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The Gabe #51

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:04/28/2008 02:44:20Copy HTML

I placed a call to Dore a few weeks ago about that very topic. The difference between the Missil and Aussie Missile is simple The Missile lets you hang until you have to grow and stand at attention. The Aussie Missile holds you up full time. Another difference is the Aussie Missile does not have a separat ball pouch. The Missile does have ball room.

I've been back and forth a few times oer whether or not I want a Missile when Iplace my next order. A torpedo is a sure thing as is a 3D.
Pagan-Egyptian #52

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:05/11/2008 12:55:43Copy HTML

 I plan on ordering a few new suits from Dore. I may try a missle, but I am confident in her 3D suits. I have worn them on Ft. Lauderdale beaches sans problems.  I like the royal blue, red and yellow non-sheer colors. I may try a very dark or black sheer thong when I go... but I am not sure, from a distance, it looks I am in a standard thong... Any advice may help.
leo40 #53

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:05/12/2008 03:21:19Copy HTML

I have a Dore "moderate missile bikini" (number 1014 on pg. 12 of her site).  I don't wear it on a truly public beach, but it's fuller design helps "de-fuse" the fact that it has a missile front. 
Uncljohn2 #54

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:08/02/2008 05:49:46Copy HTML

I am a big Dore fan, and new to this board.  Beg pardon if I repeat something covered elsewhere...
I have an Aussie Missile.  It's a more complex pattern than her other missiles.  It has a separate lower pouch, with a better shape than those split pouches which didn't fit anyone well.  I most definitely order (other styles, too) with a bigger lower pouch so the boys don't fall out.  Some of Dore's patterns are so tight that one ball gets uncomfortably pushed up to my armpit (almost.)  The aussie has side seams on the shaft pouch, not top and bottom seams.  The aussie does not hold you upwards all the time.  It would have to use a higher waistline (not the fashion these days.) 

If you want that "point to the sky" effect, the Koala Peacock is great, and has a lot of coverage.  The Dore 12 o'clocks and Horizons will point you skyward, too.  Dore posted two pics of me in horizons, both nude color -- one wet and one dry.  Shows you don't have to be hard to be lifted up.

re: the old post in this thread about the 2034 very narrow thong (also that older fashion of higher waistline), there's a pic of me on Dore's site in a white one #40004 on page 8.  It has to be ordered with a bigger pouch or I wear a c-ring.  Koala discontinued a similar suit (although the straps are too wide for minimalist tanning) in baby blue or white, that was a lower cut, with the straps meeting at the center of the top of the pouch.  I sketched that pattern for Dore, and she made me a few recently.

One other definition when searching Dore patterns.  The 3D cut gives a lot more lift.   In the traditional pouch, the side seams taper closer together and don't join together and meet the back/bottom until halfway to the back.  In the 3D, the sides of the front pouch curve right under the balls and join together right underneath.  If you don't want a string back, Dore will bring a wider bottom strap up to the 3D part just below your package.  With the 3D cut, you don't need a c-ring to get the same effect, and the comfort factor goes way up.

Hope this helps, as Dore's site is a bit difficult to navigate and understand, especially when she posts a picture stuffed with paper.
sailor250 #55

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:10/04/2008 06:25:53Copy HTML

Anybody else get to wear their missile or torpedo suits lately?  where?  How were they received?
tbck1000 #56

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:10/05/2008 02:11:03Copy HTML

 I'm anxious to try a torpedo style suit in public.   I'm considering the Koala g-force.  Does anyone know of a suit that has an expanding/contracting sleeve/pouch?  Has anyone worn a torpedo style suit on a public beach?  What was the reaction?  I think I'll wear one at late afternoon/early evening or at night for my first outing.
JM_Runs #57

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:10/05/2008 08:13:10Copy HTML

