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Date Posted:08/01/2005 01:50:53Copy HTML

A question to push-up-front (or enyone else with info).I read in one of your postings that you were going to Desert Hot Springs in late July. Just wondering where you stayed and how it went?? I've been a number of times to the Desert Hot Springs Spa and Hotel but it's been a couple of years. Seemed like the whole place was going south at the time.
clubthongs #1

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:08/01/2005 10:36:38Copy HTML

DHS in late July will be HOT, HOT, HOT, probably in excess of 115!
push-up-front #2

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:08/02/2005 10:27:38Copy HTML

I stay at the DHS Spa.  It's degree of decay remains relatively constant.  If you haven't been there for a couple of years, you might actually see some improvement.

DHS is in the foothills on the east side of the valley.  It's temperatures run 5 or 6 degrees less than Palm Springs.

Thonger #3

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:08/04/2005 02:11:32Copy HTML

I guess I quit going to the DHS Spa because the last few times I was the only one in a thong.  Seemed like the clientele was getting more family and redneck oriented.  A couple people even complained.  Perhaps during the week its better?  I am sort of planning on going there after Labor Day when (hopefully) more families stay home. 
max77056 #4

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:08/16/2005 04:12:25Copy HTML

I still really enjoy the Desert Hot Springs Spa mainly because of the setting. I live in a part of the country that is flat as a pancake so the views from there are great. Walk to the upper level part of the hotel sometime and take in the views of the mountains. They have a great desert setting. I'm sure this sounds crazy to people that live there but Palm Springs and surrounding areas can really take your breath away. Also nice that a place offers a cheap day pass with pools, showers, changing areas, etc. 

Aside from this, it is an older funky place and the crowd is sometimes really boring and or somewhat redneck but I lways make the best of it. Their officially policy is that 'thongs are allowed" I am usually there in September and have laid out there in a really brief thong at least a dozen times. Sometimes a ladyfriend is there thonging with me, sometimes not. Only one funny incident; the front desk clerk came out really embarrassed and approached me as I was sunning on my stomach, he said  "sir, I don't want to rain on your parade but a lady out here keeps complaining and she wont back down -- is there any way you could change into another suit" I said "sure but that I was leaving pretty soon anyway" he said "fine and thanks" and walked off. I ended up staying another 2 hours without incident. Thonger, what happened in your incident? I think I have seen you out there before. Do you wear a hat and usually read a book by the large lap pool in a black thong bikini?

I have also thonged at the downtown Aqua Caliente Hotel and enjoyed it.  I just crash that pool but I buy drinks from the bartenders out there who are friendly and don't seem to care who's out there.  I have never been asked anything.  Their day passes are steep --like $35 but it includes use of the indoor spa areas....not sure what all you get for the pass.         

Thonger #5

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:08/25/2005 02:19:32Copy HTML

When I'm at DHS Spa I usually get a room and stay for the night (sometimes two).   I do really like the layout of the place and the fact that the pools are open 24 hrs a day.  A couple of times over the years someone complained about my thong and a hotel employee came out and asked me to change.  In fact both times it was the big fellow with short (crew cut) blond hair and reddish complexion.  He just said somebody complained and asked me to change.  The last time was August 2004.  That time I changed into a dore string bikini that had about a 3-inch back and never heard another word about it.  Oddly enough, at the time I was talking with an middle aged woman visiting for the day who was wearing a lime green g-string and nothing was said to her.   Also, both times it was during the middle of the afternoon when kids dayuse rednecks with their kids might be visiting.  Better to go during the week, after summer vacation ends and the kids are back in school.  Also in the evening, the day users are gone.  The hotel residents will often clear out for dinner and then later in the evening things pick up again and its a much better atmosphere in my opinion.

