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mack_back #201

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:02/13/2011 04:34:30Copy HTML

John Howard "strongest and most attractive muscles on both male and female anatomies, so penalised by being hidden under fabric especially when swimming and sunbaking."

I agree with you to some degree, but most folks consider it taboo in a way of sexual amusement for others. You can argue that's false statement i'm making but it is true for most non thong wearers.

I swim in a bikini 1" side and 3/4 back indoors at my gym pool. Would i prefer wearing a thong at my indoor pool, not really. I find that a thong would bring to much amusement and lot more looks at me then i already get when wearing my bikini at the pool Swimming indoors i will not get any tan lines from wearing a bikini then a thong but would prefer a thong if i were outside for sure.

Many woman who turn there heads to stare at me wearing a red bikini smiling with a little laughter and comments to there friends when i walk out on the pool deck.
I for one don't fret because i know i attract attention to myself looking the way i do be it in a bikini or dork shorts.
 So when folks look at me be it my smooth toned shaven body or dark complection they will look regardless of what swimwear i put on.  With many woman covering there bodies with towels and large swimwear fabric i'm the only one wearing minimal swimwear at the pool to go any less covered would look to them as being obscene or a total show off.
When i walk out onto the pool deck wearing my bikini with confidence whatever you may think of me i'm happy they way i look and not afraid to show it off. Today at the pool two woman were in conversation in the pool as i came out from dry sauna walking towards the changing room she said to her friend " i was pretty confident wearing woman like bikini briefs showing off my bulge", giggling ensued.
What i notice from most woman that i see who make comments about me when i use the deck pool shower to rinse off they usually stare at me when my back is turned towards them. When i face towards them they are less likely or shy to look at me or laugh. I noticed today at the pool when i showered on the deck pool i had a wedgie in my brand new red tight bikini bottoms the contours of my glutes were evident. So to these ladies they were definitely like to watch even if they were embarrassed to be seen caught looking. While other guys few as they are who wear similar swimwear as i do run to the changing room in fear trying to cover up with there towel as if they were nude or feeling they just robbed a bank.
JM_Runs #202

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:02/21/2011 02:47:25Copy HTML

 I wear a bikini style suit to swim alot i like to thong feel i could wear whatever i want. I enjoy swimming laps in a thong i find it to be the best lap suit.
drid123 #203

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:02/21/2011 05:02:50Copy HTML

I do my laps in a community pool's morning adult swim in Seattle about 50/50 men and women.  I wear a Speedo Solar.  I noticed when I started swimming laps last Fall, I was the "briefest" of all mens suits.  Now it seems a lot of the male swimmers are getting brave and opting to wear smaller and smaller suits.  No more dork shorts, a couple of jammers, and the rest are Speedos.  To me this shows how a trend can begin at a pool or beach... someone sees someone else go brief then it opens the door for them to wear less, kind of contagious.

I have seen a couple women wearing VERY tiny bikinis for laps so hopefully it will only be a matter of time before more will appear.  I have packed my old Speedo thong in my swim bag just in case some day I arrive and the timing and crowds would be right to wear it for the morning adult laps session.  I hope so.

A person definitely needs to respect the pool rules, but in a adult only swim situation it is more acceptable to go brief or wear a thong.  Not a sexual thing and adults don't really care or should snicker at others.  They are all there to do laps, not gawk.  As for amusement of others, the old folks doing water arobics would probably appreciate seeing a little skin on younger swimmers. 


Glutes #204

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:02/21/2011 06:45:52Copy HTML

 drid123..lucky!!..here in San Jose, CA at Club One Almaden..it's just the opposite .I noticed the  trend changing a few years back..Methinks  in any group situation there are always some members who believe everyone else in the group must conform to what ever it is they believe..Methinks some club members went to the management and complained ..The only thongs I've seen at this place are during the summer when members invite their European friends and family members ..Ever since this club began the kddies/adult swim lessons to bring in extra money a few years back..things  tightened up.
JM_Runs #205

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:03/05/2011 01:50:57Copy HTML

When doing laps in a thong its is best to refrain from family swim times swim lessons etc.  It hurts the vibe of things even if you wear knee lengh shorts the kids will stil be loud undisiplined and annoying.  I remember waearing a square cut speedo suit at the YMCA pool wich was a daycare for mostparts of the day and all the kids just starying at me. Must have been my six pack. Its sucks but its really better to swim laps in a thong in a croud of educated adults. 
JM_Runs #206

