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rickl454 #51

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/09/2007 08:24:07Copy HTML

I don't think anything is "required" at East Beach although the RI DEM website does contain a general statement saying that nudity is prohibited at state beaches.

I have been to East Beach many times over the past few years and the only persons in uniform I have seen are DEM piping plover checkers - they look like college kids hired for the summer, given a tan shirt and told to go count eggs on the beach. That is not to say that this couldn't change in the future.

I think the best rule of thumb for anyone who wants to be nude on East Beach is not to be in anyone else's face. This is a family beach with lots of walkers, people walking from the main part of the beach down to the breachway (thats a 2 3/4 mile walk, by the way). The last thing anyone needs is for one of these to call the authorities with a complaint about someone parading around nude, flashng passers-by - then you will have patrols. The thong area is a teriffic place to be and will continue if those of us who enjoy it use some common sense and consideration for others.

Common sense would seem to suggest that a wind screen is a good idea if you want to spend some nude time in the sun without any problems.

JM_Runs #52

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/10/2007 06:27:37Copy HTML

Good Advice.  Keep a low profile and look like you belong.  "Common sense and consideration for others."  very good advice.

tsrats #53

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/12/2007 04:15:35Copy HTML

First time at east beach today, and i must admit, it was even better then i expected.

showed up rather late around 1ish and it was basically empty, walked down for about 1/4 mile and tried to set up close to the dunes for some wind protection (i dont have a screen) but in the end the wind beat out the sun and it was too cold to stay after an hour, which is unfortnant since the drive from providence is close to an hour each way. but it was worth it and i'll be going back on monday for the last time since i dont actually live in ri, just for school.
rickl454 #54

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/12/2007 08:29:55Copy HTML


I got my wind break at Ocean State Job Lot at the begining of last summer - you might check them out. It's 16 feet long by 4 feet high thick canvas with five substantial poles in a carrying case - very substantial. It was $10! They may have them again this year. A few weeks ago on the Cape (Cape Cod to you non-New Englanders) I noticed what appeared to be the same wind break at a Christmas Tree Store so you could check out the one on Warwick. Good luck, I am hoping to get in another beach day Monday myself.

rickl454 #55

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/07/2007 07:38:40Copy HTML

Arrived at East Beach this morning just after 10 to a parking lot containing six cars. The beach was almost deserted as I walked down to a spot a little short of the usual thong area. Air temperature was in the high 60's and there was a brisk breeze coming in from the water. A little cool but not enough to set up the windbreak. The beach itself was pristine, broad and flat with mininal litter - hopefully that will last the summer. The piping plover areas are smaller than in years past.

Today's wear was a Dore Triple Dip bikini, covering virtually nothing. Midway through the day a couple invaded my space by coming over the dunes with a load of surf fishing equipment. I packed up my stuff and headed down the usual thong area - it felt great walking that distance along the beach in the tiniest of bikinis.

Farther down the beach there was another guy nude holding a towel for cover when needed. Actually, it wasn't needed as there were very few people anywhere to be seen. There were a couple of windbreaks set up - one with a g-string guy, what was behind the other was unknown.

Even though the forecast called for partly cloudy the beach was bathed in bright sun the entire day - same forecast for tomorrow only mid-70's. Now that the tan is established it's time for the old stand-by white lycra g-string. Hopefully tomorrow.

riothong #56

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/16/2007 09:08:53Copy HTML

I was thinking of taking a vacation day on Tuesday (June 19) and heading to East Beach.  Do I still need to get there by 9 to get a parking place?   I am about an hour away and was hoping to a later start.

Do I need to bring any bug spray?

I was wondering where the best spots to thong are located?  I read the posts from a couple of years ago, and was wondering this is still accurate?


rickl454 #57

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/16/2007 11:52:16Copy HTML

You should be fine if you arrived by 9:30 this Tuesday, in fact 10 proably wouldn't be a problem.  Later in the summer 10 might be pushing it but it's still early in the season.   If on the outside chance you did get shut out you could park at the Blue Shutters (Charlestown) Beach and walk the extra half mile.  But get up early, East Beach in the morning around 9 or so is particularly lovely and you will get the best spot on the beach.

