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Camloser #251

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/06/2013 04:27:19Copy HTML

As much as I would like to do laps in a thong or g-string, a gym/pool isn't really the place for that. It doesn't surprise me that it would be "against the rules" and a guy in a thong would make some folks uncomfortable, especially if it's in use with kids around.L

I have no problem swimming at a lake or the ocean in what ever I want, as long as its legal, but in a club or gym, I think you are pushing the limits and actually hurting "thong wearers" as a whole. There is a time and place for minimal swimwear.
Grabeach #252

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/06/2013 08:43:21Copy HTML

Seems there may be a difference between gyms that have a (usually indoor) pool and public outdoor pools that have a gym attached. The latter also usually have a grassed area, trees, picnic tables and cost less. By far my preferred venue. Although I usually do laps in a 25mm side 'brazil' back Alphamoda Skyros as it offers more support than the minimal Alphamoda Andros g-string I sun in, on a number of occasions I've forgotten to bring the Skyros and (carefully) swum laps in the Andros. As one would expect, if g-strings are allowed for sun bathing, they have been okay in the pool.
Gyms on the other hand were 100% negative. Even the one with an outdoor pool asked me to cover up due to a supposed complaint, despite the fact that no-one else was using, or even near, the pool at the time. One gym wouldn't even let me in when I had cycled there in the Skyros. I found this surprising, as my Skyros is accepted in almost all shops, libraries, banks, galleries etc. Also rather ironic, as this same gym years ago was quite happy to have women walk in from the car park wearing only the thong leotards they exercised in.
Camloser; Obviously any gym or pool has the right to set whatever rules they like, but I personally don't see any logical reason that people at a pool should be any different to people at a beach or lake. Then again, from my experience the 'gyms with pools' do tend to attract a higher ego / lower tolerance clientel, so maybe there is a reason these pools will be more restrictive.
Camloser #253

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/07/2013 06:13:33Copy HTML

 Sorry, but a bikini as you describe (Skyros) has no place in a bank, library or a gallery. No bathing suit would. I wear tiny g-string on a beach but if I saw someone in a speedo type suit at a bank, even I would think its wrong.
Grabeach #254

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/07/2013 10:10:35Copy HTML

I can only offer my experiences. The point was to demonstrate the oddity that some gyms are more conservative than other commercial establishments in the same area. We all know that what is acceptable in some locations won't necessarily wing it in other parts of the world. Don't know what part of the USA you live, but  bikinis in shopping centres in my Sydney suburb (admittedly only a 10 minute drive from the coast) are far, far more common than g-strings on the beach.
Thonguy4fun #255

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:05/29/2013 01:11:07Copy HTML

Often visit Atlanta area YMCA on business, the vibe there would not support a thong but I did brave a rio (narrow back) and low cut bikini from nuwear (with enhancing pouch)  http://www.nuwear.com/Cover-Male-Pouch-Enhancing-Brazilian-Bikini-Black_p_159.html

The pool was not too crowed, maybe on 3-4 other swimmers. When I came out of locker room to pool, I swam over to my lane, I saw the male life guard leave his chair and walk over to the lifeguard office and stick his head through the door (I assume to tell the other lifeguard to come see what I was wearing), the other lifeguard casually walked around the pool and was trying to see my suit through the water, but he said nothing.  I swam my laps and left.
Grabeach #256

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:05/29/2013 03:41:04Copy HTML

Had a new one the other day. The manager of a pool I use only once or twice a month, politely asked me on arrival if I could wear more than a g-string when swimming as there had been a complaint from one of the regular lap swimmers. I remember on the previous occasion forgetting my Skyros and doing laps in my Andros g-string. What was interesting was that while she was obviously obliged to act on the complaint, she made a point of saying that it was okay to sun in a g-string on the grass about 7 or 8m from the pool edge, as the complaint had only been about swimming. This of course was fine by me. While there is one other pool manager who asks me to cover up only if there is a complaint (only for that day; she seems amused that anybody does complain), this is the first to differentiate between swimming and sunning.
rustathong #257

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:07/10/2013 11:40:30Copy HTML

 I was at my local gym today with indoor & outdoor pools all heated all year round. I thought I would finally go lap swimming. I had previously rung afew months ago & asked if it was ok to swim in a thong. The answer was positive. " as long as you use the outdoor pool I don't see a problem". So I went in & got ready but wore sum short trunks with thong under incase I chickened out. No one else in the pool so off came the trunks & started swimming. Afew people turned up & left with nothing said. 45 minutes later & now realizing again how fisical swimming is. I got out walked through the infoor pool with a towel as swimming training was on showered & left. Talked to the lady at the desk on way out as had lost the car key. Nothing said & I know I was seen as a PT had a client running steps outside over looking the pool. All in all a good lap session & training session.
Grabeach #258

