach either nude or in a very small g string, we got back to the ship and decided to take a dip in a hot tub.

My wife got into the hot tub and I jumped into the pool first. While she was sitting in the tub, two other couples were talking about my suit. One of them said "I wonder if he knows how ridiculous he looks". My wife looked at them and said " he doesn't think he looks ridiculous and the bottom line is he doesn't give a s--t". At that point I got into the hot tub and the topic of their conversation changed.
rickl454 #106

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:02/08/2011 01:30:55Copy HTML

Hey underwater, make sure you get that lady an extra dozen roses for Valentine's day.
pkthong #107

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:02/09/2011 05:44:12Copy HTML

 Underwater, you are one of those lucky guys. 
My estimate is that 10-15% of the adult female population actually like guys in other than board shorts.
I am not sure if my wife would come to my defense in that situation, but she did defend me once with regard to a remark from my brother.
underwater #108

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:02/09/2011 04:43:46Copy HTML

Pk, she really would prefer I wear larger style suits than I do, ( I wear as little as I can get away with) but we have  a great relationship and she pretty much goes along with what I want to do.
She'll go with me to nude beaches (doesn't participate), has gone with me on a nude cruise and we had a great time at Fantasy Fest last year.

Guess I'm just lucky!!
dirtyd3815 #109

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:02/15/2011 12:20:09Copy HTML

Wife and I went on Carnival Conquest over Thanksgiving 2010, before we went I emailed Carnival and asked if thongs were allowed at pool areas and was told "yes".  Also asked if topless was ok and was told "no'.  Over the 7 days the wife wore 9-10 different thongs with no trouble.   The only place she didn't go was the main pool in middle of ship that has the water slide.  The only place I did it was on the sky deck at very top of ship.  Also, the waiters made extra effort to keep our drinks filled so that was definitly a plus, at least until we seen the bill at the end of the week. :-).
JM_Runs #110

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:03/22/2011 01:35:38Copy HTML

Any one been on Serenade of the Seas? Thong/g-string deck? Speedos at least? Southern Caribbean cruise in late April.
girl101 #111

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:03/22/2011 01:46:54Copy HTML

I have been on a Carnival and a Norwegian cruse and only wore my wicked wiesel thong bottom in the adults area.  I had no problems or negative comments from the crew or passengers.  About half the women were topfree and all the men wore boxer type swim wear, my husband was no exception.
scoutniagara #112

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:04/01/2011 05:08:28Copy HTML

I'm cruising this coming October to November on the Carnival Miracle with Bare Necessities.  Following that week, I'm sailing the same ship textiled.  I'll let you know how my thongs go over...one week naked, one week thonged. :D

Some of my fellow nudists are also sailing the back-to-back cruises so I'll have thonged company . :D
20897 #113

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:04/05/2011 12:22:39Copy HTML

We were on the Carnival Splendor the last week February this year were able to wear our thongs at "Serenity" the adults only area. The lounge chairs had thick cushions and were very comfy. The bar service waiters came around every 15 to 20 minutes. No problems!
bryger #114

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:06/05/2011 04:37:50Copy HTML

I've been on a few cruises and have never seen a thong on any one. Some guys in speedos but they were European, not Americans. I wear my thong on my balcony but no one can see. I get the sun and privacy. Well, a few times cabin stewards or workers have come in and seen me but that's it. They're used to seeing everything I bet. Wich it was possible to thong by the pool but oh well. Not if Americans are on board!
Kevorkian #115

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:07/01/2011 02:25:33Copy HTML

I wore thong in Emerald Princess during 2007 through the Mediterranean Sea without problem (I wasn't popular for American tourists who tried to complain without success, but I didn't care).  Anybody knows if the rules have changed or if they were different in other ships of the same company?  I plan to take the  trip through Asia in the Diamond Princess since the 26th October.
Kevorkian #116

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:07/10/2011 03:16:41Copy HTML

I changed my plans.  I am going to travel to Egypt in October.  So I hope that the same thong acceptance (that some members commented about Egypt) remain in Hurghada beaches once the new government be installed into the power.

