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Date Posted:11/17/2018 02:35:53Copy HTML

Intresting style in thong shorts for women


AussieExPoser #1

Re:Denim Thong Shorts

Date Posted:04/06/2018 09:54:29Copy HTML

 Talked to a lady at a burn last week and complimented her on her denim thong shorts. Pity they don’t make em for men. 
JM_Runs #2

Re:Denim Thong Shorts

Date Posted:04/08/2018 03:32:05Copy HTML

In the UK the Pritty-Little-Things brand of denim thong shorts are sold out!

Even though non-thong wearers still wonder if a thong could be comfortable, or the earth is rotating around the sun.  


I wonder if the young women in the UK will discover they can order similar thong sorts on AliExpress for a lot less money? 


They need to order soon so their shorts arrive before Summer Holls. 
AussieExPoser #3

Re:Denim Thong Shorts

Date Posted:04/09/2018 12:17:40Copy HTML

 These are great and all very well for women to wear but I want a Mens one.
With somewhere to put the junk.
Never seen one though and haven't got round to cranking up the sewing machine to that extent to make some.
NCThonger #4

Re:Denim Thong Shorts

Date Posted:04/10/2018 03:43:15Copy HTML

 I ordered a similar pair of these jeans shorts from Alliexpress awhile back. They were size XXL and fit me nice and snuggly. Not sure I would ever wear them out in public but the thought of it sure is arousing. I posted a few pictures in my profile of me in my tiny jeans shorts with my thong peeking out the top. Like I said, I doubt these will be worn in public but they sure are fun to play with in private.
JM_Runs #5

Re:Denim Thong Shorts

Date Posted:08/15/2018 03:08:47Copy HTML

Pretty Little Things - sale on denim thong shorts: https://www.prettylittlething.com/mid-wash-denim-knicker.html
NE_OH_thonger #6

Re:Denim Thong Shorts

Date Posted:08/16/2018 09:27:24Copy HTML

When I saw this thread active again, it reminded me that I got an E-mail from Rufskin that included a men's denim thong. They're not cheap ($58.00), but they are out there https://www.rufskin.com/california-dust/prince.html#188=1325
tbck1000 #7

Re:Denim Thong Shorts

Date Posted:12/31/2018 03:19:11Copy HTML

I used to enjoy wearing very short cut off jeans. I have a pair of levi’s that are too ragged to wear but would make a great pair of shorts. Has anyone cut off a pair a jeans lately? I am looking for advice on how to cut them just right. I like the thong style above, but I think I’d like them to be just slightly “cheeky” cover shorts. The problem is should I cut through the back pockets to get the perfect length? Has anyone cut the waist band and belt loops off for a low rise look?

JM_Runs #8

Re:Denim Thong Shorts

Date Posted:12/31/2018 08:51:41Copy HTML

I dislike the ragged edge, hanning pockets, and general bad fit of cut-off shorts. Better solution is denim shorts cut to be short shorts. I find the best ones for cheap are shorts cut for teen girls. Because they were cut to be short shorts, they fit better, stretch when needed when you sit down, and often have good belt loops which help hold them up. The good thing with properly machine hemmed shorts is they were obviously cut and sewn to be that length, so nobody thinks I am trying to flash by cutting my shorts too short. The leg fit is often a bit better, which helps keep everything in front in place and tucked in, even on shorts where some or more of the lower cheek shows. The best ones have a good amount of SPANDEX or Elastane content in the fabric. If you look you can find ones with generous amounts of stretch. Test with your hands. There are two types of stretch fabric, one that stretches in just one direction, the other stretches in both. Teen girls who like a bootybutt like the streach shorts. For guys having good stretch in the fabric helps when you sit down, helps prevent cross-eyed syndrome. Brand sizing and cut varies WILDLY. Generally girls short shorts sized 11 to 13 fit me, depending on brand and cut. Go to your local thrift store and try some. Thrift stores associated with the church that runs the expensive private christian school can be very fertile: Rich kids have plenty of cloths, and since kids grow fast they discard good quality expensive shorts long before they wear out. Just stay away from the ones with bling, fancy "feminine" back pockets, mechanically pre-distressed, or that have silly waist buttons.
tbck1000 #9

Re:Denim Thong Shorts

Date Posted:01/01/2019 06:12:25Copy HTML

These are ideal https://www.amazon.com/Romanstii-Women-Shorts-Stretchable-Juniors/dp/B06ZZSHBZ1
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