A few years ago, I purchased both a missile and a torpedo along with some some very low cut thongs from Dore.  I wore the low cut thongs to the beach a few times (Assateague), but never wore the missile nor the torpedo.  I did wear them a number of time when I did some cam to cam chat with other thongers.  One of my female chat friends and I would usually contact each other on a Sunday afternoon and show off our skimpy swimwear to each other.  After a while, she would always ask me to put on the torpedo. 
We lost contact with each other about a year ago.  Both of us went separate ways.  Also, last winter, when I was doing my skimpy swimwear inventory and ordering, the torpedo and the missile went into the trash.  I still have the low rise thongs that I intend to wear on beach.
JM_Runs #58

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:10/08/2008 05:17:00Copy HTML

I have a few but don't wear them at pools or public beaches only at home. I don't really wanna push the envelope that far. I have worn some of Dore's lower cut thongs and the narrow front thongs at pools but I only wear my Dore missile thongs at home.
stanpuppy #59

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:01/06/2009 10:11:58Copy HTML

Personally, i wouldnt wear either the missile or torpedo anywear.  Too extreme for me.  The muscleskins MPX is about the limit for me...and then I would only wear it on a nude beach.  I'll stick to my Joe Snyder rios for public beaches.
webie #60

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:01/26/2009 02:19:58Copy HTML

 The only suits I wear are either missile suits or torpedo suits ......... you know us guys do have body parts , I really have not had a bad comment, infact I have had more favorabble comments wearing these suits than wearing a regular thong and thats both from guys ,gals and couples ..
osceola89 #61

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:02/16/2009 07:38:03Copy HTML

I have the red cire missile from Dore.  I have worn it a few times on Hollywood beach florida and into a couple of bars. One bartender could not believe and had to have a few pictures.  I wore it a one of the coffee shops that is no longer there last fall and the brazilian girl behind the counter could not believe I was 48.  She told me to have a seat on the couch and proceeding to show me pictures of her family on her computer and  and took a few pictures.  I have to pick a less crowded time to wear it.
pierceddpp #62

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:04/13/2009 01:12:41Copy HTML

I noticed a suit on Dore's page. called "the Preformer Split Pouch.. it is a torpedo.. with a snap at the tip to atach it to the easit band.. has anone gotten that one? i have noticed a simular suite on some europen site, but they had diferent color choices..

I have also noticed that Dore has multiple sites, some are maintained better than otheres.. which is their official site.. got to be careful these days.
leo40 #63

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:04/13/2009 04:16:23Copy HTML

I have a Dore Performer suit.  It is not like a torpedo at all.  It is more like a horizon with a waistband that attaches at the tip of the sleeve instead of at the base.  It is in my collection of unusual swimsuit styles, but I haven't actually worn it anywhere, saving my rare occasions to wear less-than-swimwear swimwear for my more preferred missiles.   The beach-n-danc site is certainly hers, and the other site you can reach from it is something some friends put up for her.  She seems to be marketing mainly from e-bay these days.  I have bought Dore suits over the years and have never been disappointed.
rickl454 #64

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:04/13/2009 09:52:32Copy HTML

I ordered three g-strings (one a custom job) from Dore on April 1st and received them on April 13th.  That's including snail mail all the way down and back up the East Coast.  As usual, fit and quality are excellent.  As Leo40 says, " I have bought Dore suits over the years and have never been disappointed." 
nadathing #65

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:04/25/2009 02:28:17Copy HTML

Regarding pierceddpp's comment on Dore's web sites, I think she has somewhat limited web edit talent (I have zero) and she does not keep things up to date.  I haven't been able to determine which are current and which are out dated, and try to check all from time to time.  It's a nuisance, but the great products she makes and reasonable prices are what matters for me.
soopalow #66

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:05/12/2009 05:21:09Copy HTML

I have an open torpedo in mesh and it is fantastic to wear as underwear under tight ultra low stretch jeans. Also have an aussie missile and once everthing is tucked in it is really comfortable. I have a few dore suits and think the pushup g and thong the best - really comfortable. Get a few strange looks from straight young guys on the beach but who cares!  last winter on the beach in Australia a chick came and sat beside me and took off her to to reveal pierced nipples, so I did not frighten her off wearing my micro push up g with 1/4 sides! Soopalow
sailor250 #67

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:11/29/2009 03:46:04Copy HTML

Dore has a new shaft show design for the aussie missile on the ebay website.  It's got a strap design up the bottom of the shaft to the covered head - called a "tophat" shown with the shaft up.