littleone55555 #117

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:07/26/2011 05:15:43Copy HTML

I thonged the whole time on a 7-day cruise through the Mediteranian on the MSC Fantasia ship.  Lots of older women topless, some fully nude but with discretion.I lay nude face down tanning in the active entertainment section full of families with no complaints or even stares.  Like I say many women in thongs anyway and kids always seemed to be nude.  All-in-all it was a very comfortable cruise and you can do as you want without hassle. Didn't see a single American there which helped a lot.
orlspeedo #118

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:07/27/2011 10:00:59Copy HTML

I'm a cruise agent, and I think most of the cruiselines don't care but it is probably best to try and lay out on a higher deck where it is quieter and away from the mainstream.  I'll be on the Norwegian Epic in November for the first time, and supposedly they have what is called a Freestyle Deck where you can sunbathe nude so I will be sure and check it when I'm on board.  If not nude, then I can at least wear my thongs and gstrings there!  I'll report back.
DavyJ #119

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:07/29/2011 02:06:07Copy HTML

I have also worn a thong on a cruise, but I am usually very discreet, so I have not worn one not very often.  You will have better luck in the ports where most people probably won't care.
tonynearlondon #120

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:08/27/2011 07:51:39Copy HTML

Just come back from a P & O (owned by Carnival) Baltics cruise.
Too cold to thong outside, but did in the inside hot-tubs & sauna.  The area wasn't exclusively adults, but only a few older teens.  Didn't hear any comments, a few of the crew & spa staff saw me, but no reaction or comments.
tanlines2thin #121

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:10/18/2011 10:27:04Copy HTML

i won myself a little 4 day bahama cruise on royal caribbean.....naturally, i am planning on packing nothing other than my g-string suits and skimpy booty shorts, and just ambling all around in my not too nude enjoyment....of course, that's my plan in a perfect world that might not exist on a commercial cruise ship......

soooooo, i would like to know if anyone has any guideline experience to share.......i mean, is it okay for a man with a better than halfway decent physique to sunbath in a g-string on a cruise ship pool lounge?......if not a g-string, is a rio suit acceptable?......and is it okay to meander all-around in skimpy booty shorts?........i really don't care about looks or wise-cracks, because i do not take any crap from anyone, but i don't want to be locked in my cabin by the cruise ship cops for unacceptable public indecency.....

i have heard that some ships have a 'adult pool lounge,' where topless sunbthing and such is acceptable, but i don't think the ship i'm going on has that kind of accomodation, so to speak.........sooooo, i'm pretty mcuh looking for what is generally permissable on the average cruise ship........

naturally, i appreciate any advice anyone can provide.......thanks.......charlie
nicksthong #122

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:10/20/2011 02:54:11Copy HTML

 Just do it- all of you!
What are they going to do? Kick you off the boat? Arrest you? Give you dirty looks?

orlspeedo #123

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:10/20/2011 09:59:57Copy HTML

I'm heading out on the Norwegian Epic cruiseship on November 5th and there is a Freestyle sundeck on one of the upper decks.  I have heard some say its clothing optional or topless only, but has anyone been on the ship and if so, what was your experience and what was the Freestyle sundeck like?
Surfthong #124

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:10/21/2011 08:00:02Copy HTML

We were on the Epic in September. I took a quick look at the freestyle deck and there were topless women there. I didn't sun there, but wore squarecuts on the regular decks, since the wife is a bit more modest. And we wanted to go on the excellent slides on board! The green one makes you dizzy, the purple one is the tamest, and the best one IMHO is the orange one where you ride an inner tube-type raft.
SRB81 #125

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/14/2011 09:11:54Copy HTML

 I did the carnival Bahamas cruise about 10 years ago and 25% of the women was wearing a thong.
dirtyd3815 #126

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/18/2011 02:51:34Copy HTML

Going on the Carnival Magic this weekend out of Galveston.  Anybody know what the water is like right now in Galveston, Key West or Nassau Bahamas?
dirtyd3815 #127