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:07/10/2013 10:20:52Copy HTML

So far so good for you Rustathong, though you're probably not 'out of the woods' yet. I've found if there is going to be any problems, it will be on the second or third visit. Any complaints usually get referred upward and it take a day or two for the decision to get back to you. The lady at the desk is rarely the manager and has no say in the matter.
At two of of the pools I attend regularly (39 visits total), I don't even know who the manager is, hence have no idea if acceptance of my g-string is because there have been no complaints or because the manager has chosen to ignore them.
mack_back #259

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:07/25/2013 09:29:17Copy HTML

So finally took the risk at my local gym pool. Wore my andrea chaling black thong. Wasn't lot of people maybe through the hour i was their eight people coming and going. Noticed one retired lady stared couple times after she left and her old female friend didn't notice while i swam the lane next to her on my back.. Although i did stand in the water preparing to swim and old gent i know began to vent about life.. While i stood people outside the pool could see through the bay window leaving the gym.. Noticed one heavy set female leaving noticed and kept staring while walking out.. Then came a super cute italian young female cleaner to wash the whirlpool closing it. She had a look of oblivious or didn't notice to look.. While their was mid age asian female eating an apple sitting on a bench beside the sauna and pool shower so i was about to finish my 30 minute swim.. I turned over swimming underwater  for her to notice that indeed had a thong on.. After a brief pause standing in the water my back was facing a tour group just getting the lay of the gym by some gym associate. Seen it was a mom and five teens they definetly noticed my backside facing them in the water.. Just didn't look for a reaction...After it was only four people left three in the pool and asian female sitting on the bench i got out showering beside her. Walked in front to get into the sauna.. After awhile i left taking another cool shower on the pool deck seeing the asian women in the water began to look while swimming noticing my bare tanned toned bum.. Then noticed after getting dressed leaving the gym the cute female cleaner smirked upon me glancing it was me that she noticed in the pool wearing a thong which she must of noticed..
While there were many people outside the pool looking in leaving the gym... One i particularly noticed was cute asian receptionist walking bye.. Doubt she bothered to look upon me thinking i were small suits before and not taking a better or closer examination being i was standing in chest high water..
Don't know if i can get away wearing it to the pool day in day out without someone getting upset then complaints or new rules being posted.. Guess if i wear a thong picking my spots then none will bitch or complain... Thought someone in management will come down tell me what i wear isn't appropiate... Although they may ask if i got something else to wear i can plead no.. Then have a pass being left alone.. If i decide thong should be the mainstream swimwear at the gym just out of pure mathematics or chance someone will be offended pleading management to do something...
JM_Runs #260

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/12/2013 07:49:38Copy HTML

I ask myself if the level in swimming affects the acceptance of thong.
Personnaly, i never dared to swim with my thong in the public pool.
However, i often swim with very minimal swimwear. As i have an average level in swimming (i am not a competitor but i swim more quickly than others in public hours), i noticed that other swimmers doesn't look me for my swimwear but for my swimming speed.
So, that is the reason why i think the acceptance of thong or minimal swimwear is better if you are a good swimmer.
In this case, people and life guard know you as the "goog swimmer with minimal swimwear".
If you are a very bad swimmer, may be you risk to be known as only a "bather a litle bit exhibitionnism"

It is the same thing with woman.
Sometimes, women which have a good level have very minimal swimwear who ripes into the buns. Noone say nothing because it is OK.
But if it is a women who don't swim with a good level, every one think this women come to show their buns...

So, the better swimmer you are, the minimal swimwear you can wear...and may be you can even dare the thong ?
mack_back #261

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/13/2013 06:35:37Copy HTML

Agree with the better swimmer you are the more respect someone have for you, despite what you wear. 
Easily i pick out noticing the exhibitionist male, in tiny sheer swimwear or thong, doing a couple laps in the pool while taking more time sitting in the sauna or whirlpool watching anyone looking at him, happy seeing that people noticed his attire. Usually anyone wearing minimal swim attire will be focused and scrutinized more then dork short wearing individuals.  
For me i'm not a great swimmer but spend 20 - 30 minutes in the pool. While sometimes female lifeguards see me swim poorly and have conversations with others saying they would love to teach him (me) lessons on how to swim better (moaning with a sigh and giggle). Only reason the fact they can get a up close look at my bulge swimming on my back... (their words not mine)...
So if you look busy and work hard swimming rather watching everyone around you will be more respected and people know your not at the pool for a fashion show modelling your latest swimwear. Yet once in a blue moon i may get a head nod from a stranger watching me swim when climbing out of the pool tired, knowing i put in a good effort and workout. Also helps being in shape looking slim and toned, some people can tolerate seeing me in a thong or tiny briefs... Helps that i don't look for approval from others on the pool deck or afraid that their staring at my bare buns. Just walk normally shower drink some water and don't rush off running when someone decides to freeze gazing in disbelief that i'm wearing a thong... If they stare i have nothing to apologize for only hoping they don't complain to management that a man is wearing a thong near the pool. Usually complaints will make them talk to me to leave or change into other swimwear that most people deem appropriate, which i find ridiculous. 
20897 #262

