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Date Posted:05/22/2018 06:21:46Copy HTML

This is not a new observation, but it seems that people who are better endowed (women who have huge breasts, men who have monster love tools) often wear the skimpiest swimwear on the beach.  It would seem at first that they would cover more, having more to cover, but that does not seem to be the case.  Is it just pride in their own appearance, or is it more acceptable for them to wear less?  I know women who have had boob jobs and after wear the skimpiest tops everywhere and are always finding ways show as much cleavage as possible.  While enhancement surgery is pretty rare for men, maybe those who naturally have a larger tool to show off are just as interested in calling attention to their equipment.  I also wonder if this is the reason "C" rings and Viagra are often something some men use at the beach.
MrFalcon #1

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/22/2018 08:53:25Copy HTML

Myself being average in the endowment department I couldn't answer for those with more genetic blessings, but it occurs to me women with larger breasts have more difficulty covering themselves completely. I think it goes without saying that same cut bikini top that would completely cover someone with a A cup might well show ample cleavage on a woman with DDs.

Generally that more conventionally attractive people "get away" with wearing less, and large breasts and penises may be thought of as markers of beauty or desirability. This jives with the fact that women are encouraged to wear less than men as they are "beautiful" whereas a man must attain a particularly high standard of fitness and attractiveness relative to his peers to garner the same description. 
JM_Runs #2

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/22/2018 09:42:33Copy HTML

You are right about more attractive people getting away with wearing less. They also more likely to "get away" with transgressions in other parts of life, like speeding tickets.  We also see that in peoples comments, like "She can get-away with wearing that because she has the body for it." 

I notice some of the women with the smallest boobs are the first to go topfree, unafraid of reactions to their nipples, from previously going without bras under their tops. They also go for every skimpy tops, not fearing they need support. The other group who commonly show off in very skimpy tops, but are not so often topless, are the ones with boob jobs.  

As to men:  I see some men who show off or peacock in skimpy thongs because they want others too look at their stuff.
However that was never my drive. For me the drive was to wear as little as possible. I felt good to be without cloths.  

For many years I was careful to make sure my thongs were not trying to enhance, but small and sleek. I did not want to be showing off in that way.
I was annoyed at men who used thongs as method of flashing. It gave men's thongs a bad reputation. 

I have moderated my opinion a bit, expanding my thong collection. I don't consider myself well endowed, but over the years did adopt some suits that had ILP or a bit of lift. - Still staying away from the more radical pushout thongs, and never going anywhere near a rocket type.  I still don't do teardrop styles: They seem more for show off than real for comfort or style. 

I am not gay, so don't get excited by men who are trying to show of their ability to be erect. I don't think this should be a public display. It does not help the cause when people associate mens thongs with creepy old guys trying to get their rocks off. I get a bit annoyed at the peacocking crowded. They tend to be the same men who's profile picture is not them in a thong, but just a close up of their junk in a thong. I am sure some like barely concealed dick-pics, but not me.  Same thing for the displays on the public beach. 

It tends to be the men who use rocket suits, viagra or other ways to maximize their junk, that tend to be the ones pradding their penius rather than acting as humans and neioburs. I can understand why regular people make sarcastic comments or avoid them like the plague.

As to c-rings, if you are using it to get a hard-on then no, but just to help the less endowed fill out a suit, no problem. 
NudeNArizona #3

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/22/2018 10:49:53Copy HTML

I can only speak from my personal experience and say that I’ve been told and have witnessed. I am slightly above average in the endowment so that doesn’t make me an expert, but I do prefer less coverage swimwear because I like to tan as much as possible.

Over the years I have noticed larger coverage thongs look ridiculous to me. It gives the impression of someone who is wearing a Speedo without the ass. Where a G-string with a smaller front panel looks like someone who is trying to get the most tan within legal limits.

I also don’t wear the 3D suits because that look to me is giving the impression “look at me” which I already get enough attention. After having a boob job my wife said bikini tops finally fit her right. She can now wear them and feel good about her appearance.
Cloydene #4

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/23/2018 01:08:03Copy HTML

 Women with large breasts and men with a large penis who enjoy wearing revealing swimear LOVE to be looked at as a thing of beauty, and rightfully so. To look, smile, and say nothing (and that last part is very key) makes their day. When I tried the men's naked yoga class, all of our body types ranging from muscular and fit to old and rubbery were there. What struck me also was that nobody had a small penis except for me. About half the guys were quite large, while the rest were on the average side. Being there that 1 time seemed to be a tremendous ego boost for the average men, as nobody wants to be the smallest one around, but like being picked last in gym class it's got to be somebody.
modelnude4u #5