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/28/2011 06:39:25Copy HTML

Just got back from 7 day trip on the Carnival Magic.  Wife and I both wore thongs for about 1-2 hrs every day, 2 days at the Serenity deck and the rest on the Lanai on deck 5 towards the front of the ship on the side facing the sun, as this was way more serene than Serenity deck.  Only heard one "Oh My God" from one of the over looking balcony rooms, lol.  Also had one teenaged girl with an extreme case of the giggles, mostly because the 2 boys with her were picking on her trying to get her to look as she passed.  Only other comment I heard all week was an older woman telling a friend that she was "too old to wear a thong."  We didn't venture off into the main pool areas but didn't even want to be there in regular shorts either.  Overall had a good time and wasn't bothered by any one, had some traffic walk by from time to time but for a packed cruise ship it was rather mild.  Even had a few ladies join us each day but none had thongs a couple of them attempted to make reg suits into one though.
tonynearlondon #128

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:04/14/2012 06:46:03Copy HTML

On P & O ships (from the UK), I've had a bit of success:
2 years ago on a Med cruise, the details said top deck was o.k. for topless sunbathing, so I worn my thong there with no comments.
Last year on a cruise to the Baltics (not so hot), I wore my thong in the indoor hot-tubs most days, and I didn't hear anyone comment & some staff saw me more than once.
I thought the main deck pool (full of kids) would probably get some complaints.....
IotaTheta #129

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:04/14/2012 12:57:28Copy HTML

 I have worn muscleskin suits with athletic backs on cruises before without any problem. I have seen the occasional thong on a guy and as long as the person wearing the thong isn't walking around the food areas nobody had a problem. This was on a cruise to the western carribean Ina major cruise line. So I would say it would definitely be fine to wear your thong as long as you cover up if you go to the food lines.
Boatingcouple #130

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:07/02/2012 11:12:26Copy HTML

 Wife wore teeny b and wicked weasel Brazilian backs on Norwegian with no problem at all...
dirtyd3815 #131

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:10/07/2012 05:06:50Copy HTML

I will be on the Carnival Elation in Nov.  Has anyone been on this ship?  If so, what is the best area of the ship to catch some sun in a thong without bothering too many people?  I know there is a Serenity Deck but from past experiences on other ships that deck is usually packed and hard to find a spot.  The deck map on Carnival website shows that the funnel deck may be the best spot just wondered if anyone knew for sure.  Thanks for any help.
underwater #132

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:10/08/2012 12:17:24Copy HTML

We'll be on the Carnival Freedom in February, but since the cruise is clothing optional, I doubt if they will care if I decide to wear a thong.  :)-
butterball21044 #133

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/27/2012 06:49:11Copy HTML

RCCL's Liberty routinely does 5-7 days out of Ft. Lauderdale. This large ship (4000+ pax) has more than enough lounging areas and chairs. Its most secluded area is "St. Tropez via stairs from deck 12--forward. While not designated topless/thong/nude, it's probably one's best opportunity. On the first sea day, there were 3 20-something topless girls (1 in thong) and their mates (all in boardshorts). There were no others during the rest of this 5-day venture. Two other days, I was out in my HOM thong with no hassle except for the quartet of teen males who came through one afternoon displaying their machismo by yelling "look out, look out" as they lumbered by. There were no other thongs spotted anywhere else although it must be said that the bikini backs on many 20-40 year old females seem to be migrating more towards rio-backs.
JM_Runs #134

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:03/14/2013 09:43:12Copy HTML

While the information at the following link is NOT the rules on what thongs you bring to wear on which ships,

It is the rules for what alcohol you may, or may not, take on board, and where on the ship you can drink it.

orlspeedo #135

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:08/07/2013 09:55:54Copy HTML

I'll be Falmouth Jamaica for the day while on board Freedom of the Seas the first week of September.  Anyone know a good beach or resort I could wear my gstrings?  Nude would be good too.
txnudist #136

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:08/07/2013 11:01:34Copy HTML

Check with N Resort/ I think they have a daily rate. The resort is about a 10 min taxi ride from the port.
JM_Runs #137

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:08/08/2013 12:48:47Copy HTML

The suggestion to go to N Resort is a good one. While most Jamaican 'tourist' beaches are thong friendly, but there is some strong homophobia by the local Jamaican boys on locals beaches. So going to one of the private hotel beaches is a good choice.  N Resort, which is an adult resort where nuditity is allowed, and is very close to the dock, would be perfect.