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:03/07/2011 07:57:51Copy HTML

I saw laps in my thong on sunday had the plesure of swimming with some lady in a 2 piece pink bikini swim suit cap it was as close to thong bottows as possible. Amazing body. I ended up chating her up directly refering to our minimal swimwear choices we aggred if you have it show it. It was very cool
ThonginMN #207

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:03/09/2011 04:19:09Copy HTML

 You folks need to go to Miami. Women wear thongs/g-strings walking down Ocean Drive with no problem! I even saw a woman wear a thong out away from the water in South Beach...Miami...thong paradise!
scoutniagara #208

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/01/2011 10:19:12Copy HTML

I know this is a thong forum, and I do wear thongs and nothing at all, but my kiniki micro bikinis are smaller in front than the Speedo thong and cover the butt which is a concern when swimming at my Y.  I order a size smaller than my waist size indicates and it just covers above my shaft.  There is no doubt that I'm shaved smooth, yet, I'm covered for an indoor Y pool.  I just wouldn't push this issue at my Y.  Kiniki suits do last a long time in chlorinated pools, too.  I order them in quantity when they have sales. 
JM_Runs #209

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:05/01/2011 03:10:02Copy HTML

 Another sunday morning experiance that was fun. Couple of swim team members looking and swimming very seriously they checked me out but went on with there swim. Only one other guy not a lap swimmer just relaxing. Sat in the steam alone a very nice morning.
JM_Runs #210

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:06/10/2011 03:38:24Copy HTML

 Had the chance to swim more laps in thong on vacation in kohler wi sports core was no problem not to many people just some hardcore lady swimmers and me swimming in thong very little reaction to it at all.
gnoht #211

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:06/21/2011 06:27:36Copy HTML

 just wore my thong and did 10 laps the other day at pool :D, surprisingly it's after 6pm and no one came to the pool.

I had to turn my head once in a while to see if anyone walking to the pool when I swim opposite direction. Also wondering if any office unit people looking down at me. :P First time ever to do 10 laps openly in broad day light.

thong still ok, at least front cutting still looks like swimming trunk. If i was wearing my g-string, I'll be more worried as it looks as if I'm naked in the pool and if anyone comes, I'll be a panicking since it's string all over. :D
JoeSnyder #212

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:06/22/2011 10:03:26Copy HTML

For my first time ever, I wore a Muscleskins 1 inch Classic Lean brief in the pool last night for lap training.

Basically, if one just gets on with one's business, the Muscleskins 1 inch Classic Lean does not draw too much attention but looks a lot more flattering on me than the bulky Speedo suit. I had no problems with the suit slipping down.

I'm glad I've finally crossed over to the Muscleskins now.

Aspirationally, the JS Thong may come out at 2100 on Monday in the once a week late adult swim, however I'm not sure yet. I don't want to ruffle feathers right now.

I feel on principle that I should wear my thongs in the pool because I'd appreciate it if more women wore skimpy outfits. If I can, they can.
pjmodel2002 #213

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:08/03/2011 02:57:13Copy HTML

At the end of the day, what will the proverbial "they" do to you? Ask you not to cover up? Yes, that would be the civilized thing.  If you are confortable enough, do it. A thong is a bikini without a rear panel.  In my experience, it is faster and really - lap swimming is about exercise. I love swimming in a thong, sunning in a thong and generally just chilling in a thong. 
JM_Runs #214

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:08/03/2011 04:01:18Copy HTML

I do sometimes swim "laps" in a lake cove wearing a thong here in east TN.  The key is having a private spot from which to enter.  Once I'm swimming, I am actually getting sun, but people can't really see if I'm wearing a thong, or nothing unless they standing high above and looking down on me.  So I stay away from docks.
JM_Runs #215

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:08/05/2011 05:31:11Copy HTML

 I sometimes did laps in a thong when I lived in an apartment complex that had a swimming pool. I used to go to the swimming pool in the morning when most people in the apartment would be asleep. 
BobR #216

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:08/30/2011 09:15:15Copy HTML