Bugs should not be a problem this early in the season either - into July I would recommend a spray bottle of Deep Woods Off.

When you arrive at the parking lot head over the dunes to the water. Walk down the beach so that the ocean is on your right. Walk for about 15 minutes. Along the dune line you will see a series of small white poles with numbers painted on them. I was at #27 last time and that was not a good spot - I kept having people coming over the dunes from the 4x4 parking area directly behind. I would say around #31 would be good (no parking areas behind that section of the beach). Depending on when you get there you will see thongers (usually single guys) or windscreens erected (nudes?). You will know when you get there. 

riothong #58

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/17/2007 06:41:03Copy HTML

Thanks for the information.

I travel a lot for work, and try to get as much thonging in as I can.  I have never had any issues at hotel pools.  But I really love and prefer going to the beach in a g-string or thong. 

I will make every effort to get the beach early.


rickl454 #59

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/18/2007 06:28:14Copy HTML

Another outstanding day at East Beach. Arrived today at around 8:30 to a parking lot with only a few cars and walked to the thong area in the usual Nu-Parr string bikini. I changed into the usual Dore g-string and by 10:30 it was crowded!! So much so that I packed up my stuff and headed farther down the beach - walking another couple of hundred yards clad in only my Dore. The piping plover area has grown since the last visit and I ended up between poles #33 and #35. That small area was populated by no less than eight (8) thongers/nudes behind windscreens - two of us refugees from back up the beach.

The weather was perfect, hot sun with no bugs to speak of. Water is swimmable, temperature-wise. Lots of walkers from back up the beach but everyone was cool.

rickl454 #60

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/10/2007 03:56:39Copy HTML

Excellent day at East Beach. Arrived at about 9 am to a parking lot about 1/4 full. Walked down to the thong area wearing the usual Nu-Parr string bikini. All of the piping plover areas as far as I could see have been taken down.

I spent the day in a new Dore blue & white print g-string that is small even by her standards but it's a perfect fit. When it was ordered I asked her to make the pouch a little bigger and she did. The strings are very narrow probably 3/16" instead of the usual 1/4" - it doesn't sound like much but it makes a difference.

There were about 5 other nudes/thongers along the dune line, every one keeping to himself. Very few walkers today. The few greenheads were taken care of with a sharp "smack" - I much prefer the walkers to them!!
rickl454 #61

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/13/2007 10:41:17Copy HTML

Perfect day at East Beach (Friday, July 13). Arrived just after 9am to a parking lot about 1/4 full. Eventually there were about 10 nudes/thonger/gstringers today in the area between Poles 31 and 41. Very few walkers that far down the beach. Sunshine was brilliant, surf moderate and the greenheads increasing. It might be a good time for a spary bottle of Deep Woods Off - that has been known to keep most of the greenheads at bay.

Walked the entire length of the beach from parking lot to Pole 41 in the usual Nu-Parr Tie Nada string bikini and changed to a Dore VLC g-string for the day. A few yards down there was a guy in a red g-string actually smaller than mine! Just wait until next time ....
shs92645 #62

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/29/2007 10:14:17Copy HTML

Drove down to East Beach yesterday (Wed) and what a glorious day it was! Arrived in the parking lot at 9:20 and there were only a small handful of cars there. Walked down the beach 5 minutes or so and set up shop. Ocean was calm and temperature was perfect, with a light breeze off the water. Saw a few guys had set up their windscreens...I prefer to sit as close to the water as possible. Between 9:30 and Noon there were very few walkers, even though I could see that the beach area around the lifeguard was filling up. Spent most of the day sunning and swimming in my baggie pouch. In the afternoon there were a few more walkers, but still not much of a crowd. Had to leave at 2 to get home for another commitment, but it was truly a great late summer beach day!
shs92645 #63

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:09/02/2007 07:58:40Copy HTML

First of all, there were very few walkers as compared with previous times at East Beach, but none of them seemed at all interested in what I was wearing (or not wearing as the case may be). Just beyond where I was sitting were several men who were at the back of the beach in their wind shelters (even though there was only a light breeze) and they occasionally strolled nude down to swim. I kept my eyes open for any sign of ranger activity but saw none. I suspect that after today the beach will be extremely quiet and that there will also be no ranger activity. It is why September is the best beach month around here.