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/22/2013 12:10:53Copy HTML

I have been swimming laps in a thong for the last three year at my gym. I usually see the same people every time and they know I am a serious swimmer. I put my ear plugs in, my cap on, and my swim mp3 player on and swim for 45 minutes non stop. This past Sunday a lady asked if she could share the lane just as I was starting my workout. I said no problem as most people just jump in the lane without asking.  
SlidingG #263

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/22/2013 03:30:50Copy HTML

20897, good report -- a normal swimmer behaving normally, his thong completely incidental, just as it ought to be.  
hotbunz1969 #264

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/22/2013 05:48:14Copy HTML

 At my old gym it was not a problem. One of the female life guards and also one of the gym instructors both used to use the pool when off duty and both wore one-piece thong backed swimsuits, on seeing this from the weight room that overlooked the pool I took it as my que that it was OK to wear a thong myself. I used to swim in a speedo and immediately changed to a thong on seeing this, no-one said a thing. Don't know if it was because I clearly take my swimming seriously, because the lifeguard and others wore them, because I tended to use the pool later in the day when it was quiet  or because no one really cared but I never had a problem with it. Gotta admit I did once give the receptionist  girl a bit of an eye full, she always seemed to come into the pool complex when I was swimming, I'm pretty sure it was no coincidence that it was when ever I was in the pool, she was always pleasent and smiled and waved hello as I  was on a turn , so one evening I slipped on one of my Jovana JP4D onesided thongs on under my swim suit, I was the only person in the pool so my timing was perfect! I slipped off my thong and held it tightly in my fist,  when she came I made out I was finished my swim and exited the pool, although my back was to her I know she got a good view of only the one hip string of my suit.....I got a very pleasant smile and "enjoy your evening" as I left the gym complex. Since moving areas and joining a new gym I know sadly that experiance can never be repeated, nor regular swimming in a thong, well not at this gyms pool at least...... On entering the changing rooms there is a large notice of pool etiquette  and among other rules it clearly states "NO THONG SWIMWEAR" oh well, I'm sure there is a pool nearby that I can use and wear a thong, it's just I've not found it yet! 
Cheers Paul 

Seam_Stress #265

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/27/2013 06:13:01Copy HTML

In certain towns in Canada, there are/were some swimming pools which allowed thong swimwear.  I left Canada a decade ago so I don't know if it still applies.
In BC's Okanagan, the public pool in Kamloopsdidn't have a problem with it.  In Kelowna, the pool in Westbank said it was okay but not any of the others (downtown or Rutland (east side).  Penticton's public pools didn't have a problem either, or did the one in Summerland.  There was one in Vancouver when I visited, but I don't remember where.  Anywhere else, it's not likely to pass - small towns, small minds.  As we jokingly say in BC, "If you're beyond Hope, you're beyond hope."  Hope is the name of a town, the rough divide between the large and sparse populations.
In Asia, I had no trouble wearing thongs at pools in Thailand (only Phuket) or the Philippines (Manila, Mindoro, Ilo Ilo), but only at the pools I visited.  Maybe I was just lucky.  Otherwise, Asia has been a barren wasteland for bare skin (Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, et al).  I've worn suits that push the limits and nobody complains (e.g. Dore's 4" back suits with ultralow pushout fronts, Joe Snyders with a solid centre panel mesh over the cheeks, etc.) but thongs are the one thing that won't fly.
My personal policy for thongs in pools is always to ask beforehand.  If the staff say no, then I haven't done something without permission and avoid being asked to leave.  And if they say yes, then I can say I have permission in case anyone gripes.  It may be easier to apologize than to get permission, but that doesn't mean you won't get in trouble.  No, I'm not asking anyone's opinion about whether one should ask or not, that's been rehashed.  I'm just telling mine to give others food for thought.
Grabeach #266

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/29/2013 08:19:35Copy HTML

Seam_Stress, did people really get "in trouble" over thongs? From my long experience in Australia, someone in authority would politely ask you to cover up, but that's about it. In most cases they are very apologetic.
DesertThong #267

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:11/05/2013 03:24:08Copy HTML

