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Date Posted:09/10/2003 02:11:35Copy HTML

My wife and I recently visited Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, and over all we had a good time, but we'd never go back. Besides the food, and language barrier, there was this double standard regarding dress that was frustrating.

Women are allowed (and encouraged) to wear as little as possible. At the pools and the beach, there was many ladies of all ages and body types sunning topless and many in thong swimwear. I am an athletically fit guy who looks forward to tropical vacations because it allows me to sun in thongs. ( My home in New Hampshire is far to conservative ) I received many stares and snickers until on the third day I was told not to thong at the pools ( We ended up finding a great spot on the beach...............eventually )

We found this attitude to be surprising considering the broad diversity of nationalities that were there, and the acceptance of ladies in skimpy swimwear.
7423080 #1

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/10/2003 08:07:56Copy HTML

would be very, very interested in knowing the resort you stayed at.  was there in march this year with no problems at all. wore a mesh  gstring on the beach every day.  around the pool areas i wore a gstring but in solid white.  when wet it was quite see thru but with the heat and sun down there it dries very quickly. i never had any problems.
spongebob4prez #2

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/11/2003 07:43:12Copy HTML

Reply to : spongebob4prez

I have several different suits of different colors, but all are the same cut. All are solids and prints that don't allow see-through. There was always someone from the hotel going around selling stuff, or taking pics of tourist with their trained parrots. Their english wasn't very good, but they refused to take our pic, and gestured to me saying something like "no thongs by the pools........beach only"
  It wasn't only swimwear that this happened. I was denied access to the dining hall, and the casino wearing 3/4 lenth docker dress shorts and a collared shirt because "gentlemen are required to wear pants" Meanwhile they open the door for a lady in denim cut-offs and a halter top.

Maxtlatl #3

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/11/2003 09:33:54Copy HTML

In case folks don't know, the Eden Bay nudist resort
in the Dominican Republic has re-opened. They have
a web page at http://www.edenbay.com.

I myself tend to be a nudist when possible (legal), thonged or G-stringed) when not.

orlspeedo #4

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:01/14/2004 09:55:49Copy HTML

Will be traveling to Santo Domingo in the next few weeks and wanted to know if anyone knows of some thong friendly/gstring beaches there?  Supposed to be a beautiful island, but don't know what the beaches are like.  Anyone been there?
thonglife #5

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:01/27/2004 07:46:30Copy HTML

Reply to : orlspeedo

I am curious to know of your experience in Santo Domingo. We are considering it for a vacation in March and I'd like to know how the thonging and speedos were there?

alanc63 #6

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:10/12/2004 06:55:53Copy HTML

I went to Secrets Excellence and wore a thong at the pool and on the beach all four days. My GF wore a thong and was topless also. This was in August of '03. This is a couples only resort. We did walk down the beach a few times were the resorts allowed children, but no one said anything at all.


ratsnake #7

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:10/20/2004 06:08:06Copy HTML

My wife and I have just spent our honeymoon in Playa Dorada R.D. and I'm happy to report that only on 1 day of the whole two weeks was my bare behind not on display and that was because I had a bad day and didn't feel like thonging.  I used all the hotels facilities, pools, windsurfing and sailing and the public beach even taking part in the water aerobics and pool volleyball in a Kiniki.com "st. tropez" thong with no problems at all.  My wife who is a bit more shy that I also thonged in the pools with no issue at all.  There were a couple of people who thought it was funny and made some childish remarks but the hotel staff were great.

We went on a catamarn tour up to Sosoua bay and I was wearing a HE Swimwear narrow cut front, 1/2" side and 1/4 back "bikini" as you guys call it - trunk as we say in the UK, which actually worked well as a thong, one of the crew on the Cat said it looked very sexy!  >blush<  needless to say they got a huge tip!

this trip has given me a lot more confidence to thong in other places.  It was great, I'd go back again, apart from the 9hour flight

SPR #8

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:10/23/2004 01:49:36Copy HTML

Hi ratsnake

I was at Playa Dorada in Feb. Which hotel were you at?