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/23/2018 02:41:31Copy HTML

 I am barely average, but never minded showing it all off anyway.  I DO think though, that wearing a thong allows me to cover that piece, allowing a bit of mystery, while showing everything else.  I might be even more of an exhibitionist if I had a monster penis, but as it is, that's the last thing I'm trying to show off.
NudeNArizona #6

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/23/2018 02:56:46Copy HTML

 I can also say once we both had laser hair removal we both wanted to go nude more and it didn’t matter who saw us. We had a neighbor who had commented that she never saw us wearing anything in the pool anymore and mentioned that we used to wear G-strings but were always naked now. So I said that we had been seen naked why bother to cover up and my wife said we spent too much money on the laser hair removal to hide in a swimsuit 
The Swan #7

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/23/2018 03:10:03Copy HTML

 I'm a grower not a shower not sure how I fit into this category.
John Howard #8

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/23/2018 06:46:17Copy HTML

 I suppose it depends on what do we consider 'better endowed'.   In my opinion it would be anything six inches and above in length and six inches girth (both in flaccid state of course).   
Sometimes you can spot one of those monsters who proudly wear minimal swimwear on the beach, I say 'good on him'  why not be proud of what he's got,  and I believe that most ladies like the looks too.

Personally I don't like to walk around with an er*ection on the beach,  it only happens at the c/o beach which I haven't been attending for quite a while.  Sometimes the beach is crowded and you have an attractive lady just 2 metres away with her hubby or boyfriend and you cant help to see all her waxed glory with bling included;   it is easy for males to get visually aroused, that's nature.But yeah some guys do enjoy to walk around with a full mast on the c/o beach, and it wouldn't surprise me that they took the blue pill before hitting the beach as Mary and JM mention.  I think it's silly and immature.   
On the other hand,  I do know that in the bodybuilding world, is very popular to take a half viagra or quarter ciallis before a demanding workout;  apparently they provide a bigger muscle pump.  But this is done for fitness and strength reasons, not to show off.

Agree with Mary on the ladies being proud of showing off their new boobs after a boob job;  you can tell that they are fake because they always stick up even when laying down on their back;  and they look divine (sorry I know I'm superficial)

Wearing a 'g' and 'c' ring personally provides more support;  everything is kept on its place and is a good counteraction to the shrinkage that can happen when you swim in cooler waters. 

A lot of those peacocks with monster love tools probably don't show off to attract other men, but to impress the ladies and to compete and outdo other males.

Sharon73 #9

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/23/2018 10:37:12Copy HTML

 Those with the 'monster love tools' impress me
tiggerix #10

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/23/2018 10:53:02Copy HTML

Cannot speak for the US, but in Europe I wouldnt say this holds true.  Generally most guys wear shorts and only a few wear speedos - havent noticed anything that obvious.  Girls of all shapes and sizes wear all types of swimwear.  My OH and me often comment that many girls/ladies would look perfectly fine in a string bikini.  Generally Eastern Europeans will wear skimpy swimwear in comparison to others and Russian girls seem to like wearing glitzy bikinis. 

Most guys, it seems, would prefer a larger tool and often when comparing with others will think the other has more down there than them.  Cue much misery in the school changing rooms that scars you for life......

My OH enjoys it if I come out of the sea naked and with a bit of expansion, but when on the beach in swimwear would rather there was nothing obvious.  Yep, she is conflicted between what she actually likes and what others might think 

Guess I don't get to the kind of beach where peacocks strut their stuff.

ithongit #11

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/24/2018 08:28:02Copy HTML

 I see the same thing with nipples and see-thru shirts or going topfree.  Many men love their women to have nipples two inches or more in diameter.  Getting a lot of sun and the resulting tan just turns guys on that much more.  A lady with giant nipples (technically areolas) will tend to wear clothing that focuses other people to look at her tits.