At the condo we had a few years ago, there were 5 pools and one was designated for adults only. I thonged and occasionally G stringed at the adult pool. I'd swim for about 20 minutes and sun for longer times. I had pleasant conversations with people at times and others would ignore me. I did notice once a lady that I had talked to often come up to the gate, see me, and turn to go to another pool. Often it would be empty and I took off the suit a few times and did laps. I was walked in on only once by a lady who was renting. I put it back on, we talked about local restaurants, other stuff, and I went on my way after a while. I did have the HOA president come in once and say he had gotten complaints (probably about the sunning, not the swimming), but since I was wearing a suit, there was nothing he could do. I think he wished I would just go away. Eventually we did!
Thongmad #268

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:02/11/2014 07:56:24Copy HTML

 Even though I don't usually do my morning laps in a thong, (I wear the 1" Waveline bikini), here is a rough translation of the conversation I had this morning when a guy came into the change rooms while I was dressing. Remember my tan line is very prominent.
I'd just showered and dried off, and was naked, facing away from him (a guy around 55)...

"You must wear a thong, do you?"
"Yes, every time I'm at the beach, or in my pool at home. I sun-bake in them a lot"
"I can see that. You'd only be able to wear them at a nudist beach wouldn't you?"
"No, I wear them at nearly every beach I go to. Nobody really cares. The important bits are covered, so I think there's nothing to worry about"
"I suppose you're right"
"And I think if the girls can wear them no problem, then why can't I?"
(Chuckles) "Yeah well, fair enough"

We went on to discuss weather etc (normal small talk) while I dressed in my underwear thong and work clothes. Nothing more said.
I guess the point is most people don't have a problem with them if you don't...?
Grabeach #269

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:02/11/2014 08:08:26Copy HTML

Some change room conversations can be amusing.

One day last April I was getting dressed after a shower after doing some laps and sunning for a couple of hours at a pool. An older guy who'd just arrived and was changing into some very conservative old style 'trunks', commented on my tan, asking where I sunbathed nude (I don't have tanlines). I replied, "Wherever I'm allowed.", and he smiled. I then added, "And in g-string when I'm not." He looked a bit surprised, and said that they would probably be okay at some beaches. I then reeled off a list of beaches I'd used over the years. His look changed to one of amazement. By this time I was dressed, so said my farewells and departed.

Walking out to the car I pondered whether I should have mentioned that if he'd arrived ten minutes earlier he would have me sunning in my g beside the pool. Probably not. He may have gone into shock.
kazakevi #270

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:03/06/2014 02:05:32Copy HTML

Is anyone in Florida wearing thongs at pubic city pools for lap swimming or at the YMCA for lap swimming or local swimteam? I have been wearing thong swim suits for a few years now at our local Gold's Gym.
pjmodel2002 #271

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:03/30/2014 01:41:48Copy HTML

The YMCA in Denver is pretty conservative on the thong swimwear question.  Pool rules say no thongs.  Bummer really and kind of ironic in that they used to teach swimming in the nude.  If course, that was when people had wool bathers
Beached_Santa_Cruz #272

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/06/2014 03:23:16Copy HTML

 When my gym, Club One, isn't crowded I'll swim in my JS mini cheek or v-kini.  There is an older woman who swims there everyday who gives me a pouty look but other than that no one seems to mind.  I used to swim in the Santa Cruz public pool in my skinzwear thong and no one ever said a word.
rustathong #273

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/18/2014 12:36:43Copy HTML

 I've been swimming quite regularly at a gym on the way home from work. Always have my thong on under neath my low cut trunks which I remove if not to crowded. Most of the time I just wear my thong from start to finish unless there are afew people or lessons. Only lessons in the summer as it's an outdoor pool. Never had any bad comments or over heard any & employees have seen me when taking clients to the outdoor stairs & again no comments by trainers or counter staff.
johny_b #274

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/18/2014 11:21:41Copy HTML

funniest thing ever...i was at thong pool and the swim team were there doing there practice, the girls always wear the one peice bathing suits, which is the norm and the boys, dork shorts, again the norm. it was so funny tho watching those boys doing there laps, they were stuggling and had to stop and take breaks every so often, because there shorts were so heavy. i always wear a thong bathing suit at the pool, now im not a pro swimmer but i was blowing those boys away doing laps because i wasn't weighed down by my swimwear. you would think that they would  at least be wearing a speedo bottom of some type, not there. the pool staff asked me on my way out the door, how do you swim that fast, you blew the boys right out of the water. i responded back by saying. look at what they are wearing, i was actually swimming at a normal speed. the staff looked at me very bewildered, not sayiyng anything back. i think they had to take a moment to think about is after my response.
OS777 #275

