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32189 #301

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/19/2014 02:11:49Copy HTML

 People I talk to mention not wearing thongs around kids.  But I think kids do not care or notice a someone's swimwear.  Kids are mostly in their own world and they just want to play or have their needs met.  Granted they may ask a question about someone's buns showing but I think it can be quickly forgotten especially if the parents give an answer that is not scary or threatening.  I think adults have the greater problem and sometime pass those concerns and issues onto their children.  
Grabeach #302

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/19/2014 08:33:28Copy HTML

Couldn't agree more with 32189.

While I've no doubt some adults honestly think thong wearers are a threat to a child's mental well being, many simply use children as an excuse for their own insecurities.
nadathing #303

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/30/2014 07:51:50Copy HTML

 The kids angle is applied to more conservative suits of various bikini styles as well as thongs.  I agree with Grabeach that many simply use children as an excuse  for either insecurities or their personal attitudes, or whatever.  While I notice kids, especially smaller ones, sometimes looking, I think their are just taking in the world like they do with everything else.  I don't think it warps them or upsets them except top the extent that they have been taught against such things already.  
I swim laps in a public pool, and i never wear a thong.  I'd prefer to wear skimpy bikinis, but the management, who tolerate that themselves, get complaints.  So I have to limit it to skimpy speedo styles.  I try to avoid kids, not to avoid adversely affecting them, which I don't think is a problem, but to avoid the hassle of adults.
Thongmad #304

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:11/22/2014 06:09:36Copy HTML

Young kids only care about what they are doing, and a radius of about 2 metres around themselves!
As they get a little older, they notice things that are different from the norm, but only from an inquisitive point of view.
Then they start school, and society worms it way into their brains...

After a total of about five hours walking on the beach through some of the most crowded areas Australia has to offer, I've concluded there are only a very small percentage of people with an actual problem about thong wearing. I swam at a crowded swimming complex this week as well, in an Olaf Benz black thong. One pool had around 20 squad members training (including an Australian Olympian) and three coaches, while the next pool where I swam laps had at least 25 people across 10 lanes of varying ages (15-75yo) and four attendants. Yeah sure, a few people had a good look, and maybe commented to someone close by, but nobody commented to me, while a few engaged in the usual 'Hello' or small talk. Just normal stuff. I got no more reaction than when I wear my bright coloured (flouro pink, yellow, green, orange) Waveline 1" briefs. 

The more you do it, the easier it is to feel and act comfortably, and that's when you are accepted more readily. So, do it.
Poimbeach #305

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:05/15/2015 11:52:19Copy HTML

 Well I finally got the courage to do it. I have worn rio cuts to LA Fitness but last week I decided what the heck and proudly put on my thong and walked out of the dressing room to the pool. I rinsed off then jumped into the pool and swam laps for a short while. I then got out and went in the hot tub. It felt pretty good just wearing a thong with two walls of glass to the outside and reception desk. No one said anything to me, not expecting them to, but if you act as though it is normal procedure, most people accept.  Looking forward to doing again. The more people do it, the more accepted.
Grabeach #306

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:05/17/2015 10:20:13Copy HTML

Poimbeach, you're not home and hosed yet. The times that I have been asked to 'cover up' at a local Olympic pool have usually been on the second visit. I figured it usually takes a bit of time for any complaint to work its way through the system. At the other extreme, at one pool I was once asked to cover up for the first time on my 68th visit. Fortunately this was only for that day.
kazakevi #307

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:11/28/2015 02:44:16Copy HTML

This is an awesome message board.  At first my gym had a sign posted stating that thongs were not allowed.   However I wore a speedo swim thong and swam laps while a women' water aerobics class was going on.  There were no complaints.  Then I noticed that the signs were changed to say only that cut offs were not allowed and that only swimwear was allowed. (The kind of swimwear was not listed) Also required was a soap shower before swimming.  So I have been able to wear swim thongs now for the last four years for lap swimming.  I think if you are a swimmer and fit, then you should try the swim thong at the local gym.  Does anyone have experience wearing a swim jock for lap swimming?  The swimjock is a new style sold at Cover Male and Joe Snyder and some others that is like a thong since it does not provide any rear coverage.
Grabeach #308

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:11/28/2015 11:04:57Copy HTML

Over the last four years, I’ve swum laps and sunned 357 times (yes I do keep a diary) at 23 different Sydney and Wollongong outdoor pools. That is the type that you usually pay to enter and have a pool manager and lifeguards. Some of these had gyms, some didn’t. Occasionally I've had the place to myself, sometimes I've had trouble finding room for my towel on the grass. For various reasons I have only been to several of these pools once or twice. About half have been ten or more visits and the most visits to a single pool is 89. For what it’s worth here are my suggestions.