That'll be one wild tanline!!!
sailor250 #68

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:12/02/2009 01:50:02Copy HTML

Got a bit of a shock today when I checked in to look at anything new at www.beach-n-danc.com  the domain was up for sale and thought the worst.

But checked around and the whole sites at www.beachndanc.com  as it was a few years ago.  Dore must be getting a better deal and moving around.  www.doreg.biz is still there.
abadonmi #69

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:12/02/2009 03:01:31Copy HTML

 www.beachndanc.com is not a working website either, and I don't think that www.doreg.biz is updated regularly at all.
chasnsx #70

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:12/03/2009 01:27:43Copy HTML

www.beachndance.com is the current site, and it has been recently updated.  Dore also appears to have some Google adsense on that site, so more power to her for developing her brand.

leo40 #71

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:12/04/2009 03:21:19Copy HTML

I didn't find a new DORE site at all!  Looks to me like Dore allowed beachndanc.com (without final e) to lapse and someone else made it into a site that just refers you to other sellers. New site beachndance.com (with final e) is just like her old site.  Her Ebay store has been very active lately, and she is evidently using it as her main selling tool while giving the other sites minimal attention.  The Ebay store has seen a big turnover of various sorts of missile suits and other innovative styles.
SmoothGuy #72

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:01/12/2010 03:30:15Copy HTML

How do you get to her ebay site?  I could not find it.
DowneMixedBoi #73

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:01/12/2010 06:32:21Copy HTML

If you don't bookmark it, Just google "Dore ebay" when you need it!
OS777 #74

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:04/21/2010 07:51:20Copy HTML

 I have purchased and worn both the Torpedo and Missile thongs back in 2003.  You may still see my old ID of cyberhillbilly3. :+)  Anyway I have only one comment on the torpedo... that is... it is not designed for a guy when he 'sporting Pine!' Not any significant amount of room when you may need it.  I had various colors of the Torpedo and have given all of them away for that very reason.  Now for the Missile.  I had ordered a silver Lame missile and loved it.  Since I lack any appreciable amount of extra skin for my 'sack' I would place a cockring around my 'jewels' and then put on the missile.  The fit is quite amazing.  Dore for a woman really knows how to make a man feel good.  The fit is great. I ofttimes wore a 2" cockring around my 3 little friends and then a smaller 1 3/4" ring around my 2 'boys.' Then I would place my semi-engorged self into the shaft sleeve.  The fit is... to be blunt.. great! It is an exact fit around your shaft. You get a little excited stretching the material as you coax it do the entire length of your shaft.  It is a 'second skin!'  I loved wearing it and would wear it a nude beaches or resorts and people would come up to examine it. That helped me 'keep a stiff _ _ _ _ (actually an upper lip!) LOL.  I ended up giving that away because after 6 years of wearing it off and on, the Lame was starting to break down and the Lame finish was starting to pull away from the underlying lycra/spandex.  I had ordered this suit as a custom order which had a very cute and small bikini seat (panel).  On more than a few occasions I have been know to cum inside of the Missile sleeve if I got excited by external stimuli.  I would consider buying a few more but not in a Lame finish this time.  Possibly an assortment of regular Missiles in various colors (but not tropical multi-colored prints).  You have to own and wear it more than a time or two to appreciate it.  Once you get over your mental hangups about wearing a 'second skin' on your shaft and a sack to cover you 'sack' (a separate compartment) you will wonder why you never purchased and wore one earlier! 
sailor250 #75

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:05/16/2010 07:39:10Copy HTML

Does anyone have the "Aussie Missile" from Dore?  Is it a suit that's "hard to fill" if you know what I mean?  The pictures on guys always seem to be filled.  I wouldn't want to have a suit that flopped around the majority of the time if I couldn't fill it- I mean if there was a way to "shir" the shaft to allow it like our skin to expand that would be awesome!  The "grip" of the head could come from a little ring behind the glans to keep the end in place and let the shaft slack or tense.

