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Date Posted:11/05/2005 04:48:48Copy HTML

Going on vacation in April, we went to the Dominican last year and loved it, just wondering about people's experiences in Cuba for thonging and vacationing, or if I should stick to the Dominican.I know Jamaca would probably be good too, but it is much more expensive.Thanks for your help!
mrever_ready #1


Date Posted:11/06/2005 03:44:11Copy HTML

My wife and I have been to Jamaica.   All I know is, we didn't enjoy it at all.   How was the Dominican ?   What hotel did you stay at ?    We're going somewhere this winter, we're just not sure when or where.    We're thinking about taking advantage of the last minute deals, because we don't really care where we're going......as long as there is guaranteed sun, a nice beach and people in thongs (because we'll definitely be wearing our thongs all the time).   

erik3000 #2


Date Posted:11/07/2005 05:58:07Copy HTML

If you want to thong I suggest you LTI Punta Cana because is cheep and the ambient is very european, I can said that 95 to 99% comes form Europe so you will have more girls topless, in thong, and the mens there are more open. I used to go to Grand Flamenco Punta Cana from Occidental Hotels, it is a Spain chain the hotel was more oriented to  the european market. But now they are doing a lot of martketing in the United States and the escenario are changing a lot, now is 50% european 50%American tourism so now in the beach are more guys in long shorts than ever. As I told you last time I felt uncomfortable in thong, so I put my short and start walking on the beach, all the hotels were more or less the same ambience untill I reach the LTI.
cdg-fr #3


Date Posted:01/08/2006 12:08:01Copy HTML

Try either cayo largo or cayo santa maria. Both of these resorts are tolerant of clothing optional and I have seen everything from nudists to thongers to speedos to dork shorts on the beach. Everyone co-exists well.

Two good web sites to check out - www.cayolargo.net and www.cayosantamaria.info

have a great holiday.

sailor250 #4


Date Posted:01/23/2007 07:50:57Copy HTML

erik3000 #5


Date Posted:02/07/2007 09:51:45Copy HTML

I went to Cuba to spend new year.  Cayo largo was beautiful, a virgin place.  Lots of girls wearing thongs, and some nude areas but nothing special. I like punta cana more. I was the only guy wearing a thong, the good thing is that somo parts of the beach are clothing optional so you can walk on your thong on the entery beach without any problem. 

I personaly didnt like all the misery that those guys have.  If you ask the Cubans  they are going to tell you that everything it is OK, but if you go deep you will se the reality.  For example, they have apples for tourists at all inclusive resorts, but the general manager's son, of a bank that moves millions of dollars, has never tasted one.  They are assigned one chiken for the month. I remember when I was eating lunch at a pool restaurant I saw a waiter that was passing was looking at me, like.... why can you can eat all the food that you want, and we dont... It was very sad, they dont have deodorants, soaps, underware, have very limited clothing, no shoes.... and all of they earn 20 dollars per month. It doesent matter if you are a manager or a very simple worker, all of them are going to get the same payment so the service it is mediocre, they dont care. Some of the waiters have bachelors degrees, some are doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.  Our maid laidy was Lawyer and also Christian, a big surprise for us. Next time I will choose to visit other destination.  If you go there don't forget to tip all those guys.

Also fidel Rip you, You cant use dollars, you must need to use pesos and they charge you 10% fee for exange and 10% more just for use dollars. If you use euros is worst the value is little bit higher than dollars so you are going to loose it any way....Everithing it is really expensive. So I suggest go to cancun or againt to punta cana....


