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Date Posted:02/06/2016 06:27:38Copy HTML

Hello all,
I thonged at the beach before I had children but since then I have always worn a brief. The reason is because we have since visited more family oriented beaches and toddlers have a habit of always wanting to run away (not sitting still...never sitting still!!!!). I have, however, always missed wearing a thong at the beach and so I wonder if any of you have any experience /advice to share about thonging with children (and wife) at a family oriented beach / pool? Do you get a different reaction to what you would get if you were just a couple? Are people more 'OK' with it because you are with children? I'm from UK, Devon (Exmouth) and often visit Cornwall and Devon beaches - anyone had experiences around these parts? Or anywhere else? Thanks!
stringueur #1

Re:Does thonging with your children at the beach make other beach goers more tolerant towards you?

Date Posted:02/06/2016 09:09:35Copy HTML


I am a french father of 3 kids, 2 girls (8 y.o and 4 y.o) and 1 boy (6 y.o.).
I thonged before i had children and of course, to have kids change your life, ALL your life.

The first year, i had only a kid. She was a baby and didn't run away. With my wife, we chose beaches with shade and grass (near the lakes, so we did'nt go to the sea). Of course, the beach was crowded with family under the trees. Shade is not easy to find.
We did'nt have any problems to thong in this crowded part of the beach, with family. In fact, family are very more open minded and tolerant that teenagers and 20's people who drink beers on the beach... It seems like no-one noticed us.

The second years, it was an other story. When yours kids starts to walk... they run away all the time. And you spend your time to run away after them. So, it was very, very difficult to thong. Sometimes, we did the turn with my wife. One hour, she was in thong and i put my brief swimsuit (brief swimsuit is normal in france) to run after them. And one hour later, my wife put a skirt and it was my turn to be with a thong. Except some particular beaches (clothes optionnal, etc.) we did'nt thong a lot during several years untill our last girl was old enough.

Last summer, it was more easy to thong. Our chlidren are old enough. The younger i ols enough and she doesn't run away anymore. We go to the beach family because the beach family are better for our kids for a lot of reasons. We let our kids playing and we keep only one eye on them of course.
Many times, our kids make friends with other kids. And, often the other parents come to speak with us whereas we are thonging. Last summer, i remember a couple : they semmed to be very strict. They had only a toddler and this toddler came to play with our kids whereas i was with my thong. The man and the woman came to speak with us, about the children, the weather, what to do, etc. No words about my swimwear like if i was with a boardshort.
It is important to say that my thongs are very "normal", that is to say they are not see through, lined and not "torpedo front". And it occurs often.
An other time, i took the shower with my children to put off the sand (costa brava,spain). I was in thong of course. Others adults were waiting for the shower. As i has finished, a man told me that it stayed sand on my back...I thanked him. No one didn't realy care that i took my shower in a thong.

According to me, as soon as your kids are 3 y.o., you can thong easily in a crowded beach family if you have a classical thong.
I think the other beach goers are more tolerant when you have kids, because, as you kids, they don't think you can go in an other beach and understand that is normal you are in a beach family because you have a family...
My experience is available in Europe, not sure for others countries.

swix #2

Re:Does thonging with your children at the beach make other beach goers more tolerant towards you?

Date Posted:02/06/2016 10:01:46Copy HTML

 Thank you very much for that post. That is great information. Its great to hear that you don't have any issues. I would hope that the beaches in South West England are similar to France in that they are pretty laid back. Time will tell...?
Swimmer10 #3

Re:Does thonging with your children at the beach make other beach goers more tolerant towards you?

Date Posted:02/09/2016 02:49:41Copy HTML

I wear a thong to the beach with my kids and wife. We stay closer to the family area of the beach and not go towards where more thinkers go. Daughter and son. They are 10 and 13 now. Never had an issue. I would agree with last post. For most part other families seem good with it and never gave me a problem with wearing a thong with my kids around or their kids around. I walk freely anyway and not bothered to walk the beach. No one got up and left. Some of the women got out cameras. Two years ago went for a walk. When I left only few families with in 60-70 yards when I got back had two families set up almost right on top of us. One was only ten feet away. Not sure why so close. My wife and kids stayed back and was there. I just walked up to my wife and stood there to talk to her. Those couples was little in shock at first but everything was fine. I feel more comfortable with my family and seems more acceptable. They know I'm not there to stir up anything. If my family good with it then they are 
ithongit #4

Re:Does thonging with your children at the beach make other beach goers more tolerant towards you?

