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mrever_ready #51

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/27/2009 08:40:44Copy HTML

My wife and I were in Punta Cana during the second week of March 2009 and stayed at the Grand Paradise Bavaro and had a wonderful time.    And of course we always wore our thongs at the beach or the pools and had no problems at all.    We saw about 10-15 women wearing thongs each day and topless was very commonplace.   Unfortunately I was the only guy in a thong, which was very disappointing.    Near the end of our week I did see another guy in a thong and like us his wife also wore a thong and was topless.    I keep hoping that our next vacation will be to a place where thongs are VERY common on both men and women.
erik3000 #52

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:05/03/2009 01:14:20Copy HTML

In Punta cana all depends of the tour operator that brings more people for example if Apple or other USA tour op.  has sale 80% or more of the rooms you are going to se very conservative attire. But if is 50%  Europeans/Canadians  and 50% Americans you are going to have a grate week. I All depends on who is there by the time that you visit and also if you are willing to barake the ice.
DavyJ #53

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:05/06/2009 03:37:12Copy HTML

Right, erik3000. 

And over the years it seems like there has been a trend towards less Europeans and more Americans.  The first year I was there it was vast majority Europeans and the swimwear was much skimpier.  It took several years for the DR to catch on here in the US, but now each year it seem like there are more and more of us.  The first two times, when the shuttle bus dropped us at our hotel, we were the only ones going to that hotel on that bus.  Last time, it seemed like the entire bus (which had all come in on our flight from the US) was all going to the same hotel.  When my travel agent suggested Punta Cana to us the first time I had never heard of it and didn't even know where it was.  Now PC is "big business" in the US.
erik3000 #54

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:08/29/2009 03:42:32Copy HTML

Las Terrenas is a very secluded beach so if you are a little shy to do it at the resort you can walk a little and get a private spot. I have some friends that they use to get au natural suntan at Las Terrenas. Just remember that is a public beach and I have heard that there are some robberies at the beach, remember that you are going to be alone or almost alone so dont take to much cash and also do not carry any thing of value with you. Enjoy the beach, that is an awesome beach.  
DavyJ #55

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:10/13/2009 03:03:54Copy HTML

Any of the resorts in Punta Cana, DR.  I have been to several and found the thong population to vary considerably.  This may be more a time than a location effect; don't know.  Back in 2001 the area was almost all Europeans (nobody in the US even knew where PC was), but last winter it was over 50% Americans.  So in 2001 I saw many thongs, even on other men besides myself, but in 2009 I was the only man and there were some, but not many women either.  So any comments I might have on specific resorts are probably not useful.  But the good news is that I have never had a complaint any of the years.  I never go off by myself like some prefer, but always mingle right in with everybody else, both beach and poolside.  And I have never felt the need to cover up when beach walking or visiting the numerous beach shops and bazaars (i.e. tourist traps) either.  Ditto for poolside bars and beachside snack stands.
mdskimpyman #56

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:10/27/2009 08:51:57Copy HTML

I would agree with Punta Cana being a great place.  My wife and I went to a destination wedding there just a couple of weeks ago at the Melia Caribe Tropical.  Very much a European vibe to the place.  Each day there were many women in thongs including one very attractive young woman in a skimpy black g-string who would dance and do aerobics on the beach in front of everyone.  I did not see men in thongs or g-strings but there was a very high percentage of speedo wearers....so I felt quite comfortable wearing my Skinz super-low rio suit the whole time while my wife was very comfortable wearing her wicked weasel.  I would defintely go to PC again....much better scene than Cancun where we normally have done our Carribean trips..
mrever_ready #57

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:11/20/2009 06:47:50Copy HTML

We'll be in Punta Cana during the second week of March and are just wondering if any other thongers will be there ?   I'm hoping to see more wearing as little as possible than we saw during our last visit to PC in 2009 ... but I'm not holding my breath.  
TimeToLive #58

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:11/20/2009 06:31:37Copy HTML

 I just returned from my holiday in Punta Cana  (Bavaro Beach). The 15 days were great:  Lot's of women in thongs, but also some 3 men.

I had 6 thongs with me (4 x "Olaf Benz Mini Thong Beechees" and 2 other "Olaf Benz" thongs).

On the first day I had a look at the beach and the other people there.

