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Date Posted:01/13/2018 11:16:49Copy HTML

I have been wearing thongs at the beach for a long time.

We all realize that there is a lot of women with thongs or cheeky swimsuit whereas there are few men. The women start to wear thongs to the beach when they are young.

Some of us will say that it is the double standard. I'm OK with that, but I think that is only one part of the answer.

A lot of us (me too) just don't have the self confidence to wear a thong or cheeky swimsuits in places where we possibly could. So, we end up reinforcing the double standard....

On the beach I wear a thong. While I am often the only man in a thong I have NO problems. 
On the beach, people don't look more me than they look at women in thongs.  I have no more problems wearing a thong than women have.

I do have enough confidence to wear cheeky swimsuits to the swimming pool, (I live in France where the "brief style" is compulsory and boardshort are forbidden), so you can imagine the size of my cheeky swimsuits if the speedo is the norm. 

At the pool people have made comments about my swim speed, but not about my swimsuits.

I realized I do have not confronted the double standard. 

So last week I decided to wear a very skimpy swimsuit to my usual pool. This is a pool where I know a lot of swimmers, know the lifeguards, and where I meet co-workers.

I call the suit I wore "very skimpy" because as a "thong specialist" I can't say it was not a tue thong, but I'm sure most people would say it was almost a thong.

I was a little nervous because it was the first time I wore that suit at my usual pool.  (Previously I have worn that suit at other pools where I rarely go and where I know nobody). 

I started my swimming laps. I swim about 2 miles, 3 times a week.

I noticed one swimmer, I will call him Mr N, was looking at me oddly. I thought he was a little shocked by my swimsuits. But, as I am a serious swimmer, and the others swimmers did not take notice or anything I just kept on swimming. 

The were two female lifeguards. Instead of being on there usual chairs, they decided to have a discussion... at the end of my line. From where they were they couldn't have a better view. What is a hazard ??
Later it was time to go because the swimming pool was about to close. I was at the hair dryer, and Mr N came and to tried to talk with me.
He was not looking at me oddly, but I think he was interested in me.
As i'm not gay, i didn't talk a long time with him...

This experience demonstrated me that, in fact, there is no problem to wear a minimal swimwear, almost a thong.
The only problem is in my mind, and the fact i have to dare myself to do it.

The next step for me is to do my regular swim training with a real thong. But I'm waiting to go to an outdoor pool.
MB27 #1

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:01/13/2018 12:37:11Copy HTML

 For meit is less on confidence, more on courage.  I stay fit and look pretty good in a thong.  The courage part is living in a somewhat rural part of Texas where the reaction to men wearing even a brief suit is almost universally negative.  I am still working on “coming out” to family and friends wearing just 1/2 back pouch bikinis in my own pool much less thong or naked.
modelnude4u #2

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:01/13/2018 03:22:36Copy HTML

 The reactions you get, or fear getting from others is what holds most folks back.  I've always said that I would love to just walk through the middle of the mall in only a thong if I knew I wouldn't get arrested or physically assaulted.  But when I'm far away from home, in places like Miami where it's more acceptable, I am still a bit self conscious wearing a thong anywhere other than on the beach.  I'll start on the beach, then the beach walk, but I've only seldom gone out onto the streets, and never more than a block or two.  I'll show a whale tail at the mall or other such venues, but even then I am very aware of my surroundings.  Without being perverts, we DO just need to get over it, and show a little skin, and a little courage!
Grabeach #3

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:01/13/2018 09:04:10Copy HTML

Possibly not what stringueur intended, but the difference between confidence and courage is important when deciding what to wear. My opinion is that if you have confidence you don’t need courage.

Confidence is believing that YOU can wear a thong at a particular location, or perhaps more accurately, believing that the consequences of doing so will not be a problem. Contributing factors may include being pleased with your appearance, having knowledge of the legal situation, believing that either others will not react negatively or that their reactions will not bother you. Your confidence can alter based on your or other’s experience. It can vary from place to place or simply how you feel at the time.

Courage is not having that overall belief, but then doing it anyway.