I live closer to the beaches of Westport Mass so I usually go there...the lifeguards, staff, etc at Horseneck Beach are all gone after today so it is delightfully natural. During the season, one does not often see thongs or brief swimwear at Horseneck, but in the fall it comes out and noone seems to care!
rickl454 #64

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:09/02/2007 09:25:09Copy HTML


In all my years of going to East Beach I've never seen any Ranger or other person of authority on East Beach except for the piping plover counter early in the season. You are right about late summer. Last week I was on East Beach last week and there were about five of us in the usual thonging area. Very quiet and serene. I walked from the parking lot to the thong spot gloriously (almost) nude in a Nu-Parr string bikini switching to the usual Dore Very Low Cut g-string for the day. The water was warm and greenheads gone south or wherever they go for the approaching autumn. Hopefully I will get in a couple of beach days this week.
tsrats #65

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:09/06/2007 01:10:27Copy HTML

i actually didnt make it out there today, too much school work, but atleast here in providence it isnt a good beach day anyway.
shs92645 #66

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:09/14/2007 07:10:22Copy HTML

Decided last-minute to go down to East Beach today...well worth it as the weather was beautiful and water was superb. Very quiet until after noon when more people arrived at the beach, including two rangers in their little ATV. I had set up not far down the beach and they buzzed by me and that was the last I saw of them as I left before they completed their round trip. I understand that beginning tomorrow vehicles can drive on the beach, so that will basically ruin the remainder of the fall in my opinion.
shs92645 #67

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:10/10/2007 06:58:25Copy HTML

Looks as though our beach season is over...forecast for remainder of October is for typical cool weather - very nice, but not warm enough for the beach. We had a good season this year! Now we can spend the cold months reading on this board about everyone thonging in the warm climates and wish that we were there...
rickl454 #68

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:02/11/2008 07:20:50Copy HTML

Morning visit to East Beach.  Arrived at East Beach at about 9:30 this morning.  The beach was totally deserted with not a single footprint to be seen.  Air temperature of about 15 degrees may have had something to do with that.  The breeze was from the southeast with 4-5 foot swells.  Visibility was unlimited.  In a little over two months the first thongers/g-stringers will be arriving, not for swimming but for the first rays of the spring sun.  I'll be there.Access to East Beach is easier this year due to recently installed stop lights on Route 1.  Approach from the west is as it always has been but from the east one needs to be awake for a right hand turn off.  Be careful of newly installed stop signs on East Beach Road. 
rickl454 #69

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:02/15/2008 08:31:42Copy HTML

It definitely is possible that time of year.  I was at East Beach a few times in late April/early May last year and it was almost perfect.  That early in the season you really do need a windscreen because the air temperature is in the mid-60's and it can be windy.  Behind the screen, in the sunshine, it's perfectly comfortable.  There were always a few people there and the piping plover areas were in the process of being set up.  No vehicles were observed although there were a few fading tracks.  All in all it's much like it is in July or August except they don't start to collect admission until Memorial Day and the water is really cold.
bigswells #70

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:04/20/2008 08:42:51Copy HTML

got 2 great days in already. 1 at scarborough.
rickl454 #71

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:04/24/2008 02:15:59Copy HTML

bigswells - you made to East Beach already?  Good for you!  I was there yesterday and it was totally deserted.  Temps were high 70's in Providence but had to be in the high 50's on the beach - so no thonging.  I'll wait a week or two and try again.  Lots of new stop signs on East Beach Road, and a stoplight at Route 1 making it easier to access from Route 1 West.  The piping plover areas are set up down the beach but not any worse than in previous years. 
rickl454 #72

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/07/2008 06:43:48Copy HTML

First day of the season at East Beach.  Attived at about 9:45 to an almost empty parking lot and walked about 10 minutes to a patch of clear beach.  There was one other windscreen set up.  There are a few piping plover areas this year but nowhere near as many as in years past.  