I was at cheap and cheerfull Villas Doradas. I was'nt as brave as you though. I only wore a thong to sunbath on the beach and a bit of sea swiming. I wore a Kiniki Brazil half back on the catamaran trip but would have loved have worn a thong.

If I go back I will definitely thong by the pool next time.



ratsnake #9

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:10/23/2004 08:09:13Copy HTML

We were at the Occidental Playa Dorada itself, right on the beach, all inclusive and great. 

The kiniki Brazil was the first less than average trunk I ever wore, it's a great number for everywhere, have 2 in Jade.  Also have the animal print equivalent which is great too.  I was not quite brave enough to go for "Thong" the tie side at the pool side, except once when I went out for 2 minutes to put the towels out on the sunloungers at about 07:30.  But other than that it was St. Tropez and Sapphire nearly all the way.  The result is that I'll be wearing a thong even when naked for the best part of a year - it's a fantastic tan line!!


JM_Runs #10

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:02/01/2005 05:26:16Copy HTML

   Personally, I'd avoid the Bavaro Complex. The Wife and I were there in 02, and basically the attitude was if you're a lady, the less you wear the better; if you're a man the more you wear the better. I was asked to cover up or leave the pool area, but it was ok for my wife (even better if she's topless) We ended up finding a good spot at the end of the beach, eventually.

SeaDooThonger #11

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:02/11/2005 09:48:55Copy HTML

My wife and I have been to Punta Cana twice in the last two years, staying at the Iberostar Bravaro and the Bahia Principe. My wife wore thongs everyday on the beach at both resorts, I would say 20-40% of women wore thongs and many went topless. For guys however its a different story, in the two weeks we have spent in Punta Cana we only saw maybe 5 guys in thongs. Because of this I only wore my thong on a few occations in the mornings and in the spas and juccuzies. The rest of the time i wore spedoes or tight square cut shorts. Neither of us received any negative comments concerning beach attirre. My seggustion is, try the Baiha or Rui next the Bahia since thier are more european vacationers at these resorts. If you wear a speedo at the pools and save the thong for the beach you will prabably be fine, thats what we did and no one bothered us. The only other thing you might want to know is that at both resorts 99% percent of the people we met were their with someone. If you are traveling alone and want to met other single people I would not reccomend the large allinclusive resorts in Punta Cana.


Sea Doo Thonger

987abc #12

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/01/2005 10:42:47Copy HTML

I've gone twice with my girlfriend and I wore a thong every day on the beach, some days a classic thong, and on other a v-string.  We stayed at the Fiesta Palace and the Fiesta Bavaro - Spanish owned hotels, very friendly w/ mostly European clients.  Never a problem.  Many women topless in thongs all around and I'd always see two or three other guys wearing thongs too.  Really its no big deal.  I'd go swimming and to the bars to grab beers in my thong and we never encountered a problem.  In fact, two Spanish girls down near the water actually gave me the "thumbs up" which was reassuring that no one cares - to each his own! 
Monkeybooty1 #13

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:05/07/2005 12:43:16Copy HTML

Me and my wife just got back from the Grand Palladium Bavaro Resort and loved it.  There was only a couple guys in thongs, but lots of topless girls in thongs.  I only wore my thong once and had no issues on the beach, I didn't have the courage to wear it around the pool.  I spent most of the weekend in a s slim cut speedo with a narrow back without a complaint.

Most of the people there seemed to be either canadian or european.  Beautiful resort with good food, I would go back again!


rastus #14

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:05/16/2005 10:37:22Copy HTML

We were not happy there...went to Jack Tar...almost no thongers on the beach...and none male ...except for me
7423080 #15

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:05/17/2005 07:15:03Copy HTML

at the rio palace last fall and wore a very skimpy thong..almost a gstring everyday.  around the pool, jacuzzi, and beach. no one ever said a word or stared as far as i know.  when wet it was totally see thru.
erik3000 #16