Yup, that could be me in the black thong that you've seen. I will often have a magazine or book to read.  I don't layout in any particular place but I have layed out by the large pool.  The last few times my girlfriend has been with me.  Another place I visit, albeit infrequently, is t Glen Ivy near Corona.  I've never been to the Agua Caliente down in Palm Springs but perhaps I'll try it next time??

max77056 #6

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:08/25/2005 03:23:56Copy HTML

Yep, that rings a bell with me......a girl can be out in a thong or g and "all is right with the world" but a guy tries it and it is scandalous. I have always felt people are too sexist about this. My friend that lives in Joshua Tree (near PS) always lays out at DHS in her thong. She is a regaulr there and everyone knows her by name and never a problem. ....but keep wearing it proudly!! is all I have to say. I will be in the PS for last 2 weeks of Sept & earrly Oct. Should be a better time without so much heat. Thonger; the guy I remember also liked swimming laps in the lap pool in his thong. might that be you? I have always been conflicted about that one.....I am a lap swimmer but I feel like I am mooning the world if I lap swim in a thong...which is dumb cause I lay out on my stomach all thie time. I just wonder is it's "too pushing the limit". any feedback??     
kgagne #7

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:01/12/2006 12:26:22Copy HTML

I was thinking of going to desert hot springs on 1-24.  Does anyone know if they will be open?  anyone else going to be about that day.


max77056 #8

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:01/18/2006 03:18:03Copy HTML

DHS Spa is a hotel and spa so I can only assume they will be open. I believe they are open every day of the year with the hotel, restaurant, spa servcies, etc. It is in the town of Desert Hot Springs, CA so I assume you could call directory assistance and inquire on the hours. I have never been to that part of the country in January. My friends that live in the area say it has been beautiful there at this time of year.

Keep in mind that because it is considered a high desert city it could be very cold or very mild there. There may only be a few hours of sunning. I will be there for sure in the spring or summer. I love that area. let us know how it goes.  max77056@yahoo.com     

Tongaman #9

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:01/24/2006 07:07:35Copy HTML

kgagne, did you end up going to DHS today (1-24). If so, how was it?  I was seriously trying to talk my lady friend into playing hooky today and driving to DHS. But guilt was getting the best of her and I didn't feel like going alone. I didn't see your messae until this afternoon.
kgagne #10

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:03/22/2006 12:14:31Copy HTML

I'm likely to go again on the 27th of March.  I wasn't sure how friendly they would be to a thong so i just wore my speedo.  I've got a new smaller bikini from dore that I plan to wear and if it seems friendly enough I'll wear a thong.
kgagne #11

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:03/22/2006 03:14:56Copy HTML

Can't go on the 27th. I have to work. maybe the first week in april>

kgagne #12

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:07/07/2006 01:23:16Copy HTML

I am planing to go on thursday 7/13 anyone else going to be in the area? 

ajm22 #13

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:07/09/2006 04:10:08Copy HTML

I just spent the weekend at the JW Desert Springs Marriott. Great weekend atmosphere (almost like spring break - though on a lessor crowded scale). I did not notice any women in thongs, but my wife did. There was a bodybuilder in a bikini suit while he was laying out and in boardshorts in the pool and wondering around. In his gourp was a gut that had his boardshorts loose hanging low sporting a white thiong underneath. Tha is about all. I was with my family and 4 other couples(14 total kids) so I was limited to shorts.
Hacket #14

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:05/31/2007 04:28:56Copy HTML

Enjoyed thonging at the Desert Hot Springs Spa this past holiday weekend.  The best time to go is early in the morning when the number of people and especially kids are at a minimum.  The crowd there is very accepting as long as your thong is just that and not a g-string or too revealing.  I've heard that the staff will tell you to cover up if you're wearing something like that or if someone complains.  I had no problems and got a great thong tanline.  The pools are also very therapudic.
DesertThong #15

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:04/02/2014 08:17:34Copy HTML

