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Date Posted:03/05/2005 08:57:33Copy HTML

Well I did it....I usually wear a speedo while doing laps, but found an urge to thong it at my gym's pool. To get to our pool you have to go out of the locker room and down a flight of stairs. So, as I would with a speedo, I put on my thong. It was my Joe Snyder white thong. I find those to my liking because of the small back. I own about 7 of them. I wrapped myself with a towel as usual and headed down to the pool. I stopped to shower and the lifeguard walked by and saw me shower before entering the pool. I entered the pool deck to find that the lifeguard was alone and now sitting at the end of the pool reading. I went to the other end (the shallow end) and placed my towel on a chair. I felt so jacked to be standing in a tight - now sheer - white joe snyder thong. I dipped into the pool and place my googles on. My exposed cheeks felt fine with the cool water around them. I did laps for about a half hour and notices the guard walking around every now and then. I kept to my own thing. During my swim two other swimmers came in - one wearing long dork short and the other wearing short running short-like swim trunks. I was a bit nervous to get out, but my package must have liked the thought of it. It was pressed firmly with my thong, nearly exposed to all except for the thin white fabric. I put my goggle around my neck, jumped up onto the side of the pool and stood up. The two swimmers seemed not to notice - I think- and the life guard didn't even look - or so I thought. I went to get my towel to dry off and walked to the door to shower. I decided not to wrap myself. I showered and the toweled again and walked back upstairs to the locker room. Four guys were around my locker changing and talking. I wasn't sure if I could stand there changing while in a thong, but I did, I placed my towel on the bench and sat on it to open my lock. Before I put my clothes on the other guys went a little quiet but did not say anything. We had actually seen each other many times in the gym area so we sort of knew each other. I toweled off one my time and took my thong off. I had to decide to go without underwear or put on a speedo or another thong. I decided to wear nothing under my jeans and finished dressing. Oddly enough I finished before the four guys were done. As i was leaving I kepting thinking..I can't believe I did that...but I loved it.I did this on Wednesday and today (Saturday) when I went to do my laps, I wore my normal speedo. The same life guard said nothing to me as I swam for about an hour. When I got out he approached me. I thought he was going to say something about not wearing a thong. He said to me, "what? no thong today." I responded saying, "no not today maybe another day" He said, "take carel" And I left very satisfied.
nicthong #1

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:03/06/2005 08:44:18Copy HTML

Pleased to hear that you had the courage to do this. Often that 'first time' - whether the first time wear a thong, the first time on a beach, or the first time doing laps - is the hardest. It's good to hear that you went about it sensibly, keeping yourself to yourself and just getting on with things as normal (although I'm surprised you chose a white thong for your 'first time' - I guess you chose to get in at the deep end! - Sorry for the pun!). Hopefully some of us others can take inspiration from your confidence. Thanks for sharing the story.
Jazz Skirt #2

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:03/15/2005 11:01:03Copy HTML

Boy, I wish I was at your pool!  Mine is a huge,olympic-sized pool that's used for everything from adult laps (75 feet from one side of the pool to the other) to infant classes and old folks' water aerobics in the shallow end.  I tried their "unposted rules" by wearing a string bikini (strings on the sides only) for laps, and the lifeguard examined it after someone complained---and she okayed it.  Then I tried a string that had black-and-white stripes and was unlined.  When wet, the white stripes were transparent, and that brought the lifeguard over to suggest that I buy a new suit because mine was "becoming threadbare" and showing through.  It's obvious that the lifeguard is monitoring swimsuits closely, and it's also obvious that some uptight mothers are, too.  No chance to even make it to the water in a thong!
Byfordgstring #3

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:12/06/2005 09:22:21Copy HTML

For the last week or so I've been going swimming at my university pool in my TYR bikinis. After so long I enjoyed the swimming I was used to, with speed and comfort, something dork shorts never gave me. I pushed the limit when I wore the most teeniest bikini in my arsenal, a dark blue neon bikini bottom by SwimWell (an small chinese company), I noticed about everytime the female lifeguard was staring at me, she probably liked what she saw.
kevin1178 #4

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:03/23/2006 06:47:25Copy HTML

Going to make this short as my computer crashed before I could submit what I already had typed up. 