I have been doing laps in a thong at my condominium pool for several years. I usually swim a half hour, fifteen minutes at a time. Then I will read at poolside or lounge on my float. During this time I have never had a problem with objections to my thong. Well, there was one letter I received from the manager of the condominium asking me to wear more conservative swimwear. So I bought a new thong. The old one was quite old, unlined and had become almost transparent, and it was a g-string that can be gathered up in front to give minimal coverage. The new one was an unlined g-string, but it was not transparent, and I started wearing it with more coverage in front. This seemed to solve the problem.
I have found that if you are not pushy but casually friendly, people are more tolerant of skimpy swimwear. It also helps to be somewhat discreet and avoid children if possible. I disagree that it is harmful to kids, but I am aware that some people hold that opinion. And it also helps if you are active in your condominium association. I have been on our condominium board of directors a couple of years, and I am president during this current year. And as I said, I have very little problem with wearing a thong at the condominium pool.
JM_Runs #217

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/17/2011 01:09:21Copy HTML

 Did some laps at golds in thong. There were just regulars we said hello. They enjpyed the view I enjoyed the swim

thenextthong #218

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/18/2011 04:50:45Copy HTML

I usually do laps in swim briefs.

If I am tanning by the pool in a thong I will occasionally jump in to cool off. Jumping in the pool after lying in the sun is half the pleasure of tanning.
JM_Runs #219

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/18/2011 02:25:22Copy HTML

 I did more thong laps. College just stated so there was a group of younger gals that were not farmilar with our freedoms at our gym. There was lots stares and the one said i cant belive hes wearing thats. LOL  Just another great mornin swimming laps in a thong.
BillInoz #220

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/11/2011 02:10:58Copy HTML

I called up the pool that I wanted to use and just asked the question, "Do the rules prohibit g-strings?" The woman who answered paused, and then said, no. I've been wearing my g-string (Skinz M55) there ever since. I don't abuse the privilege. I don't hang around. I get in and swim and when I'm done, I wrap a towel and go home.
JM_Runs #221

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:11/04/2011 06:45:12Copy HTML

 Suprised that not more of us swim in thong!
ShadowT #222

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:11/04/2011 07:56:09Copy HTML

I used to and I miss it.  This was more than 10 years ago in the pool at the apartment complex.  I got pretty serious about it, and usually had a pull buoy and kickboard with me.  The pool was highly underused, and most nights I had it all to myself, especially in cold weather months and at night.  There was frequently a high school girl that came by to watch over the pool.  I'm not really sure what her job was, but it was some kind of official capacity (i.e. not just hanging out.)  I never thought she was a lifeguard, since the hours were odd and there was rarely anybody in the pool.  Being that I was fairly discrete, I don't know that she ever saw my thongs though.  There was one time we went there with a couple we were friends with (now divorced) and I wore one of my Speedo thongs, but never got a chance to do that again before we bought a house.... a pool-less house. :(
AlexB #223

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:11/12/2011 12:04:00Copy HTML

I've done laps in my club pool in my thong for over five years. The first time I asked the health club manager if it was ok to wear thong style swimmers and he said it was fine. Since it is fairly private club in the city, there are some days when there are only a couple of others there on the weekend and so I can walk from the change room to the pool in the thong, towels are provided so pick one up at reception on the way through. No comments at any of it.  A couple of times I've worn HOM g-string swimmers, but not when there have been others in the pool - more a spare of the moment thing. 

JM_Runs #224

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:11/20/2011 10:40:38Copy HTML

It got cold here and there were lots of people in the pool all swimmers for sure more than usual. Got some stares no comments from some nebie guys. Had some hardcore swimmer ladies in two pieces ripping it up next to me.
Thongmad #225

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:11/25/2011 08:15:52Copy HTML

How's this for interesting..?

The swimwear policy (displayed on a 'Rules and Regulations' board out the front) at my local pool has changed to read as such...

'Swimmers must at all times wear recoginsable swimwear while using the pool'.  Yep, that's it. Word for word.

The term 'Appropriate Swimwear' has been removed. This, I think, confirms my interpretation of the rule to mean you can't wear something like dirty work clothes or something silly like motorbike boots in the pool. It's not about determining the style you choose to wear. This is re-enforced by the change of wording more than anything.

