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ondaspot #151

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:08/28/2013 06:59:48Copy HTML

mersun what resorts have you stayed at????
7423080 #152

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:08/28/2013 07:13:30Copy HTML

Thongs on men are really no problem in Punta Cana.  I have worn mesh and seethru strings at:
Occidential, Grand Palladium, Princess, Iberostar Grand and Bavaro, RIU, Catalonia(sp) and I am
sure one or two more.  At the beach, no one cares or says a thing, around the pool, I do get
some looks and snickers I am sure.  But who cares, never seeum again anyway.
thongerman #153

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:08/29/2013 05:25:47Copy HTML

 Hi guys, I will be going to punta cana VIK Arena Blanca Hotel Nov.18 to Nov.28. I will be wearing g-strings and thongs on the beach everyday.I do a lot of swimming and beach walking. I usually walk about an hour each way which i alternate. I have rarely had any problems with any one bothering me just a few long stares. I used to lay on the lounger to sunbathe but i found you burn mutch easier when you are stationary and if you dont switch sides as often as you should, so i will keep that to a minimum. My point is that you generally get a better overall tan if you are walking.My view on minimal suit wearing is if some people dont like it thats  their problem,they should not be staring.I am on vacation to enjoy wearing what i want. So in closing if you want some good company join me at this Hotel.
buckoff #154

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/10/2013 12:17:54Copy HTML

Hi all: 
I am trying to plan a trip to D.R. during the winter months, probably in Feb. and I am looking for some resort suggestions.  Not trying to break the bank but would like a nice place to stay at a budget friendly price.  Mainly a place where my wife and I can thong,or wear g strings and my wife be topless around the resort and at the beaches.  Thanks All.
erik3000 #155

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/10/2013 02:09:51Copy HTML

I think that the Barcelo chain in Punta Cana is what you are looking for. Had seen a lot of gals and some guys in thongs around the pool beach and even at the restaurants. I can remember some experiences like a guy playing volley on the pool in a red thong and around the beach, a hot woman wearing a thong all around the resort even at the dinning room. Riu also it is a good option

A little more expensive Princess, had seen some couples thonging there also at grand Flamenco. Iberostar, Melia, Bahia Principe or Catalonia are a good options also.

At Hard Rock I always see some action because the trendy hotels, hasnt stayed at the puntacana but must be a good place by the way it is expensive.
Excellence and paradisus are secluded and are nice to thong and Im sure that you will find companion but are $$$,

Just start checking and try to catch a deal on black friday must be around or less than 100 PP food and drinks included.
ondaspot #156

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/10/2013 04:42:39Copy HTML

 I was at the Iberostar Grand Bavaro last week all was there was Americans with board shorts.  May be two men with bikinis on and the rest of the guys had board shorts. There was no women at the resort wearing thongs either. Late July I took a trip to the D.R. I stayed at the Luxry Bahia  Principe Ambar Don Pablo. There were women walking around the resort in skimpy thongs in the pool and at the beach. Some were also topless.There were no men with thongs. There were quite a few men with bikinis on, but by far my suit was the skimpiest. Got some looks but no one said anything to me.
buckoff #157

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/11/2013 12:00:17Copy HTML

Thanks for the input people, trying to find a nice clean place.  are the ones listed above nice and clean and well taken care of,  some reviews I have read are so/so on princess but I was checking that one out but some pictures I seen looked like some of it was run down.  if this is not the case please let me know because other that that it looked great.  thanks
erik3000 #158

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/11/2013 04:29:54Copy HTML

 Well most of all inclusive resorts are budget mass market and you see the beds at the beach one next to the other so not on the luxury side so you can find surprises. May be one room is pristine but the next one is broken and I had seen things happening but if you want top service go to tripadvisor and search for Eden Roc Cap Cana, zoetry agua punta cana  or paradisus palma real and check the pictures then tell me what you think,  those are grate hotels to thong and Im almost sure that you are not going to be alone. I had seen plenty WW topless at paradisus, is almost deserted and the manager told me that they value the guest money so they try to keep the hotel at 40% occupancy so you can have a good experience and the feeling of solitude by the way you don't need a reservation to go to any restaurant (all a la carte for dinner)you just show up.    
buckoff #159

