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Date Posted:01/27/2019 02:57:57Copy HTML

I am not talking about spouses, or relatives or even friends.  I am talking about private establishment supervisors or park officials.  Has anyone actually been able to get one of these people who are supposed to enforce anti-thong rules to change their mind and what did you say.  For example.  Did you ask at a park office and were told that thongs were not appropriate.  Were you able to "talk your way" into wearing thongs with that person's approval.  In my example, you might have pointed out that other  private parks in the area permitted thong swimwear.

My suspicions are that normally, once a decision has been rendered, nothing will change it quickly.  You might get lucky and present a pro-thong stand to park or establishment personnel, but this probably will take some time and a serious and repeated effort -- something that you can not do on the spur of the moment in most cases.  

f you have ever gotten someone to change his or her mind and let you thong immediately, or even after a long rally, what did you say or do to get a thumbs up?

Beached_Santa_Cruz #1

Re:Does it really help to try to change anti-thong rules on the spot?

Date Posted:01/27/2019 04:42:29Copy HTML

I've had trouble only in one place, my gym.   I've worn thongs and g-strings at many beaches and hotel pools.   I even wore a very tiny thong at the Luxor pool in Las Vegas last summer without an issue.  If anything I think the tiny thong got me better service.  A couple of pool boys and girls came by a little more often than needed. The problem with arguing your point is that you may not be arguing with the person who sets the rules but just has to enforce them.  They may be just doing their job and don't want to lose it because they let someone swim in something that management deems inappropriate.  If they are in doubt of whether your suit passes the test they will tell you "No you can't swim here in that".   

My issue with my gym was that the old lady swim coach got on my case for wearing the Koala Pumped-Up suit which looks pretty much like any rio cut suit.  The old lady and I got into a short shouting match and I ended up changing into a Swim Outlet Eurosport suit. Last summer she was hardly there and I went back to wearing the Pumped-Up suit without any issue.   

The manager of the gym was out at the pool one day talking to several of us about the availability of swim lessons.  I stood there in my Pumped-Up suit talking to her for about 10 minutes  before starting my swim.  She never even once said anything about my suit.  So even at the same venue you will get different views of what you can wear.   

Last week there was a woman in her 30's wearing a thong to swim laps.  Go figure. What the old lady deemed inappropriate for a male. http://www.koalaswim.com/PUMPED-UP_p_335.html

ithongit #2

Re:Does it really help to try to change anti-thong rules on the spot?

Date Posted:01/27/2019 08:16:08Copy HTML

I agree tat sometimes rules are set by "higher ups" but even then, sometimes the lower people make decisions not worrying about the established rules.  At many smaller places, smaller motels, and even a fitness club like you mention, one person may be the instigator of the rules, and it is always possible that logic, or just being nice might make them change their mind.  That being said, I don't think a shouting match or other major confrontation will help any one.  Even if the establishment has no thonging rules, or even if their rules say thongs are okay, some idiot employee can decide to play swimsuit cop and choose to make life hard on thongers.  That doe not mean if an employee says "no thongs" that you can't politely ask why, point out why you think they should be permitted, etc. 

Randy and I have run into a few Ohio State park rangers, who insist that thongs are illegal.  Perhaps they just don't know the rules.  Perhaps they are so totally anti thong that they are not willing to let a person wear one unless their supervisor tells them otherwise.  Perhaps they are trying to appease others who complained.   No matter what the reason, we have discussed the matter with them, pointing out that Ohio State parks are supposed to permit thongs and women going topfree.  We mention that we even contacted the supervisor of all Ohio state parks and they told us that our thongs would be okay.  

I think it surprised most of these rangers to know that we actually knew what the state park position on thong swimwear was.  We still have had two Rangers in the last 15 years or so insist that they were in charge or that they were correct.  In one case we changed into shorts and T-shirts over our thongs, in the other case we left since it was time to go home anyway.  We followed this up with formal letters to the Manager of the state parks explaining what happened, the date and time it occured, and the ranger's name or a brief description or other method of identification.  In each case, we got nice letter back stating that the ranger was wrong, that if we had any other issues with park rangers to show them a copy of the letter. We were also told that the ranger was refermanded and warned that any future compaints about his or her dealings with thongers would result in further discipline actions. 

 Of course, if the state had a "no thongs" rule or law that was uniformly enforced, then you might not have any chance to wear a thong even if you are able to make a series of valid arguments.

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