In my case, beyond the assumption that I would not be arrested, I initially had little confidence that sunning in a g-string at suburban Olympic pool would be allowed. I did, however, have the courage to do so regardless. As a result of subsequent experience, I now have the confidence and no longer need the courage.
JM_Runs #4

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:01/14/2018 04:12:34Copy HTML

The initial post harks back to what I have been saying for a long time: 

We should gather the courage to at least try being more public in the way we wear our thongs, and the places we wear them. 

Some people focus on how small a micro thong they can wear, but only wear them when on vacation, or away from other people, so they don't risk disapproval or running into people they know.  They are terribly scared of disapproval. That is not really very courageous. 

This is a good example of gathering one's courage to wear a skimpy suit in a public place, where he is known, and may also meet work colleagues.

I think it gets easier as you get older, at least it did for me.  
When I was a teen I was worried about consequences and so kept sunning in a thong a bit secret.  As a young adult I did so more confidently, but sill covered up in public settings where people might disapprove, like around the marina where I was employed.

Later I got the courage to do my morning beach runs in a full on skimpy g-sting, but still avoided the crowded bar section of the beach on weekend afternoons. Now I will go anywhere in a thong or g-string, in my town, on my beach.  Maybe not so confident or carefree if somewhere else. 

For each stage developing a more public profile I had to calm and overcome my nervs or butterflys. I guess it is a little like stage fright. The expression "Fake it till you make it" is apt.  You have to put on a confident act and just go do it. 

There are mental tricks I use to help:  Selecting one suit for the day and sticking too it.  Never looking down at my thong to checkout myself. Acting as if I was wearing a regular swimsuit, and doing everything I would if I was wearing shorts, and not a thong. That includes saying good morning to people and never avoiding walking somewhere or doing something just because I am in a thong. (With the exception of some beach side business, I may wear a thong in some but might avoid or cover up in others.) I leave home on a bicycle, in a thong, and take no cover up shorts. That way avoid any worry about the moment of the big reveal. 

Facing ones own fears and doubts, of what people might say, takes personal courage, and fortitude. 

His example of trying a very skimpy suit at his local swimming pool should inspire the rest of you to take small steps to become more public. 

stringueur #5

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:01/15/2018 12:22:39Copy HTML

I agree with grabebeach about the difference between self-confidence and courage, even if i hadn't make this difference by writing the first post.

Today I have enough self confidence to wear my thongs swimsuits on all the crowded beaches, even with my mother in law. I have decided that this year, if I go to the beach with friends, I will wear my usual swimsuit for the beach, that is to say a thong.

I also want to have the self confidence for wearing a skimpy swimsuit at a swimming pool, no matter what others think.  The more I wear skimpy swimsuits, the more self confidence I have. 

I will start at a public swimming pool where i don't go often and, if it is OK, then my usual swimming pool. By wearing skimpy swimsuits, I increase my self confidence, and also get others swimmers and lifeguards used to seeing minimal swimsuits.

Like that, the next step to a thong will be less high. I hope to gain enough self-confidence for wearing a thong next summer at the public swimming pool. I think it is better to go step by step by wearing first normal speedo ( the norm in France for the swimming pool) then skimpy swimsuits and finally the thong, steps for for me as for the lifeguards and others swimmers.

Thanks to JM_runs, i agree with what you wrote.

kiyoothong #6

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:01/17/2018 04:16:10Copy HTML

 I think you need courage to start thonging and you need confidence to keep thonging. You need courage when you're doing something for the first time. You need confidence when you have to motivate yourself to do something. Sometimes you may not have the confidence to thong in public even though you have done it before. For example, you're trying out a new beach and you don't know if it's okay to thong at this new beach. You've thonged before but you're just nervous because you're doing it in a different environment.

Also, confidence is not a result. It is a process and it is something you have to work on. You might be lacking in confidence because you don't have a lot of experience. If you're a newbie, you just have a lot of uncertainties and butterflies in your stomach. However, if you're an experienced thonger,  you have your own know-how and you know which battles to fight. Also, all the good memories of thonging will drive you and remove the butterflies in your stomach. The memories you make and the experience you gain will change your mind and will normalize your feelings.
string_theory #7

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:01/21/2018 07:54:40Copy HTML