I've got to say in my experience these missile suits with or without ball sacs or ends get the most queries about where to get one from other guys and occasionally women too.
osceola89 #76

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:11/20/2012 06:14:59Copy HTML

I have actually worn my missile thong in Hawaii at my pool with no problems,  I wore in a bar a few blocks from the beach and a girl told me that I must always wear it there.  Got several compliments.
leo40 #77

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:11/20/2012 07:54:44Copy HTML

On Nov 3, 2012 Dore listed yet another variation on the missile, and I've just added it to my missile collection.  This one is "no ballroom" but does have a ball separator plus side straps that make a loop around each.  Quite a feeling and quite a unique look, but not on a public beach.  I have a fun collection of various styles of no ballroom suits, not all by Dore.
josht #78

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:02/05/2014 09:44:47Copy HTML

anyone have any comments on this one from Dore:

UNLINED,SML. MED.LG 2224 $ 18.50

It is the most appealing to me among the suits I have found on the rather confusing Dore web site.
I would have to be erect to fill it out. In contrast, being getting erect in my Skinz g-strings (M1RU; the M1R2U is too small in the pouch) doesn't give me enough room.
jmicro32 #79

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:10/21/2014 02:31:36Copy HTML

Have any of you guys ever worn a thong or string with an anatomical pouch on the beach or to a pool?  Such as a Dore missile suit where the goods are covered yet completely on display.   Where did you where it and what sort of reaction did you get?   I'm dying to try it someday but I'm not sure I would be daring enough to wear one anywhere other than a nude beach.  
big daddy thong #80

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:10/21/2014 03:39:26Copy HTML

  This doesnot count as at the beach or pool.  I recently ordered N2N tights and exoctoc bike shorts for yoga class.  The N2N exotic bike shorts has an anatomical pouch that shows off your junk in an prominate way.  I was also wearing a rubber c ring to fill out the pouch.and I felt very self concious at first at the start of class filled mostly of women and 2 other guys besides my self.  But after a while I said to myself just chill and no one really looked my way during  my yoga practice.  I did get a postive comment from one of the yoga ladies after class about the color combo of burgundy and black trim that was part of the pouch.
tanlines2thin #81

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:10/21/2014 10:44:53Copy HTML

every time that I man myself out in one of my shaft suits at a c/o resort, beach, or invitation-only pool party, I get the usual mixed reviews, ranging from the open-minded who have to touch, to the close-minded who definitely do not like........but it doesn't matter.......whether the style is rocket, torpedo, jet, missile, or glove-cover, sporting myself out in a sexy shaft suit is always a self-gratifying experience........if you like to show-off, and don't mind being tagged a show-off, these are the definitive show-off suits to man-up in.......a few years back, I sported myself out in a shaft suit at a private hotel beach on the gulf coast.......nobody said a word to me, because I think they were all dumb-founded and shell-shocked.......my recommendation: wear this style of suit where the surroundings will encourage self-confidence, not self-consciousness, meaning, don't go cavorting out on just any public beach in this suit & expect to feel one of the crowd........like anything in life, you have to pick your spots to accomplish certain goals, and that includes enjoying a day at the pool or beach in a sexy suit........
Darkgroove #82

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:01/01/2015 05:43:41Copy HTML

 I have bought a gorgeous Dore's cred cire missile tiny bikini that barely cover my butt and I will definitely wear it this winter at Hedonism II in Jamaica.  It's a wonderful suit to be seen it and I have already wear it at the gym sauna and hottub and had amazing comments about how I look.  Love wearing that kind of suit when I can.  
nadathing #83

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:01/04/2015 04:27:41Copy HTML

 Darkgroove, how/where did you buy this at this time?  The new site is not open yet.  Ebay perhaps?
Darkgroove #84

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:01/10/2015 03:31:18Copy HTML

 ebay and there is a facebook page also :https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1527186454213136
JM_Runs #85

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:04/04/2015 08:52:42Copy HTML

