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ctmonline #201

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:05/23/2016 01:06:30Copy HTML

 we're going to give Punta Cana another try this summer, will be staying at the Punta Cana Princess adults only all-inclusive, sure hope things are better than they were a few years ago.
ctmonline #202

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/11/2016 12:14:34Copy HTML

 We just got back from a week at the Punta Cana Princess Resort on Bavaro Beach, saw a few almost thongs on women but nothing smaller than a large speedo on guys, the crowd consisted of mostly overweight drunks as well. This was our second trip to the DR even though the first trip was disappointing as well, we figured it was worth a second chance, the people are nice and the food was good but the beach scene wasn't for us.
jfish #203

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/11/2016 01:51:53Copy HTML

 We were in punta cana last year, stayed at the Secrets Resort.  Some tinys bikinis on the ladies, a couple thongs as well... for the men, not many if any speedos... mostly board shorts and square cuts. But it is all about taking a walk or run on the beach here.  If you head, south or out of the resort and to the left, you pass all the the hotels and come to a area with no hotels and a beautiful coast line with small beaches scattered all along.. i would run/walk down the beach, find a spot, strip down, sometimes a thong, sometimes a rio, and enjoy this area.  Some light foot traffic on the trail, i felt comfortable in this setting, even had people ask me to take pics of them (w/out me in them).  There i was, in a thong, taking pics of couples, groups of girls... no comments what so ever. At the end of the day, i would walk back... if i had the rio on, i would just walk back all the way to the resort... well up to the resort then throw the boardshorts on... i was just not comfortable in the resort setting... cheers
pkthong #204

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/22/2016 01:55:52Copy HTML

 Just returned from a weeks stay at O.G.F. in P.C. The weather was great and my family and I were really looking forward to a good week of relaxation as life has been very busy this last year.
I wore rio’s as usual. Kiki micro tan thru, Boodie’s: rio in blue, and Nu-parr no tie nada in back with least coverage.
The Boodies was a suggestion from another board member as a replacement for my erstwhile sunup/sundown capris. It has the look of a normal “speedo” from the front with about 1/3-1/2 back coverage and is lined. In general it is an ok suit but the rear did tend to droop at times. My younger daughter said it looked like a loaded diaper.
The nu-parr was great I have ordered and wore many of these over the years. This was one of the last 5 available before they closed.
BTW- RIP to Thongbiker: hope he and Dore are having a great discussion in the sky about our beloved topic(Speaking of defunct companies).
The general scene was board shorts of varying lengths. A good number of regular and larger speedos. A fair share of square cuts; and of course me “that” guy. I had by far the smallest swimwear of all dudes.
I felt rather comfortable wearing such, probably as a result of years of practice and as I get older not giving a #$@%. I did not get any obvious positive or negative comments or vibes so this was a good prelude to our family trip next month to Atlantis in the Bahamas.
ministeve #205

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/22/2016 02:15:11Copy HTML

 Going back to Jfish, I am not surprised.  Secrets always seems to be packed with Americans so Im sure there isn't much skin showing compared to other resorts even though it's a adults hotel.  Perfect example, Riv Maya Mexico staying at Catalonia Playa Maroma, great hotel with awesome beach, heavy on French, and Italian guests with the remainder being many south american guests.  There was plenty of thongs and skimpy bikinis and always a few topless.  I was the only male thonger but there was always plenty of speedos so I never felt out of place.  Looking next door to the "adults only" hotel and there was far less skin showing compared to our beach area.
JM_Runs #206

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/23/2016 11:59:43Copy HTML

 My wife and I will be staying at the Excellence El Carmen, a brand new adults only resort, around the end of November. We plan to pack nothing but thongs and smaller. We hope to get in some nude beach time but we'll see. We have some friends that have stayed at the Excellence Punta Cana a couple times and have had good experiences wearing little or nothing.
thongerman #207

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/25/2016 09:51:17Copy HTML

 ive been to punta cana over 10 times and from my experience the negative vibes come from some overprotective dads of their children and resort workers bar tenders activity and security guards, if you ignore and stay clear of these you will be fine as the rest of the crowd doesnt care. ive received many positive vibes from girls and a lot of picture taking from both sex.ive walked many miles up and down the beach many times and overall ive found it to be a posive experience.i have even walked up to bars and sat at restraunts and nobody cares , if you are secure in yourself then nobody will care. to all who plan a trip to pc wear what you like and enjoy.
thongerman #208

