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Date Posted:02/25/2019 03:07:29Copy HTML

I will be honest.  Both Nikki and I are fascinated by the male body -- especially their genitals.  When we were still in middle school Mom got us our own subscription to Playgirl Magazine after she kept finding her Playgirls in our room.  Nikki and I became quite popular with the other girls in our class since most had never seen this magazine before, and sleep overs always seemed to include going through our library of this nude-male magazine.  Even the guys liked to come over to thumb through the magazines to see how they compared with more mature men, often shown in various states of arousal.  A few of the guys even showed us what they had to get our opinions, but we were always careful to make them feel their family jewels were extra nice, and often they would show them to us again and again.

One thing we learned early, and that was reinforced later by personnal experience was that the guys in playgirl (the "hunks" as they called them) were of average to above average in size in both the business part of their package as well as ball section.  It surprised us that in the occational shots when these guys were wearing thongs, the men actually seemed smaller than they looked with all their cloths off.  Later, as I started to explore inside my male friend's jeans, it seemed that those of less impressive size looked larger when they wore thongs.  (Mom and Dad made this very easy since they saw nothing wrong with us inviting our friends, both male and female, to skinny dip in our in-ground swimming pool.  Dad was into thongs and kept a wide variety available for guests in the cabana.  Now hundreds of men, in thongs who I have had the privilage to see as well in the nude have convinced me that my earlier suspicions were correct.

I am blessed with a husband who is very impressive, but regularly thong with many other guys who have small snakes, or small sacks or both.  I sometimes wonder how Randy manages to stuff everything into his skimpiest thongs, but am equally surprised to see what a nice display some of the penis challenged men seem to enjoy when thonging.  Nikki seems to feel that a large guy always looks large and a small guy always looks small regardless of wearing a thong.

Do others find a thong to be like a ladie's bra?  Having the ability to make a smallish package appear larger and at the same time, put a huge package under control and make it appear smaller.

mack_back #1

Re:Do thongs help even out men's package size?

Date Posted:02/26/2019 08:25:58Copy HTML

Thongs styles are different and many men choose one for particular goal in mind. Men who are small can look enormous while medium size can look tiny. Those who are huge often can look odd sack can make the snake as you put it look tiny while in reality it's not so. Breasts are different then male anatomy because breasts don't shrink into the body to conserve body heat. In my experience do find wearing compressing thong tight fitted will over time shrink the package. Just like any body part when squeezed it constricts blood and loses its size until blood flow is allowed to enter again. That is why i enjoy being nude on the beach rather in a thong, everything hangs out better no constrictions. While some thongs promote growth and accept package to engorge better than it normally is flacid. Often i compact my package on the beach making it tightly squeezed pushed out. This makes for banana hammock appearance which from distance makes my snake look shorter. Once you get closer and positioned differently everything appears longer than initially looking upon it from the curvature of over the top and back down again, shortens the length appearance from the front. Woman told observing me on the beach that i look above average, some woman comment i'm big. While others observing me from a picture or from the front discounting the projection of the curvature forward. Meaning the snake travels not only downwards but up, out and then downwards projecting a smaller length. With closer examination it's long but taking different path then straight line downwards. So when on the beach some will believe i have short length shaft or medium but when observing closely the shaft is much longer than they initially believed. I can see from the shocked reactions from woman on beach observing different angle saying to whomever he's bigger then i first thought. Same reactions i gotten wearing briefs in the pool woman seeing me from the front look at my shaft head positioned mid testicles. Giving me nickname of big balls. They feel my shaft is average yet don't take into account of the curvature of the projecting up and outwards then back down.
ohiothonger #2

Re:Do thongs help even out men's package size?