From my observations and occasional discussions with them, it is apparent that with regard to ‘showing your bum’ swimwear, managers and lifeguards only have a problem if somebody complains. Once that happens you will be asked to ‘cover up’, though some of those I’ve got to know reasonably well will try and talk the complainer around. With the above in mind, it is logical that one does their best to avoid complaints, while still achieving their desired aim. While it may be liberating to wander to and from the change rooms or to the shop in your thong, this will greatly increase the odds of someone complaining. Ditto if you plant yourself near a group of young kids taking swimming lessons. They probably won’t even notice, but their parents will.

So if you like the feeling of actually swimming in a thong, then I’d suggest keeping your shorts on till you’re about to enter the water and do so from the least crowded end of the pool. Wrap a towel around you when walking back to the showers. In my case, I like to lie in the sun in a g-string and read and don’t care what I wear in the pool (board shorts the exception of course). To this end I wear 25mm side swim briefs while swimming my laps and generally keep a low profile while sunning. Depending on the pool this may actually be choosing a popular area where many others are laying out so I blend in. It is rarely near the picnic tables where large family groups congregate. Common sense will usually tell you the best place to sun. If your thing is strutting around so that everybody notices you, I’d recommend you go to a beach instead. At most pools you won’t last very long.

Finally, sometimes even after doing all the right things someone will still complain and a lifeguard will ask you to cover up. They don't get any joy out of having to do this, so don't argue. Be friendly, politely accept their decision and there's a reasonable chance next time you're there you won't have any problems.
John Howard #309

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:11/29/2015 01:13:26Copy HTML

 It makes a lot of sense to wrap a towel around when wearing a thong at a public swimming pool while walking around before and after coming from the pool.
If anyone had a negative vibe against men wearing thongs in public, I reckon that the towel around the waist would definitely tone the perception down.   And if anyone wanted to complain,  it would not succeed because the guy is obviously not showing off.
It shows a confident guy who happens to wear a thong and doesn't pretend to be a show off .
I love the idea of walking around wearing just at thong at the public pool, but I prefer to leave that for the beach.  There's something about the beach that makes it so different and more acceptable.   Perhaps it's the perception of more family oriented environment that prevails at swimming pools.
pikeman #310

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:11/29/2015 04:25:53Copy HTML

 I think John makes a very valid point. I was recently traveling in China and always stay in hotels with pools. The Westin in Xi;'an has a beautiful big lap pool and I wore a towel to and from the men's locker room. There was some notice, but no big deal. I think it was more related to the brevity of the garment than my backside, since I was sitting on a lounge at the time. China is a pretty conservative place and even though hotels tend to be full of "global" people, I was still careful. Interestingly, the men using the sauna, steam and whirlpool were all nude despite the posted requirement for"swimwear" in the list of "no alcohol", "don't do this if you're pregnant" etc. on the locker room wall.
swimbabe #311

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:02/29/2016 11:24:13Copy HTML

 I have recently joined a hotel leisure club in our nearby city. I use the facilites 3 times per week. After working out in the gym I use the pool for lap swimming. As it tends to be mornings it is always quiet therefore I wear a g string and triangle top. No one has made a comment so far !  I sometimes wait until the lifeguard is at poolside checking water levels before exiting the pool. Swimming to the shallow end steps, removing my googles then standing up. I then slowly walking up the steps ensuring that I slide my fingers round the sides of my string pulling it high on my hips. I am such a tease. If the pool is very quiet I do enjoy lying in the steam room topless, only once have I had someone else in with me and he did not mind ! !   I do act responsibly if there are children around and wear a high cut Ujena one piece. 
John Howard #312

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:03/01/2016 08:13:44Copy HTML

Good on ya  Swimbabe... I doubt you would get any negative reactions;  you probably would if you were a male.  It's great that you are contributing to make wearing a thong normal in swimming pools too.
I'm sure the lifeguard has aleady checked you out while you swim;  the shape of the bathers people wear is quite easy to distinguish from outside the pool.But for the part of your exit from the  pool, it  requires to be a bit more refined   I believe there's a split of a second when a male can check her out upside down in detail (and why not a bit of lust), that feels so good.  I do it all the time and must admit have become almost an expert;   the trick is don't let her realise that you have  'absolutely' checked her out.  