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/16/2013 01:06:37Copy HTML

I looked up some of the above resorts from erik3000 and I think they will be a little out of my price range.  So any other suggestions greatly appreciated.
pkthong #160

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/16/2013 04:58:43Copy HTML

 So u want a few "bucksoff " the price I see.I don't plan on quitting my day job.
erik3000 #161

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/16/2013 08:55:21Copy HTML

 Hey, they are lot of places but you need to give something. May be the beach is a little crowded, the rooms are not 100% or the food is not lobster every night. You get what you pay, unless you catch a good deal. Now is a good month to get it, for example the excellence is about 200 per night but if you are on budget take the Barcelo hotels try to book the ones that are inside the barcelo complex and I can bet that you are not going to thong alone 
buckoff #162

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/16/2013 09:58:01Copy HTML

hey thanks for the help.  will check out some of the barcelo complex.
buckoff #163

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/16/2013 10:23:34Copy HTML

what does any one know about the princess all suites adults only resort, have been looking at that resort and the price is in my range about $1900 for 8 nights.  Thanks
DoreFan #164

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/16/2013 10:40:12Copy HTML

I've stayed at a Princess resort in the Mayan Riviera twice and the place was always beautiful. I'd give it 4 stars.  $1900 sounds kinda expensive for 8 nights tho. Where are you leaving from?

7423080 #165

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/16/2013 11:10:29Copy HTML

One of the cheaper places is IFA Bavaro.  Not the Ritz but not bad either.  It is cheap and I would return there.
buckoff #166

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/16/2013 11:57:52Copy HTML

I will be leaving from Cincinnati $1900 is the price range I have been finding I don't know if it is because it is for the winter, or because I am mainly looking at adults only since my wife like to go topless and I don't really want some kids parents giving us the stare down.  Thanks for the help
DoreFan #167

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/17/2013 05:55:46Copy HTML

I typically prefer adult only resorts as well just to get away from noisy kids. Keep in mind that you aren't going to be in the US and shouldn't worry as much about parents giving you the stare down. The rest of the world is a bit more tolerant than the US when it comes to thongs and toplessness. We try and pick resorts that have a lot of European guests. Check out tripadvisor.com for reviews of the resort you're considering. I didn't have any problems with thonging in the DR, nor anywhere in Mexico for that matter. Just go out with confidence and remember most of the guests are probably very tolerant Europeans and Canadians.
mrever_ready #168

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/17/2013 06:48:08Copy HTML

We're heading back to Puerto Plata again this coming February.   Just wondering if anyone else is thinking about going around that time ?
erik3000 #169

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/17/2013 02:58:23Copy HTML

About the Princess adults only in punta cana I had seen a lot of topless and or thongs, the hotel is beside Occidental Flamenco Punta Cana and I was wearing a thong there just on the limit when starts the princess and finishes the flamenco then a couple on the princess side setup the towels on the last palapa of the hotel a few yards from mine and they striped in their thongs. I think that it is acceptable the hotel, had been once there and if it is on your budget it is going to be a great place. 
buckoff #170

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/18/2013 01:35:39Copy HTML

Erik3000 did the princess look like it was a clean place and well kept?
DavyJ #171

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:02/18/2014 05:03:56Copy HTML

Anyone been there?  What is it like and is it a good place to thong?  

I have been to many of the Punta Cana resorts and always thonged, but would like to try the other side of the Island.
JM_Runs #172

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:02/18/2014 02:58:33Copy HTML

Its been ages since I've been to La Romana, but its very touristic similar to Punta Cana, although La Romana is in the same side of the island. 
ministeve #173

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:02/20/2014 02:08:32Copy HTML

 La Romana gets a lot of Italian and German tourists, so it might even be better than punta cana.
realestatemd #174

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/02/2014 06:12:36Copy HTML

Wife and I are narrowing down between Secrets Royal Beach and Palladium Turquesa.  Never been to Punta Cana, but seems the beach is fine for whatever...but what about the pools?  Thongs and topless for both of us...Mid-late June if time of year matters??   The other potential option is Couples Negril if anyone on this board has insight on that one.

ctmonline #175

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:06/20/2014 08:24:53Copy HTML

 Wife and I are going to Punta Cana for the first time in July for a week, we're staying at the Catalonia Royal Bavaro adults-only all-inclusive. I don't know if anyone on here ever stayed there, but if you have your experiences would be appreciated, thong-friendly and/or topfree info would be great.Thanks.
JM_Runs #176