From the 2nd day on I only was wearing thongs.

Nobody wondered about me. I was totaly accepted. Even the police or the soldiers had no problems with it.

Here you can find a video of me:


bobbydeniro #59

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:12/15/2009 11:03:51Copy HTML

Just returned from Gran Bahia Principe, here's what I saw:
I'd say women-10% topless, 10% thongs at the beach. The pools have "NO TOPLESS" signs although I did see 1 at one of the pools topless. Although not many women in thongs at the pools, the people obviously didn't care as the staff would always want to do their dancing with the ladies wearing thongs. For the men about 40% speedos(including myself) the rest board shorts. I saw 1 guy in a thong the whole time I was there. From my observations, a lot of French speaking people there, everwhere I went I could hear it.
JM_Runs #60

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:12/24/2009 07:54:28Copy HTML

So the inlaws suprised the wife and I on a vacation to Punta Cana for next April.  We most likely will be staying at the Dreams Punta Cana resort.  Has anyone been there.  Also my wife is anti public thonging.  Will she be comfortable going topless and thonging considering the atmosphere.  I've never been there so I don't now how liberating and free the beach scene is.  What beaches are recommended for thonging.  Keep in mind i will be with 5 other couple who are very American and wouldn't think to wear minimal swimwear however the trip is very open to the wife and I doing our own thing during the day.  Any suggestions would help.
JM_Runs #61

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:12/24/2009 10:56:51Copy HTML

With other couples and the in-laws along I think your wife will be even less open to thonging than if it were just the two of you.  I suspect it will be important to her that the other couples approve: Sorry, you need to be on your best behavior. Remember that all children, even when adults, are still seeking the approval of their parents.  She needs to be able to show you off to her parents to say "See, have I not married well?"

That said, there is nothing to stop you suggesting to the other men, before you go, that they encourage their women to pack some skimpy suits.  While you may not be able to thong, your wife may relax a bit if other women in the party lead the way by wearing less than her. She may not get down to a thong but she might well wear her smaller swimsuits. Either way, let her decide and don't push.

Having been a charter skipper in the Caribbean for a number of years I can assure you that 'group vacations with other couples' have lots of tensions and passive aggressive conflicts between the couples. Both between this and that couple, as couples express their differing attitudes and rhythms of life compared to the other couples, and between the two people that make up each couple, as they compare each other to others in the group.

The only way to cut through the emotions and undercurrents, to get your wife to really relax and not just pretend to be having a good time, is by making sure that every minute of the day you are demonstrating she is your queen, that you only have eyes for her.

This ain't reality TV, this is 'Couples on a Group Vacation' which is much tougher. If you don't think 'couples on a group vacation' is not like the TV show Suvivor then you have not seen the looks passing between the women in the kitchen! 

Group vacations with other couples can be  a minefield, with 'in-laws' doubly so.  It takes total dedication to the goal if you don't want your wife to vote you as the biggest jerk. On the other hand the rewards for playing the game right and winning are rich.
Thongsc #62

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:12/25/2009 03:40:02Copy HTML

WTF?   The guy is asking about the scene at the resort and you're telling him to lose his balls and be his wife's man servant?  Joey seems to be saying that his wife is OK going topless during the trip, but isn't comfortable thonging in public and that the other couples while conservative are OK with Joey and his wife doing thier own thing...  So why should he go to the other husbands and suggest that thier wives bring minimal swimwear, that to me sounds like over stepping boundaries, he already stated they are conservative people...  And what is the rest about?  I don't think he said anything about needing help because his wife needs more attention warranting some long rant that says he needs to "puss" up for the trip and dote on his wife...  It sounds pretty much like his relationship with his wife is pretty strong, he's just asking about the scene, not your help for marital matters....
JM_Runs #63

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:12/27/2009 11:02:34Copy HTML

Thanks for the suggestion.  I assure you i'll have no problems plowin'milady on the trip i would just like to know how the scene is in DR?  Thanks though for the block of instruction skipper.
DavyJ #64

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:12/28/2009 08:29:38Copy HTML