When I started thonging, I went to less crowded beaches and picked out more secluded spots. Over the years I’ve gotten smaller swimsuits, but also become bolder, and less concerned about what others think. For the past few years I’ve spent more time walking along crowded beaches as well as wearing my small suits at resort and hotel pools. Negative reactions are rare. At work I am fully dressed and encounter unhappy, complaining people every day. At the beach or pool I wear very little and encounter happy people enjoying themselves. Even though thongs are still not common, there seems to be more variety in what people wear nowadays and less attention paid to what others are wearing.
tbck1000 #8

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:01/22/2018 01:13:06Copy HTML

I love this comment. Totally agree
stringueur #9

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:03/21/2018 02:24:00Copy HTML

 I have download in my profile 3 pics of my swimwear.
 - Fisrt is called "classic swimwear". It is just a little smaller than a usual swimwear. I wear it when i am not comfrotable.
- the second, i call it cheeky swimwear. I wear it in the public swimming pools of my city  since 3 months witout any problems.
- the third, the "skimpy" is very skimpy. It become a thong if i swim "breast stroke". I wear it in others city swimming pools (not in my city). I wear it without any problems.

As i write it, since 3 months, no comments about my swimwears. However, i discuss with the lifeguards. And others swimmers discuss with me but only about swimming training and swimming speed.
Not a word about about my choice of swimwear.
qwerty52 #10

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:03/21/2018 09:21:07Copy HTML

 Hey stringeur, which brands are the cheeky and skimpy suits? They are very inteeesting!
stringueur #11

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:03/27/2018 08:43:54Copy HTML

 The skimpy swimwear is a "JP-beach", a german brand. Unluckily, this brand has closed last year.

The cheeky swimwear is different. I bought a joesnyder swimwear on aliexpress. It is obvious that it is a forgery, but it was cheap, and it is quite chlorine resistant.
I added a drawstring (when a swimwear is out of order, i take back the drawstring). However, as the fabric is a little too thin and the bulge too big, i wear a thong under the cheeky swimsuit (a desmiit thong). The only problem is that the thong line is visible on the backside, mostly when i take the shower after my training. But it is visible only if someone look closely my swimwear backside.
If someone has noticed the thong line, no one has said a comment.

I am still lookinf for cheeky swimwear for men, which are good quality swimwear that is to say : chlorine resistant (PBT fabric is the fabric for swimwear because spandex or lycra are not chlorine resistant for intensive swim laps), lined, with a drawstring and with a conservative front.  

stringueur #12

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:05/11/2018 10:50:21Copy HTML

 I wear minimal swimwear at my swimming pool sice 7 years, and very cheeky swimwear since 4 months.I know the lifeguards, i say them hello and i chat a little with them.None of the lifeguards had never made a coments about my swimwear.
Monday, a lifeguard gave me  lesson of morals... but this lesson was not about my swimwear.This was about my new friendship with a women who swim with me since 2 months.
So, wearing a cheeky swimwear (almost a thong) is not a problem.Having an affair with an other swimmers seems to be a bigger problem for the lifeguards. Incredible !
Sybok #13

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:05/12/2018 04:20:38Copy HTML

 I did the same, the day I decided to wear my thong swimsuit to the beach. It was very liberating.
I will admit I had my doubts before I stripped down. But to hell with it, I did it and enjoyed it very much. 
No one said anything. I doubt anyone cared anyway. They all went about their business.
I WILL be doing it again, and very soon. 
RapidBlue #14

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:05/14/2018 04:04:59Copy HTML

 I wear as small of a suit as I can get away with. On most beaches I will be wearing a thong when ever I can. On beaches where thongs are not allowed of frowned upon I wear a Rio cut. Usually I am pulling the Rio into a thong when sunning my buns, but if I am walking or jumping into the weather I will have is as wide as it goes to be legal. Lately in some pools I have been wearing a small bikini cut suit with large hole mesh on the rear, in bright red or blue. It seems to not be an issue anywhere. I’d rather be in a thong, but sometimes I just can’t due to local laws. Hotel pools seem to be no problem anywhere I have been. Confidence is the key.
Beachlover492000 #15

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:05/18/2018 06:09:14Copy HTML

 I would say that male thongers have MORE self-confidence and courage. The less you wear, the more vulnerable you feel. It takes quite a lot of courage and self-confidence to have only a few square inches of cloth covering your most intimate parts at a public beach or pool. 
mack_back #16

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:05/18/2018 06:53:54Copy HTML