I think those men who are blessed with huge male members know that many women like seeing such a bulge.  This is probably the biggest reason for Viagara and C rings although theses systems can also enhance stimulation.  Sharon73 says she loves men with monster love tools.  I think if women were 100 percent honest, most would agree.  There is a difference between looking a that tool squeezed into a swimsuit, and feeling it squeezed into some place else.  The prospects of letting some guy slip it to them will scare away many women.

mr_exhibitionist #12

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/25/2018 07:06:22Copy HTML

 I am very well endowed and do wear micro thongs to show off my bulge. The ladies like it so why not.
visa0061 #13

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/25/2018 02:01:35Copy HTML

Well from both sides of the coin:
I am well endowed and my GF is NOT ok with me showing off what I have lol. I have certain pants that make her uncomfortable when I wear them. So needless to say, pouch enhancing thongs/brief swimwear are a no-go. I'm not there yet myself. I've worn square cuts and euro style swim shorts which she actually likes. Sometimes I do get semi aroused seeing her in her micros and she remarks that she can see it going down the leg of my swimtrunks and will ask me to flip over. Have not gotten to the point of a thong yet. For me it's irrelevant to show off my size. 
As for her, she has fake breasts and a very well developed backside. It's pretty much a given that if we're going to the beach, it's some type of thong. Whether it's super cheeky, thong, or micro g-string...she's showing her backside. Just depends on the venue. Tops she's funny about. She won't really wear super micro tops but will quickly go topless where she legally can. She has some very micro tops that show a lot of boob but won't get too extreme with that. Bottoms she will show as much as she legally can. 
That's just us though. I think the really beautiful thing about what's happening with the new found thong trend is all the women are doing it. There are women with a few extra pounds wearing ultra cheeky bikinis. There are girls that have very slender bodies with smaller backsides wearing thongs. Like JM Runs said, a lot of times the girls with the smallest breasts are the ones to take their tops off first. Of all the times I've been to South Beach, the only topless girl I've seen with a boob job is my GF. It's extremely attractive and, quite frankly, a turn on to see women willing to show their bodies as much as they can in a public venue. Dare I say it, they almost get more points for doing so if they are not over the top with their "assets."
CKsGuy #14

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/25/2018 05:17:27Copy HTML

 I'm a tad on the short side standing 5'7"160lbs with a 30in waist and ridiculously "average" endowment ( about 5.75in. ) When it comes to suits, I always figured because I was a smaller guy I was better suited for smaller suits. I do also wear a c-ring to enhance myself much like woman would wear a push-up bra, but it's not why I thong. I thong, because I like seeing others who thong, and I have a great ass...<!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0
OS777 #15

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/25/2018 06:44:00Copy HTML

 visa0061...Get a different GF who can accept you for who you are.  Accommodating partners who desire you to confirm to their wishes is a recipe for unhappiness.  Move on and don't look back.  Where there is one demand, others will follow. Find someone who vibrates on your frequency.  Good luck !
OS777 #16

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/25/2018 06:55:13Copy HTML

Personally I don't like seeing overly endowed people.  There is nothing esthetic in a freak of nature with an over endowment.  If I wanted to see that I would visit a sideshow of a circus to gasp at the freaks or frequent a museum of stuffed oddities.  I do well to ignore and put out of my mind those who's only claim is size.  Quite the shallow subject to boast about to others.  By not fixating on overage one can remain in the domain of people not transfixed on freakish attributes that may entertain others but for the most part place insurmountable distances to most others.  Blessed are those who can accept themselves and what they have and not lust after gifts that often become millstones that one may wish that others ignore. FIN
matchingthongs #17

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/25/2018 06:56:49Copy HTML

 I've never been to one of these beaches described above. Perhaps there are places like this in Europe, but I've never really seen it. I tend to be oblivious to what men are wearing or doing on the beach anyway - apart from some sport perhaps.

I am probably a little above average in size. I had one thong that did emphasise a bit and I wasn't comfortable wearing that on a beach, although my wife enjoyed me in it. I prefer those that look like normal swimming briefs from the front.

For me I wear one for comfort and to get a tanned bottom, not to display my bits to others. However, I can imagine that there is an element of if you've got it, flaunt it and don't be ashamed. My best feature was always my legs and bottom, so I prefer not to hide them. If you had a monster member, you might feel the same?

Remember that the idea of the desirability of a large member is relatively recent. Renaissance art and sculpture portrayed nude males with a small member which was considered more beautiful for the overall figure.
ohiothonger #18

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/25/2018 08:22:53Copy HTML

Someone wrote elsewhere that men often fall into one of several areas.  They like their attractive women to show off to an extreme, they accept the same women if she does not push the limit, or they want a good looking women to cover up. 

This seems to be an indication of how comfortable they are in their relationship and what they might want to "say" to the public.  Making a women cover up makes her submissive and indicates that the man might be worried that she would call attention from other men, and that would be threatening. Pushing a woman to show everything she can gives the man bragging rights, but at the risk that some other dude might hit on her.  Always asking the woman to wear moderate clothing is safer than anything else, but also can mess up a relationship if the lady wants to show more or less. 