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/19/2014 12:23:26Copy HTML

 Yo! Johny_B. It is amazing that guys on swimteams would not wear Speedos ot tank trunks!!!  Their coach should be drown before they do.
SlidingG #276

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:04/19/2014 01:26:33Copy HTML

At their meets I'll bet they wear speedos, and fly!  There are better drag suits for training than boardies, though.
Thongmad #277

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:05/08/2014 04:29:36Copy HTML

 I've shifted pools again for our winter season, so yesterday afternoon I got a great swim in thongs.The air temp was around 22degC, water 24degC, and the sun shinning, and I had the whole pool to myself!So I got my laps done, and a bit of a tan top-up as well :)
Grabeach #278

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:05/09/2014 10:15:27Copy HTML

"I've shifted pools again for our winter season".

Same here. Trouble is there are less and less centres in Sydney which have their 50m outdoor pools open through winter. Apparently insufficient patronage to justify keeping all that water heated. Unfortunately swimming laps in a small, crowded, overheated indoor pool is not my scene.
Thongmad #279

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:05/10/2014 08:07:54Copy HTML

 No Gra, indoor 25m pools just feel like a slimy disease ridden cess-pool (not to put it too harshly ;) )

The one I go to during winter is a YMCA run outdoor solar heated Olympic pool with eight lanes, and always impeccably clean!When the weather warms up, it actually starts to get too warm. I love those mornings when it's under 10 degC air temp, and the pool is only just 20. You know you're alive!
Grabeach #280

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:05/11/2014 10:52:40Copy HTML

Interestingly, Bexley, my most frequented winter pool was also run by the YMCA. It was in a bit of a gully and sheltered from the east, south and west, so you could lounge about in the sun in mid winter. Unfortunately it has just closed for two years, apparently to be totally rebuilt as a $30m megacentre. I assume a new management contract will then be up for grabs. It will be interesting to see if it retains its thong friendly attitude, as the megacentres seem less laid back than the old pool (with maybe a small gym) only affairs.
LakeLife #281

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/07/2014 01:17:49Copy HTML

 Outside urban pool - no problem at all. In fact, there was a lady sunning in a thong as well.
Rural city pool - I had a towel brought out by the lifeguard so that I could walk back my towel without upsetting the other swimmers. 
Beached_Santa_Cruz #282

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/25/2014 02:46:09Copy HTML

 Yesterday I went for a swim at my local clubs outdoor pool.   I switch off between a Sporti Euro brief and my Joe Snyder Kini.   Occasionally when the pool is pretty empty I'll wear my Joe Snyder mini cheek.  
Well yesterday  I wore my JS Kini in black.   I always wear my big shorts over it out to the pool area, slip them off, do my laps, put the big shorts back over then go back into the the gym. As I was about to get into the water the swim instructor ( a woman in her 70's ) came over and said that I couldn't wear it into the pool and that I had to go change.  It was in appropriate because there were 2 kids there getting lessons and that this wasn't the beach.  I didn't have it all tucked into my crack and everything was covered up.  I tried to tell her that the woman who I was going to share the lane with had on a string bikini and it wasn't much different than what I was wearing.  On Monday there was a woman laying in the sun with what could have been a thong and that I've seen several woman during the summer swimming in thongs.  It wasn't the place to argue with her so I switched into my Euro brief which pretty much has wider sides and is just as low in the front.
I'm not going to press the issue with them.  But if they have rules for men wearing a string bikini then they should apply to the women as well.
Grabeach #283

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/25/2014 11:43:45Copy HTML

In Australia, and I suspect in the rest of the world, very rarely will there be a rule about brevity of swimwear. The only rule you see, usually requiring appropriate or recognised swimwear, relates to NOT wearing street clothing on the basis of health, safety and pool maintenance. As far as style of swimwear goes, whether owned by the gym or council (even if called a 'public' pool), it is technically private property, so the supervisor on duty can decide what is okay or not at any given time. Consistency is not required!

In reality, the important things are.
1. Whether someone complains. We all know that in regard to bottoms, current public opinion allows females to show more than males. Unfair, but a fact of life. Notwithstanding, at Australian pools anyway, there are, perhaps surprisingly, few complaints.
2. The individual supervisor’s attitude to complaints. There are lots of variables that affect this. Without going into details, some will simply take the easy way out and politely tell you to cover up. Others will suggest an alternative, eg. sun in a different area or at swim at a different time. I suspect there may even be some who reject the validity of the complaint outright

As with most things in life, having a polite and friendly but not in your face attitude with pool staff and other users will reduce the likelihood of a complaint and influence the supervisor's response if one occurs. If all else fails, either go somewhere else or wear a little bit more. There are more important things to worry about!
Beached_Santa_Cruz #284