I was at the Dreams 2 last year and wore my tiny thong the entire week with no problems.  There were some women topless, but fewer than in previous years; again none of them ever appeared to have any problem.  After a day or two I was walking the beach freely and going to the pool, beach bar, restroom, etc. all in my thong with no coverup.  Only at the bar did anyone comment and this was obviously someone who had been there way too long.  Unlike many of the other resorts in the Bavaro Beach area, Dreams is way out and off by itself, so when you beach walk, there aren't zillions of other resorts to pass.  Your experiences will mostly depend on how cool your group is.  Good Luck!
JM_Runs #65

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:12/28/2009 11:26:52Copy HTML

Thanks DavyJ!  My group consist of 11 other people.  My three brother in law(s) and their wives/girlfriends and my sister in law and her husband.  My mother and father in law and my wife.  We all joked that we were going to wear the Borat suit as a goof but now that you say Dreams is kind of secluded i think the wife and i will walk a few miles down the beach and set up shop.  I could wear a thong under some aussie bum bottoms or some boardies.  Having not been there is that possible?
JM_Runs #66

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:12/29/2009 05:01:51Copy HTML

Plans might change from Punta Cana to La Romana.  Too all of you that have been, what place is prefered?
DavyJ #67

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:12/29/2009 04:23:28Copy HTML

Can't comment personally on LaRomana as I have not been there.  However, everything I have heard suggests that it has more European tourists and fewer Americans, so that must be a good sign.  As far as Dreams PC goes, if you walk a bit down the beach (a quarter or half mile would be more than enough), you can probably do whatever you want with no problems, even go skinny dipping.  In your case the only issues will be with your group; no one else at Dreams will care what you wear on their beach.  As I recall, the pools do have "no topless" signs, but as others have noted, enforcement is probably sporadic.  And no one said anything to me when I wore my thong at the pool, although I was the only one, man or woman.
JM_Runs #68

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:02/10/2010 07:07:26Copy HTML

The vacation is drawing closer.  I think I might buy a european square cut suit for one of my many beach days.  I think my group will think that's even showing too much skin but oh well.  I am going to pack a few suits and take your advice Davy and sneak down the beach for about a mile and just roast for a few hours.  My only concern is I don't think my wife has the balls to be as revealing as i am going to try to be.  She does own a few suits but wears them on rare occasion and in complete privacy.  We'll see how private the beach really is i guess.  My sister in law jokingly mentioned that all the girls should wear thongs and i of course jokingly agreed.  It probably wont happen but ill keep dreaming.  I might get my brother inlaw a gag thong for the trip as we all joked about.  The group im going with are drinkers and inhibitions will probably fly out the window.  We'll see.  Any advice is greatly appreciated and my anticipation for this getaway is increasingly growing rapidly. 
Derf8 #69

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:02/17/2010 01:34:25Copy HTML

Has anyone been to Ocean Sand/Ocean Blue resort? I am considering the DR for my Honeymoon in Oct and trying to find the best thonging/most reasonably priced resort.
JM_Runs #70

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:02/17/2010 01:44:26Copy HTML

I'd ask DavyJ he seems pretty knowledgable.  October will be here before you know it.  My Punta Cana vacation is in 6 and 1/2 weeks or so.  I'll let you know how my resort is.
kaline972 #71

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:02/18/2010 05:40:58Copy HTML

We be going to Las Terrenas  at the beginning of April. Any suggestion about accommodations ?
Derf8 #72

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/17/2010 12:47:18Copy HTML


Have you been on your trip yet? I am trying to find a decent place for my Honeymoon in Oct.
JM_Runs #73

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/17/2010 01:00:52Copy HTML

Derf8 I haven't been yet but upon my return I will post a detailed post.  Good luck in your honeymoon destination decision.
SusanaM #74

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/17/2010 03:46:28Copy HTML

@kaline    You might look on tripadvisor to see about accomodations and read the reviews to make sure you are not surprised like most of the reviewers here:  http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g259440-d629318-Reviews-Cacao_Beach_Resort_Spa_and_Casino-Las_Terrenas_Samana_Peninsula_Dominican_Republic.html

Enjoy your trip!
JM_Runs #75

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/09/2010 07:35:59Copy HTML

Just got back.  I only spotted 1 thong on a female and she laid out for maybe an hour on the beach in the early morning one day.  Her husband was wearing dork shorts.  I couldn't draw up the courage to thong myself and frankly was a little too intoxicated to even entertain the idea.  Probably about 10 or so speedo bikinis on the men.  If I packed a Speedo i would have worn it no problem but overall the resort was fun and i just wish i seen more skin out there me included.
pkthong #76