Date Posted:02/26/2019 09:00:31Copy HTML

I can see what Traci is saying, based on the photo evidence from Playgills magazine. One reason these men might look smaller than they really are when being photographed nude is that for the all-nude photos, they probably wanted the men to be at least half-hard, but in a swimsuit (or other cloths for that matter) the men could be photographed with no need to get it up, even partially. Another issue as pointed out above, is that breasts are not the same as a man's package. While mack_back is correct in stating that the size of a man can change and a woman's breast stay basically the same size, I would make another observation. A man's private parts will have a lot of air pockets between the various portions of the man's package. These can easily be compressed into a smaller bundle since there is nothing solid in these air pockets. So this might make any man look smaller. This leaves the cut of the thong as a major determining factor. Women's bras are designed for a specific look. Some want Perky firm breasts, others loose floppier breasts. And this does not really address the issues of cleavage. Some want to show everything down the center, others want to show only the sides or bottoms. Like the thongs that guys wear, the right bra can highlight a woman's breasts to make them look bigger or squish them down to make them look smaller. I think that trying to equate equipment size to what can be seen when a man wears a thong is probably almost impossible, except in the most extreme cases. I just wonder how important this is to Traci anyway. Perhaps more than we might like to think. She is always bragging on her husband/friend Randy about how huge he is. Maybe Traci enjoys the larger men more than those who are naturally smaller.
NudeNArizona #3

Re:Do thongs help even out men's package size?

Date Posted:02/27/2019 03:17:16Copy HTML

I believe a lot has to do with the fabric of the thong. I know compression fabric makes me appear smaller but when I wear something made of less restrictive fabric like fishnets I hang more freely and appear much larger. This has been brought to my attention more than once when I have been with friends who I have tanned with prior in more conservative fabric G-strings
mack_back #4

Re:Do thongs help even out men's package size?

Date Posted:02/27/2019 09:36:48Copy HTML

traci viewing Playgirl magazine often in 2-dimensional image can't recreate the true size of male package. Photographic evidence sometimes is dependent on the lens your using shooting the subject. For example viewing bodybuilders on stage posing male or female you will see they look proportional. When standing next to one using your eyes you will notice they look much bigger in fact larger in areas even down right overweight out of proportion. Our eye sees one thing but through a camera lens we observe something entirely different. While wearing certain thongs under my workout tights i like to package my bulge evenly like a big round bubble. So i can move around freely, exercising without certain things moving around distracting me. Yet this is dependant on the type of fabric tights i wear. For example if i wore 2XU compression tights woman who seen me for long time laughed mocking me to another person at how my bulge looked smaller than normal seen in past. Saying see i knew he wasn't that big! When wearing Nulux leggings people can clearly notice the bulge is indeed not at all small. 

 When i visit the nude beach wearing a c-ring and jovana g-sling  i don't want my shaft to flop around when walking along the beach. So this keeps my shaft snug to my testicles pushing outwards and curved down. It shortens my shaft appearance and easy to walk or run along on the beach without flopping the "snake" around. This is similar to a bra analogy, that it holds my shaft in place like woman do when running or exercising, that is if she is voluptuous. It's as if i were holding my base of the shaft with one hand letting it hang through, this indeed shortens the apearance of the length but actaully is longer shaft then it shows. You need to closely inspect it in different angles thus conclude and agree it is larger then intially viewing from 2-dimentional frontal view.

 Find if i don't control my shaft on the nude beach when walking it can begin to hurt slapping flopping around.  While other times when wearing a glan-ring to show off, this allows my shaft to point straight down. Only then walking along with woman they tell me to walk faster enjoying the movement of my flacid five inch shaft shifting from thigh to thigh. Only then people recognize yah, he's definitely not average in size.

There are others who may use gaffs to hide there shaft or tuck it well. It clearly shows loose skin and gives the apearance of no bulge. To anyones initial glance they may believe he is a she. Yet noway to figure how long or big the bulge really is until the gaff is taken off. Many believe smaller the male anotomy the easier it is to hide ones genitals. Yet large male can do it, hide his antomy through a gaff as one with micro penis it's just more loose skin hanging it leaves behind. 