DoreFan #6


Date Posted:11/03/2009 09:33:24Copy HTML

Has anybody been to Cuba lately? Any new news on the thonging / nudist situation there? We are thinking of going soon, and just wondering if I can thong there 24/7? 
I also heard that the food is terrible at the Cuban resorts. Can anyone comment on that?
Dr S #7


Date Posted:11/04/2009 04:12:43Copy HTML

I went on a family holiday to Cuba last year (July / August 2008). We stayed at the Iberostar Tainos in Varadero, which is an inclusive resort hotel, so can't comment on Cayo Largo or Cayo Santa Maria. I enjoyed the holiday immensely. The hotel was great and the food was lovely. I was the only male thong-wearer I saw, but there were quite a few speedos and a couple of rio-type suits on show. There were a few (but not many) women wearing thongs on the beach. Acceptance was good; I had no problems wearing a thong at both beach and pool without too many second glances, despite the family atmosphere. Overall pretty good.
swflaguy #8


Date Posted:11/04/2009 10:50:33Copy HTML

 I don't know all of the issues with Cuba these days but I do know if you're a US citizen and go to Cuba you are very likely to have a major problem with the government. I know a lot of people who have sailed from SW Florida to Cuba - only about 50 miles from Key West - but no one has dared go since 9/11. The US may seize your boat and keep it for a long time and if they find you spent any money there you have a major problem. There will be a sailing race to Cuba this year - the requirements are rigid - and everyone has been warned that you cannot spend any money while there...which means those in sailboats have to bring everything they need for the duration of the trip.

We all hope the restrictions will be lifted one day soon so we can sail there for a nice visit. I have many friends and neighbors here who are from Cuba. I'm not sure they want to go back - many sad memories of when and how they had to run for their lives to escape.
JM_Runs #9


Date Posted:11/04/2009 11:31:31Copy HTML

swflaguy, the man who went, Dr S, is from England, so he can visit Cuba and spend as much time or money as he wishes.  It's true that the USA has it's nickers in a twist over Cuba. Hopefully the US will come to it's senses and allow US citizens as much freedom to visit Cuba as enjoyed by the rest of the world.
The one advantage of the current US policy is it keeps the 'Ugly American' type of tourist out of the hotels and mostly off the beaches, which is good for thongers.
swflaguy #10


Date Posted:11/05/2009 12:38:29Copy HTML

 Yep, JM I picked up on Dr. S being from the UK but it's another story if you're from the US... I know a few people who've gone to Cuba via Canada or other countries...however if you do this .... be sure they don't put a Cuban stamp on your passport. If Immigration picks up on that....it's a big opps.
DoreFan #11


Date Posted:11/08/2009 09:48:07Copy HTML

Thanks Dr S for your experience in Cuba. Though we are tempted, we decided on a vacation to the Mayan Riviera because we found a good deal there. Probably not as thong friendly, but it was cheaper.

lauren1 #12


Date Posted:01/27/2012 08:55:55Copy HTML

Hey guys I see this post has been dormant for a while, but we went to Cayo Coco this Christmas and it was great. A resort 'bubble' of course but the hotel's beach (Blau Colonial) was quiet and had a nice bar so once Id mustered up the courage I walked and jogged the whole beach in my new g-strings (Gemali wear micro) and went to the bar too. Didnt see any other girls in g-strings but only got smiles on the beach and by the pool so I guess it was all good. Hotel staff were excellent too - always kept a resepectful distance even if they naturally wanted to look. I think we'll go back and next time I might go topless and try some smaller bottoms to see how that goes. Lots of Canadians there - all nice but seemed to sunbathe fully clothed! tee hee     
MattSprat #13


Date Posted:01/27/2012 09:48:31Copy HTML

Your observations of Canadian sunbathers is disappointing.  I like to think we're better than that!  ;)  There are many of us who definitely subscribe to the less is more attitude when it comes to swimwear, I assure you.  Glad you had a good trip.
lauren1 #14


Date Posted:01/27/2012 10:28:09Copy HTML

I didnt mean to be rude to Canadians ;-)
MattSprat #15


Date Posted:04/17/2012 02:34:41Copy HTML

 Don't worry.  No offense taken.  Just wanted to make sure you knew that what you saw wasn't necessarily true for all of us.  Good swimwear sense is tough to develop when the ground is frozen for 6 months a year.  ;)
mrever_ready #16