I have been wearing a rio thong from He swimwear at my gym to swim laps in.  Been wanting to wear a thong but wasn't sure if I was allowed.  Been pulling my rio up in the back to make it a thong and have been for a the last 2 weeks with nobody saying anything. 

Finally today I wore a speedo thong.  Not a word was said.  Older lady talked to me forever.  Lots of women have been looking.  Though to get to the womens locker room you do have to pass by the pool.  Though they still looking through a glass window.  Though boy did it feel good to have the water on my buns. 

Anyways don't care for the speedo thong as it covers so much in the front and doesn't tie.  Also seems that you have to pull the swimsuit up so much till its almost up to your belly button or have a bunch of loose fabric if you leave it pulled down some.  So I'm looking for recommendations for thong swimsuits to swim laps in.  Want something that ties and also has a liner so you cant see everything.

Curious as to how many other people swim laps at the gym or where ever in a thong.  The worst i've had in the rio or the rio pulled up as a thong was whistles or plese dont go was enjoying the view.

undercover20 #5

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:03/23/2006 11:58:04Copy HTML

Eventhough I still have yet to buy one of these, i'd recommend the Joe Snyder Rio Thong, kind of a narrow front but better than a speedo thong


shaved_thong_lover #6

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:03/23/2006 12:02:12Copy HTML

I swim laps in my Koala's all the time at our gym.  People dont seem to mind.
Pithecanthropus #7

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:05/30/2006 07:51:28Copy HTML

I haven't done that in a thong, but I do occasionally wear a Rio cut to do laps at my gym.   I'm pretty discreet about it, actually.  I usually wear a towel over it as I walk through the locker room to the pool, and on my way back after drying off.   It's not that I'm being timid, but it is all indoors, so I don't really have any any reason or desire to show it off in the men's locker room or bathroom on the way to the pool!    If it were a question of the opportunity to sun my buns, that'd be different.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #8

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:06/12/2006 10:43:31Copy HTML

I always swim laps in a Skinz banded thong at the pool in Santa Cruz, CA. Never had a problem. I don't bother with a towel around me before or after. I get out and lay in the sun for a while before hitting the showers.
wackymac #9

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:06/12/2006 01:14:25Copy HTML

What pool, Beached?  Harvey West?  SC High?
Beached_Santa_Cruz #10

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:06/13/2006 11:19:24Copy HTML

Harvey West
wackymac #11

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:06/13/2006 12:59:15Copy HTML

Thanks, Beached.  Lived in Santa Cruz from 1960 to 1999, Graduated from SC High in 1962. Spent lots of time at the Red, White and Blue beach but never thonged anyplace.  Wasn't into thongs then.  Now live in the Portland, Oregon area.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #12

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:06/15/2006 01:20:17Copy HTML

Everyone is cool at Harvey West. About a year ago a woman used to swim in the summer. She got into the pool in a one piece, pulled the back up into the crack of her ass, then rolled down the top to her waist. I can't figure out why she just didn't swim in a thong.

I started out wearing a Speedo thong, then went to a Skinz cutaway thong, then to the small banded thong. It's so low in front it comes down to my base. I keep the pubic hair shaved for a clean look. When the pool gets crowded I'm usually the first lane that a woman goes into when we have to share a lane.
sailor250 #13

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:06/18/2006 05:35:08Copy HTML

I've worn a g string to swim laps in a number of hotel pools around the US.  I've never had any problems as I'm usually there early or late in the day. 

I know I have to watch what color I wear because on more than one occasion I've been mistaken for nude by those walking by at night.  No trouble just some staring and once a comment between a couple.  Once a couple walking by at about midnight were a little tipsy.  The guy stops and stares at me then when I went by I said Hello.  He started a conversation about the pool and hotel.  His girlfriend who was standing back from the pool walks up to the edge about 10 feet down from him looks over the edge to get a good look at me standing in the water.  I was wearing a yellow Dore micro very low G string.  I know it didn't contrast well with my skin- she probably couldn't see it.  After  her husband /BFtalked to me for a few minutes with her standing there he turns and tosses his coat over his shoulder.  She was wearing a mini skirt and heels.  She walks up to me, crouchs down and in a low voice (I guess so he drunk boyfriend wouldn't hear) and just says "Enjoy your swim" with a big smile, stands up and walks after him.