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/09/2010 08:04:02Copy HTML

  So Joey did you atleast get to wear squares? Even if you didn't I'm sure you still had a great time it is a beautiful place. 
 I hate to type it but it sounds like the general trend in Punta Cana seems to be gravitating towards more conservative swimwear.
If I get to go anytime soon I will definitely wear my rio's.
Popeye1 #77

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/10/2010 11:18:13Copy HTML

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. If you wait till you see another guy wearing a thong to wear yours, you'll probably never wear one. There could have been a couple of guys waiting like you. This becomes a self perpetuating story line, fewer and fewer guys in thongs so it becomes less and less likely to see a guy in one. Then it becomes a bigger deal when a guy does wear one.  If you want to wear one, do it, you won't die and you'll be thrilled with yourself and wonder why the hell you waited so long. Peace Popeye
DavyJ #78

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/17/2010 02:14:20Copy HTML

Absolutely true, popeye!  You have got to be willing to be the first.  I used to be self-conscious about that, like many of the previous posters here, as was my wife, but finally decided that I didn't really care, so now I always wear the thong immediately on the first day, regardless.  And any women reading this; its the same idea for going topless; if you wait for someone else you probably never will.
flthongtanlines #79

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/22/2010 04:12:00Copy HTML

Stayed at the Barcelo Capella at Juan Dolio this past weekend (40 minutes east of the SDQ Las Americas Airport).  This is at best a 3-star resort, but you get what you pay for-- $100/night all-inclusive... Many locals here also on the weekends.  However, for our stay, there was a good mixture.  We thonged and my wife went topless every day here.  We found two other ladies that went topless and stayed right next to them the entire week.  They didn't speak a word of English though (Eastern Europeans).  At one time I counted 6 women that were around us that were topless, several in thongs but most made thongs out of their swimsuit bottoms (rolled up).  Very tolerant security guards who even let us take pictures with them.  The only drawback is that they like the shaded areas and you had to put up with their walkie talkies going off all the time.
DavyJ #80

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/26/2010 06:05:15Copy HTML

Derf8 and JoeyShaef:  thanks for the compliment, but I don't think I have any "special knowledge" about DR; I have never lived there, and I don't know anything about OceanSand/Ocean Blue.  I have been to 5 or 6 of the resorts over an 8 or 10 year period and found them all to be pretty similar on thonging atmosphere; namely thonging is ok, pool or beach, but don't expect much company, especially the guys.  As long as you are willing to be the first and "just go for it" you should be fine, but if you wait until you see others, you may be surprised how fast your week disappears.  Ditto for topless women.  PS, October should be a great time, as Punta Cana is on the windward side of the island and can sometimes can be a bit chilly in mid winter.
JM_Runs #81

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/27/2010 10:12:52Copy HTML

I am heading to Punta Canta in June, first time there. I plan on doing some thonging when I get there. From what I have read it doesn't look like I will have any company. I also like to do some swimming in a thong. Does anyone else swim in their thongs or do you just tan?
DavyJ #82

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:05/05/2010 02:38:42Copy HTML

I always go swimming in mine.  What are you going to do, change into something else everytime you want to go in the water?  Not good.  It is true that some women will put on their tops when going in the water or walking the beach, but some do not.  You can do anything you want at most DR resorts.  Disclaimer:  The first day or 2 I will usually put on a coverup when going to the restroom or beach bar, or walking the beach, giving me time to check out the atmosphere.  But after a day or 2, that has always been unnecessary as I have never had any problem.  By the end of the week its just my thong, even for long beach walks, water sports, beach aerobics, stops at the bar, etc..  But swimming with a t-shirt or shorts over your thong??  No way!
JM_Runs #83

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:05/05/2010 03:43:21Copy HTML

Sounds good, thanks. I have found that some people don't want to go in the salt water with their thong because it can ruin the elastic, but I normally swim in mine.
DavyJ #84

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:05/07/2010 01:09:27Copy HTML