Eventually there were five other windscreens set up in that area.  I wore a Dore Very Low Cut g-string in Melinium Mesh.   I parked my stuff at Pole #19 but did walk down to Pole #39 - the usual thong area.  Nobody there this early in the season.  I walked the beach for a ways and even tried the water - freezing.  Others behind their windscreens were wearing thongs and speedos for walking - probably nude for sunning. 

The beach is pristine, almost no footprints or litter.    No vehicle tracks either.  Sunshine was brilliant but there was a sea breeze most of the morning causing the need for a windscreen - that settled down after about noon. 
rickl454 #73

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/12/2008 04:49:56Copy HTML

SlidingG - I wore my Dore Triple Dip at East Beach last week. It was perfect for getting an all over tan. From a distance it looks like I am wearing a very brief bikini in front and thong in back. Up close it covers nothing at all. I do not think anyone in the usual thonging area at East Beach is going to be offended by that.
riothong #74

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/25/2008 01:53:20Copy HTML

I was only able to get to East Beach a couple of times last year.  My loss.  The times I did make, was outstanding.  I enjoyed talking to all the folks there.  Everyone was really freindly.  I hope to make it in early June this year.
rickl454 #75

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:05/26/2008 01:23:49Copy HTML

Riothong - just remember to bring along a bottle of Deep Woods Off if you come between about mid-July and the first week or so in August.  Depending on the direction and force of the breeze on a given day the greenheads can ruin anotherwise perfect thong day.  Early June the only thing you will have to contend with are the piping plover areas (not that much of a problem) and fellow thongers (no problem at all). 
rickl454 #76

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/03/2008 09:22:36Copy HTML

Two perfect days at East Beach (Monday & Tuesday).  Arrived around 9:30 on both days to an almost empty parking lot and trudged down to the usual thong area.  Actually the usual thong area is partly blocked by a piping plover nesting area.  This is not a problem at all - there is still plenty of area left over for thonging.  The plover areas should be gone in another month or so.

Air temperature was mid to high 70's both days with brilliant sunshine.  Monday saw about eight or so windscreens along the dune line with g-stringers outnumbering thongers for once.  Tuesday there were a grand total of three people wearing minimal swimwear or nude behind windscreens.  Absolutely serene.  Very few beach walkers although one was in uniform: a piping plover checker from the State Department of Environmental Management.  She walked right past a nude guy behind a windscreen down the beach and me in the open in a metallic blue Koala g-string - just a nod and a smile.  The condition of the beach is pristine, no litter anywhere.  Hopefully it will stay that way. 
rickl454 #77

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:06/27/2008 04:09:41Copy HTML

A few visits to East Beach over the course of the last two weeks in June.  Every day was perfect in spite of forecasts of "clouds and sun" from the Providence-based TV stations.  It seems that "mixed" over the interior of Rhode Island invariably means totally clear over the south coast.  The usual thong area is a little smaller than in years past due to areas roped off for piping plover nesting - these will be shrinking during the first weeks of July and disappearing altogether by August.  

The beach is in superb condition.  Very little seaweed and, more importantly, very little litter as well.  No driftwood shelters yet, nust pristine, natural beach.

While the Plover Nesting Season is on the wane that means Bug Season is starting up.  A few greenheads and black flies are around.  A little breeze will hold both at bay but it may be a good idea to start carrying a bottle of Deep Woods Off.

