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DavyJ #51

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:06/24/2008 12:26:32Copy HTML

Congratulations, ThongGuy2c!!  Keep up the good work.
JM_Runs #52

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:06/25/2008 11:32:04Copy HTML

 everyone needs to wear a thong in the pool once its great
thongguy2c #53

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:06/25/2008 07:23:56Copy HTML

Well the rules at the 24 hour fitness say "proper swim attire". I think that they wrote it that way so every club can make it's own choice. I also have to admit, that I did not go to the club that was close to my house. I figured that if they every said something to me, I could just stop going to that one, and not lose access to the club near me. I have been going almost every day and so far no one has said anything. I know that club personal have seen me, including female employees, but no one has said anything  yet. Also, because this is not my normal club, I have established myself as the "thong guy". I think that it would be a bit strange to just show up to the club that I have been going to for years and start wearing a thong. Good luck to you SlidingG. I can be anonymous at the club I go to, because there are hundreds of them all around the US, and if I ever was told to stop, I would just switch clubs.

JM_Runs #54

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:07/04/2008 05:39:16Copy HTML

I swam at my regular pool in a thong for the first time two days ago!
It was a planned situation, but no problems! I just went in without my normal Waveline bikini in my bag, and only took a thong with me. As I was going in (5:30am, in the middle of winter here!) I just asked the young lady on the front desk if it was OK to wear a thong swimming laps, because I'd forgotten to put my regular bikini back in my bag. I said I wouldn't if she thought anyone would be worried by it. She said it was fine, go ahead, as long as I was OK with it! Was I ever!
I left the changeroom with my towel around me, chatting with a couple of regulars I've come to know well. There was only myself and one other guy swimming in the outdoor pool at this time of the day. All the older people exercise in the indoor heated pool only. When I got in I was fairly nervous, I'll admit. I said to the other guy in the lane beside me not to look sideways this morning, as I'd forgot my gear and had my thong on that I normally only wear to the beach. He said 'No Worries, but I'm gonna tell our old mate inside, and he'll give you heaps!'
Anyway, you guys are right! You HAVE to swim in your thong at least once in your life! It's the best thing I've EVER worn doing laps! You feel like you're doing 100mph! I'm shaved 'nose-to-toes' as well, and the feeling is great!
I've swam the last two mornings in a Skins 1/2" side, rio-back suit. Having no lining in that it good too, but not as good as the thong. I thought if the 'forgot' routine was to be plausible, I'd need to 'remember' my regular stuff the next day. But the pool is now closed for two weeks for maintainence, so I might hit it first day back in a thong, and just continue with that from now on.
thongguy2c #55

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:07/05/2008 03:08:06Copy HTML

 SlidingG,"It's better to ask for forgiveness then permission." I don't know who said that quote, but in your case it would have worked. When I started swimming in my thong at my club, I checked the rules. There was no rule that said I could not wear a thong, so I just went for it. (After reading here about other people's success.)This goes for everyone on this board who want's to swim laps in a thong. Check your clubs rules, and if they don't say "no thongs" then go for it. If the rule is vague, like at my club, "proper swim attire must be worn," still wear a thong. Worst case is someone tells you that you can't, then switch back to "normal" swim suits. I agree with what Thongmad said, swimming laps in a thong is the best swimming you will ever do. I can't wait until I have some money again so I can go back to Hawaii and swim in the ocean. Living in the bay area, you can't swim in the ocean without a wetsuit. 
skinzthong #56

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:07/05/2008 03:00:46Copy HTML

I would suggest those guys interested in mustering the guts to thong at their club or public pools for thongs, lapping or tanning, consider trying out this suit from Skinz to start with...can easily be hiked up for full thong when the 'appropriate' environment presents itself, then pulled back down for more modest coverage when needed.  Its worked very well for me...very skimpy back coverage to start with.


or go to www.skinzwear.com then to men's rio and then to sunseeker rio.

Also, for the more adventurous, I also wear the 'pistol pouch' look on occasion, this comes in both rio and thong back...I'll link to both here, or go to home web site, then either rio or thong, then to 'men's pistol'....this comes also with a padded 'PRO' front pouch, but that model is not good for water, you could order it without the PRO lining.

rio cut (pull it up) version 


and thong version

sheerdelight #57

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:07/05/2008 04:01:05Copy HTML

I have a sunseeker suit in wet look turquoise. I haven't been brave enough to wear it yet to the pool. That said it is only marginally smaller than the skinny side rio suit that I have worn.

Maybe some day soon!!!!!!!!

Has anyone worn a packman to the pool for laps. The front is incredibly small and I find it a bit of a squeeze to fit everything it.