Date Posted:02/18/2016 03:01:55Copy HTML

 The beaches I go to generally are quite accepting of both women AND men in thongs.  It is not unusual, in fact it is more common than not to have families come down and set up right next to you even when you are thonging and they are not.  I can't say why but Randy has a way with kids and they just love him.  All ages, all types, seem to see something in him that others do not.  I think this is why he has been so successful as a swim instructor -- kids will do anything for him -- even things they won't do with their parents.  This being said, several times a year, the kids will invite Randy to play with them.  Some are young, some are older, but I think they truly want to spend some time with him.  He always asks the parents if it is okay, and so far has never been told "No".  He then proceeds to swim, throw a football, build a sand castle or whatever the kids want to do.  The parents could care less that he has an exposed ass and often is pushing the limits in front too.  We have even had this happen at a backwoods hot springs when we were nude and the kids and their family was clothed.  We don't have any kids ourselves but I want some seeing how well Randy relates to these tikes.  Getting back to the issues of parents thonging with children, I don't see that as an issue at places and with people that have this level of tolerance.

On the negative side, there are still some parents (although it seems to be fewer and fewer) who object to thongs in general or more often a man wearing a thong.  Often they use the "we don't want to hurt our children" philosophy when they ask for us to cover up.  At other times, you can see they don't like you from their actions and body language -- moving, going home early, giving you dirty looks, making the kids sit in a way that their backs are to you, telling their kids loudly enough that you can hear them to "stay away" from you, etc.  I don't know if people with this strong of an opinion on thonging would be likely to adjust their feelings if they saw you with your kids when you had on a thong.  If anything, it might provoke more preaching and they might try to belittle you into covering up for your kid's sake too.

So I think you need to feel out where you can thong without many or any objections.  Do this without kids and then go there with them and see what happens.  Like any time you thong around a new  group, you might want to transition to a thong gradually -- start with something a bit more conservative and see how people react, then on a trip to the restroom or wherever, change into your thong and come back, otherwise maintaining a low exposure and not calling attention to yourself.  Many people seem to accept fellow beach goers who are more traditionally dressed and then, once they have a positive image of you, do not seem to mind a transition to a thong as much as if you wore it from the moment you get there.

Randy occasionally asks the people who are already there point blank when he first gets to the beach if they would mind if he stripped down to a thong.  Sometimes he explains that he is a male stripper and needs to eliminate tan lines (people accept this quite openly) sometimes, he says he only has thong swimsuits with him (usually true) but usually, he just starts to set up (which shows people where he intends to layout) and just walks over to them and asks anyone close if they would mind if he just wore a thong.  Several times, people have told him something like "I appreciate you asking" or "Since you ask, I will not object".  I don't think he has even been "turned down" after asking politely and courteously.  People appreciate that he is concerned with their views on thongs and several have said after he has been laying out and swimming for a while that they were unsure but hated to come right out and say "no" and that it turned out to be no big deal after all, and they could not object to people in thongs again.

As a person who wears thongs I find seeing family units where one or more people are in thongs and others more traditionally dressed  to be very positive for our cause.  Teen men with thonging moms and teen girls in thongs when the rest of the family are traditionally dresses are the most common sightings.  These family units generally act like any other -- and it is obvious that thongs do not cause them to be different, and I think this is why they send out a pro-thong message.  They are accepted by their families in thongs, so why should others judge them?
John Howard #5

Re:Does thonging with your children at the beach make other beach goers more tolerant towards you?