In the past few weeks it seems that there are less speedos and more g-stringers this year.  A few thongs to be sure but more g-strings than in the past.  Some are a little closer to the lifeguard area as well.  Last week there was a guy in s pale pink g-string about five minutes' walk from the lifeguard area - totally zoned out in the afternoon sun, just as natural as can be.  It is. 

rickl454 #78

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/01/2008 05:08:51Copy HTML

Good luck SlidingG!!  I was there today just after 9AM, the weather people in Providence predicted a perfect beach day.  In face it was so foggy that I was on my way home by 11AM.  Visibility was about 25 yards.  Hopefully it cleared up later in the day.  Nice to live so close to the beach, there is no such thing as a wasted ride to the beach.  If it's no good I jus pack up and head home for the pool.  Thankfully those days are few and far between!
rickl454 #79

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/18/2008 10:07:51Copy HTML

SlidingG - What's the story about "Cop activity - catching nude sunbathers"?  I've been to East Beach a lot this summer (two days so far this week and might go Friday as well as well as many others) and haven't seen anyone in anything close to a uniform except the piping plover counters from DEM early in the season.  There have been nudes behind wind screens but very few openly strolling the beach.  There have been many more g-stringers than in the past, not as many Speedos and thongers. 

Yesterday was absolutely stunning.  Brilliant sunshine and enough of a breeze to keep the greenheads at bay. 
rickl454 #80

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/19/2008 01:59:34Copy HTML

A quick look at the RI Department of Environmental Management's webside's section covering "Park and Managment Area Rules and Regulations under the sub-heading "Annoying or Questionable Activities" states that "Public Nudity is Prohibited (Section 3.2.4).  Section 30 (Violations for Penalties) states the fine for breach of any DEM regulation is "not to exceed $100.  This suggests that there might be something to this. 

Today (Friday, July 18), I was at East Beach clad in my usual Dore VLC g-string.  There was one guy naked in the open about 30 yards to my right.  Others wore thongs and g-strings all day with no problem.  Next trip I will make it a point to ask a few of the regulars if they know anything about this rogue cop prowling the dunes. 
undercover20 #81

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/20/2008 03:05:56Copy HTML

Where exactly do people go thonging on this beach? I was there this morning in a blue speedo thong, no one broke the ice, so I did.
rickl454 #82

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/20/2008 03:23:22Copy HTML

Walk to the beach from the parking lot then turn left (so the water is on your right).  Walk for about 10 - 15 minutes and you are there.  It is the area currently at the end of the second roped off piping plover nesting area.  There are a series of small white, numbers poles along the dune line.  You want the area around pole #41. 
rickl454 #83

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/23/2008 05:49:11Copy HTML

Citation for Nudity at East Beach:  there have been one, and maybe two, incidents where citations for public nudity have been issued in the past two or three weeks.  

The issue seems to have been more of location than actual nudity.  The person(s) issued the citations were apparently lying nude too close to the lifeguard area where the general public tends to be.  Someone may have called the police and complained as a town police officer and park ranger were apparently involved in the issuance. 

rickl454 #84

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:07/24/2008 04:12:25Copy HTML

The guy I spoke to earlier this week knew about the incident and did say something about a windscreen - it sounded like the offender was using it rather casually. 

If it was the guy I saw on my way back to the parking lot one day around the time in question he certainly was.  He was lying out in plain sight with the windscreen blocking very little depending on the direction of the observer -  mostly from back up the beach toward the parking lot.  Since I was walking along the water line he was completely visible to me from that angle.  I am not absolutely sure he was nude but he sure looked like it from where I was.  Frankly I couldn't believe it and thought he may have been wearing something brief and flesh colored.  No one could be dumb enough to be naked that close to the lifeguard area - I guess I was wrong.  If that was the guy I saw he was definitely asking for whatever he ended up getting.  That beach is big enough to accomodate everyone.

Farther up the beach, past the piping plover nesting areas, it has been life as usual whenever I have been there: windscreens (hiding who knows what - well, we probably know),  an occaisional nude in the open (but otherwise keeping it descrete at the approach of any beachwalkers) and g-stringers with not a care in the world.  Fewer thongs this year, more g-strings, but all keeping it low-key and serene with consideration for each other and the beach walkers. 
rickl454 #85

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/01/2008 06:47:47Copy HTML

Friday at East Beach.  The beach was in perfect condition, water temperature had to be close to 70 with gentle swells.  The piping plover nesting areas are gone leaving the usual thong area totally accessable.  The only problem were the bugs.  Black flies that BITE!  Deep Woods Off does help but a steady breeze would have been much better.  There were about five other thongers/g-stringers spaced along the dunes with yards and yards of pristine sand in between with brilliant sunshine. 