Well, at least I know I can choose a thong if I want to...
SlidingG #226

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:11/26/2011 02:46:16Copy HTML

Would be interesting to know why they made the change.  Have you seen folks wearing 'not recognizable swimwear'?  Last I checked, years ago, my health club pool said 'appropriate swimwear', too.  I'd better recheck it, because if it now says 'recognizable', then my thongs should do just as well as my bikinis, and will be so much more fun.  Glad you posted!   
Thongsc #227

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:11/26/2011 01:38:56Copy HTML

Are you sure recongnizable means you can wear a thong?  I'm thinking if your fat, and your thong string gets buried in a fold of fat, that would make it non-recognizable.  So you might want to rethink your swimwear choice, if indeed they changed thier terminology to "recognisable"...  Why not take a pic of the sign and post it. I think a few of us would be interested in the change so we could show it to our local pools.
JM_Runs #228

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:12/01/2011 09:03:06Copy HTML

 Well I just think people dont know what to think about this. Im very reconizable from my swimming time in thong.
Tyr1957 #229

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:12/03/2011 05:21:50Copy HTML

Yes, I do wear a thong, when I swim in the local, indoor pool. But I'm doing back crawl, so it's not really visible except, when I'm turning. I haven't managed to learn "front crawl" - ordinary crawl - until now, and if I would be doing that, I'm not sure I would wear a thong. Probably I would be so concerned if people would look or not look at my butt and the whole thing would ruin my swimming. A bit ridicuously perhaps, but that is how things are. 
JM_Runs #230

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:12/06/2011 10:34:27Copy HTML

Did my sunday lap swim. Had a little competion with one of the lap swimming speedo bikini wearing uw swim chics she out swam me but geez shes a college swimmer. 
Thongmad #231

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:12/22/2011 09:25:45Copy HTML

Did my 20 laps in a small country town outdoor pool on Wednesday morning in a thong. 3 other women swimming, and one male pool attendant. No comments about the thong from anyone. Walked to and from the changeroom without a towel or cover-up. Great experience!
JM_Runs #232

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:12/30/2011 06:46:19Copy HTML

I was swimming laps and my mums in laws ymca. I noticed most of the men there and the entire high school swim team was wearing some kind of swim brief and coulpe were really tiny. The ladies we wearing suits that looked a size to small. My mother in law made a comment that tiny swimwear is fine but some guys just cant pull it off. It was interesting to see this shift at the pool. First time i have not board shorts in god knows how long.
thereal_matt #233

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:12/31/2011 06:47:34Copy HTML

Where in the US are you?  And when can I move there?
JM_Runs #234

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:12/31/2011 11:11:58Copy HTML

 Wisconsin cold winter
gnoht #235

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:02/06/2012 10:35:36Copy HTML

Been doing laps in my g-string for the past month, in the darkness of the morning and when the pool is empty. :D

Worn my thongs to the same pool in the afternoon / night, I believe some people saw side view of it but either they ignore or just didn't realize it was a thong.
bbyrne78 #236

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/01/2012 07:53:26Copy HTML

Competitive swimmers will size down one or two sizes when competing so water doesn't get trapped in the suit. When training they'll either wear a snug suit or a drag suit. You can always spot the triathlete from the competitive swimmer, they're the ones who don't size down and are constantly adjusting their suits.

JM_Runs #237

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:05/22/2012 01:33:26Copy HTML

You should be in good shape to wear minimal swimwear it looks better on people that have toned muscled bodes. 
abczyxabczyx #238

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:05/22/2012 04:48:30Copy HTML

 I say if you are up to it, wear it.  Who cares what others think.
Bottom line, be happy.
JackValentine #239

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:05/22/2012 06:02:05Copy HTML

To say that small swimsuits look best on people in shape is no more true that to say that board shorts look better on guys that are in shape.
JM_Runs #240

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:05/22/2012 08:02:58Copy HTML

 This was supposed to be a thread about lap pool swimsuit trends not about deciding what's best for thin fat muscled or anyone just what people are wearing.   I still swim laps in my thong speedo done it for years.   Seems like square cuts and smaller  suits are becoming much more popular as opposed to boardshorts for swimming laps.   Peace Tbacks
norp #241

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:06/17/2012 01:55:13Copy HTML

i also done swim laps in thong in hotel's swimming pool in evening for 4 months. nobody mind it so i enjoyed swimming wearing thong in swimming pool in an indian hotel in jabalpur india.
kazakevi #242

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:06/23/2012 09:51:36Copy HTML

I tired the same thing at my gym and at a public pool.  I have some swim thongs from International Jock  made by LASC that are very good They have many colors and sizes to choose from.  I started my swim next to a swim group doing water aerobic with about 15 women and one male lap swimmer.  I decided to get in quickly and swim backstroke only.  The manager of the gym walked by and there were no complaints but I was nervous at first.  I just pretended to ignore everyone.  I was a bit nervous at first but I kept on swimming and swimming. 

I have now used a swim suit thong now about 25 times at my gym.  I have only seen one other swimmer (a girl) wearing a thong swim suit. Most guys wear baggy board shorts.  I think there are more wearing a bikini style since I started wearing a swim thong. 