At another place where the hotel has a bar and club that opens out onto the pool deck I went out in a towel and a low cut thong slipped it off and swam laps.  I stepped out and was drying off and looked up and a table of about 10 guys and girls was looking my way from about 20 ft. away.  One girl said Wow that's a small suit!

Spencer93727 #14

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:08/03/2006 12:40:19Copy HTML

I've mentioned elsewhere on this forum that I regularly swim laps at my health club in a thong.  I actually have three thongs that I rotate regularly: a royal blue thong from He Swimwear with 1" sides, a Skinz thong (M45, I think, with no liner but in a dark enough color that it doesn't become sheer), and a blue Sauvage thong from Undergear.  My favorite one is the Skinz thong, because even though it doesn't have a drawstring it is tight enough that it doesn't slide down when I swim.  (And it is quite durable and comfortable.)

I've been swimming laps almost exclusively in thongs since September of last year and so far have not received any negative reactions from anyone.  Occasionally, though, I see someone start to approach my lane as if they are going to start swimming in it, but when I approach the edge where they're standing they move to another lane.  I don't know if it's because they don't want to be near me (due to my thong)... 

I am always quite discreet.  I usually tuck a small towel into the rear waist of my suit when walking poolside so as not to be exposed.  I also try to swim at the least crowded times and when there are no children. 

I firmly believe that thongs are the most practical swimwear for lap swimming.  They don't have the annoying tendency to slide up your butt like regular speedos (in other words, they stay in place better than any other swimsuit), they have the least water resistance and the best support, and the feel of the water on your buns is just great.

mark_issac #15

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:08/03/2006 06:45:55Copy HTML

theres a small pool at the end of my road that is never really busy. ive been going during the day for the past couple of days, there are a few kids having lessons and mums sitting on the side. im going to go tomorrow at a time when there are no lessons on. ive been wearing normal swim shorts or tight swim shorts with a thong underneath. ive been walking around the changing rooms in just a thong and it feels great, but havent had the courage to wear it in the pool yet!
after reading this thread and a couple of others, ive come up with a plan. im going to wear my swim thong with my normal speedo trunks over the top. if its really not busy tomorrow, ill roll up my trunks to look like a thong and see how it goes. if anyone swimmers or lifeguards say anything then i can just say i got a wedgie and appologise. if it goes well i may wear a thong same time on monday. what does everyone think?
nadathing #16

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/06/2006 07:16:46Copy HTML

Swiming laps in a thong is something I have wanted to do for quite some time.  Recently I had the opportunity for several days and enjoyed it tremendously.  If you wish, you can read about it under the Inland Places category under the topic Marriott Coronado Island Resort (San Diego Area).  I would enjoy being able to do this routinely, but alas, I have no place nearby where it would be okay.
Ex_Member #17

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/07/2006 12:56:48Copy HTML

I'm looking for a good lap pool near brevard county in Florida that allows thongs - anyone know of any?

Also, I swam laps in a speedo thong at the 24hour fitness in Hermosa Beach, CA several times with no problem at all.
Ex_Member #18

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/23/2006 01:45:19Copy HTML

That is something I've always wanted to do, but I had just gone to the hot tube wearing my joe snyder thong. Maybe one of these days I will get brave enough to jump into the swimming pool wearing my thong.
JM_Runs #19

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/06/2007 09:33:28Copy HTML

Swam Laps Yesterday At My Local Gym In My "HOTLINE FROM HOUSTON" G-string. It Was Very Exciting To Be Swimming With 4 Or 5 Women

(all in very conservative swimwear). The Only Comment I Heard Was A Man In The Locker Room That Was Talking To His Friend That Said -

He Was Talking To A Women That Was Swimming Laps and She Said - Did You See That ? - Pretty Cool If You Ask Me !!!!

nadathing #20

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/11/2007 06:57:46Copy HTML

As indicated in a post above (10/6/06), I love my rare opporrtunities to swim laps in a Dore thong, but they are over the top for many situations and never something I could do at the local indoor pool I patronize. Now I'm wearing Muscleskin suits with a MP or Pro pouch, and a Rio or Full back (mostly the Rio).  Loving every minute of it.  If I'm in a conservative mood, I back off to my Skinz Cut-Away Rio suits, or if I'm really playing it safe to a Speedo Solar (1 in sides).  I don't own any suits more conservative than the Speedo Solar,  and I'm out at the skimpy end of the scale for that place as it is with the Speedos, let alone the Muscleskins.On occasion, some young women in standard bikinis are there to splash around.  Women there to swim laps are wearing one piece suits alomost always.  Only a few guys in any sort of Speedo or racing style suit and most of them with higher sides. 
JM_Runs #21

