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Date Posted:07/18/2004 02:40:40Copy HTML

East Beach is located on Block Island Sound in Charlestown Rhode Island . It is about a mile long. It has a parking lot at one end and a breachway at the other, so access is from one direction only. The parking lot is very small meaning that if you want a spot you have to get there early on a good beach day (9 or 9:30 on a weekday). The plus side is that East Beach is never crowded. It's quiet, secluded and thong friendly.From Westerly take Route 1 east until you come to East Beach Road, There is a church on the corner. Route 1 is a divided highway so if you are coming from the South Kinsgtown side turn around at Michael's Texaco. Go all the way to the end of the road, past the Blue Shutters Beach the road turns to gravel but keep going. East Beach is a state beach so parking is from $6 to $12 depending upon day of the week and if you are from Rhode Island or out of state.After parking in the lot, walk east along the water's edge (so that the water is on your right). Thongers and anyone else using the beach must share it with piping plovers - areas are marked and restrictions are posted.A 10 minute walk can result in a perfect spot for thonging. Good thong spots are immediately before the first piping plover area and in between the first and second piping plover areas. In the middle area it is possible to be invaded from behind the dunes by a bunch screaming kids - there is 4X4 access road running the length of the beach behind the dunes although they usually keep going to the end of the beach where the 4X4's usually congregate. .Male and female thongers have been spotted this summer at East Beach as well as a few nudes, usually behind portable windscreens. The State patrols East Beach on a once a day basis but these consist of someone in khakis walking along spotting the piping plovers. The rule at this beach is to be subtle and considerate of others. Quiet thonging at East Beach is no problem, being obnoxious always is.
rickl454 #1

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/30/2004 10:32:00Copy HTML

Another teriffic thong day at East Beach.  Both  male and female thongers were at the beach today.  Perfect weather. perfect day. 
rickl454 #2

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/04/2004 08:53:02Copy HTML

Reply to : SlidingG

Sorry to have not responded to you quicker.  It was a Wednesday when I was there and there were very few people there - although the parking lot was full. 

There were three couples parked together behind a windbreak just before the first piping plover area - at least two of the guys had thongs and one of the women a g-string.  There was a second thong guy to their left as they faced the water and to their  right another guy  who appeared to be nude - although it was hard to tell for sure.  In the area in between the first and second piping plover area there was one thong guy and me.  I wore a Dore VLC g-string all day.

Tell me about your ab routine - as described in your post of July 5th.  I have to start doing something more systematic for my abs.

shs92645 #3

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/20/2004 08:57:18Copy HTML

Yesterday I visited East Beach for the first time...other than very rough water conditions which made safe swimming impossible, I must congratulate those on this board that have brought this thonging gem to my attention.  First, it is a beautiful beach...undeveloped with nice sand.  Second, the fact that one is quickly away from the small lifeguard area with the usual family element makes it very comfortable for wearing the smallest of g-strings.  In fact, with discretion and keeping an eye on those strolling, some nude sunning appears to be ok.

I thank those who have put this info on the board...it is posts like these that make this board so worthwhile!

rickl454 #4

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/22/2004 10:49:38Copy HTML

Another visit to East Beach - this time with the wife.  The piping plovers appear to have flown the coop leaving the beach clear of the restricted nesting areas.  This means that the walk to good thonging areas is shortened.  There were a few thongers and g-stringers besides ourselves today as well at lots of strollers.  After a hazy early morning where the disk of the sun was blotted out at times by the thick haze the weather cleared into another perfect day.
rickl454 #5

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/08/2004 02:21:33Copy HTML

I attempted to spend the day at East Beach this bright and brisk Sunday. For the 20 minute drive from home to the beach I wore a leopard print lycra string bikini over a custom made unlined yellow lycra tie side g-string - just enough for the walk from the parking lot to a good thong spot on the beach.

Upon arrival at 9:04 a.m. the parking lot already full!! It is possible to park at the Blue Shutters Beach a few hundred yards up the beach from East Beach and hike it but I wimped out and headed home to spend a nude day in the pool. The only thonging I ended up doing today was in the driveway waxing the car.

Nine in the morning the lot was full!!. Hopefully the beach had it's share of thongers and one who was lucky enough to arrive in time to park will post a report. Meanwhile there is tomorrow and a much earlier start!!

rickl454 #6

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/09/2004 11:44:40Copy HTML

An excellent day at East Beach. Arrived at about 8 am to a virtually empty parking lot. Walked about 1/2 mile to find the perfect spot midway between access paths to the 4x4 parking areas behind the dunes.  The weather all day was bright and sunny, water was cool with moderate waves.

I wore an orange unlined lycra tie side g-string. There were a number of other thonger/g-stringers at the beach today - none female. One g-string guy was fairly close to the life guard area near the parking lot. Fitting in with more conventionally attired bathers with no problem at all. On the walk back to the parking lot I wore a leopard print tie side bikini over my g-string.