Take example of some thongs i wear:

Muscleskins poser thong will make my shaft appear outwards some may believe i'm arroused noticing the projection outwards it creates.

While basic modest thong with no front seam may flaten my bulge downwards giving me bowling ball appearance. Appears my teticles are unproprotional to my entire body inclusing the shaft. 

While other flimsy thinner swim thongs can point the shaft completely low making it more prominant of outline shifting from one side to other bounching without support.  Gives appearance of average testicles but more prominent thicker shaft and head. 

Mary0826 #5

Re:Do thongs help even out men's package size?

Date Posted:02/28/2019 08:28:06Copy HTML

I don't think there is anything wrong with Traci braging about her husband. I like almost all men regardless of the size of their snake -- small or big, it is not the determining factor. And the rest of the man I like too if they have a good personnality, are honest, have a nice smile, and are happy with the levels of openness that they are at. Traci also tells us about her sister and brother in law, and even her father, as well as herself. I like to talk about others too. Much of what I say about them is to encourage closet thongers or shy ones into finding out what at least one woman (me) likes to see. I also tell about my own thonging experiences since I know that many of the guys on the forum like my stories and partly to encorage other women to try some of the more extreme outfits and behaviors that I like to have. I have ranked trates I liked on a scale of one to 10 and then state what I would want to do with the man based on the total score. So a perfect man would have: Beautiful long hair (3) Is comfortable with wearing thong and not shy so wear them in public (2) Inteligence high (2) Overall Body (1) Nice Smile (1) Long Snake (1) TOTAL (10) I said any available guy with 7 or more points I would persue. 5 or 6 I would accept advances from. 3 or 4 could have as friend, might engage in pysical contact. 1 or 2 no interest. So being well hung is not that important to me. But smart stripper type guys with long hair I will chase. My men are all this type. Being well hung is just a plus that most have. Mack-Back has a good point. A picture shows only one perspective. It is like taking a picture of the Grand Canyon or Niagera Falls. They are very impressive in real life. Everyone takes pictures, but they never show these places all that well. You get a totally different impression when you see them in person. Ohiothongers has a point too. From what I have seen, most of the later Playgirls made it almost a requirement to show at least half their frontal pictures with a full erection, and all pictures showed at least partials. Of course I would assume that these men have a certain level of vanity, and don't want to be seen as even slightly small. Of course in clothing, a man can show a boner, but it is even harder to interpret than a photo. The other aspects I mentioned at the start -- the personnality issues are actually more important to me and other women. As far as loose and tight, I do have a story about that. Years ago, I went on a school trip to the beach. (We visited a nature place and took a hike with a naturalist who shows us stuff to make the trip acceptable as school business.) The kids either changed into swimwear at the beach change rooms or wore swimsuits under their street cloths. One of my male classmates, Robert (Pronounced more like Row Bear in French) was a French exchange student. He was the first guy I had ever seen a thong on. But on the trip, he wore a men's bikini. Some of the guys wore their Speedo suits from the mandatory swim classes at the school, so a man is a bikini type swimsuit was something everyone was used to . The difference was that Robert's suit was quite loose, while the Speedo type swimwear worn by the other guys were snug fitting. This left Robert's average size "snake" loose and almost as free as if he was not wearing anything. It tented the fabric. He did not seem to get even a little hard in his suit. As he moved, be it walking or bending down to adjust his towel, his equipment flopped around quite naturally and was interesting to look at all the time. What is amazing to me is that even though I have now seen all types of men's swimwear, the memories of Robert that day, showing off his free to move snake is one thing that I still think about when I get horny. I do have pictures of him at the beach and another time laying nude on my bed, but while these remind me of him and that day, only my memories really turn me on. Mary
MrFalcon #6

Re:Do thongs help even out men's package size?