Interested to hear how the front of the packman compares to front of JS capri and kini fronts that I understand are small up front too.
JM_Runs #58

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:07/07/2008 09:50:50Copy HTML

I think, with my limited experience, that the ideal suit for lapping would probably be the Skinz 1/2" side thong with no front lining, or perhaps the cutaway version. Not too revealing, but brief enough, and the exclusion of the lining is a must (after trying their rio-back 1/2" side unlined suit, I'm convinced!) A solid colour like black or royal blue would do the modesty thing when wet, as would be appropriate I think.
Now just find the courage and DO IT!
JM_Runs #59

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:07/08/2008 05:23:27Copy HTML

My response to sheerdelight's query on the JS capri front. I have been swimming in one at different pools and the front is relatively conservative, about a 2/3rd cover. Not as narrow as an OB ministring thong front which I have worn regularly(probably 1/2 cover), or the JS rio thong which is my limit for pool swimming, covers everything (1/4 cover) but only just, and is more beachwear than pool.
thongguy2c #60

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:07/08/2008 11:10:44Copy HTML

 Thongmad (and others),Just go for it. As long as the rules at your gym don't single out thongs and g-strings, then just wear one and do some laps. Today I went to my local 24 Hour Fitness, put on my black thong Speedo, and acted the same as I do when I have on a normal Speedo. I did not make a big deal out of it, but I did not try and cover up more then I would normally. Yes, I got some looks, but no one said anything. I even had the aqua-fit instructor walk by me and smile, but no negative comments about my type of swimsuit. I think that the girl at the front desk smiled at me as well. I know she could see me on the security cameras.I figure that the worst case is that they say I can't wear my thong anymore. I would be no worse off then before. I don't think that  they could kick me out of the club, because there are no rules saying I can't wear a thong. I have been swimming for over 3 weeks now, almost every day, in a thong, and I have yet to have someone say something to me. 
It's really a lot of fun to swim in a thong, but in the end, when, like me, you are training for a long swim event, it's not something that you care about when doing laps. It's great knowing you have on a thong, but regardless if I had on a thong or a normal Speedo, I did my 1500 yards, and got out. 
thongguy2c #61

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:07/09/2008 06:30:06Copy HTML

 Well living in California, all the triathlons that I have done have a no thong rule. Tri-California runs the events and the director is very religious. That said, my event that I want to do in August is the Alcatraz Challenge Swim. It is a 1.5 mile (+ adjustment for current) swim where you jump off a boat next to the island and swim to shore. Being that the water is about 40 to 50 degrees F, I will be in a full wetsuit with neoprene hat. I doubt that I will have a thong on under my wetsuit, but you never know. In the mean time, I am working my way up to 3000 yards in the pool, in about an hour to an hour and a half. I figure if I can do that, the swim to shore will not be that bad. So if anyone want's to join me, I will be swimming at the Capital and Mackee 24 Hour fitness in San Jose, Ca, pretty much every morning. My hours very, but are almost always before 9am.
John Howard #62

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:07/13/2008 01:55:39Copy HTML

Hey Thongmad, you're very cheeky mate, made me  laugh from the beginning to the end of your story.
I think you couldn't do it any better, the time of the day, the towel around your waist in the beginning, the icebreaking comment to your swimming mate at the pool, let alone the question to the person at the counter about forgetting your usual togs and only having your thongs in your bag.  And the icing on the cake:  the pool is closed for maintenance, so any possible "negative" impression from other swimmers will be forgotten until the pool opens back later on.
But the main thing is:  You already did it. 
I must admit I haven't got the courage to do something like this yet;  I'm just a casual swimmer once a week when taking the kids for swimming lessons at the local pool, and do a few laps when they are at their lessons.  
Maybe if I went very early in the morning, and did the towel wrapped around my waist before, don't know.   I'm still more a gym boy than a swimming pool one.  
I still catch a lot of attention by just wearing a 1/2 inch Andreas Cahling string bikini at the swimming lessons time (10:45 am on Saturdays); obviously this is a busy time with heaps of children and their parents.   I've got befriended by at least 5 or 6 women swimmers, some of them Mums who are doing laps while their kids swim, and others just young middle age lady swimmers.   I must admit, I do  enjoy the attention of these ladies.  I think l also got some dirty looks from some dads, they might not like me very much, but to be honest, that makes me quite happy.  (they can go to hell)
My current dilemma is the colour of my suits at the pool.   I have these AC 1/2 inch string bikinis is all colours, and so far I've only had the guts to wear at the swimming pool the more conservative colours like black, red, blue, green....   I've never worn the yellow one, lime green, orange, or pink.   Not at that time of the day at least.  It's hard to be so odd when the briefest suit around you is a conservative 1 1/2 inch black speedo!!   But must admit, your story inspired me and became the last nail in the coffin for my old 1 1/2 inch speedos.