Beached_Santa_Cruz #313

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:03/02/2016 01:15:34Copy HTML

 I'm jealous of you Swimbabe.  In a previous posting in this thread I had said that a 70 year old woman complained about a cheeky suit.  Just in the past 3 weeks there have been women in the same style of cheeky suits at the club.  When the weather gets really nice I'm sure there will be a lot more.  I wonder what the 70 year old prude will be saying about them?   I may wear my JS mini-cheek when there are lot of women wearing them.  I would think that if she says my suit is inappropriate that I'd have to ask her about all of the women with their butt cheeks on display.
Grabeach #314

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/12/2017 08:01:26Copy HTML

On arriving recently at one of my favourite Olympic pools, I realised I didn't have the briefs that I wear when doing laps. I had come by public transport , so returning home to re-equip was not an option. Bit the bullet and did the laps in Lane 1 in my Skinz M1R2 g-string. The lifeguard standing nearby didn't say a thing. A guy in Lane 2 coaching his 10? year old daughter was quite friendly. A regular mega-lap swimmer and local identity who I often chat with was leaving after trying out a new type of long sleeve / long leg sun suit for swimming. We exchanged friendly barbs about the other's attire. A few other people in the vicinity didn't pay any attention.

Not withstanding the successful outcome, I will stick with the more conservative styles for laps. While it didn't happen, it felt like I could slip out of the g at any time. This has happened in choppy harbour / ocean pools on occasions, but one is far less visible there than in a clear Olympic pool. And as I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm sure regularly swimming laps in a g would increase the chance of someone complaining, which may then jeopardise my continued ability to lay out in a g after swimming my laps.
Comfythong1 #315

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:12/19/2017 04:02:32Copy HTML

 I’ve been wearing my JOR Ipanema thong at Lifetime Fitness to swim laps and in hot tub. No one has said anything. I do cover up with a towel to walk around the pool usually.  I’ve even worn my JS g-string before and people ha no reaction. This was later in the evening so there were less people and no only adults present. 
When I swim with my kids I wear my Rufskin cheeky swimsuit and no reaction from anyone.
richard12181970 #316

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:01/07/2018 10:04:07Copy HTML

 The past 2 summers I have been able to stay most of the summer at a lake cabin in northern Wisconsin, U.S.A.  I enjoy swimming laps parallel to the shore and most often wear a thong. Only on weekends when there are a lot of boats on the lake, I wear a Speedo type suit.  I know I've been seen by passing boaters, but I'm concentrating on my swimming, so I don't notice.  Frankly I don't care.  It feels great to swim in a thong.
gsj #317

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:01/08/2018 03:19:42Copy HTML

.......Frankly I don't care.  It feels great to swim in a thong. My sentiments exactly.
stringueur #318

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/20/2018 10:03:14Copy HTML

Tonight, i did my usual swim training (3 times each week, 2 miles each time) during the public hours. I wore a cheeky swimsuit. With this cheeky swimsuit, half of my buns are uncovered. During the training, a woman (i must admit i have never noticed her) told me : "Hello, you don't have your usual swim caps, with skulls" It is true i had a swim caps with skulls 6 months ago. I answered immediatly "No, i wear the swim cap of my triathlon team now". It is very funny that this woman notice my swim cap but didn't say a word about my cheeky swimsuit whereas my swimsuit was more noticeable than my swim cap.
Poimbeach #319

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/22/2018 10:53:57Copy HTML

I have been swimming laps in either a rio or thong at LA Finess for the last year or so. I will wear a Desmitt thong or I have a new one that is multi colored with lime green beyond the front and rear patch which is see thru. It has a tie string and not a lot of elastic in the waist band so you must tie it or the whirlpool will literally pull it off. I love swimming laps in a thong. I still am a little cautious wearing just a thong in the pool bunever has been an issue. The other day, one of the sales people was showing a new guest the pool when I was swimming laps in my thong. Never had any second look at all. During the week I wear the rio or cheeky suits. I usually pull them up pretty high so they become a thong.li makes more fun that way.
Blackthong23 #320

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/24/2018 04:42:34Copy HTML

I have found that a Desmitt thong is now my new favorite for doing laps in the pool. I tried a couple other thongs to see how I would like them but they were just a tad too small while swimming with others. I swam in a joe Snyder rio thong and really had to be careful and then I tried my skinz thong which felt great but still on the small side. When I tried the Desmitt thong for laps I was hooked.

Having the drawstring to keep it in place was a huge plus and also it looks like a basic speedo in the front and sides. I don’t flaunt around in it ,but I feel better wearing that in front of the other swimmers.