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/28/2007 04:44:29Copy HTML

Somebody might be interested in my 'graduation' to wearing a thong at a local swimming pool, so here goes! I'd been migrating slowly to thongs for underwear some of the time, but I'm very much a closet 'thonger', nothing public. However ... I'd bought a pair of Olaf Benz Beachees tanga swim briefs, and at the same thought I'd try the 'ministring' swimwear. I HAD NO INTENTION OF WEARING THESE IN PUBLIC, purely to see whether the fit was as good as their underwear. I swim reasonably regularly at a pool close to where I work, first thing in the morning, and one morning when I was there, and the pool and changing (UK for 'locker room' I think) room were completely empty, I thought "what the hell, if ever I'm going to wear a thong whilst swimming now is as good a time to give it a go". So I did. A short walk from the showers to the pool, and I was swimming. The mix of emotions was immense; it felt as close to 'skinny dipping' as you can legally get in UK public pool, every time the 'lifeguard' walk past the end of the pool I thought he was going to ask me to get out, but no ... nothing. Not a word. After 40 lengths (UK for 'laps') I was more relaxed, showered and left. I've been back 8 -10 times now, the ministring was starting to 'bleach' in the chlorine (I assume), so I'm now wearing Liquid '07 ministrings which are lined at the front, although slightly narrower. And so far no one has said a thing. I clearly get some enquisitive looks, and the showers are co-ed at this pool so there have been opportunities for some of both the ladies and blokes to get a reasonably close look, but I've realised that at that time of the day the pool is 'thong tolerant' - I think 'thong friendly' would be pushing it a bit. I've been back in the evening ONCE, but it was packed with students, and there was NOOOO WAAAAY I was wearing a thong then. I swim to enjoy the time, and I have to say wearing a thong has added to that pleasure, I don't want to experience abuse. I don't plan to wear anything more 'extreme', I am not an exhibitionist and I don't want to potentially compromise the tolerance that the pool staff obviously are giving me. I'll see how it continues in the future.
gsj #22

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/29/2007 12:43:44Copy HTML

tigerjac : where is your local pool?
JM_Runs #23

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:07/21/2007 05:18:35Copy HTML

Just to keep this thread alive, I continue to wear a thong swimsuit for early morning lap / length swimming at a big city public pool in the UK with no problem . I assume the staff and other swimmers have got used to me. I am the on,ly onr swimming in a thong, and there is complete mix of about 10-15 people each time, mixed showers, lockers and individual changing cubicles. Both staff and swimmers have been up close to me, so there is no question that they can see what I am wearing, but no comments one way or the other. Having just got back from a holiday on somewhat Greek islands where I was able to walk, swim and sunbathe in just a thong for a whole week, it is great not to have revert to shorts to swim in. Isn't the 21st century a wonderful time to live in!
nicthong #24

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/11/2007 03:07:53Copy HTML

Although I haven't found the nerve to try swimming laps in a thong at my gym I did decide to use the resort pool while on holiday to swim laps in a thong. The first time I used the pool I used an ultra low bikini from N2N then tried a Joe Snyder Capri bikini and then later, when tanning in a thong in the grounds, decided to use the pool in my thong and from then on realised if I could cool off in the pool in a thong I could swim my laps in one too! Turned a lot of heads but loved the freedom!
undercover20 #25

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/17/2007 02:04:00Copy HTML

I was at a pool like you guys, but I wasn't doing laps, instead I was Springboard Diving!

This nearby university I go to, I usually wear a dore narrow front string side with a 3 1/2 inch back, and every time I dive in that, my suit tries to slide off or it turns itself into a thong when I don't want it too. So about 5 or 10 minutes into me being there, I walked up to the lifeguard and showed her my Blue Speedo thong and asked her if it's ok if I wear it, and without hesitation she said yes. So for about 4 hours, I was diving and flipping through the air in a thong and it felt great. I'm sure I was getting all kinds of looks from her when I wasn't looking and I got a very sexy goodbye from her as well.