On a cruse to Jamaica you should get plenty of time for sunning while the ship is at sea. Have the courage to wear your thong on the top deck. Get your sun when at sea. Seriously... Sun and lounge around when at sea, then when on land explore, move, play hard, and return exhausted.

Even a resort like N Resort is just another tourist bubble, not the real Jamaica.

When ashore, given the limited time in each country, I would attempt to get away from the 'Tourist Destinations' and get a feel for the real place and people. The people gathered round the dockyard gates or halking trinkets on the streets are not going to give you a feel of the real people. The less they have to do with tourists the more normal they become.

If I were going to Falmouth for only a day I would skip the beach and go up the mountains, maybe river rafting, but I would prefer to rent a jeep and drive deep into the Cockpit Country.  Just be sure to make it back before the ship sails. There is real JA to see and experience, it ain't just another Margaritavill.

The pre-arranged excursions from the ship are obviously an easy solution:  Just pick a bus tour A, B or C and climb on for air conditioned ride to preselected tourist traps. The advantage is you will be brought back in time and don't have to hassle with local transportation, driving on the left or navigation. The disadvantage is you will be in a thong of other people of your ship, and the other ships who are visiting the north coast that day.

If not just going from the walled in ship to a walled in beach resort, if given a full day ashore, I would hire a car and driver to explore the hills, anywhere away from all the cruse ship crowds, who are all on mass snorkeling, shopping or beach trips. 

For a shorter time the pee-arranged excursions may make sense, just be prepared to be on the beach where (a) everyone else is a tourist too, (b) the locals know the tourists will only be there for a few hours and they must sell as much as possible before you get back on the buss. You will not really be in Jamaica but in a tourist bubble, with regge music and Jamaican accents thrown in for color.

One of the tours sold is a Historic Walking Tour of Falmouth, many liked it, others just found the town run down and the pestering of higglers annoying. If you have an interest in history you will probably find it very interesting.

If you do take one of the mini buss tours to far flung destinations expect to spend a lot of your shore time on a buss, on the one major road that runs up and town the north coast.  Not my idea of fun.

This web post and the followup comments may help: http://www.cruiselawnews.com/2011/05/articles/caribbean-islands/will-royal-caribbean-ever-live-up-to-its-promises-to-falmouth-jamaica/

For example, for me, an excursion to an old plantation way up in the hills with a lunch cooked by a first class Jamaican chef would be a treat. I would ask Jamaicans about what they would do if given only X hours to explore and enjoy the real JA from Falmouth.  

If you want more beach time in a thong then book a few days in Fort Lauderdale or Miami before you board or after you return. Probably less nerve racking than attempting to thong during the 1 hour on the beach, during a 4 hour mini buss excursion, surrounded by everyone else from your ship on the same tour. If you do it before you sail then you will have built thong confidence, (and tan lines), before tying it on-board.

I have some experience of the other side of this coin. Many MANY years ago I worked with the JA tourist board developing these 'destinations' so we could get people off the ships and out of the walled all-inclusive hotels, off to the 'destinations' we created where we would see how much money we could extract for the local economy.  Don't get me wrong, tours of waterfalls and craft villages can be fun, but we were in the business of creating authentic feeling day and 1/2 day destination excursions to get the money into the local economy.  Paying for the buss ride was a good start. Some of the destinations and tours we developed are still in use today. Mostly, because we were short on funds, they exploited the natural features like waterfalls and rivers.
If I had it to do again there would be more walking trails and mountain bike rides, where people got to travel through the countryside and were not just dropped of in a parking lot at the attraction, and then loaded back on an hour later.