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/26/2014 12:49:31Copy HTML

 Like I said I'm not going to press the issue.  There are far to many other things in life to get in a huff over.
I did realize today that in order to get to the pool you have to go through the locker room.   Most of the boys who take swim classes change there and I'm assuming the girls change there too. Dads have brought their daughters into the men's locker room, which I am a bit uncomfortable with.   I'm sure they have seen plenty of naked bodies in the locker room.  Since I've definitely got my front covered when swimming what is it that they are seeing in the pool that they haven't already seen in the locker room?
mack_back #285

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/26/2014 04:43:00Copy HTML

As i did my routine laps in the gym pool in my unlined, semi sheer when wet white, aqua blue two tone thong. Seen the pool was full all lanes occupied. As i rinsed off the  deck shower from my earlier steam, decided to climb into the pool. 

Couple woman were giggling staring upon me with big grin on the far end. As i did one lap i moved to available lane beside the woman. Swimming on my back these females stood leaning back on the edge watching me for my entire swim twenty minutes or so. After few laps i knew they would tire from their giggling and chatting about me. Also another female appeared in a t-shirt and shorts sitting next to the pool, grinning back at the two woman in the water. Think they knew each other so they kept getting closer having some inside joke they were sharing. 

As i finished my swim I rinsed off upon the pool deck shower and decided to sit in the dry sauna over looking the pool. Did notice the two females got closer to the deck shower while in the pool watching me. After five minutes in the dry sauna three of the woman earlier giggling came in. They sat far end between the heater of the sauna hidden from my view. Did hear few comments and giggles they made such as, he looks unbelievable, chuckles..it's hot in here, he's so hot, chuckles.

Then one by one the came to the door to leave saying goodbye to each another. Each could see me at the doorway standing looking my direction. One asked the others will you be coming to use the pool again, (expressed with a grin while glancing my direction with a smirk). One woman answered, oh ya! with both giggling from her answer.. Few minutes next woman asked the same question the last woman answered hell ya! Again both began to giggle. 

I decided to call it a night beginning to leave packing my towel and shower bag out front of the glass sauna windows. Seen the one woman sitting watching me intently as i left to the locker room. 

Next night i visited the gym again only to see the same three woman at the gym floor. They all noticed me in my tights staring upon me even gossiping to other woman what they seen at the pool. 
After my swim and leaving the gym. The female receptionist was outside saying goodnight to me. She said, your looking hot honey, keep up the good work. I chuckled thanking her, not good taking a compliment. Suppose she noticed me on the security cameras in the pool wearing my thong., Guess not all woman are so negative when it comes to seeing a guy almost naked. Or at least appreciates looking at a males form. 
Thongmad #286

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/15/2014 09:05:27Copy HTML

 Well, against my own advice, as well as my normal practice, I asked for permission instead of waiting to ask forgiveness...

I did my laps this morning in a black Olaf Benz thong. I must admit to being very nervous about it initially, as it is my local area where I'm well known/recognised. (I do quite a bit in and around the community with my kids via sporting clubs).

My intention was to ask the pool attendant on the way in this morning if thongs are acceptable to wear. I ended up just going to the change room and putting it on instead, then came out and asked him "Is it OK to wear a thong?" He looked down at my feet, no kidding (hahaha!). Realising what was going on here I asked again "Is it OK to wear thong swimwear?" The reply was "Oh...yeah yeah...that's OK"
"Thanks!" and I was away! So permission given :)

I think he was quite surprised, and we'll wait and see if anything is said tomorrow morning, by him or his young female assistant (she always looks sideways at my collection of various coloured Waveline 1" bikinis, always with a smile and 'Hello' - let alone the thong)

Anyway, I enjoyed the freedom of thong swimming this morning. No comments or complaints. Let's see if it lasts.

John Howard #287

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/16/2014 01:57:30Copy HTML

lol,  that was funny how he looked at your feet,  anyway you got the approval and once it's been done once, I doubt they would mind you wear a thong regularly there.  Well done!
however you might be pushing your luck somebody you know could spot you one day....  you know mate, who cares, I reckon what you do swimming laps early in the morning wearing a thong looks very natural and sportive, very different to  parading around the pool to be seen.  
I think it's super cool, and let the thrill on of being caught by your mates or acquaintances, in my opinion wearing a thong with total confidence makes a guy attractive to females and inspires respect from men.
Hey Thongmad, how does Olaf Benz rate as compared to Muscleskins..
Thongmad #288