Departed at 2 pm - both the parking lot at East Beach and the Blue Shutters beach were full to capacity and turning away cars.

rickl454 #7

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/10/2004 11:51:52Copy HTML

I spent the day in the usual thong area in between the first access path from the first 4x4 parking area and the large 4x4 area at the eastern end of the beach - that has to be a several hundred yard stretch of pristine beach. Quite a hike down the beach by Rhode Island beach stardards - maybe a 15 minute walk from the parking lot.   But walking on that sand nearest the water is just like walking on a sidewalk rather than trudging on beach sand.

There were no speedos that I could see, just thongs and g-strings (perhaps a dozen or so in that area). There was one wind screen set up about 50 yards beyond me with a nude guy behind it but but everyone else was thonging openly without inhibition. Everyone walked freely in this area to the water and along the beach.

There was one guy in a very brief red g-string about no more than a 5 minute walk down the beach from the eastern boundary of the life guard area - the crowd really thins out after the life guard area. He was not bashful at all, standing there obvious to all with no hint of non-acceptance.   In fact two women had oriented their beach chairs to get as complete a view of him as possible - it didn't seem to bother him at all. 

Personally I think the walk to the more private area is worth it - when my wife and I go we walk at our own individual pace: her ambling along the water's edge and me trudging along carrying most of our stuff.   I fint the spot and she catches up when she catches up - there have been times when we have stopped half way to have our morning coffee on the beach then continue on. 

Don't forget to get there early, last Sunday I was there at 9 am to be turned away from the East Beach lot, although there was plenty of space at the Blue Shutters lot.

Have a great day at East Beach.

rickl454 #8

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/26/2004 04:53:05Copy HTML

Another perfect day at East Beach.  It was a little chilly upon arrival around 8:45 (to an almost empty parking lot) but it warmed up to the point where frequent trips to the water were necessary.  There were a few nude guys there and a couple of g-stringer/thongers (plus one guy in a jock!! - very gauche).  I wore an orange lycra Dore g-string (extremely brief!!) for sunning, going into the water and for short strolls on the beach. 

There were a few wind breaks set up but I did not peek behind any - also very gauche.

For the 15 minute walk back to the parking lot I wore a white Parr of Arizona tie Nada string bikini - a classic inverted triangle bikini front and back covering very little.  Right through the the most heavily populated part of the beach with only a few nods and smiles  from female beachgoers.  The feeling of freedom while wearing the g-string and bikini was exhilarating.

shs92645 #9

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/26/2004 07:54:02Copy HTML

I too was at East Beach yesterday....what a glorious day!  Weather was perfect....crowd mellow.  Wore a very small black g-string and enjoyed a nice walk about a mile or so up the beach.  Only problem that I encountered was that I had to leave at 1:30 due to other commitments - too good a day to have to say goodbye to the beach!!!!!
rickl454 #10

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/11/2005 07:52:17Copy HTML

Saturday at East Beach. Arrived around 8 am to a virtually empty parking lot. Walked about 20 minutes to the usual thong area that was totally deserted. It was cloudy and chilly but at first but the sun finally started peeking through the overcast and by 10 it was almost totally clear. I wore a Nu-Parr string bikini for the walk from the parking lot to the thong area and then stripped to a miniscule yellow lycra g-string (no brand, it was bought in the Caribbean) for the day.

There were very few people on the beach the entire day. There were a few Speedos and one guy who set about 50 yards up the beach from me ran down to the water for a nude dip then donned a white thong.

Early in the day a young woman from the state Department of Environmental Managememt passed by checking on the piping plovers. The ATV tracks observed on Wednesday had disappeared completely. There were very few walkers all day.
rickl454 #11

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/14/2005 09:41:32Copy HTML

Spent the day at East Beach. I arrived at about 9:20 to an empty parking lot and wore the usual Nu-Parr tie nada string bikini for the one mile walk to the thong area. The next five hours were spent in the blazing sun in a Dore VLC silver lame g-string with clear plastic straps. Neither the fabric or straps felt hot to the skin.

East Beach was all but deserted for the entire day. There was one other thonger about 50 yards up the beach. Other than that, there was noone else in sight. There were probably three or four walkers the whole day.

The two pairs of ATV tracks seen by SlidingG the previous week are all but obliterated and there was no uniformed Piping Plover checker at the beach today.