Date Posted:02/28/2019 03:14:08Copy HTML

Great point, Mary. I love that look as well. It's one of the things that initially attracted me to get my first-ever swimsuit that is smaller than what most American men wear. I saw pictures and videos of Brazilian guys wearing "sungas." These are essentially like square-cut suits but as far as I can tell they usually have no front seam, and they look like they allow the package to hang just a little, as opposed to being squashed against the body like you'd expect with a "speedo." It's hard to find this cut in the US. I had mine shipped in from Australia. This is also why I find a lot of the thongs I see people talking about here unsuited to my tastes. Yes, it's exciting to find the smallest one, or one that causes your package to protrude, etc. But in practice, I find the ones that look the best and are sexiest to me are the ones that allow me to hang and move naturally. So something that's too small or too tight doesn't allow this. I look for loose fabrics with room in the front. I've even bought a thong made for well-endowed men (though I myself am average) just for the extra room. I think it's a good look.
Mary0826 #7

Re:Do thongs help even out men's package size?

Date Posted:02/28/2019 03:43:47Copy HTML

The suit I am talking about was very loose. At first I thought it was just loose to start with, and then purchased a size or too to large. Later I learned that this look was more popular in Europe at the time. It passed the "swimsuit police" who were looking for nothing with too much fabric, but was extremely comfortable too. When I did get my fingers under the waist band (in the water), I discovered the waist was the right size, so while I liked the look even before I knew this, the fact the guy was wearing something I then realized was much looser in the front than what other men were wearing. (The rear was a more normal fit, by the way.) I had liked the loose look even before this. I grew up during the athletic look, when both men and women were wearing sports inspired clothing everywhere. The look actually was not that bad, and I liked the extreme athletic shorts and skimpy tops women could get away with (the tops were snug and usually worn with a bra, but I was not into bras then, and just wore my sports tops without any breast support. I also likes some of the men's looks. Guys were into what we called "bike pants" even though most were short length. Most were more like thigh length leggings. They were tight but were not made to provide true compression like a serious biker would demand. These were popular with teens and those men in their 20's mostly. The shorts did nothing to hide the man's package and an ongoing discussion among both men and women (and co-ed groups) was where a man should wear his "snake" (I love that term!). Men were all over the place on this issue. Some liked it straight up the front (and very obvious. Some let it slip down a leg (if they had enough meat). Some just sort of let it go wherever it wanted to. These options were possible since at least on they guys I knew, men did not ususally wear underwear with these. The other popular style was sports or running shorts. Again, there seemed to be two extremes that were common. First was very tight, what we called "ball buster" shorts that gave the men sometimes a camel toe. The other was a looser or more relaxed look. This look was sometimes (but not always) worn without underwear, and when this happened, some natural male movement was possible. I can still remember some of those looks well, probably since they were popular at a time when I was getting interested in boys for reasons of the than simple friendship. MrFalcon -- I think you know the loose bikini look well, but I wonder if things are as loose as they used to be? Mary
nospam_TN1 #8

Re:Do thongs help even out men's package size?

Date Posted:03/03/2019 08:44:02Copy HTML

Whether I'm wearing a thong or briefs, I want something that flattens and contains the package a bit, like the Speedo Endurance briefs do. It's worth noting that some styles of swim briefs, particularly those NCAA compliant ones designed for racing rather than training, seldom accomplish this because they are too thin. There are also some older styles of 1" side Speedos that look great dry, but don't do this, so I might only wear them for paddle boarding, sun bathing, or other situations where I'm not in a public area frequently entering and exiting the water. They look great dry, but jump in the water and come back out, and the outline of the private parts becomes more clear than I'd like. Same issue can arise with tall thongs, but I find the solution to be wear some with the right amount of pouch, like Greg Homme thongs from 8 or so years ago. I really wish somebody would make both thongs and briefs for men with some kind of small flap over the front so that I could walk around without having to worry whether or not everything is properly adjusted. My objective isn't to hide it, just to set things up so that my junk doesn't draw attention.
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