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/16/2014 04:05:07Copy HTML

Olaf Benz are better build quality so far I think, but the postage to get them here is as much or more as the thong, making them quite expensive. Shop around...
Unfortunately all of the Muscleskins I have purchased had problems with the elastic in the seams, which gave way after a few washes. Maybe it was the fact I wore and washed them so much, because they fit beautifully and were nice and light. Olaf Benz are unlined, but a heavier material. They seem to be made to last like Speedos. We'll have to see about longevity I suppose, as I have not had them long or used them much as yet. No doubt the chlorine will test that.
Muscleskins are a great product  and customisable at very reasonable cost. Olaf Benz are more modest with coverage, and seem more 'heavy duty'.
I like them both for different reasons, and therefore different uses.
tiggerix #289

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/16/2014 11:41:45Copy HTML

Good for you thongmad! I don't swim in a pool - much prefer the sea - but I guess the buzz of being there in a thong would be some encouragement to get fit.  An open air pool would do it - but very few in UK.

As an alternative to Olaf Benz - try http://www.kleim.nl/shop/strings-tanga-s/135-string-47300.html - the picture doesn't do it justice, it is a well made, good fitting conservative thong.  It sits fairly low on the hips.  The string sided one is also fine - again conservative but nicely made - can look a bit feminine though.  For me, wearing something that looks properly made in a mainstream factory is a big plus.  
Not sure what postage is to US, but an email would sort that, plus they should take the VAT (sales tax) off the price.

Thongmad #290

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/17/2014 07:32:15Copy HTML

 I'm in Australia, so postage from anywhere near the European region is usually outrageous...most US companies charge around AUS$8, but from over there it's around AUS$30 plus :/ (20-25 English pounds)

I am certainly not going to push my luck going too skimpy in styles. A thong is really enough for some people (male usually) to deal with.
Women tend not to have the same issues, especially the older ones who tend to be the early morning swimmers (it's apparently not a trendy exercise, so all the 'in' crowd are at the gym or boot camp). There is one lady around 55-60 who has suddenly taken an interest in talking to me...

I will stick with the Olaf Benz for now, and a few other no-name brand traditional-type 'conservative' thongs I have. I would like to find a good quality one with a drawstring. Drag is a problem because I am fairly quick in the water, so I've found I need snug styles or to size-down for laps. A drawstring thong would be ideal.

Anyway, day two and no issues ;)
Grabeach #291

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/17/2014 09:17:42Copy HTML

" Anyway, day two and no issues ;) "

So far so good, Thongmad. While not specifically related to swimming laps, of the 22 Olympic pools I've used around Sydney and Wollongong in the last few years, eight had some sort of problem with thongs, or to be more accurate, a guy in a g-string. This was actually far less than I initially thought would be the case. Six of the eight occurred at the first or (mostly) second visit. The other two were at the 10th and 24th visit respectively, so you're not 'out of the woods' yet!
hotbunz1969 #292

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/18/2014 01:24:15Copy HTML

  How I wish my gym pool would allow thongs........
John Howard #293

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/18/2014 01:40:40Copy HTML

 I believe that a guy swimming laps in a thong, at a fast speed and a serious manner can be exactly the ice breaker we all other thongers need from the management of the pool to view men wearing thongs as just another style of swimwear.
The effect a serious swimmer gives wearing a conservative thong swimming laps is perhaps the opposite effect a flamboyant torpedo or missile pink or bright orange thong wearer can give;  who just wants the attention on his package.
Maybe the time of the day (early in the morning) does the trick;  not many people around especially (God forbid) children!! (some adults instinctively want to transmit their prejudices and shame about the human body form to kids when most of the kids actually could not care less).
I would be interested to find out what the reaction is if Thongmad swims his laps a bit later in the day, and then just sunbakes lying down on a towel not at a secluded area after his swim.   That might be a bigger test.   
I'm quite a bad swimmer, my body gets too much resistance in the water,  only using a buoy between my thighs and hand paddles I can overcome the resistance on a bigger muscular mass.  If I was a good swimmer I would probably do the same as Thongmad and test the waters of my local pool.  In the  meantime I'm glad I can reach the beach quite easily from home and wear always a thong.   I do respect a lot guys who sunbake at the local pool wearing a thong;  maybe I'm mentally conditioned to the idea of local pool =  huge crowds,  it is not necessarily like that on a 20 - 25 ish degree day;    well done Gra for testing so many pools up in NSW.
stringueur #294

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/18/2014 06:18:31Copy HTML

 Last week, with my swim partner friend, we swam a series of 800-meter medley 4 (200 butterfly, 200 backstroke, 200 breaststroke, 200 freestyle) with a thong. We had a very conservative thong.
It was to celebrate the success to the exam of my friend to become a "swim teacher".
We went to a pool different from what we usually swim and where we are not known. We had no comment.
And, when you swim 200 m butterfly, in an olympic pool, you quickly forget you have a thong because you try to survive...
DarkThong #295