Great posting Thongmad,  shows how intelligence, confidence and even a bit of sense of humour, can do so much for public relations of male thongers.   And the main thing:  to have fun wearing a thong.
I just have one question:  how did the pool attendant react when he/she saw you?   Personally, sometimes I feel a bit intimidated by these young men and lads;  they are just there, watching, and in my case, whenever I greet them on Satdays at the pool, they give a big smile back to me.  Would it be an "approval" smile, or a "here we go again with the middle age bloke and his tiny bikinis" smile?    who knows,  (and who cares!!)

John Howard
pedalpower50 #63

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:07/13/2008 03:46:47Copy HTML

Sounds like a good day all the way around. I hope the perceived acceptance is real. However, most people in similar situations won't confront you directly. They'll complain to the neighborhood association, which then prompts a letter telling you that, because of the "children" and "family" atmosphere at the pool that you should henceforth wear "appropriate" swimwear.
Either way, good luck.
JM_Runs #64

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:07/14/2008 08:23:31Copy HTML


Thanks for the positive comments. Humour nearly always works in an acceptance situation like that, I've found.
As for the pool attendants, I didn't have any problems. The girl on the front desk is in a separate room at the front of the complex, and would have had to walk outside in the less than 10 degrees C conditions to see me. Not a chance! The guy who uncovers and sets up was out there working around the side of the pool. I get along well with him, as all of the regulars do. On my way out, I said to him 'Sorry about the view this morning, I forgot my gear!' He just had a chuckle and went about his business.

As far as colours go, I stick with the darker solids so as not to look like I'm trying to show anything through the fabric when wet. I think the pool is a situation where a little conservatism at least should be shown, especially in an unlined suit! Bright colours like limes and pinks just aren't my thing, but I wouldn't condemn others for wearing them. If your suits are lined, I'd reckon they're OK for a pool. At the beach I think it's a fair bit more 'anything goes' to a certain extent, depending on the beach. I'm sure you know what I'm saying here! That said however, I'd like to see the reaction with a more brightly coloured suit, but I'd need the full support of my wife with me, knowing that she thought I looked good in what I was wearing. She's a very good barometer for these sort of things!

Good luck, and let us know how you go!
JM_Runs #65

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:07/25/2008 11:53:32Copy HTML

Well I'm back at the pool this week, and have swam every day in my thong. Absolute Bliss!
It's not really hard to pull off, as it's still dark when I swim (the pool is floodlit) and the crowd is thin as you would imagine, being 5:30am in winter! (Air temp around 10 Celcius, water around 22). I just stroll out with my towel around my waist, drop it on the benches outside next to the end of the pool, swim my 1km, and dry off and wear the towel back inside to the change room. No problems!
Wish I'd done it years ago! (but we've ALL heard that one before)
JM_Runs #66

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:08/16/2008 07:23:49Copy HTML

 Hey everyone just found out that Gold Gym is very thong friendly. I assume all there facalites are similar. Swam for a hour with no problems, felt awesome
redraider55 #67

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:08/19/2008 07:02:06Copy HTML

Unfortunately, the Gold's Gym in my town doesn't have a pool. But, not all Gold's Gyms are the same. Many are corporate-owned, while the one I belong to is a franchise. The membership pricing is very different between them with the franchise a lot more expensive.
ozthong #68

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/01/2008 11:26:27Copy HTML

Very happy using my Musclekins Athlete Full Seat for my daily swims. The 1/2 inch side makes this swimwear the skimpiest I have seen in the swim centre. I also use the Athlete Thong to sunbake at South Melbourne beach. Thinking of getting the Seamless Micro soon.
sheerdelight #69

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/01/2008 01:59:07Copy HTML

Yes Muscleskins outfits will probably be smallest found around any  swim centre!
John Howard #70

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/11/2008 05:10:39Copy HTML


I don't think Musclekins Athlete Full Seat would be the skimpiest to wear in the swim centre.  I think that the back side of the Full Seat style is a bit too large.
The skimpiest one to wear, in my opinion, would be the MP Half Seat (Rio back), second would be the Athelete Half Seat, and then the Athlete Full Seat. Muscleskins have improved the Athelete Half Seat, it's bit more roomy and doesn't ride up as much as the old Rio style. Great for swimming laps,  only second to wearing a thong, gets a lot of attention before jumping in the pool and before going to the showers.

I couldn't imagine anything skimpiest than this style, next would have to be a thong.