Salt water is not anywhere near as bad as pool chlorine.  Anytime you swim in a pool you should always soak your thong (or any other suit) in the sink for a bit when you are done.  I know, it often means putting on a wet suit after lunch or, if its real humid, the next morning, but thongs dry fairly quickly and the alternative is a thong that very soon will not fit right or stay in place.
undercover20 #85

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:06/11/2010 04:10:58Copy HTML

What's the latest news about Punta Cana? My wife and I are going there for our honeymoon. Will I be okay in wearing a thong on the beach(es) and at the pool(s)?
JM_Runs #86

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/02/2010 04:24:49Copy HTML

Hey undercover20,
I just returned from Punta Cana and it is a beautiful place to vacation or honeymoon, congrats! My wife and some friends stayed at two resorts that were all inclusive. The first one was the royal hacienda carribean which had a couples side and a family side. I did not see any thongs or topless women on the couples (no kids) side but we walked over to the family side and there were several thongs (only women) and several topless, go figure. In fact the topless women walked the beach on our side with there husbands or boyfriends. The second resort was a club med. I only saw one women wearing a thong one day and she was one of the performers at the show. I wore my thong on my deck at the first place and I answered the door of my room in a thong for the maid who had a great univeral smile on her face. (nobody speaks english) The club Med I wore my thong on the beach for a little while away from our group. I wore my thong under my bathing suit everyday and when I swam I removed my suit and just swam in my thong most of the time. It was great. I don't see any problem wearing a thong but depending on the place you may be in short company. One warning, about 60% of the people at the resort got sick either with diarhea or vomiting or both. We all only used bottle water for everything but it didnt matter. Get a prescription for Cipro before you go, some people went home early. The cipro worked and pepto bismol. Have fun, relax, and enjoy your new wife!
pkthong #87

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/07/2010 03:44:47Copy HTML

Just returned from Punta Cana. Went as a family and had a great time. The weather cooperated so we consider ourselves quite lucky!       

 The mix of visitors seemed usual. We met people from Norway, many south and central American countries, Canada, New Jersey.        

I wore JS Capri in black, Skinz rio in baby blue(the skinny side not the sunseeker) and my Muscleskins Rio in royal(see profile pic). I had one of the smallest suit on any given day and although there were many "Speedo" guys there was only one other guy who appeared to be from an Eastern European country who wore a leopard print rio(unsure of brand) which he would occasionally hike into a thong.          

There were several g's and thongs among the women and plenty o' topless. Oddly enough it seemed that most topless women did not thong and vice-versa.         

I felt comfortable in my attire and think that if one were to wear thongs as a guy it should not be too big of deal.

As usual we stayed at the Occidental Grand Flamenco in the royal club area. Word to the wise: if you read trip adviser reviews on this resort you may not want to go there; however if you stay in the royal club you will have great time. (Although I own a timeshare with this company I do not receive any remuneration for writing this). There are literally hundreds of resorts to choose from and from the looks of the place you could find great deals at almost any of them. Overall the resorts only seemed to be 50-75% full.                                                                      PK
stanpuppy #88

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:08/02/2010 01:40:13Copy HTML

Wife and I are considering a stay at the Iberostar Grand Bavaro in Punta Cana.  Any recent updates regarding the thong/topless status at that resort?
stanpuppy #89

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:08/02/2010 06:05:01Copy HTML

FYI....I wrote the Grand Bavaro in reference to our potential upcoming stay.  Here is what they got back with.

My wife and I are considering a stay in Punta Cana. We have heard many wonderful things about your hotel and are seriously booking a trip soon. We have a question for you. What is considered acceptable attire in your pool area and on the beach. My wife prefers thong swimwear, and would go topless if allowed. I also would prefer to wear a thong if it would be considered acceptable. Would this be a problem at your facility? Do other (male and female) patrons wear thong swim wear? We do not want to stand out.

Dear Mr. XXXXXX,

Thank you for choosing Iberostar Hotels & Resorts. In reference to your request the only restriction we have is we do not allowed topless in the pool area.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us and I will gladly assist you. Once more thank you for choosing Iberostar Hotels & Resorts.


Neylis Morales - USA
Visit Us, Inc.
Phone: (305) 774-9225
Toll Free Phone: (888) 923 - 2722 For USA & Canada
Fax: (305) 774 - 4810
E-mail: callcenter3@visitus-inc.com
Website: www.iberostar.com

Looks like thongs are not an issue at all....Yay!