Date Posted:02/21/2016 11:34:56Copy HTML

 Interesting point you make Traci,  I also believe that one of the biggest allies of the thong cause is behave naturally when wearing them.  
However I might disagree on Randy's practice of occasionally asking people around him if they would mind him wearing a thong, let alone having to justify it by saying he is a male stripper (which he really might be).  Don't know, I could be wrong but it seems to me that to do that is a bit like asking permission to strangers who are equal to me, to validate what I decide to wear, a thong, which is perfectly legal.   I would feel a bit like being submissive or having some sort of disability that needs to be validated by some Mr John Stranger.  
On the other hand,  I understand how difficult is to arrive late at the beach, and see that the spot where I want to set camp, is already crowded.  No other person around wearing speedos, or a lady being topless, let alone somebody else wearing a thong.    It takes courage to strip to a thong then (but it must be so challenging and self rewarding to actually do it!!).
Don't know, that's why I usually avoid arriving late at the beach on a weekend particularly.   By me arriving early and stripping to a thong, I am assertively marking my territory.  Whoever arrives thereafter and decides to set next to me, they know what would they get.  And I usually get the same as you Traci, families setting up happily next to me.   But more often than not, I get other guys wearing speedos or thongs, and many times ladies wearing only their bikini bottoms.   
ithongit #6

Re:Does thonging with your children at the beach make other beach goers more tolerant towards you?

Date Posted:02/21/2016 09:39:07Copy HTML

 In the USA there is a saying 'Birds of a feather,  flock together'.  I am one of those women who will set up near other thongers if they are present.  Being with others certainly helps with self confidence and larger groups are less likely to be pestered by those who disapprove of their swimwear.  Even if the beach has only one male thonger on it, I will set up nearby if I can.  If the guy looks cool (not like some sort of jerk) I will sometimes go so far as to ask if I can join him.  Most men get quite a rush when a woman in a thong or G-string sets up with them.  If they turn out to be nice guys, I often proceed to take my top off too.  This gives most men the thrill of the summer.  But setting up near or with another thonger is also a great thing to do if the man seems to be timid or uncomfortable wearing his thong.

The issue of when Randy asks are usually like you suggest -- busy days when he isn't there first.  It can also be at  places where he does not know if thongs are legal (because of laws or because the place is private and might have anti-thong rules).  But sometimes when he sees what he thinks might be a negative crowd he will also ask.  He gets the thong issue out of the way first thing and does not have to worry about dealing with it later -- at least with the people he asks.  I think others from further away are less likely to complain if the people nearby seem comfortable with what is going on, and when Randy asks first, there is no surprised reactions from those who he asks first.

In Ohio, where we do 95 percent of our thonging, most people who go to the beach have seen men and women in thongs before, and some have also seen women topfree.  Here, he would rarely ask.  But other places he  might.   A motel swimming pool or strange beach with lots of kids are examples of places where he might ask.  He usually parks in a spot away from the beach, and looks at the cars when he goes in.  If some have pro=religious license plate holders, or "religious fish" on their tail ends, or other things like WWJD or St. Christopher medals on the rear view mirrors, he assumes that they might be less opened to thong swimwear.  Sure it is in a way a conciliation, to ask first, but when he is in a group where he thinks he might be harassed or ask to cover up, it breaks the ice, and as I said before, people actually appreciate the fact that he goes out of his way to make sure they are comfortable with his outfit.  It is not unlike the "unwritten" rules for use of a natural hot springs.  If you get there first and want to skinny dip, fine.  If you are not alone when you arrive, and everyone is clothed, you ask first if nudity is okay.  It is a curtesy that while technically not necessary some places, does eliminate the potential problems you might have with someone if they have strong anti-thong (or anti-nude) feelings.   It also makes the thonger appear to be "good" since they didn't just strip down to their thong and force it on people.  Randy says even if people were to object and say "no" his image as a person is enhanced because he was courteous enough to ask.