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:06/20/2014 08:49:14Copy HTML

@ctmonline from what I've heard about the Adult-Only all inclusive resorts of Dominican Republic is good signs of thong friendliness and toplessness since there are no children around thus it's not actually family oriented resorts. I doubt you'll have a problem with thonging or the wife being topless.
ohiothong #177

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:06/20/2014 11:50:55Copy HTML

 I'd love to hear about Punta Cana as well.  I'm looking at going to the Catalonia Royal Bavaro later this year.
7423080 #178

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:06/21/2014 02:16:40Copy HTML

women topless around the pool area is pretty much a no no in Punta Cana.  We have been to well over a dozen of the resorts, and, while most have signs stating no topless allowed, on occasion we have seen a few women topless.  On the beach, topless is a non issue.  Men in speedos are seen around the pool and beach all the time.  There are a few men in thongs or gstrings at the beach with a lesser number around the pools.I believe a man could wear a thong without problem anywhere, a gstring, may cause some stares at the pool.
ministeve #179

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:06/21/2014 08:17:52Copy HTML

 Catalonia Royal Bavaro sounds like an excellent hotel for thonging and topfree.  We have not been but we talked to another couple that had been there several times.  They really liked it, topfreedom and thongs were no problem, even in the pool.  Not once was our friend ask to put her top back on at the pool.  Lots of guys in briefs, you may be the only male thonger, but there are often a few others.  There will always be female thongers around.  They really live and let live down there.
ctmonline #180

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:06/27/2014 01:20:36Copy HTML

 thanks for all the great info
Manthongs #181

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/14/2014 09:57:02Copy HTML

 Im going in 2 weeks ! I'll report in when i get back. I plan on wearing nothing but thongs on the beach the whole time.
pkthong #182

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/17/2014 01:43:26Copy HTML

 Just got back from 2 week stay at Occidental in P.C. Went with family. As usual we had a great time. I wore rio's of various styles. I also wore a Kiniki tan thru micro with a thong underneath. I believe the thong tan lines are quite nice but a little blurred.
I saw only one other guy in rio, otherwise mostly boardies or regular speedos, but I did notice quite a few square cuts esp. popular with the Russian tourists.
Plenty of female thongs and G's as well as plenty of toplessness.
If you were to wear a thong as a dude you will be in a very small minority but I don't think it should be a problem.
One day I went for a beach walk by myself, while wearing the tan thru kiniki. It is light in color with a palm tree type of print; as I walked by this lady pointed at me a said "Oh my god!" and started laughing. I did not stick around to see if she was able to get others to join her.
On another day I was playing smash ball with my daughter while wearing the same suit. There was a group of 3 18-22 year old guys from North America(not sure if Canadian or American). One of them was wearing a conservative style "speedo" and the others were in dorks. I suppose he had a few to drink and comes up to me and says," Hey speedo man!!" And he proceeds to point to his. Not sure if he was mocking me or trying to show solidarity but I just said " Yeeeah Whoo hooo!" and they left.
We then befriended a family from Philly, and eventually they could not keep quiet about the elephant in the room. It was some light natured ribbing I got but I took it in stride.
To those of you headed there soon: Have a blast rocking' whatever minimal wear you want!!
ctmonline #183

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/24/2014 02:49:14Copy HTML

 We just got back from a week at the Catalonia Royal Bavaro Resort in Punta Cana...:(The crowd seemed a lot more conservative than we expected judging from the reactions of the locals and guests, while laying out on the beach my wife was topless and in either a small bikini or a gstring and I was in in my semi-sheer gstrings, but when we went in the water my wife put her top back on and I wore a low-rise squarecut spandex short as a coverup. We looked like exhibitionists compared to the rest of the guests, we did see a few women on the beach wearing conservative thongs and a few guys wearing speedos or squarecuts, but our swimsuits just seemed to extreme for the crowd...wished we had gone back to SXM or even Miami where more like-minded people were than waste our money at this place.The timeshare salesmen were also so aggressive at this resort that I thought we were on a used car sales lot, they chased us around everyday and we practically had to hide from them, almost got in a fight with one of them that wouldn't take NO for an answer....we won't be back.
Sunson #184