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/08/2005 12:16:35Copy HTML

well I use to thong in punta cana monthly my wife its more conservative but she loves to se me in thongs so I pleased.  We like to go to occidental flamenco(its a spain chain) that its next to fiesta/palladium hotels and I need to admit that some times Its hard to be the only male in thongs at the beach but in the other hand the complete esenario changes for the girls, some times more than half of thems are  in thongs, Gstrings and top less. even in the bars, last time I saw a girl playing in a ping pon table next to the pool weraring a thong and no one even noticed    

For be honest the people dont care about it, I were it and no one makes a negative comment or look at me in a bad attitude but its hard to look around you and see that you are the only men in...


string papi #17

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/15/2005 01:52:24Copy HTML

This is my first post and after reading on this topic, I want to give some info. since I live in Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic. To be honest, it is not the norm that you see a man wearing thongs or g-strings at the beaches close to Santo Domingo, guys here wear shorts, square cuts and even boxer brief underwear at some beaches. But if you as a tourist wear a thong, the authorities wo?t say anything, it? just they will look strangely at you. As for the ladies, it is more common to see them in tiny bikinis but also thongs are the scarcity.

It is not so at the resorts away from the capital city. I guess since a lot of European visitors go there, minimal swimwear is the norm and that is where I have been able to wear a thong since I came back to live here last year from the States. When I go to beaches nearby, I wear a string bikini and even it is not a thong, I?e got comments. But as I said, at resorts you feel freer to wear minimal. Hope this helps.

Feel great in a tanguita !



havinfun #18

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:12/28/2005 02:21:57Copy HTML

Has anyone thonged at Secrets Punta Cana? My wife & I are headed there in March and was wondering what the thong acceptance level for men was
erik3000 #19

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:12/29/2005 01:19:37Copy HTML

Dont  worry thong happy, March is a good time for thong in punta cana. Secrets is a very exclusive hotel, for me the best of the zone, I had been there once and is like a palace. About thong the hotel is located far  away of the hotels zone and you are going to be almos alone(the only hotel that is near is the sirenis). I know that some naturists likes that specific hotel because they walk a few steps in the beach and they can go nude, the beach is located in an area that is almost deserted.

You are going to found probably like 25% of the girls thonging and topless in march and may be you will be the only one men in thong, But any way no one will care about it. Last month I got some corage and walked with my wife like half mile in thong. We went from Paladium (fiesta Bavaro) to Iberostar. So we passed like 7 or 10 hotels. All was smooth and normal. I think that in Punta Cana you dont see more males in thong not because they can?  the issue is that they dont want to wear it.

Also use comun sence, dont try to walk to all the hotel, in and out in your thong uncovered unless you want to be the atraction of the week. Is not that is bad the key is that you are going to be with all kind of persons and some of thems are very prude. Secrets has a lot of honeymooners and the minority just dislike the thongs.  In general I can tell you that you are not going to have any problem, All the people that I know agree with me, puntacana is a place that every thing goes. As I told to some one in other forum if you dont want to see thongs please dont go to punta cana.

Have a grate time and bring with you a thong for each day.


alanc63 #20

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:01/05/2006 06:44:26Copy HTML

I was at Secrets in August of 2003. I wore a thong 4 of the 5 days we were there. I only had one negative comment. It was from a drunk, overweight loudmouth that barely fit into his board shorts.  I did not let it bother me at all, I would say that 60% of the women were topless and most wearing thongs.  Towards the end of the day, at the pools it seemed to get more relaxed. I guess that after good sun and drinks, most peoples inhibitons went away.

If I could offer advice, it would be to spend the few extra dollars for a "swimup" room. This was great, the pool was only steps away from the patio and our room.

havinfun #21

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/08/2006 11:59:28Copy HTML

We just came back from Secrets and it was not a thonging resort at all, for women or men. I think the problem was because the resort was at 100% capacity (no exaggeration) and there really wasn't a private place in the entire resort.  Also it seemed to be filled with lots of older married conservative couples from the midwest, not exactly your typical thonging crowd ;-)   I think we just had bad luck in the week that we went, if it weren't so busy I can see that this would be a good place to thong. They have a very large & private beach and it stretches either direction for hundreds of yards with lots of privacy. People take long walks on the beach but for the most part it is easy enough to walk down the beach and thong in privacy if you like.   
DavyJ #22