 Beachlover it all depends on the body physique both men and women. If you constantly believe you need to lose weight or be on diet it’s telling that your confidence levels maybe low. Thus wearing skimpier thong is very exposing to be seen. Then there is the confidence men feel about there genitals form being judged exposing there size. All these factors may keep many males covered. While others who are exhibitionists like myself enjoy being seen. Also factor in what your mindset is about  criticisms how it effects your ability to shrug it off easily. 
tangathong #17

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:05/20/2018 01:47:30Copy HTML

 I think that you can wear a thong in most places as long as you do it without acting like a weirdo   I honestly have never had any pleoblems. You just have to do it and not be ashamed or scared. I think you could technically wear a thong any wear that you see woman wearing them and just put up with strange looks.  You may be asked to cover up but that is really the worst bing that will happen. 
NudeNArizona #18

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:05/23/2018 06:14:58Copy HTML

 I started wearing thongs when I was in my late teens and have worn them or less ever since. Anywhere a woman can wear one I will as well. Am I always appreciated for my choice of swimwear? NO. Am I legal? YES.
I once had a hotel tell me men were not allowed by the pool in thongs, while my wife was lying next to me wearing a G-string.  I asked the guy who was telling me to cover up to go call the cops and I will be here waiting for them to arrest me. Then I told him he personally may not like my choice of swimwear but it wasn’t illegal to wear.
tswim #19

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:07/08/2018 04:21:51Copy HTML

 I don't know if I would say that all thongers have more self confidence, but I would say that consistent public wearing of thongs can and does help build self confidence when you finally start to realize that:

1. Not everyone may notice or care about your perceived physical flaws the same way you do about yourself.

2. Not everyone is really even paying attention to you as much as you might have previously thought.

That being said, I also find that like most things in life, if it doesn't compute, people are more likely to notice or in some cases take offense.  Thongs that look like actual swimwear don't tend to get as much reaction in situations where MOST people would actually be wearing swimwear of any kind compared to thongs that look more like fetish wear from Fredricks of Hollywood. 

By the same token even a very traditional swimsuit thong like the original speedo thong would look very out of place on a man who is waiting in line for his big mac at McDonalds. Discretion is a wonderful thing. Just because you can legally do something does not always mean you should.
JM_Runs #20

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:07/08/2018 02:47:01Copy HTML

 Very true. Regular thonging building self confidence and resilience.

Self-confidence means you are not always looking for approval, or fearing disapproval. 
Like any form of activity, you get better with regular practice.
thongalactic #21

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:07/10/2018 08:37:10Copy HTML

 Are we reinforcing a double standard? Maybe! If anyone wants to google it, I'm sure there's sociological research on how gender norms change. But for now, I think we should forgive ourselves if some of us do, in fact, sometimes reinforce a double standard. Why? Because it's hard! It's hard for men to break the rigid, sexist gender norms that strongly influence women to wear form-fitting swimwear and men to wear cubic-yards of fabric. It's hard for those among us who aren't exhibitionists (not that there's anything wrong with that). It's hard for those who do not crave the attention or derive much excitement from people's reactions to our swimsuit choices. It's hard for those who simply enjoy the sensation of the sun, sand, and sea on our bums, the silky feeling of water moving over our bodies—unhindered by baggy bottoms —unspoiled by gawking eyes. People are complicated. It's okay to want to "fit in" while wishing things were different.
gocal #22

Re:Do men thongers lack self-confidence or courage ?

Date Posted:07/10/2018 09:55:56Copy HTML

 We have traveled a lot and have gone to places where a majority of women are wearing thongs, such as Rio and other South American cities.  It probably goes without saying that the men in these destinations do not wear minimal swimsuits, but they also, for the most part do not wear standard American dork suits.  I have observed with some interest how the women at these beaches act and have found them to be perfectly at ease with what they are wearing and everyone accepted them without blinking an eye.  I then realized that I can wear what I want and not think twice about it.  As a result I have walked the entire Ipanema-Leblon beach in minimal swimwear, as well as many other places without anyone caring in the least what I am wearing. While there are no other men wearing what I am wearing there is also no reason for me to be concerned what others may be thinking because in reality they don't care at all.  Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that the only reason that I was initially concerned about wearing minimal swimsuits in public was my own concern of what others would think of me.  Once I realized that others don't care the rest was easy. 
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