What about missile/torpedo thongs appeals to you? Do you wear it as every day wear?    If not when and where do you wear such thongs? Also aren't you afraid that it looks like you're walking around with a boner?
amethyst2513 #86

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:04/05/2015 02:15:03Copy HTML

I have two, but haven't worn them out yet.  Maybe I'll sun in one tomorrow in my yard.  Sorry but that's no real help I guess.
amethyst2513 #87

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:04/06/2015 12:51:30Copy HTML

hah, I tried sunning in one of my Dore missle pouches yesterday, but my package was casting a shadow up and over my waistband, affecting my tanlines!  So I change into something a bit more compressing to keep things down and less erect.  Maybe I could wear it at high noon for tanning, but not in the afternoon, lol.
JM_Runs #88

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:04/06/2015 01:33:40Copy HTML

 Lol! I don't think torpedo and missile suits are very practical. And definitely not suited for tanning as you found out. :)
JM_Runs #89

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:04/06/2015 03:27:06Copy HTML

 @amethyst: You could maybe use it as a sundial.

"At the third stroke..."
amethyst2513 #90

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:04/06/2015 03:59:25Copy HTML


Now that would be an intriguing tattoo down there...
Darkgroove #91

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:04/18/2015 05:27:58Copy HTML

Wear it at party where I can show off and it's totally exciting and worth!
jmicro32 #92

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:12/22/2015 02:40:10Copy HTML

Have any of you guys ever worn a thong or string with an anatomical pouch on the beach or to a pool?  Such as a Dore missile suit where the goods are covered yet completely on display.   Where did you wear it and what sort of reaction did you get?   I'm dying to try it someday but I'm not sure I would be daring enough to wear one anywhere other than a nude beach.
mack_back #93

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:12/22/2015 03:33:35Copy HTML

 Didn't wear exactly a dore missile pouch, but a Dore bulge pouch thong at my gym pool. The way i wear it filling it out might as well be described as a missile suit. The reaction i got was great. First wearing was shock and delight from woman and smiles from buddies knowing i enjoy flaunting it for a reason, the benefit of the lusting woman. 
Second wearing got a young woman unusually angry audibly talking to herself about decency and left the pool ordering her boyfriend to leave. Didn't hear what she was saying because i was having a conversation with someone else ignoring her. Guess she couldn't handle seeing someone like myself, that wasn't ashamed of his entire body. Or stuck with a boyfriend who doesn't measure up like myself in the bulge suit.

Yet i never swam at the pool ever since, getting "the message from the manager".  Took couple times before i was noticed and been told to wear more fabric. Oh well fun as it lasted.
Just the other day had a woman in the gym ask me why i'm absent from the gym pool facilties. Telling her i got banned (joking of course). She replied Again!.. Lol... I retorted some people don't welcome my presence at the pool... She said well your always welcome in her opinion... 

Whatever you decide to wear any tiny suit be prepared for a short window of opportunity before repercussions spoils your fun. 
Best advice...
Enjoy the moment.. we never know when it all ends.
J_R_365 #94

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:12/22/2015 03:51:29Copy HTML

 Well, there's varying degrees of anatomical. I sometimes wear a Dore torpedo style to the beach, but usually only when it's not crowded. I like it because it keeps things out even when I'm lying down, so I have less shadows interfering with my tan. I don't wear it for general beach-going, though, because I find the look a little contrived.

What I do like to wear even when the beach is crowded is some of my Dubio suits, which hug my form without exaggerating it. I'm planning to get some suits from ISwim with their "Nudist" style, which look like the same sort of cut.

Generally, the reactions I get are quite positive. One time, though, I was sunning my buns in my Dudio Excalibur, when a group of early twenty-somethings came by. One, a young woman, put her towel down near me, and said, "Let's set up here!", just as I was standing up to brush the sand off me. When she saw the other side of my suit, she said, "Uh, no . . . Let's set up over there."