Date Posted:04/17/2012 06:48:03Copy HTML

We went to Cayo Largo in February and had a great time.    I especially enjoyed the nude beach section.    We stayed at the Sol Pelicano Hotel ... we rated the food 1 star, the room 3 stars and the staff a solid 5 stars.    
ministeve #17


Date Posted:05/11/2012 01:12:28Copy HTML

 We were recently in Cayo Santa Maria.  I'm pretty sure it's the nicest beach I've ever seen, very desolate. Saw some other thongs on the Argentinian ladies, maybe 25% of the men in briefs, a handful of the ladies topless.  I was the only guy I saw in a thong the whole trip, wife also wore a thong most days and topless about half the time, proudly at the beach and pool.  No real reactions, a real live and let live place.  Although the first day we make our way to the beach and the wife decides to stop for a pool swim first.  I'm wearing my red JS thong under my shorts and would have been more comfortable at the beach than the pool in it, so I strip off by my chair, walk around to the shower, and this group of 4 older Argentinian ladies were all staring the whole time, jaw dropped, as I showered up a clingy suit and then dove in the water.  Felt pretty good after hitting the gym daily all winter.
There is also a nude beach at the end of the beach which was quiet and we tried it out for a little bit too.
DoreFan #18


Date Posted:05/11/2012 10:43:25Copy HTML

ministeve, which resort did you stay at in Cayo Santa Maria?
ministeve #19


Date Posted:05/12/2012 01:37:55Copy HTML

The Sol CSM.  It could certainly use some fixing up but if the food is edible,  drinks are good, staff is friendly then it is reason enough to be on that gorgeous beach.
DoreFan #20


Date Posted:05/13/2012 02:51:57Copy HTML

Thanks, I'll look it up. We've been trying to get to Cuba the past couple of years.....

gocal #21


Date Posted:06/22/2012 06:22:20Copy HTML

 We are going to be in Havana over New Years.  Any recent experience with thongs in Havana?  Any particular beaches better than others?  
DoreFan #22


Date Posted:10/21/2012 06:37:02Copy HTML

Well we're finally going to Cuba next month and I intend on going naked at the beach and thonging at the pools! Looking forward to it! Hope to see others naked and in thongs too.  
DoreFan #23


Date Posted:12/03/2012 10:37:13Copy HTML

We had a great time in Cuba! I wore my thongs exclusively and enjoyed every moment. I spent a bit of time naked on the beaches, but not too much, as I have a very nice and distinct thong tan line now. The clothing optional beach was desserted when we were there, and it felt great to stand by the sea totally naked. 
For those paranoids out there, I did not get any comments, stares or any such thing during my thonging. I don't have eyes in the back of my head to see people stare in shock, and I don't have super sensitive hearing to hear any shocking comments. As most of the guests at the resort were Canadians and Europeans, no one cared! One young couple did look at me briefly when I was naked on the beach, laying on the lounger. They didn't seem shocked or anything, just glanced my way in passing. That part of the beach wasn't officially clothing optional but we were very secluded from people.
I layed out by the pool in my thong and even swam in very shallow waters with it. I even stopped in the bar to get a drink, and I also had a drink at the bar's outdoor patio wearing a thong, tho I had a shirt on over top. Anyone could tell that I had a very small swimsuit on if they looked.
I didn't see any other thongs during my vacation, but a few girls had brazilian cut swimsuits, and a few were topless. Most of the men were in speedos and square cuts. Bored shorts were actually a minority there!

tanlines2thin #24


Date Posted:12/04/2012 12:26:20Copy HTML

glad to hear good things about Qu-ba.......they have gotten such a raw deal ever since you-know-who told da mob that q-uba was q-ubans.......i been there for the fishing tourneys, west of the capitol........i hate to fish, but i got pals who are pros, and they took me along for my diplomatic talents, so to speak, for our nites at the bars......i have also played 9 holes at the rover's club, back when all they had were 9 fairways, 9 greens, and 18 sets of tee boxes......unfortunately, i never got out to veredero, which i presume is where ya were.......
DoreFan #25