JM_Runs #90

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:08/06/2010 11:12:32Copy HTML

 Well done stanpuppy!
A nice bit of pro-active action regarding thong swimwear in the DR! I've decided I'll send a similar email to a few hotels I'm looking at staying at and post any responses up for you guys.
JM_Runs #91

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:08/06/2010 11:23:10Copy HTML

 As if you needed any more proof thongs are acceptable at Iberostar Bavaro
Thoughts on this?? Makes my thongs look huge :)
JM_Runs #92

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:08/08/2010 05:16:23Copy HTML

Like I reported from my recent stay, I did not have any trouble wearing a thong there. I did not see any other men wearing thongs but several rios and square cuts. Several women were topless and wearing thongs at the first resort. The club med was totally reserved for our company so I think some people that would have normally wore a thong or gone topless went a little more conservative around the company people.
JM_Runs #93

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:08/24/2010 03:21:43Copy HTML

 No luck getting a response from any of the resorts I wrote too.
I heading to Punta Cana in January and I'm going to get my thong on every day. I noticed that we all talk about people we have seen wearing thongs in the DR but how many of them read forums like this? I bet none of them, they are the guys & gals confident enough to not ask questions and just do what they want when they want! 
I think we should stop asking and just go and do it and turn this board into one full of different experiances. DR is a free country and provided we don't make a huge deal out of it, i'm sure they will just let us get on with our vacations. An ass is an ass - everyone has one - i'm not going to walk around sitting on people's faces - i'm going to sunbathe and swim. I'm slim, tanned and in shape - lets be honest, my ass is nicer than 90% of the women you get on vacation. The moaners and prudes have 359 other degrees to look around in - or how about they look back down at their book or magazine? It's not like i'm asking them to let me turn their pages with my butt cheeks is it! - if they don't like it - don't look!
Man it makes me angry! - I'll have some stories for you on my return...
JM_Runs #94

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:08/26/2010 09:21:09Copy HTML

Just a warning. Be careful of getting sick in Punta Canta. I stayed in a Villa at Club Med with a private pool and bar and was careful not to drink the water. Didn't matter. 70%-85% of the entire resort was sick and dizzy. Some people came home early or ended up in the hospital. It has been about 8 weeks since I went. I just came back from the doctor today about hearing problems. Apparently I caught a virus in my ear that has cause severe healing loss and may be permanant. Not good. And I'm a musician. Be careful, bring cipro.
JM_Runs #95

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:08/27/2010 10:39:48Copy HTML

I'm sorry to hear of your illness, I hope you get better! Thank you for the warning I shall be extra careful! Tell us some stories of a typical day thonging in Club Med! - get the ball rolling
pkthong #96

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/09/2010 04:25:11Copy HTML

  I got a little of the "montezuma's revenge" while there. It does seem endemic to that destination so beware.That being said I did not need any antibiotics. Viral infections will not be helped by drugs like cipro. These meds can have side effects some of them are pretty nasty like tendon rupture or arrythmias or seizures(all of these are relatively rare). So use them with discretion and hopefully a prescription. 
mersun #97

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/30/2010 01:09:17Copy HTML

 We have been to Punta Cana several times. Both my wife and I wore thongs for sunning, swimming, walking the beach, and at the beach bar. We never had any problem at any of the resorts we stayed at. Topless as well. Just do it, and don't worry about or wait for others.
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What were some of the resorts that you stayed at?

I will be arriving in Punta Cana on Sunday for a week long stay and cannot wait!
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We stayed at the Grand Paradise Bavaro which is near the northern part of Punta Cana.    We've been there the last two years in a row and enjoy it.    It's not the best and certainly not the worst, we're easy to please .... sun, beach and a beer or two.    The rooms are nice, the pools are clean and the food is ok.    And yes, we wore our thongs everyday at the beach and pool and no one gave us any problems.    It would have been nice to see other thongers but no such luck.    You have to walk the beach for miles and miles, you will see many women topless and in thongs, but no other guys.    At least that's been our luck.    But really .... how can you complain, you're on a tropical beach with lots of sun !
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Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

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I am going to Santo Domingo  in a few weeks and was wondering if it is acceptable to wear a thong on the beach in Juan Dolio? 
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