All in all, a very tranquil day at East Beach.
rickl454 #12

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/21/2005 10:22:03Copy HTML

Another day at East Beach: arrived to a mostly empty parking lot at about 8:30 in the morning. Walked about a mile to the usual thong spot alough there was a nude guy about 1/3 of the way along the beach. He was still there at 2:15 when I was heading back to the parking lot. It was much too hazy for about the first two hours but that burned off to a brilliantly sunlit day. There was the usual smattering of thonger's and g-strings. Today's attire was a custom made yellow lycra g-string from Luis Gomes of St. Martin with a Nu-Parr tie Nada string bikini for the walk to and from the parking lot. Met SlidingG a familiar contributor to this board.
rickl454 #13

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/24/2005 12:05:25Copy HTML

Evening walk on East Beach. Walked for about two miles down East Beach this evening. It looks as if the second piping plover area has been removed freeing up a lot of space east of the life guard chairs. No thongers observed as it was quite late - after 6 pm. There will be plenty tomorrow with temps in the upper 80's. Anyone intending to go tomorrow should remember to get there by about 8:30 am or you will have to park at the Blue Shutters Beach a few hundred yards up the beach. I won't be there (unfortunately) tomorrow we'll have guests at home at the pool. What a shame.
rickl454 #14

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/10/2005 11:08:31Copy HTML

We took a walk on East Beach earlier this evening. Arrived to a 2/3rds full parking lot about 5:30 in the afternoon and walked about 2 miles up and 2 miles back. The piping plover areas are slowly coming down and are totally gone for about the first mile - east of the lifeguard chair. There were no thongers at all but even at this hour the sun was intense. One could easily imagine getting productive sun time from 9 this morning to well after 6 in the evening. Something to think about for extended weekday thonging. We left around 7 pm and the sun was finally fading although it was still very warm (at least 80).
rickl454 #15

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/12/2005 10:29:16Copy HTML

An excellent day at East Beach. The weatherman predicted high 70's and sunny today and that added up to a perfect day at the beach. Arrived around 8:30 am to an almost empty parking lot. Eventually there were at least 4 thongers and a nude guy in the thong area for most of the day. Unfortunately none were female. There were the usual number of beach walkers passing to and fro but they seemed more intent on reaching the breachway another mile up the beach than gwaking at thongers.

I wore a Dore VLC white lycra g-string the entire day, switching to a Nu Parr orange lycra Tie Nada bikini for the walk to and from the parking lot. Other thongers wore more conventional thongs. I spoke to a couple of guys and referred them to this board for general thong information and for sources of more revealing thongs (ie. Dore). Hopefully they will be back in upcoming weeks wearing less.

One of the thong areas was invaded by two couples from over the dunes dragging canoes but they seemed content to lie in the sun and soak up rays in their dork shorts (for the guys) and bikinis (for the girls). Not a bad one as invasions go. And not a bad day at the beach either!

hotrod1 #16

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/17/2005 12:34:33Copy HTML

My wife and I will be traveling along Route 1 from New York City to Newport on August 10th. What is the best way to get to the East Beach thonging area parking lot from Route 1? Is there another thonging beach nearer to Newport? We might also plan to be on East Beach on August 11th. Is there a better route to travel to miss traffic? We are looking forward to tanning with all of you.
shs92645 #17

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/17/2005 07:27:01Copy HTML

Coming from New York, get of I-95 at Exit 92 in Connecticut and drive south a short distance until you see the bypass (I think it is Rt. 78) around Westerly. Take this to the intersection of Rt. 1 and turn left onto Rt. 1. You will go about 5 miles and on your right you will see a Texaco gas station. Just past that is a sign that says East Beach Road. Drive to the end and turn left and you will see the booth where you pay your parking fee. Once on the beach, walk left and go as far as you wish to. In terms of Newport, you do on occasion see thongers at both first and second beach, although not often. They are legal there, but you won't have much company. The sand/water quality on first (Easton's) beach is not very good...second beach is much better, but also gets quite crowded on nice days. It is also expensive for daily parking - either 15 or 20. Good luck and enjoy!
rickl454 #18

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/18/2005 09:37:03Copy HTML


It is indeed Route 78 from Stonington to Westerly. At the light at the end of Route 78 get in the left lane so that you can turn onto Route 1 heading east (America Dodge will be on your right). Follow Route 1 for several miles. Immediately past Michael's Texaco you will see East Beach Road on your right. Follow it all the way to the end - at the Blue Shutters Beach take a left to the state beach (East Beach). If it's a good beach day plan to arrive early because the parking lot is very small and will fill up quickly (9:30 on a weekday is about the latest, earlier on weekends). Once on the beach turn left and walk as far as you feel like walking (15 minutes is good) and you are there. Have a good day!!
rickl454 #19

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/18/2005 09:40:48Copy HTML

Evening walk down East Beach. Arrived around 6 p.m. for a brisk walk down East Beach. Visibiilty in pea soup fog was about 30 yards but there were still people in the water. The piping plover areas have been removed for about the first mile heading east from the lifeguard chairs, leaving the beach totally unobstructed for that distance. Perfect for thonging later in the week.
rickl454 #20

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/20/2005 03:46:51Copy HTML

Lousy day at East Beach. Today was supposed to be perfect for the beach. High 80's and bright sun. Arrived at East Beach around 8:30 this morning and wore a new Dore g-string front, 6" back bikini for the walk down the beach. Set up in the usual area and switched to a Dore VLC g-string for the day. So far so good. Bright sun and the water temperature is getting to be cool but not uncomfortable.