Date Posted:12/04/2012 04:22:32Copy HTML

@tanlines2thin: no, we were in Cayo Santa Maria.We were away from the hustle and bustle of Havana and Veradero. 
Microron #26


Date Posted:02/11/2013 12:43:00Copy HTML

Spent two weeks on the beach on Cayo Santa Maria. We stayed at Memories Paraiso... great spot for multi generational familes. Walked down towards the end of the resorts beach frontage to be away from the noise and heavy drinlers near the beach bar. Walked past a couple of resorts while wearing my thongs routinely. Snorkelled daily. No negative comments.. a few picture takers armed with red t-shirts, big bellies and ghostly white skin. Cuba is a friendly place... most people leave their attitudes at home. Mostly Canadians at these beaches who are glad to get away from snow and freezing cold weather. We would go back to Cuba in a heartbeat if another cheapo deal comes up. ~ ~ ~ my wife didn't object to me wearing thongs this trip ~ she said I was better looking than 70 % of the guys who walked by ~ ~ ~ Not a bad compliment for a guy pushing 70 ~ ~ ~ She might be just a tad biased. I've challenged her to wearing a thong with me this summer... in exchange I'd take up ball room dancing with her ~ ~ hope her enthusiasm for dancing doesn't wane when summer hits the Comox Valley.
Thongzo #27


Date Posted:12/14/2013 08:39:28Copy HTML

Wife and I are going to Cuba in July of 2014. We're from the US but are going legally, via a research license on a person-to-person multi-cultural exchange (we qualify as "artists")...Anyway, we'll be moving around a lot and will be with a group but I'm hoping to sneak a couple days on the beach. Going to three cities - I hope to have some thonging to report!
DoreFan #28


Date Posted:12/15/2013 11:29:58Copy HTML

I've thonged in Cuban resorts and had a great time. It's rarely a problem when you're among Canadians and Europeans. Hope you have a great time.
JM_Runs #29


Date Posted:12/18/2013 03:40:59Copy HTML

As a Canadian, I am fortunate to have access to Cuba without worry from my government. Some think its Cuba's misfortune to be shunned by the United States, but in the longer term perspective, they may have done them a favor. Cuba is, (so far as I know,) one of the few countries that is mostly self sufficient, particularly in terms of their food supply - and most of that is organic. Not being able to inflate their currency (again, so far as I know,) has forced them to live within their means. You are unlikely to see grossly overweight people there. I am not aware of any significant poverty in Cuba either. Sooo... one day when the US has to live within its means and can no longer import cheap goods from overseas and cheap animal feed from South America, they may wish they had learned a few lessons - from the Cubans. (I am not an advocate of their government's politics - just their capacity to provide food, jobs and excellent health care for their people)... and hey, their beaches and weather are certainly thong worthy!
Microron #30


Date Posted:12/18/2013 05:48:06Copy HTML

 @ widenet . Cuba... you are right on so many points. My wife and I started visiting Cuba nearly 25 years ago. ... I love the beaches too. Will be there .again in early January... a welcome respite from Winters in  the Pacific Northwest. ~ ~ ~ Cheers, Ron !!~~!!
Microron #31


Date Posted:12/18/2013 05:59:55Copy HTML

 @ widenet... Your comments are spot on. For others visiting Cuba, please Google.. gifting in Cuba.... You'll be better informed to make an informed decision about tipping and gifting should you choose to bring something practical for the locals. As for me this next trip I'll be taking a few tools and some baseball caps and balls for a youth group at one of the local churches near Playa Jibacoa.
mrever_ready #32


Date Posted:12/21/2013 06:06:34Copy HTML

After a lot of thought and discussion with my wife, we've decided to take Cuba off our vacation list.    We're definitely not experts on foreign affairs, but our take is that it's still a country where if a local were to say something bad about their country, they wouldn't be seen for awhile.    People are still being put in jail for badmouthing Fidel et al.    So when we vacation there, we are actually supporting this type of thing.    And I find it odd that someone would say that there is no poverty in Cuba.    I might be wrong, but  I think that the average Cuban is dirt poor.    I'm not trying to be rude, that's just my take on things.    So instead of supporting Fidel and his ways, we've decided to visit other countries who could use our dollars.   
DoreFan #33


Date Posted:12/21/2013 07:20:04Copy HTML

@mrever_ready: you are correct when saying that there is poverty in Cuba and the people are poor, but they are a proud people. While I am not an expert on their government, I don't believe that "people would disappear for saying bad things about their government". 