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/25/2016 09:57:18Copy HTML

 a beach is a beach you are there to tan, you are not there to please other people as to what you wear ,you are there to please yourself if nobody likes it they could just look away and mind their own bussiness. we are not living in the victorian era anymore. it seems soon men will be completely covered up again in those crazy overall clown suits again.
JM_Runs #209

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:09/29/2016 09:55:10Copy HTML

Remembering a comment someone posted some time ago, Dominicans aren't thong friendly they just ignore you cause you're a, turist, a client at the hotel where they work at.
Besides Punta Cana is highly overrated take if from me that I lived there for years. I'd suggest Samana where its much less crowded and the beaches are much more natural. Puerto Plata is good to just go more where the RIU are located since they have their own beach or Sosua for the water sports enthusiasts.
JM_Runs #210

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:12/02/2016 09:51:12Copy HTML

Just a short follow up on my trip to Punta Cana. The wife and I stayed at the Excellence El Carmen resort, which is an adults only, all inclusive resort, and the only thing bad I have to say is the room was very humid so it made sleeping somewhat miserable. The resort was very nice and clean, and the staff was super.

The first day there we went to the beach chairs and I stripped to a very tiny yellow g string but the wife opted for a regular bikini. When the girl came around to take our drink order I asked her if what I was wearing was acceptable and her response was, "there is no dress code at the beach, only the pool."

I wore a very small thong or g string every day, sometimes they were very see through, and all though I got a lot of looks, I never heard a discouraging remark. I got a compliments from several women and even a few men.

There were a lot of women in very tiny bikinis and several in thongs. There were a lot of men in bikinis of all sizes and I even saw 2 other men in more conservative thongs. There were way more bikini clad guys then the dork short guys but then the crowd was mostly older, 40 and up.

The next resort up the beach there were a lot of families but still a lot of thongs, both men and women, and a lot of small bikinis on the guys.

I walked and swam in front of our resort a couple times totally nude but when I got to the beach chairs I always had my suit back on, nobody cared.

There weren't a lot of people at the resort, and the majority probably spent most of their time at the pool, but there were several beach chairs occupied every day and most of the people there just wanted to hang out and catch some sun. All in all it was a great trip.
erik3000 #211

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:12/21/2016 11:19:54Copy HTML

Hi Ex Member I think that I must disagree with your previous statement. First I live on the island and visit very often the resorts and I can give you a completely different story. If there is a place that it is as thong friendly as South Beach its Punta Cana, the beach its one of the best that you can have in the caribbean. Miles and miles of pure white sand beach full of palms and plenty of thongs. I have seen even on the buffet restaurants some gals walking in just a thong. 
Regarding Samana its not as crowded as Punta Cana but also the beach its not as sexy as in Punta Cana usually its very conservative. Punta Cana receives a lot of tourist from around the world so they have a very cosmopolitan clientele. For example its the only place in the caribbean that receives direct flights form Russia (st. Petersburg and Moscow) also a lot of flights form europe, latin & south america that trend to wear thongs. About RIU Puerto Plata was sold to Carnival Cruise Lines because the port that they built was beside the hotel so probably isn't  any more a good bet to go there. 
All in all I think that Punta Cana its a great option to wear thongs just need to choose the right time and the right hotel. If You want to have a palapa and your space try to book a luxury hotel like Excellence, Barcelo Palace, Palladium, Riu Palace, Iberostar, Paradisus, etc. and also try to go summer and fall. Usually on winter its more Americans and Canadians and the beach usually its more conservative Probably you will see something but not as liberal as fall and summer. 
About the Dominicans they are very open with thongs and must of the girls wear them I can't said the same with the guys but I know several boutiques that sale them so must be a clientele for that. For example In Santo Domingo I can get Punto Blanco (premium thong brand for mens from Spain)
bronzedbuns85 #212

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/18/2017 08:34:12Copy HTML

 Could any of you recommend an all-inclusive for a honeymoon? My fiance and I have been to Jamaica a couple times but we'd like to try D.R. We would prefer it be adults only and of course friendly to thongers.

Thank you
Sunson #213

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:11/13/2017 12:34:17Copy HTML

 I am for The fifth time in Punta Cana, for the fifth time at the same hotel, and for the fifth time I just can't break something in me to wear thongs.  Before the trip I even sent a message and asked if swimming and tanning in thong is permitted, and they answered it was no problem for men and women. I am not in top shape anymore, am almost 40 (look younger thoug) but still looking acceptable I guess. My wife isn' t into thing bikini but wanted to buy here Brazilian cut, but they don't have any. As far as thongers goes: only women wear thongs. Different cuts but very nice. Mostly US and Spanish . Didn't see Russians (like last year) or Germans in thongs. Guys wear dork shorts. A few speedos. And if only there was just one with thong, I would start thonging too...I hate that in me, I care what people say but somehow I can't change it. TBH I would feel little bizzare wearing thong next to some athletic guys is dork shorts or young, sexy girls in regular bikini who would probably giggle. But maybe after few mamajuanas I'll change my mind.
Endo_Rowe #214