As far as declaring that he is a male stripper, it is a true statement, although this is not his primary source of income.  I think sometimes he asks about thonging and uses the stripper line to call attention to himself -- especially with cute women.  Let's face it, he is an exhibitionist and loves to show off his body.  This also is a conversation point he can use to promote himself and his shows.  If a person -- usually a women -- comes back with an "oh wow" type response to his stripper comment, he can go over later and give them one of his stripper business cards.  He also will sometimes tell women who seem to be impressed by his talents that they get to see 98 percent of what the women at the shows get to see for free.  Surprisingly, many men also ask him about what it is like to be a stripper.  Many men I believe have fantasies about being a male stripper, and women have them about spending time with one.  Many people ask him questions about it, if he shows the "full montie" etc.  This chit-chat I am sure helps to make him less of an oddity on the beach and more of a friend to those he approaches. 

But he does not lead his question with the stripper comment.  He starts with a "would you mind if I wore a thong" and then if the person looks like they might be unsure of how to answer, he adds the "I am a stripper and need to eliminate tan lines if I can".  Most people seem to understand at some level that a stripper might need to sunbath in as little as possible.  Sunbathing in next to nothing is a work related thing, like buying safety shoes if you are in construction, or needing a nice car if you are a realtor.. 
tiggerix #7

Re:Does thonging with your children at the beach make other beach goers more tolerant towards you?

Date Posted:02/22/2016 08:37:53Copy HTML

moving off topic a little - but I think any courtesy on a beach is welcomed - whether that is smiling and acknowledging the presence of people around you, throwing a ball back, moving out of the way to allow people past on a boardwalk or steps, especially when they have a stroller/buggy or are somewhat less physically able.  The vast majority of people on a beach are open to some kind of eye contact and a smile or nod.  You can spot those who wont make eye contact and there is little you can do about that apart from keeping an open mind and figuring maybe they have had a bad week.  

Personally, I think that asking people around you if they mind you thonging is a great idea - people generally feel more comfortable if someone takes the trouble to ask.  Many people who are upset by stuff often have to resort to the third party idea - they are concerned because of someone or something else and not them personally.

I sometimes park in a side street where I can guess residents don't like folk parking outside.  If I spot a resident, I make a point of saying hello, smiling and commenting on the weather (a british trait).  They can't quite bring themselves to complaining about my parking there and sometimes I think they get just a bit more relaxed about it.

Enjoy the beach.
ThongersAngels #8

Re:Does thonging with your children at the beach make other beach goers more tolerant towards you?

Date Posted:03/21/2016 03:03:35Copy HTML

 we didnt when our daughter was younger and we still dont worry about kids being around us and 9 times out of 10 we dont have any issues.
Happy_Thonger #9

Re:Does thonging with your children at the beach make other beach goers more tolerant towards you?

Date Posted:03/23/2016 02:14:18Copy HTML

I think the answer is yes, it does. We took a holiday to Bali and I was the only guy in the resort in only a thong at the beach and the pool every day. I was there with my family including my baby son. I was teaching him to be confident in the water and we were in everyone's faces every day. Im sure I had a better reception from all the other people including the other families because I was there with mine, and behaving like it was absolutely 100% normal, just like them, than if I had been on my own.
We all view each other in context of all the peripheral stuff that goes with us as individuals. That includes how we are behaving, sure, but it also includes the company we are with, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the neighborhood we are in, etc. This is no different. Being seen as a good, caring diligent parent will tilt the inclination to judge you based on your choice of skimpy swimwear in your favor. Some people will still not like it or approve of it, but there will definitely be some for whom it makes think, "oh, their just a bit different but who cares - hes/she's a good dad/mum, what a nice family."
LoveMyThongs #10

Re:Does thonging with your children at the beach make other beach goers more tolerant towards you?

Date Posted:03/14/2019 04:53:28Copy HTML

We all wear thongs but not at the beach in so cal. My wife and I yes but not with the kids. When we’ve travelled we go to the beach in our thongs as it’s not a big deal elsewhere. Thongs are our style of choice and it’s just awkward in the states. In South America we met another family who wore thongs too and like us it wasn’t weird. The husband and I hung out and chatted about family and life and his daughters were in thongs and it was fine. I wearing a wider strap and fuller back this year, my wife is going g string, daughter a thin strap with y back and my son the same. It’s fun to watch my kids mature and be comfortable with their bodes.
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