There were eventually about a half dozen thongers - all being driven absolutely crazy by the greenhead flys. There were greenheads everywhere, they even followed one into the water. A stiff breeze would have taken care of them but that was not to be. I left around 11:30 and spent the rest of the day nude in the pool at home. No bugs allowed.

This greenhead thing lasts about two weeks (?). Any greenhead experts are invited to comment on how long we have to put up with these little @#$%& flys. Otherwise it would have been perfect.
shs92645 #21

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/20/2005 07:44:33Copy HTML

I was also at East Beach yesterday...and the flies were definitely a big problem...I arrived quite early and left just after noon, primarily because the lack of wind off the water...it was hot and that was compounded by the flies. Deep Woods Off will keep them from biting, but I ran out of that late morning so I knew I was doomed! I am going to give it another try tomorrow (Friday) if the weather report indicates a SW wind.
undercover20 #22

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/21/2005 04:26:39Copy HTML

I'm usually at Second beach on the weekends.

Thongs are perfectly legal and there's nothing anyone can really do to stop you from wearing one. It's great to just sunbath in a thong. I've gotten one bad comment. the guy thought I was naked but I wasn't, I'm not that crazy. But usually, I don't get much flack from doing so. It's fun.

orh_thong_1965 #23

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/31/2005 07:30:11Copy HTML

Hello  everyone, I will be going to East Beach on Tuesday 8/2. I have never been there and I thought since so many of us give it thumbs up for thonging, I should give it a try. I will be wearing a purple Contour Thong from Undergear  and wearing an orange baseball cap.  I will set up around a 10 minute walk from the East lifeguard stand. So if anyone here is going to be there, stop by and say hello, I should be easy to find 

The weather should be around 80 degrees with scattered clouds and HOPEFULLY NO GREENFLIES!

Have a good day everyone.

rickl454 #24

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/11/2005 07:23:11Copy HTML

An excellent day at East Beach. In spite of the weatherman threatening coastal fog in the morning, mostly cloudy skies during the day and rain showers later in the day I took the plunge and headed for the beach. Arrived after a gym workout to a slowly filling up parking lot (only about 10% of the spaces filled at 8:45 a.m.

Trudged down the beach for about a mile (about 20 minutes of walking) to the usual thong area. Piping plover areas are long gone. There were already a few thongers set up by that time of the morning. The usual number of walkers (not many at all) passed by on the way to the breachway over the course of the day. There were about 6 or 8 other thongers/nudes clustered in this area of the beach with no problem. The day was spent in brilliant sunshine (so much for Doppler 10,000 weather radar forecasts) in a white lycra Dore VLC g-string.

I switched to the usual NuParr Tie Nada string bikini and headed back to the parking lot around 2 p.m. On the way I passed what might have been two female thongers - it was hard to see exactly what they were wearing without staring, and a guy in a purple thong about 5 minutes down from the lifeguard chair. It looked like he was digging a foxhole up along near the dune grass line. He seemed to fit into the area as if it was the most natural thing in the world - actually there is no reason that someone in a thong shouldn't be accepted - especially at East Beach.

The brilliant sun, warming water temperature, a nice crowd and no greenheads(!!!) all added up to a perfect day at East Beach.
hotrod1 #25

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/16/2005 10:59:00Copy HTML

My wife and I spent Aug 10th on East Beach. We arrived at 9:15 to 4 cars in the small lot and a very foggy morning. We walked east for about 10 minutes and set up our chairs. By 9:35 the sun was up and the fog was gone. 90+ degrees for a great day on the beach. I wore a light blue Dore and my wife a red bikini. Several freindly people stopped by and talked. One man told us that the further on the beach, the smaller the suits are. Next time we visit from western Pennsylvania, we will go further up the beach. We tanned until about 5:00, then headed for Newport. Anthony's Seafood was great. $15.00 for a one pound lobster, corn on the cob and potatoes. The beer was really cold.
rickl454 #26

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/19/2005 06:47:13Copy HTML

August 18. 2005

Another great at East Beach. Arrived around 8:30 to a nearly deserted parking lot. Headed to the usual thong area about 15 miuntes east along the beach. There was already a guy set up with a small tent and winscreen. He spend viturally the entire day in this little compound peering out from time to time. He was either nude for trips to the water or wore something minimal, I couldn't see. Beyond him was what appeared to be a nude guy - again too far to see for sure. I wore a yellow lycra g-string made by Luis Gomes of Orient Beach, St. Martin - very simple and very small, almost non-existant.

The sun was perfect, not too intense, screemed from time to time by high clouds. A few black flies and one or two green heads were kept at bay by an application of Deep Woods Off. Water temperature was very comfortable. There were quite a few beach walkers heading to and from from the breachway, a few looks but most were more interested in enjoying an excellent day at the beach than wasting valuable beach time gawking. Around noon a guy showed up and after walking down to the water in a towel for a nude swim spent the rest of the day in a white jock. A bit tacky, in this observer's opnion, when Dore is a few clicks away.