Has anyone else out there been diving in a thong?
DavyJ #26

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/23/2007 11:53:52Copy HTML

That sure sounds like fun, Undercover!  I have never been diving, and my first thought is that I am not sure if my thong would stay in place.  Maybe it wouldn't be any more likely to fall off than any other suit, but I don't know.

My big problem, is where to find a diving board now a days.  It seems that almost all pools have removed their boards; I am guessing the excess of lawyers in the US may have something to do with that.

I like your approach of using your "problem" with your dore bikini as an excuse to wear your thong.  I will remember that if I find a diving board.

undercover20 #27

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/27/2007 06:25:01Copy HTML

I went diving again at another pool in a thong, but I had to get out of it because it was acting up, and then when I changed I came back and there were toddlers at the pool.

JM_Runs #28

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/27/2007 09:07:57Copy HTML

I think "toddlers"  don't care what you wear, just don't land on top of them.
undercover20 #29

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/28/2007 05:10:20Copy HTML

I know, but some parents are so up tight and according to them, it's illegal to wear a thong. I suppose if I were at the beach, that'd be one thing, but I kinda feel weird doing that at a pool with kids around. And sooner or later, a parent would have a problem with that and one of the lifeguards would ask me to cover up, even though I was already OK'd
JM_Runs #30

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/14/2007 01:02:34Copy HTML

I recently started attending UCF (University of Central Florida). They have two pools on campus, a lap pool and a lounge pool. The lounge pool has a page of rules, one of which says "No thongs or transparent swimwear." However, the lap pool had no such sign. I asked the lifeguard (a 20 some year old girl) if my speedo thong was okay, and she said she hadn't heard of any restrictions. The gym is two floors, with a long glass wall on both floors overlooking the pool - so everyone on the 2nd floor can see the pool from above! I spent about 45 minutes doing laps in that pool with no problem. I went back again the next weekend and started swimming right away without asking. This time there were two female lifeguards, and one radioed back if my thong was acceptable. After about 20 minutes, a guy came over and told me I had to cover up with a different suit. Oh well, it was enjoyable while it lasted.

However, I would like to send a letter to the UCF gymnasium management. I find it hard to believe that a university in Florida would not be accepting of thong swimwear, on girls or guys. I know that Orange county (where UCF is located) has no policy concerning thongs. I'm sure the school is going to say that thongs are not conducive to a learning environment, but I find that argument has little weight because the bikini's the girls wear at the lounge pool are pretty darn distracting as is. I find it odd that I can wear a thong at Wet n' Wild, which is 20 minutes away, but not at a the local university pool! Does anyone have any experience or success stories with a letter campaign that can help me with developing a logical argument for them to rescind their policy? Thanks!
beachfolks #31

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/15/2007 09:26:55Copy HTML

Cyber- From an old skeptic- Part of your learning experience is to pick fights in which you have a chance to win. If you are dealing with a management group which will not yield, you have a lot to lose by opposing them. Go around them and do it on the sly or get a group to wear thongs so they can't refuse.
undercover20 #32

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/16/2007 10:00:08Copy HTML

Went diving in the thong today, without asking, it was the greatest thing, til i messed up my back, lol
prolapsed #33

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/29/2007 09:55:52Copy HTML


I usually wear speedo solar 1" in my local ymca pool but have been wanting to wear something even smaller. I have a perfect swimmers body, body wax and go in the pool all the time.

I decided to go with a black speedo thong, one of the older ones with 1/2 sides. I was really a little nervous before entering the pool area. So I showered went out. I see this older lady swimming look right at me I get in the pool. She gets out right away, I dont think it was about me just about how fat she was and had to stop swimming. So I was alone swimming laps in my thong. I did notice the female lifeguard checking me out and thought my fun was over. Guess I was being paranoid the whole time. Never got bothered just a few turned heads.
tylerthorpe #34

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/31/2007 07:38:46Copy HTML

I'm surprised you were able to pull of wearing a thong at the YMCA with it being such a family oriented place. I know that where I live the YMCA would never allow that. I just stick to nothing smaller than a speedo solar and even with that I am considerably under dressed compared to most guys. What city are you in if i may ask?
prolapsed #35