John Howard  
ozthong #71

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/11/2008 10:25:05Copy HTML

John Howard,

I tried using a half-back (using Joe Snyder Capri) for my swims, but I was reprimanded by the life guard at Melbourne City Baths saying that my bathers look like a thong/g-string and they have a policy where underwear and thong/g-string bathers are not allowed anywhere. Since then, I just stick to anything bigger than a half-back to avoid another reprimand.

John Howard #72

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/12/2008 09:37:33Copy HTML


I can't believe they reprimanded you because of that.
Was this policy written down anywhere to be seen, like to warn people not to wear a g-string? I swim my laps in the northern suburbs, and have never seen any policies like that on the board.   Unless it's not written down?  Perhaps you should have contested it, as you can prove that a Half Back is definitely NOT a g-string or underwear.  But I understand maybe it was not worth it, why jeopardise your daily exercise in the pool. So far I haven't had any  problems with my Half Backs here (as yet). Would be interesting to see if they want me to stop wearing a half back, while on the other hand they allow men and women (muslims) to jump in the swimming pool with trousers, tops and even socks. John Howard
ozthong #73

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/17/2008 11:55:58Copy HTML

John Howard,

The policy of not wearing thongs/g-string and underwear was clearly posted on both ends of the lap pool. The funny thing is, sometims, I see people use the pool and spa using sports shorts, the thing normally used when running or playing football or even walking shorts (and wearing underwear, talk about pool hygiene), and they can get away with it. I also noticed one time, a guy came in wearing bonds trunks and was quickly asked by one of the lifeguards to change. Well, I am now sticking to 1/2 inch to 1 inch fullback swimwear when doing my laps. I might probably experiment on 3/4 back styles and see how it goes.

JM_Runs #74

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/21/2008 05:01:09Copy HTML

 I have found my golds to be thong normal, i swim laps all the time there in the speedo thong no problems ever
BlueTrain #75

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/07/2008 11:01:59Copy HTML

Sometimes if you are doing something that pushes the envelope, be it wearing a thong in the municipal pool or going naked on a deserted beach a mile from the nearest person, if it isn't against the rules, it may soon be, and you won't have any input to the issue. Likewise, sometimes if you ask if something is permitted, if the something is borderline (or pushes the envelope) or downright objectionable to the people with the loudest voice, then sooner or later, it won't be permitted.

One of my pet theories is that it used to be that people had a finer sense of hypocrisy and of not seeing certain things for what they were, though I could be all wrong about that. For instance, at one time within living memory it was common in some parts of the United States for guys to swim nude at the local YMCA, high school or college pool and in fact, I did once myself. It was a college pool in Massachusetts. I have never set foot inside a YMCA nor do I know of a high school that had a pool but nonetheless, it was a fact. It was but isn't any more. What happened?
kbrady #76

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/07/2008 01:37:05Copy HTML

A few weeks ago I was staying at a Holiday Inn Express in Utah and decided to give the thong a try in the pool.  I waited until late, around 10:00pm and everyone else was out of the pool, then called the front desk and asked if thongs were okay in the pool.  The (very cute) girl was a bit surprised by the tone in her voice, but said "sure" so I headed to the pool.  On the way, I passed right by the front desk and the girl gave me the biggest smile.  I spent the next hour in the pool and had a great time. 
That episode gave me courage to try more hotel pools in my thong.  I recently stayed at the Hilton in Seoul and braved the pool in just a thong with 2 young women and an older lady.  They started smiling and chattering when they saw me, but they didn't seem to mind.
barebunz #77

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/08/2008 02:49:14Copy HTML


The last time I saw a YMCA with nude swimming was in 1973, though there may still be some with times reserved for it.  Anybody know of one?

Originally, the rule was to protect filter systems from lint, once a problem when swimwear fabric commonly included wool.  High school and college pools often observed the same custom with sexually segregated sessions. What happened was that wool suits became history and the organization began pushing family memberships.

Hmmm, family Ys often have special events.  Wouldn't a country picnic, complete with skinnydipping at the "ole swimming hole" be neat.

JM_Runs #78

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/08/2008 07:48:58Copy HTML

 My my... how the rules have changed. Being in my mid twenties I can't imagine a place allowing children to swim nude without the fear of sex offenders. I guess it's just the mentality I grew up with. Everything today is scare tactics after all....
beachfolks #79

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/09/2008 01:37:12Copy HTML

 Yes scare tactics in the US explains it well. Europe does not have this hangup.