All things considered it was another excellent day at East Beach.
hempnot #27

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/21/2005 12:33:41Copy HTML

East beach is my favorite beach to go in RI. My Girlfriend and i went thonging last week. she wore a WW 456 in electric blue and at one point was topless. i was wearing a DORE narrow cut front in Navy Blue Cire. i didnt see any other fellow thongers on the beach that day but you never know what people are wearing behind those wind breakers.
orh_thong_1965 #28

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:09/11/2005 11:36:50Copy HTML

Hello everyone, I will be at East Beach on Tuesday 9/13 for my last summer's day thonging. The weather is going to be perfect with Temps @ 80-85 and a breeze out of the SOUTH. Thus no greenflies or any other bugs I hope. I have not yet decided what color thong I will be wearing but I will be setting up shop between posts 17-21. I was there on Friday and the flies got the best of me. I "only" stayed until 3 PM, due to the flies and the rough surf. I got cought up in a wave and was bodyslammed onto some smooth rocks. I was not hurt but the surf nearly pulled off my thong.

rickl454 #29

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/13/2006 10:15:46Copy HTML

First visit of the season to East Beach. Arrived at about 9:15 in the morning to an almost empty parking lot and made the familiar trudge up the beach. The piping plovers are back and so are the roped off areas but no more than last year. These will be reduced in size and number as the summer wears on and did not present a problem. The beach itself was absolutely pristine, not a trace of seaweed or litter anywhere, and no tire tracks. On top of that admissioin was free - no lifeguards on duty.

I wore a Nu-Parr stiring bikini for the walk from the parking lot up to the thong area and switched to a yellow lycra g-string for the day. The thonging area was were it has been in years past: begining at marker #29 or #31 depending on the plover areas. (All along the dune line at East Beach there are white painted sticks about 2 1/2 feet high their real purpose is not known but they are very handy reference points.)

There were very few at the beach: a couple of speedo-guys, another thong guy and what looked to be a nude guy but everyone kept to themselves. There were very few walkers so early in the season.

Weather was perfect, a slight breeze (just enough to keep any flying bugs at bay), the sun brilliant with no clouds to speak of. Here's hoping that every thonging experience at East Beach this year can be as good as this one was.

rickl454 #30

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/16/2006 05:03:30Copy HTML

Another day at East Beach. Arrived to an almost empty parking lot around 9 a.m. and after some initial cloudiness the sun shone brilliantly all day. The twenty minute walk to the usual thong area was made in a Nu-Parr tie Nada string bikini, white to show off the tan acquired in the Caribbean last month. There were a substantial number of people congregating near the life guard chairs (substantial for the time of month and day of week that is).

As the day wore on there were about 10 guys in the usual thonging area over the course of the day, two nude from time to time (depending on beach walkers) the rest attired. Apparently it must have been black Speedo Day because thats what every one was wearing, not even Speedo thongs, regular Speedos!  What a waste of perfectly good sunshine. Fortunately I didn't get the memo so my day was spent in a white lycra Dore very low cut g-string. Perfect for maintaining the "Happiness is No Tanlines" all over tan without being actually naked.

In spite of the burgeoning population it was a very quiet day with everyone pretty much keeping to themselves. The few beach walkers included a couple of bikini-clad twenty something ladies that kept shooting looks my way. That felt good and having benefited from an increased presence at the gym over the past year I have very little that I needed to hide. Maybe next time we'll see them thonging at East Beach.

One note of caution, East Beach Road is tailor made for local police radar ambushes.  It also never fails to have people walking their dogs, bike riders, walkers and joggers.  The speed limit is 25 mph and should be observed.  No sense ruining a perfect day at the beach by getting a speeding ticket or worse hitting someone.  The beach will be there when you get there even it you are 5 minutes late.


rickl454 #31

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/19/2006 09:03:48Copy HTML

Arrived this morning around 9:30 to a parking with a few more cars than last week but still less than 20% full. A lifeguard was present today so they were collecting at the front gate. Most people were congregated around the lifeguard area.

Piping plover areas remain as before, the condition of the beach is as close to perfect as beaches along the New England coast can get.  Water temperature was still frigid, surf was enough to kock this writer head over heels when trying to exit the water.

Trudged down to the customary thong area in the usual Nu-Parr Nada string bikini to find two windbreaks already set up along with a couple of guys (obviously a couple - more about that later) on beach blankets.  There was also a wind break/thong guy a in the area before the customary thong area. One of the windbreak guys was nude and the other wore a white thong. The other two wore Speedos for walks along the beach but were otherwise nude. I wore my usual Dore VLC g-string.

The weather today was again perfect with very few beach walkers. Thongers and g-stringer got a few looks but nothing out of the ordinary.