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:02/13/2008 02:21:57Copy HTML

I want to update on my Ymca thoning. Well its technically inapropriate to wear a thong according to the aquatic director at my local Y but I did find a loophole.  There is actually no posed rule and the appropiate atire rule in defined as cuttofs and jeans not thongs! I had thonged before in the later hours and no lifeguard stoped me.  I spoke to the female lifeguard who was in the pool while I was lap swimming chated for a while  and she said she its was cool for the adult swim time 830-10pm as long a the conservtive aquatic director is not around. So I now swim laps in my black speedo thong with some friendly assurance
nadathing #36

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:02/13/2008 08:55:14Copy HTML

As indicated above, I have enjoyed swimming laps in a Dore Torpedo thong at a resort pool (see entry from 10/6/06), but have had few opportunities. I usually am doing laps in brief bikinis at my local place, which is family oriented and even has high school teams (in season).

The most conservative suits I own are Speedo 1" (nominal) bikinis. Also I wear Skinz Cutaway Rios, and the briefiest I wear there is usually a Muscleskins MP-Rio. I have several Skinz Skinny Side Rio styles (the Skinny Side, the Banded, and the Super Low - my favorite), but I have been reluctant to wear them there. I can't fully explain this because the coverage as about the same as the Muscleskins MP-Rio, with a less prodruding pouch. (I have a couple of Muscleskins MPXs, but they are not for that place.)But that is changing!

I just had a short trial membership at another local place with similar clientel, and I decided at the beginning to go briefer during the trial. Started with a Muscleskins Pro-Rio, then a Muscleskins MP-Rio on the next visit. Thought that might bring a problem when early on a manager type who happened to be at the pool noticed me and immediately started following me along the side and getting closer as I got to the end of the lane. (This wasn't an MP vs Pro issue as I was doing a crawl stroke. What he was able to notice was the 1/2' wide sides and the Rio back.) He watched me for several laps and for a while he was joined by a couple of his guards (female I recall.) They may or may not have been discussing me, but they were watching. But my worry was for naught because they never bothered me.

So the next time I wore a Dore string bikini with a 5" front and 5" back. The 5" back has essentially the same coverage as a Muscleskins Rio back and the front has a bit more coverage than the Skinz suits. Then on the final two visits I wore a couple of different Dore 4" x 4" suits. These are very narrow backs and required frequent adjustments to avoid slipping into thongs, and perhaps did. The last was a red and white stripe suit with the white stripes being transparent against the skins when wet.

I enjoyed the opportunities, but I prefer my regular place to swim. So now I'm starting to include my Skinz Skinny Side Rio styles in my wardrobe for community lap swimming at my regular place.
JM_Runs #37

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:03/16/2008 01:54:47Copy HTML

Anyone know where I can swim laps in a thong near Orlando, FL?  I asked the Cocoa Beach pool manager and was denied.  I was also told to change at the UCF pool (where I am a student). 
russ3985 #38

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:03/29/2008 01:34:17Copy HTML


      Anyone in west michigan want to  swim laps in a thong East Hills Athletic Club allows it.  I have just joined and discussed the idea with the managers and they all approved. I am thankful for the freedom they allow. Maybe the fact that they were all women had something to do with their approval. I'm not sure. I did tell them if anyone objected that I would cover up or leave the pool. I don't want to offend anyone. 
russ3985 #39

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:03/30/2008 09:56:14Copy HTML

I hope someone joins me at EHAC. I have checked with the supervisors and they gave the ok. I tell them every time I swim what I am going to swim in. Nobody has complained or been offended yet according to the management.
DavyJ #40

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/01/2008 10:43:24Copy HTML

Congratulations.  Sounds like you have a good thing going.  I would join you if it were closer.  This is precisely what more of us on this board need to do at our local clubs.  My suggestion is to stick with the thong all season, regardless of whether anyone joins you or not.  You may get discouraged at first, but if you stick with it long enough, there is a good chance that you will eventually have company.  And even if no one else does, the more you thong the more "mainstream" it will appear to everyone else that uses the pool, so you will be less likely to get compaints as time goes on.
russ3985 #41

Re:Doing laps in a thong

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Thanks for the encouragement. I find it interesting , the sales person which showed me around the club and talked about all of the details was a Africian- American lady about mid 30's. When I asked about thong wearing she didn't hesitate, and answered "Yes".