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/23/2006 10:35:36Copy HTML

I have been to several of the resorts in Punta Cana, and wore my thong much of the time.  There are a number of women topless and/or in thongs, but hardly any guys.  Last year I was the only guy I saw, but it was never a problem, either poolside or walking the beach.  By the end of the week all the hotel staff knew me, and the girls always commented favorably.  There were quite a few families present, but never had a negative comment.  In the past 4 or 5 years, the crowd seems to have "Americanized" quite a bit, which means there are fewer thongs/topless than before.  But as long as you don't care you will be fine.

If you are a guy, be prepared to have your picture taken surreptitously frequently, what with all the camera phones out there.  But if you don't mind the attention, you will not have any problems.

DavyJ #23

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/24/2006 12:00:24Copy HTML

Isn't La Romana the closest "resort area" to Santo Domingo?  I have been to Punta Cana several times (also closer then Puerto Plata), and never had any problem wearing a thong.  You will also see some topless women.
7423080 #24

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/26/2006 12:35:56Copy HTML

i would love to hear what resort davy j stayed at.  other specific locations with names in punta cana would be appreciated.
erik3000 #25

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/26/2006 07:17:15Copy HTML

I want to suggest you other location, recently punta cana has been changing a lot, at the begining there was unknown and most of the tourist that visit us came from Europe so the enviorment was more liberal but now the contry invest a lot of money marketing the island in the USA and things are not the same.

You will have a lot of americans with dork swim suits and the other half with speedos and probably you will be the only male in thongs. If you dont care go for it. Just remember that this island can be a little bit rude with mens in thongs, people dont care if you are a girl,  as other posted before for the girls the less that they have the best, Some of thems go thong/topless from the beach to their rooms and no one said anything. But for the guys the rules are diferent, I am not telling that you can? tong because I do every time I go there but I am just want to suggest you to use commun sense. Weare a short under your thong, etc. And you are not going to have any problem. Some times I have to  work in punta cana and I go alone and I  dont have any problem thonging, but any way I think isnt any more the paradise for thong that used to be. I feel that the beach are changing a lot.


erik3000 #26

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/26/2006 07:23:40Copy HTML

Davy, the closest resort area from santo domingo is Juan Dolio, and its less than 30 minutes from the airport. La romana is like 1.5 hours. The comlex use to have more or less 10 all inclusive resorts. (Low quality but very economic) I suggest to invest a little more and go to la romana or punta cana.
gstring1 #27

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/27/2006 12:54:03Copy HTML

if you are going to punta cun for a week the best deal and best beach is at club med.  I was there several years ago and wore nothing but a tiny black gstring the entire time i was there.  I felt totally comortable and had no problems.  Many of the guest are from eroupe and a lot of the women go topless  and some with gstrings on.  I was the only guy there in a gstring but no one cared.  Did see some european gay guys in speedos.
DavyJ #28

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/21/2006 11:06:30Copy HTML


Lets see, I have been to Natura Park, the Riu Bambu, and the IFA Villa Bavaro.  The Riu bambu had the most other people in thongs, but that was probably more to to the time (2002) than the location.  The area is becoming more Americanized as many have noted, but I have still never had any problems.  You will stand out, however, so you must be prepared for that.  But beaches and poolside, I have never had any problems.

gold_string #29

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:06/03/2006 02:17:19Copy HTML

Will be going to Puerto Plata staying at Riu Merengue end of June and the lady and I would like to know  if anyone had any experiences with this european styled resort. We will thong and go topless anyways.
erik3000 #30

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:06/07/2006 11:09:53Copy HTML

As I know the Riu merengue is together with the Riu bachata and Riu mAMBO are very private and secluded none one can be on the beach unless is a registated guess, as you said is an european chain so you are going to be OK  the last time that I was there I saw like 20-15  topless. And like 10 in thong.