Some of these posts show that women can be just as controlling of their man as some men are of their ladies. Perhaps Mary should have ask about how people would dress if they were to go to the beach alone, if their significant other did not have any say in what they could wear.
John Howard #19

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/25/2018 09:56:42Copy HTML

 agree with OS777.
there's plenty of fish in the ocean.
NudeNArizona #20

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/26/2018 12:13:04Copy HTML

From my experience I didn’t realize I was larger than average until I had a gf who encouraged me to wear a G-string with her at the beach. I had worn them regularly tanning at home and around local swimming holes where we’re usually the only ones wearing anything that small. At the time, in the mid 80's, most of our friends wore regular bikinis and speedos.

So we had planned a beach trip and prior to the trip my gf bought a G-string from ujena in sheer white and also bought me a sheer white pocket G-string from Fredricks for our trip. So once we were on the beach she kept pointing out other guys in thongs and then she said how much bigger I was than them. So after that trip I kept reducing my coverage as I found new suppliers.
Low_Strap #21

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/27/2018 12:03:08Copy HTML

 To answer the question in the title, no, I don't believe so.  I'm over average down there but that never ever was a reason that compelled me to wanna thong in public.  In some of my pics I'm in a few ultra small vstrings, but that was at a secluded beach/creek.  I don't really wear those anymore.  Lately I've gravitated more and more toward conservative thongs, with 1.5" sides and from the front they look just like smaller speedo.  But a thong back.  Which is really the objective for me. 
kiyoothong #22

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/30/2018 01:38:11Copy HTML

I am below average down there, but I still rock a thong on the beach.  Now because of my below average size, I don't go nude on a nude beach. Instead, I go for a poser suit or a torpedo suit because I want to get that enlargement effect haha.
Tbh, I don't care about the front when I am wearing a thong on the beach. My junk is covered, so people can't see what's under. I am more concerned about the back because my buttcheeks are exposed.

stringueur #23

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/30/2018 02:20:49Copy HTML

 I agree with Low_Strap, that is to say i didn't notice that  people who are better endowed (huge breasts for women, big dick for men) often wear the skimpiest swimwear on the beach.
As far as i am concerned, i didn't know if i can be considered as well endowed. I know my dick size when i 'm in action, but my flaccid dick size is very variable. It depends on the temperature, etc...And of course, my flaccid dick is bigger when i lay out under the sun than when i swim in a cold water...

RapidBlue #24

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:05/31/2018 01:27:23Copy HTML

 I do notice that people who are more fit tend to wear smaller suits. Some are well endowed some are not. I am not overly endowed but have always wore the least I could wear and be comfortable in. I do note that a suit with an enhanced pouch is much more comfortable for me. It’s much better than a few years back when the only thing one could find was flat front suits. I was out at the beach this past weekend and noticed a few women checking me out as I worked on my tan. They were openly staring. It probably helped that I was wearing a small red thong that had silver treads reflecting the sun. What surprised me was that I only saw two women wearing cheeky bikinis on a completely full beach. I will see many more women with large breasts in small bikinis than I ever see men in anything other than board shorts or at the most a Speedo.
LoveMyThongs #25

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:10/11/2018 03:22:11Copy HTML

Before I met my wife I dated a guy who was 10” and when soft 9”. His bulge was massive. When  we went to the beach he always wore a thin strap and pouch with a triangle back to show off. He knew full well what he was doing but his confidence was incredible. People would do double looks and you could tell they were commenting. So from my experience yes they do

mack_back #26

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:10/12/2018 05:01:21Copy HTML

When i was in the gym pool a child swimming lessons began in one lane leaving others to use to swim. After i was done i showered on the pool deck. Woman with there children manuvered them so they wouldn't look at my tiny bikini. One woman complained to male instructor about me he called management which told her they understood my swimwear being skimpy but could do nothing about it. Then the woman yelled out to other mothers standing on the pool deck waiting for the kids to finish.  She said, help me the man is wearing way to little and not covered up enough. One mom leaning against the wall of the pool on her phone. Spoke out to her complaint saying, he has a lot to coverup, to the laughter of other moms standing by. The woman complaining was angry giving up her  complaint. To my surprise it seems most woman noticed me around the pool and certainly gauged my big bulge in wet tiny red bikini bottoms. 