The government is allowing private businesses and free enterprise now and is opening up the country to foreign investment. Many of the resorts are 49% foreign ownership. Gasp - it sounds like capitalism!

While the people are poor, they do get free education and health care. They have one of the best medical systems in the world. They can study to become whatever they like and not spend a penny. 

While I don't support socialism, I support the people by vacationing there and improving their standard of living. They are genuinely gracious when you tip them and they work hard to make sure you're having a good time. 

But most of all, since this is a thongboard, thonging is very accepted there since most of the tourists are Canadians and Europeans. There are very few Americans there and thus you won't run into any anti-thongers. This may change soon tho as the relations between the US and Cuba may be improving, and thus another great thonging spot will be ruined when American tourists start over running the country. For now, you can thong there freely and have a great time. 

Microron #34


Date Posted:12/23/2013 04:46:18Copy HTML

To All ~ ~ ~ Deep Breath Please... I'll get to thonging on the beach at the end of this  mini defence of Cuba -The history of Cuba is  plagued with corruption and abuse of power. Fortunately Canada has removed itself from supporting the American Embargo against this nation. We were amongst the first to begin normalizing relations with Cuba. If you may recall previous governments of Cuba were well supported by the US... Here's a link to a brief history of Batista... the previous corrupt government leader http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fulgencio_Batista . Yes the reign of Castro has not been without its abuses of power. Life for the average Cuban is beginning to improve... as others have noted education and health care rival and ~ ~ ~ may be better than what we have in Canada. ~ ~ ~ And yes, many European partnerships have been developed to bring real dollars to the Cuban economy. Yes, the Communist experiment has failed... it was bound to fail. My wife and I were there over 25 years ago when Fidel opened the prison cells and let many political dissidents and criminals free... they soon found anything that floated and headed towards Florida to escape the brutality of Cuban prisons. When we were on the beaches Migs were flying low overhead to warn the US to stay away... and I was hoping that they would! Harken back to the days of the Cuban missile crises... I was in the Gunroom of HMCS Dows Lake..( A stone frigate in Ottawa)... listening to President Kennedy's famous address warning Russia to get the missiles out or else... "or else " meaning that myself and fellow officers might be shipped out to join the sabre rattling at Fidel's door. ~ ~ ~ In future years we will try booking at Casas Particulares... another inroad of capitalism into the Cuban economy. ~ ~ ~  We prefer to support the normalization of participation of the Cuban people as partners in the future growth of their country. ~ ~ ~ ~ It probably won't look like "how we do it at home"... but ultimately there is great hope that I can continue to thong on the beautiful beaches until the day I die. ~ ~ ~ So don't despair... Life in Cuba is getting better for the little guy and, hopefully without another disruptive and disastrous military overthrow of its government in its future. ~ ~ ~ I found a sweet looking Sunga with the Cuban flag on it... tempting, but it wasn't available in a thong....
Thongzo #35


Date Posted:11/01/2014 02:14:10Copy HTML

Going on Monday! We're not doing the tourist thing where we'll be on the beach all day. It's a cultural trip so we'll be in the cities a lot but there will be free time so I intend to check out the pools - possibly the beach. Bringing a couple thongs and I will report back! Going to Havana and Santiago. 
tanlines2thin #36