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:01/06/2018 08:36:34Copy HTML

 I just returned from a few days at the Melia Caribe resort in Punta Cana and was out on the family beach twice in a thong. I overheard one comment from a family that looked more dressed for boating in the Hamptons. Otherwise, nothing more than the occasional curious glance.
At one point, I was on my back and a resort worker made an "Ooo, sexy man" comment. I turned over only to realize that he was the instructor for a yoga class that had started behind me.
I saw a lot women in thongs and even some topless. I didn't see any other men in thongs, but bikinis and squarecuts were very common. I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable by the pool unless it was the adult section, but no problems at the beach.
As an aside, I would not recommend that particular resort. Everyone in our group and other guests we spoke to had problems and customer service was attrocious. No joke, desk staff would literally hide in the back room until people went away. 
bubblebuttt #215

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:01/12/2018 02:00:18Copy HTML

Thinking of going to Hard Rock in Punta Cana, anyone been there before? anyone thonged there before? Help! lol 
ctmonline #216

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:02/06/2018 11:07:34Copy HTML

 anyone tried Barcelo Bavaro...the adults only side?
ministeve #217

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:02/07/2018 12:13:24Copy HTML

 I can't see punta cana ever beeing a problem, I would thong at any hotel there without thinking twice.  On an adults only side without question! and my wife wouldn't plan on wearing a bikini top at all
OS777 #218

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:02/08/2018 04:41:31Copy HTML

I hope people who are thinking of going to the Dominican Republic find out if the outbreak of hookworm parasites contracted by walking barefoot on the wet Sandy beaches will affect their travel destination plans.  No doubt this is the result of raw sewage flowing out from urban habitation and onward to nearby beaches.  The photos of the tourists' feet were horrifying.  Sure the Dominican Republic is close to the USA and cheap to holiday at.  But that comes at a great cost.  Is you health or life worth the risk for a visit there???
ministeve #219

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:02/09/2018 04:20:59Copy HTML

Visiting the USA is already very risky. 3 tourists from my area were murdered in Las Vegas alone last year. It's just not worth the risk anymore.
erik3000 #220

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:02/11/2018 08:25:20Copy HTML

Some comments on Barcelo Bavaro beach from Tripadvisor:

A younger crowd, lots of "thong" bikini bottoms, some topless on beach only. 

Whilst we were staying there they were hosting the International Bikini Model Competition which we didn't know until we arrived and saw literally 20-30 young women in glitter bikinis and thongs. Be aware that the beach here is "European style" (as in topless) if you want. We stayed on the adult only side which features a huge pool, topless beach.
You will see some women go toppless, but usually the ones that should keep their top on! lol. Speaking of exposure, pool and beach are adult only and therefore topless sunbathing is permitted. The trick is tolerating the disapproving glares from the women who don't have the confidence to do it and the men who have trouble not staring.
Ladies, if you want to go topless that seems to be ok here too! So, this obviously means topless women, more speedos than ever necessary, a wide variety at the buffet.  

Also pool and beach allows topless women and that was strange. Just be prepared for a lot of topless sunbathing. 

Caution: Adult-only beach so women topless bathing is common on the beach. If this offends you, stay at the pool.

There were no "rude" men gaucking /staring, so enjoy beach sunning topless and swimming.

We also noticed several women walking around topless in the family area, although I have nothing against that I just dont think it was appropriate. I was very annoyed and disappointed regarding the topless women on the beach and no one told them anything; here's my concern, eventually people are going to go nude and then it'll be out-of-control. The family and adult accommodations share the same beach and these women were walking, playing paddle ball, and outright flaunting themselves while kids were passing...not a pretty sight.