I remember that I was In the Riu Mambo in the 2004 walking to the beach and I saw a girl in her 20s, with a very nice body, a pretty  one .... she was walking from the bathroom to the beach topless and I stop to se her, she was also with a black thong, what a surprise for me, she was very hot...

Have fun thonging, probably you are going to be with a lot of families with kids, probably they dont care what you wear, if you feel confortable all is going to be good. And I think that you are going to be the only male in thong and A lot of womens even in Gees



Monkeybooty1 #31

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/21/2007 01:42:08Copy HTML

I just got back from IFA Villas Bavaro.  It was a good vacation and the hotel was OK, I've stayed in better, but it was good for the price.  At the beach I was the only guy in a thong, so I kept it low-key.  Around the pool I wore speedos and square-cuts with out a problem, I probably could have wore a thong, but I'm kinda shy.  by the end everyone there knew I wore thongs because I was "outed" on stage one night - see the personal experiences thread.  In general it was a good experience, now bad remarks or looks, but I'm ready to try another island, maybe spend a little more money next time.
7423080 #32

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/23/2007 09:47:32Copy HTML

Returning again soon to Punta Cana, trip number 4. As stated earlier I have never had any problems wearing a mesh g-string or light colored thong at the beach or pool anytime. Remember, the majority of vacationers are from Europe and skimpy swim wear is the norm. Just wear your thong or string and enjoy your vacation. You are not going to be singled out my any means.

If a little chicken hearted-try the beach instead of pool side. Lots of people there are people watching but are not going to say a word to you because so many others are there that are wearing speedos and skimpy suits. Enjoy your vacation time and get a good tiny tan line.

While you are laying down on the beach no one can really see what your suit looks like except when going and exiting the ocean. Plan your exit so tons of people are not walking by if you think your suit is a little see-thru.

On the first day I noticed only a few guys in thongs. After several days of wearing mine there seems to be quite a few more. Its kinda the money see-monkey do attitude.

NoTanLinesToo #33

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/26/2007 04:55:14Copy HTML

Does anyone have information on the resorts in La Romana?  I'll be at the Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus over Labor Day weekend and was wondering about the acceptance of thongs on the beach and around the pool.  Just from reading the other posts, which seem to be mainly in Punta Cana, topless for women is acceptable, and thongs on men may or may not be tolerated.  I anticipate that my wife will probably thong on the beach during the early part of the day, then move to the pool in the afternoon. We usually wear more conservative suits at the pool.

I would appreciate any recent information!


DavyJ #34

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/26/2007 08:03:11Copy HTML

I have not been there, but from what I have heard it is pretty much anything goes.  The crowd at La Romana is supposed to be more European and less American, so that should help.  Obviously I can't comment on any specific resorts.  But based on my Punta Cana experiences, I would encourage you to wear as little as you wish, and wear it proudly.  You will probably stand out, you will probably hear occasional snickers, laughing, etc., you will probably occasionally have your picture taken surreptiously, etc..  So just go with a good attitude and don't sweat the small struff.  You will definately have a good time.
erik3000 #35

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/27/2007 09:39:58Copy HTML

It is more secluded than Punta Cana, dont have the hotels one beside the other as.... and the ambience is just like Punta Cana, everything goes, you can thong there also with your wife. Also there is another turistical city named Samana that is undeveloped just like punta cana 20 years ago, small to medium all inclusive hotels and virgin beaches, the clientela of that hotels are 100% Europeans from French and Italy mostly. Is like 10 hours by car from la romana, im just telling this for the ones that will read looking for info about Punta Cana. for you guys I suggest to search about Samana and if you go there you are going to thank me, is a paradise plenty of topless and thongs and the beach has more seclution than Punta Cana.
georgec77 #36