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:11/02/2014 03:10:30Copy HTML

 In 2 days we´re going to Punta Cana. I sent an email to the hotel we´ll be staying at (Grand Palladium Bavaro Suites Resort & Spa) if thongs will be Ok at the pool nad beach, but I didn´t get the answer.Anyway, my wife is not much into thonging, altough I asked her, what colour of things should I buy her (online) and she answered "black". But now it´s too late to buy them online. Tommorow, we are going shopping - propably we wont find any thing bikini, but eventaully, we will buy a normal thing underware, which could be worn as a swim thong.I, on the other hand, bought my first swimthing few weeks ago - Olaf Benz BLU1161. They are XL size, but still, I find there´s not enough space on front, but somehow I will have to deal with it. Propably I won´t be swimming or walking around, I will be just tanning.Howeveer, after reading some last comments, I am little bit worried about thonfreedom in Punta Cana... I hope though, this will be our greatest vacaction so far, and my dream, to freely thong tanning, will come true.I will report in 2 weeks how ithas been.
ADKthong #185

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/04/2015 09:56:18Copy HTML

 My wife & I just came back from a week @ Hard Rock Resort @ Punta Cana, D.R.  Large resort, outstanding staff, great room and good food.  The adult pool, (Edan) is not clothing optional as some have indicated through the internet, however it is top optional and about a dozen ladies chose to take advantage during the week.  I was very comfortable at the pools in my small bikinis (Skinz Sunseekers) all week.  The ladies at Eden liked my suits and called me "Bikini Man".  My time at the beautiful beach was spent in a Stuffit G-String with no negative comments and several looks from the ladies.  Thong friendly with 3 or 4 girls in thongs, no topless, several guys in Speedo types and only me in a thong.  Final assessment:  Would definitely go back, wear the thongs on the beach but not at the very crowded regular pools, stay with the bikinis.  Next time, possible thongs at Eden Pool.  
ADKthong #186

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/06/2015 03:32:56Copy HTML

 Adding a little spice to my report from the Hard Rock Resort.  The beach north of the resort is vacant and undeveloped for over a mile; nice sand but slightly trashy.  The first day I walked up the beach and observed a local family enjoying the beach in the nude.  I figured what is OK for the locals is certainly alright with the tourists so I walked the beach nude in the AM and during the day if it was nearly empty.  I laid out nude in the afternoon with no comments from any of the beach walkers except for one incident.  A guy comes running up to me with two young ladies in bikinis and says "Hey naked guy can I take your picture?"  My reply is  sure but way are you two girls not topless on a topless beach at which time the girl on my left says " you are right".  She proceeds to take her top off (with my assistance) and pictures were taken.  They may hit the internet but who cares as long as my wife doesn't see them. 
AlanMartin #187

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/09/2015 01:21:01Copy HTML

 ADKthong - sounds great - as a couples resort - do you think a girl could wear a thong at the pool at Hard R0ck? Or would that be too much too.
ADKthong #188

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/10/2015 11:58:10Copy HTML

 Hard Rock is a family resort.  Nearly all the kids are at the far south pools with the slides and all the youth oriented activities.  The rest of the pools have only a few children frolicking around with their very hot mothers in cheeky bikinis.  Most of the ladies had on cheeky bottoms and a few in thongs; no G's.  A female in a thong at the pools would be totally acceptable.  The only ones noticing would be the guys checking her out.  She would be in the minority however, the cheeky bottoms are very nearly thongs anyway. Guaranty you will have a good time.  
thong_dude #189

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/14/2015 11:34:18Copy HTML

Wife and I went to Punta Cana 2nd week of February. We stayed at Bahi Principe (Don Pablo). Topless OK on the beach (not at the pool). We knew this before we arrived. If women can go topless, I can go in a thong.

 I brought enough thongs for a different one each day, and 2 speedos. I wore dork shorts on the grounds (if I had a thong under). I would wear the speedo to walk around. I was the ONLY guy that had the balls to wear a thong on the beach.

4-5 topless women walking on the beach each day. 2-3 women in thongs walking the beach. So, we would go to the beach ~9ish. Cover with sunscreen (kinda hard to to be aroused while my wife is rubbing my uncovered butt :)

I walked to the outside bar. It was the coolest thing. I am getting old, but I feel I look good for my age (check out my profile). As I would walk, I could feel the eyes on my. LOVED it. The smiles and approval from the women was great. I even got a few knods from guys. I thought that was cool too.