I'm another old guy who grew up swimming bare at the Y and later at a large land grant state College where swimming was actually required to graduate (You had to pass a swimming test to graduate with a BS-They were very serious about it-lots of the profs and staff were WWII vets) and men and women swam bare at different hours (we were told). I can't vouch for the women, but they used the same pool.
BlueTrain #80

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/09/2008 11:59:52Copy HTML

There is a nudist club in Virginia that had a summer camp for kids. Naturally once the conservative media and politicians found out about it, there was a big fuss. This was a few years ago and I don't know whatever happened to the summer camp. However, around the same time, there were also a couple of incidents of some camp counselor at a church run summer camp molesting some kids, so the first impressions may just not be accurate. Clothing does not protect a child from a molester.

But more to the topic, I am the one in the family that wears thongs but it is my wife who is the lap swimmer. She only swims at an outdoor pool, which closed a month ago. I did once swim wearing a virtually transparent suit at an indoor pool where we lived but that wasn't a thong. Yes, it pushed the envelope.

Now about the reasoning for not wearing swimsuits at the Y, I think there may have been an element of economy present originally, back during the depression, which in some places lasted for 20 years, you know. A swimsuit would have been something else to buy and money was scarce. Can't speak about the women but they are always more clothes conscious and modest, mostly. However, regarding the rationale for not wearing swimsuits because lint clogs filters, I think that if you wanted to really keep the pool clean, you could throw all the swimsuits in the pool and keep out the people and it would be cleaner. It defeats the purpose but think about it. I just like to hear honest reasons for things.

Pity, though, no more Speedo thongs. I had a couple, purchased directly from Speedo. A little on the tight side for the size for otherwise nice. Probably still available somewhere or other.

Now, about scare tactics. I hate to have to apologize for the behavior of some Americans. We're democratic, you know. But in a democracy, you can vote to have someone put to death. I haven't heard of head scarves being banned, though. About India, there are some religious people there who do not wear clothes and own only a couple of possessions. They survive by begging, just like some bankers are now. However, some more progressive Indians are a little embarassed by these holdovers from the past.
DoreFan #81

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:12/11/2008 06:29:05Copy HTML

My wife and I were at a fancy hotel's indoor pool one night. I brought along a couple of Dore 2" and 6" sliding thongs. I had previously worn the 6" one on a previous visit. When we got there, there wasn't anyone in the pool, so I opted for the 2" thong this time.

We were having fun swimming back and forth in our private pool for quite a while but then a lady showed up with two little kids. The kids got in the water with us and swam while their mother sat at the edge of the pool watching them. We continued swimming for a while but eventually had to get out. I was a little nervous at this point because my thong would be visible to the lady and her kids without the water covering me.

Right when we got out, another guy walked into the pool room wearing dork shorts that went below his knees. I bet we looked like quite a pair at the opposite ends of the spectrum in swimwear. He quickly turned around and left the room as I went to put on my robe. The lady and her kids probably saw me in the thong but didn't react in any way. I wondered if the guy left the room because of me? He eventually did return to the pool room but I had left by then.
JM_Runs #82

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:01/04/2009 02:03:21Copy HTML

 I still swim laps at my Golds Gym pool and wear a speddo thong no one has said or done anything so I 'm loving it
JM_Runs #83

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:02/15/2009 01:52:27Copy HTML

I saw a female thonger at my golds gym for the first time, most girls there where bikinis in the coed pool sauna area. This gal had on a ring side black thong not a string thong more regular cut she swam and was in the sauna. I was impressed. Golds Gyms has to be one of the most thong friendly places to go.
nadathing #84

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/11/2009 05:11:00Copy HTML

As described in my earlier posts, I normally swim laps at a public indoor pool with a family type crowd.  No thongs.  Thesae days I'm wearing Muscleskins with the Half Back (Rio Back) on most occasions.  I rarely see any guys wearing anything as small as a 1" Speedo bikini and no thongs by male or female ever.  Women swimming laps are mostly on one piece suits of course, and some are pretty good looking and have attractive high cut legs or plunging necklines.  A limited percentage wear bikinis, but usually they are not cutting edge.  Some younger women and girls are wearing bief bikinis, usually they are just splashing around.  Usually my suits are smaller than all female bikini bottoms.  Yesterday I finally saw a bikini on a wonam with a narrower cut on the back, smaller than a typical Rio oir half-back cut.  Smalllest bikini I've ever seen there.  It might tend to slip into a thong if she were active.  But she was also wearing a form fitting, sleveless sort of yellow tee that covered down to the middule of her butt.  It was wet or translucent and one could see the bikini fully.  Very attractive, but she was around the splash around pool and I was doing laps in the lap pool.  Only had one look.

