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Date Posted:07/27/2015 12:33:14Copy HTML

Priced at US$7.99


Looks nice and lots of colors to choose from

ShadowT #1

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:07/27/2015 01:03:25Copy HTML

I just bought one of these via Amazon.  I was surprised to receive it from China in just 3 days.  I'm generally right around size 32, so I ordered an XL. I was also impressed with the quality, and I would say it is PRECISELY how I would expect a modern Speedo thong to look and fit.  It fits lower on the waist than a Speedo thong, with a *lined* front.  It looks and feels very comparable to a Speedo Solar 1" brief.  While the rear is also lower than the Speedo thong, it is otherwise cut very similar.  It's fairly wide, with a similar shape.  I've only tried it on a couple times, so I don't have much to say about the fit, but it feels great so far for a conservative cut.  
32189 #2

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:08/01/2015 04:27:14Copy HTML

I recently bought several desmit swimsuits and they have a terrific fit and i like the style.  i am waiting for a few more to come in the mail.  I think they are a good product.  
GString_Man #3

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:08/02/2015 06:41:41Copy HTML

Shadow T,

Do you have a link for the particular vendor you bought from on Amazon? Amazing. Three day turnaround. No extra charge for this?

Many thanks.
ShadowT #4

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:08/03/2015 03:24:45Copy HTML

Sorry, that was a typo.  Don't know how that happened.  It was 11 days, but I wasn't expecting it for another week.

I ordered thru Neleus: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZFRRIJE?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00

It really looks like something you could find in a sporting goods store, IMHO.
ozthong #5

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:08/04/2015 08:41:04Copy HTML

Got my Desmiit swim briefs size large for my 32 in waist yesterday. Delivery to AU was fast compared to other Chinese vendors at Ebay. I like the fit, it sits low on the waist, perfect for lap swimming. Next time, will buy a thong.
ozthong #6

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:08/09/2015 08:40:18Copy HTML

Desmiit thong for US$3.85, cheaper than Amazon. I am getting the same color as my bikini, so that the bikini can serve as a nice coverup for my thong. Here's the link: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Sexy-Men-Low-Rise-Swimming-Brief-Jockstrap-Swimwear-Trunks-Beachwear-Swimsuit-7-Colors-PY2-LH11/32421935789.html
GString_Man #7

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:08/11/2015 10:56:20Copy HTML

I really like the low-rise minimalist look of the front of Desmit's suits, both the thongs and the bikinis. Sexy without being lewd. Like something my two Czech girlfriends wear while thonging topless on non-nudist public beaches in Europe and the Caribbean.

What's the fit like in the front pouch of the Desmit thong? At the risk of giving unintentional offense, most of us Occidental gentlemen are more well-endowed than the average male in China, where the suits are made.

I have been looking for a lined thong swimsuit that will allow me to go bare-bummed while covering my jewels. I am of above average endowment, but not huge. Certainly, my girlfriends have no complaints.
ShadowT #8

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:08/13/2015 05:49:46Copy HTML

I found the front to be fairly generous.  I fit comfortably, with no mashing.  It's probably more generous concerning pointing down than the Speedo thongs honestly.  I'd say the front is very similar to the Speedo Solar 1" brief, at least in terms of fit.  I'm not huge either, but I've had gaping issues at the sides with various brands (e.g. Joe Snyder, Cover Male, Doreanse).
ozthong #9

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:08/28/2015 12:46:59Copy HTML

Got the 2 Desmiit thongs in the mail a few days. Delivery took close to 3 weeks. The suit includes a drawstring and the cut is similar to the Hom thong. Quality of the fabric is a lot better than Joe Snyder and Prevail Sport.
bikinicouple #10

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:02/23/2016 11:15:22Copy HTML

 You can wear the Desmoit thong anywhere
ChiThong80 #11

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:04/08/2016 03:55:41Copy HTML

These are awesome thongs for incredible prices! They are exactly what I would envision the "modern speedo thong" to fit like. If you get the standard colors, you can easily wear these to a more "conservative" but thong friendly pool or beach without looking like you're trying to wear next-to-nothing. Drawstring is a great addition too, imo. Not many come with a drawstring, which I feel shows that you're not trying to let everything hang out or slip off "wardrobe malfunction" style. :)
Chris_P_Bacon #12

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:04/10/2016 03:05:32Copy HTML

 Agreed on all accounts, ChiThong80.  I was disappointed that they run very small though.  Maybe they will stretch out a bit with use.
tiggerix #13

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:05/18/2016 09:19:18Copy HTML

Just got two Desmiit swim thongs (sky blue and white) and one speedo brief style (green).  Got the thongs in M and brief in L.  Asian sizes run small - I am usually small to medium and guessed on sizing up.  Figured that the thongs would give a little (they did) and the brief less so.  Could have got away with the brief in M, but it may have been less comfortable for all day wear.