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/18/2014 08:54:39Copy HTML

 Great to hear thomgmad that it was not a problem. Hope you are going to be able to enjoy that every time.
Try this Olaf Benz thong... http://www.sineros.de/Fuer_Ihn/Bademode/Badestrings/Olaf_Benz_BLU1351_Sunstring_schwarz_406885.html it has a drawstring.
Poimbeach #296

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/18/2014 01:14:45Copy HTML

 Has anyone worn a thong to do laps at LA Fitness? I have worn a Cover Male Brazil cut with no problem as well as. JS  mango. The mango color is see thru when wet. Got looks but no objections. I guess it depends who is there.
mack_back #297

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/18/2014 05:57:50Copy HTML

Never have i been ashamed what i'm wearing thong or bikini briefs. Counted the many years i visited the gym pool and reactions coming my way. Yes, their are hundreds of times of my visits over the years gotten reactions but only handful are worth mentioning. As i look none seems to care seeing me in a thong. Just as many here wrote about their experiences years ago.  I've already made a reputation of myself being that guy in tiny swimwear who likes to flaunt it. People just find it amusing or just silly. 

No matter if it's a female personal trainer running bye outside the pool window peaking in. Intrigued with me in waist deep water in the whirlpool smiling knowing i probably wearing small bikini bottoms under the foam bubbles. 
Or just regulars who visit the pool knowing me well. Some saying, hey, mack_back, what did you forget the rest of your swimwear, back in the locker room. As i snear at him trying to be funny, climbing into the pool. Then he adds, oh, now he's going in dressed like that. I smile back, wearing my thong as everyone heard the words my friendly gym buddy said and my care free calm reaction.
People can think bad things about me or what i wear but they can see it doesn't bother me when a friend lets out his opinion of my thonging.
Just recently the same friend was chatting outside the showers both males drying off. As i heard partial discussion while in the steam room making my way out to the pool.  My friend seen me trying to include me in the conversation. While the other male just reacted saying, ya, he brings all the good looking woman to watch him at the pool. 
You don't need to be a great swimmer or keep busy trying to fool others what many believe is the truth. Wearing a thong tells all what we are up to and what we desire. 
People believe i get a kick out of letting woman watch me get out out of the pool looking in through the gym window making their way to the woman's changing area. Woman observe me closely while males don't blame me doing so, maybe they to would follow my lead if they looked like that. 
Their is no secrets when wearing a thong and trying to hide the fact is just ridiculous for many to watch. 
Just recently, to my shock a very attractive blonde female walked in the pool area or specifically the dry sauna. While i was wearing my blue low rise lined swim briefs. This hot 40's blonde wearing a white sheer when wet rio bikini with a scrunch seam in the back. Oh so nice watching walk passed the sauna windows after showering on the pool deck. All the years i've visited the pool never seen a woman like that, strong thighs and perfect ass for a thong. Just kicking myself not wearing a thong that day. She never looked at anyone at the pool or me for that matter. No surprise knowing Hot females like her have no shortage of males hanging on to her. Doubt a guy in a thong would be her type. 
While i do agree with the fact tight fitting thongs are better for my visits to the whirlpool and pool. Wearing looser cheap thongs tend to slide down in the water. Own one decent thong bought on ebay fits snug without tie string, hasn't let me down. While leaving my muscleskins poser for the C/O beach. 
big daddy thong #298

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/19/2014 12:41:16Copy HTML

  I recently have had a 7 day pass to LA Fitness in Bethel Park PA, which was once formerly owned by Bally's.  I used to belong back in the day but my membership expired long ago. I wore my modest speedo thong  in the pool area and got called out one day by the front desk manager.  There was no posting that thongs where verboten, only the sign said swimwear only in pool area no cut-offs or workout shorts.  She was very polite in saying that thongs were not appropriate swimwear in the club.  Bottom line it's not worth the hassle.
Poimbeach #299

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/19/2014 02:42:59Copy HTML

 I know!!we do what we know is acceptable. It is ashamed we can not just do our own thing. People in the us US need to lighten up. When I see a really fat man or woman  in The wet area, I try to be polite. I would think that we are no more offensive being in decent shape in a thong than a fat person in a bikini but I think everyone should do what they are comfortable with. I swam today in a rio with no Worries but I am always looking over my shoulder. One day we will accept each other be it thin, fat, fully dressed or semi nude. I don't see how it offends adults. Maybe when young children are around but in a gym we should really be able to  be a little more relaxed. I really think coed pools should allow full nudity unless someone gets out of hand.
32189 #300

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/19/2014 02:03:54Copy HTML

 That is great Thongmad that you asked. I think it was good that you were already wearing your thong as well.  Glad you could swim worry free and with permission granted!  
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