I sometimes get looks, but the staff is used to me and don't seem to pay attention any more.  I did have one problem a while back where the Muscleskins-like suit (not actually a Muscleskins)  was somewhat see-thru.  I had checked it in the locker room after soaking down and thought it was okay.  Thought you had to study me a while to decide that it was see-thru, and figured nobody would study.  I was wrong.

I started swiming laps and the lane next to me had a couple of younger teen girls.  They were doing a little bit of lap swimming and had goggles, but they weren't being serious about laps.  Well they noticed my small suit and one on particular got really obvious about diving under the water and staring at me as I went by.  I mean it was extremely obvious what she was doing.  Well I guess they noticed the see-thru nature and swam to one end where there was a guard nearby, and in a few minutes, I had an assistant manager taping me on the shoulder.

He asked if I had another suit, which I did.  I thought the complaint would be about the cut.  It was about see-through, which surprized me.  I quicky said I would change and did.  I put on a Muscsleskins that had no such problems and returned to the pool and got the same lane. In the meantime, those girls had changed lanes to another part of the pool.  

I found it amusing in a way.  Kinda like the nosey woman complaining about the nude neighbor she has to stand on a chair to see.  Never had any more problems though. 
JM_Runs #85

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/11/2009 07:09:43Copy HTML

 I have a speedo thong, I think it is fake, got it on ebay. It is a thong but very, very low, lined front, tie string. The front is very small. I swim laps with it at the gym often. Sometimes people look but mostly ignore it. I notice a lot of women look at my rear but I have a small peace tatoo on my right cheek and figure they are looking at that.

As to hotel pools, I wear the littlest string I can, I do like some fabric between my legs, not a string there but I have worn g strings as well, especially for late night swims or hot tub at the hotel. I figure the reason people go for late swims is exactly that, to show off and look so I do and I do.

thongguy2c #86

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/14/2009 05:48:13Copy HTML

 I have a real thong speedo. It does not have a tie string. Then again, they could have changed it before or after I got mine. I would like to buy a few more, but speedo stopped making them. I sent them a few emails with no luck. I was thinking about buying LASC thongs from International Jock, but there is something offical about wearing a speedo.
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Re:Doing laps in a thong

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You're so right.  it is great to see a guy do laps in a thong - when they turn you can see their butt real good. nadathing - those girls must have liked what they saw  - too bad you had to change your suit
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Re:Doing laps in a thong

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 I love to do flip turns so my butt shows.
nadathing #89

Re:Doing laps in a thong

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Sharon73, if they liked it, they were pretending they were offended.  Perhpas they liked the cut, but again were not admitting it to each other.  I don't try too hard to assume anything on that.
nadathing #90

Re:Doing laps in a thong

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I just returned from Naples, Fl where I stayed several days at a resort with a pool decent enough for laps and spent time every day swimming laps, for about 1 mile's worth.  The pool has an irregular L shape and the fat leg was big enough that I swam a diagonal to get a decent distance for laps.  Every day except one I wore a Musleskins MP Rio, and that exception was a Skins Sunseeker (String sides, narrower back, but poorer pouch shape than the Muscleskins MPs.)  Generally, I swam very late in the afternoon when the pool was less crowded to permit me to swim laps with limited need to work around others.  (I had no right to expect people to stay out of my way and didn't attempt to force them.)

Most days I didn't see anybody else with suits anywhere nearly as small, including women, though on the last day I was earlier in the day with more people around and there were a few wonem in string bikinis, and one with a bikini more like a little boy short but where the back came up half way on her butt as a thong.  That was pleasant!  No guys in Speedo styles at all I think.

While the pool crowd was generally down, the resort restaurant was adjacent with an outdoor seating area that came right up to the pool.  It was less than 10 ft. from the edge of the pool, and generally early diners were arriving, so there was some attention, especially from the diners.

I'd notice that they would look and smile, but don't know whether they were smilling at me or with me.  I also occasionaly would get the typical reaction from younger people. 

I did get some attention from a woman swimmer who engaged me in conversation, but never mentioned what I was wearing, though she had to be aware.  She was looking for companionship and suggested as such, though, my wife would not have appreciated that.  (My wife was not there at the time.)  Anyway, she wasn't bothered by my suits enough to avoid me.  So that's something I guess.  Got a couple of questions about my number of laps and distance, from her and one or two others, but not much else and no comment on my suits (except one .)

On that last day with more of a crowd, I did get one negative comment one time when returning to my towel and other things.  Some older guy yells out "Why don't you get a swimsuit?".  I replied that I was wearing one. (I was forcefull in tone, but it was kinda lame I guess and I made no further response.)  He yelled some more, saying it was "reckless."  Not sure what that was supposed to mean.  Probably he meant "ridiculous."  So much for his command of the language.
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Re:Doing laps in a thong

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 Swimming at my local gym forbids thongs it is written on the both sides of the pool deck.