Lot of males seeing me in tiny swimwear at the pool say to others when asked about me. Saying if i looked like that i would be wearing exactly the same tiny swimwear.

ithongit #27

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:10/13/2018 03:05:02Copy HTML

Many do.  Both men and women who have above average assets like to show them off.  There are of course some people who don't like seeing skimpier swimwear, but probably more (as a percentage) who like the look.  Mothers think their children will be "damaged" if they see something on the tiny side.  I have seen this when the offending person is both a man or woman.  Most men seem to be so homophobic that they get worried someone will interprete a comment about a thong wearing man as a sign they are gay.  Guys like to look and compare sometimes, but don't want to be caught.

mack_back #28

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:10/13/2018 07:59:44Copy HTML

Woman who are in a relationship with better endowed males want to keep it a secret or hidden. Last thing they want is another woman to catch the eye of there spouse or boyfriend because there intrigued with his manhood. If your exhibitionist like me and single enjoy the wide eyed shocked stares upon my tiny swimwear. Like many here wrote they often look but in reality that is all they do. Had two young females in the pool chatting about me while I was wearing small swimsuit when I enter on the deck. Telling other woman in the lane beside her, he’s too big with stoic tone and disappointed stare. Describing there opinion about my bulge being not there type. Often on a nude beach find most woman keep away or ignore well endowed males. Either they fear them or find what they are doing, flaunting themselves, all to obvious about there intentions and motives to be seen. While my confidence grows showing off my body. Having compliments from woman. I conclude woman are recently using the statementI LOVE YOUR BODY as code for a notice your well endowed but afraid to tell you so, not knowing you well.  Often accompanied with big grin but all to well they seem focused on my bulge then the rest of my body. If i ask what particular part they love most they giggle smiling in embarrassment  pausing, telling me everything. 

 While majority might find it objectable to visually notice a larger bulge size or any for that matter. Only because they may feel uncomfortable around them.  To which they try to ignore it or not give the offending male any satisfaction.  Yet when showing my bulge repeatedly to others they grow accustomed tuning it out. Yet can’t deny I enjoy the initial wide  eyed surprised stares from unsuspecting ladies. As does my female big breasted cousin showing her cleavage to any unsuspecting male walking passed. Whenever we get glance upon our larger assets it enough to believe its approval like  a compliment  of our beauty or attractiveness from the other gender. Suppose that’s why we like to show off so much be it the street or workplace. The desire of someone your taking with is eyeballing my bulge is satisfying knowing what there thinking at that momement. 

Woman often look uninterested looking at a male bulge or seemingly unaware. Yet through my experiences woman subtly notice even comment to one another of its size, no matter the type of woman married, single they see it and often react. If someone has average size bulge woman are puzzled why is he flaunting it in fact find it disturbing even embarrassing. Whenever at nude beach noticing a micro penis and he is friendly while woman become outright rude towards him. Finding it appalling how most woman react towards a male only because what’s between his legs. 

Nothing more ego boasting when I stand with my hand on my hip, wearing provactive clothing leggings, thong or being nude while in the company of cheerful smiling eager females. Knowing because of my presence or particularly my bulge being obvious seen they look admiring me, yet too shy telling me why, giggling, laughing, smiling to one another keeping it a secret. All awhile poking me in jest rather touching, biting there lower lips with there teeth often just walking away saying Oh my! with said laughter, need to go before I get into trouble. These woman are often married, loving to chat with me always fun. 

navythong #29

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:10/14/2018 05:58:10Copy HTML

I think the title of this topic is not true in general, but I think if you are a thong wearer AND well endowed it's more likely you choose a suit that accentuates your male parts. I also think that if overly endowed there is a good change that you don't want to accentuate it, and choose a bit more conservative thong. Wearing a more conservative thong and being well endowed will attract attention anyhow I think. So it's not a matter of endowment alone, it is more about if you are happy (or proud) the way you are endowed and if you like wearing small swimwear. For me as an average guy (and I'm happy with that) I like wearing small thongs and a bulging thong is not too pronouncing in my opinion.
NudeNArizona #30

Re:Do better endowed people wear skimpier swimwear?

Date Posted:10/15/2018 10:54:09Copy HTML

Mack_Back, I have also found some women who are in relationships especially if they are well endowed LOVE to show off a well endowed man they are with. I have also noticed these woman are also the first ones to notice and outwardly compliment others. We had a friend who was exactly this type of person and not only did she encourage her husband who was well endowed to wear the most minimal of G-strings, she also encouraged my wife to go topless and would buy my wife and I EXXXtreme micro's or less.
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