Two downers: (1) a few greenheads were around today, a little early in the season, hopefully not an indication of a banner green head year; and (2) the two Speedo/nude guys would have been better if they had just stayed in their room today, public display of affection-wise.  Things seemed a little intense over there, not the kind of behavior conducive to East Beach remaining the unpatrolled paridise that is currently is.

rickl454 #32

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/21/2006 11:31:36Copy HTML

Yet another excellent day at East Beach. Arrived about 9:30 to a parking lot about 1/4 full and hiked to the usual thoug area in an orange Nu-Parr tie Nada string bikini. There were already three  windbreaks set up. For the day I wore a Dore orange lycra very low cut g-string.

Immediate neighbors (two guys in one of the wind breaks) were clad in thongs, brand unknown but thankfully not the Speedo thongs one usually sees. Past them was another windbreak guy in a white thong. Beyond that, I just couldn't see but the Speedo briefs of last week were conspicuous in their abscence.

Eventually, I  had a conversation with the two thong guys in the windbreak beside me about nude beaches, thongs, this message board and a number of other beach related topics. Followed that up with an e-mail with several links - so the Thong Wearer's Message Board might be getting a couple of new members soon.

Around noon two more guys arrived to set up almost on top of me (actually about 30 feet away). They set up yet another windbreak. However they set their blanket in front of the windbreak and lay in the sun wearing boxer trunks rolled up and inched down. Why not just be nude behind the windbreak?  Go figure.

Back into the Nu-Parr Nada and departed around 2:30 for the parking lot. On the way back I did notice a guy in a thong located about 5 minutes from the lifeguard chairs. Lying face down, about halfway between the dune line and water line, as casual as can be - good for him!

Weather was perfect, bright sun, minimal surf, no green heads but a few little black biting bugs (easily smacked). Beach still perfect, water temperature rising very slowly.  Not many beach walkers at all.

nhn100 #33

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/25/2006 06:56:39Copy HTML

This afternoon (June 25th), New England Cable News (NECN) reported that many beaches in Rhode Island have been closed, due to pollution runoff from all the recent heavy rain.  They did not provide a list, but suggested that interested parties call the RI Division of Parks and Recreation for information on closed beaches.  A Google News search failed to turn up a listing.

Looks like more rain off and on through much of this week, so don't expect good weather anytime soon.


rickl454 #34

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/25/2006 08:11:47Copy HTML


Those beaches are invariably ones located along the upper Naragansett Bay and/or close to population centers.  Some beaches on lakes are also sometimes closed.  However East Beach is located on the south coast of Rhode Island, one of the last places in the state where runoff occurs.  The best place to check for current beach closures is usually the WJAR-TV website: http://www.turnto10.com/index.html


rickl454 #35

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/27/2006 11:33:27Copy HTML

Another excellent day at East Beach. What was supposed to be a marginal beach day turned into one with not a cloud in the sky - Channel 10 out of Providence seems to consistently nail the beach forecast for Block Island sound beaches.  While the rest of Rhode Island was supposed to be partly cloudy the said sunny at the beaches and it certainly was.

Arrived shortly after 9 am to an almost deserted parking lot and made the trek to the thong area in the usual Nu-Parr Nada string bikini sans t-shirt. It felt great being able to walk almost a mile along this beautiful beach wearng nthong but this minimal bikini.

I wore the usual Dore VLC g-string for the day. There were a number of beach walkers - a few bikini clad women who would have been much better off spending the day thonging instead of merely walking past. There were a probably four other thongers spread along the beach. It was a very quiet day. The water temperature continues to rise - yesterday one could actually spend some quality time in the water without turning into a smurf. The roped off piping plover areas are starting to shrink.

A few green heads were also in attendance but they were unusually lethargic being easily smacked. Time to put a spray bottle of Deep Woods Off in the beach bag.

The beach itself had an unusual amount of beached drift wood - some really good sized peices that will no doubt end up as inprovised privacy screens in the next week or so. Too bad, privacy is the last thing needed on such a pristine beach.

rickl454 #36

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/17/2006 10:18:14Copy HTML

Monday, July 17. Another perfect day at East Beach. Arrived at 9 a.m. to a parking lot about 1/3 full. Walked down to the area just short of pole #37. The piping plover nesting areas have been removed. Upon arrival there was one nude guy encsonced in a foxhole sorrounded by driftwood. About an hour into the day I moved down the beach to about pole #39. Civilization was encroaching too close: invaders from over the dunes packing surf fishing equipment, inflatables, coolers and kids.

The rest of the day was spent in the more peaceful surroundings. Brilliant sun, surf about 1 or two feet at most. Water temperature warming to the point where it was a relief to be in the water after being in that broiling sun. A grand total of three greenheads were encountered and met their fates with a quick smack.

A couple more naked guys - discrete in towels or shorts when not in the sun or water. Actually it didn't matter much as there was nobody within range who seemed to care who wore what.  The original naked guy walked the beach naked but carrying a speedo in case any walkers ventured close. 

Come to think of it I was the only one at East Beach today actually wearing a thong/g-string.  Everybody else was either nude or wearing conveitional swimwear - too bad. 

