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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:03/20/2013 05:29:28Copy HTML

Debenhams have stocked a basic thomas nash pack of thongs for a few years now. But they now sell freddy hom strings and plumb strings on their web site. I hope more more big stores in england start stocking them on the shelves. Anyone bought any yet?
owentyler #1

Re:Debenhams are now selling man thongs

Date Posted:03/21/2013 11:37:06Copy HTML

Not yet but will definitely check it out now you've said that
nickandsally #2

Re:Debenhams are now selling man thongs

Date Posted:04/01/2013 09:08:49Copy HTML

 i would love to find a store that has them , as it seams to be mail order
ajforest #3

Re:Debenhams are now selling man thongs

Date Posted:04/14/2013 02:34:04Copy HTML

I have bought 6 pairs of Hom Plume strings from Debenhams mail order - black, blue and purple. Very comfortable but not cheap though I did get them in a sale. Also bought some ladies strings - a 5 pack for £5.60. Also comfortable and considerably cheaper than the Hom strings.
thenextthong #4

Re:Debenhams are now selling man thongs

Date Posted:04/19/2013 10:36:03Copy HTML

 Van Heusen - yes, the company that makes mens shirts, believe it or not - now make mens thongs. It is indeed a very daring endeavor on their part, especially when the mens underwear industry grows more and more conservative by the season.

I've got to be honest, unfortunately, it was a bit of a wasted effort. The design suffers from the same typical problems I've seen in the past when big names attempt to make a thong for men - the pouch is not properly fitted for a man's anatomy, in other words, it's like they took the template for a woman's thong and just added more material without considering support. The back is too bulky, not comfortable OR aesthetically appealing. I'm not sure what the material is called, it's sort of a silk/polyester. The colors they come in are cyan, black and nude.

Maybe some people might take a liking to them. But I wouldn't buy one when there are better options.
bbjuk #5

Re:Debenhams are now selling man thongs

Date Posted:12/23/2014 10:31:30Copy HTML

 The ranges available in UK shops are pretty poor these days.  In the mid 2000s, M&S were selling a variety of men's thongs, BHS had some, HoF stocked HOM thongs and I'm sure Selfridges did too. Now? Online only by the looks of things.  How are we supposed to make this more mainstream and popular if this isn't something the average man will come across when he goes shopping for new underwear?
Or am I looking in the wrong high street stores???
tiggerix #6

Re:Debenhams are now selling man thongs

Date Posted:12/24/2014 09:54:54Copy HTML

@ BBJUK - I haven't seen much in the shops for a very long time.  But menswear is a harder sell than womens - which is why there are more womens clothing stores.  Asos and Figleaves both have a decent selection of thongs and jocks online.  In other posts you mention Kiniki - the only thing from Kiniki that I have ever tolerated is the Tan Thru micro swimwear.  The cut is fairly good on me and is briefer than any Speedos.  Most Kiniki stuff is poorly designed and seems to be based on what is easiest to sew, rather than what fits.  Kleim from Netherlands has a few swim thongs/strings that are well made.  
jdstring67 #7

Re:Debenhams are now selling man thongs

Date Posted:12/26/2014 06:01:07Copy HTML

I agree with bbjuk about the poor ranges in UK shops compared to the mid-2000s. My local Debenhams used to also stock Yves Saint Laurent thongs, which were similar to the Calvin Klein body thongs but in my opinion ever so slightly superior, and they were very good value for money. 
House of Fraser was good for stocking thongs in the early-mid 2000s too.
The best high street stockist for men's underwear generally as well as thongs was Selfridges. I say 'was' because I haven't been to Selfridges for a while and buy all of my underwear online, because of the greater ranges and better prices. 
JayByrd #8

Re:Debenhams are now selling man thongs

Date Posted:12/29/2017 07:54:52Copy HTML

We're in England on holiday so I decided to check out Debenhams to see if they still stocked men's thongs. The website showed some but was very limited in stock and sizes. I first went to their store in Bury, near Manchester. Most thongs there, although they did have briefs in their store brand, "Collection". The back of the package said they also came in thong and tanga styles, but I could not find any there.

I next tried Debenhams in Manchester proper which was a larger store. They had the tanga cut there but no thongs. I picked up a 4 pack of tangas and found the fit to be quite comfortable.

My wife wanted to make a trip to London to see the holiday lights so we popped down on Virgin Trains high-speed service. On one of the major shopping streets, Oxford Street, we found another Debenhams much larger than Manchester. My wife said we looked everywhere else so we might as well check out their stock. In a back corner I finally found some in their Collection name. All they had was 4-pack in black but I snapped some up in my size.

Just tried them out and found them to be comfortable. I can even bend over in them without it appearing obvious that I was wearing a thong. Might stop by in the morning on our way to the train station and pick up another pack.

As a side note, the woman in Manchester had a giggle when I asked about men's thongs. In London there was no such reaction. All she said was it was rare, but occasionally they had men asking about them.
danny108 #9

Re:Debenhams are now selling man thongs

Date Posted:12/30/2017 08:22:12Copy HTML

 I bought a multi-pac of their collection thongs online a month or two back and really loved them. Very comfortable cotton thongs to wear. I'll be getting another pack soon. Online is the place to get them.
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