The Grown-up women seem to have no problem with my attire, fortunately.
JM_Runs #95

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:12/23/2015 06:42:04Copy HTML

"Have any of you guys ever worn a thong or string with an anatomical pouch on the beach or to a pool?"  Not a torpedo or missile per se, but I have worn my Muscleskins Poser and an extra-low Dore micro g-string on Venice Beach.  Those are very low, very comfortable, and very anatomical in that they do hug your package and keep it out front.  Like JR says, they "hug my form without exaggerating it."  I'm not a girl and I don't feel like I should have to squash everything just to avoid attention.  If we were totally scared of attention, we wouldn't wear thongs at all.  My package looks natural in front and these suits don't make anything stick straight out all by itself.  They're also opaque colors.  I say that my package is natural and there's no reason to pretend it's not there, but there's also no reason to draw unnecessary attention to it.  I'm very comfortable on Venice Beach with these suits.
John Howard #96

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:12/24/2015 06:42:27Copy HTML

  I'm not a girl and I don't feel like I should have to squash everything just to avoid attention.  If we were totally scared of attention, we wouldn't wear thongs at all. 
Spot on faceless.... people should just get over it.
The same as you, I also wear Muscleskins 1/2 inch Posers (used to also wear Dore but I found MS to be of a better quality).
I have mostly Posers and a few Micros (not even one Torpedo though).   The Posers fit great;  however I noticed that since I customised them to be +1 or +2 cm pouch depth to add comfort, they subtly become a bit like half torpedoes.....which I not particularly like.  I wear a c**k ring whenever I wear my thongs as it provides the best support.  (and because the waters of this part of the Australian ocean are mostly cold)
in my pursuit of variety, I became interested in the suit called Joerg of Tendenze.  They are quite dear but look very well made.   They also look very comfortable as they are supposed to be worn in the 12 o'clock position.  However, what stops me is the idea of being too dare for a public beach, besides being a bit see through.   Maybe not the right suit for me at this moment.   I would hate the idea of being singled out as a perv or obscene.    perhaps this suit is more appropriate for occasions when you go to the beach with a similar minded woman and to a mostly adult environment.   
JM_Runs #97

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:12/24/2015 05:56:12Copy HTML

John Howard and I have the exact same experience.  I first bought a "narrow" 3/8" MS Poser in the +1 pouch size.  With a c-ring it looks great but like John says, it's almost a torpedo look.  Like John, I wore it in cold water and ahem, wasn't too pleased with the look.  I went to the same suit but in a -1 pouch size and that is just about perfect ... it still presents the package but it's not so far out front, and shrinkage isn't an issue any more.  For comfort and appearance, this one is hard to beat.  I do wish MS made this as a g-string rear, though.
navythong #98

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:12/25/2015 11:42:51Copy HTML


Very well said that men shouldn't pretend their package is not there. I Totally agree.
As long as you don't draw unnecessary attention I don't see the problem with wearing small thongs.
I also have a few MS posers with narrow front and 3/8 straps. For me the -1 cm pouch fits like a glove, and I find them very comfortable too.
I can imagine that not everybody has the guts to wear one of these, and I think non-thong wearers shouldn't make a big deal of seeing a guy in a minimal thong. After all by wearing a thong at the beach we are not doing are harm I think, even it has an 'anatomic' pouch.

Merry chrismas
RapidBlue #99

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:12/29/2015 09:13:03Copy HTML

 The missed or torpedo style is not for me, yet and enhanced pouch is preferred for me. All summer I was at the beach in either an enhanced pouch rio or thong without much attention. Only once was there someone who made a complaint. I swim most every day at my local gym in an enhanced pouch Brazilian cut suit. No one says a thing about my suits other than to notice the color or notice when I have a new suit. And then I get complements on the suit or the color. 
leo40 #100

Re:Dore's torpedo or missile?

Date Posted:12/30/2015 04:58:55Copy HTML

 Missile style anatomical suits are no longer exclusive to Dore and a few other e-bay sellers.  Chinese makers have begun making such styles in huge numbers, as only they can.  Same is so with "baggie" stringless pouches, which they seem to sell in large numbers, with few appearing on US beaches.
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