Later on my girlfriend in the VI worked for one of the top vendors of dive and snorkel excursions for cruse ships. Trust me, we dumped so many snorkelers in one place, every day, day in day out, their was not one bit of living reef left, just a pile of rocks, and if by luck you saw a fish it was not because it lived there, more likely it was in transit across the lagoon to some other place down the coast, or was lured in with coconut bait so the tourists could take a picture. 
The palm trees, the sand on the beach and the clear water were the only things not seriously marred by the day-in day-out, hour by hour unloading of mini-buses full of cruse ship tourists. We joked we should get stuffed fish and put them on sticks like Disney world once did for their under sea fake submarine ride.
Baguio #138

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:06/15/2015 01:09:55Copy HTML

Just returned from Western Caribbean on the Carnival Glory. Wore my thong from Koala Swim in the Serenity area for the first few days. Got some weird eye looks from the other older swimmers there, but no one said anything.

I wondered out one afternoon to the water slide and asked the attendant what the rules were and she said there were none. Woot! So I spent the next few days at the main pools and slide in my thong.

Carnival's photographer even asked me to pose as I went down the slide. Had several positive thumbs up from the younger crowds there. They were much more accepting of older men in thongs then the older fold in the Serenity area.  

Had a lot of fun in Old Belize and Maya Island in thongs. Old Belize was very welcoming, but Maya Island said they were family. I wore thongs anyways and not a word of complaint.

I can see not wearing them in family areas if families were the majority there, but when they are not it is a free for all.  Anyway, if kids haven't seen RiTs (Rears in Thongs) before, they are too sheltered. They see more on TV.

Caution on the water slide at Old Belize with a thong; its a high speed slide and I received a salt water enema.

I had one lady ask me on the side on the Carnival Glory how I was able to go so fast. I replied "Skin". She looked confused, then saw what I was wearing and starting grinning and nodding.

Can't wait to see what the policy is for Norwegian Cruise this December on their new Escape. Found a few Youtube vids showing a few women in Rio/Brazalian cuts and one in a thong, so assuming it will be alright. The videos appear to be at the main pools where there are even kids around. Never see any men in thongs; a few in speedos.
Baguio #139

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:10/25/2016 02:27:13Copy HTML

Just finished my 4th cruise (Carnival-Breeze) and spent 100% of my water time in a thong; pools, hot tubs, slides. Did the slides up to 20 times each day; great exersize climbing the stairs. Hit beaches in Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Did the helmet dive in Grand Cayman--everything in a thong, it was awesome. A lot of positive remarks, Just one a-hole on teh first day but nothing after that. Bunch of girls in a  hot tub one night asked if i was a rebel and I replied "Yeah". So they said they were rebels too, stood up and all pulled their bikini tops off :D Wore only Skinzwear. Had a party one night in the hot tub, Birthday boy from texas and we all were so drunk. He said he respected me for what i was wearing and his wife wished he wore a thong too. He said he would if he had one so I went and got an old pair of Koala thong and made him eat his words. lol He really did put them on for all of 10 seconds before pulling his board shorts back on. Somewhere, his wife is posting a pic of that on FB. I'd say I spent easily 30-40 hours in a thong in full view on the cruise.
Ronniejohn46 #140

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/13/2016 11:25:33Copy HTML

 Going on Royal Caribbean this Christmas and plan to spend lots of time in a thong in common areas or g-string in less populated areas. 
Any experiences with RC?
Beached_Santa_Cruz #141

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/13/2016 04:52:15Copy HTML

 A less populated area on RC?  Good luck!   I've been on a few cruises.  Best was Windstar and worst was RC.   Way too many people for me.  Tons of kids in the adult therapy pool.  Very difficult to get away from all the noise.  My brother loves RC but he also loves Marriotts for vacations.  I go on vacation to relax and that wasn't happening on RC.  If you wear a thong on RC I'm not quite sure what reactions you're going to get.
jazzyfay #142