Date Posted:11/01/2014 08:41:57Copy HTML

 basically, 2/3rd of cuba is between la Habana and Santiago de cuba, so you are going to see some gorgeous - as well as not so gorgeous - sites..........it is a world unto itself........as for beaches, veradero barrier island - just to the east of la Habana - is the most talked up and storied, not to mention Europeanly developed, however, you'll find nice beaches in a lot of spots, inbetween volcanic coastlines......when you are in la Habana, it is worthwhile to sightsee the vedado and Miramar neighborhoods, as well as Viejo la Habana, and of course, the nacionale hotel de cuba and the Havana yacht club........as we all know, cuba is a nation that has been locked in a time freeze because of a few politico juxtaposed misjudgments, but there is still plenty to enjoy and wish for better times.........sex is a second religion, so you should be cool not matter where you are...
2xist #37


Date Posted:11/01/2014 10:12:13Copy HTML

 I so glad that i have a second religion and Cuban... :)
butt_cheek_man #38


Date Posted:01/03/2015 04:07:58Copy HTML

 Has anyone been to the new Valentin Perla Blanca resort in Cayo Santa Maria.yet? We are going at the end of January. Although it is at the opposite end of the island from the clothing optional beach, it is an adults only resort and I am hoping they are thong & g-string friendly. One way or the other I am going to find out.
tiggerix #39


Date Posted:04/17/2015 11:13:20Copy HTML

Had a great trip to Cuba a few weeks ago - plenty to see and do and some stunning beaches.   After touring around, we ended up in Varadero in an all inclusive.  Varadero is pretty sterile after seeing other parts of the island - a lot of Canadians, then Europeans and some Asian visitors - it is so un-Cuban that you could be anywhere.  Very few men in speedos, little topless - and where we were, only my OH in a thong bikini.  I managed some time in a Joe Snyder dazzling thong, which was a bit much for the OH, who was acutely aware of the 99% of guys in bore shorts.  She takes her cues from what she sees around - even though she loves to get the sun on her buns, she is not so keen on me being a 'stripper'.

Most of the time I had the smallest asian type speedo or tan thru bikini - now becoming much more see-thru as I realised when I went to the bar.  OH could see my butt crack through the material from some distance and I could see the forward assets - so I guess others could see thu too.  

Overall a very relaxed place, and whilst you would likely be the only one in a thong, most people seem too chilled to do anything more than look and get back to their zone.

Away from Varadero we went Cayo Jutias, a beautiful place, it was very quiet and relaxed.  Decided to go here rather than a cigar factor in Pinar.  Although nude is not allowed in Cuba, I don't think it would have been a problem here, away from the beach bars.

At Playa Ancon near Trinidad, I think the coconut seller commented on my tan-thru bikini - telling me to pull my swimwear up.  The beach is not as pretty as Cayo Jutias, but still a lovely relaxed beach.

The rest of the world is visiting Cuba before all you guys from USA start coming - for us, it was a great place to holiday with winter sun and beaches and plenty to do and see.

Is it thong friendly?  I can't answer that, but it doesn't appear to be a problem - just the one in our heads, or our OH's heads - enjoy it while you can.
Thongzo #40


Date Posted:04/18/2015 01:57:37Copy HTML

I was in Cuba in November but we didn't do a beach vacation - it was more of a city tour. Just amazing. Santiago, Havana and Matanzas. The other water I was fortunate enough to see was at the hotel pools. I thought about rocking the thong at the hotel pool but would have been the only one, and there were people in our tour group that I was afraid to offend - I know! Not the thonger way, but since we were on a special trip from the US it would not have been appropriate. It was a great trip though!!
butt_cheek_man #41


Date Posted:01/08/2017 09:13:32Copy HTML

Off to Melia Las Antillas, an adults only resort in Varadero. Has anyone been there? Did you thong? 
tiggerix #42


Date Posted:01/09/2017 02:51:07Copy HTML

Been to Varadero and thonged on beach, but much further along than Melia Las Antillas - I guess there will be more US visitors these days.  When we went a couple of years ago, it was mostly Canadians, then various Europeans.  Typical male beachwear was shorts.  With Varadero what you get is a line of hotels all the way up the beach, so whichever direction you head, you will find a gap then another run of hotel sunbeds etc.  if you head to Varadero 'town' (take the bus) where all the local tourist shops are, then the beach there can be quieter.