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/28/2007 07:52:49Copy HTML

I was in Punta Cana in 2004 and stayed at the Ibersostar and wore a thong on the beach.  You don't know staring and snickering until you wear a small thong and have a tattoo that covers from your shoulders down to your knees.  Most were intriqued some could care less and some just down right rude but who cares.   Don't sun as much but still like my beach time.  Will be on Orient beach in April 08, chiiling and getting more stares.  LOL


canucme #37

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:08/16/2007 03:17:31Copy HTML

erick3000, I was looking into Samana, I like these areas that are not yet too develloped with line-ups of Hotels. Is there a resort you would reccommend, is the crowd really more european than North American? Have you heard of the resorts called Gran Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado and Gran Bahia Principe Samana, would you reccomend them?

erik3000 #38

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:08/17/2007 11:01:37Copy HTML

First than all wellcome to the board canucme we hopes that you keep posting.... About the the two hotels are a little bit diferent. The cayo levantado cayo in english is key so is in a small island near samana. Is nice because is the only hotel in the little island.(that is also a private island for norwuegan cruise line) About the Grand Bahia Principe to tell you the truth I dont like it, I went there once when the hotel had the name Gran Bahia (both of them were owned by occidental hotels), the beach is really small, but private. If You want a nice long beach try to choose a hotel in las terrenas beach you will find other thongers there. Also the casa marina bay samana is a good option but is over the beach of las galeras that is not as grate as las terrenas. try to avoid el portillo beach. All the hotels there are small or less than 200 rooms and is not punta cana so dont expect a grate service. or a developed zone. One helpful thing is to read tripadvisor they have a lot of reviews so you can have an idea of the place or hotel. And if you need anithing else please let me know.
NoTanLinesToo #39

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/05/2007 12:44:31Copy HTML

I was in La Romana, at the Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus resort, over the Labor Day weekend.  The trip was great - good food, free alcohol, and fantastic weather!  As mentioned in some of the earlier threads, this resort really does cater more to the European crowd.  There were a lot of Brits, French, Spanish, and Germans.  There were mostly couples/adult family members, and not a lot of children (probably due to the school calendar).  My wife and I thonged everyday on the beach.  I work a normal black thong, nothing very risque. She work a small g-string and was topless for all 5 days.  I never saw any other men wearing a thong.  There were probably 40% wearing bikinis and the other 59.9% wore board shorts (I'm counting myself as the other 0.1%). Probably 15-20% of the women went topless, either wearing only a thong or a small bikini.  There were quite a few other women who wore thongs but didn't go topless.  I noticed a few people watching me when I would go into the water, but I never once heard a snicker or laugh, or any other kind of comment.  For the last 4 days, I even went to the beach bar in my thong, which was about a 50 yard walk each way in front of everyone.  There were always anywhere from 4-10 people hanging around the bar and I made that trip probably 7 or 8 times each day.  I'm guessing that I got my picture taken, but never once caught anyone in the act (not that I would have cared!).  We only made it to the pool for a few minutes each day, but we both wore more conservative suits while there.  The hotel did post that topless is not allowed at the pool.

All in all, I would definitely go back and wouldn't have a problem spending all day in my thong at the beach.

(I now have a thong tanline!)

canucme #40

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/08/2007 06:31:22Copy HTML


Do you have any suggestions for las terrenas.

SkyFireGhost #41

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:10/14/2007 08:41:04Copy HTML

Will be going to Cabarette staying at Villa Taina and we like to know if anyone had any experiences with this place.

erik3000 #42

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:10/30/2007 08:10:28Copy HTML

I dont think that Cabarte will be a good idea but you can try it, why not ?, About las terrenas I think that any of this will be a good option Guatapanal, Viva windham other one was the Bahia Principe el portillo, I went there a few years ago when it was el portillo hotel and to tell you the truth I didnt like. Now I guess is diferent because the bahia princepe chain purcharsed and refurbished but I havent been there so I cant recomend you.
bobo2112 #43

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:11/01/2007 02:14:57Copy HTML

Well that's very disappointing to hear spongebob.  It sounds like a bad double standard in which the women get to wear whatever they want but the men get discriminated against in their desire to wear similar swimwear.  After reading a large portion of the responses to this topic, it appears that if you stay at the resorts more favored by Europeans, skimpy swimwear on men is much more accepted.  I could only wish that more the world would just accept the human body and eliminate those stereotypes.