Parenthecially, the beach staff now has a small 4WD Kubota tractor that was observed driving down the beach once from the direction of the breachway to the lifeguard area.  He passed within about 10 yards of me and was able to see my Dore VLC g-string, no problem at all.  He just kept going.  There was a g-stringer about 5 mintes from the lifeguard area, set up early, behind a very low windscreen. 

The flies very persistent and bothersome in the extreme.  The one greenhead encounted met a quick demise but those flies!!!  Don't forget a spray bottle of OFF if you go to East Beach in the next few days. 

rickl454 #86

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/01/2008 10:36:08Copy HTML

SlidingG - I don't think there is any way to know if the flies will be around or not.  About a week ago I was at East Beach and they were murder for about the first hour or so - there were scattered thongers/g-stringers all down by the water where the flies wern't as intense.  After about an hour or so the wind picked up, or changed direction or whatever the flies went away and it turned into a perfect day.  The Deep Woods Off definitely helped but I would recommend taking a full bottle.  I went through about half a bottle today.  You may never need it - I hope that's the case for you after the long ride you have to make to visit East Beach - but you never know.  This time of year it's a crapshoot. 

By the way, if that g-string guy is there (he uses a very low yellow windscreen), he may the one to ask about the $100 ticket incident that happened a few weeks ago. 
rickl454 #87

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/08/2008 07:47:09Copy HTML

Friday: Absolutely perfect day at East Beach.  The "partly Cloudy with scattered thunderstorms" weather forecast for Providence and all of Rhode Island ended up being bight sun all day at East Beach.  Gentle swells with water temperture nudging 70.  The forecast probably kept the people away today.  The thong area had a grand total of three present: one thonger, one g-stringer and a wind break guy scattered along about 600 yards of otherwise deserted beach.  Even the bugs stayed away.  Every day at East Beach should be this perfect.
orh_thong_1965 #88

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:08/19/2008 09:12:07Copy HTML

I went to East Beach on Monday 8/18/08 and it was just a perfect day there. I would have given it a 12 on a scale to 10 but I'll make it 11 due to the crowds. It is the first time I've experienced an actual crowd at East.  Arrived a little after 9 AM to the lot which was half full, after walking about 10 minutes, arrived at pole 17 to start the day. I wore my purple thong that I've worn on a few occations there. I saw about 10 to 12 guys wearing thongs or g's and only a couple of windscreens. When I decided to walk the beach I did not cover up even though the kids that might be there. There was just as many kids away from the lifeguards compared to near the guards. Their parents and/or guardians were wearing the traditional bland beachwear. I believe that this is the last week of vacation for those kids, a good number of them being teens.

I did manage to find a spot where I could walk in the thong and go into the surf. The water was refreshing, about 72F. However I did see lots of seaweed and some jellyfish that washed up along my walk. After 4 PM I took a much longer walk and conditions were much better for wearing my thong as it was mainly deserted. The surf was perfect at that time for some bodysurfing as there was some chop to go with some increasing SW winds. There was no greenheads or biting flies anywhere and also no patrol from the parks services. I finally left at 7 PM hoping for another day in the week where it can equal or top this day.
shs92645 #89

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:09/05/2008 02:05:33Copy HTML

Glad you had a good day at East Beach...I went there Wednesday and the flies were so awful that I left after 10 minutes!  It was strange as I then went up to Narragansett and there were no insects at all....I usually go to Horseneck Beach in Westport as it is closer to home, but the flies there have been bad as well.  Hopefully the storm this weekend will drown them all...:)
shs92645 #90

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:09/06/2008 01:27:48Copy HTML

I did not think that Narragansett Beach is a comfortable place to thong, although I have seen one or two over many years.  It faces east and is a nice beach...about one or two miles up from Scarborough which, although popular, is not a particularly nice beach in my opinion.
rickl454 #91

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:09/09/2008 05:09:15Copy HTML

I was there yesterday all set for a perfect day at the beach but just as I was packed up for the walk to the beach the cell phone went off and I needed to get home right away.  Didn't even see the water!  However, the guard shack was closed up tight.  Apparently they are not charging for parking - at least on weekdays. 
bigswells #92