My experience at the Public pool crowded with 150 swimmers was that no one noticed for the first hour it seemed.  All of the life guards liked it when I asked them and said they had seen Speedo thongs and the internet but never saw anyone wear them.  I guess Speedo stopped making swim suit thong.. 

The next time I came to swim, the pool manager, a middle aged female asked me to wear something more conservative.  I went back a year later, with a different lifeguard and manager and swam 120 laps mostly freestyle for 2 hours with 40 other people in the pool and there were no complaints. 

So if you have a thong swim suit and are in reasonable good shape go for it. Wear the thong for lap swimming! 

There will be enough people that like to see it and it will overcome most complaints.
(I live in the ultraconservative state of Alabama so, I think this is a good sign for other parts of the country.)
SlidingG #243

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:06/24/2012 01:56:56Copy HTML

Hmmm . . . . I'm in very good shape, and look good in my Speedo thongs (even my wife says so).  But here in ultra-liberal Connecticut, it doesn't fly at my town pool and at my health club.

Wore them several times at my town's outdoor pool during adult time late afternoon -- all the kids have to exit at the whistle, and wait a half-hour for their turn again.  After awhile, the head lifeguard pulled me aside and said several mothers had complained about the brevity of my suits, but that they had no rules against it, so it was totally up to me whether I continued, or switched to something more conservative.  I said I'd switch because of course I want to be a good neighbor, though I added that it's the suit I wear at the beach all the time, said to assure them it was my normal swimwear, and perfectly acceptable elsewhere.

After spending all January on the beach in Naples, FL in nothing more that a thong, I came home with strong tan lines and the determination that I'd finally wear my Speedo thongs in the pool at my health club.  After six or eight times, a staffer requested I wear suits with more coverage, there had been complaints.  Heck, folks had seemed very friendly and accepting, many of them my long-term colleagues at work before my recent retirement.  

It takes only a few to spoil things, and an area's liberal politics is no guarantee of tolerance of edgy swimwear.  Though I wonder, what if it had been a female?! 
JM_Runs #244

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:11/14/2012 08:56:03Copy HTML

 I have several one piece Thong swimsuits that I swim laps in regularly!
mack_back #245

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:11/17/2012 02:53:59Copy HTML

chithonger #246

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/05/2013 08:36:36Copy HTML

My gym just recently opened a pool. I had been doing laps in my thong, but today was told I had been making other members uncomfortable and that I was violating the dress code. They were polite about it, and I was apologetic. I won't be able to swim in my thong there anymore, and I'm kinda wondering if I have been blacklisted from the pool area altogether. The woman who spoke to me was stammering a bit, and wasn't entirely clear if I just couldn't wear my thong or if I couldn't be there at all. I think I'll give it a couple weeks and try again, but this time in something more conservative. Oh well.
lindros #247

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/05/2013 10:05:48Copy HTML

The gym wants your money. I highly doubt that they would ban you from the pool altogether over something like this.
JM_Runs #248

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/06/2013 12:26:55Copy HTML

 Amazing story I wish I can get the same courage to do the same as you did. I like swimming although I lack the stamina maybe if I swam in a thong I may get encouraged to do more laps... just a thought lol
But seriously I applaud you my friend you are a thonger hero for doing something so courageous and very inspirational to your fellow thongers.
SlidingG #249

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/06/2013 12:39:16Copy HTML

Chithonger, I think you're good to go.  Back into the pool, that is.  A year ago, after returning to New England from a month of thonging on the beach in Naples, FL, I began wearing my Speedo thongs at my health club pool.  After about a month, a staffer notified me others were complaining, would I please wear suits with more coverage.  She was polite; I was polite, too, though not apologetic, and assured her I would comply.  Which I did, immediately, but never stopped hitting the pool.  I was well-known there, a 30 year member at this corporate facility, and though retired now, I see former colleagues all the time.  So naturally I wanted to cooperate.  Probably bad judgment on my part to think others wouldn't care, even as I felt great doing bare-butt laps and sitting in the whirlpool.
chithonger #250

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/06/2013 01:20:12Copy HTML

 I guess I find it frustrating that other people would care that much. The pool itself is not visible outside the pool area, so no one walking by would see and no one in the lobby area can see. I minded my own business, never loitered, never flaunted. Just swam. That other people thought that was such a huge problem is something I guess we male thongers might never fully get past. 
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