Despite the large number of people, it was usually very chilled on the beach with no one bothering anyone - so it is as good a place as any to thong.
butt_cheek_man #43


Date Posted:02/14/2017 10:53:25Copy HTML

We just got back from 2 weeks at Melia Las Antillas in Varadero. This was a great vacation for the money. The weather was a little off for the first couple of days so I stayed by the pool in a speedo. The rest of the time we spent on at the beach. I wore a smaller thong each day and ended up in my Skinz M55U g-string. In the sun as well as in and out of the ocean with out a negative comment from anyone even on the day that I discovered that a white JS bulge is completely see thru when wet. 
rayan85 #44


Date Posted:02/16/2017 01:44:48Copy HTML

I bought a vacation package in Cayo Largo in Cuba the day before the departure date. I do not regret it since they were the best holiday of my life. All the factors were there, the sun, the beautiful beaches, a beautiful resort. The atmosphere was casual at the resort, there was a nudist section on the beach at the hotel. On the first day, I wore my Olaf Benz thong under my shorts and I went to the beach. I am comfortable in thong after a few years now. Once I got there, I took off my shorts and I lay down on the deckchair, there was no particular reaction or maybe I did not realize it. In the afternoon I saw a guy wearing a g-string, I thought, this time I'm not the only one. In the late afternoon I put on my shorts and went back to my room. The rooms were like cabanas. On the way, I crossed the guy walking with his wife in the alley of the resort to his room just in thong, he slowed down and when I got to his level he approached me about Weather and sun. The next day I applied the sunscreen to my room and I went out wearing just a thong to go to the beach. On the way I passed by the pool and there I saw a man lying on the pool in thong. Seeing him I decided to go a little to the pool. Usually I never venture in thongs at the pool. I spent the whole stay in the morning in thong until 6pm. I only cover myself if I go to the resort shop to buy cigarettes or go to the lobby of the reception either with a pareo or with a tank top that goes just to the stripe of the buttocks. At the airport, on the way back, I even been complimented on my butt by a woman, we were in the smoking room chatting, and she said I recognized you, we crossed on the beach, My friend told me to take a picture of you because you have nice buttocks.

thong_jock #45


Date Posted:02/16/2017 03:12:32Copy HTML

 Hope u took some new thong pics rayan! 
rayan85 #46


Date Posted:02/16/2017 07:42:21Copy HTML

 I took many pictures, they come later
ped69 #47


Date Posted:02/18/2017 02:50:50Copy HTML

 What Hotel did you stay at?
rayan85 #48


Date Posted:02/19/2017 03:22:07Copy HTML

 Sol Cayo Largo, in Cayo Largo
darick36 #49


Date Posted:12/30/2017 10:31:18Copy HTML

I'm going at the end of april 2018;  how is the general reaction on thonging for male on beach and hotel resorts??  are there many people thonging   women? men ?   I'll tale for sure a collection of thongs with me.  Olaf Benz and Joe Snyder...
Microron #50


Date Posted:12/30/2017 05:17:03Copy HTML

 @  ~ ~ ~ darick36  I have been to Cuba a number of times over the past 35 years. The resort areas are generally thong tolerant. The thongs that you are speaking of, Joe Snyder and Olaf Benz are relatively conservative thongs and should be Ok at beaches which tourists frequent. ~ ~ ~ When going for a drink to a Cabana I've worn a cover-up of some type - simply because the closer you are to a bar _ the more ridiculous in manner people can become when drinking booze.~ ~ ~ I choose a spot on the beach as far from the bar as possible. ~ ~ ~ I will swim and sunbathe in my thong... Thonging on your first day will help set the tone on your area of the beach and enhance your confidence.
BEST WISHES for a great holiday.
Please cutback on starting new threads and try to post messages as a reply to existing threads.
If you want to cut and paste from your word processor do not do it directly.
First paste it into notepad or other basic ascii editor so that the formatting codes are removed, then cut again. This will give you clean posts.
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