Some of the best was when we were walking the beach. There was a crowd of about 10 50-60ish Canadian women, when they saw us approach them, they slowly stopped talking one at a time. By the time we were right next to them they were all silent.

As I am a smoker, I had my pack of smokes in the waist band. (I place myself to the right, I hate the feel of straight out, or folded). Being right handed, my smokes are on the right as well.

We stopped by the beach bar, and got drink, then went for a walk. There were a couple of 30ish ladies at teh bar, and they were very freindly, and we were all chatting. I could see they would occasionally check me out. After walking the beach for a mile or so, I noticed that I was barely covered, the pack of smokes had lifted the fabric so much, it was like looking down a blouse for the nipples. 

Thonging IS contagious. As I was laying on the beach, a couple of guys in shorts, would roll up the legs, and backside as the day went on. NON of them were doing this before they saw me. So (as I have read on this forum before), If YOU are waiting for someone else to start the movement, you ALL will be waiting. just do it!!

The same works for the topless ladies. I LOVE women. I can tell you if there are bare breasts within a mile. None. My wife removed her top, and within 5 minutes, there were 10 topless women within 100 feet.

Best story: We went to the pool after a day at the beach. I put on my red speedo. We sat by the pool, met a nice couple. The next day, I was laying on my belly, and the guy from the couple said, "Hey Dude, what's up?" we ended up as "buds" for the rest of our stay. I asked if they were stunned by the speedo at the pool yesterday. "Pleasantly surprised," He said "It was the first one he saw there (at the pool)", and he wished he would have brought his. Then I asked him about the thong. He said as they were walking the beach, He pointed out my ass. "There's one for you hun, no body hair, and a great set of buns." She, saw my wife (tall and redhead). "we know then, she exclaimed." Oh, no shit.

He told me on the next vacation, he will be bringing a thong. I told him he needs to wear it, not just bring it.
stringpe #190

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/20/2015 08:23:23Copy HTML

My wife and I just got back from Secrets Royal Beach.  Lots of people from other countries.  Very few people from US.  There were alot of people on the beach.   I counted approximately 75 women in thong bikinis and 7 topless during our 1 week stay.  I saw just 3 women wearing thongs at the pool.  I wore my thong and walked about 7 miles along along the beach.  Never had any problems.  Got a few positive comments.  Saw no other men in thong bikinis.  Saw just 1 man had a sexy bikini.  There were alot of men wearing standard speedos.  Great trip.
erik3000 #191

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/09/2015 11:13:40Copy HTML

 I spend easter week in Occidental Grand Punta Cana at the Royal Club that they have so i can said that I diet wore a thong this time but saw one guy wearing one at the hotel and plenty gals in thongs some of them even walking to the bars and beach restaurant in a very skimpy thong. Walked to the beach and found that Grand Palladium (the hotel beside) has plenty thongs as always and as a surprise the Princess Hotel didn't had this time... I walked every day on my unlined skinz bikini and still felt very sexy. Saw lots of gals walking on the beach in thongs (at the same rate than south beach) so I did miss to bring my thong if I had one I will wear it at one point. 
JM_Runs #192

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/09/2015 02:56:37Copy HTML

I found that Boca Chica resorts are thong tolerable around the pool and/or beach. I've investigated these hotels (Hamaca Be Live, BelleView) threw tripadvisor.com and most answers I get are from hotel representatives that answer that both female and male thongers have no problem.
Boca Chica is a beach near the capital city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Its 40-45 min drive from Santo Domingo and its very crowded on weekends so I suggest if anyone ever stays here in a resort of these beach, let it be Mon-Thu since those days the beach has almost no locals and its pretty deserted.
DavyJ #193