I went there years ago...probably before this post was started. Red hibiscus thong on a Saturday. I didn't ask permission, just went for it. Wife went for a facial and wasn't terribly thrilled with it. The pool area was very crowded and almost elbow to elbow with other lounge chairs. No other thongs that I saw - most people were on the portly side. Luckily, the unattached lady next to me was friendly. We got along well and had some nice conversation; she asked about the thong and was happy to put sunblock on my back (once). Got a lot of stares as I walked to, from, and into the various pools they have there - but no negative comments. The little cafe had good lunchtime food (hot and cold sandwiches). Never went back.
sandrhymes #16

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:08/19/2014 03:21:25Copy HTML

 I went to Palm Springs for a week in June and decided to make a day trip over to the Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel (have also spent a day or two there during several trips in previous years).  I went on a weekday, because I know it can get very crowded on weekends.  Spent the day laying out by the main pool in a Skinz g each time I have gone.  I had some problems twice here with other guests 5 or more years ago, but never with the management.  The place is a somewhat run down funky desert chic, but they seem to be making an effort at improvements as the economy improves.  If you don't mind probably being the only one in a thong it is a fun place to go, but I wouldn't want to stay there, just get a day pass.  The bar is adjacent to the pools and sometimes that have pool deck service.
ownpool #17

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:01/10/2015 12:54:17Copy HTML

 Living Waters and several other hotels in DHS are totally clothing optional.  You can be nude if you want and may guests are.
32189 #18

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:01/11/2015 03:44:30Copy HTML

Ownpool, Living Waters sounds a like a great place.  I looked it up online and I have to try it out sometime.  Thanks for the tip!
DesertThong #19

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:07/29/2015 03:37:15Copy HTML

The nude-c/o places in DHS and Palm Springs only allow couples to visit. No single guys. I visited the DHS Spa Hotel in September last year and did not have any hassle with my thong. Lots of adults and kids.
yipkya62 #20

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:02/16/2017 03:00:35Copy HTML

 I've been watching the weather channel, waiting for a high pressure system to set up over the desert around Palm springs and Desert hot springs. I'm planning to stay at Living Waters and I checked their website and they are so small that they allow single men but the atmosphere is one of a spa and doesn't really attract the party crowd. I don't know, but, that's how I interpreted what I read. Looking forward to spending a couple days there, getting caught up on my reading and get some of that desert sun.
sandrhymes #21

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:06/01/2018 05:57:12Copy HTML

Recently was in Desert Hot Springs (Palm Springs and Las Vegas too - posted on different threads).  Spent a day at The Spring getting a massage and some sun in a Skinz M1R2.  The Spring is my favorite place to go in DHS.  If you're not staying there, you can get a day pass for $50 to use the facilities or if you have a Spa service, use of the facilities is included.  It was windy and somewhat cool the day I was there.  All of the lounges around the pool were in use.  No one else was thonging this time.
Also spent a couple of days at Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel.  This place seems to always be a little funky, but it can be a fun and cheap place to hang out and soak up some desert sun at their pools.  I wouldn't want to stay there, but you can still get a cheap day pass for about $7-10 depending if it is a weekday or weekend.  I was there on weekdays, and saw only one girl in a thong.  In fairness the weather was cool and it was a weekday so the sun worshippers probably decided to do something else.  I had no problems with my Skinz, and the employees and guests walked past, back and forth all day.  Very nice time, but this is not even anything close to resembling a posh place to go.  The drinks are cheap, and at times they do have deck service.
wellfed #22

Re:Desert Hot Springs

Date Posted:10/24/2018 08:05:17Copy HTML

I went there yesterday in the afternoon, just to sit in the pool for a while and read some magazines while getting some sun. The place is old and needs some updating but it's in a decent shape overall, there were some people there but it was far from crowded, just the way I like it. I saw one other guy in a thong which surprised me a bit, there were mostly older people and a few younger couples, nice place to spend the afternoon and can't beat it for $5.00. An older guy started talking with me in the locker room asking me about my thong and if it was comfortable, where I got it from and if it was actually intended to be worn as swim wear. We talked for a bit, nice guy, I hope he finds the courage to give it a shot with a thong.
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