Thanks for your report though.  I hope to visit Punta Cana some day and I know to look for resorts with a more international flavor so I can wear my swimwear and not feel uncomfortable.

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Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

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My wife and I just returned from our honeymoon in beautiful Punta Cana and we had a great time. We stayed at the Excellence resort. Most of the women sunbathed topless on the beach but only a few wore thongs. Speedo's were common on men and some wore board shorts (probably the Americans and Canadians). The only male thongers were me and another guy I noticed in a g-string. Nobody ever said anything to me about my thong, however I only wore it at the beach and not in the common resort or pool areas. I did see a rude German couple laughing at a man who was wearing a swimsuit a little skimpier than a speedo but not a thong. But as best I could tell just about everybody was relaxed and having a good time not caring about one's attire. Can't wait to go back!
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Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

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 Will be @ Occidental grand Flamenco in Punta Cana 8/2-8/16/08. Any stories? Anyone else there around the same time?
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Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

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we are going to the majestic colonial in dec. is it thong friendly and has anyone been there.
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Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

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 Hey Everyone,           Just got back from Punta Cana where we stayed at the Occidental Grand Flamenco. The thong scene was good for the females several were seen during the two weeks that we were there. Plenty of toplessness mostly enjoyable to see. The men were a mix of Ds's and standard speedos and squarecuts.I wore my usual sunup/sundown Brazil's or JS capri or NuParr no tie nada w/ least coverage. For the first 13 days I had the smallest male suits hands down. No negative remarks that I could tell.Sure I heard a few chuckles and the like but I also saw a lot of clandestine photos being taken. We made several friends and met people from all parts of the world.            It was only on the last day that I saw a G-string couple while walking by the beach of the next resort. He was well built and extensively tattoed.            Punta Cana seems very similar to PDC in its demographic of visitors. My wife even said that she had absolutely no issues about my swimwear although I had arguably the smallest male swimsuit for the most part, she felt that there were enough speedo dudes around for me to blend in more or less.           
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The Majestic is at the end of the strip it is near Grand Paaradise and the former Breezes (now Barcelo premium) I dont think that you will have any problem wearing your thong but I dont think also that you are going to have companion. some of the guest are going to be topless a few wearing a thong and all the mens speedos and dork shorts.

Also Occidental Flamenco Punta Cana is a nice resort for thongs, if you walk to the left side Princess Hotel is also good, I have seen some thongs there also and if you walk to the right you will see Fiesta/Palladium they are also from spain and I can tell you that I have seen a lot of thong and topless there too. Both mens and womens. Last time that i was in Flamenco I remember a couple both of them in G-sting, the man was a little bit shy but her didnt mind any she even went to the bars to ask for drinks topless and stayed there for chating. Every time that I go to punta cana I found just one men in thong and a lot more girls. So you can have an idea.  
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In Punta Cana if you stay at the "European" type hotels - a euphemism for topless - you should have no problem.  We stayed at the Riu (Bambu) and topfree females were everywhere.  In this environment, as you might expect, there were also a number of male thongers walking the beach and gathering little or no attention.  I tried wearing a modest thong, but was met with spousal resistance, and had to stop.  Some hotels, on the north side, with French names, also were completely nude.  Hope this helps.
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I spent another week near Punta Cana back in January and had another really great time.  Each year it seems like the swimwear gets more conservative, which is not good.  This year I decided I didn't care and thonged the entire time on the really crowded beach.  (This always seems easier after spending half the night in the bars.)  I was almost the only one, and mine was far and away the smallest, but there were no negative comments except from a few of the obnoxious locals who were always "in your face" trying to sell you way-overpriced stuff.  But I simply ignored them and had a great time.  And I got really good service from all the beach waitresses who always made sure my glass was full.

The only way to prevent thonging from dying out completely here, and probably many other places as well, is for all of us to "just do it", no matter how small a minority we are.  If we all take the attitude that we won't thong unless there are lots of other thongers as well, then pretty soon there won't be any of us left, andd the few thong-tolerant places we all know and love may cease to be thong-tolerant.
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