All in all an excellent day.

rickl454 #37

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/25/2006 09:56:16Copy HTML

Another day at East Beach. Arrived at about 9:30 to a parking lot about 1/2 full. There have been problems with Portuguese Men of War at south coast Rhode Island beaches over the past few days. Fortunately none were apparent at East Beach today. The usual thong area hosted a grand total of three people - me in a blue Dore VLC g-string, a guy who was nude when nobody was around and speedo clad when someone was: and another guy who wore a white speedo looking suit that he rolled up into a thong while sunning.

Beach walkers were not up to usual numbers but those who did pass gave a quick look and went on their way - as if someone in a thong/g-string was the most natural thing in the world - actually that's true. 

The surf was a little more than usual for Block Island sound but water temperature was perfect. Water was not enjoyed as much as it should have been due to the current jellyfish hysteria - up the road at the Blue Shutters beach there were signs warning of the Men of War and announcing a restriction to knee deep water. Just a few yards down the beach at East Beach life looked normal except that there was always one lifeguard scanning the water with binocculars.

Otherwise it was a perfect day at East Beach, bright sun, warm temperatures, no humitidy, moderate surf and no greenheads at all. 

rickl454 #38

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/09/2006 10:13:38Copy HTML

Misreable day at East Beach (August 9).  Made the trek to East Beach for what was expected to be a glorious day in the sun - water calm and warm, brilliand sunshine and unlimited visibility.  Unfortunately the little black flies were also unlimited.  As soon as I set my stuff down in the thong area they were all over me.  All over everyone.  They followed one into the water and were still biting after swimming underwater.  This is the first time in many years of going to East Beach where I did not even get to the point of wearing thong or g-string (swimming was done in the usual string bikini used for walking from the parking lot). 

After about fifteen minutes of hoping they would go away, checking out other spots and comiserating with two other beachgoers - I picked up my stuff and left.  Disappointing to be sure but I had a 20 minute ride home to the pool (no bugs allowed there for sure - no clothing either for that matter).  Much worse for the lady I chatted with who had come from Massachusetts for the day.  I'll gry it again next week.

Parentietically, last Sunday I did walk East Beach in the early evening and lo and behold ,in the usual thong area, the rarest of the rare: a female thonger!  Topless no less.  We definitely need more of that!!!


rickl454 #39

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/10/2006 05:29:08Copy HTML

Hi SlidingG

The air was pretty much still yesterday.  In all my  years of going to East Beach this was by far the worst.  Nothing kept those flies away.  Off the beach they were no problem, in the water they eventually went away but out in the open it was intolerable.  Deep Woods Off was no help at all.  I am going to try for someday next week. 

If you go on Sunday remember that this is a three day weekend in Rhode Island (Victory over Japan Day - RI is the only state that celebrates it) so be sure to get there early.

I hope your day is better than mine was!!



rickl454 #40

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/16/2006 06:36:36Copy HTML

An excellent day at East Beach. Arrived around 9:30 to a parking lot about half full and trudged down to the usual thong area. Today there were several nude guys behind screens or in dugout holes along the dune line. One other guy had on a red g-string - I wore the usual Dore VLC g-string in orange lycra. Lots of walkers today enjoying the perfect weather. The nudes kept it discrete when walkers came along.

Very few bugs today - probably kept at bay by the gentle sea breeze. Brilliant sunshine and few clouds. The surf was about 3-4 feet. Very substantial by usual East Beach standards.

On the walk back to the parking lot there was a guy about 200 yards from the lifeguard chairs wearing a very brief bikini or maybe thong - he was asleep on his back in the afternoon sun so it was hard to tell. Whatever it was it was much better than the usual dork shorts one sees on that section of the beach.

Might go again tomorrow.

rickl454 #41

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/18/2006 04:40:17Copy HTML

August 17: another day at East Beach.  Calm surf, brilliant sun and very few bugs.  I arrived at about 10 am to a half full parking lot.   About six thongers/nudes in the customary thong area.   I wore a very small yellow lycra g-string.  An excellent day all round!!
ne_beaches #42

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:11/02/2006 12:55:24Copy HTML

Hi there. I'm sure I saw some of you this past summer. I ventured to East Beach for the first time this year, and ended up going twice. One time the flies were terrible! My wife and I were swatting them every few minutes. Fortunately that was our second visit - our first was much better. I haven't donned a thong there yet, only my speedo so far. Maybe I was the 'cotton-tail' an earlier poster mentioned?? Or maybe not. Anybody know where to buy thongs in a retail store?
rickl454 #43

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:11/02/2006 02:05:18Copy HTML


I was there on Fly Day too and ended up leaving after an hour or so.  As a frequent visitor to East Beach I can tell you that those days are few and far between.  As far as thongs in retail stores I am not aware of any in the area.  I would suggest that you take a look at one of Dore's pages (this is a good one: http://www.beach-n-danc.com/id49.html  and order one.  You can write her to tell her your measurements and exactly what you want she she will do her best to accomodate your wishes - for the price you can't beat it.