 I saw once a guy showering nude on the deck of the pool i guess he was alone but with a clear plexi-glass window opening to the pool deck anyone could see him showering it kind of surprised me.  I suppose he read the rules also to shower before and after entering the sauna or pool. I guess some people break the rules at my local gym with wearing no thong sandals when entering the pool deck area or over crowding the pool with 10 or more people at any time. Other then that, dork shorts for everyone! I'm the lone guy with a modest bikini at the pool or sauna.

 I started to swim more and haven't had the chance to wear one of my dore Y clip push up g-string i think i couldn't dare to wear one in a public pool ever.
 Now i just wear skimpy 1/2 inch side 3/4 back bikinis navy and black in color at the pool. Going to a public pool wearing even my bikini having a lifeguard watch me kind of makes me uncomfortable. Wore a longer tight shorts from JM in the past and found lifeguard gave me creepy looks or some group of girls saw me and laughed couldn't believe what i was wearing.

I realize it only takes one older prudish lady who is offended by what you wear and complains to the manager i your told not to wear something more appropiate.

I had thoughts to start wearing a rio bikini with half back but people can mistaken it with a thong. I see woman wear one piece swimwear, some with very high cut sides giving the backside something to watch. I tried to wear a no lined bikini once. I got out of the water and i didn't even get a look from a friendly lady in the water with me earlier, at what i was wearing. Usually you get some glance especially from the front but from her nothing. I guess see looked at my backside once leaving the water i guess she didn't want to look anymore.
 Once when i was entering the water at my gym people in the water usually look at anyone doing so thats normal, but with me a woman  looked at me below you no what i mean, as her eyes would pop out this is kind of unnerving but better then a laugh, smerk or giggle. 
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Re:Doing laps in a thong

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Perhaps you're swimming in the wrong pool or wanting to wear thongs for a reason that the people there consider inappropriate.  Is there a more liberal gym in your area?
mack_back #93

Re:Doing laps in a thong

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 I don't swim with a thong only bikini briefs, people never said anything about my swimwear. I feel more comfortable with bikini because wearing any type of trunks in a whirlpool or pool i hate it when shorts try rise up to float around my waist. I do find older asian married women find my atire not pleasant as i look at there demeaner. This is only a guess to what asian women may think about me but it maybe i'm trying to be a voyuer or perv to have them look at my unit i don't know?

 Most people find what i consider appropiate swimwear a bit shocking, guys esspecially because its so rare to see someone wear a brief swimsuit, only swimwear guys wear or long shorts, at least any pools i go to. This makes me a bit unnerved. As to go to a public pool with lifeguards looking at me makes me feel a uprehensive. I checked out another pool near me looked in at the pool deck from a window from the hall, saw three good looking female lifeguards clothed in there red jacket and shorts. I couldn't get the nerve to go in because i probably know what will happen when a bunch of young college girls get together laughing or smerking at my expense. with my luck they would probably take a picture of me when im not looking on there cell phones and have a laugh.

Only compliment i got was from a young woman who said see liked my swimsuit. I wore a speedo with a pocket square cut  lined with one size to small to fit in.  With the reaction with the male lifeguards at the pool you could see they weren't happy.
ownpool #94

Re:Doing laps in a thong

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Speedo used to make a sqare-cut which I used at conservative pools. It has eleastic in the legs so it doesn't ride-up.  I'd look aroung on line for something similar.  I'm glad I bought six of the Speedos to get free shipping.  They should last me the rest of my life as I only need to wear them a few times a year.
mack_back #95

Re:Doing laps in a thong

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So i finally got the nerve to wear a rio custom tanga bikini at my local pool gym. As shown in my profile pictures. Normally i wear speedo type larger style bikini but not today.

 When i got to the pool i saw two guys swimming in adidas briefs at least i wasn't the only one wearing bikini swimwear at this pool. When i got to the pool deck most guys there looked surprised at my rio low cut front tanga back. I immediately put my towl down and walked down the steps into the whirlpool without anyone seeing my backside.