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:09/10/2008 08:52:56Copy HTML

Labor Day is the last day for all state beaches except Scarborough and Misquamicut on weekends.
rickl454 #93

Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

Date Posted:09/11/2008 02:47:06Copy HTML

SlidingG - Have you ever been to East Beach after the 15th?  I never have and am wondering if the beach is overrun by 4x4's or what.  I had a converstaion with one guy about it and he said it wasn't bad at all.  I guess it depends on the day.  Still, any information you might have on that subject would be helpful.  Otherwise I will just have to give it a try.
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Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

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rickl4545 writes: 

I was there yesterday all set for a perfect day at the beach but just as I was packed up for the walk to the beach the cell phone went off and I needed to get home right away.  Didn't even see the water! 

Thanks for reminding me why I always leave the cell phone at home when I go to the beach.  Better luck next time.    
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Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

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Misquamicut is fine. I only wear the skinz yback or smaller and have done there a few times. One time saw another guy thonging in july while i was surfing and only got the usual stares.  I head to any beach now that lifeguards are not on duty.  Go for misquamicut.
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Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

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SlidingG - I've seen a couple of topless, thong-clad women in my years of going to East Beach but they are few and far between.  It's a shame because East Beach is ideal.  Perfectly situated: the 6-8 minuite distance from the lifeguard area is very sparsely populated.  In the years that I have been going to East Beach I have never seen anyone patrolling except for the DEM piping plover counters.  In theory nudity get's a $100 fine but that never seems to be enforced except when someone is really asking for it by being too close to the lifeguard area - farther down the beach it's common. 

Under other circumstances you could have run into at least one older couple, not buff but working on it, topless wearing g-strings but my wife and I joined a nudist campground and will be spending this summer au naturel.  But keep us posted on your visits to East Beach.

This time of year I don't think the 4x4's are allowed on the beach.  I think you are safe until mid-September. 
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Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

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Hello everyone, I decided to escape the predicted 95 degree heat and head down to East Beach. Upon arrival before 10AM the access road is very bumpy almost wave like in appearance. Unfortunately, you can't avoid it, it is thoughout the road. The lot had about six cars and no porta potties on site. Since it was rather chilly with the wind off the water, I decided to walk along the beach for an hour and while walking spotted a lady wearing a thong. She was with her boyfriend/husband who was wearing shorts but not dorks. When I decided to set up I wore my purple thong and "changed" into a Roma g-string with a leopard print. I had set up a modifed wind screen using my beach chair which worked very well to lessen the breeze until it got windy in the afternoon.  There are two areas where the Piping Plover nesting areas are set up. The first is between poles 7 to 13. the second was between poles 33 to 41.  I was set up between the two areas but closer the the first area. My refreshing visit ended about 4 PM as the winds picked up and the tempertures starting falling into the low 60's. The beach is prestine with few people in general there and overall just a nice day at East.
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Great post, orh_thong_1965.  Very informative.  East Beach opens officially on Memorial Day weekend and by then the road should be graded and porta-johns installed.  The piping plover areas can be a pain in the neck but should be gone by late June/mid-July.  It was a perfect day for g-stringing, though.  Wish I could have been there!
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Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

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Has one been to east beach in June.  I was thinking of going the week of June 14th.  Most likely Tuesday or Thursday.
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Re:East Beach Charlestown Rhode Island RI

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I've been itching to get down there, but so far have managed only to sun for an hour at a time on weekends on my patio, trying to keep the Caribbean/Scottsdale/Bermuda tan alive 'til it can be properly maintained at East Beach.  Based on past years' experience around this time of year, I reckon you'll find it just glorious, with few people mid-week.  The water will be cold, but good for a refreshing dip every now and then.  

Hoping to get down one of the three days over the 4th.  It'll be crowded, relatively speaking, but that's okay, I'll arrive early, set up my flag, and enjoy the day stringing for that overall tan, also long training swims for the triathlon season.  Good luck on your day off, and report back how it goes.  
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