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Date Posted:06/12/2018 07:30:03Copy HTML

There is a local lady that does sewing.  She makes and modifies almost anything. She makes both men's and women's swimwear.  Most of her men's swimwear is board-shorts, but the ladies' fashions are made from spandex or whatever swimwear material is made from now.  I had her make matching thongs with almost G-string backs for Me and Nikki, and our husbands to wear on a trip.  She needed a few fitting sessions but eventually got the men's swimwear to fit great.  Recently, I went to her to get a dress restyled for a wedding I was going to.  While I was there, she ask about the thongs she made for us last year, and then said she thought she might be able to cut-down a moderate men's Speedo swimsuit to make it into a thong.  She said she would want to use an existing suit that had lots of coverage so she could have sufficient material to re-edge the suit as required.  Other than cutting material off the suit and re-edging the new cuts, she would leave other seams the same.  I told her that thongs with the Speedo label are quite popular with the guys, and she said she might even be able to keep the logo as is if it didn't mess up the work she would have to do.

Has anyone else done this or had it done?  She has just gotten a new serger sewing machine that can edge swimsuit fabric with less than a half-inch of material, and does not need extra material that would be cut-off in the normal edging process.  If it sound possible, I will buy some Speedo swimsuit off e-Bay or someplace and let her go at it.  It would be cool for Randy to have some new thongs that actually said Speedo.  I do wonder if a smaller size would be needed so the thong back will embed itself into the butt crack properly.  I would think a swimsuit cut in the normal way would be loose back there unless an undersized suit is used as a start.  Many cloths are modified and usable in their new format.  Dresses can be shortened.  Suits can be let out (a little) or tightened for the men.  Jeans and shorts can be cut shorter It seems like this might be possible, but obviously there are issues with being able to recreate edges and seams, add or change elastic, and other issues I don't understand.  Nikki tried to make our own swimsuits when we were still in high school, but we wound up with a mess and the suits simply never looked good and fit even worse.  Even after we got her a serger machine, her abilities to make swimwear have been futile, so I know that this is not as simple as cutting a few inches off the legs of jeans.

tiggerix #1

Re:Cut down Speedos

Date Posted:06/12/2018 10:10:46Copy HTML

I had wondered about cutting down some Kiniki micro tan throughs into a thong back, since the cut is generally not too awful at the front.  So with Speedos, I would guess the lady could make a thong back and I agree that this may be too long.  But since she will need to reduce/narrow the the seams under the 'chuff', she can probably make it the right size by reducing or removing fabric at that point.

What a good use of old Speedos..
nadathing #2

Re:Cut down Speedos

Date Posted:06/14/2018 06:27:54Copy HTML

 Some of Muscleskins standard options are in effect lower cut speedos.  These can be had with thong backs.  No need to try and modify a "speedo."
Mary0826 #3

Re:Cut down Speedos

Date Posted:06/15/2018 04:42:00Copy HTML

 Maybe ITHONGIT might want the actual Speedo logo to appear on the final suit.  There are many other suits available with Speedo-thong type coverage, but I am not familiar with the Muscleskins suits NADATHING suggest and intend to look into them for my male friends.

cmp304 #4

Re:Cut down Speedos

Date Posted:06/15/2018 03:02:46Copy HTML

 Having the logo on a suit would be nice whether it's Speedo, Nike, Arena, etc.
nadathing #5

Re:Cut down Speedos

Date Posted:06/22/2018 10:16:57Copy HTML

Well, if one want's the Speedo logo, then modifying a Speedo would be necessary.
Regarding Muscleskins, both the Poser and Classic styles, for example can be had with a thong back with sides of 1 1/2 in. or 2. in or lower for that matter.  These should appear as a lower rise speedo style, with as much height as desired.
The Swan #6

Re:Cut down Speedos

Date Posted:06/23/2018 04:37:22Copy HTML

 Many moons ago I used to work at a fabric store. Anybody who knows how to serger can make about anything out of swim wear fabric. We sold to a lot of fabric to guys who dress up as women and they would sew their own clothes. I went to see a few of their shows and it amazed me what they could do with a serger.
Traci, I'm not sure what Nikki does for a living but I know my aunt made a comfortable living out of being a seamstress. I think Dore did pretty well. I think some serger lessons might be in order for your sister.

ithongit #7

Re:Cut down Speedos

Date Posted:06/23/2018 10:53:29Copy HTML

 Nikki repairs those 1-hour photo machines like they have in drug stores.  It is pretty technical work and she has all the tools and stuff and makes good money especially on rush or after-hours jobs.  She also does her own photos of weddings, birthdays, retirement parties, etc.  She has even recorded a few "bachelorette" type shows where the women wanted to document what the man showed them.  She was always the artsy-fartsy one.  The first thongs she made for us she used just regular material -- not the stretch Lycra type stuff.  She made them using my dad's old Singer upholstery sewing machine that was probably at least 50 years old, but could sew many layers of upholstery.  She started making modifications to some of our jeans -- cutting them down for lower waist lines, etc.  The old Singer didn't even slow down when faced with 6 or even 8 layers on denim.  The swimsuits she made with a sort of zig-zag stitch, and the suits looked really good and we wore them for sunning quite a few times.  Then we made our big mistake.  We wore them to the beach.  I don't know if it was crummy thread or some other issue like the fabric not streching as the wet suits dried on our bodies, but on our third or fourth trip into the water, the sewing failed and our suits started to shred apart!  We were not into topfreedom yet but were trying to keep something covering the front of the bottom and by the time we got to our towels, our tops had completely come apart.  We were able to  keep some modesty on the bottom, but had to wrap up in towels and wear them to the car where we had stashed our street cloths.  The guys we were with (and most on the beach too) were pleasantly amused when a couple of 15-16 year old girls were running around bare-assed and topfree.  

Anyway, to make a long story shorter, Dad got us a Serger and it came with classes on how to use it.  While Nikki can tear apart a photo processing machine and check chemicals in them, she never quite understood how to use the Serger.  Maybe I can get some lessons next time.
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