After a while a pretty asian women in a modest bikini maybe a 3/4 to a full back cut bottom, did a few laps and left, she came back and stayed in the whirlpool with me being the only one there.
I was about to go into the pool but i knew she will see only my backside getting out of the whirlpool and cooling off showering poolside, to be ready to go into the pool. As i showered i turned my head seeing if she was looking my way. With no glance or attention the pretty asian women didn't even look towards me, even when i was walking towards her going into the pool.
 After i was doing a couple laps the asian women left, then saw two other attrative women leave the dry sauna room pool side. I knew at least some women i was doing laps with beside me looked at me but didn't feel she was disgusted or offended only ambiviante towards what i was wearing.
 I stayed in the sauna for awhile some guy probably was a bit uncomfortable with me being with him left and came back only waiting for me to leave so he could lay down in the sauna alone. While i was showering to cool of poolside a guy waiting for the same shower head watched these girls reaction as i walked past a open plexiglass window where a couple young girls were watching and were shocked seeing me walk by. Good or bad reactions i don't know i presume bad and if i get a smile from some ladies i might be shocked as well.

Overall maybe wearing a larger back suit has its pluses when your sitting on the sauna wooden bench or rough whirlpool concrete. As for that asian women wearing her bikini was small i guess in my opinion i put one over her wearing a bottom smaller then hers. I wished i had eyes in the back of my head to see her reaction to my backside when exiting the whirlpool.
 Will i wear the low cut front tanga back rio again for sure maybe when its crowded see what happens then. I ordered i dore rio push up this should make for some fun reactions when i wear it at the pool. 
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Re:Doing laps in a thong

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I pretty much always swim laps in my gstring, regardless of who is in the pool.  I think it all has to do with confidence. I mean you will always have people stare or snicker, but, anyone who wears a thong/gstring in public has some exhibitionism in them, and thus, people looking should actually make you feel more confident.  When they stare, I actually feel good.  I guess it's a different perspective.
mack_back #97

Re:Doing laps in a thong

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 I can't see how people staring or laughing at you makes you feel good, unless you need and want the attention.

 For me i once wore a low skinny side posing suit had seen a woman with grown late teen kids. The older woman must had a look at me while i was in the pool doing laps. Once i got out of the pool and was leaving i asked her if she wanted me to start the jets for the whirlpool  she was in. She reluctently responded looking away from my direction to say "it's okay," as to not really knowing what i asked her. I ignored her and turned on the jets she yelled like she was having a orgasm i left shaking my head.

If wearing a low rise bikini made this woman stop looking my way, what would a thong do have her make a call to the cops?
shaved_thong_lover #98

Re:Doing laps in a thong

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Honestly, I have had some comments, but never openly asked me to not wear my gstring or thong.  I am not bithering anyone and am concentrated on my work out.

And I guess I do like the attention, that is why I wear my gstring to the beach, pool, etc.  Of course, I like when people look at me.  I feel good about my body. I work out all the time.  Actually, people take pictures all the time.  Why wouldn't that make you feel good?

Either way, wearing my gstring to swim laps, actually keeps me going and I get a better work out becasue I know I need to keep in shape to wear it.
mack_back #99

Re:Doing laps in a thong

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 I guess when people take pictures of you they do it because it's a rare and unbelievable siting just like bigfoot.
When i see other people wearing thongs, men, and sombody takes a quick photo of them with there backs turned it's so childish. You know they show the picture to there friends laughing making fun having conversation about how gay he must be etc...

 People stare doesn't automatically mean they like what they see. As for body image, you can love yourself to death thinking nobody looks as good as yourself, until the next guy is bigger, stronger, faster and better looking then yourself. It's like driving on a freeway for a long time at 100 miles/hr and suddenly you get on a side street where you go 25 miles/hr you feel as your not moving at all.
We all are not perfect but we show off for everyone to see like they say, "if you got it show it", it's so shameless why waste your time thinking what people say. Your brave or crazy which is what most people think, but if it makes you happy and you sleep well, why not.
shaved_thong_lover #100

Re:Doing laps in a thong

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Well, in general I am modest, despite wearing thongs.  i.e. I am not trying to say I have an awesoem body, only htat wearing a thong makes me work at it.  But as for swimming laps, I feel that a thong allows me to swim better than board shorts or even a speedo box cut, of which I have tried both... allows a great tan while working out, and fianlly makes me work out harder so I don't look ridiculous.

However, I do have a question... why do you say that a person who takes a picture of you is laughing and assuming you are gay?  I know when I see a "hot" girl on the beach in a gstring I woul dnot be taking a picture to laugh... so why do you assume that people taking a picture of me or anyone else is doing it to laugh.  They migh be doing it becasue it is shocking, or arousing, or exciting..  But to assume they are doing it to ridicule the person in the thong is probably why I feel good wearing my thong while doing laps and others feel embarassed...

Again, it is all about how you portray yourself and how your swimwear makes me feel, and wearing a thong or gstring in public makes me feel better about myself not worse... otherwise, why would I do it?
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