I have been there and at the palace and I have seen gals walking on the lobby in thongs and some of them even going to the buffet in a thong. It is a great place for thong wearers
visa0061 #221

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:02/12/2018 04:44:33Copy HTML

 It's funny how these places change. I went to the DR about 10 years ago. The tone then was very different. The resort I stayed at had thongs topless for women at both the beach and the pool. I was considering going back with my GF but I got very sick when I went 10 years ago. Ruined the whole trip.
Mello05 #222

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/03/2018 12:28:59Copy HTML

 Going to Royalton Bavaro in July and wanted to know if anyone had any expierence at this hotel....going to be with gf and a few families.....don't know how male in a thong is going to go over.....any suggestions would be appreciated 
OS777 #223

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/03/2018 08:07:04Copy HTML

 Hay wake up!  The Dominican Republic beaches are excellent to contracting parasites such as hookworm.  Sounds like fun.  That's something a cheap vacation site can offer!
Mello05 #224

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/03/2018 01:09:33Copy HTML

 @os777.....I guess you had a bad expierence at the DR.......how about sharing your expierence instead of a responding like a total moron and also from your response I take that your a wealthy individual....
Good luck to you and grow up.
OS777 #225

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/04/2018 03:45:46Copy HTML

Know before you go ?
Indydjc #226

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:03/25/2018 02:09:54Copy HTML

 Suggestions in Punta Cana for an adult only resort. Wife and enjoy wearing thongs and she enjoys being top free. Thanks!
erik3000 #227

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/31/2018 09:35:15Copy HTML

I was there and I walked from Palladium Resort about 3 miles in my skinz m77 passing palladium 5 resorts, occidental hotels, 3 princess hotels, paradissus hotels and then Princess then turned back, was about 8-9 AM and felt great, nobody said anything so a gal thong and topless walking and also a few thongs at Occidental Hotels.    

erik3000 #228

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:07/31/2018 09:37:47Copy HTML

About 3 weeks ago went to Breathless wore my thong there at the beach and at the pools and hot tubes. Hotel very laid back plenty skimpy swimwear and a lot of lesbians and gays. saw some girls PD at the hot tubes at night was very hot and nobody said anithing to my attire fantastic weakend. 

IBuy_SheWears #229

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:08/09/2018 05:58:15Copy HTML

Went to Excellence El Carmen last year (Aug 17') and the wife had no issues being in a thong. She was one of a handful of women in thongs at the main pool. It could be that the main pool wasn't that exciting, as we noticed more thongs, as well as topless, at swimout rooms than the main pool. Full disclosure, we only went to the main pool twice, and just hung out in our swimout for the rest of the trip.
ctmonline #230

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/18/2019 11:57:22Copy HTML

going back to Punta Cana this summer, third time and wife's pick, it's been a few years...how skimpy can we go this time?

Blackthong23 #231

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/19/2019 05:12:50Copy HTML

Next month we are heading to the Iberostar resort in La Romona area which is on the southern end of the Dominican Republic and I’ll give a good report of what it is like. I plan on bringing a large variety of different swimwear and scope out the scene. I know from pictures on Instagram, google maps, and Trip Advisor that whole area has plenty of thongs on women but the men I’ve only seen shorts and speedos. The good thing is the amount of speedos on guys I’ve seen is a good sign I will be fine in a thong. My goal is to be able to walk to the water and bar with the thong on and not have to wear a speedo cover to go walk. 

ministeve #232

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/20/2019 05:28:35Copy HTML

You definetly won't have an issue there. La Romana is really heavy with Europeans. No issues at all wearing muscleskins poser all day, to and from the beach bar. Wife in just a string topless up and down the beach and to the bar, etc. Paradise!!!
Blackthong23 #233

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:04/22/2019 08:15:06Copy HTML

That sounds amazing!! I’m bringing everything from a skinz g string to a standard speedo. More than likely I’ll just wear my speedo/bikinis for our walks and moving around the resort. For sure going to be in my thongs when sunning but when going to the bar, i didn’t want to wear a cover just to get a drink. Sounds like I’ll be good to thong my way to the bar or water. Haha

DavyJ #234

Re:Dominican Republic - Resorts

Date Posted:05/08/2019 11:27:17Copy HTML

I haven't been on this board for a few years, so I should update my previous posts.  We went to La Romana (actually Dominicus) last year and thonged on the public beach the entire time no problem.  Ditto for walking the beach, past all the resorts in plain site of their security guards.

BUT, having had such a good time before, we went back this winter.  Big difference.  We had only been there a few days when the police approached and said I had to change.  When we tried to pointing out that many others (all women) were in thongs, they were not impressed, and pretended not to understand our English.  So I changed from a rather brief thong (that was no problem before) to a very conservative thong, which only lasted for another day before the same policeman was back, harassing me again.  So I had to wear my full coverage bikini type suit the rest of the time (which I had almost left at home, as there had not been any problem previously).  Not good, and its indicative of the entire area going down hill.  We were also harassed by the police off beach (not related to attire) several times (and fined $80), all total BS.

So whatever experience you (or anyone else) had previously is no guarantee it will be the same now.  We have been to both PC and La Romana 10 or 15 times and its a sure bet we will never go back.

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