I keep a speedo brief close by the pool with my towel just Incase a situation happens where I don’t want to show people I’m in a thong. Occasionally a younger swim team will be in there and their parents hanging around watching them. That’s when I usually hold off wearing a thong and put a speedo on.

Nothing is better though when you have the whole pool to yourself or if only a couple people are there and you get to swim, walk around in your thong at the pool. When it’s crowded I tend to cover up quicker while getting in and out of the pool but if it’s slow then it’s a great feeling being carefree.

Comfythong1 #321

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/26/2018 06:27:30Copy HTML

Desmiit has been my go to thong for lap swimming lately too. I’ve mentioned it in other posts, but essentially that’s really been the only swimsuit I’ve been swimming laps in the last few months. It’s the most comfortable for swimming laps. The drawstring really helps and it’s the perfect coverage- not too tiny that I’m afraid it won’t stay on while swimming and not too bulky where there’s too much material.  Where are you guys(and gals) swimming laps?

kiyoothong #322

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/28/2018 02:57:30Copy HTML

The gym I go to has an outdoor pool, but it only has 4 lanes. Since it's not a big pool, I wear my swim trunks when there are people around. A few weeks ago, I got a day off, and since it was nice outside, I decided to go to the pool at noon. I got there and there was no one at the pool. Fortunately, I had my Gregg Homme thong swimsuit with me (I'm always prepared), so I quickly went to the changing room and got changed. Before going into the pool, I took a photo to commemorate this moment. I was just so happy to have the whole pool to myself. I got into the pool, and I felt this rush of adrenaline as the water touched my bare cheeks. It was a now or never moment. After an hour of doing laps, I started to see people by the pool. They were all just chilling by the pool, and they didn't mind me at all. I got tired after an hour, so I decided to lay out by the pool. The pool wasn't overcrowded, so I was able to get my own space by the pool. More people showed up after 2, and that meant more people got to see me in a thong. No one said a thing about my thong, but I had this interesting encounter with a chick around my age. Even though the pool wasn't overcrowded, this chick decided to camp next to me. I checked her out before she laid down, and I saw her with full back bikini bottoms on. She had a book and had earplugs on, so I just left her alone and I got some shut-eye. 30 minutes went by and I turned around so that I could tan the other side. The bikini chick was still next to me and she was laying on her stomach. And right there, I was able to see her butt cheeks. Did she change while I was asleep? I looked closely, and I realized that she had bunched up her bikini bottoms so that she could tan her cheeks. I had so many questions for her, but I decided to leave her alone because I didn't want to come off as a creep. She soon left, and I also went inside because it was getting cold. I haven't gone swimming since then because the temperature has been droppping. I'll have to look for an indoor pool, but I don't think I'd have this much freedom at an indoor pool.
JM_Runs #323

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:09/30/2018 01:54:44Copy HTML

Desmiit draw string thongs:


Blackthong23 #324

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/05/2018 01:53:50Copy HTML

I actually just went in and purchased 4 more desmiit thongs from that site. I kinda wanted to get them while I can just Incase they quit selling them! They really are comfortable to swim in or even wear as underwear. Got all kinds of colors now to choose from!

mack_back #325

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/06/2018 06:36:14Copy HTML

Wore my Desmitt thong to the gym pool. Seen two couples in the whirlpool when i entered the pool deck. When i entered the steps whirlpool after hanging my towel, the two couples became very quite when the ladies noticed what i had on eyeballing me closely. After few minutes they all left the pool facilty. When i started my laps in the pool i noticed the one couple stop pausing outside the pool observing me. There reactions upon looking at me was confusion. Maybe the woman wanted to set some label or never seen a male in a thong before. 

Did notice one of the females leaving the pool and whirlpool quickly covered up her bikini bottoms with a towel on the pool deck. While the other female bigger boned and booty had wedgie bottom one piece swimsuit didn't bother covering up. 

Often when i wear a thong at the pool and seen by woman in skimpy swimwear bottoms they become modest covering up there bottoms with a towel when walking back to the change room. Just think is it because they seen me so non calant and confident walking and showering at the pool deck they become self concious. 

Poimbeach #326

Re:Doing laps in a thong

Date Posted:10/14/2018 05:22:06Copy HTML

Another nice Saturday afternoon at the gym. I wanted to go into the wet area to swim laps in my thong as I normally do but all lanes were full. I had to settle on thonging in the hot tub. No one really gives a second look. I guess thong swimwear is becoming more accepted. I have not gone in the middle of the week at peak hours in a thong but have worn very small rio yellow see thru when wet with no problem.
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