Found them on ebay uk - came in at under ?4 each including postage - arrived in just over a week.  You have to hunt around on ebay and putting in Desmiit doesnt always help as you can easily pay more than double this for the same items.

Colours are brighter than showing on ebay especially the green.  In the ebay pictures the thongs look like they gap a bit at the front, but having got the sizing right, mine fit well.  Overall well made, fit just like the pictures, good material, and as other have noted the thongs could be worn anywhere. 

bikinicouple #14

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:05/25/2016 12:35:39Copy HTML

 I've been obsessed with Desmiit thongs this season - I've worn them exclusively.  The front is pack up or pack down or pack to the side, lots of room.  The back is nice and thick.  I literally wear it to every beach and it feels like I am wearing a bikini but when I look at the pictures my wife takes, sure enough, I am wearing a thong!  I recommend everyone try them!  I got mine for $4.99 each on amazon!  I have 4 colors.
Uncljohn2 #15

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:06/18/2016 07:54:50Copy HTML

 I have a couple Desmiit suits. High quality and low price on Ali Express. The cut in the front of the trunks (with one center front seam) is called a Sunga, coming from the Brazilian style of trunks. If the picture shows a three-seam cup, it's not a sunga and the pouch will be fairly small. The thongs will have small pouches, too. Other Ali Express companies have thongs with bigger pouches, but you have to search a lot. 
iConcept #16

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:06/25/2016 02:49:06Copy HTML

 I agree they are nice.  Sizing can be a bit tricky, but very good quality for the price.
tiggerix #17

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:07/19/2016 12:15:57Copy HTML

Having got a bright green speedo style in Asian large = medium, got a white version in Asian medium = small.  There is a vertical mesh vent insert on the back which looks good.  Alas sitting on beach at weekend has started to open up the mesh - next time I might get more air to the rear than intended!  Probably back to the large=medium green one.

The thongs are really comfy though - got those in medium=small and they fit nice - no worries about those splitting at the rear!
poonster #18

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:09/20/2016 06:23:10Copy HTML

 my order just arrived for a thong and 2 briefs. I have 35inch waist and the Asian XL size fits well. The briefs I ordered in XXL and also fits well.I noticed the bum of the briefs are not lined... I wonder how transparent the white color will be =)
capnscallywags #19

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:09/20/2016 07:54:49Copy HTML

 Desmiit makes some good quality stuff. I ordered a cheap pair of their running tights, and they've last a lot longer than the Asics pair I owned. Have been wondering about their thongs for a while.
poonster #20

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:10/24/2016 03:16:41Copy HTML

 I am addicted to the Desmiit stuff. Just ordered 3 more thongs on Amazon. Such a great value too at $10 each
bikinicouple #21

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:03/17/2018 11:56:13Copy HTML

 I own 6 Desmiit swim thongs all in different colors. Feels like you’re wearing a Speedo but yet it’s a thong! They give you litany or confidence to wear in a public setting.
Comfythong1 #22

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:03/20/2018 08:06:46Copy HTML

 They are awesome. They do run small so order a size up. Super comfortable. I spent over a week in Mexico last month wearing only these - I have several in various colors. And wear black and blue ones to swim laps at the gym pool without any problems.
stypenz #23

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:01/09/2019 11:53:19Copy HTML

Looking to get a swim thong but is there a way to tell if it's genuine? All I can find are ebay links. I don't mind buying from Chinese companies as long as they have a proper webstore or are from a reliable reseller. I guess I just have to go with the highly rated sellers and hope for the best.
curiousfun #24

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:01/10/2019 01:01:36Copy HTML

I got my 1 Seymour swim thong from Ali Express.  I will be ordering more!

curiousfun #25

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:01/10/2019 01:09:05Copy HTML

Desmiit. Not Seymore
tiggerix #26

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:01/10/2019 12:52:07Copy HTML

@stypenz Desmiit is a Chinese brand (afaik) - so just go for whichever is cheapest with shipping as there are many sellers. The fabric is not up to Euro/US standards, but then they are very cheap. Sometimes they are easy to buy on ebay, other times Aliexpress. I think many on this board find them a good style, having a shaped front and modest back.
Comfythong1 #27

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:01/10/2019 02:48:14Copy HTML

You can buy them on amazon too. I’ve gotten all of mine from Amazon and never had issues. Not sure about prices on other sites, but I think it was around $11 or $12.
SunnyP #28

Re:Desmiit brand swimwear

Date Posted:01/12/2019 03:31:11Copy HTML

Buy them from aliexpress as they are cheaper than Amazon and free delivery be it not as quick delivery but it saves precious $

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