ne_beaches #44

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:01/15/2007 11:05:59Copy HTML

From what I've found, East Beach by far seems to be the best spot for thonging/bikini wear. However, when I've been there, I really don't see many younger folks - do any of you twenty or thirty something guys or gals frequent East Beach? If so, interested in planning a beach day? Not to exclude anyone else, of course, but just wondering why more people don't take advantage of their youth when they have it! (I did see a younger lady once who wore a normal bikini, and was well within eyeshot of the more populated thong area. She must have been curious..)
rickl454 #45

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:01/16/2007 03:29:27Copy HTML


It seems that the younger generation is more oriented to dork shorts then thongs and g-strings on the beach. When all is said and done, East Beach is a very out of the way and rustic place - especially with Misquamucutt - lined with beachside bars, restaurants, beach volleyball, shops and other attractions - a few miles back up the road. Weekend parking at East Beach is non-existant for anyone arriving after about 8:30 am whereas a few miles back up the road there are acres of parking no matter what day it is. Another thing is that most youger people have obligations to meet during the workweek, the older workers with more seniority usually have the time on the books to be able to take off during the week for a day at the beach.  

As far as I am concerned the number of people at East Beach on any given day is about right. You are right -  It is a shame that there is not a more diverse age (and gender) distribuition at East Beach, but I have been around long enough to remember that the one single thing that ruined Moonstone (before it was finally closed as a Piping Plover nesting place) was the deluge of people who trudged in from East Matunuck and Roy Carpenter's Beach. It got to the point that it was much less of a hassle to start wearing a thong or g-string and go to East Beach then to put up with the crowds of naked idiots at Moonstone. We have to be careful what we wish for.

One soulution to the too few women in bikini/thongs/g-string problem is that I have tried in the past is to take my wife along - that has worked out very well when we can co-ordniate our beach days. Another solution what we both have been trying to follow now more than ever is to try to look younger. That may be easier said than done but it is possible - we all know the drill: be careful what you eat, join a gym (and go a lot, no excuses), don't drink much and above all don't smoke. Loose 10% of your bodyweight and see how young you become: looks and feeling wise.

rickl454 #46

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:03/05/2007 11:25:24Copy HTML

I've always wanted to visit East Beach in the middle the winter so .... At about 8:30 this morning I arrived to a totally deserted parking lot. The condition of the beach was spectacular. Totally smooth, totally deserted. Not a soul to be seen all the way to the beachway, not a single footprint marred the gently sloping sand. Much different from what it will be in a few months.

It was about halfway between low and high tide with 1-2 foot swells. Bright sun, visibility was unlimited with a brisk shore breeze. Air temperature according to the display at the bank in the next town was +7. The wind chill factor made it feel like it was about minus 13 so I didn't stay long and definitely skipped the thong.  Next trip could be in about six weeks given 60+ air temperature and wind break.

rickl454 #47

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/08/2007 08:07:24Copy HTML

First visit of the year to East Beach. Arrived to an almost empty parking lot around 10 am and walked to the usual thong area. Spent about four hours in the blazing hot sun - behind a windbreak. It was chilly and breezy but with the windbreak it felt like mid-July. There were two other thongers in the area - had a chat with both about East Beach and it's thong-friendly atmosphere.

Today's "wardrobe" consisted of a new Dore Triple Dip bikini that covers virtually nothing but does look like something from a distance. When the tan finally arrives the Dore white fishnet and white sheer g-strings will be perfect.

The beach itself was a little battered by the storms of April - not as flat as in years' past but still really nice. Very little drift wood and almost no litter - hopefully it will stay that way.

shs92645 #48

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/08/2007 07:37:23Copy HTML

How wonderful to see a Rhode Island posting again....with this week's weather we know that our season is almost here!!  I'm looking forward to a few trips down to East Beach this summer...hope it turns out to be a great thong season!!
rickl454 #49

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/09/2007 03:58:52Copy HTML

Another day at East Beach. Arrived this morning around 10 to find about four other cars in the parking lot. The beach was covered in haze that burned off by the time I reached the thong area (walked about 15 minutes from the parking lot). The morning breeze required the windscreen to be set up but by noon it was no longer needed.

There were a number of windscreens set up over the course of the day. A couple of nude guys behind one. Not sure about any of the others. There was a thong guy and a bikini guy farther down the beach. The Dore Triple Dip got another day of use in the blazing hot sun.

The dirt road to East Beach was recently graded with new dirt and is in excellent condition (for a dirt road), at least it's much improved over what it was last month. The piping plover areas are set up again this year but the areas are much smaller than in the last two years.

Might try for three in a row .....

ne_beaches #50

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/09/2007 07:19:43Copy HTML

Regarding going nude at East Beach, is a windscreen required if you're discreet about it and in the thong-friendly area? Was just curious, as the couple of times I've been there I don't recall seeing anyone 'patrol' the area.
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