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/13/2015 06:52:45Copy HTML

Was down at the Wyndham in La Romana this spring, and my advise is to avoid this hotel.  I have been to many all inclusives in PC over the years, although this was my first in La Romana.  Anyway, this Wyndham was far and away the worst, in just about every respect.  The food was not as good as other places and the guests were generally loud and noisy.  And to make matters worse, they allowed smoking throughout the public areas and on the beach, but NOT in the guest rooms.  This had to be the worst possible system.  Because it meant that all the smokers, not being able to smoke in their rooms, all congregated in all the public spaces with their cigarettes and cigars, so it was impossible to go anywhere without being assaulted by smoke.  Far better to allow smoking in the rooms, and regulate it in the public areas. .  Anyway, the beach scene was going along fine the first few days.  I had walked the beach for many miles, past many other hotels, and never had any problems.  Nor had I overheard a single negative comment from anyone where I was staying.  But in due course a security guard approached me and said I was not allowed on the beach as I was dressed.  All the same BS you hear in the USA about this being a "family" beach, etc. etc.  Even though many families had been setting up very near to me, and none of them appeared to have any issues.  I was really annoyed, but had little choice but to comply. .  Now I suspect this problem is unique to the Wyndham, and not true of La Romana in general, as I had walked the beach extensively the first few days, and been viewed by many other hotels' security guards with no problem.
Sunson #194

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:08/02/2015 10:28:24Copy HTML

 Well, this year, we´re going again to PC. Propably the very same hotel.But I will ask this time about their dress code on the beach and pool. LAst year I wasn´t brave enough to wear thongs, but this year I want to change that.
Sunson #195

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:11/22/2015 08:58:03Copy HTML

 OK, so we´re back. The same resort (Grand Palladium Bavaro Suites Resort & Spa) and the same time - just a year later.Before we went there, I sent 2 e-mails with a question about dress code on the beach, and at the pool, but just like a year ago - didn´t get any answer.I took my Olaf Benz thongs with me, but I didn´t wear them. Again - I wasn´t brave enough. Not only because there were no men in thongs, but overall, pretty much young guys (mid 20´s) with GF´s, some little kids.A lot of people from Germany, Poland, Russia, US, and on weekend - a lot of locals. Like I said - no men in thongs - mostly speedos. Not much dorkshorts though.As far as ladies goes - Few topless (much less than last year) but pretty few in thongs - at least 5 a day. Every age and shape. I liked it. Especially those, with big butts:)We walked the beach along to see other Hotels (about 10-15) and our was the best looking, and most crowded. And of course, there were more thongers:)Anyway, I am pretty upset for not wearing my thongs, but that´s two different things when you just talk about, and when you already there on the beach. If there was only one guy in thongs, I would wear them every day.The whole stay there was very nice, altough last 4 days I missed my original food and bed;)Next year, propably we won´t be back, cause of the long flight (10 hrs) and we will visit some place in Europe.
thongerman #196

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:11/23/2015 02:47:59Copy HTML

 hi sunson i will be back to punta cana jan 6 to jan 19 going to iberostar punta cana i. this will be my 10 th trip to punta cana and every time i have seen men in thongs. i will be wearing a g string on the beach and at the beach bar and beach grill areas.i also walk up and down the beach in the g string. so if you want some company come down to iberostar on those dates.

JM_Runs #197

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:12/20/2015 09:33:01Copy HTML

I'm temporally working in Punta Cana and recently went to a daypass to the Sirenis resort were its the best to thong cause there no other resorts next to it.If anyone flys down here and want a thong buddy, be sure to send me a message and maybe we can tan together.
ctmonline #198

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

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 thinking about giving the DR another try...has anyone stayed at the Punta Cana Princess Resort (all-inclusive and adults-only)???
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Spend All week in Punta Cana working. On tuesday at 7:00 just after the sunset I was walking on the beach and a very fit guy about 40s in a purple G string was walking in my opposite direction, at the beginning seems like if he was naked because was very small the Gee. I Told him nice thong but he didn't say anything. 
On thursday then at about mid day I was getting a long walking and a Guy was walking on a turquoise thong that surprised me because as mid day and plenty people outside, he had a blue bracelet from Princess Hotel. I told him nice swimsuit but he didn't say any then we keep walking and he stops to help to pull a scuba boat to the water. 
Saw Plenty gals in thongs at Paradisus and at palladium. I was staying at Occidental grand punta cana and we also have a good percentage of thongs.
I was working so I didn't bring even a bikini just a short so I lamented a lot my mishap.
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Erik you missed an opportunity. I always travel with a thong and a spare just in case an opportunity shows up to thong. Its good to see that thongs are becoming more and more a trend in Punta Cana.
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