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Date Posted:09/26/2004 08:27:48Copy HTML

Hi Everyone,I'm planning a trip in December to Curacao and staying at the Lions Dive Resort. I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with either Curacao and/or the Lions Dive Resort. Are they OK with men wearing thong swimsuits? Looking at the Lions Dive Website, it appears most of the comments are from folks from the Neatherlands so I anticipate this is a place frequented by folks from the Neatherlands. Also, from what I understand, there a numerous hotels along the beach. Do you think it is OK to walk the beach in a thong?Thanks, Jerry
BeachBum413 #1

Re:Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles

Date Posted:11/13/2009 02:55:13Copy HTML

 I don't know about Curaco but Bonaire - the next island over is pretty thong friendly. It also has a great nude resort. I have worn speedos and thonged there several times over the past years. The last time we were there I was complimented on my thong. Unfortunately you don't seee many thongs but speedos are pretty common.
QNH #2

Re:Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles

Date Posted:12/01/2009 08:53:02Copy HTML

Hi, I am a very lucky chap whos going to do a internship @ curacao for 5 months. I am a 23 year old male from the Netherlands and I love thonging so I am hoping to do this to the fullist in Curacao.
Though the Netherlands is resonably open minded, I read that officially going topless is illegal in Curacao. I hope thonging wont be a problem?
Second doubts I have is thonging around other dutch interns/friends that i will hang with in Curacao. At home basicly nobody knows that I wear thongs. Though it will be very possible that friends at home will find out when will be thonging at curacao.

@Jerry, I hope to read your experiences from your Curacao trip, I will be leaving for Curacao somewere around January/February.
SkyFireGhost #3

Re:Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles

Date Posted:11/23/2011 03:19:49Copy HTML

 Has anyone experience with thonging on Curasao,   Because we will go there in January.

QNH #4

Re:Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles

Date Posted:11/23/2011 09:08:04Copy HTML

 Mm, It appears that I haven't reported back in this topic. It's has been already 1,5 years back that I was in Curacao. I did a lot of thonging there, only yet this summer got rid of the thong tanline by tanning nude. During my 5 month stay I have never seen a thong on a another male. And I was also disappointed by the only occasional thong on a woman.To keep my friends happy I didn't thong if we were on the most popular beach, because they were uncomfurtable with it. However in my experience it is no problem to thong anywhere in Curacao. I only had negative experience at a highclass beach club, butt they also didnt allow topless.
sorendk #5

Re:Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles

Date Posted:03/17/2014 06:27:24Copy HTML

I just returned from a week on Curaçao. I stayed on Lions Dive and Beach Resort and I saw one man and several girls wearing thongs at the beach (Mambo beach). It is a somewhat family oriented resort so I did not expect to see many. I did not wear a thong there myself though. However, I was on Cas Abou beach one day and wore a black Hom Ressac all day and went snorkeling twice. I had no problems wearing the thong. I got there at approx. 10:30 am. At that time all the parasols had been taken, but I found one with only two women around 50 years laying out. I guess they were locals. One of them had tucked her bikini up into a thong, so I thought it would not be a problem me wearing a thong around them. And it was not. They did not comment at all and said it was OK for me to lay in the shade of the parasol (I started out in the sun). After a couple of hours they went off.Later an american family, parents and two boys (4 and 6 I guess) came by and asked if they could setup next to me under the parasol. So that was within 4 ft. I was front up, but it was obvious for them to see I wore a thong. They did not seem to mind at all. After some time I had to go get some food and asked if they would watch my stuff. No problem. Later I went snorkeling and when I got back the mother asked if I saw any fish. I did, so they went to a small rock where I said there was a small pool with a lot of small fish in. When they returned I was backside up. They lady smiled at me. I think she liked what she saw.After an hour or more, I had to get back before it got dark so I left packed my thing, said goodbye and left.All in all I would say you can wear a thong at most beaches on Curaçao without any problems. I would really like to go back some day, as there is still a lot to see on the island and a lot of really good scube diving.
GameOfThongs #6

Re:Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles

Date Posted:03/31/2018 11:50:52Copy HTML

My wife and I went to Jan Thiel beach a couple of days ago and I was the only person laying out in a thong. I chose to put in my swim shorts when walking around or getting in the water to cool off and then back to thong for tanning. 
We went to Cas Abou yesterday and the beach was so much nicer!!! Spent all day in the thong both in and out of the water with only covering up when walking over to get food. Saw two others in thongs. One guy with his wife (wife not in a thong) and a girl that sat near us.  The water here is stunning with nice powder sand (and a little rocks)! We are going back to Cas Abou today and maybe Klein Curacao tomorrow or later in the week with a few more trips back to Cas Abou... our favourite beach so far! 
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