I had some free passes given to me, and when I used them I made sure to ask if swiming in a thong is ok. They all said yes with a smile.

Earlier this week I used a lane for my lap swim during an arthritis class of 12 senior citizen ladies. They all turned around and looked and laughed. I am not sure if their instructor said something or not.

When the left I said to the instructor, "I hope I didn't cause any heart probllems for them."
She replied, "They will be talking about it for a while."

The guys which swim and see my thong act like I'm gay or something. I'm straight as an arrow. The gals seem to be more accepting of the thongs. Most just smile. A smile is approval isn't it?
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Re:Doing laps in a thong

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Believe me, a smile from a women is approval....disapproval looks totally different.
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Re:Doing laps in a thong

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 Yes smiles are usually aproverls nice to see this topic going

Nothing beats swimming laps in a thong period keep it up!

I have a similar comfortable arangement with my athletic club sure is nice having some normalcy.
russ3985 #44

Re:Doing laps in a thong

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I just wish I could see at least someone else join me in swiming laps in a thong. I feel like the only fish in the water. I know west mi. is conserveative but I know there have to be some other thong wearers around who like to swim to stay fit
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Re:Doing laps in a thong

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Sorry Russ but East Hills is about 45 min away don't have time to join a gym that far away.  It's starting to warm up then back to the beach!
russ3985 #46

Re:Doing laps in a thong

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Sailor 25, I would like to meet yousomeday. Yes weather is starting to warm up. We are usually at the beach on Sat. I like to swim so in the past we go when the water gets warm. I am not sure I like to drive that far just to tan. Russ
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Re:Doing laps in a thong

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 I got the urge to put down my speedo solor 1" i went swimming in my gyms pool today it my navy speedo thong,  I find at most gyms best things to do it just wear the thong see what happens. A
I walked out of the shower area into the pool area, it was crowded all lanes in use. I just streched out for a while and eneded up
having to ask another swimmer to share a lane. I hoped in and she entoduced herself , ( a rare thing at health clubs)  and said she wated to just share sides, not circle swim. I shared the lane for 45mins with no problmes. She did comment on my suit saying she did not know speedo made a swim thong and if it was comfortable to wear. By far one of my best pool experiances
20897 #48

Re:Doing laps in a thong

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 I swim 3 times a week at my local 24 Hour Fitness Club in a rio back or a Joe Synder Capri which is almost a half back. I get the usual stares and some smiles. I never tried a thong for lap swimming but would really like to. Has anyone tried or asked to wear a thong at a 24 Hour Fitness Club? Thanks for any responses.
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Re:Doing laps in a thong

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I belonged to 24 Hour Fitness where I used to live (unfortunately I dont have one where I currently reside) and yes they seem to thong friendly. There rules only state that swimwear should be worn in the pool but no description of any type of prohibited swimwear.

I swam laps 2-3 times a week, usually in the evening and I have a few different suits that I would wear. A hot pink Jovana thong that has a very narrow front, a white Joe Snyder thong, and a Fuschia Sauvage thong, all of which definately got me some looks and stares, but usually just a smile from the women swimming and strange looks from the guys but I never had any problems or people complain as far as I know.

The first time I did it I was really nervous of the reaction I might get from people and it felt really good to walk out to the pool in the smallest of thongs as I never really wanted to cover up with a towel or anything because it just seemed to me if I covered up it was like I was doing something wrong.

One night I even worked up the courage to wear one of my Koala micro thongs with a very very minimal front and back, leaving very little to the imagination. After doing about 20 laps I noticed a couple of women looking over in my direction and smiling. After a few moments they walked over to me and told me how much they liked my suit and that they thought I looked really good in it. Seems they thought more men should have the marbles to wear thongs.

Too bad I don't have any 24 Hour Fitnes clubs near me now because I never had any problems there at all.
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Re:Doing laps in a thong

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 I just wanted to say thank you to everyone here. I just got back from a 24 Hour Fitness. I swam laps in my Speedo thong. It was great. Because of the posts here, I was not that nervous to walk around in my thong. I got no comments, just a few looks. I am going to go back tomorrow, this time with a bottle of water so I can swim longer then a few hundred yards. Thanks again.
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