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/14/2016 07:05:42Copy HTML

 Been on RC twice so far and have not seen a male thong wearer to date.  Closest thing I've seen was a speedo style suite.  I get my wife to wear WW or MS bikinis right after dinner before they close the hot tubs so we can enjoy the night sky and one another.  I have worn thongs and Joe Snyder bulge bikinis during these times with little fanfair. But rest assured that if you wear them during the daytime, you will definitely be getting a lot of attention.
RapidBlue #143

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/14/2016 04:36:58Copy HTML

 I have been on Royal Carribean a few times. I have seen a few women in thong bikinis, but never a man. The only men I've seen in anything other than board shorts are either European or from South America. I have worn (and only wear as an option when I can't wear a thong) Rio back suits on the ships. I have gotten mixed reactions. I've never had a problem, but never felt comfortable with the general atmosphere to wear a thong on the ship. 
Ronniejohn46 #144

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:11/17/2016 02:18:00Copy HTML

 Thank you all for your thoughts. I e-mailed RC and received a reply that thongs WERE allowed on their ships.  Of courses, it is always necessary to exercise discretion as to where and when to wear a thong as the American outlook on such wear is almost puritanical.  I'll take my thong with me and decide whether or not to wear them after sampling the atmosphere.  On one RC cruise I found a very "out-of-the-way" spot to tan wearing only a g-string.  
car57 #145

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:12/14/2016 09:02:23Copy HTML

Spent last week on the Carnival Vista wore thongs on board the ship every day while at sea, I was the only guy and only saw one young lady in a very cheeky bikini.  Spent most of the at sea days in the Serenity area without negative comment, and did have a few positive remarks from the ladies when my wife wasn't around.  Also thonged on the beach in Grand Turk, Dominican Republic and Aruba.  Lots of women in thongs on Eagle Beach in Aruba but again I was the only guy, several guys in Speedos though.
Baguio #146

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:12/15/2016 01:01:04Copy HTML

 Car57, did you do any of the water slides? Headed out again on Carnival this Feb. for 2 weeks. Looking forward to it.
car57 #147

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:12/15/2016 12:44:16Copy HTML

 No, thought about going on the slides but never got around to it.
tswim #148

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:12/20/2016 04:43:58Copy HTML

I just got back from a cruise leaving and returning from the port at Galveston TX on Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas.  I layed out in the sun wearing a swim thong on the deck above the running track (less foot traffic) with no issues.  I have also worn the thong in the hot tubs, steam room, sauna and changing in the mens locker room at the gym.  No issues on this or prior cruises with Royal Caribbean.  I also thonged on a Holland America cruise with no issues either.  I have done this alone and with my wife.
On this latest cruise, one very overweight American guy in a speedo that stayed in the adults only pool area the whole time and a few average (not American) men wearing speedo also.  Several women wore thongs in the pool areas. 
I agree that the cruise line could care less.  They sail all over the world with and meet all kinds of people.  I think its common sense to know your audience so to speak and feel out the right place and right time.  Its been said many times on the board...Your actions, your confidence/personality will have more impact then what you are wearing.  I also personally believe it helps when you take decent care of yourself and stick to thongs that are obviously thong swimwear.  I think part of the problems with micro suits/g strings is people have to double take or triple take just to figure out if your actually naked plus they show the pubic region (regardless of whether there is hair there or not, many people are not used to seeing it on a stranger and are not comfortable with it).  Finally, I believe for the general population, these suits are associated more with fetish wear than actual swimwear.  Just my two cents, but whether on a cruise or swimming in a semi river in a state park, I find that people take notice but don't really seem to care as much when I wear a traditional t back thong made for real swimming such as a speedo brand thong, California muscle, male power wonder thong, etc...

2xist #149

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:12/21/2016 08:52:28Copy HTML

 Anyone thonged on Holland America?  Pool areas, spa or at any of their ports of call please?
minimalist75 #150

Re:Cruise Ships? - Thongs on Cruise lines

Date Posted:12/24/2016 09:11:09Copy HTML

Any experiences with Norwegian? Apparantly they have both the main sun deck and a "Freeststyle" sunndeck with less dress restrictions, but nudity not allowed.
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