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Date Posted:06/25/2017 10:46:52Copy HTML

Ourselves and another couple are headed there in early December. The beaches should be incredible, but I've no idea about the state of swimwear. We're nudists, so a thong is the best compromise. But we're also hoping to swim nude.
gw32 #1

Re:Culebra and Vieques - Islands off the East end of Puerto Rico

Date Posted:06/26/2017 02:35:51Copy HTML

 Hi Pikeman,
I haven't been to Culebra but my wife and I spent an amazing week on Vieques last year. I always would rather be nude, first of all, so when I have to wear something it is going to be as brief as I think I can get away with. You are likely to be absolutely fine with a thong anywhere you go. Also, with the exception of Sun Bay and the beach by the Malecon in Esperanza on Vieques the beaches can be sparsely occupied or completely empty. We spent several days on Playa Chiva in the National Park. Its long, curved, and absolutely gorgeous with shallow clear water and lovely sand. But its also pretty easy to get to and a popular place as a result. We were there early one of the days and had the beach all to ourselves. I went nude and she was topless in a thong. 30 minutes after we arrived a Park Officer just appears on a 4-wheeler and comes straight for us. He busted us BOTH for public nudity ($275 ea). No warning, no "hey people, we need you to cover up" etc Just an immediate ticket. Now, keep in mind, there isn't a SINGLE sign anywhere n the park that addresses nudity, acceptable dress etc. We later challenged the violations and my wife's was dropped but mine stuck. BTW, when he told us nudity wasn't allowed I apologized and pulled my thong on - no indication that he had any problem with that.
So, thats a word of caution.
We did go to a few other beaches that were more remote where you could probably get away with it. Playa Grande would be a good choice. Out of the way, very very long with few parking pull-offs. It also has the nice feature of being able to walk along the beach away from your parking area a bit to find more secluded, hidden spots. Our mistake was that Playa Chiva has calm water, easy access, many (for Vieques) pull-offs for cars, and its popular. My bet is that it is patrolled more often because of it. Playa Grande, on the other hand has rougher sand, much bigger waves with deeper water. Not a place for floating about, snorkeling etc. We spent two lovely days there and never ever saw a soul.
Vieques is lovely and captivating. Enjoy!
VariousThongs #2

Re:Culebra and Vieques - Islands off the East end of Puerto Rico

Date Posted:06/01/2018 03:51:57Copy HTML

 My wife and I spent the week in Vieques. Since hurricane Maria, many of the beaches are still closed but that didn’t stop us from exploring the really great beaches which were open. We visited Playuela, Sun Bay, Caracas, and Pata Prieta. I wore a true thong at Playuela, it is more secluded than other beaches because you have to hike about a mile to get there. I figured that was the best opportunity to wear my thong. We stayed at Playuela for about 4 hours in the morning  and didn’t see anyone else the entire time. My wife went back to the house and I returned in the afternoon. Again, I had the entire beach to myself.
Each of our other days on the island, we went to beaches which were more populated and I wore bikinis smaller than a typical Speedo. The one which I wore almost every day becomes very cheeky as I move around, effectively a thong with very little back coverage. Everyone we met and talked to was very nice and didn’t care or say anything.
My wife wore cheeky bottoms most days and fit right in. There were plenty of women in cheeky one pieces, bikinis, and true thongs at every beach we visited. 
This was our third year in a row in Vieques and it was just as good even as the island continues to clean up. I wouldn’t hesitate to wear a modest thong or cheeky bikinis on any beach but you will probably be the only male wearing one. 
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